HolgaDirect Interview with David L. Reamer

St.Johns Bridge, Portland Oregon, USA – Photo by David L. Reamer

Name:    David L. Reamer
Location:   Portland, Oregon, USA
Website:   DLReamer.com
Before we start in on the Holga, I was surprised to find that your main business is food photography. How did you get started photographing food and how do you make everything look so delicious?


I  actually cooked professionally for 13 years before switching to career in photography.  As I was trying to find work and build a portfolio,  I shot what I knew…. which was food and the folks I worked with all day in restaurant kitchens.  The momentum sort of built on itself from there. As for making everything look so delicious (aw shucks!) I think my secret weapon is a 30 year old Nikon 55mm macro lens (that happens to be compatible with my digital Nikon bodies)  and a whole lot of natural light. And,  of course, a really good understanding of my subject matter.

HolgaDirect Interview with Stacie Turner

Stacie Turner Interview HolgaDirect
Name:  Stacie Turner
Location:  West Hartford, Connecticut, USA


You are a commercial photographer who does portraits and art photography.Do you find the techniques you apply to your art enhance your portraits and vice versa?
One thing working with a Holga really drives home for me is giving up the illusion of perfection.  When you shoot digital it’s easy to try to get a “perfect” picture instead of trying to get a true picture.  By limiting myself to a set number of shots with a subject with a holga I force myself both to slow down and SEE what’s happening in front of me but also to value the off beat quirky nature of my subjects.  People, water, rocks – we’re all incredibly complex and chaotic and if you let yourself ride that chaos and trust what happens you can get magic that you had never expected.  Once I got used to shooting that way I became similarly organic in how I worked with digital shooting.  I go when the light is what I want and trust that something magical will happen (though I generally don’t limit myself to 12 shots at a time with digital.)


5 Great Holga Camera Tutorials for Beginners

Holga-120N-Camera-Black-Front_grandeDid you just get your Holga or have you had one for a while and never really understood how to make the most of the awesome effects you can get with the cameras natural light leaks and add on lenses and filters. We’ve rounded up a five great tutorials for the new or new enthusiast.




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Holga in Space

My summer Modern Alternative Photographic Practices class was the first group ever to photograph the earth from the Stratosphere with a toy Holga camera.  To get the shot we were hoping for, we actually sent four Holgas up.

The earth as photographed from the Stratosphere with with a Holga

The student led project took a couple of weeks longer then our 15 week semester with the second of two launches taking place a week ago today.  The largest challenge we had to overcome was triggering the cameras while they floated 20 miles above the earths’ surface.  We tested several mechanisms before student Ryan Ledesma brought forth a concept robust enough to trip the cameras in frigid near space temperatures.  His solution came in the form of a power door lock actuator, the final payload carried two Ford actuators in fact.  After he made the suggestion and (much later that night) after the wife and kids were asleep, I worked through a short segment of PVC pipe and various cuts of wood to craft a mechanism that held two cable releases.  Then hitting the power lock mechanism with 15 volts, both the attached Holgas fired even in our test freezer in the adjunct lounge at school. Continue Reading…

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SuperHeadz Sun and Cloud Camera Winner

SuperHeadz Sun and Cloud Camera Giveaway HolgaDirect


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