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  • Multiple vehicle assistance
  • Issues Found
  • Large Range of Issues
  • Cost Estimates
  • Quick Scan


  • Works Only on vehicles produced in the middle 1990s and later.
  • It only looks for problems relating to your check engine light

Best Bluetooth OBD2 Scanners Review

Starting out with the device itself, an OBD2 scanner is a right tool to check, analyze as well as make a diagnostic decision based on the aspects the scanner shows on its screen or display. Diagnostic OBD2 reader or scanner is extremely versatile than other readers out there. Most professional OBD2 readers will provide you the fault code with its explanatory meaning as against a scanner that just shows the fault code that then needs to be verified on a list of known codes.

A lot of diagnostic OBD2 scanners available today have the capability to read sensor voltages and save a freeze on fault screen. This is extremely effective as well as a time saver in OBD diagnostic, as many examinations and screening till fault re-occurs are gone. It provides real-time emissions test status, will reset the check engine light, and many others depend on the interfaces as well as features of the OBD2.

The OBD2 technology is always being expended in the system and the latest interfaces. Such latest mandatory displays that began in the year 2008 in the United States are the Controlled Area Network or CAN interface. This system is utilized for communicating with diverse separate modules that are linked together as a network through the OBD interface. This communicates with the Powertrain Control Module feeding it with steady specific data. The PCM gives out instruction in accordance with the data is retrieved from the modules on specific tasks that have to be completed and in what frequency or output and order.

What Exactly an OBD2 Is and How Essential It Is?

OBD2 or On-Board Diagnostic revision number, meaning the car has onboard self-diagnostic operation technology, able to maintain itself and pointing out any initial faults. The fault detection might seem a nuisance at first if the Malfunction Illumination Light or MIL Check Engine or Service Engine Soon does come on for the attention of the drivers. Knowing that this indicator might save expensive repairs in the coming years when attended to right away, you can come to the conclusion that this is really a benefit.

The OBD program and the system packaged were made through necessity in minimizing air pollution, and from there, things have evolved. It was becoming unfeasible with the strict federal rules to keep up with the conventional mechanical adjustments. Therefore, electronic modules began being made and used on fuel mixture as well as ignition, along with other secondary parts.

Why You Need Obd Scanning Tool

Before, the issue of emissions arising from car use seemed to spiral further than the control of the government. The OBD or On-Board Diagnostic was discovered to be the solitary way through which the car owners can monitor and track the performance of their autos on the highway. As a result, keeping away from the prevalence of un-roadworthy cars plying the highway.

Car diagnostic tool has played a very vital role in this respect with its guideline and directive being underpinned under the environmental act or EPA> With the security of our environment as one of the many reasons, falling short of having this device is a breach of law in a lot of states in the US.

What is more, having this kind of tool beside you is ideal as it allows you to keep away from cases of mishaps that can become dangerous and fatal. Car diagnostic tool uses also been seen to be the essential financial factors of your auto. It has remarkably assisted reduce the amount of time and money spends by the car mechanics and the car owners in the repair. This is simply because some of them can evidently locate the area of auto fault as well as provide a recommendation on the best solution to be done thereof.

best obd2 scanner

How Will You Know the OBD Is Working Properly?

The working for this tool depends on the situation or condition of the car. Once the device is connected, as is the case with some popular plug and play devices, a simple tap of the button is enough to prompt the tool to do a scan.

Once you switch on the ignition, the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light must flash briefly, showing that your OBD is ready to diagnose your car for some issues. After the brief flash, the light must stay off while you are using the car, provided the fact that the problems are seen or detected. If so, you will be happy to know that your car is armed with an early warning system that can save you money, time as well as fuel, aside from helping the environment. You may also like vizr reviews.

There are OBD 2 scanners available out there, which are equipped with Bluetooth. On the other hand, it comes with remote diagnostic capacities. Data timelines, as well as the display, are some of the factors to check when your OBD system is properly working.

Editor’s Choice

There are some things more frustrating and devastating than seeing your check engine light come on in your car. Usually, this indicates that you have to bring your car to the shop or call your mechanic and get a full workup done on your auto. This can be addressed by using a tool like FIXD. This car diagnostic tool enables you to do an instant scan on your auto and find out why the check light is on. Scanning just takes a few minutes. Afterward, you will find exactly the issue of your car.

Getting to Know More About Fixd Car Diagnostic Tool

FIXD is considered the best obd2 scanner, which is a combination of software as well as hardware auto-monitoring system produced by FIXD Automotive. This company was established in the year 2014, and the company is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. Out from the box are a sensor and an app. The sensor needs plugging into your car’s obd port to convey the results of the scanning from the tool to the app. The information is transferred via Bluetooth and will consider the assessment of the condition of the current issue.

This OBD 2 scanner will notify car owners about the possible result if he or she keeps on using the car without addressing the problem. In short, it will notify you of what is wrong with your vehicle and how serious it is. The app allows for scheduling maintenance service and helps you look for the parts that you’ll need to fix the car. You may also like vizr reviews.

The best thing about this OBD 2 scanner is that it can be used with both Android and iOS powered phones. It is also easy to use. Just download the app, install it on your phone and pair it with the scanner.

How Does FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool Works?

FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool

As mentioned above, FIXD OBD 2 scanner is composed of two components; the FIXD app and the diagnostic sensor, which serve as a scanner. Prior to doing scanning on your vehicle, first, you need to connect or plug the scanner into your auto. If you are familiar with the boxes which insurers provide to assist lower the rates, you will already know how this device functions. Then, you have to open the app store and download the app. If you are utilizing an Android phone, use the Google Play Store. However, if you’re using iOS devices, use Apple Store. After visiting the store, search for FIXD and download the app. Click the app, after downloading is complete, click the install button and wait for a few minutes.

When you plug the scanner, open the app. You can make use of the Bluetooth to look for the sensor and make the connection that you want. When the connection is stable, click the screen and do a scan. When scanning is done, the app will show you a possible issue with your car.

Features and Design

This is considered the lightest obd 2 scanner available today. The integrated sensor only weighs 0.96 pounds, and it is made to securely as well as easily connect to the OBD port of your vehicle. This is where the sensor gains access to the self-diagnostic computerized system of your vehicle. You can leave the sensor connected into the OBD port without the need of recharging or taking it out.

Easy to Use Mobile App

What makes this obd scanner apart from the rest is that the integrated mobile app is easy to use. It communicates with the sensor via Bluetooth connection. This works via connecting to the servers of the scanner by cellular or Wi-Fi to pick up the diagnostic details needed decoding the error code. It will save the data of your as well as a result of the scan on the server. You may also like peeps glasses cleaner.

The mobile app comes with a big “Tap to Scan” key in the center. This can be utilized to do a quick scan of the status of your car. Below is the Logbook button, Wear Items as well as Timeline. Once you press the “Tap to Scan” key, the device will start scanning the car to determine some issues. In case no problems are found, a green icon will come up. If there are slight or minor issues detected, a yellow icon will come up, and if the problems are serious or complicated, a red icon will show.

To know the issues scanned or detected, just press the details button. Then, the scanner will show the diagnostic results along with the possible thing that may happen if you take the issues for granted. What is more, you can open the other dash light screen to know the one that stands for what. Sad to say, Fixd does not provide actual scanning for these other parts. You may also like car diagnostic tool.

Timeline Display

Another remarkable feature of this obd 2 scanner is the Timeline display that provides car owners reminders about some car information including filter replacement, lubrication, oil changes, transmission fluids changes, tire rotation, steering linkage inspections and other continuing maintenance services which your vehicle needs to go through more often than not.

FIXD Parent Testimonial

Wear Items or Parts

This essential feature allows car owners to enter essential information regarding the battery wipers, tires (if a replacement is needed or required), the voltage of the battery as well as the numbers of threads, and many more. The mobile app provides voltage testing, as well. The mobile app will utilize the inputted details to inform you when it is time to replace any of the parts.

Purchase Button

The best thing about this car diagnostic tool is that it comes with a purchase button that allows you to look in a long list of car parts which is compatible with your car model and to order and purchase them online.  It also comes with Logbook features that stores essential information of preceding scans done and all the codes that have been cleared. Also, read our article on Fixd Review.

You can access the menu by clicking the 3-bar button located on the upper part of the screen. This allows you to edit account details, buy parts, add sensors, and look for nearby repair shops as well as see recalls of your vehicle.

By clicking the car logo or icon situated on the upper part, you can access the active sensors and the cars that you have paired with your account. Also, this mobile app comes with a Freeze Frame feature that will take as well as keep a snapshot of your car once the error code is kept. Also checkout about Smove Mobile Review.

Live Data

This amazing feature shows multiple PIDs as a gauge, chart as well as graph. Also, it can display zero to sixty mode, trip as well as fighter jet modes. This live data makes use of a huge number of information sources, which include fuel pressure, Range Per Minutes, mass airflow, and many others.

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What Issues Fixd Car Diagnostic Tools Are Able to Spot


As mentioned above, FIXD car diagnostic tool provides many benefits. This obd 2 scanner can spot or recognize many issues on your engine and other parts of your car, which can result in the casualty of the check engine indicator light. Obviously, this amazing tool will list all the possible issues but will give you vital details like, for instance, the engine oil temp running high or breakdown of the O2 sensor. So, you’ll be notified when your auto has a serious problem that needs immediate or delayed professional care by a professional mechanic.

What is more, this app can be used for scanning the check engine light if the problem turns out to be insignificant. You can also clear dashboard light with the use of this app. This mobile app will notify you of your car’s milestone and if you need periodic maintenance.

What Makes Fixd Stands Out from the Rest?

FIXD diagnostic tool for the car is not the only monitoring device offered in the market at this point. In fact, when you search online, you will be bombarded with hundreds of obd 2 scanners to select from. Some are made by renowned companies. This only means that you can find one that suits you the best. However, if you want the best and most reliable one, you have to consider the FIXD car scanner. Packed with amazing features, you will surely find this tool useful and reliable. FIXD 2 scanner is considered one of the most comprehensive, easy to use and handy tools today.

What makes this car diagnosing too popular amongst car owners is its ability to break down the issues into simple terms that are easy to comprehend even if you are not familiar with car parts or even if they aren’t tech-savvy. This device will notify you of how serious the problems are and also the results if you keep on driving with this problem, so you know when to bring your car to the mechanics.

Also, it has a valuable timeline maintenance notification service that is extremely valuable for drivers who regularly forget to do periodic maintenance like filter change, oil change, tire rotation, and many others.


This is the best Bluetooth obd 2 scanner that provides many benefits, such as:

  • Determines various Kinds of Issues

The main reason why you need to use this obd 2 scanner is that it can diagnose various kinds of car issues. According to the manufacturer, this tool is able to find and identify 6,000 issues or more, which include smaller issues you can address right at the comfort of your home and major repairs that need professional mechanics. This scanner also tells you if you need a mechanic to do the repair. This tool is also able to determine if the oxygen sensor dies, or when the oil temp is at a critical stage, or you need to stiffen the gas cap. If you find and address the problem, the app will allow you clear the dash light as well.

  • Cost Estimates

If you have been in an accident and required a repair, maybe your insurer recommended some shops which you can use but also suggested that you get quotes from other stores, as well. This takes lots of time and will leave you frustrated with what those shops said. The best thing about this scanner is that it has an amazing feature that gives you precise estimates based on your location and zip code. Aside from telling you the amount of money you need to pay for the components needed, this will also allow you to know the cost of labor for specific issues.

  • Fast Scan

There are lots of scanners available out there which you can utilize at home. However, FIXD functions faster and quicker than other brands. Usually, it takes only a couple of minutes to carry a comprehensive scanning and see the outcomes on the included app. This device also provides you the choice of performing a scan if you are at home or while on the go. You are able to open and then begin the scanning while you are driving or while you are standing on the driveway. Once you bring your car to the nearest shop, you may need to wait for hours for a mechanic to perform a diagnostic scan.

Best bluetooth obd2 scanner

  • Works on Various Cars

Before, you can only use the device on one car. So, in case you have two or three cars, then you need to buy a separate one which is very expensive on your part. FIXD, on the other hand, can use in one auto. However, it allows you to utilize a single account to track any other car diagnostic tools which you utilize. Like for instance, you have your own car, and your spouse and kids have their own car as well. You can purchase and set up scanning tools in every car and utilize the app on your mobile device to do the scanning on every car. The same app also allows you set up reminded of any possible maintenance that those cars need.

  • Problems Found

The best thing about this obd 2 scanner is that it clearly shows the issues it diagnosed.  After scanning, the app opens up a new window that shows you the problems it diagnosed or detected. Also, it tells how serious the problems are that will allow you to know if you need to handle the issues immediately or if you can delay the repair for a couple of days. This obd 2 scanner makes use of yellow, red as well as green light to show you how serious the issues are. You can also do scanning after the repair to know if the problems are well-fixed or not.

  • Reasonable

Today, a lot of car shops provide free diagnostic scans to a lot of car owners. In the same way, car parts shops also offer this kind of service for free. The idea behind this is that one they spot an issue, or there is a part of your car that needs replacement, you have to hire them to do the repair or buy the parts on them. In due course, this will cost you a lot. If you have FIXD, you can scan your car right at the comfort of your garage. There are issues that can be fixed on your car, and in case there are a malfunctioning part you can buy to the nearest store for a low price.

  • Clear the Light

If you get yourself struggling with your car’s check engine light which comes on and stays on for days, you want to know what is happening and repair it immediately. If you discover that it is something minor like a cracked lid on the gas tank, you may feel a bit stupid that you let the issue stay for so long. Once you scan your car and you are busy and don’t have time to repair the issue immediately, this scanner provides you the choice of cleaning the light. FIXD will switch off the light on the dashboard and stop it from returning until you switch it on.

obd2 scanner

  • iOS and Android Support

Some OBD 2 scanners available just function with one operating system. If you are using an iPhone or any device powered by Android, and think of changing the system in the coming years, you need to consider FIXD as it works both with iOS and Android phone. The maker of this device provides a free app that is compatible with any operating system.

  • Maintenance Reminders

Though professionals often claim that you have to change the oil every 3,000 miles, some models and makes can go for approximately 8 to 10 miles prior to changing the oil. FIXD is the only scanner that allows you to set up maintenance reminders. The mobile app will notify you oil changing is required and replace the fluids. You will be informed when you need to change the tires and brake pads, as well. It shows exactly how many miles you have traveled and which sorts of maintenance you have to carry out in the coming years. The reminders can assist you to save a lot of money in future repairs.

  • Constant Monitoring or Tracking

Another remarkable feature which makes this scanner amazing and stands out from the rest is that it provides constant tracking. Have you ever had your check engine light turn on and switch off if you pass on a bumpy road? This often happens due to losing engine wire. Road bumps can fix temporarily the issue until you come across another one. This scanner will carry out the scanning needed but will then keep tracking your auto until you unplug it.  Once it detects any future issues, the app will notify you right away of what it found.

  • Ideal for Less Seasoned Car Owners

While you can purchase a professional car diagnostic tool from the nearest car shop, those tools are often hard to utilize. Not just do you have to know precisely where to plug into the scanner. However, you also have to see the complex codes that pop-up. Those complicated codes need that you access a database and utilize the details given to choose what to do next. OBD 2 scanner like FIXD takes the presumption out of diagnosing as well as fixing your auto. If you conduct a scanning, it shows you in simple English what it founds as well as what that means to your auto. The repair can be done without the need of dealing with a database.

Best obd2 scanner reviews

  • Car Background and History

This state-of-the-art car diagnostic tool has the capability to keep monitor of your car’s history through your phone as well as in a log which you can read and access with ease. Every time you do a scan, it will make a report which shows the whole thing is found. Also, you can access the previous scans and see all the details which you have to know regarding the background of your auto.

  • Secure Data or Information

Anytime that you utilize a wireless tool, you may worry about losing your private information. This is particularly true amongst those who shop over the net as of the data breaches experienced by major retailers. Once you utilize this tool from FIXD, there is no more worry about losing your information. Even if the tool and app work with Bluetooth, if you make a connection between your phone and the device, nobody can access the connection. This makes sure that no one can access your diagnostic scan.

  • Money-Back Warranty

FIXD offers a guarantee that essentially states the company isn’t happy unless you are happy. When you buy this product online from Amazon or any other retailer, you have up to 30 days to try it out for yourself. If you decide that you aren’t happy, you can return it within that period for a full refund. This is a great way for you to make sure that the tool not only works with your make and model but that it will find the information that you need. You may find that you prefer a diagnostic tool capable of monitoring and scanning other parts of your engine.

FIXD – Mashup Testimonial

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Despite the many benefits this car diagnostic scanner offers, it also comes with some minor issues such as:

  • Not All Cars Are Covered

FIXD car diagnostic tool will just function with cars that are equipped with OBD-2 port. This is an essential feature commonly found on cars manufactured in year 1990s and later. Except, your auto came out in at least the year 1996. You can’t utilize this car diagnostic scanner. Even if some claim that this scanner will work on hybrid cards, FIXD claims that it will just function on car powered by gas. However, you can utilize this car diagnostic tool in any sort of car. It functions well on trucks, vans, SUV as well as cars.

  • Just Check Engine Light

While you may think that this OBD 2 scanner is able to find any issue in your car, it just looks for issues associating with the check engine light. It doesn’t detect any issues with lights, airbags as well as other components on your auto. Even if you might notice that the oil lights come on, you are not able to utilize the app as well as the tool to know whether you want to replace the filter or change the oil. When you experience issues with other components of your car, it is vital to bring your car to the nearest mechanic.

  • Poor Customer Service

While other companies that offer OBD II car diagnostic tools provide a free toll-free number, which you can dial in case of issues, FIXD needs that you utilize an email address for assistance. This needs you to go online as well as look for the company’s website. Then you have to look for the email address and send them a message. Some clients waited weeks prior to getting an answer, and others never received any response to their concerns. This can include issues with the Bluetooth as well as inputting a VIN number.

obd2 scanner bluetooth

  • Bluetooth Malfunction

It is easy to set up and switch on Bluetooth. Some users who reviewed this scanner online encountered issues and errors when making a connection with the device. In spite of having Bluetooth switched on, their mobile devices couldn’t detect the device. You might need to move closer to the scanner just to get a firm and stable connection. Some clients also complain about the lost connection on the app after they switch it off and which they have to set it up once more, which is very time-consuming.

  • No Problems Found

It is very essential that you know how this car diagnostic tool from the FIXD function. You also need to be aware of its uses. One of the biggest complaints online was from users who stated that this scanner didn’t detect any problems with their cars. This included complaints from people who experience a sudden stop of the motor along the road. FIXD is a simple scanning tool that tells the reason why your check engine light is on, as well as the possible repairs needed. Sad to say, this device doesn’t have the capability to tell you the whole thing that happens with your or provide you information on repairs and issues which don’t relate to the check engine light.

What To Expect

Not like other car parts as well as tools that you purchase over the net in the past, FIXD delivers fast, and it also comes with virtually the whole thing you want inside the box. A lot of customers love the way this product delivered as the outer box kept the device safe during the delivery. There is a cardboard box that you need to open to access the FIXD box. The box comes with a flap that you need to lift to side the device out. FIXD diagnostic tool is inside a softbox, which keeps it safe and sound during the delivery. You will have to get rid of the top of the softbox and then pull the device out. You should also consider reading about Car Diagnostic Tool

Aside from the device itself, inside the box includes a guide that shows you how to set it up and how to use the device. The guides also take account of information on how you are able to download as well as set up the app, which functions with the device to your mobile phone or smartphone. You can use the app on your tablet provided the fact that it is powered by iOS or Android. Also, you will need fast internet access to downloading the app. On the other hand, it works on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth connection. State of the art FIXD car diagnostic tool also takes account of information concerning its money back warranty and for those who like to call or contact the customer service department.

Fixd Honest and unbiased customer reviews

obd2 scanner reviews


obd2 scanner reviews

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SmartCar Diagnostic Tool

Aside from FIXD, there are also other types of OBD II scanner available out there. SmartCar is also one of the best car diagnostic tools available out there.

SmartCar Explained

SmartCar is one of the best and reliable diagnostic tools that are not just small but also very portable, which can be linked to your car’s OBD II port. It is connected to your mobile device; thus, you can get useful and real-time updates of your car status and condition.

Thus, OBD 11 car scanner also allows the user to spot and look for any breakdown or error, which happens in your car’s engine. With this fantastic device, it is now easy to inspect your vehicle in just one scan. You are also able to know if repair is badly needed.

If you are a car enthusiast, then this device is yours. If you are not savvy in terms of car problems as well as repairs, then it is beneficial for you. Aside from user-friendly, you will surely be contented and happy to have this device on your side. This is also beneficial to people owning or running a mechanic shop. Because of this device, car mechanics can precisely identify the problem of the car.

SmartCar Diagnostic Tool can help you in:

  • Diagnosing car problems fast and in real-time
  • Repairing and fixing minor car problems with the help of your phone
  • Reduce the risk of car accidents and sudden breakdown
  • Keeping you safe and sound from any repair scam
  • Help you save money, time as well as effort

OBD II port can be seen in cars manufactured in the year 1996. So, SmartCar is the best system for them to make the whole process of scanning and effective. You must get the best scanner intended for cars model and make. So, you are highly advisable to buy this OBD 11 scanner if you want to make the best out of your money.

obd2 scanner bluetooth

SmartCar Diagnostic Scanner: How it Works?

Like other car diagnostic tools available out there, state of the art SmartCar Diagnostic tool allows you to spot and identify what is happening with your car quickly. This fantastic device can gather vital information about your vehicle. Also, it will give you clear information about your car’s condition in a critical and precise report via a mobile app that can be accessed on your mobile device.

What makes this car amazing is that it is able to spot even minor errors and mistakes on a car that is functioning well or without an indication that there is something wrong happening. Now, you can be sympathetic to the things that can be seen by your eyes with the help of this tool.

SmartCar Diagnostic Tool shows you the mileage for the scheduled maintenance. What is more, you can also monitor the history of car problems and issues. This feature is valuable if you’re facing a new issue that might hard to determine with no background of issues.

Best Features of SmartCar Diagnostic Tool

What makes SmartCar diagnostic tool apart from the rest is the features integrated into it. As a consumer, you need to check and verify the features of the product because this will serve as your guide if the said device will work well or not. So, let us check the groundbreaking features of the SmartCar Diagnostic Tool. So, here they are!

Check Engine Light: This state of the art OBD 11 diagnostic tool can be utilized to see and know the condition of your car’s engine light. Also, it can assist car owners in identifying other issues in their vehicles. This beneficial because they are able to take action immediately and know what to fix and repair. Because of this, the repair process is easier and faster for you and the mechanics as well.

  • Maintenance Tracking: Another fantastic feature of this obd 11 scanner is the ability to show the recommended maintenance schedule. This helps a lot in keeping the car owner updated on service appointment to his or her mechanics.
  • Mileage Alerts: State of the art SmartCar OBD 11 scanner allows you to receive notification or alert regarding the mileage for your scheduled maintenance.
  • Real-Time Diagnostic Updates: Using this car diagnostic tool, you have the capability to identify the issues of your auto because of the consistent updates of the mobile app. What is more, you are also able to acquire real-time updates of your car straight to your mobile device.
  • Car Logs: As a car owner, you need to trace back the things which happened to your car. Hyperstech, the company behind the SmartCar, created this device to help you check and assess the history of car problems through the help of a car log feature.
  • Fuel Consumption: What makes this car diagnostic tool apart from the rest is that it gives car owners vital reports concerning the fuel. With this feature, you will be aware of your car consumes a lot of fuel or not. This also gives you information if your car needs to undergo a check-up.

How to Make Use of Your SmartCar Diagnostic Tool 

Now that you are already familiar with the features of this car diagnostic, too, let us now proceed to how this tool functions.

  1. Connect the device to the OBD port located under the dashboard or steering wheel
  2. Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, and this is vital to get a comprehensive diagnosis of your car conditions.
  3. Utilize the device to get updated of your car status in real-time
  4. Car owners will receive car updates on a regular basis for them to determine the real condition of their cars. It doesn’t matter if it needs changing the oil or time for maintenance, as well as other problems. This way, you will know the status of your car as well as the steps on how to fix it.

SmartCar- Get Yours Now!

What to Expect from the SmartCar Car Diagnostic Tool? 

There are many good reasons why you need to buy and love this state of the art OBD II scanner. And here, we would want to tell you the things we love about this product. On the other hand, if you are familiar with this fantastic tool or you already used it in the past, perhaps you know the benefits it offers.

First and foremost, the SmartCar diagnostic tool is integrated with groundbreaking features, which prove its stand as a vital tool for each one. It is especially that a lot of car owners at this point ripped off of almost USD1, 000 by car mechanic each time they experience a simple car issue. Car mechanics are experts in identifying and analyzing the condition of your car with the use of a scanner to any mobile device, laptop, or tablet with the help of the app. This app works in iOS and Android devices, as a lot of drivers can gain from it.

What is more, this remarkable diagnostic tool is able to assist you to save time, effort as well as money. The best thing about this is that you can leave it linked or connected in your car all day, so you are able to keep monitor of your car’s condition all the time and in real-time. This OBD 2 scanner is very flexible. You can utilize it for vehicles made after the year of 1996. No doubt, this car diagnostic tool is remarkable and outstanding.

best obd2 scanner

After setting up the tool on your vehicle, you’re ready to fix the whole thing you come across, which includes issues and errors which you can repair on your own. Isn’t it quite annoying that you did not get the opportunity to know more about this tool from the very beginning? What are you waiting for, visit the website, and order a SmartCar now? This prolongs the life of your car and at the same time, saves you a lot from expensive repair in the future.

Breakdown of the Benefits of SmartCar OBD II Scanner 

  • Provides 24/7 safety by diagnosing the issue early on
  • This saves you from future expensive repairs
  • Risk Avoidance
  • Ideal for non-car repair savvy as well as for all car fanatics
  • Allows you to know the condition of your auto
  • Provides access to valuable information

Cons of SmartCar Diagnostic Tool

In spite of the many benefits, it also comes with minor flaws such as:

  • Poor Customer Service: Some people find difficulty in getting a response to the company. They need to wait a couple of days for the response.
  • Expensive: This scanner is one of the most expensive car diagnostic tools available out there. But you are assured of its quality and reliability.

In general, state of the art SmartCar Diagnostic Tool is one of the best, feature-rich, and easy to use obd two scanners available today. It is the most straightforward and superb solution to keep expensive repairs at bay. With this remarkable tool, you will be kept safe on your daily travel as you are aware of the condition of your car early.

If you want to make your journey comfortable, you have to make sure to check the parts of your car. Manual checking is a daunting task, and you can avoid this acquiring a SmartCar OBD 2 scanner. With this device, you are guaranteed a safe journey, and you and your passengers are free from unwanted incidents.

SmartCar- Get Yours Now!


This section will help you get to know more about the car diagnostic tool. If you have issues not mentioned below, you can call the manufacturer to give you the response or answer you want.

Q: Do I Have to Unplug the Device When I’m Done?

One of the amazing benefits of FIXD is the fact that you can plug it in and then leave it connected all day and on a daily basis. It will not consume power or cause other issues. Provided that fact that you keep the device attached to the auto, you are able to use the app and conduct an immediate scanning each time you want.

Q: What Exactly a Generation Is?

Once you look for this device over the net, you may see companies or sellers that provide the first generation product and others providing the second-generation product. Generation refers to the app integrated and the device itself. All combos come with similar diagnostic scanning devices. Recently, the FIXD company launched a second-generation app that consumers believe does better. You may have the choice of upgrading the app to this latest version.

Q: Can I Use FIXD In Foreign Autos?

Prior to buying FIXD, it is vital to remember that it is just compatible with local cars like those made by Chevrolet and Ford. In case you own auto from various countries, it might not provide you the details you want. This device is only ideal for application on vehicles in North America.

Q: Are FIXD functions with all types of cars?

This OBD 2 scanning device only functions with gas-powered cars that are manufactured after the year of 1996. However, you can also use this device on trucks and vans that were bought in North America. Sad to say, you cannot use this scanning tool on cars powered by electricity.

Q: What is OBD II and Where Can I Find It?

OBD or On-Board Diagnostic is a computer-based technology integrated into a car made in 1996 and new light-duty trucks and cars. This system is able to track the performance of the engine’s major parts like the individual emission controls. A lot of cars have an OBD port located below the dashboard on the driver side, above the pedals.

Q: Is It Safe to Leave the Scanner Plugged in My Car?

Yes. It is safe to leave your scanner plugged to the OBD. This device only consumes less power, most notably when not transmitting essential information. However, you need to remove if you are planning to not use the car for a couple of weeks.

Q: Is it Easy to Link Car Diagnostic Device to My Phone?

Yes. It is easy to connect the app to your phone. This device sync wireless and instantly to your phone via Bluetooth, however just ensure that your device is powered by iOS or Android.

Q: Do I Need to Stand Closer to My Auto to Use This Device?

Some users find it hard to connect the device on their phones. They need to stand closer to their work to make this device work, which is annoying to some consumers.

Q: Will the sensor hinder with other devices in my vehicle? 

The best thing about this device is that you are the only one who can access it. Your mobile device will allow you to pair with Bluetooth receiver at one time.

Q: Is FIXD compatible with other Operating Systems like Windows Phones?

No. Sad to say, this device doesn’t support another operating system. So, ensure you only use a device powered by Android and iOS.

Q:  Does FIXD require charging?

No. This device makes use of car energy to keep working. It just consumes a small amount of power, so don’t worry about draining the battery.

Q: Is the money-back warranty available? 

The best thing about car diagnostic makers is that they provide a generous warranty on their products. You can ask for a refund in case you are not pleased and contented with the service of the product. The company will return your money without questioned ask.


Good news to all those who want to check their engine light, with the introduction of OBD 2 scanning tool, you do not need to waste your time and money going to the nearest car repair shop you can utilize at right at the comfort of your home. In the case of emissions, this car diagnostic tool will let you check on the status of your emission.

If you never valued the car diagnostic tool, at least you can value your time and money, so you have to buy one and start enjoying the tool. This scanner improved diagnostic for many different cars as well as a general diagnostic on OBD 2 complaint cars in the world would advise taking a step forward to purchase the product and try it. For sure, you will never regret it after all it is reasonable, superior as well as a long-lasting product.

Buying an OBD 2 scan tool must not be a scary experience. You need to look for a reliable supplier who meets your needs and your qualification.

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