Best Portable Air Conditioner

Best Portable Air Conditioner





Ease of Use


Build and Design


Value for Money





  • User-friendly
  • Offers numerous benefits that make CoolAir a good choice
  • CoolAir has a multi-colored LED light
  • Can be connected to a USB port
  • Cools the air at home into cool and fresh winds that you can enjoy on summer days


  • Only available online, so you need an internet connection to buy the product

Best Portable Air Conditioners Review

There are so many things to do and to love about summer – heading to the closest beach, having a BBQ in your backyard with friends and many more. Most people always have that positive vibe with summer. However, there’s the heat. The warm heat of the sun can be nice when you are out on the beach but less so when you’re at home.

If you have trouble staying cool every summer, luckily, there are wide arrays of incredibly affordable, effective, and convenient portable air conditioners for you to choose from. These portable units provide numerous advantages. A portable air conditioner has the ability to provide temporary and permanent cooling for processes, equipment, and people. If you are planning to move into a different room, this unit can be easily moved in and out of your preferred space. For instance, if your place is experiencing extreme heat, you can use a portable air conditioner to make you feel safe and comfortable.

The best portable air conditioner is simple to program, easy to maneuver, and aesthetically pleasing enough to be your summer cooling partner. Investing in a portable room air conditioner is not just a smart option for many people who don’t an air conditioner unit; these units are also the best way to reduce your energy consumption.

What is a Portable Air Conditioner?

For many of us, we have only exposed to two kinds of air conditioner units: the window-mounted and whole-house central air conditioner. However, have you ever heard of the third type air conditioner that does exist to keep you cool just like the other types? This type is called a “portable air conditioner.” But what is really a portable air conditioner?

Portable air conditioners are amazing little machines. They are not mounted but positioned on the floor, and some of them include wheels for better and easier mobility. In comparison to both the window and wall AC units, what makes this machine unique is that – it is portable. This only means that you don’t need to install the unit, thus enabling you to easily move the device from one room to another without damaging the structural beauty of your home.

Instead of installing a bulky and large air conditioner into your window that looks terrible from the outside, opt for a portable air conditioner. With this, you will be able to move freely from any place of your home. A portable air conditioner throws less heat, quieter and offers complete freedom from those wall units. As with the maintenance, portable air conditioners still need to have their filters scrubbed and cleaned from time to time. However, this does not require more attention when compared to the alternate units. These are the advantages of using a portable air conditioner:

  • Easy and quick to install
  • Very convenient in moving in and out
  • Doesn’t take too much physical space
  • Cheaper investment than a central air conditioner
  • Can also be used in apartments and rental homes without your landlord concerns

As with most things, your safety and convenience should be your number one priority. Buying an effective and affordable portable ac is the perfect option. However, looking for the best one could be a very daunting task. Reading tons of portable air conditioner reviews on the net will only lead you to confusion on what to pick among the best air coolers. Most of the homeowners are asking if what is the best portable air conditioner in the market today. Read More About Cleansebot

Well, nothing beats a well-reviewed best portable air conditioner 2019 machines from the most trusted brands. Now that you have all the basic insights about portable air conditioners, let us look into them. To help you in your search, these are our top picks for you:


Over the years, heat threat has become a great danger for many households. It is therefore recommended by most medical associations the installation of cooling units in all institutions and households. Fortunately, the Arctic Air Ultra portable air conditioner can ensure all of you are safe from the damaging heatwave. With its evaporation technique, where hot airs are turned into cold, you don’t need to worry about your summer days.

About Arctic Air Ultra

Arctic Air Ultra is a portable air conditioner that can cool up your home for up to 10 hours per day because of its water tank that turns hot air into the cool and fresh air. This portable air cooler only needs to plug into an outlet or source and the water tank to be filled. Arctic Air Ultra filters the hot air inside through its water chambers, thereby making the room cool.  Be it at home or in your workplace. This system can be installed anywhere.

The manufacturer of the product states that to use the Arctic Air Ultra air conditioner, all you have to do is to fill the water tank with water and then press the power button. This unit also has silent fans equipped with a programmable thermostat. This thermostat can be easily adjusted with the help of its easy to read display. The best thing about this portable air conditioner is that the type of climate that you want is all in your hands. If you want to experience an icy environment in your room, well, it’s all up to you. This is the reason why more and more customers are turning to this unit since some of the portable cooling systems in the market today have fixed temperatures.

OnTel Products, the company behind the success of this portable air conditioner, is also the experts of some of the line-up brands such as Magic Pad, Handy Heater, Huggle Hoodie, and Slap Chop. According to their website, the company’s aim is to work hard every day to provide quality services and products that will improve the lives of people today and for the many generations to come. This portable room air cooler is simple to use and only requires water and the model to plug into a power source. This air cooler can be installed anywhere, be it in your office, garage, or at home.

The Arctic Ultra attains its cold temperature through water evaporation. The circulation of the air within the pads, water then evaporates, cooling down the air before it is released into your spaces. This unit is also free from Freon, or any other toxic chemicals. Arctic Ultra is energy-efficient, meaning people who are using this unit have lower energy bills. The manufacturers of this portable room air conditioner incorporated the Hydro Chill Technology – making this unit environment-friendly.

In this top best portable air conditioner review, you will get to know Arctic Air Ultra, how it works, and provide you with a well-researched insight on how effective the air coolers are and discuss everything you need to know about this portable air conditioner.

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How to Use Arctic Air Ultra

Using the Arctic Air Ultra is just as easy as one, two, and three! Setting up this cooling system is very simple. All you need to do is follow the following steps:

  • After soaking the air filter in the water, slide it into place.
  • Fill up the water tanks or chambers.
  • Then, set up to your desired temperature.
  • Finally, position the device facing you.

You can easily modify the temperature with its easy display. Say goodbye to heatwave with this amazing best portable air conditioner. This personal portable air conditioner is seen by many as a reasonably priced alternative to AC, which is very costly and consumes a lot of power. Most people are fond of spending their time outdoors. If you are one of them who loves to stay in your backyard, yet the temperature is too high, this cooling system is perfect for you. The filtering system of this device will catch all the dust, providing you not only beating the heat but also making you breathe easily.

Using the Arctic Air Ultra only requires a small amount of water, so you don’t need to worry about water consumption. Only two cups of water are sufficient to keep this cheap portable air conditioner working, making your room environment more bearable and feeling chilly. When it comes to the air filter of this unit, it is recommended to replace the filter every 3-6 months. But this also depends on the frequency of use. By washing them regularly, you can ensure that the filters are serviceable for many years. Moreover, you can even personalize the temperature of your room.

Best Features of Arctic Air Ultra

There are many reasons why customers are choosing Arctic Air Ultra. Here are the best features of Arctic Air Ultra portable room air conditioner:

  • 100 % eco-friendly (does not use any coolants)
  • Humidifies cools and purifies the air
  • More powerful than regular AC unit
  • Portability
  • Needs a little amount of water
  • Double cooling power
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Ultimate personal cooler

Arctic Air Ultra Cost

Looking for the best portable air conditioner in the market with the most reasonable price is not an easy task to do. With a wide range of product units, it would be hard for you to find the right one that suits your needs and will fit your budget.

In 2018, $135.2 billion was spent on buying AC alone, which includes the maintenance procedures as well as the installation. Installing an air conditioner may cost roughly around $700 to $1000. Plus, take note of the electricity bill consumption every month. An average air conditioner will consume a monthly electricity bill ranging from $110 to $230.

If you want to avoid all these costs, the first step is to invest in a portable room air conditioner. Invest in a pocket-friendly unit like the Arctic Air Ultra. Arctic Air Ultra costs around $40, however prices may also vary depending on the location and where it is purchased. The cost of this device is very affordable, and almost all homeowners can afford it.

Pros and Cons of Arctic Air Ultra


  • The device is portable
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • More affordable when compared to other air conditioner brands
  • Does not contain any dangerous chemicals like Freon
  • Easy to use


  • The unit’s cable can get very hot

One of the greatest strengths of this device is its price, as it was cheaper when compared to other portable air conditioners out there. When you add an additional $20 for a second evaporator, Arctic Air Ultra is by far the best value.

Based on the review above, the benefits of this unit outweigh the disadvantages. Arctic Air Ultra is a good choice, especially if you want to keep your room cool while doing work or you’re gaming. With its 30-day money-back guarantee, Arctic Air Ultra seems like a worthy investment. However, all interested buyers must ensure to buy this product from the manufacturer’s official website. This avoids the possible threat of scam and ensures the authenticity of the products.


Looking for the best portable air conditioner is a task that might stress you as well. Most people who are still in search of the perfect option to set the temperature in their room cannot easily decide on what brand to trust. Are you one of those homeowners who are planning to buy a small portable air conditioner? Well, why don’t you take a look at CoolAir? This small portable air conditioner provides relief during hot summer days without breaking the bank.

A portable room air conditioner like CoolAir is the best option if you have limited space in your room or can’t mount an AC in your space due to building restrictions or design limitations. This unit is also a better pick, especially if you like a mobile cooling system where you can easily move from one room to another.

However, if you are still in doubt that CoolAir is a great way to make you cool during heat waves, continue reading this top best portable air conditioner review.

What is CoolAir?

CoolAir is a personal air cooler unit that can help you stay cool during summer days. With its 3-in-1 capability features to purify, humidify and cool CoolAir creates a natural and clean environment that suits your needs. When compared to a central air conditioner system, this unit cools your space without consuming a huge amount of electricity. CoolAir also ensures your convenience and comfort by simply beating the heat with its cooling system features.

Using an air conditioner the whole day and night can surely cost huge bucks. If that so, CoolAir is a perfect alternative to your problem. This unit is also an efficient and powerful stand-in for the traditional fans we often use today. As one of the best air coolers, the CoolAir device acts as both a humidifier as well as an air purifier. This cooling system is very compact, making sure that it is easily portable. You can also adjust the cooler according to your mood. Plus, this cooler has 7 built-in LED colors.

With its simple-to-use display, the CoolAir portable air conditioner is very easy to operate. By simply opening the door, adding ice or water into the water cabin, plug into a power source, and then switch it on. In addition, the device automatically shuts off if the water tank is empty. CoolAir hypes a portable and compact design that makes it a perfect partner for every environment. This mini portable air conditioner can help every home beat the summer heat with no sweat. Moreover, it has the ability to cool the air around you, giving you that 24/7 comfort.

Furthermore, this unit does all the work of providing you with a cool environment without producing an annoying noise. You can always find joy and relief in using this quiet portable air conditioner. Not only that, the cool and clean air along with the soft night light allows you to create the best ambiance for your body to relax. This small room portable air conditioner does not only provide you with a fantastic cooling system, but it also brings out the best of your room overall look due to its elegant functionality.

top best portable air conditioner review

Key Features of CoolAir Portable Air Conditioner

The success of this portable air conditioner lies in its efficiency and ability to satisfy every client. Here are the key features of the CoolAir portable room air conditioner.

  • Portable – you can place it anywhere you want and can be taken during travel
  • Compact – can fit most spaces
  • Money saver – it helps you save thousands of dollars each in your electricity costs
  • Water tank – last for 8 hours
  • Fan – with three different speeds
  • CoolAir also works as a humidifier because it saturates the air with the water, which in turn makes your skin and hair softer.
  • Equipped with 7 LED to adjust depending on your mood

CoolAir – Design

Most of the portable air conditioners are fairly huge that look more portable than AC units. CoolAir evaporative cooler is a cube-shaped portable air conditioner which only measures 17cm x 17cm x 17cm, which makes it perfect to be placed on your desk. You can also choose your desired color, which includes white, blue, and black. When it comes to its water tank, it has a capacity of 750 ml. Though it’s a bit struggle to remove if you figure out how to put the tank in and out, you can operate the device without any hassle.

Controlling this cooler is an easy task to do because of the buttons on the top panel. By simply pressing the center button, CoolAir portable air conditioner turns on or off. You can also use the temperature and speed buttons. The choice is yours on what kind of atmosphere you like – be it a burst of fresh air or a gentle breeze.

CoolAir – Performance

The CoolAir portable air conditioner can operate at its peak of efficiency once the cartridge of the device fully absorbed the water from the water tank. The result of the cooling effect also varies on some factors, such as relative humidity and ambient temperature. You don’t need to worry as this unit comes with a useful guide that shows the expected performance of the machine. This cheap portable air conditioner has been tested in an ambient room with a temperature of 22.8 degrees Celsius. CoolAir was left inside the room for 20 minutes (enough time for the cartridge to absorb the water). When the cooler’s cartridge saturated, experts measured a CoolAir output of 16.3 degrees Celsius.

In terms of the noise, CoolAir is not bad at all, measuring 53.9 decibels at 1m with a maximum power.  When it comes to power consumption, this indoor portable air conditioner is your go-to unit. CoolAir also consumes 2W with a minimum speed and only 6.2 when the device is on its maximum power. The power consumption is too low, and CoolAir is also powered by a micro-USB cable, which makes it very accessible and can be connected to your computer.

How CoolAir Works?

CoolAir is a portable personal air conditioner equipped with 3 speed controlled fan which operates with the help of an induction motor. The device can also be powered by a USB port connection or by plugging it into a power source or outlet. It also comes with distinguished cooling system properties, humidifying the air in your space, and purifying the air, you breathe. CoolAir portable air conditioner has a small water tank that can last for up to 8 hours. You can also open the door on top of this unit and add 300 ml of ice or water, as you prefer according to the temperatures. The moment you already add water to the tank, you can now close the door on top.

CoolAir needs no complicated installation steps. This 6 x 6 portable air conditioner is user-friendly and only requires a few steps to use. It works by pulling warm air through its water filter, pushes out a cooler, and then cleaning the air. CoolAir is small but powerful. Don’t get fooled with its petite size. This mini portable air conditioner cools and freshens your air for 8 hours. As such, anyone can benefit from this unit in their lives. CoolAir can help you save from being stress due to discomfort. This portable room air conditioner is perfect for families. No adult or young person would want to sleep in an uncomfortably hot bedroom.

If you are still searching for a reliable source of a cooling system, CoolAir could be ideal for you. Whether you are always staying in your living room, trying to cook, working in the office, and you can no longer bear the heat, this unit is your low energy and most effective solution.

Who Can Use the portable CoolAir?

The advantages of using CoolAir are totally numerous – everyone would surely find this small portable room air conditioner amazing! Since it does not need any complicated steps to operate, it can perfectly fit on any working table and very easy to carry. CoolAir is a perfect partner that helps beat the heat anytime and anywhere. Whether your workplace is overcrowded and has limited air or a mother that struggles to keep your children asleep due to uncomfortable temperature or find it hard to sleep, CoolAir is your number one choice!

If you are planning to buy this unit, make sure to check first the manufacturer’s website. We recommend you to buy CoolAir directly from the manufacturer to avoid any scam.

CoolAir Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly
  • Offers numerous benefits that make CoolAir a good choice
  • CoolAir has a multi-colored LED light
  • Cools the air at home into cool and fresh winds that you can enjoy on summer days
  • You can take this unit anywhere you want – take it to your office, store on your car or install it in your room
  • Can be connected to a USB port


  • Only available online, so you need an internet connection to buy the product

You can never control the weather or the seasons. However, you can have the power to control how you react to it. Remember always to prioritize your comfort and convenience above anything else. If you can endure the heat, invest in a portable air conditioner that will make your life cooler and more comfortable. When you opt for the CoolAir cooler, you are hitting two birds with one stone – your comfort and you won’t use too much electricity.

CoolAir is actually your portable room air conditioner as it’s really doing what it promises. Due to its little size, you can get the comfort that you want without consuming huge amount of electricity each month. CoolAir also has its downside, but with its price, it is worthy of your investment.

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When you think of summer, you think of the beach and the fun summer outdoor activities. However, there is one thing we all hate and love about summer – the high temperature. We all love laying on the beach and sweating literally than sweating without doing nothing.

The hot weather has continued for, and you cannot stand the heat being at home? Or perhaps your office is a non-air conditioned room? Or maybe, during summer, you literally stick to your chair due to sweat? Most of us have this kind of problem, don’t we?

Summertime is indeed a season for fun time, isn’t it? However, what if you can no longer stand the extreme heat? We all know that even the best fans only give a little relief during summer or high temperatures. You can, of course, devote yourself to a professional portable air conditioner. Fortunately, we now have the upgraded version of the CoolAir, the Fresh-R. More and more customers are talking about this portable air conditioner unit for some reason.

What is Fresh-R?

Fresh-R is one of the best portable air conditioners that help you cool during flashy and hot summer days. This unit is not a seasonal device as you can still use this during fall and spring as well. In fact, this is what we love about Fresh-R: it is a portable air conditioner, which you can take with you whenever and wherever you want.

Fresh-R is a modern portable air conditioner where you can take with you wherever you want, without the need for a power source or outlet. This portable air cooler not only cools the air on your space but also refreshes the air you breathe. When compared to common fans, traditional fans do not change the air temperature, making you feel cooler and evaporate the sweat from your body. But for you to really become satisfied, consider investing in a professional air cooler device, like the Fresh-R. Solely designed for personal use, Fresh-R is an evaporative-based portable air cooler that uses its water tank to cool the air before it blows you.

With the new Fresh-R, you don’t need to suffer in the heat anymore. This small portable air conditioner when plugging into an electrical source or USB port provides a comforting, cool, and fresh air indoors and outdoors. Working, reading, doing some stuff on your garage, watching TV, or even boating – Fresh-R portable air conditioner goes anywhere with you. This could be your small portable air conditioner for camping. Do you see what this device can do to you? Continue reading and find out more about this portable air cooler.

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Fresh-R: Most Prominent Features

Here are the most important features of the Fresh-R portable air conditioner:

  • Durable Tank

Fresh-R has a built-in water tank that needs to be filled with water (0.6 liters) and then plugged into a power source. This durable water tank can last for 8-10 hours.

  • Adjustable rotor blades

In order to control the direction of the air cooling, you can adjust the wind outlet blades. The blades can be adjusted according to your desired adjustments.

  • Three stages of air cooler

The air cooler has three different types of settings. So, you don’t need to worry about your needs will surely be met. The coolers can be used while sleeping, working, or even while doing some sports.

  • Air Purification

Fresh-R also helps in filtering all the particles and dust from the air exceptionally. As a result, your overall health will improve with this cooler. If you want to recover after an illness quickly, this portable air conditioner could also help.

  • Has a wide array of colors

Fresh-R comes with 7 different kinds of colors available for you. These colors are soothing, especially at night.

  • Filter easy replacement

The filter of this portable air conditioner can be easily removed. It can be re-installed and cleaned without stressing you out or even looking for a professional. The suggested filter replacement should be done every 6 months.

  • Motion sensor

Fresh-R will automatically turn on and off according to your presence. After a 2-minute inactivity, Fresh-R will automatically turn off. This is possible, thanks to its built-in motion sensor

  • Easy to use

The device can be connected via USB cable

  • Water tank

It has the capacity to work for up to 10 hours

Due to the many benefits of this device, this only means that Fresh-R is a helpful purchase for the coming summer months. Unlike other appliances of the same kind, the new Fresh-R offers even cleaner air in the middle of your home office so you’ll be refreshed and even healthier. With other portable air conditioners, you only breathe in the humid air that is swirled up, but with this Fresh-R, you get full freshness day and night!

How Does the Mini Air conditioner, Fresh-R, Work?

As mentioned above, you can bring with you the Fresh-R portable air conditioner even when you are traveling or going out on a camping. Due to its lightweight size, this is what makes it possible for you to travel with this cooler easily. However, you are maybe wondering how this device works. Well, as simple as this. Fresh-R has a fan that is power-driven when connected to a USB port. This only means that you can use it anywhere, as long as you have a USB port or a computer that you can plug in an outlet.

May it be at home, in your office, or in the car, Fresh-R is your go-to portable air conditioner. As for how it operates, the small tank of this device should be filled with water. You do not need to worry after filling the water tank as the water will last for almost 10 days. As a result, you will have a peaceful sleep knowing that it’s not yet time for you to refill the tank. Maybe you are wondering why Fresh-R is a small yet powerful device. Well, the water tank is the reason behind its ability to work as a purifier and humidifier. Not only will this device keep your room space cool, but you will also enjoy its bonus of saving money by not investing in a very expensive humidifier.

Fresh-R, as stated above, is the upgraded version of CoolAir. This unit is also equipped with three different speeds for you to choose from. With this, the choice is yours on what type of environment you wish to have, may it be just by a few degrees or more.

 Is this device Really Worth It?

The new Fresh-R provides an amazing cooling system at a very reasonable price using a technology that is free from any chemicals, environmentally friendly while running on its maximum energy efficiency. Fresh-R is perfectly designed with an advanced Proximity Motion Sensor, 3 Speed Control, LED Night Light, and Reusable filter.

It is the new era in personal cooling. More and more portable air conditioners are arising, yet only a few can provide the best quality of the cooling system. Fresh-R helps you to stay comfortable, cool, and relax. With its numerous features and benefits, there is no doubt that Fresh-R is worthy of your investment.

The Pros and Cons of Fresh-R


  • Very easy to use
  • Very effective
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Portable, so you don’t have to install it
  • Lightweight size; you can carry it wherever you want
  • Remarkable motion sensor usability
  • Reasonable price


  • Availability of the design (only one design)
  • Can only be purchased online

Fresh-R, the upgraded version of the CoolAir, promises to make your summer cool regardless of your location. The device is more enough for your bedroom, living room, and office. Say goodbye to your craving for a chilly place. If you are convinced and planning to buy a Fresh-R portable room air conditioner, ordering the product is quick and easy. Take advantage of ordering from the manufacturer’s website. If you are looking for a portable air conditioner that does what it promises, then consider buying Fresh-R air cooler.

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best portable air conditionerMost of the portable air conditioners today are beneficial either at work, home, or any other environment. Investing in a trusted brand is an excellent choice. However, there are some problems that sometimes arise when it comes to searching for the best portable air conditioner. There are plenty of them in the market. Therefore, it could be very daunting to find the “one” that will perfectly suit your taste and needs.

It is important to know that a personal air cooler is way better than the permanent one. Most of the customers are looking for portable air conditioner reviews to help them decide on what brand to buy. This top best portable air conditioner review will make you informed in buying the perfect portable air conditioner. Today, we present to you the Black and Decker BPACT10WT Portable Air Conditioner.

What is the Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner?

Black and Decker are one of the best portable air conditioners due to its many features. This personal air cooler allows you to take pleasure in a comfy office/home climate. Investing in a trusted brand like Black Decker does not only cool but circulates and dehumidifies the air. You won’t have to worry about sweating or burning up this summer. With the Black and Decker portable air conditioner, you can spend more time indoors.

This air cooler is famous and highly trusted by people living in hot areas. Aside from that, Black and Decker have easy to use electronic controls. Therefore, you won’t have a hard time modifying the temperatures. This unit also comes with a remote control for ease of use. When compared to other similar units, Black and Decker portable air conditioners work silently. You will be able to have a peaceful sleep with this quiet portable air conditioner.

Plus, this portable room air conditioner can be easily carried from one place to another. The rolling caster, as well as the carrying handles, makes this AC portable. When it also comes to the versatile and high quality household cooling system, Black and Decker are among the best air coolers and the most trusted brand of all. This machine is designed to cool room spaces up to 250 square feet. With its three different modes, you have the option to choose between fan mode, dehumidification, and cooling. This portable air conditioner keeps a home, room, bedroom, dorm, garage, or apartment comfy and pleasant during the summer months.

Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner: Most Prominent Features

The Black and Decker portable air conditioner is designed to cool a 10 x 20-foot room or approximately 150-250 square feet. Offering uninterrupted, immediate comfort, this Amazon portable air conditioner features easy-to-use LED controls and does not create loud noise while you sleep (only 75dB on its high setting). As mentioned above, this AC air cooler comes with a side carrying handles and rolling castors for easy mobility – everything you need for an effortless installation. This unit also works in sliding or double-hung windows.

This unit is best suited for small spaces, storage, and mobility. If you are living in an apartment or a studio-type one, the Black and Decker portable air conditioner is perfect for you. And with just a few buttons away, this unit is one of the simplest, which makes for thoughtless and quick programming.

Here are the best features of the Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner:

  • Remote Control

Anywhere in your room, enjoy the convenience in accessing all the features with its remote control

  • Led Digital Display

The control display and panel are designed for easy to see and easy operation

  • Slide Out Filter

The sturdy air filter can be reused over and over and can be easily cleaned

  • Easy Mobility

Moving from one room to another is easy and quick as this unit is equipped with castors and carrying handles

  • Compatibility

Works in sliding or double-hung windows only – no crank windows

  • Excellent Performance

This unit is designed for long lasting performance. It creates a powerful and steady airflow. Furthermore, it is also equipped with an air filter that ensures that the air you breathe is fresh and clean.

Black and Decker portable air conditioner are becoming more and more self-sufficient. USB charging and devices with rechargeable batteries are all being made to ensure you will never get stressed while you’re on your trip or camp. This unit is also helpful in some cases where there is no power source available while you are on a camping site or anywhere. In addition to the cooling power of this unit, Black and Decker also provide technology-based to filter the dust and cleans the air you breathe.

Some portable air conditioner creates a massive amount of noise while operating are very distractive, especially at night. Luckily, this unit’s level of noise is very minimal. Opt for something that is easy to move around – opt for the Black and Decker Portable air conditioner. This will help you save the amount of money, time, and nerves. You don’t want to get stress all the time with a distractive unit! If you are looking for a balance between quality and cost, well, this device is what you need. Black and Decker is an affordable unit that offers a reliable and excellent quality of cooling.

When planning to buy a new product from any website, it is always important to know everything about your chosen product. It is, therefore, a must to take a glimpse of its best features. When it comes to the customer reactions and ratings regarding this product, the indoor portable air conditioner is considered to be of the best. Some of the most remarkable things Black and Decker’s people mention are its ability to offer an amazing cooling environment to any room or space.

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Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner: The Pros and Cons


  • LED display
  • Ability to slide out the filters
  • Fully operational remote control
  • Eco-friendly with the help of its refrigerant
  • 3 preset mode options
  • Automatic water evaporation
  • You can set the timer


  • Difficult to move upstairs
  • May be noisy to those who are not used to AC units

About the Manufacturer

When it comes to durable and high quality products, the Black and Decker Company is one of the most reliable brands of all. With their huge product range, they have been manufacturing air conditioning units since 1910.

People have been choosing this brand over many decades, with more and more customers are becoming loyal to the Black and Decker. When it comes to power tools, Home Improvement, hardware, accessories, and AC system, Black and Decker are among the world’s best brands and continue to develop household products that we use today and for the many years to come.

The Black and Decker is the company behind the success of the Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner. For those who experience hot summers, this piece of equipment will surely cool your home.

The above is the Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner review. This portable air conditioner amazon has a good quality cooling power and can keep you cool during warm days. It is a portable air conditioner you can always rely on. Furthermore, this product is from a trusted company, which was founded in 1910. We also found out the majority of the people who bought this unit were highly satisfied. The noise level and cooling power are considered acceptable. With the Black and Decker portable air conditioner, you can always feel confident that your summer months are in good hands.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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small portable air conditionerPortable air conditioners are truly a great blessing to many homeowners during the summer months. One petite device can provide lots of benefits, making it an ideal device for your room, office, or even in your garage. Most portable room air conditioners today, claim to be energy-saver due to its low electricity consumption. Moreover, a lot of these air coolers do not use other toxic refrigerants like Freon. They used only plain water as an alternative, making them risk-free and 100% safer.

Are you looking for an energy-efficient and way to cool your apartment? Are you wasting money with central air conditioning just to cool only one room? Do you need an alternative for your pop-up camper or travel trailer?

Well, if your answer is yes to any of these or to all of these questions, then you need to invest in a professional portable air conditioner. ENKLEN is your very own mini portable air conditioner to take along on your office, room, or even on your camping journey! Continue reading this top best air conditioner review and explore the many benefits others are enjoying from their portable air conditioner units.

What Can ENKLEN Portable Air Conditioner Do?

More energy saving and cooler than a fan, ENKLEN portable air conditioner is born for making your every summer cool. With just a matter of 3 seconds, the air cooler blows out the cold wind to you and keep your room at around 26 degree Celsius. Other old cooler models have loud noises, small wind, various quality problems, poor cooling effects, and large volumes, but this professional portable air conditioner is fully upgraded.

The water tank of this device can be filled by 380 ml of water and allows 6 hours of great cooling effect. Plus, the colorful night light, as well as the fashion appearance of ENKLEN, give you not only chill but pleasant. This mini portable air conditioner filter not only provides cool air, but this can also filter all the dust and odors in the air, providing a healthy and fresh air to your elders and babies. The device is also perfect for people with respiratory sensitivities and good for sleeping.

Another good thing about this unit is that you can always enjoy the air anywhere you want. This USB portable air cooler can be powered by such as laptops, power banks, and any other devices along as it has USB ports. So, you can always enjoy fresh, cool and clean air anywhere you go, in your tent, tours, office, and bedroom. ENKLEN is also environmentally friendly and energy-saving. Using this unit for a week only cost 1kW-h. This portable air conditioner also provides three amazing benefits – humidification, colourful LED lighting, and air cooling.

Are you planning a fishing or camping trip with your family or friends? Don’t worry! ENKLEN is your perfect small portable air conditioner for camping. If you are worried about the quality of air that you will inhale during your trips, this mini air cooler with water has a filter too. This is very useful where the surrounding is dusty, and your child is sensitive to pollen. It’s perfect for odor-removal, too!

What People Love About ENKLEN Portable Air Conditioner

ENKLEN has a lot to offer. This unit is designed to keep you comfortable during the hottest months. But, what makes this air cooler stand out? Here’s what people love about ENKLEN portable air conditioner.

Construction and Working

Handy, tiny and lightweight – the ENKLEN mini portable air conditioner is a unit made for keeping along on any trip. This compact device comes with a sturdy handle, which makes it easier to carry. As stated above, ENKLEN offers three helpful benefits – colorful LED lighting, humidification, and amazing air cooling. This unit is truly portable, meaning it can work in any device as long as the USB port is available.


This mini portable air conditioner is made for cooling off your campsite. ENKLEN provides a misty, purified, and fresh air for a humidifying and cool effect. The water tank of this device can last for 6 hours. It also has a water scale designed to help you identify the volume of water at any given time. As mentioned above, it is also made for low electricity consumption too. The manufacturers of this unit also claim that one-week usage of this device only costs 1kW-h. Aside from that, the vents of this portable air conditioner are adjustable, meaning you can adjust the direction of the wind (up/down) for a unidirectional, concentrated flow.

Light and Durable

ENKLEN is light in weight, which only weighs 685G. The manufacturer uses high-grade plastic material. When you buy this product, you can see for yourself the superior quality of this device.

The filter can be replaced

The original filter of this air conditioner can be used for 6-8 months. If this AC is not used for a long time, take it out and blow it dry to extend the life of the air filter. You can also adjust the wind direction by simply adjusting its air outlet.

The Main Advantages of ENKLEN Portable Air Conditioner

ENKLEN portable air conditioner offers you a load of advantages:

  • Three functional operations (cool, humidify and LED lighting)
  • USB compatible
  • Portable, light and small (with a handle)
  • Filled water tank lasts for 6 hours
  • Low power consumption
  • Safe air outlet and adjustable air vents

As you can see, this air cooler has a lot to offer and is the best option to beat the unbearable heat! Since ordinary fans only bring refreshments. The ENKLEN portable air conditioner ensures a cool and pleasant place while working, relaxing, and sleeping. Furthermore, when compared to air conditioners and conventional fans, this unit is perfect for traveling and camping.

Why Choose ENKLEN?

ENKLEN is an excellent choice for both workplaces and homes. What makes this unit stand out is its portability. With the help of the caster wheels, you can roll them effortlessly anywhere you want and enjoy its superb cooling system. Aside from portability, here are some of the reasons why choosing ENKLEN is a good choice.

Small unit for a small space

A portable air conditioner is perfect, especially if you are living with a small space. With the ENKLEN portable air conditioner, worry no more! There are no permanent installations, so setting up this unit is easy and quick.

No Restrictions

Many apartment buildings and city ordinances do not allow windows with air conditioners. Luckily, portable air conditioners are here to the rescue! ENKLEN, a small and easy to carry device is all you need to cool your summer days.

best portable air conditioner

Keep cool and cut costs

ENKLEN could also be used for economic reasons as well. This room air cooler is a great alternative to your central air conditioning system, which can be very costly, especially when trying to cool your entire house. On days when you only need to cool your room, ENKLEN is a perfect companion allowing you to save money due to its low power consumption.

Dehumidifies and cools at the same time

This portable air conditioner not only dehumidifies the air but also cools it – leaving your room cool and dry. This unit basically cools and cleans the air you breathe at the same time.

ENKLEN Amazon portable air conditioner is becoming more popular. More and more people are recognizing the many advantages of owning this product. When considering buying a portable air cooler, ENKLEN could be absolutely what you need. With its features and ability to cool your warmest months, this portable air conditioner is worth an investment.

4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

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top best portable air conditioner reviewDon’t you know that the central air conditioner is too much of an investment? Gladly, there is a wide range of effective, convenient, and incredibly affordable portable air conditioners to choose from. Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you the last on this top portable air conditioner review, the TRUSTECH Portable Air Conditioner.

Enough of all the guessing game and start choosing the product that does what it says. TRUSTECH is a portable air conditioner that provides professional customer service. This unit has earned the respect of many customers because of its very promising features. In short, why don’t you continue reading and find out if this one suits your taste and requirements?


If you want to enjoy the warm summer months with a cool gentle wind in your office, home, or any other space you want, opt for TRUSTECH Portable Air Conditioner. This unit is a great choice as it keeps the air clean and removes excess moisture. With its 10, 000BTU, this portable room air conditioner is very powerful and can cool your room of up to 450 square feet.

TRUSTECH portable air cooler also operates quietly, making any space cool without making any rattling sound. This only means that you can study, watch the television or sleep without any distractions. No need to worry about the installation as this unit comes with a detailed installation kit, guide and tools included. You can even use it without seeking help from an expert. By this, you can save money and time.

Best Features of the TRUSTECH Portable Air Conditioner

TRUSTECH portable air conditioner is a portable device that helps prevent allergies, purify the air, and keep the temperature comfortable and cozy. Take a look at some of the most prominent features of this device.

  • Life Saver in a Hot Summer

Can no longer bear the heat of the summer days? It’s time to end your battle and start aiming for that summer fun! TRUSTECH indoor portable air conditioner is here to the rescue to free you from the extreme heat during summer. With its cooling power of 10, 000BTU, this air cooler can cool down a 350ft room in just 5 minutes. With this amazing air cooler, all your sleepless nights will come to an end.

  • Amazing Dehumidifier

Wave goodbye to the humidity and say hi to fresh cool air. This portable air conditioner removes the summer moisture. TRUSTECH air cooler removes the excess moisture and protects your home from mildew, mold, and get rid of those unpleasant odors.

  • Quick and Easy Installation

Installing the TRUSTECH small room portable air conditioner is quick and easy. In just 3 simple steps, your portable AC is ready to show its cooling power.

  • Set up the window kit
  • Then, fit the exhaust hose
  • Plug it in and voila!

 Remote Control Operated

A remote control allows you to have full control over your portable air conditioner. You can easily turn on or off the unit effortlessly without climbing out of bed or even getting off the couch.

  • Eco-friendly

TRUSTECH portable air conditioner wants not only to keep your summer months cool but also caring for the earth. This unit is designed to be energy-efficient, making sure that electricity wouldn’t be wasted. Its energy-saving mode helps you save more money on energy bills.

  • Clear LED Display

A clear LED display is designed to simple to operate and easy to see. No need to stare at the screen and try to find out the present temperature and mode. Now you can see everything you want to see – clear as crystal!

The Pros and Cons of TRUSTECH Portable Air Conditioner


  • Powerful portable air conditioner
  • Perform quietly
  • Ideal for small room
  • Cools room accurately
  • Reasonable price


  • A bit heavy but the caster wheel makes it easy to move from one place to another

Should You Buy TRUSTECH?

TRUSTECH portable air conditioner is a trusted brand of many customers. This unit can make every workplace comfortable and cool, thanks to its cooling power. Aside from that, the operation cost of this air conditioner is extremely low. This small room portable air conditioner can cool an entire room and perform better in a humid environment.

For common use, at home, or even at an office desk, the TRUSTECH portable air cooler is a great option to beat the heat during the summertime. It also humidifies the air making it safe for people suffering from allergies and respiratory problems on dry, hot days. Clean, cheap, compact, easy to use, the TRUSTECH is a must-have device. This personal portable air conditioner is a modern type of air cooler. The cooler of this unit comes with a modern humidifier, which makes it suitable for dry months.

This portable air conditioner is available on Amazon. With a customer rating of 5 out of 5, there is no doubt that this portable air conditioner could be the best purchase you can have.

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Buying Guide for Portable Air Conditioner

Basically, the goal of every portable air conditioner is to ensure that you will always enjoy the environment of your office, home, garage, or any other space. Since they are portable, you can bring them wherever you want to stay. However, since customers’ needs and tastes are not always the same, the following tips will help you choose a model that best suits your needs.

  • BTU and room size

Before choosing a portable room air conditioner, consider first the size of your room or the space you want to use the unit. If your space is quite wide, pick a model with higher BTU to cool the space well. The cooling power of a certain portable air conditioner is indicated by Thermal British Units (BTU).

  • Remote Control

In selecting a portable air conditioner model, having a remote control is an added bonus. This will give you the ability to change the setting of the unit without leaving your bed. You can also have the chance to set your desired setting, and you don’t need to deal with those crowded button controls.

  • Programmable thermostat

A programmable thermostat allows you to set accurate temperature settings. With the presence of this feature, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the model will automatically turn off after cooling your room.

  • Auto draining

This feature of a portable air conditioner allows the model to condense the liquid and supply it as cool air. Having this feature on a portable air conditioner model is important in searching for your next cooling partner.

  • Dehumidifier

A portable air conditioner with this feature does an amazing job in terms of eliminating the dampness from the air. Furthermore, controlling the humidity also ensures that a room remains cool.

  • Noise degree

Honestly, there is no such model that does not create any noise when in operation. However, there are really some portable air conditioner units that are noisier than others. Make sure to look at the decibel ranges whenever you are shopping. Selecting quieter air cooler units to ensure the little amount of distraction while studying, watching TV, or sleeping.


4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)

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Care and Maintenance of your Portable Air Conditioner

Taking care of your portable air conditioner is an important thing to consider if you are planning to buy one. Following all the regular maintenance tips will assure you that your unit is always in a good performance. Here are some tips to make your portable air conditioner in top shape:

  • First and foremost, see to it that you have read the manufacturer’s label. Follow everything on the manufacturer’s manual to ensure the maximum health of your unit.
  • Keep the machine away from dust, store it in a dry and clean place.
  • By cleaning the filters regularly, will help prevent dirt from building up. Just follow the manufacturer’s steps on how to clean the unit. If you think your unit needs a filter replacement, do it without fail.
  • If your portable air conditioner unit is refillable with water, make sure to always drain the water thoroughly after every use. Never leave your machine unused with water on its water tank.
  • Always clean the exterior of your unit. Dirt and dust build-up can cause problems in the long run.
  • Regularly check if the condenser coil of your unit is properly working. If not, consult an expert to make sure your unit is always in good condition.


Like all the best performing portable air conditioners, it can change your overall relationship to your home. Where before, your home could be a place where you always wanted to leave during summer days to becoming a place of comfort and convenience. Having a reliable companion during the summer months allows you to keep cool, entertain guests in comfort, and sleep better.

You can create your own comfort zone with these portable air conditioners. They are beyond doubt a blessing for us during the dry months. These portable room air conditioners are small in size, light in weight, and do not occupy a lot of space. You can also carry them on your backpack, in your car, and can fit inside your tent during camping. While most of the air conditioners are only made just for small spaces, there are some that are designed for larger areas.

Furthermore, air coolers are extremely quick and easy to install. Those that are using water, they need to be filled every few hours. Many of these units come with injection bottles, making it free from any leak. Moreover, most of these portable air conditioners today are energy-efficient. They are not using Freon and other chemicals for cooling. With this, rest assured that these units are risk-free and safe.

Choosing the best portable air conditioner is not an easy task to do. Want to know why? This is because the market is crowded with different brands and other stuff you need to take into consideration before choosing the most suitable one. Fortunately, we’ve done the job for you! In this top portable air conditioner review, we have included all the things you need to know to decide the model that best suits your needs finally.

If you are planning to invest in a professional and reliable portable air conditioner, any of the above portable AC units will serve you excellently today and for the many years to come.