Is Photography Dead? The Mobile Photo Explosion…

There is no doubt about it. The rise of mobile photo graphy has definitely had a large impact on photography over the last few years. This wonderful infographic shows us some of the key turning points…

Is Photography Dead? The Mobile Photo Explosion

by NowSourcing.
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New at HolgaDirect, the Gizmon SmartClip Lens

Gizmon Smart Clip HolgaHave you been jealous of those smug iPhone users with their cool lenses for special effects? Now you have one for your phone. With the new Gizmon SmartClip lenses, you can clip those amazing Gizmon lenses onto almost anything that has a camera.

HolgaDirect carries five different lenses that you can pop in and out with ease: Center Focus, Fisheye, Mirage, Polarizing and Cross Filter turn your casual shots into works of art, with the click of your mobile camera button. Fits perfectly on your phone, computer, tablet, camera or you can use it with your Gizmon iCA iPhone case.

Try it out today!

Win a SuperHeadz Sun and Cloud Camera from HolgaDirect


At HolgaDirect, we’re really excited to be giving away one of our favourite cameras. The SuperHeadz Sun and Cloud Camera is the most innovative design to come out of Japan in years. Use it for stills or video, charge it with the sun, battery or hand crank to create a charge and use one of the included filters to improve all of your shots. Its everything you need in the palm of your hand. Continue Reading…

Exposure Guide – Road to Photography

We love finding little nuggets of photo awesomeness scattered around the interwebs so we had to share this beautiful exposure guide infographic we found. Exposure is always considered as the first lesson when it comes to digital photography. This infographic combines all the basic elements of exposure in the form of plotted graphs. Each portion of this infographic defines the three basic components of exposure namely: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. In order to correlate these elements with depth of field and sharpness, they have plotted the other variable on X median. Kindly share this exposure guide infographic if you find this useful! Continue Reading…

Holgaroid Guest Review by Antony Hands

Holgaroid from HolgaDirectIf you are into photography and creative imaging you may have noticed an explosion in the popularity of plastic and toy cameras in recent years. What started as a desire by some photographers to get back to basics and reject the increasing perfection of modern digital gear has since become a photographic counterculture and has spurred the popularity of toy cameras such as the Lomo and Diana. It’s even gone so far as to inspire iPhone apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram, with their ability to apply treatments to images to emulate the types of effects achieved by using toy cameras and different film and processing techniques. Continue Reading…

HolgaDirect and Contest Winner- Janna Gibson

Janna Gibson HolgaDirect Statigram Photo Contest Winner

HolgaDirect would like to congratulate the winner of our Instagram photo contest for a free painting: Janna Gibson! It was a really tough call since we had so many fantastic entries. Stay tuned for a side by side of the painting with the original image and more about the image from the artist.

Make sure you enter our next contest, hopefully coming soon:-)

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