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  • Remote installation available on iOS
  • Keylogger available
  • Can read Whats chats
  • Supports popular social platforms monitoring
  • Geofencing alerts


  • Keylogger is not available on Basic version
  • Some advanced features need root or jailbreak

The consistent rise in a number of parents making use of cell phone spy is solid proof that there is a wide-ranging trend nowadays known as digital parenting. This has become a hot topic in every household. Some parents are not really open about the idea of spying their kids secretly, but many are comfortable having cell phone spy software that they can use in monitoring their children.

As parents, monitoring what your kids are doing-especially online. Never think that you are doing this because they do not trust their kids, but a means to protect them. Though the world wide web is a great help for kids’ social interaction and studies, this still comes with dangers and risks.

Review for the Top 3 Best Cell Phone Spy Software on the Market

When children spend lots of their time online, they become prone to cyberbullying, child predators, inappropriate content, and more. Parents can only protect their children from these dangers by limiting their screen time or monitoring them.

The good thing is that there is now an effective way on how to spy on a cell phone remotely and keep track of the kids’ online activities, and that is using a reliable cell phone spy app. This app makes it easier for parents to know what your kids are doing and who they are communicating with more often.

There are many cellphone spy apps offered these days use to monitor kids and even spy on the spouse, but three of the best cell phone spy software on the market are reviewed, and these are as follows: We advice you to choose best iPhone tracking apps & Best Spy App For iPhone

  1. mSpy

mSpyThe last thing you want is spending good time and money for phone spy app only to find out in the end that it does not function as advertised. It would, therefore, be best to be extra mindful when choosing a spy app. However, considering that the cell phone spy app market is now bombarded with spy apps offering similar standard capabilities. This makes it confusing, difficult, and frustrating to find the best one that exactly fulfills your needs. But one amazing product manages to prove itself as one of the leading spy apps and cell phone GPS tracker, and this is mSpy.

mSpy is an app, specially designed application spy, a targeted phone, PC, or Mac, and even your tablet. As soon as this app is installed, this will enable you to see the call log of the targeted device as well as internet browsing history, SMS text messages, emails, instant messages, media, including videos and pictures and various social media applications. mSpy is also a reliable GPS phone tracker app.

Through your online dashboard, you will be able to see all these and more securely and safely without the knowledge of the device user. The dashboard is actually available from a mobile device or computer. If you are looking for an excellent way on how to spy on a cell phone without having it noticed, mSpy can be your best choice. Go through this one also Best Cell Phone Spy Software

Regardless of hidden or not, there aren’t settings that can be manipulated from the application on the targeted phone. Upon installation, mSpy can access almost everything on the phone or tablet. This collects data and then sends this to your web-based dashboard, and you will be able to view this conveniently. From here, you can also view voice call logs, text messages, contact details, and more.  Read More about Qustudio

This app makes use of the phone’s internet connection in sending all data into your dashboard. This simply means that the targeted device must be connected with the internet. mSpy is not really location-dependent, and this operates in any part of the world as long as there’s an internet connection.


Main Features

The mSpy functionality is comprehensive. If you take a look at the following features, you will see what mSpy can do.

  • Target Phone Information

You can view some information from your own dashboard regarding the targeted device. Some are just informational, but there are major functions built in allowing you to see the following stats:

  • Status of the battery life
  • The software version of mSpy
  • Information about the target device’s operating system
  • The available memory space
  • Phone model
  • Whether the targeted device is jailbroken or rooted or not

There are more key functions that you can remotely perform using your mSpy dashboard, such as:

  • Wipe the targeted phone in case stolen or lost
  • Restart mSpy on targeted devices through sending a text. This helps especially if the targeted phone disappeared from the control panel
  • Disable the application on the targeted mobile phone
  • Clear the entire logs in the control panel
  • Lock or reboot the targeted device remotely

cell phone spy without access to target phone

  • GPS Tracking

With its excellent GPS tracking feature, mSpy is considered as one of the best cell phone GPS tracker ever created. This app does not just record your child’s GPS location. This also uploads it so that you can exactly see your child’s whereabouts throughout the day. You can see their location in real-time.

  • Read Text Messages

This spy app allows parents to read received and sent text messages even if these are already deleted from the device.

  • View Call History

You can find out who calls them and who they call. You can also get details such as contact names, dates, phone numbers, time of calls, and the duration of calls.

  • Read Instant Chat Messages

You can also monitor instant message chats such as Skype, WhatsApp, and other social media sites like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. This particular feature of mSpy is nevertheless available only on jailbroken iOS devices and rooted Android. It has many advantages compared to other spy apps &  Best Free Phone Tracker App

mspy rating

  • Keylogger

Records all the keystrokes typed by the users while they are using their Android mobile phones. This keylogger is available for only Android OS version 4.0 and above.

  • Read Emails

Read all the outgoing and incoming emails as well as emails that were sent through Gmail.

  • View Videos and Photos

With this feature, you can easily view the videos and photos stored on your kids’ mobile phones.

  • Monitor Online Activities

You can use this app to see which sites they often visit, web pages they often visit, and view and search history.

  • Access Calendar and Contacts

You can also look through your kids’ contacts so that you can see the people they are communicating with most of the time. This feature also helps in checking calendar events on their mobile phones.

spy on spouse cell phone for free

  • Keyword Alerts

Parents can make a list of words like “drugs,” “guns,” or “sex,” or along with this keyword alert feature. You’ll get an email notification when these words are used in emails, chats, and texts.

  • Websites and Apps Blocking

You can also view the applications installed in your kids’ phones and block particular websites and apps.

  • Unlimited Device Changes

mSpy app can be installed in a single device at a time. However, you can change the targeted device as frequently as you want without the need to purchase new licenses. Please Read more about   spyeraThetruthspy , mobistealth & ikey Monitor

  • Invisible Mode

This is one of the best features of this cell phone spy software, the invisible mode. This means that you can monitor your child without them knowing it.


  • Responsive and reliable customer support
  • Consistency and efficiency of operations
  • High-quality and applications and advanced features
  • Easy to use and comes with a detailed web-based dashboard with highly secure access


  • Expensive than other spy apps
  • Every license is good for only one device making it costly for parents with more kids
  • If the targeted phone is wiped, data can’t be recovered through back-up


Prior to going further, it is essential to know if your device is fully compatible with mSpy tracker. In order to get the best of this software, you need to jailbreak your iPhone or root iPhone. Most of the latest iPhone versions will not allow jailbreaking. The following are the compatible operating systems and devices:

  • Android devices
  • iOS devices including iPhone or iPad which have been jailbroken
  • Mac computers
  • Windows-based computers


mSpy offers different packages. For mobile phones which have been jailbroken or rooted, packages range from Basic up to Premium packages. There’s also a non-jailbreak package with more standard installations; however, it does not provide much functionality.

Below is the breakdown of packages and their costs:

  • Basic Package

1 month- $29.99 per month

3 months-$19.99 per month

12 months-$8.33 per month

  • Premium Package

1 month-$69.99 per month

3 months-$39.99 per month

12 months-$16.65 per month

  • No Jailbreak

1 month-$69.99 per month

3 months-$39.99 per month

12 months-$16.65 per month

With these given costs, you are free to choose what plan will suit your needs best and will suit your budget as well.

mspy price


Physical access to the device is required to install mSpy.


mSpy is one of the best cell phone spy software on the market. This cell phone GPS tracker and monitoring app provides a long list of powerful features like tracking websites visited, calls received and made, keystrokes typed, and block websites or apps.

mSpy Child Phone Tracker Review

  1. FlexiSpy

best phone tracker appMany parents these days begin to realize the absolute importance of cell phone monitoring and cell phone GPS tracker. These are essential tools that parents can use to ensure the safety and protection of their kids. Without the chance to monitor their kids using a cellphone spy app, many parents are actually left in the dark and clueless about what their kids are doing. Sad to say, this can result in poor behavior, online risks and dangers, drug use, and many other potential issues.

Although kids need to be social and be in a community along with their peers, individuals must realize that there are still some precautions to make using mobile phones safer for younger individuals. To ensure that your kids are completely safe and protected, investing in reliable and efficient cell phone spy app is a wise move.Review this one Best Phone Monitoring Apps & Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android Undetectable

Are you in search for a spy app that can help you keep tabs on your children’s phone or even those phones belonging to your employees or your spouse? Literally, there are numerous spy apps available these days for Androids, iPhones, and many other mobile phones. Many of these apps provide the same functionality and features. Still, an app goes beyond the others if this is capable of offering record calls, intercept calls, record phones’ surroundings, unmatched tracking and monitoring, and more.

In terms of capabilities and features, you can never go wrong with FlexiSpy. This in-depth review will give you an idea of what a great product FlexiSpy is and all other information that will surely convince you to invest in this leading cell phone spy app.

FlexiSpy is an effective and reliable cell phone GPS tracker and parental monitoring solution for concerned and caring parents. This cell phone spy software displays outstanding monitoring features, and as soon as this is installed in the targeted device, the FlexiSpy records the entire activity logs. The app will then transmit these to the personal control panel. Through FlexiSpy, you’ll get ultimate access to the device you are targeting. It can be your kids’ phone, your spouse, or your employees.

Note that this mobile phone spy app should be installed properly on the targeted device to make the most of its functions. Two levels of monitoring are offered. Both the Premium and Extreme packages need jailbreaking for iPhones and rooting for the Android device. This enables access to advanced and powerful features, but this also needs to complete some technical steps.

Premium Package doesn’t allow call recording, call interception, or ambient noise recording. Call interception functions are usually accomplished through a three-way call between targeted phone and contacts and your mobile phone. It is at this particular point that your phone will dial the number of the phone being targeted then connect automatically.

Connection occurs with no indication to the target phone that somebody else is connected. Calls will not show up as incoming calls, and your mobile phone number will not show in the call logs. We advice you to read more about best parental control apps

Main Features

 Call Interception

The FlexiSpy Extreme’s call intercept feature works well on iPhone up to iOS7, Android, Symbian, or Blackberry devices and enables you to listen to both outgoing and incoming calls. This special feature enables you to listen to phone conversations as this occurs factually. One of the bests is that neither person in the call won’t know that you are listening. But you have to ensure that your microphone is properly set to mute when the call intercept feature is a feature. You’re creating three-way calls, and the microphone would be live unless mute is enabled.

  • Call Recording

You can record phone calls from the targeted phone. Individual contacts can also be specified within the contact list and to record all calls. All you need to do is log in to your dashboard and choose the specific calls that you wanted to listen to.

This call recording features of FlexiSpy allows you to record both outgoing and incoming calls, record calls that are only from the specified contacts, record the calls that are uploaded into your online dashboard enabling you to listen with ease and convenience.  Call recordings can also be downloaded from the dashboard.

  • Ambient Recording

With this feature, you can listen in a targeted device even if this is not used. This cellphone spy app enables you to activate a microphone and be able to listen in to the ambient surroundings of the target phones. Within the dashboard, you can set up the time for ambient monitoring to be turned on. This can fall around 5 minutes from one hour. By means of scheduling events, you won’t have to be on top of them. If you are ready to listen on the call recordings, you need to log in to your dashboard, then listen to the recordings.

how to spy on a cell phone

  • Advanced Feature Performance

FlexiSpy Extreme package advanced feature works pretty well, but the only limit is the target phone’s quality of the signal. If the device being targeted is positioned in an area with low quality or poor signal, the quality of recording will not be good as expected. In such an unfortunate situation, there’s little to be done, however, given that many places have good coverage, this will rarely be a problem.

 During call interceptions, your mobile phone will get a notification of outgoing and incoming calls from the targeted device. The FlexiSpy spy app will eventually connect your mobile phone to the targeted device so you can conveniently listen without other parties knowing that somebody else is actually listening. Apparently, for secrecy, you would not want to join in the conversations; however, you can listen to the two sides in real-time.

The spy’s call intercept feature is suited for obtaining details in real-time. The call recordings are kept locally on the phone being monitored until the recordings will be uploaded into your dashboard. This somehow takes some time, depending on the coverage of the target phones. It has many advantages compared to other spy apps &  Best Free Phone Tracker App

  • Keylogger

Keylogger is a feature allowing you to download passwords and usernames for any application or website used by the target phone. All these pieces of information are kept in the dashboard and can be accessed anytime you like.

  • Geo-Fencing and Location Tracking

If you wanted to locate someone in case of urgent times or during emergencies or you want to monitor your kids and keep track of their activities and whereabouts, FlexiSpy’s location tracking is such a powerful feature. But if you want to spy on a cell phone without installing software, FlexiSpy is a great option.


  • Discover Where the Kids Are

This GPS phone tracker app uses the GPS include is already incorporated into these days’ cell phones. Users can, therefore, utilize this particular feature in order to complete many different tasks. At whatever instance, a parent needs to find out their children’s exact location, and they can utilize the GPS tracker to be quickly aware of what their children are really up to.

  • Effective Way to Monitor Phone Calls and Texts

A mobile phone spy app is additionally the ideal approach to monitor messages and calls being made. The user who’s spying the mobile phone can access the call history and the person being called, and instant messages received or sent, just as who sent them or what their identity was sent to. This is extremely useful for individuals who need to monitor text messages in the most productive manner possible and done remotely. You may also know that How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing

  • Remotely Monitor the Phone

Something else that makes mobile phone spy app so significant is how they can screen and monitor the targeted device remotely consider that this app features a mobile phone tracker. This is one good way on how to spy on a cell phone without having it accessed physically. The parent just needs access to the targeted phone for two or three minutes for the app to be installed, which at that point will run remotely upon installation.


  • This is expensive than any other cell phone spy software out there
  • This mobile phone spy app requires initial registration
  • Certain advanced features need root access


Devices, along with operating systems, constantly changes. Though FlexiSpy provides compatibility with most popular tablets, computers, and phones, this will not work perfectly on everything. Here’s the standard list of the compatible devices, and you might also want to check their official site for an updated list prior to purchasing.

FlexiSpy currently supports the following operating systems:

  • iPad and iPhone devices up to iOS 9.1 and minimum of iOS 7.x for the recording
  • Android OS 4.0.3 to 6.0.1
  • BlackBerry 5.0 to 7.1

FlexiSpy has successfully launched a desktop version for Mac and Windows, and these support the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.8
  • El Captain, Yosemite Mac OS Mavericks


As compared to the other cell phone spy software, FlexiSpy is somehow more expensive. But there are various packages to meet your needs.

Price of FlexiSpy Extreme which includes a keylogger, password cracker at no added cost

  • 3-month subscription: $199
  • Annual subscription: $349

FlexiSpy Premium

  • One month: $68
  • 3 Months: $99
  • One year: $149

While Extreme Package costs twice the price of Premium Package, it certainly offers solid functionality that you cannot find in other products. In case you are in search of a budget-friendly option, you can opt for Premium Plan, or you can explore other options.

However, if you are looking for a package featuring ambient noise record, call intercept, and more, the Extreme Package of FlexiSpy is the perfect package for you.



  • iOS-FlexiSpy is known to supports all versions of iOS up to iOS 8.x
  • Android-All Android versions up to 5.0.1 are supported.
  • Blackberry- Supports Blackberry phones running on BlackBerry, particularly version 5.0-7.1.
  • Nokia-FlexiSpy supports all Nokia mobile phones


FlexiSpy is also a best value spy apps packed with impressive and reliable features that set it apart from all the rest. Considering its good performance, it is fair to say that investing in this quality and trusted cell phone spy app is a beneficial move that can guarantee you with excellent parental control and monitoring and all other related purposes.


  1. Spyzie

One of the excellent ways on how to spy cell phone without accessing phone is by using spy apps. One of the trusted and proven cell phone spy software solution is Spyzie. You can use this app in monitoring social media and even one’s personal life by means of tracking their mobile phone activities. You will surely need a premium spy app like Spyzie in order to accomplish all these things.

Spyzie is one of the leading mobile phone tracking app allowing you to effectively monitor one or even more Android or iOS devices without the need of the targeted person’s consent. This can be your employee, your child, or any other person or can also be for security reasons.

Spyzie is an exclusive product of a well-known company SuperSoft Limited. The company has been in business since 2007. Spyzie’s latest version has expanded its capabilities to social media monitoring, and now, this also includes reliable activity monitoring and tracking for the majority of social media platforms. They have also added functionality such as alerts, geofencing, and location monitoring.

Considerations Prior to Spyzie App Installation

All mobile phone spy and monitoring software incorporate basic features like the capacity to read text messages, emails, video and image files, calendars, and address books. This commonly enables monitoring internet use and delivers location tracking. Added features are the ability to read multimedia files, configuring alerts, taking screenshots, and locking the targeted device remotely.

Mobile phone monitoring might be a viable option if you’re seriously concerned with the activities of your kids or even your employees. The phone can be monitored remotely and allow you to get valuable information without actually curtailing the freedom of phone users.

Numerous spy apps can also lock or wipe the targeted device remotely. If the tablet or phone was stolen or lost, Spyzie has a special feature allowing you to protect the data found in the mobile phone from being obtained and accessed by many unauthorized viewers.

Main Features

The following are the main features of Spyzie that contribute to the overall excellent function and performance of this mobile phone spy app:

  • Phone Calls

The Spyzie app allows you to conveniently view the call history as well as the duration of such call, duration, time, and date from an Android or iPhone device. You can also access the contact data of the caller and view the comprehensive snapshot of all five persons contacted most frequently. This Spyzie feature is very helpful, especially in terms of identifying important persons in the life of the user. Logs of call activity also help you, especially when deciding whether particular contacts should be blocked or restricted. If you are in search of the best phone call monitoring, Spyzie is a highly recommended option.

  • Chat Apps

The spy app supports monitoring of social media activities like Facebook, WeChat, Kik, Line, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This also permits access as well as download attachments that are exchanged through this app. The WhatsApp data is commonly available without the need to jailbreak or root a phone. The logs of the chat history can also be used in discerning patterns that are present in the monitored interactions and revealing usage and contact details pertaining to the exchange of the image files.

  • View Text Messages

The application saves a copy of text messages and then records the information of the data, the number of messages found in every string, and the name of the receiver. The message history gives information about the persons the user is associated with and the real nature of these connections enabling you to audit contacts that might need to be blocked or restricted depending on the contents of the message.

  • Online Browsing History

Spyzie permits you to see the applications installed and download the image files which were made with the spy app. You can also review browser history and bookmarks and can also make use of this feature in blocking particular websites, disallowing use of the internet, and blocking specific applications.

  • Keystroke Logging

Key logger saves permanent information record, especially those data typed in the targeted mobile phone. You can get to this data anytime. This keystroke logging feature is important if the targeted device’s user has endeavored to dodge detection by deleting original contents since keystroke log stays intact.

  • Track Location

Spyzie can remotely follow and gives in-depth insights regarding the area of the device and then monitor a particular route taken to show up at the location. Details on the viewing route can assist you with determining if a user is halting at an off-limits area while on the way into a specified destination. This data lets you set proper travel parameters and encourages checking of future behaviors.

  • View Contacts

Spyzie allows you to gain access and to download contact records, calendar contents, reminders, notes, and updates and can listen to the voice files recorded. This data will be kept on the targeted phone yet isn’t really swapped in electronic discussions, which gives a significant layer of data that might be utilized to prove email contents, chat, and text messages.

  • Videos and Photos

You can survey and download images and videos stored on the gadget, which is valuable in case you are trying to limit access to specific kinds of data or content. Realizing whether off-limits pictures are stored in the targeted device will assist you in choosing whether the user has complied with properly established parameters.

  • SIM Card Change Detection

The Spyzie spy app comes with built-in detection on sim card change and will alert you if the SIM card is changed or removed. This enables you to take the necessary and immediate steps in protecting information that was stored in the targeted mobile phone or device should this be stolen or lost.


  • Compatibility with iOS and Android Systems making it highly possible to spy on or monitor numerous devices that are presently in use.
  • The process of online set up enables you to install this app on iOS devices by confirming the iCloud account linked with the targeted phone.
  • You don’t need to install a spy app on the targeted device, and jailbreaking is not really required.
  • Creating an account is simple and easy and guided by setup wizard and allow you to create an account in just a few minutes
  • This GPS phone tracker app is easy to use and offers plenty of detailed information including the live GPS tracking


  • This app is only compatible with iOS iPad and iPhone as well as Android devices
  • If the targeted device is Android, then you’ll need to install as well as activate the spy app into the targeted device
  • The full licensing option is only available for the Android devices while the iOS plan provides monthly licensing only and doesn’t provide volume pricing


Spyzie mobile phone spy app is readily available for iOS and Android mobile devices. This supports almost all versions of these OS, including even the low-end devices. Nevertheless, almost every tracking or spy app like Spyzie supports these popular mobile operating systems, so it is no longer a surprise.

Interestingly, this spy app doesn’t require rooting on Android and jailbreak on iOS before this can function effectively. Therefore, you do not need to tweak any device to prevent breaking it and void its warranty.

Spyzie Reviews


The Spyzie app provides Premium Edition that comes with restricted functionality and the Ultimate Edition that comes with complete functionality. Both editions provide annual, quarterly, and monthly plans. Premium Edition costs about $29.99 for a monthly license, $39.99 for a 3-month license, and $89.99 for a year license.

Ultimate Edition is offered at the cost of $39.99 for one month, $49.99 for three months, and $99.99 for one year. For the iOS device, the Spyzie app provides a one-month Premium Plan at around $39.99 monthly. Spyzie also provides volume pricing that includes reliable monitoring for up to about 20 mobile devices for either edition. However, only for Android devices.

Spyzie has comprehensive features allowing you to monitor internet use, messages, and monitor calls. This app also can monitor activities on various social media sites or platforms. The Spyzie app supports the iPhone iOS systems without having to install the application on the targeted device.

If you wanted to download this app, you first need to visit their site. You can create your account here, and eventually, you can get access to the control panel of this software program.



Spyzie has different sets of system requirements form Android and iOS.


  • iCloud back-up in settings must be turned on
  • For the Apple ID, two-factor authentication must be turned off
  • Apple ID, as well as password of the targeted iPhone or iPad, will be required
  • Spyzie app can be utilized in monitoring iOS devices that run iOS 8,0 or later version which includes iOS 12


  • Any smartphone brand will do as long as it is running Android version 4.0 or even later version
  • Spyzie app can be utilized in monitoring all devices run by Android OS as long as it is running Android version 4.0 or even later version
  • You’ll need physical access to the targeted device in order to install the spy app
  • The device being targeted must have a good internet connection


Spyzie is a best value mobile phone spy and tracking app with impressive and sleek features to address the needs of individuals using it. This app was specially designed for Android and iOS devices and would allow you to spy on people without them knowing. Spyzie app is an excellent choice if you are looking for a monitoring app with user-friendly and excellent features and a highly intuitive dashboard making it easy to use.


Our Rating

The three mobile phone spy apps reviewed have their own amazing features to boasts, and all three have proven themselves when it comes to excellent tracking and monitoring. mSpy, FlexiSpy, and Spyzie also have their own sets of pros and cons, compatibility, and system requirements. But to rate the three spy apps, mSpy got the highest score then followed by FlexiSpy then Spyzie.

mspy app

mSpy is considered the best and one of the top favorite apps that can track mobile phones remotely. There are plans offered, and you are free to choose the plan depending on your needs, be it short term or long term. If you also anticipate long term use, you can consider mSpy’s Premium Plan. The price of the mSpy plan varies depending on if it is purchased quarterly and annually.

Final Verdict

There might be numerous mobile phone spy apps offered in the market these days, but the three apps, namely mSpy, FlexiSpy, and Spyzie, made their way to the top. Among these three, mSpy is the best and highest rated. Many mSpy app users can attest to its unrivaled features and overall performance. FlexiSpy and Spyzie are also good choices, but settling with mSpy is the best choice.

So, if the need for the best cell phone spy software arises, it would be best to settle with a top rating app such as FlexiSpy and Spyzie. But if you can afford for much better spy app with guaranteed advanced and reliable monitoring, invest on mSpy.