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Best Fitness Tracker

ActiV8 Fitness Tracker




Easy to Use






Value For Money



  • Easy to use fitness device.
  • Accurate, durable and long-lasting performance.
  • fully equipped with different smart functions.
  • Heart rate monitor.
  • The watch can monitor vital signs


  • Small control button.
  • App limitations.

From the early years when technology is not yet born, it takes time to track the health of a person. And it’s the time that some use the pulse to detect if your body is healthy or not. A natural way that sometimes it’s not that very accurate. But now, we can quickly determine if we are healthy or not. Thanks to the fast innovation of technology that we have today. We now have a fitness tracker that helps us in tracing our health status.

But let’s get to know more about what is the fitness tracker. As its primary definition, it is a device that serves as for monitoring and tracking fitness or related to it. These trackers work as detecting calorie consumption, movements such as running or walking, and more. This device serves as the new generation technology and a wearable computer known as smartwatches.

These smartwatches are wearable sensors that are commonly used for medical, security, and sports. It can detect or determine any abnormal activities in terms of health and more. It is useful in getting the body temperature, brain activity, muscle motion, heart rate, and more. In terms of sports monitoring, it detects the amount of time when the user makes movements such as running, walking, and others. The data collected are saved in the installed App on the phone. This App that is connected to the device will serve as the database or list of all the happenings that the user does.


In using the fitness tracker, there are lots of benefits that you can get. One reason is to teach you to be a more accountable person in doing the right thing. Because by using this fitness tracker it will remind you to move and do the regime you need to do. Through the fitness tracker, you will also set your own fitness goals. It is different from wanting to be healthy to have a healthy lifestyle and working it to achieve. As simple as doing your daily workout to meet your fundamental goals to have a healthy living.

The greatness of this device doesn’t end from its features because there’s more. One of them is that it is a one-time payment. So, relatively you don’t have any monthly payments that you need to earn every month. Also, this fitness tracker device lasts for too long. So, you will get to enjoy the goodness of this device for more years. However, this will be achieved if you take care of this device. And it can be accurate as it is made in a high-quality material. This is also a type of this waterproof device, so it will not be a problem if you accidentally pour some water on it. Or if you are in the middle of the street doing you running exercise and suddenly the rain pours down.

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Through the help of the fitness tracker, it will notify you what to perform and what you also need to improve. Well, there are many fitness trackers available in the market. Each of these devices has many differences in terms of the service, material, and more that it can provide. But with the lots of the fitness tracker devices available, there are only a few that really give the best service, and one of them is the ActiV8 fitness tracker. This device has many good reasons why it is considered as the best fitness tracker. To get to know this device, we have prepared our thorough reviews about this device. We have also included FAQs, pros, cons, buying guides, and more. And we know that you are also here to find a best fitness tracker to use for your healthy lifestyle goals. So, feel free to read, and we can assure you that after reading, you find the best device for you.

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Getting to Know ActiV8 Fitness Tracker

As the fitness tracker or smartwatches are in demand right now, it is because it has a trendy, stylish design that is great in providing service in terms of health benefits. Some of these fitness trackers functions to help the user determine or detect the purpose of their body in real-time. For a more unobstructed view, there is a fitness tracker that is good at monitoring the heart rate of the user. Also. In tracking the calories burnt. These monitoring features are helpful for people who want to live in a healthy lifestyle, but they are busy and have a hard time tracking their health.

The ActiV8 fitness tracker is very useful in tracking the health of the user and is specialized in helping them to be fit. The ActiV8 fitness tracker comes in an innovative device that comes in the latest technology we have today. This device is also a swim-proof fitness tracker that as a large touchscreen display. It has a SpO2 sensor that helps the user to diagnose the breathing conflicts while sleeping. This device is also great to use every day, with a week-long battery life.

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The ActiV8 fitness tracker also needs to be connected to the GPS or to a smartphone that has the application of it. Through its app, you can track a different variety of workouts that includes yoga, hiking, swimming, running, cycling, and more. These devices are suitable for detecting when you started your workout and provide you a retroactive credit in the time that you missed it. The retroactive credit is the result of the activity that you have done. So, basically, this device is really great in terms of providing a fully-featured in tracking all your daily activities.

The ActiV8 fitness tracker is a medical-grade and sleeps monitoring provider and is a significant solution for clinical studies, industry, research, and physiotherapy. The ActiV8 fitness tracker is also proven and tested and have been used for more than 15 years now. These devices and its scientifically validated monitoring in the activities and its innovative software serves, an easy to use with high quality information. There are also a wide-ranging analytics and insights for human behavior. The uniqueness of this device is it automatically clarify the daily activities by the use of the algorithms included in this device. Through this device, you will also see or determine how long you are standing, sitting, cycling, running, and walking.

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ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Features and Benefits

  • It has a discreet display

The ActiV8 fitness tracker display is hidden and will only be visible only if you want it to be seen. But the screen will disappear when not used.

  • It has a sophisticated design

The ActiV8 fitness tracker has an advanced model from its physical design, discreet display, and from its crystal touchscreen.

  • Size available

The ActiV8 fitness tracker size is 0.38″ x 0.76″ (9.6Mm x19.2Mm).

  • It is suitable for Fitness Monitoring

In the ActiV8 fitness tracker, you can have a better insight into your latest fitness level. You can use its fitness Age and Vo2 Max.

  • It monitors heart rate

Then ActiV8 fitness tracker is useful in tracking the heart rate based on the wrist of the user for 24/7.  Through this device, will it give you a freedom to do your workout?

fitness tracker app

  • It sends notification

The ActiV8 fitness tracker has a piece of smart information that sends and incoming email, call alerts, reminders, text messages, and more.

  • It has an audio prompt

Using this ActiV8 fitness tracker, you will receive an audio prompt that is connected from the smartphone? It also includes the laps and their time.

  • It tracks activities

The greatness of the ActiV8 fitness tracker is that it can follow every action that you do. It includes tracking of the calories, heart rate, intensity in minutes, steps, and distance.

  • It is a moving IQ

The ActiV8 fitness tracker is like a moving IQ. You don’t need to start or stop your timer. Because it has a Vivomove HR, the device automatically begins in counting or tracking when you are walking and other activities. You can also review your daily activities in this device through your phone and its application.

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What’s more about ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

The ActiV8 fitness tracker is made with a comprehensive range of features that are designed to help the user achieve a healthy living journey. This device also has an advance technology that is great in interpreting the options and data gathering. It is very easy to use that you will only need to wear it into your wristband. Also, it has a unique, stylish design that is unisex or suitable for any gender to use. This device is too good to use 24/7 that can monitor all your activities from exercise, sleep, weight loss, and more. And this device truly meets and does what it has been programmed for.

Activities that ActiV8 Fitness Tracker Can Track

  • Sleep Monitoring

The ActiV8 fitness tracker is useful in monitoring r monitoring the sleep period of the user. It includes the periods of sleep time from light to deep sleep. Using this device is pretty awesome. I also have an inbuilt silent alarm, where it only vibrates to help the user wakes up. This is ideal for those who have a roommate, and you don’t want to disturb them when you need to wake up early without waking them up.

  • Monitoring heart rate

The ActiV8 fitness tracker also has a heart rate monitoring that you can set your heart rate zone and your maximum heart rate. It has a pedometer that is used to provide a powerful reminder. And also, you can check the heart rate on its diagram after you do your exercise or sports. You may read more about Breathe Green Charcoal Bags

  • Messages/Calls Checking

Other than the monitoring and tracking of the ActiV8 fitness tracker. You can connect this device to your smartphone. Once it is connected, you can receive calls, messages, and notifications from your different apps and your phone. So, even if you are in exercise, you can still check your mails and more from the device.

best fitness tracker 2019

  • Sedentary reminder

ActiV8 fitness tracker has a sedentary reminder that serves as your clock, reminding you to what you should do. Like for example, you start working at 8, and you are still working for at 5. You need to take some rest from time to like for 15 minutes and make your body move and take a little rest.

  • Remote control

Another great feature of these ActiV8 fitness tracker device is that you can take pictures even you are far on your phone. Or you can take a picture without touching your phone, eater. You will only need to control it through this device.

  • Control on-screen brightness

The ActiV8 fitness tracker is also flexible that you can adjust its screen brightness based on what you want. Optimizing the light are also ideal in conserving energy or battery life for this device.

What is the Importance of Using ActiV8 Fitness Tracker in Getting Updated in What Is Happening to Our Body?

As we want and know that our health is our top priority, we should want to make some parameters in making our health is in a good state. And through the use of an ActiV8 fitness tracker, it can help you monitor your health. And you can quickly identify if some abnormalities happen on your body. It can help you track your heart rate, blood pressure, pulse, and more. It is also a significant advantage for you in a sense that you can make some preventions for any illnesses. This will also help you ensure that you maintain the optimal level you should have daily.  And will make sure that your body is healthy and in shape always.

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ActiV8 Fitness Tracker As A Revolutionary Device

The ActiV8 fitness tracker is considered as an innovative device because of its features. From its touch screen display feature, a precision hands for the time, and an additional great feature of receiving notifications from your apps. It also useful in tracking heart rate, counting calories gained, and monitoring the wellness from stress and more.

It also has a smart display feature that only appears when you quickly turn your wrist in a glimpse at your watch. When interaction in the ActiV8 fitness tracker device screen, it constantly changes depending on what you are looking and the time display will return once you are done.

Why Is ActiV8 Fitness Tracker the Best Choice?

There are many reasons why is ActiV8 fitness tracker the best choice of all. It is beneficial and pleasant as it is made typically focused on the essential functions in making this device work flawlessly. This device also has its main features, such as:

  • Monitoring the pulse
  • Monitoring the heartbeats
  • Monitoring the blood pressure
  • Monitoring your sleep routines such as the period and lets you have a better solution for it.
  • It has a color display
  • It serves real-time information from your phones, such as notification, call, and messages.
  • It is easy to use for via its USB and loads also quickly.
  • It is IP67 certified
  • It has a dust and high-water resistance

Overall, this device is very accurate in providing a high-quality function that surely gives real information in whatever is happening inside your body. By using this device, you can also track up of about fourteen different activities like walking, spinning, riding, treadmill, running, trekking, dancing, yoga, basketball, football, fitness, hiking, and tennis. The device also allows users to collect all the analysis that you made, and you can check it in its VeryfitPro App.

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Monitoring the heart rate, burned calories and more, are very easy with this ActiV8 fitness tracker. It collects data from your daily activities and up to a long term one. By raising the data regularly, it serves a more appropriate adjustment for you. It will also make it easier for you to progress and achieve your healthy lifestyle goals.

By using the ActiV8 fitness tracker, you will be taking advantage of the kits VeryfitPro App. This App is designed to work along with the ActiV8 fitness tracker device.  Also, all the information gathered from the device will be transferred and save from the App. The said app is available on both Apple and Android phones. And are included when you purchase this ActiV8 fitness tracker.

An Alarm and auto sleep tracking is also included in this ActiV8 fitness tracker device. It will notify the user once they are getting too long sitting or being active, reminding the user that it should take a break for a little time and do some stretching. An automatic sleep tracking is also essential in letting the user have enough rest.

With loads of papers at work, people are getting a hard time remembering the things that they should prioritize, like daily exercise. But with the use of the ActiV8 fitness tracker, it will not be a problem anymore. The device will notify the user when it is their time to exercise routines and more.  And another good thing about it is that you can adjust it based on the schedule you are available or have free time to do it.

This ActiV8 fitness tracker device has a hardwearing design and is waterproof. This device is well made and good to survive in high risk-activities.  So, even if you accidentally pour some water on it will be safe. Also, this device has an integral USB plug, used for the charging of it.  And this very convenient because you can plug it in your laptop or any that has the same USB plug and can recharge the device.

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Who Suits Best in Using the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

Well, anybody can use this ActiV8 fitness tracker device. Relatively, anyone who wants to have achieved a healthy lifestyle. This is very suitable to anyone since it is customized with the inclination in the needs of an individual. This device is also ideal for athletes for their performance in pushing their limits and making sure that they are doing the right thing, especially in their regular activities and more. This is also ideal for those who want to monitor their progress in tracking their healthy lifestyle goals.

What the Customer Has to Say About the ActiV8 Fitness Tracker as They Use It?

Based on the reviews of the people or the customers turned to users, they are delighted with what this ActiV8 fitness tracker did provide for them. They are happy with the functions it has and is precise in providing information about their activities. They also added that the device is beneficial to wear and very durable. Almost all the users agreed in terms of the feature and functions that the ActiV8 fitness tracker could provide.

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Why Should I Choose This ActiV8 Fitness Tracker?

Well, you are based on the features and functions that the ActiV8 fitness tracker can provide. And if you are ready to be a fit and live your life healthy. Use this ActiV8 fitness tracker and track your daily activities and more. Place an order now and enjoy the benefits of having this ActiV8 fitness tracker device.

Purchasing ActiV8 fitness Tracker

If you want to purchase one of these devices, you can place your order on their official website. To see to it that you will only buy the original one, the manufacturer only sells their device online and on their official site. By purchasing now, you can avail of their other offers, such as free shipping.

Overall, ActiV8 fitness tracker is invented and designed to provide a more natural way to reach the goal of a healthy living. This device incorporates a wide range of features that are gathering information on the different activities that the user does. It is also an advanced technology that serves as a data-gathering and tracking device that is built in an easy-to-wear device like a watch.

This ActiV8 fitness tracker is well-built and is also attractive to use.  It has a stylish design that is suitable for any gender to wear. This is too good to use 24/7 that are useful in monitoring sleep; this will also keep track of the different exercises you are performing. Relatively, this device meets the needs of the people in terms of achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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Another Suggested Fitness Tracker Device:

Another alternative method that you might want to consider is Hyperstech Health Watch. It is also a fitness tracker device that can too many good fitness choices. As life is more stressful as you grow older, it affects our health significantly. It can lead to different illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, and more. And one great contributor to it is physically inactive. Doing other kinds of stuff that they tend to set aside their health.

That is the main reason why health watch is invented. This device would be the answer in helping the person o be physically fit, active, and healthy. And one tool that can provide it is the Hyperstech Health Watch. If you want to monitor your health and your daily progress for your health goals, the Hyperstech Health Watch has it. It also a helpful device in allowing and making the health of the people the first top priority. This device has many excellent features that you will surely love, and that would be in the succeeding reviews.

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Hyperstech Health Watch Works

The Hyperstech Health Watch works, as what it is designed for. It is designed for the benefits of all that will use it. These devices are one of the coolest cardio watches that have been invented. It is a sleek, smartwatch that is good to use to monitor the health of the user. It acts as a fitness tracker that is good to use with the connection of a mobile device. It works with an application compatible with the android and iOS operating systems. It provides an official status happening in real-time. It includes blood oxygen, heart rate, blood pressure, and more. It also has the best features it can offer. It can also count the number of steps you take every day. The calories you burn for a heavy or mild exercise you do are also calculated through this device. The number of distances that you have traveled is also being calculated. It is ideal when you go on running, jogging, and or even walking.

best fitness tracker 2019

The difference between this Hyperstech Health Watch is that it is not that fashionable like the other smartwatches. Instead, it looks cool. But as you will look at its design and features, plus it is long lasting and durable to use. The Hyperstech Health Watch is also waterproof and iP67-certified, so it is totally pretty cool.

These Hyperstech Health watches can also receive calls, notifications, and alerts from different social networks. It will work as long as the device is connected to your mobile phone.  So, you can receive calls with the use of this smartwatch. And you don’t need to access our telephone to answer your request.

Hyperstech Health Watch Key Features

  • It measures the blood pressure and blood oxygen

The Hyperstech Health Watch is useful in measuring the blood pressure and blood oxygen of the user. As of today, the stock condition that people are prone to hypertension, and it can multiply in several issues. By using this device, it will help you be updated with your real-time blood pressure and blood oxygen. They are very helpful in monitoring and providing you the ability to know your health status.

  • It measures heart rate accurately

As you want to be physically fit, you will need to do exercises. And the heart rate is essential in determining if how intense the workout you should do, especially if you want to focus on the cardio training.  With the use of Hyperstech Health Watch, it will help you exercise safely and more.

  • It calculates your daily activities

Another good thing about this device is that it calculates the daily activities that you have done so far. Through this device, it will send all your daily routines that can be seen on its application installed to your mobile phone. SO, basically, you will have the list of your physical activity that you have done for the day, and you will identify if you are lacking or getting on the right track.

  • It is durable and long-lasting

The Hyperstech Health Watch is made in high-grade material, which is the reason why these devices are durable and long-lasting.

  • It can control your phone camera

Taking a whole-body size picture of yourself, but you don’t have someone that can do it for you. Well, if you have this Hyperstech Health Watch, you don’t have to worry. It is because you can use it to control your camera. So, when you place the camera and make a pose, you can simply touch or click the button in the smartwatch to capture it.

  • I can receive calls, notifications, and reminders

As long as your phone and these watches are connected, you will h the ability to receive calls, reminders, and information in the smartwatch. This would be ideal for those who are waiting for an urgent call while they are in the gym or running or doing some physical activities. So, it will be easy for them to answer the call if their phone is a little bit far from them. And or they don’t need to stop from their work to pick up their phone. We advice you to read more about  Tact watch

  • It has a HealthWatch App

This Hyperstech Health Watch has an easy to use application. Through this App, it helps you view your health status? With your phone and with this App, you will see the achievements that you have made.

fitness tracker app

best fitness tracker 2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of Purchasing A Health Fitness Tracker

We do know that nothing in this world is perfect; there would be useful and evil or lacking for specific reasons. So thus, this includes the devices we have today, like the fitness tracker. Having fitness has god and bad deals such as:


  • You can be more cautious about your health

Using a fitness tracker, you will be more careful about the things that you do. You will be more careful about the things that you eat, drink, and more. You will also be observing a healthful lifestyle.  With the help of this device, it will send a notification for you to remember the pros, cons, and the things that you should be reminded of.

  • It is your motivator

The fitness tracker will be your motivator. Through this device, you will see the progress of what you have done. All the hard work, such as the exercises that you have done, will be accumulated or collected by this device and will be saved through its App that is connected through your phone.

  • You will be healthy

Using this device, you also need to observe healthy living, including eating nutritious foods. And this tracker will remind you every day that you should watch it. It is a must that you should observe because it will be useless if you will not do or help yourself to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

  • fitness goal is set by you

This fitness tracker has any useful features, such as the programmed fitness goal. It serves as the users guide in their daily routines. You will also be informed about the different methods that you should do. You set them, so it will be much easier to make a list in the schedule that is free or the time that it is right to do so.

  • It will help track for your sleep

Being healthy not only includes proper exercise, diet, and so on, but it also should consist of a decent sleep. Sleep is essential for our body to take little rest for a, but with all the hectic routines you’ve done for the day. Relatively a quality sleep is a vital thing that we should also consider. It is having an essential effect on our bodies, like in our metabolism, energy level, cravings, and mood. And the fitness tracker will monitor the number of periods of sleep you have. It will provide a good sleeping pattern.

  • You will be connected in social media accounts

Another feature that fitness tracker is sending notification, calls, messages, and more. And this is one great reason to use it. You will be notified if there is someone who is calling or if you will receive messages.


  • It is a bit expensive

Some people find it a bit pricey, especially to those who earn a minimum wage. But relatively, this device is great to have regardless of its price battery life. There is some fitness tracker that is easy or good to use for certain hours, and they need to recharge it again. Read more about xWatch

  • Accuracy

Regardless of the greatness of the device, there are still many people who are doubtful about the importance of a fitness tracker device. It is because of some brand of accessories that are not that very trusty to use, but it will only be the matter of the customer and where they purchase this use of the device. Remember that you should also consider the website or that store that you will one make sure that it is not a scam

best fitness tracker

Is The Hyperstech Health Watch Worth to Purchase?

Well, get yours if you want to enjoy the goodness of this device. But if you want to know what you can get and other cool things about this device, here are the following:

  • You can take photos
  • You can sync App
  • You can receive calls
  • It displays an alarm clock
  • You can check vital signs
  • It lets you have more sleep
  • It displays weather status

Where Can I Purchase this Hyperstech Health Watch?

The Hyperstech Health Watch is available to purchase on their official website.  If you avail now, you can also get their 50% discount for your order. For more discounts and other packages, you may the Hyperstech Health Watch official website for more details

Overall, this Hyperstech Health Watch is a good to have if you want to monitor your health. Because through this device, it will provide you an accurate monitoring status for your health plus a notification from the different apps you are connected in. This device is also ideal for wearing that has a fashionable design that is elegant to wear.

best fitness tracker 2019

Comparison section

ActiV8 fitness tracker vs. Hyperstech Health Watch

In this comparison section, we will identify how these two devices differ and which of them are the most likely the best. We do know that no one is perfect, so thus this device. So, here is the more unobstructed view on which can be the best among the two.

So, let’s start with what is their purpose and how they work. The ActiV8 fitness tracker and Hyperstech Health Watch are both a smartwatch that is good to use to monitor the health of the person. They both provide almost the same features, from the monitoring to your daily activities up to sleep monitoring. They also provide up to date results of what they have a track available on their provided application. So, it is easy to determine and help people in getting to know when, where, and or what happens if they lack what they should have done. They are also both safe to use as they are IP67 certified, and you can use it for a long time for its waterproof feature. They also both send a notification to their user in what they should so such as what to perform or to remind them in a specific activity to complete.

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The only difference between this ActiV8 fitness tracker and Hyperstech Health Watch, are their designs. The ActiV8 fitness tracker has an advanced rectangular shape, while the Hyperstech Health Watch has a round design for their screen typically the same as what a regular watch has. And in terms of battery life, they both have a long battery life. However, the ActiV8 fitness tracker is straightforward to use with a rechargeable battery that is a USB plugin. It is also very convenient that you can recharge this device, even in your laptop, and more as long as it has the same USB plug. But in Hyperstech Health Watch, there is no more transparent view on how it can be charged.


Overall, among the two devices, the ActiV8 fitness tracker is the best, which it has more additional feature than the Hyperstech Health Watch.  And one feature that it has is it can monitor almost 14 types of activity that you can do. It also has a discreet design, which is very useful in providing accurate results in your everyday routine. Another good thing about this device is that it has a sedentary alarm that it will only send you a notification. And it also lets you wake up without waking up your roommate.

The importance of using a fitness tracker is to help the user be updated in their health. Through the use of a device, it will help you track the different things that you should do? This are things such as monitoring your heart rate, tracking your daily routine such exercises, and more. There are also many reasons and benefits that you can get when you use a fitness tracker. Review our another product called Health watch

Having or by using a fitness tracker device will turn the user to be responsible in many ways that lead to the user being accountable in the activities that he or she should do. And fitness tracker is ideal for those who need a little push from them to start their workout and to achieve their dreams of living in a healthy lifestyle.  The device will let the user be reminded to what to do, from a specific time, and what to do next to improve more.

fitness tracker

The fitness tracker will be your daily motivator in letting you see the progress that you have made in observing or doing your daily routines. It will also be your great advisor in giving an idea of what other steps you should take to improve more. With the use of a fitness tracker, it will also lead you to live in a healthy lifestyle. You will learn to illuminate eating junk foods. As you want to live a physically fit and healthy, you will also need to observe eating nutritious foods.

One great of using a fitness tracker device is that it will not pressure you to do sort of things. Instead, you are the one who will make that routine that you want.  You will have the ability to set your own goals, which you will have the freedom and flexible time in which you should do the routines. This will be ideal for those who are at work or working people. Also, these devices are not only for keeping the user get tracked in their daily activities, and it lets them be connected.  One of the great features of the ActiV8 fitness tracker is it provides a notification from the call, messages from the phone? So, the smartwatch user will be able to get notified when they receive an email, call, and message from their phones through the device. Hey, I can also use the tool to answer the call and even taking a photo.

The one amazing feature that fitness have is that it can monitor heart rate. So, you don’t need to visit your doctor or a need for an apparatus such as a chest strap to check or heart rate. Through these devices, it will monitor your heart rate by measuring your pulse, in which the device is programmed and has an integrated sensor that lights up in the blood vessels at our wrists. It detects any changes such as the blood volume when the heart pumps blood. The shift in the blood is determined by checking the amount of light reflected from the sensor. The less amount of light indicates that it has a high amount of blood volume was being pumped and so, thus, vice versa. Through identifying the heart rate, this will help the user to limit and do not overdo their performed exercise.

Based on the good reviews for the ActiV8 fitness tracker have, it only proves how capable the device is. Almost all the customers that are the users now enjoy the service that these devices provide for them. So, definitely, they are living now in their dream of having a healthy lifestyle.  So, if you also want to be physically fit and healthy, you may want to consider using this device. Live your life up to the fullest with no illnesses and diseases that would be possible when you observe this healthy lifestyle.

best fitness tracker 2019

Having an ActiV8 fitness tracker is advantageous and a great addition and help for someone who wants to have a healthy lifestyle. It is made for an accessible and achievable journey to wellness. This ActiV8 fitness tracker prioritizes the needs of the user in providing them a service that will lead to their goal—a service that can give them accurate data from the results of their works. The good about this device is that it is not made for a specific gender, age, and so on. It is designed based on the ability, or the works of a person. So, anyone uses this device. Read More about Military Tactical Watches

If you want to be healthy, use this device to help you track your daily activities, and to remind you of the things that you should do. However, please be guided that regardless f sing this device, you also need to exert an extra effort to do the routines such as exercises. Remember that this device will only guide you; this will not do anything to lessen your fats and or so.

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Frequently Ask Question

How to connect the Actib8 fitness tracker with your smartphone?

1) Download the App named VeryFit Pro from APP store or by scanning the QR code on the user guide
2) Turn on your mobile Bluetooth, your phone operation system should be IOS 7.1& Above or Android 4.0 & Above and the Bluetooth is 4.0 & Above. And put the fitness watch and your phone together
3) Open the VeryFit Pro app, and click the” device ” button
4) Find the” bind” button in the App bottom, click it
5) Next, Click the Bluetooth named “ID115plus “(your fitness band Bluetooth name ).
6)Finally, click “Confirm Band Device”,your phone would be banded with the watch after you see the words” bind successful”

How to charge the fitness tracker?

1) HolyHigh fitness tracker is with a built-in USB dongle, no need separated charger. Please remove off both sides strap of the device to find the USB dongle, and plug in the device in the USB port for charging
2) Very important: The red light is on when the charge is successful. Please see the charging way pictures.

Do You Want Heart Rate Monitoring?

Heart rate monitoring sounds like the best feature ever, but there are different kinds of heart rate monitors, and frankly, some people don’t need it at all. A built-in heart rate monitor drives up the price.