Best Trail Camera Under $100

Best Trail Camera Under $100

Campark Trail Game Camera




Ease of Use


Build and Design


Value for Money





  • Works well during daytime and nighttime
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Supports micro SD card


  • Cannot directly connect to a computer and other devices

When you hear about trail cameras, you may it of improving hunting experiences. But, did you know that these cameras are more than just the experiences?

You will be surprised by the fantastic discoveries you will get once you have purchased the best trail camera under 100. However, it is never surprising that these cameras are already geared with more advanced camera technology. Apart from helping both seasoned hunters and beginners in locating animals while determining and familiarizing their behavior, the best trail camera under 100 can also secure a property. We advice you to choose your Best Cellular Trail Camera – Required During Hunting Seasons & Cheap Trail Cameras

Most hunters rely on a trail camera for effective game surveillance purposes. These cameras can be also used to both capture images and record wildlife videos. As a result, tracking wildlife is never a tiring or a demanding task.

With the help of the best trail camera under $100, you are given an opportunity to be aware of what is moving through a particular area at all times, be it day and night. If you have fondness taking pictures in the middle of the night, it becomes easier for you to know whether there is a deer or buck in that area.

The beauty of the best trail camera under $100 is that both pros and beginners can accomplish their tasks effectively without learning any technical skills. That is because the manual is easy to follow and readable. Even homeowners can make use of trail cameras to protect themselves since they can serve as security cameras. In fact, you can easily install these cameras into a particular area within your place so that you are aware who goes in and out of your property.

Unlike many other cameras, some of these camera models are designed with password protection. Once you lost your camera, no one would be able to open and open it. Rest assured that all the important pictures, videos, and data are safe from unauthorized persons.

Instead of using an expensive surveillance camera, you can opt to the best trail camera under 100 dollars to make your hunting season enjoying, safe, and successful. Besides, you can use it for observational or educational purposes as well as for your hobby in photography.

Being a budget-friendly camera options, both hunters and homeowners find the best camera for under 100 dollars worth the investment. This type of camera will not overstretch your wallet. Although affordable in price, you can be sure that the quality and functions of the cameras would not be compromised. You may end up with a trail camera having the same features as high-end models.

However, with varying brands, features, and price ranges, you might get overwhelmed in choosing the right trail camera for you. You might end up worrying that you will not get the best one for your hunting or surveillance needs.

To help become smart and effective with your buying decision, we have thoroughly reviewed the top ten best trail cameras under 100. Not only that, but we have also prepared a buying guide along with frequently asked questions to further help you choose the perfect one for your unique needs.

Comparison of the Top Ten Best Trail Camera Under 100 Dollar

But, before we introduce you to the actual product review, you might like to consider our top picks for best overall and best budget categories.

Top Pick

Are you in a rush discovering the best option for both your needs and budget? If yes, we give you our top choice for best overall and best cheap trail camera under $100. Let’s see if these two cameras can fit your personal preferences and a tight budget.

Best Overall

We find the Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P deserving for our best overall vote. Being a digital trail camera, it comes with quality features like 120 degrees detecting range and waterproof in construction. You can easily install and use it in various areas.

This trail camera has the ability to shoot high-resolution photos and offers good audio quality for recording videos. Since is it designed to be waterproof and could resist moist, you can bring the camera in areas like wet fields and woods. It also features a motion detector that can capture motion from a 20-meter distance.

Best Budget Trail Camera Under $100

Being on a tight budget does not necessarily mean that you cannot own an excellent quality, versatile trail camera. The Victure Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP will help stay on your budget without compromising your hunting experience and other purposes. The casing of the trail camera is built to be extremely secure against harsh weather conditions while protecting itself from damage in case of accidental falls.

The reaction time of this trail camera has a speed of 0.5 seconds and deliver a very good image quality at 12MP photo resolution. Its video recorder is also good at capturing HD quality.

Reviews of the 10 Best Trail Camera Under $100

A poor-quality trail camera will only lead to disaster, so make sure that when you buy a new one, it is fully loaded with necessary features and matches your specific needs. If hunting is an important part of your life, besides all the other gears like good scopes, bows, or water bottles, you need the best trail camera under $100.

If it is your first to buy a trail camera for your hunting needs and other applications, our unbiased review of the top best trail camera under 100 below will help you with your buying decision.

1. Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P – Best Overall

Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P

The Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P delivers a straightforward system that both novice and pros can easily understand and use. Just make sure to properly configure the settings. Whether it is day or night, you can capture quality wildlife footage. Besides capturing wildlife, you can use it as your security camera. You can also use it for monitoring your properties like a farm, where you can quickly get notified when there are stray animals or strangers.

It is serviceable for various areas and supports a micro SD card up to 32GB. That way, you can easily shoot photos and record videos without deleting some of your previous contents.

This trail camera is designed to be available in 14MP while supporting the video recording in 1080P HD quality. It is also built with `120 degrees wide viewing angle. As for the durability, you have nothing to worry about the moist or wet weather conditions. That is because it is waterproof, so bringing it to wet fields still delivers good results.

Since it comes with 3 passive infrared sensors, the Campark Trail Game Camera 14MP 1080P enabled us to increase the sensitivity to be triggered instantly in 0.3 seconds while saving more battery power. The infrared flash technology of 850mm brings a clear wildlife footage during nighttime. In the highest setting of side sensors, you can quickly catch the animals in actions once they entered the frame.

The instructions are very easy, and the camera is user-friendly. In just a matter of 5 minutes, you can already set it. For monitoring or home security applications, this trail camera offers a nice mounting bracket, which is useful for permanent installation. However, we hope that the security ring could be more robust and larger for a more comfortable handling.

Key Features:

  • Fast trigger speed of 0.3 second
  • 14MP crystal images
  • Full HD 1080P videos
  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Night vision with 3 PIR
  • 3 passive infrared sensors
  • 120 degrees wide angle lens


  • Works well during daytime and nighttime
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Supports micro SD card


  • Cannot directly connect to a computer and other devices

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

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2. Victure Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP – Best Budget Trail Camera Under $100

Victure Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP

The Victure Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP is built with a casing that can resist moderate freezing damage. The image quality it produces is quite good at 12MP and reaction time of 0.5 seconds. When it comes to video recording, it can capture an HD quality video and deliver fairly good audio quality. Besides, it is programmed with unique sensor detecting when it is time for switching the modes even without exerting any effort to any settings.

Through its 2.4 inches LCD screen, you can see the images clearly and completely on the camera, while the 12MP photo quality allows you to shoot the realistic characteristics of wildlife. This trail camera comes with 940nm no-glow infrared technology for a more advanced night vision and clearly show any night behaviors of the animals without the need of disturbing them.

Since it is designed with camouflage appearance, the Victure Night Vision Motion Activated 1080P 12MP perfectly blend with nature. That way, human and wildlife will not easily discover the camera. This affordable trail camera offers an excellent video resolution at 1080P to help you keep an eye on wildlife even all night long. It delivers a vivid recording function that can bring 360 degrees surround recording.

Meanwhile, this trail camera offers more features like different recording modes and password protector. You are free to make it less or more sensitive if you are targeting a particular phenomenon or animal, instead of wasting your image space or battery life on subjects that you are not interested in.

Key Features:

  • 5 second reaction time
  • Ultra-waterproof and weatherproof casing
  • 1080P HD quality video
  • 60 feet range


  • Good image quality
  • Day and night sensor
  • Great durability
  • Easy to adjust sensor settings


  • Mediocre reaction time

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

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3. Victure 16MP 1080P No Glow Hunting Camera – Best Responsive Trail Camera with Clamshell Design

Victure 16MP 1080P No Glow Hunting Camera

The Victure 16Mp 1080P Now Glow Hunting Camera is known for its ultra-high resolution, thanks to 16MP photo quality together with 1080P HD video quality. This trail camera helps you in shooting images without any blurring issue. Even when recording an HD video during the rainy season is never a problem using this camera. That is because it is built with an advanced clamshell design, bottom-opening battery case, and waterproof rubber ring.

Once you used this camera for monitoring the behavior of the animals during nighttime, there is no need for you to disturb them. You can see clear footage with the help of 940nm no-glow infrared sensor. You can even record images at pre-set interval time either the PIR sensor detects any motion in a specific area or not. Its setup and use are very intuitive. Using the bright keyboards, you will find no issue using the trail camera even at night. You may also like thephotostick review.

We find the combination of the trigger speed of 0.3 seconds, 3 continuous shots, as well as easy to adjust motion-activated sensor quite interesting. Victure 16Mp 1080P Now Glow Hunting Camera is designed to highlight beautiful and extraordinary scenes and fast-paced action. This trail camera produces a quite detailed black and white night vision photos and helps you capture wildlife moments silently.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-high resolution
  • Waterproof performance
  • Innovative no-glow technique
  • Excellent detecting sensitivity
  • Easy setup and use


  • Good image quality
  • Easy to use buttons and layout
  • Very responsive to detecting wildlife
  • Fewer empty pictures
  • Very good daytime and nighttime photos and videos
  • Good sound recording


  • Bit flimsy motion sensor

Our Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)

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4. Crenova 20MP 1080P Motion Activated Night Vision – Multifunction Trail Camera

Crenova 20MP 1080P Motion Activated Night Vision

The Crenova 20MP 1080P Motion Activated Night Vision ensures that you will not miss any important moment on your backyard or hunting field. That is made possible with the help of the camera’s 0.2 second trigger time. Regardless of field you are in; its IP66 waterproof feature can effectively resist sand, dust, rain, or corrosion. Not to mention that it also comes with robust, sleek housing which ensures a long-lasting service life.

As for the image resolution, this trail camera can capture 20MP colorful, crystal clear images, while the 1080P HD video resolution allows you to record a detailed movement of the animals. Since it comes with dependable time-lapse function, you can easily set the camera to capture either images or video clips based on your desired time intervals. That is regardless of whether the trail camera’s motion sensor detected motion or not.

Being a multi function trail camera, the Crenova 20MP 1080P Motion Activated Night Vision allows you to store plenty of important data and more stunning photos videos with the use of 64GB storage capacity. Its external power promotes a longer service life. You can also take advantage of the TV mode to share fun and interesting contents.

The trigger time of this camera is quite good at 0.2 seconds, so you will not miss any important moment while you are in the hunting field. The only minor challenge on this trail camera is the very small micro flashcard. You may find it challenging to handle, especially if you have big hands or during cold weather.

Key Features:

  • 20MP images and 1080P HD videos
  • Excellent night vision performance
  • 120 degrees wide-area detection
  • The fast trigger speed of 0.2 second
  • 3 innovative sensors
  • IP66 waterproof design


  • Captures moving object or animal with ease
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Weatherproof and durable in construction
  • Robust build


  • Very small flashcard

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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5. TOGUARD 14MP 1080P Night Vision Motion – Great Quality Trail Camera with Great Shooting Scope

TOGUARD 14MP 1080P Night Vision Motion

The TOGUARD 14Mp 1080P Night Vision Motion is a trail camera that provides multiple applications, including hunting, farm and wildlife monitoring, and home security. It features 1080P high-resolution video quality and 14MP images. You can capture bright colored images during daytime, while black and white photos at night.

With the use of 120 degrees wide lends and 22 meters night vision distance, this trail camera will provide you a large field scope. The 42 low-glow infrared LEDs make the 22-meter detection capturing range. You will not miss any important movements at night when using this camera, thanks to the 0.3-second trigger speed.

We find TOGUARD 14MP 1080P Night Vision Motion very compact. It comes with a camouflage design hiding from unsuspecting humans and animals. This trail camera is capable of withstanding rain, dust, and other harsh weather conditions. It is built with protective case and mounting strap so that you can effortlessly install it.

However, there are some minor downsides that we have discovered. The night picture it produces may look a bit distorted because of low lighting. It can be fixed by some adjustments. Although the camera is effective in capturing events and identifying animals, it can only moderately identify a particular person.

Key Features:

  • 20MP images and full 1080P HD videos
  • 3-second trigger speed
  • 3 PIR sensors
  • 120 degrees wide-angle lens
  • 22 meters night vision distance
  • IP56 waterproof


  • Easy to install and use
  • Comes with a playback monitor
  • Extremely durable
  • Long standby time


  • A bit distorted night picture in low-light condition
  • Moderately identify a particular person
  • Too sensitive motion capture

Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

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6. BEAN 12MP 1080P Full HD – Longer Night Vision Range

BEAN 12MP 1080P Full HD

If you are looking for a trail camera that offers longer night vision range compared to other options, the TEC. BEAN 12MP 1080 Full HD comes with 940nm invisible IR LEDs. This feature allows you to shoot images or record videos up to 23 meters distance both daytime and nighttime. Its lens has patented energy-saving device to ensure a standby current as low as 0.3mA. So, expect that the standby is about 6 months along with low power consumption.

This trail camera emphasizes range and photo quality. While it offers up to 12MP photo quality, you can also enjoy the 90-second 1080P HD video. With the use of 36 infrared LED setup, you will get good quality nighttime photos. Being no-glow infrared LEDs, the trail camera remains to be virtually undetectable. Also checkout about youtube camera review.

You can do all the programming on the trail camera’s 2.4 inches screen. It comes with easy to understand the menu. Using quality 8 AA batteries, it is possible for you to take up to 10,00 images. To extend the battery life, you can use the varying shot taking modes. You can choose whether you want to install the camera temporarily on the tree or pole using the includes strapping system or you want it to be permanently mounted.

By simply using the password protector feature, it is possible for you to make the display screen unable to be used by other people. The casing of this trail camera is made from industrial-grade plastic to ensure extended life. It is also known to be waterproof, dust proof, and shockproof, giving you confidence every time you need to expose it to varying elements. The material used is also helpful in keeping the lens moisture- and fog-free. But this camera also comes with some drawbacks like it has not Wi-Fi connectivity.

Key Features:

  • 12MP color images
  • 90-second HD videos
  • 9 photos per 0.6-0.8 second trigger speed
  • Long night-vision range
  • Unique capture modes
  • IP66 advanced protection


  • Innovative theft deterrence
  • 75 inches motion sensing range
  • 36 built-in no-glow infrared LEDs


  • User’s manual requires improvement
  • No Wi-Fi capability

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

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7. APEMAN 12MP 1080P IP66 Spray Water Protected – Beginner-Friendly Trail Camera

APEMAN 12MP 1080P IP66 Spray Water Protected

If you are a novice on hunting and aim to do some experimentation with installing a trail camera in the forest, the APEMAN 12MP 1080P IP66 Spray Water Protected is considered to be beginner-friendly by many. Besides being another affordable trail camera under $100 from our list, it also offers reliability and durability.

The APEMAN 12MP 1080P IP66 Spray Water Protected delivers 12MP image resolution with rich details. It also produces good sound quality intended for effective video recording. Its multi-shot mode helps in capturing up to 3 photos per motion detection. This trail camera uses a 940nm invisible infrared technology and IF filter to capture even the wildest behavior of animals. Thanks to its 26 LED integration, you can get lovely nighttime images.

Both the Trigger distance and IR flash range can reach a distance up to 65 feet. And, a good thing, this camera will not disturb and scare the wildlife while you are documenting their behavior. This trail camera is designed to resist snow, rain, or storm. Its compact housing and IP66 waterproof design let you do the installation in desert or tropical forest worry-free from getting damaged. However, there are times that the trail camera fails to work well on standby for a long time.

Key Features:

  • High-performance video and photo
  • 940nm invisible infrared technology
  • Compact and sturdy design
  • IP66 waterproof design
  • Low power consumption
  • The fast trigger speed of less than 0.5 second


  • Good picture quality
  • Withstands storm, snow, and other extreme weather conditions
  • Easy to use
  • Vibrant and rich colors
  • Supports up to 64GB SD card


  • Fails to work well on standby mode for too long

Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)

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8. Bushnell HD Essential E2 12MP – Best Trail Camera for Extreme Temperatures

Bushnell HD Essential E2 12MP

The Bushnell HD Essential E2 12MP comes with a dependable auto sensor and has a capability of withstanding temperature from -5 degrees F up to 140 degrees F. It can easily sense nearby movements or even farther as long as the movements are within a range of 80 feet. It comes with adjustable web belt so that you can easily customize it. Its set of batteries can last up to 12 months while taking up to 3 photos per speed trigger.

Each photo captured by Bushnell HD Essential E2 12MP comes with a stamp displaying the time, moon phase, temperature, date, and day. We consider the active simultaneous live trigger to be the camera’s special feature, where it continuously captures images of any moving objects or animals being sensed. Besides, you can effortlessly adjust the images for each trigger based on your desired size and quantity.

Each month, you can take up to 4000 photos or more by using this trail camera without worrying about its battery life. Although the videos can be a bit slow, it still takes the accurate ones. Due to its flash, you will find both the pictures and videos clear. You can easily install the camera on the desired area because being noticed by humans and animals, thanks to its inconspicuous design.

There are also some downsides on this trail camera that we have noticed. You may find the nighttime photos a bit blurry because its sensor may have a hard time when it comes to adjustments on the movements of animals. Unlike day mode video recording, recording during nighttime comes with limited time of 60 seconds.

Key Features:

  • 3-second trigger speed
  • Up to 3 images per trigger
  • 2x field scan at pre-set intervals
  • Day and night auto sensor
  • Adjustable PIR
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card
  • Includes adjustable web belt


  • 4000 images or more in one month
  • Long battery life
  • Accurate video recording
  • Inconspicuous design
  • Acts as a security camera


  • A bit blurry nighttime photo
  • Limited video length

Our Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

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9. APEMAN 120˚ Wide Angle Detection – Upgraded Lens for Best Wildlife Experience

APEMAN 120˚ Wide Angle Detection

The APEMAN 120˚ Wide Angle Detection is a good choice for you if you are looking for a trail camera that produced clear images. Due to its upgraded lens, it is possible for you to capture fantastic images of wildlife. If it is not hunting season, you can use this trail camera to support your home security needs.

The trail camera uses a combination of a low-glow PIR technology and an auto IR filter. Apart from that, it also comes with a low-glow infrared LED to help you capture beautiful images of the wild without disturbing or scaring the animals with its flash.

Nonetheless, it has a trigger speed of 0.6 seconds and once it detected a motion from a distance, it can produce several shots per trigger. This camera offers a 90 degrees detection angle and broad range. It is designed with 2.4” LCD screen, which allows you to control the time-lapse, time stamp, and timer.

Key Features:

  • Full HD resolution
  • High-performance 12MP image resolution
  • Bright photos during daytime
  • Very clear audio quality
  • Excellent detection range
  • High sensitivity
  • Infrared technology
  • Dimmed LEDs
  • Waterproof in design
  • Password protection


  • Easy to install and use
  • Crisp daytime and nighttime photos
  • Acts as a security camera
  • Built to last and durable


  • Little trick SD card insertion
  • Generates unnecessary noise

Our Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

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10. Stealth G42NG No-GLow Trail Camera – Quick and Intuitive Set Program Setting

Stealth G42NG No-GLow Trail Camera

The Stealth G42NG No-GLow Trail Camera comes with program setting that is easy to set up, bet it on manual or pre-programmed mode. It is designed with intuitive back lit display together with password protection. The casing of this camera is known to be unobtrusive, and you can do the installation in high places.

The resolution setting of Stealth G42NG No-GLow Trail Camera can go as low as 2MP or as high as 10MP. With the help of 4 settings, you can completely customize this trail camera. It has a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds. Features like reflex trigger, multi-zone detection, and matrix blur reduction allow a clear, crisp images when second count.

With the camera’s no-glow 42 IR emitters, it can reach up to 100 feet visibility range at night. This camera is also designed with retina low-light sensitivity technology that can catch the light, while the fast burst mode helps you in capturing up to 9 photos per trigger.

Key Features:

  • 5-second reflex trigger
  • 100 feet range
  • 42” IR emitters
  • Up to 9 photos per trigger
  • Excellent low-light performance
  • Intuitive back lit menu programming
  • Password protection
  • Supports up to 32GB SD card


  • Easy to use
  • Unobtrusive casing
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Can be fully customized
  • Easy to set up


  • Multi-zone detection can eat up battery life

Our Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)

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Buying Guide for Best Trail Camera Under 100$

Best Trail Camera Under $100

Let’s face it- finding the best trail camera under 100 can be really challenging, especially if you have no idea where to start. However, if you know what you are really looking for, you can make your buying process much easier.

Trail cameras can be an all-in-one tool for you. If you are a hunter and want to capture photos and videos to pattern the behaviors of animals, these cameras should be part of your hunting gear. You may also these best cellular trail camera. Apart from that, you can use the cameras for your home or property security applications. So, it is necessary for you to ensure that you will purchase a trail camera is fully loaded with necessary features and with complete functionality.

As for the price range, there is no need for you to worry that you might overstretch your pocket. You can own the best trail camera under $100, which is an advantage if you are just about to begin your hunting. You have nothing to worry about the quality because affordable trail cameras are comparable to high-cost models. You will not compromise the quality of your hunting experience in buying trail cameras under $100.

Ever since trail cameras play a vital role in the success of a hunter. Apart from bringing successful hunting expedition, these cameras also ensure that you can get a bounty catch. Hunting without these cameras is similar to attending a battle without your weapon.

As hunting enthusiast or seasoned hunter, for sure, you are aware that the resolution or quality of a trail camera is measured in megapixels. Most of the available models in the market come in 10 to 20 MP image resolution. Take note that the mote MP a trail camera has, the better the image quality you will get.

Nonetheless, to further help you choose the best trail camera under 100 dollars, it is essential for you to discover the factors to consider when buying a trail camera. If you want to make your buying process successful, consider, and get familiar with the following factors:

  • Camera Range

If you choose a trail camera with 45 feet range, it simply means that it has a sensor that can notice and capture objects or animals moving up to 45 feet away. Be aware that longer-range doesn’t mean that you will get a better image quality. That is because image quality sometimes depends on the type of lens and subjects you want to capture.

  • Reaction Time

The trail camera’s reaction time always falls below one second. A trail camera with higher than one second reaction time will be useless to detect fast-moving objects or animals. If you are into a quick game, it is ideal for you to go for a camera with 0.3 to 0.2-second range.

  • Image Quality

You might already notice that the more detailed, sharp the image is, the more storage space it takes up. The good news is, you can store some of your photos in an SD card. Image quality can range from 10Mp up to 16Mp. A trail camera with 12MP is a good way to start.

  • Video Recording Quality

Similar to image quality, you also need to consider the video quality when buying a trail camera. If your camera has audio data, we recommend using an SD card to maintain enough storage space. You need to avoid cameras with less than 1080P to prevent blurry videos. The higher the pixel count your camera has, the better. Take note also that higher pixel also means better audio quality.

  • Night Vision

Nigh vision setting is another important factor you need to consider. This feature allows you to take both images and videos in black and white. Some trail cameras are designed with automatic switching from recording mode to night vision mode. Check a particular trail camera if it offers a night vision mode because of it very helpful when using a camera without human interaction for long periods of time. In case you want to install the camera somewhere nearby, you need to make sure that it has a day and night mode switch.

  • Casing

Since trail cameras are built to be used outdoors, it is important for you to find the best trail camera under 100 that is waterproof and a robust casing. You may also consider cameras that are weatherproof or dust proof. If your camera is designed with the tough casing, you can be sure that it will be away from fall damage. Some cameras are built to resist harsh weather conditions like very strong winds or massive snowstorms. If you are living in an area with plenty of rain or snow, go for a trail camera with tough exterior.

  • Battery Life

For several months, you will set up and leave your trail camera in sleep or operational mode. So, try to look for trail cameras with a long battery life that can last based on the planned duration. Mostly, trail cameras can last up to 8 months when fully charged at the beginning of your hunting expedition.

  • Mounts and Straps

Most of the time trail cameras are installed atop mountains or in trees if you use them to track or monitor wildlife. You may also use them to monitor your property and install them up high. Regardless of the application, it is necessary for you to consider the mounts or straps. Look for trail cameras with easy to install mounts and straps to ensure you will save time and effort.

  • Different Modes or Settings

A trail camera comes with different modes or settings, including time-lapse modes and shooting modes. These camera modes will help you easily and more quickly capture photos in rapid succession. Besides camera modes, you may also find some cameras with time-stamp inclusion and password protectors. If you want protect your camera against other people who might try stealing, a password protector must be part of your list.

Frequently Asked Questions

When buying the best trail camera under $100, you need to check the key features as well as its pros and cons to determine whether a particular model will suit your hunting and other security needs. Buying your first trail camera can be a bit confusing or even overwhelming due to the wide array of choices.

In this section, we give you the frequently asked questions that can help you with your buying decision.

  • How many batteries are required to make a trail camera function?

Trail cameras can either use AA batteries or rechargeable lithium batteries. Some take 6AA batteries, while some use 8 AA batteries to allow a trail camera function.

  • What is the ideal design for a trail camera?

You can go for a trail camera with forest design or camouflage to help you conveniently blend it in with the surroundings and promote a successful hunting expedition.

  • Is 32GB SD Card necessary?

Yes, a trail camera that supports 32GB SD card is important if you do not want to delete some of your photos or videos to ensure enough space for newest footage.

  • How far can a motion detection reach?

Ideally, a motion detection is capable of capturing motion from a distance of 65 feet or farther.

  • Is low-glow light visible when it records at night?

Most of the trail cameras today are designed not to emit visible light when it records at night. So, there is nothing to worry in scaring or disturbing the animals in their habitat.

Final Thoughts

Today, your hunting experience will be incomplete without the use of trail cameras. Whether you are new to hunting or you have already experienced a number of hunting expeditions, it is necessary for you to own a trail camera to capture all the necessary moments in wildlife.Apart from being a vital hunting gear, trail cameras are also an effective tool in ensuring your security. You can install a trail camera in your home to ensure the safety of your family or even on your farm to make sure that you are safe against wild animals or unwanted visitors.

With the guidelines above that we provided, we hope that you will find the best trail camera under 100 that suits your needs. No need for you to overstretch your pockets, the top ten products we have provided will help you stay on your tight budget. So, continue exploring wildlife!