Yikes! Facebook swallows our posts! FIX HERE!

Here at HolgaDirect HQ we’re really happy with our Facebook page and love engaging with the community of photographers and followers that choose to ‘Like’ our page. We hope each of you enjoy reading our facebook posts and seeing the images that we think are interesting or fun enough to share. We’ve had a lot of fun ourselves with the various contests, giveaways and offers that we like to post up on the HolgaDirect Facebook page. And just when we thought all was well in the world, Zap!

We just noticed that Facebook has chosen to only show around 10% of the facebook posts on a page to the followers of that page! Yep you read that right! Even though our fans have elected to ‘Like’ a page and choose to see all the fun stuff we post the ‘Powers That Be’ have decided to charge money to the admins of the page to show a post to its own followers! Crazy!

Anyway, the good news is that there is a FIX for this absurd situation.┬áTo make sure that you keep RECEIVING ALL POSTS FROM US you need to go to the “Like” button on our facebook page and in the drop-down menu next to the button select “ADD TO INTEREST LISTS”. Create a new interest list (make a name if necessary) and then you will get ALL our great posts and offers!

If you don’t take the above action then there is a good chance you will only see around 10% of our posts! And with all the great discounts, offers, giveaways and contests we have planned shortly you really don’t want to miss all that!

Click here: Go to our Facebook page now to follow these instructions

The HolgaDirect Team



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