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  • Works On All Breeds
  • Portable, Easy to Carry
  • One Button Operated
  • 100% Harmless to dogs, humans, and all animals
  • Recommended By The Best Dog Trainers


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Dogs have the natural nature to bark. Some people find dogs barking cute, but most of them find it annoying. This is always true when your dog keeps on barking continuously. We cannot deny the fact that barking dogs can give you embarrassment, most notably if you have a guest. On top of that, when your dogs keep on barking, your neighbors will be disturbed.

Most of us have at least one dog in our home. Some of you might have a yappy little chihuahua or an aggressive and active pitbull. We all know that different dogs come up with various sizes and shapes. But one common thing that they possess is; barking.

Dogs tend to bark to say hello or give you a warning sign that you should leave their territory. The louder the bark of your dog, the higher the chance that it can disturb, scares away, and even startle other dogs and individuals.

Barx Buddy

Can You Use BarxBuddy to Prevent Your Dog from Barking?

When your dog barks all the time, it is probably really annoying. There is an ultrasonic device that can be used to stop your dog from barking so much, and people love it. My dog was getting out of control with the constant barking, and I just couldn’t handle it happening so often. It had to do something about it. He was barking at all hours of the day, keeping me awake, disturbing the neighbors and keeping me from my work.

Many times, a dog will not stop barking until his voice is tired or he is just physically exhausted from the barking. That could take hours. Of course, sometimes after your dog finally stop barking, the neighbor’s dog starts to bark, and then your dog may just start barking again, and it may go on for hours.

You may try everything that you can think of, such as punishment, feeding the dog, letting him out to play and giving him extra attention. If none of these seem to work, though, then you may need to take more drastic measures.

Some people even take their dog to obedience school to try to train the barking out of them, but even that may not do the trick. Your dog may still bark incessantly with nothing being effective at stopping it. The barking can make you, your family and your neighbors cranky and frustrated.

Maybe like me you are looking for a solution. I was tired of dealing with the barking after a few months of doing everything I could to stop it. I knew I had to try something else.

Barx Buddy Reviews


I tried this device that I heard would work and wanted to see if it would successfully stop my dog from barking. Once I used it, with just the press of a button, my dog stopped barking. It worked right away, and then it worked every time I used it. The dog was confused, to be sure, but he stopped barking. He would just sit quietly after a single press of a button.

This device is called the BarxBuddy, and I could not believe how simple and effective it is. It works to stop the barking problem immediately.

The BarxBuddy was amazing, I needed to know more, so when I got home I searched for more information. This is a device that is great for training dogs and for helping them to quit barking, no matter how much they do it. BarxBuddy uses high pitched frequencies that only your dog can hear and uses those to train your dog to quit barking. It is a lot like a pet whistle but is more complex and far more effective at stopping barking.

If you want this to work for you, just use the Barx Buddy when in your dog’s line of sight. Ensure he sees you when you use it and he will quickly get the idea that you are using the high-pitched frequency on him. You’ll correct his behavior right away. If you have any concerns about how healthy or violent this product is, then you don’t need to worry. The Barx Buddy reviews will tell you that this is a product that isn’t harmful at all and that is completely safe for your dog. The noise is not so powerful and stressful that it will make your dog act crazy or make him get hurt.

What it does is get their attention. The dog will pay attention to the noise, and that gives you an opportunity to get their attention and train the bad behavior out of them. If you do it right, then you can get them to stop barking without even having to use the Barx Buddy later on.

Once the bad behavior ceases, you can turn off the device and positively reinforce your dog’s behavior. A treat, some petting or some encouraging words all work well.

For more stubborn dogs, the flashing LED light on the BarxBuddy will help to get their attention. You can also use the light as a flashlight on long night walks.

Barxbuddy Reviews

You can use the BarxBuddy for more than just your own dog. It is also very useful for keeping other dogs at bay. You can use it to drive away stray dogs from your home or when you are walking. You can also use it to scare of dogs that may be bothering your dog.

I remember a time that my BarxBuddy came in useful with another person’s dog. I asked to pet a lady’s dog when I was out walking. She told me not to do that, because the dog could bite me, since I was a stranger to him. I was glad I had my BarxBuddy with me, because it made me feel safe knowing that I could use it if the dog started to become hostile to me and I needed to get his attention.

BarxBuddy is used by thousands of pet owners all across the country each and every day. People love how safe and effective it is and how it works on all kinds of dog breeds. It can get the attention of large and small breed dogs and even works on dogs who are being aggressive. It can even be effective with most kinds of cats.

This is a product that uses real science to produce effective results. Dogs can hear in a range much greater than that of humans. Humans only hear sounds in a range of up to 23,000 Hertz or so. Dogs can hear far beyond that to 45,000 Hertz. This product creates a sound of around 30,000 Hertz. That is high enough so that only the dog can hear it but it is not so high as to be harmful to dogs. It does irritate and disturb them, though, and that is what you need to get their attention if they are being aggressive or are barking constantly.

I sought out a professional to get some more answers about the BarxBuddy, because I wanted to have an expert opinion on it.

I talked to Thomas Pearson, who trains dogs professionally. He told me that he has been training dogs for two decades and that BarxBuddy is by far the most effective tool he has used in his training. This product, he says, is something that he highly recommends that is very simple to use. It isn’t going to cause your pet any harm.

I knew that if the product impressed a professional, then BarxBuddy was good enough for me. I didn’t need to read any more BarxBuddy reviews. I ordered mine through the manufacturer’s website and got it in my hands in less than a week. (Note that this product is only being sold online)

I tried it with my dog in eager anticipation. I watched a jogger make his way past my house, and my dog began barking like crazy, as he had always done. I stood where he could see me and pressed the button. His attention was immediately on me. He stopped barking and watched me. He is a stubborn dog, mind you, but I was able to make him quiet instantly. That was a huge accomplishment for me.

He actually didn’t bark again for probably 30 minutes. I positively reinforced his behavior, and I think he got the idea pretty quickly. The BarxBuddy reviews didn’t lie about how effective this product was. As my dog started to learn when he was allowed to bark and when he was expected to be quiet, I began to chart how he learned and developed.

My BarxBuddy Timeline

On the first day, I was able to get the dog to stop barking each time I used the BarxBuddy.

A few days later, I used BarxBuddy to keep the dog from chewing on my shoes.

I used it later in the week to prevent the dog from digging holes in the year. He loves to dig holes, but this device put a stop to it.

By the third week, the dog wasn’t barking nearly as much. I was using Barx Buddy consistently, and I was noticing that I didn’t have to use it as much by then.

In the first month, I took my dog out for a walk in the park. He normally barks at the other dogs, and when he started barking at some passing dogs, I used BarxBuddy to get him to stop.

By the second month of using BarxBuddy, my dog is hardly barking anymore. He knows that I will use the device if his barking gets out of hand. Many times, he stops barking when he sees me with the device and I don’t even need to use the button.

What Will You Pay for the BarxBuddy?

I thought I would have to pay a lot of money for something that is so powerful and effective. Some of the Barx Buddy reviews did not cover the price, so I had some concerns there. I was ready to spend a lot but hoping I wouldn’t have to. Thankfully, the BarxBuddy sells for $39, which is actually half of the normal retail price.

BarxBuddy has really changed my life. I can concentrate on my work more, I am happier and relaxed at home, and my dog is lot calmer. Millions of dog owners are using this product, and you should be too. If your dog is out of control and barks a lot, then BarxBuddy is the solution. It is also great for protecting you from aggressive dogs.

You can try it without any obligation since it comes with a money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, then you can get a full refund.

Barx Buddy Review

Barx Buddy Review – Is it Worth the investment?

Since we are now living in a technology-oriented generation that is full of more advanced technologies, you don’t have to worry about the problems mentioned above. There are lots of devices and tools that you can use to control your dogs from barking. One of these advantageous innovative devices is the barx buddy.

In this barx buddy review, we will provide you with the important details that you should know about barx buddy. Does barx buddy really work? Is it worth the price? What are its advantages and disadvantages? All of these questions will be answered when you go through our barx buddy device reviews.

Before we jump into our own review about the barx buddy, how aware are you about the possible reasons for dog barking? We have read some barx buddy reviews, which come from the dog owners who own a dog that barks for different reasons. Dogs tend to bark to send their wants and needs to their pet parent.

BarxBuddy Stop Dog Barking Device

Reasons Why Dogs are Barking

Dogs usually do bark, together with growling, howling, and whining. It is because barking is one of their means to communicate with humans, aside from its owner.

There are lots of reasons why a dog barks. These reasons might include; to threaten the intruders, warn of danger, discipline young, induce play, or maybe because of their curiosity. We find the simple barking of dogs cute. But, when they bark excessively, it makes us feel annoyed and disturbed.

Aside from the reasons we mentioned a while ago, there are other reasons why dogs are barking. Read on to know more about it.

  • Compulsive Barking/Separation Anxiety

Dogs that are being separated from other dogs or being left alone tend to bark excessively and more aggressively. This is because they feel stress and anxious. Aside from that, dogs are barking together with the other symptoms. These include inappropriate elimination, depression, destructiveness, as well as pacing. On the other hand, dogs that bark compulsively just want to hear their own voice sound. Aside from that, they tend to create monotonous movements, including running along a fence or a circle.

  • Attention Seeking

One of the natures of the dogs is to bark. They usually bark to ask something. They bark to get a treat, to play with other dogs or their owners, or to go outside.

  • Play or Greeting

One of the main reasons why dogs keep on barking is that it is their way to greet other animals or people. Greetings or playing barks are considered to be a happy one. it is usually accompanied by jumping and wiggling of tails.

  • Loneliness or Boredom

Dogs are considered to be one of the pack animals. Dogs that are usually left alone in the yard or in the house for a more extended time might feel sadness and boredom. That is one of the reasons why dogs tend to bark because they felt unhappy.

  • Fear or Alarm

Dogs usually bark because of any object or sound that startles them or catches their attention. Dog owners cannot deny the fact that this usually happens everywhere. It can happen on the road, in a park, and even in your yard or house.

BarxBuddy reviews

  • Protective or Territorial

When an individual, or even a dog or any kind of animal comes in a particular area, they considered it as their own territory. Being territorial or protective are some of the reasons why your dog barks excessively. If an object that threatens them get closer, they tend to bark louder.

Another reason why dogs are barking is that they want to greet you, especially if you feel tired because of school or work. Your dogs also bark because they see your face, and that is a normal reason. Barking is the way of your dog to show you their undying love and affection. Barking is also the way of your dogs to release their extra energy.

Another, your dogs tend to bark since it is their distress signal. Thus, it might turn to be monotonous and excessive. There are also situations that your dog barks because of nothing. As a result, you and your neighbors might get disturbed during the sleeping hours.

barx buddy

Other Reasons Why Your Dogs Bark

  • It is maybe because there is a stranger or a visitor that gets into your area or his territory
  • They want to inform you that there is someone at the gate or door
  • They tend to bark when something catches their attention. It might be a bird or a cat
  • They usually bark when they see other individuals passing by at your house
  • They usually bark because they want to get your focus or attention
  • They usually bark whenever they want or when they are bored or feel lonely
  • They tend to bark to say hi to the other dogs he sees at the park or village



As we mentioned a while ago, it is expected that your dog is barking because it is their nature. But make sure that you know the differences between barking to communicate crucial information and barking loudly, excessively, and disruptively.

Keep in mind that dog is barking since it is their own way to communicate with their pet owners. Sometimes, they bark to give a response to the person they see or to their stimulus. There are also times that your dogs are barking because they are asking for your help or attention. Barking aggressively and continuously can disturb others. That is the main reason why there is a barx buddy device.

All of us are responsible pet owners. In connection to that, it would be a great idea if we will learn effective and safe ways to minimize our dogs from barking. That is the main reason why we started to search for online reviews and read them one by one. After so many hours of research, we found a high-quality device, which is also recommended by many dog owners. That device is what known to be the barx buddy for dogs.

The Barx Buddy is one of the most effective and safest training devices that will give you a helping hand in training your dogs to avoid barking loudly, unreasonably, and excessively. By simply pushing its button, your dog will turn to be a more obedient and quitter one. You can do it easily and without using your voice. If you are one of the individuals out there who want to try the ultrasonic sound therapy, you can purchase the barx buddy Amazon.

Barx Buddy

What Makes the Barx Buddy Unique?

How exactly does BarxBuddy work

The barx buddy device is utilizing a non-violent, non-invasive, and effective techniques that will help you to train your furry friend from excessive barking. The said device comes up with an ultrasonic transmitter, which accumulates the sound of 130dB, which is enough to be heard by your pet.

With the use of the negative or even positive tone, the Barx Buddy will ensure that it can stop your dog from barking excessively in no time.

How Does the Barx Buddy Works?

The Barx Buddy device can be used easily. All you need to follow three steps. These easy steps are;

  1. With the use of the power off button, you can opt for a model that you want to utilize. This might be a negative or positive mode.
  2. Switch on the barx buddy device when you think that the dog starts to bark excessively and inappropriately.
  3. The last step is that, hold down the switch. Point the device to your barking dog.

We recommend when you get your own barx buddy device, make sure that you will always store it in your pocket. It should be done, especially during your traveling time with your furry buddy. It is because you don’t know if there is someone or something that might startle your dog while you were walking. You might consider using the negative tone mode to minimize your dog from barking. Rest assured that it is effective since you can make your dog stop barking even if you are some meters away.

barx buddy reviews

Can Barx Buddy Works on all Dog Breeds?

One of the advantages that you can get from using the barx buddy is its compatibility with all dog breeds. This is one of the main reasons why the said device has increased demand on the market since its release. You can ensure that the barx buddy device will work effectively and safely with you and your dogs. The following are some of the dog breeds that can be trained with the use of the Barx Buddy device. Read on to know more about it.

  • Big dogs, such as German Shepards, Labradors, and huskies
  • Small dogs, such as Yorkies and spaniels
  • Active dogs, such as beagles and boxers
  • Aggressive dog breeds, such as Rottweilers, Pinschers, and Pitbulls
  • Milder dog breeds, such as poodles, Shih Tzu, and Dachshunds.

 Benefit Of BarxBuddy

Ratings and Recommendations of Barx Buddy

Most of us are dog owners. Since we share the same wants and needs for our dogs, we want to ensure that we will provide you a legit, true, and accurate review of the said device. So, one of the members of our team owns a dog, and we ask his permission to try using the barx buddy to his pet. He uses it for about two weeks to give him enough time to observe the use of the device and the behavior of his dog.

After two weeks of using, we read lots of barx buddy reviews 2019, and most of them are positive ones. Our team member was amazed by how the barx buddy helped him in taming his dogs within two weeks of using it. The device works well with his dog. He also noticed that using the barx dig in taming his dog is a greater way rather than talking to them.

 Benefit Of BarxBuddy



Aside from that, he also noticed that his dogs start not to bark loudly even if he has guests in his house. With the use of the barx buddy, you can ensure that your house, as well as your neighbor’s, will have a quiet and peaceful sleeping time that they want and deserve.

Whether you own a dog that is educated or not, we recommend you to try using the barx buddy device. Rest assured that the device will give you a helping hand in training your dog to behave properly.

Barx Buddy – Technical Information

The barx buddy is a device that comes up with an integrated ultrasonic. This feature will help the device to make a sound that can be heard by your dogs. One of the advantages that we love about the said device is that it is safe to use. It only means that it cannot cause any harm to you and your dogs.

Another good thing that you will surely love about the barx buddy is that it comes up with an LED lamp. This LED lamp will help you in looking for your dog during nighttime and calming him at the same time. The reason behind this feature is that your dog will focus his attention to the lamp. The barx buddy is also a great item that you can use for your night walks with your dog. To use this feature, all you need to do is to turn on the light and switch on the button.

Where Can I Purchase the Barx Buddy Device?

You are allowed to purchase the barx buddy device from the official barx buddy website. One of the good reasons why you should buy the device from its official site is that they currently offer a 50 percent discount for every purchase. You should grab it immediately since it has a limited time. Aside from that, many of the dog owners are raving for it because of its effectiveness.

But, if you don’t have enough money to purchase the barx buddy now, you can still have it in the future. There are some online shops that you can find barx buddy for sale. These include Amazon and other reliable online stores.

Barx Buddy

How to Find the Best Dog Bark Control Device – A Buying Guide

We all know how hard it is to find the best dog bark control device that will meet your needs and requirements. It is mainly because of the numerous brands and models available on the market. But, there is nothing for you to worry about anymore. Because in this section of our post, we are going to provide you with the things that you should consider when buying a dog bark control device. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading!

  • Features

The different dog bark control device will provide you with various functions. It is important for you to determine the features that will help you in taming your furry friend. Some of the dog bark devices that can be purchased out there are designed to be used only for indoors, or outdoors, or both.

  • Safety

As we mentioned a while ago, the barx buddy is a hundred percent safe device. It only means that it cannot cause any damage to you and your dog. But there are some dog bark control devices that are not safe and might cause damage to your ears and dogs. That is the main reason why you should consider your safety and your dog before you opt for a particular device.

  • Price Rate

Another factor that you should consider while buying a dog bark control device is their price rate. Different devices can be purchased with various price ranges.
Barx Buddy

  • Design

One of the factors that most buyers should consider is the design of the dog bark control device. We recommend you to opt for a device that does not look very fancy and attractive. These days, there are lots of devices that come up with flexible designs. These include the pebble and droplet shapes, keychain-like to torch-like remotes, and many others.


barx buddy reviews

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Barx Buddy Device?


  • Ease of use – one of the benefits that you can get from the barx buddy is that you can use it easily.
  • Works for all breeds – another benefit that this device can give to you is that it has been proven to work with a wide range of dog breeds. It is because most of the dog breeds share common behavior in terms of excessive barking. It only means that the device can be utilized safely and effectively in different breeds of dogs.
  • Non-violent tool for dog training – there are lots of dog training sessions that incorporate strict behavior. We, as a dog owner, cannot bear the harsh violence on our furry friends. On the other hand, the barx buddy is a device that is non-violent. It only means that you can use it safely and harm-free during your dog training. The said device is produced sounds that your dogs can bear.


  • It has a quite expensive price rate
  • You can only purchase it through online

Final Verdict

We all have that dog that keeps on barking even during at night. But, before you made up your mind of putting your furry friend in a training class, you should also think of using the barx buddy dog bark control device. The said device has been used and proven effective and safe to use by many dog owners. Aside from that, it does not provide you any harmful effects. On top of that, you can use it easily and more conveniently. So, we recommend you to consider using the barx buddy device and give it an opportunity to prove to you that it works effectively and safely.

With the use of the barx buddy device, you can save lots of dollars that your world has been spent on your dog training sessions. It would always be a good idea to use the barx buddy device in training and taming your furry friends on how to behave and act properly.

So, what are you waiting for? Purchase yours now!


Barx Buddy


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Barx buddy reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is barx buddy safe to use?”

A barx buddy is a tool that is effective and safe to use. This tool will help you in training your furry buddy from barking loudly, excessively, and monotonously, especially during the sleeping house.

“What is barx buddy?”

The barx buddy is a device that is specifically constructed to train your dogs. It will also help your dogs to behave properly and prevent doing unwanted behaviors. The device makes use of ultrasonic waves. The ultrasonic waves are the ones that are producing sounds, which your dogs can only hear. As soon as your dog hears the sound, he will behave accordingly.

“How much is barx buddy?”

The barx buddy device can be purchased for about 40 US Dollars. The official website of the device offers a 50 percent discount.

“Is barx buddy scam?”

The barx buddy is not a scam. In fact, it works the same as how it is being advertised.