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The Best GPS Trackers for Car Review

With most of us having a connection to a tablet, phone, laptop as well as other electronic devices 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the application of Global Positioning System or GPS tracking devices continue to become popular due to the many benefits it offers. GPS tracking devices are used all over the world to assist in monitoring the exact locations of cars, people, or any objects. The dependable technology first started with the Unites States martial and is now being utilized all over the world as it has lots of perks to business and individuals as well as personal daily life. This article will be going to give you insight into GPS tracker for cars, how it works, buying guide, FAQ, and the best GPS tracker for vehicles available. So, sit back and keep on reading.

best gps tracker for car

What is GPS Tracker for Car?

GPS or Global Positioning System or GPS trackers are handy and convenient devices which allow car owners to track and monitor their cars and vans. A GPS tracking device for a car can provide an immediate and on the spot speed and location information, while less costly options documented this kind of information for use later on. With many GPS trackers for cars, it is even likely to set up real-time alerts to go off each time you deviate or speed from a particular place.

How Do GPS tracking devices work?

Global Positioning System for cars makes use of a network of satellites to know the position of your car, which specifically intended for that reason. The basic concept is that this tracker utilizes trilateration, a groundbreaking process to identify its physical location based on its distance from GPS satellites. This is the same technology utilized by the in-car or portable navigation system. You may also like vizr reviews.

The main disparity between a car navigation system and a GPS tracker is that the navigation technology gives you with your position and the directions, while a GPS tracker records your driving habits or put out its position in real-time.

Once a global positioning system for the car can transmit and broadcast its position, typically, it uses the same system which your mobile device does to connect to Wi-Fi or make calls. This is the reason why several GPS trackers for cars need a subscription fee.

gps tracking device for car

What is the primary purpose of GPS Tracker for a car?

The main objective of this tracking device is to allow you to monitor the location of your car all the time, and you will find many different cases where that can be useful. Like for example, once your auto was stolen and it has a tracker installed, you can give the law enforcer the exact location of your car.

Also, GPS trackers for cars fall straight in the gap between authoritative parenting and free-range parenting. With the best GPS tracker set up in the auto, you can tell off its position in real-time, or see a record of where it has been, if they were there, as well as if they broke the speed limit or not.

Car tracking tools are also beneficial if you own large fleets of trucks or cars. Some utilize the technology to stay tabs on the exact location of their vehicles in real-time to better coordinate the operations. Some people use this tracker to monitor mileage for bookkeeping as well as reimbursement.

However, there is also a flaw in using this kind of technology. Some may utilize this without the knowledge of the car owners to keep monitor of where the car goes and when. When you suspect that is the case, then try to locate tracker, which has been hidden in your car.

If you consider any situation where you may need to find out where your auto is, then you may need this new technology. The only caution is that a lot of GPS car trackers available out there need cell service to give you real-time position/location information.

best car tracker

Types of GPS Tracking Systems for Cars

You will find three types of car tracking systems accessible in the market today. These are composed of satellite real-time, wireless passive, and cellular. Below is a quick summary of the three:

  1. Satellite-Based GPS Tracking

This system isn’t detailed compared to other systems we’ll discuss later. However, this particular system offers a solution around the whole nation. Shipping and trucking firms normally go for this system. It’s somewhat costly, too, because of the monthly subscription fees it requests. However, that could differ depending on the number of detailed details the company likes to be presented.

  1. Wireless Passive Tracking

This type of GPS tracking system for cars is accessible as one-off payment packages. You simply need to install it, set it up, and you will not be incurred with more charges. Nevertheless, it could be costly to install at first, as it needs software and hardware to be installed.

  1. Cellular Car Tracking

Considered the most cost-efficient type of tracking system for the car. This type of system uses cellular transmission to send the data every 10 to 15 minutes. Unluckily, these could be somewhat late for a few. The data is also transmitted over the internet with the help of an accompanying software app. Cellular car tracking is a continuous expense, and it’s not a one-time payment.

Hidden GPS Car Tracker: How to Use It?

It is easy to use a GPS tracker in your auto. On the other hand, the process is a bit different from one model to another. The main disparity is the source of power. However, there’s enough disparity that it is still a smart idea to see the manual first.

There are global positioning system trackers that are intended to plug into the OBD-II or onboard diagnostics connector, which is typically situated below the dash close to the driver’s legs. What makes it exceptional is that it gets power straight from the diagnostic connector, so it is user-friendly. In case you have ever utilized a scan tool or code reader before, then using this kind of tracker in easy and fast.

There are also GPS trackers for cars available, which are made to plug into an accessory socket or cigarette lighter that also restricts where you can set up them. These global positioning system trackers are easy to set-up and use as well. However, a vast number of them will keep on drawing from the battery when you are not driving. In which case, you have to unplug the GPS tracker to avoid the battery from draining.

Today, there are hidden GPS trackers for the car, which are powered by a battery. That means they can be set-up almost anywhere. Because there’s no external source of power, this kind of GPS tracker needs to be eliminated and charged occasionally or will end working.

In case you have a tracker set up in your auto, you can utilize the software on your laptop, phone, tablet, or computer to know and see its position in real-time.

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GPS Tracker for Car: Legal or Not?

While the uses summarized above are lawful in most controls, it is vital to know that there are instances where utilizing a car tracking tool can land you in hot water. If you are in doubt, call an attorney for a legal recommendation on the matter.

If it is your car, you are to monitor it. This is particularly true for both exclusively owned vehicles and cars, which are owned by a business or company. Therefore, if you wish to keep monitor of your kids, your workers during working hours, you are basically in the clear.

If you do not have an auto, basically, that is against the law to set up a tracker in it. These are exemptions for law enforcer given that they get a warrant first and foremost, as well as private investigators working under the guides of the car owner. It is against the law in most other cases, and some authorities even have cyberstalking regulations that exclusively address car trackers.

Although a magnetic GPS tracker for a car can be utilized to track people, legal applications of this device fall well short of that point. Indeed, you must look for expert legal advice. Even if the case of tracking a car, the main objectives here are accountability, safety as well as efficiency, instead of spying. We suggest you to read our vizr reviews VIZR is a HUD or heads-up display for cars and garage parking sensor review.

The Significance of GPS Tracking Device for Car

There may come a day where the global positioning system after some systems are an obligatory part of all cars. Insurance agencies, police as well as individual owners can gain from the setting up of a GPS device to track the system in vehicles. Banks and financial companies may find that the setting up of this device to track specific systems in cars is a smart and easy way to keep their investment safe and sound. Even if insurance covers the expense of the car, as recovery car is a smart way to save the loss of money. Car owners can get their car before they are harmed and keep away from the difficulty to recuperate the money from the insurance provider.

Hidden gps tracker for car

Benefits of Installing a GPS Tracking Device for Car

Have you paused for a moment and consider the different ways a GPS tracking device in your car could be helpful? You will find some excellent benefits, no matter if you have one or more vehicles at home. Look below to see how installing a car tracker could benefit you massively.

  • Call support in case of emergency

Visualize your vehicle malfunctioning or being involved in an incident at a location where there’s no aid around. Your GPS system inside your vehicle will come very handy. It can offer location information to the help centers and get you rescued in time. However, take note that the usage of this system isn’t limited to vehicles only. You could also use it in monitoring the location of your kids while they are far from you.

GPS tracker for the car could help you monitor your car in real-time. Thus, it will offer you with minimal misuses and improved control.

  • Improved driving practices

The good thing about the GPs tracker is that it could keep a record of the fuel usage of the car and the preferences of the driver. This system will help you offer improved tracking, keeping the record of your driving practices. Some of these habits include keeping the clutch half-pressed, ignoring o keep the fuel tank full, driving over the speed limit, and braking too often, among others.

All such exercises could trigger massive damage to your car. That damage will result to further costs of repairs. GPS technology allows car companies and car owners to work together to enhance the driving exercises, increasing the life of a vehicle.

  • Prevention of theft

A GPS tracking device will allow you to avoid any theft from happening. You see, GPS devices on vehicles can offer alert to the police and car owners when there’s an unauthorized movement of the vehicle. The alerts could go in the form of alert sounds, messages, or even sires in the vehicle. Furthermore, the owner could monitor the vehicle easily if it is stolen.

  • Organize timing

GPs tracking systems could help offer real-time traffic updates. That could help your car organize its day with comfort and handle your time much better.

  • An economical way to save fuel use

Ultimately, a GPS tracking system inside your vehicle could measure the shortest route to your destination. Therefore, this device will help you with fuel expenses. Innovative tracking applications on your phones, as well as GPS devices, could calculate fuel expenses and fuel the average of your car. That will then lead to substantial economic savings.

  • Prevent parking concerns

Did you know that a GPS tracking device inside your car could help you find a parking spot immediately? It also helps you find your car as soon as possible. That saves you lots of time.

Buyers Guide to the Best GPS Tracking Device for Car

Choosing on the best and most excellent GPS tracking device to meet your preference and needs can be a tricky process most especially if you are not used to the technical terminologies included in the description of the product.

Worry no more; we are here to help you. We have gathered some factors that you must consider when buying a GPS tracking device for your car. We are hoping that this will help the process of researching easier and comfortable for you.

  • Business or Personal Use

One crucial factor to consider when using a GPS tracker is to know where to use it. Do you like to buy this device for personal reasons like making it easier for the care of a grandparent or a parent experiencing from certain conditions? You will not need state of the art or avant-garde fleet management software as well as international roaming features.

You have to stick to your needs and keep away from getting overwhelmed with additional features that might just overload your learning process. GPS tracking devices with a focus on caregiving will state their application in the description. Therefore, you need to ensure that you stick with your purpose as you do a research on the best GPS device.

On the other hand, are you planning to deck out the mobile service of your company with hidden GPS tracking devices for the purpose of fleet management as well as employee monitoring? Then don’t let yourself get unfocused by-products, which focus on scorecards and senior driving coach plans.

You need to look into the GPS system, which states real-time fleet management in the product description to make sure you look for the best GPS device for your business needs.

  • Cancellation Costs or Hidden Upgrades

Like other items, you may be planning to buy, make sure to read the label or the fine print very carefully. This is very important. A lot of global positioning tracking systems available come with standard 60-second update alerts.

If this is not enough, you can upgrade the notification times to 30 or 10 seconds. You never know which notification intervals that meet your needs until you have tried it. Therefore, you need to make sure there are no hidden upgrade fees involved if you chose to opt for shorter intervals.

Also, similar to cancellation charges, depending on your purpose of buying this device, you may just want to utilize it for a short period. Ensure that the cancellation is free to avoid any annoying surprises in due course.

  • Battery Life

One vital factor you must think of when looking for the best GPS tracker for your car is how long the battery lasts. If you need to recharge the battery ever other days, your global positioning system device will be an annoyance, instead of being useful and handy. This is true for those who are planning to use their GPS in stealth operations. If you need to deceitfully eliminate as well as replace the tracker ever couple of days, there is a chance that you will begin rising doubtful sooner or later. Ensure you look for a GPS tracking device for your car that has a long battery life to assure safe and comfortable use.

Car tracker app

    • Magnetic Power

    In case you have a plan of using the GPS tracking device on the exterior of your car, then you need to take time to think of the climate in your area and your daily routes as well. If you are lucky enough to reside in a place where the highways are free of potholes and smooth, you will not have problems with the magnetic box of your GPS tracking device for being ultra-powerful.

    On the other hand, you reside off-grind, wherein tracks are carried away with the first rain, and a trip to the nearest store can feel like a stressful and bumper-car ride. So, you have to ensure that the GPS magnetic device is the best and most robust you can possibly acquire.

    • User-Friendly Car Tracker App 

    At this point, there are two types of people in our digital world: people who would choose to return to simpler pre-smartphone eras and people who count down the days looking forward to the new release of the smartphone. If you fall into the first category, you must pay close attention to the car tracker apps to make sure it will not be a cause for puzzling headaches and stress. You need something straightforward, simple as well as attractive to utilize without the need of consulting experts each time you get a new message or notification of carrying out something wrong.

    The car tracker app is indeed the most vital feature behind a GPS tracking device and where you will be spending more of your time. Therefore, you need to ensure that it provided a fun and relaxed user experience. Also, you must check if the system app is well-match with your smartphone- it would be a shame to buy a tracking device only to figure out that it can’t be connected to your mobile device, it is just a waste of money, right?

    • Exceptional Features 

    It is nice to get what you pay for, and it is no different with regards to tracking device for your car. There are companies out there that provide amazing all-inclusive features that you might have never even considered. Some of these features are a panic button, neodymium magnets for the firm, and maximum hold.

    Car tracking devices that have exceptional features must be your primary choice during your research. Even when you will not using them right away, it is always smart to have some exciting and unusual features to pull out for possible future requirements. You never know how your car tracking needs may transform in due course- look forward to transformation and roll with it.

Gps tracker for car no monthly fee


    • Price 

    GPS trackers for cars can be obtained from $25 to more than $100; therefore, it is vital to consider what you like to spend. On the other hand, there is more than just the upfront rate to take into consideration a lot of operators or companies charge a fee every month to store valuable GPS information in the cloud. So, if you are searching for a long-term data, however, you do not want to pay every month, it may be worth paying more upfront in order keep away from these types of fees or charges.

    • Power 

    The subject of plugged in versus battery is relevant for a lot of electronics, and GPS trackers for a car is not an excuse. A lot of car tracker devices come with long term batteries, while some allow you to connect to your auto. It is vital to think of whether you wish to worry about replacing batteries or recharging it every so often or if you would want the device to be on each time you are driving, or the auto is running.

    • Installation

    A lot of car owners have purchased a hidden GPS tracker for the car just to realize that it is hard to set up. Therefore, to keep away from this case, you have to consider a global positioning system for your car, which is easy to setup. You can obtain that by thinking of those GPS systems, which are integrated with magnets. This allows you to attach the GPS system to your car with ease.

    • Theft prevention

    Theft prevention is another important feature of a GPS tracking system for a car. The majority of the corporations want to execute GPS system into their cars because of its facility. The real-time tracking system is constantly updating the location of the car. Therefore, it’s simple to determine if there’s a lost car. Real-time systems are quicker, thanks to its live data updates compared to passive systems.

    • Accidents

    The likelihood of losing the data when a vehicle meets with an accident is high, with a passive tracking system. The reason behind this is that the data is not updated continuously. On the other hand, the last data right before the incident with real-time solutions are delivered. The unit will remain to update the real data if it’s not damaged.

    • Quality Mapping

    The mapping boasts a vehicle tracking device that enables you to increase to street levels. It presents you with various views such as birds eye, satellite, and street maps. The GPS system ought to be partnered with an excellent mapping provider. Bing is one of the sought-after mapping providers today, offering updated and precise mapping.

    • Notification and alerts feature

    Real-time alerts and notifications in a GPS system are very critical. It could be accomplished by utilizing real-time solutions. The fleet managers using a passive system can track the car only once the car goes back to the headquarters. On the other hand, the real-time system enables fleet managers to monitor the transportation round the clock, even though they are not in the office.

    You see, managers do not need to sit to their tables throughout the day. They will only get notifications through their mobile devices and email. These alerts could be triggered for idling events or too much speeding, exiting or entering particular geographic regions, driving actions, and more.

    That also helps stop expensive or unsafe activities in real-time. The best part is that the scheduling of such alerts could be accomplished through real-time engine diagnostics.

Now Is Your Time to Choose the Best Device According to your Needs 

Now that you get used to the GPS tracking device for cars and the factors that need to be considered when getting the right one. We are hoping that you will feel certain enough to venture out on your own in a pursuit to look for the best and most excellent GPS tracker device for a car that meets your specific needs.

What is the Best GPS Tracking Device Available? 

There are lots of GPS trackers for cars available out there, but one of the best and most sought-after models are the iTrack GPS. Read to know the reason why.

iTrack can assist you to look after and find the exact location of your car, thus giving you peace of mind knowing that you know the real condition of your auto. The idea of this product is to monitor the exact position of your car in real-time. This small but handy device is space friendly and is easy to set up. After plugging in your car, you can fetch the recorded information directly to your phone or laptop. In spite of its small size, iTrack is extremely powerful compared to high-end products at a high price. This device has been carefully made to work with all models and brands of cars today.

iTrack is not just dependable but also reasonably priced. It connects to an app which you can download to your mobile device to monitor the condition and statistic of your car. You can keep it in your pocket, so have access to the condition of your car anytime you want. Upon setting up, this GPS system will keep track of the location of your car. Also, this device allows you to register alerts to be triggered once the auto starts to run or leave the place where you parked it. Through this way, you will instantly know if someone steals your auto or someone uses your car without your consent.

With iTrack, the Insurance provider can react fast to recover a stolen car and save you and the company a well thousands of dollars in loss. It is available in a mid-size box with a plug that goes into the OBF port of your car.

gps tracking device for car

How iTrack Works?

This GPS tracker for car is easy to use. The company behind this technology ensures the utmost comfort that it is why it is integrated with the best technology. The company designs a handy tracker that almost anyone can use, making use of the port to its best benefit.  This tracker links to an app on your mobile device so you can see the data like the location of your car with ease and without the need to buy a costly kit.

Not like other global positioning system devices that are utilized to monitor the exact position of your vehicle, iTrack also provides you updates on various factors like the condition of your car and the speed as well. This tracker also allows you to track your driving habits. It tracks car mileage, and measure the engine revs. The diagnostic port opens up a screen to know what is happening under the bonnet, and the app will show it for you. This is also able to register unusual activity like sudden acceleration, unusual vibration, hard-braking as well as sharp cornering. You should also check out fixd reviews and obd2 scanner reviews.

How to Make Use of iTrack GPS Tracker for Car

After knowing the features of this car, the next thing to know is how to use it. Here is a short guide on how to set up this GPS tracker.

  1. When setting up this GPS tracker, first and foremost, you need to make sure that you have a SIM card available with an active data plan to let the OBD tracker share its location or position.
  2. Look for the diagnostic port in your car. For this, it is vital to see the manual to look for its exact location
  3. Connect the tracker into the diagnostic port of your car
  4. Download the app and follow the guide on how to set up an account. The app can be downloaded for free.
  5. Link the tracker to the app, and that’s it. You can access information regarding the situation and condition of your car.

What Sets iTrack Tracker Apart from the Rest?

What makes iTrack apart from the rest is its price, user-friendly, and portability. It is smaller; in fact, it is just a bit bigger than a USB. It is easy to install, and when you combined all these, you can get the best and most effective global positioning system device in the world. It works on all types and models of cars today.

Best hidden gps tracker for car

Pros and Cons

Like many other types of products available out there, iTrack also comes with pros and cons. So, let’s check first the benefits of buying iTrack.


  • Remarkable functionality
  • Remarkable price range
  • Simple to use
  • Very useful
  • Tracks, not just the location of your car but also other information like speed and engine status.
  • Small and portable


Despite the benefits it offers, it also comes with some drawbacks such as:

  • Only available one
  • One style available


Who is this Ideal For?

You can benefit from iTrack GPS Tracker if you are:

  • Company Fleet Owners

Do you offer vehicles for your staff? This sophisticated GPS tracker for the vehicle could enable you to understand whether the vehicle you lend is utilized dependably or not. iTracker allows you to keep track of your staff as well as their driving practices. You can hide it inside your vehicle because it’s tiny and discrete.

  • Car Shares

Is your family drive a common vehicle? This GPS tracker would surely be a huge help to know where your family member brings the car. You don’t need to call or text them about their whereabouts. Fewer calls convert to less trouble. Not to mention that the app allows you to log in to see the precise location of your vehicle.

Moreover, sharing your car with a friend might make you anxious at times. Use iTrack today and stop worrying about your car. The device offers you real-time data about your car’s location. Thus, the answer is now available at your own fingertips!

  • Smart Drivers

This GPS tracking system for the car is the ideal security you can use, especially if you’re a smart driver. iTrack allows you to live in a location where you could park in any parking area accessible. The affordable GPS tracker for your vehicle, along with its app, will set your mind at ease. There’s no need to be afraid about your ride, even if you cannot see it. The app allows you to get the real-time location of your vehicle.

Where to Buy iTrack?

Do you want to know where you can buy iTrack GPS Car Tracker? Make sure you visit their official website today. Hurry up because the free shipping they are offering will not last that long.

Gps tracker for car

Final Verdict On iTrack GPS Tracker Review

You always think of ways on how to improved security in various aspects of your life. Somehow, when it comes to car safety, it has been car alarms and locks always. iTrack provides a new and state of the art approach of taking good care of your car.

This tracking device keeps car owners at the forefront of the location and status of their car and provides the updates. You can easily know what happens to your car. It is easy to install and can be used with ease. It is also accessible for all.

You will find a wide array of features in this tracking system. One of them is it does not need any subscription. The battery could last at least six days in the standby mode. What’s more, it utilizes text alerts to deliver tracking information to your smartphone. That means you don’t need to check your inbox for emails.

The feature of this GPS tracker includes GSM and GPS cellular technology. Also, the GPS tracks the location of the unit through satellite. On the other hand, GSM delivers data, time, and other details. You will require to utilize a sim card to use this system.

Other features include a built-in mic, a waterproof magnetic case, waterproof pouch as well as a car kit. The battery could last up to 144 hours while tracking. Take note, however, that the battery life throughout active use will vary on how often you call to obtain a location report. It will take approximately twelve hours to charge the batteries.

Do you want to receive updates from the GPS tracker? You can do this by calling the unit. It will send you a message alert along with longitude and latitude coordinates. What’s more, you will find a hyperlink at the bottom of the text. That will offer you the position of the tracker on the map on your phone.

Don’t you have a smartphone? Don’t worry, as you can still utilize Google Maps or Google Earth or other types of the web-based mapping application. Google Earth does not need online data after you have downloaded the software.

You will get SMS if the unit has not moved for a few minutes. If the geo-fence is breached, the battery is running low and if the unit begins moving again. Take note that a geo-fence is a particular location you allocate where your car is permitted to travel freely. iTrack GPS Tracker offers a built-in memory. It could help at least 16,000-position requests. It could support a 2GB SC card and even though its internal memory is 1 MB.

The device is simple to use, as well. The creator presents enough support and helps items to get the user going with the device. You will also be provided with a user guide, FAQ page, and a how-to video that is available on their official website. The company supports its users to call or email them if they need further assistance when using the device.

Furthermore, the GPS tracker is an excellent option, especially if you do not like to pay hefty subscription charges. It could cost up between 30 dollars or 40 dollars every month for every device. Employing Google Earth or the mapping software of ElectroFlip enables you to monitor where your car is. It’s much user-friendly too. That makes it an excellent option to costly subscription-based solutions.

Even if this device doesn’t stop your auto from being stolen, however, let this device find the location of your auto. You can control your auto even if you are miles away. This is a good addition for keeping your investment safe and also remarkable for keeping track of driving performances and details to assist you in enhancing your driving. iTrack has the whole thing you want in one small device.


Why Get iTrack GPS Tracker Today?

This excellent tracker for car is surely the best product you will get on the market. Visualize the peace of mind you will receive, knowing your vehicle will be safe at all times. Do not allow thefts to take advantage of the lack of protection. Always ensure you monitor your assets in real-time. Maximize the discount when you buy more than one GPS tracker and safeguard every vehicle of your entire family. At this moment, you are already aware that iTrack makes for practical and excellent presents for everyone.

This is where the iTrack GPS Tracker for car comes very convenient. You could ensure your staff or family are driving safely on the road and going to the destinations they must be going. iTrack will help you retrieve your car and save any cash on possible damages should your vehicle is stolen.

A GPS for a car is a convenient device to use. That’s true, especially if you are sharing your car with friends and family. For instance, you might be a parent with a recently issued young driver. You would like to guarantee that they are driving at a safe speed. You like to guarantee they aren’t bringing the vehicle out at strange hours to unacquainted places. This is where iTrack comes very handy. It allows you to track your drive speeds and routes.

Do you think this falls to close to authoritative parenting? Don’t worry. The device is very straightforward. It’s simple to determine where your friend or family member left the vehicle without having to text or call them.

Ultimately, iTrack GPS Tracker for the car is an excellent companion. Especially if you reside somewhere or you frequent a location, which doesn’t have any parking in your immediate sight. This device will be very grateful to be your ears and eyes if you can’t see your car physically.

Overall, anyone could take advantage of using this GPS tracker. For instance, there might be a situation where you might forget to know where you parked your vehicle. Save yourself the odd searching around the parking lot. Allow the tracking device to perform the hunting just for you, saving you a huge amount of time!

Affordability, ease of use, and portability are the essential benefits of this excellent tracker device for the car. It’s almost as tiny as a USB key. What’s more, it’s simple to install in your vehicle. Apart from that, you’ll be able to utilize the most practical and high-performance GPS tracker for a car once you install this in your asset.


Q: Is the iTrack device easy to set up and install?

Installation or setting up is an extremely vital part of success use. The best company or provider will talk about the install plan in full detail and show the process as well. It is good to know that iTrack is easy to install. You don’t need experience, or you don’t have to be tech-savvy to set this tracker up.

Q: Is iTrack Expensive?

No. iTrack is considered one of the cheapest car trackers available on the market today. In spite of its low price, the feature is rich, and what is more, it is made keeping in the durability and quality. It is easy to use and goes along with all the models and types of cars you have. You can buy this tracker on the manufacturer’s website. You will also receive a discount if you buy more.

Q: What data is transmitted by the iTrack GPS device?

What makes iTrack device apart from the rest is that it can transmit various kinds of information such as:

  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • Speed
  • Direction of travel
  • Condition of the engine and a whole lot more

Q: Where is the iTrack set up in your car? 

While you surely may now aware of how to install a GPS tracking device in your car, the best thing about iTrack is that it is very easy as well as intuitive to set up and use. All you have to do is to plug it on your car’s OBD diagnostic port, download the app, and that’s it. You can now receive information concerning your car directly to your phone. That’s one reason why iTrack GPS Tracker is the best and is the most sought-after GPS tracker for a car at this point. If you want to enhance the safety of your car, you need to consider installing one on your expensive investment.

Q: Is it a good alternative to car safety devices?

Car safety devices are effective and reliable, but some of them are very expensive. iTrack is also reliable in keeping your car safe as you can monitor and track the condition of it. When it comes to money and accuracy, you should consider iTrack.

Q: Can I connect the iTrack GPS Tracker to both 24V and 12V power supplies?

Of course. The creator of the GPS tracker makes certain that their device could be hardwired to either a 24V or a 12V supply. However, they advised that some models have a full hard-wired kit. Therefore, another hardwire kit should be bought for the small version of the GPS tracker.

Q: Can I lower my insurance premiums after installing a tracker to my asset?

It’s quite possible. But take note that various insurance firm policies differ. Thus, we recommend that you check it first before installing the tracker.

Q: How long does the battery of the tracker last?

It might depend on how you utilize your device. Remember that the battery in the basic GPS tracking device could last up at least eighty hours in standby mode. Meanwhile, the Long Life tracker could last at least 6.9 years when it’s in schedule mode. The battery life is diminished massively if the device is utilized in GPRS mode. The reason behind this is that the device is using more power constantly to deliver location signals.

Q: How exact are the trackers?

iTrack GPS Tracker is 100% accurate. This is big thanks to its multi-channel design. What’s more, it boasts a range of at least five to ten meters.

Q: Will I incur charges when I use the online web server?

Every tracker is supplied with a free ten-year warranty subscription. You will receive a minimal annual charge once that period ends.

Q: Will I receive any monthly or contract charges?

There would be no contract or monthly charges when using the GPS tracking device for the car.

Q: I want to manage and see multiple trackers at once on the same map. Can iTRack GPS Tracker do that?

Of course. You can easily view and control numerous trackers on a similar platform at once.

Q: Should I use a smartphone to get location reports?

No. You can still get SMS location reports from any type of mobile phone. Nonetheless, take note that you must input the coordinates into a mapping software. That will allow you to see the location on a map. You can easily click the link on your iPhone, and a map will open on your screen.

Q: Does it have an application that can manage the trackers on my device?

Yes. You will find an app that is available for both Android and iOS devise along with their GPS trackers. The app is free, enabling you to track the position of your car by text message or in real-time. You could take complete control of the tracker with the help of the app. Further, you also have the power to immobilize the vehicle engine when utilized along with its hard-wired GPS trackers.

Q: Can I employ any type of SIM card on my device?

Of course. In fact, you can utilize any average size of SIM card when using the device. The creator of the device offers a free O2 PAYG Sim Card together with all their trackers. However, you don’t need to utilize it.

Q: Can I use my tracker in other countries?

Sure. iTrack will work in any part of the planet, as long as you have a mobile phone network accessible.

 Top 3 Top Rated GPS Trackers Available 

Aside from iTrack, there are also reliable GPS trackers available online. Read on to know what they are:

  1. Spytec STI 2019 Model GL300MA GPS Tracker Spytec STI

With so many years of experience in the business, the company recognizes the significance of offering high-quality equipment for low prices. The STI 2019 GL300MA car tracker from Spytec

has quickly established itself as one of the best in the market due to its reliability and fast installation process. Weighing 2lbs and measures 3 inches, this GPS tracker is not easily seen and can be secured to your car and clothing items as well.

It has a battery that lasts for two weeks, so get rid of those frequent recharging. You can also hardwire this device to the battery of your car with the use of the extra kit. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to monitor your wife’s doing or keep track of your delivery van. The Spytec 2019 model GPS tracker will assist you in finding comfort and peace of mind.

You can install this tracker under the passenger seat or driver seat. You can also attach this device onto a seat belt with ease. Once clipped, the tracker will monitor and map the position of your car in real-time, provide you updates through text or email each time the car moves out to its place. You can export the information and save it directly to your phone or computer for further assessment. You can personalize the SpyTec app on your mobile device to make it appear like a regular icon.

This device is easy to activate, all you have to do is to go to the company’s website and send your GPS activation form, and that’s it. This tracker is configured with an international roaming feature that allows you to utilize it anywhere you are without spending more.

Without cancellation charges or extra activation, you can utilize this device whenever and each time you want. In general, SpyTec GL300MA is a remarkable tracker for your car and other uses, as well. The interface and the app are superb and make this one of the best GPS tracking devices available on the market today.


  • Long battery life
  • SOS button


  • Costly subscription
  • Just depends on T-Mobile coverage
  • Glitchy updates

Check Price on Amazon

  1. LandAirSea SYNC Real-Time 4G LTE GPS Tracker for Vehicles  LandAirSea

If you are searching for a tracker for a car that is packed with essential features, look no further than LandAirSea SYNC real-time GPS tracker for cars.

The company has been offering fleet management services, individual clients, and the police department with state-of-the-art GPS tracking devices since then.

This Chicago-based company provides the best tools that meet your daily needs, and one of these is the LandAirSea SYNC Real-Tim 4G tracker for car. Offering real-time position updates every three seconds, you can track or monitor the exact location of your car even if you are miles away from it.

What makes this tracker apart from the rest is that it is energy-efficient because of the integrated accelerometer. By instantly detecting motion, this tracker will automatically turn on when not in use. It is easy to set up, and you can use it in just a couple of minutes. It comes with an app that enables you to see the route history of your car that has been proven valuable for fleet management. This also allows you to study driving routines and patterns.

You can play, pause as well as rewind. The LandAirSea tracker review history feature is the most preferred device by many users, both individual and company. It works via satellite, so Wi-Fi is not required. This feature makes it more enticing to clients who might be operating their devices in distant locations that have no internet access. What is more, this device is weather-resistant and holds even the coldest, dampest weather.

This tracker has been made to improve the lives of many. It has a geofencing feature that enables you to lock specific areas like perimeters of your garden and home. This will inform you instantly when the subject moves out from the locked parameters, which allows you to act right away.

In general, this tracker comes with an accelerometer that makes it energy-efficient and works very well for fleet management.


  • User-friendly and straightforward interface
  • The tracking system works very well to a fleet of cars
  • Tracking system helps with logistics and company payroll
  • The app is compatible with OS and runs on different mobile devices
  • Easy to set up and activate


  • Only run on 2G network
  • Historical playback is not precise

Check Price on Amazon

  1. Bouncie GPS Tracker for Cars  bouncie

Another remarkable GPS tracker for car is the Bouncie.

This functions a lot like other port-based cart trackers available. It makes use of a mobile device connected to convey trip information to your phone through AT&T’s 3G network. It has five minutes of delays in conveying data, but in general, it has amazing connectivity. When compared to other OBS GPS

trackers out there, Bouncie is reasonable. It has low subscription-free, no long-term agreement, and no activation charges. You can access it anywhere and everywhere, using your tablet, desktop, smartphone, etc. It communicates with a 3G cellular connection. It offers unlimited access; you can make many accounts and customize vehicle sharing. It reads car engine data and will convey alerts each time issues are detected. This tracker is compatible with limousines, compact cars, utility vans, and trucks. It works in cars made in 1996 and up to this time. An automatic notification is sent each time the tracker is detached or reinstated.


  • Fast set-up
  • 1-minute location refresh
  • Batteries are not needed
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Alexa, Google, as well as IFTTT compatibility


  • Crash detection is not available
  • Delayed notifications

Check Price on Amazon


You and your business and investment are safe when you consider installing a hidden GPS tracker for vehicles. These tools work amazingly, but don’t break your wallet. They are made to monitor your suspicious husband or wife, track what your child is really doing when driving, and assess the status or condition of your car and many others. The best GPS trackers for the car are considered a good investment.

You are always on the lookout on ways safety could be strengthened in various aspects of your life. Car security somewhat has been just car alarms and locks. iTrack offers you an innovative way to take the security of your vehicle into consideration.

The device keeps you at the forefront of the updates and whereabouts of your vehicle. You’re never the last individual to realize if something happened to your car with iTrack. There’s always the slightest chance your car will not let where you left it, no matter how hard you might try. The situations are abundant and are worrisome. However, you could feel more in control when you employ iTrack.

Car thefts are continuously on the rise these days. You could respond faster and save yourself any trouble should anything worse happen to your vehicle. Indeed, iTrack might seem a bit too much. As the famous maxim says, “it’s better to be safe than sorry,” right?

Do you like to safeguard your car? Do you wish to leave your vehicle parked without the horror of it getting breached? Then iTrack GPS Tracker is the ideal tool you need right now!