Best Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

WaterBOOM 360


Sound Quality


Perfectly waterproof


Ease of Use


Advanced sound technology


Perfect Bluetooth connectivity



  • Advanced HD Sound With Extended 6h Battery Life
  • Stable Bluetooth Connection
  • Android & iOS Compatible
  • WaterProof For Use in Shower & Holidays
  • Accept Phone Calls


  • Able to connect only two devices
  • Some find it expensive

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers Reviews

Are you looking for a good portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker with remarkable performance but without breaking your bank account? Look no further than WaterBoom 360 waterproof Bluetooth speaker. This is the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker so far. If you are wondering why you must put this outdoor speaker Bluetooth waterproof at the top of your list, then we invite you to keep on reading this WaterBoom 360 waterproof speaker review. We will give you some information about this product, including its amazing features, why you should buy it, the pros and cons, and the competitors available. So, sit back and enjoy reading.

Perhaps you are aware that today, there are lots of Bluetooth speakers available out there in the market, which makes it hard to find the right one. However, to make the best out of your money, you have to keep in mind some essential factors when buying Bluetooth speakers such as compatibility, connectivity, battery life, and many other essential features. If you look into these factors, you can only decide if the speaker meets your specific needs. As mentioned above, there are lots of brands and models of Bluetooth speakers, but there is one product that starts out from the rest. The WaterBoom 360 waterproof speaker.

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What is WaterBoom 360 Waterproof Speaker?

WaterBoom 350 is considered one amongst the best choices in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, which can give you a remarkable listening experience. With this speaker, you can directly control the music, access, and reject the call. It is also portable, and you don’t have to take much effort and skill to use it. Compatibility is one perk you can get when you buy this product. It works along with renowned operating systems such as android and iOS. What is more, it also works with Siri or Google’s assistant.

This product has an amazing design with an angle range of 360 degrees that allows it to get high-quality sound. This is waterproof, so you can use it anywhere you want, like near the swimming pool, at the beach when you go for a vacation, or near the bathroom while taking a shower. The quality of the audio is exceptional and with unmatched features such as long battery life, better performance, and a whole lot more. You may also like best wirless Earphones.

State of the art WaterBoom 360 is the most excellent amongst the widest selection of waterproof speakers available on the market today. It gives you 360 degrees sound experience, with 100 feet range. You can pair this speaker with two gadgets at the same time. You can also immerse this speaker up to a meter of water for half an hour. A lot of speakers available on the market today give a superior sound effect at some particular angles; however, 360 speakers from WaterBoom gives you sound effect regardless of the angles. Also, you can control the tune from the speaker. What is more, you can also skip, pause as well as play the music using this speaker.

Why Should you Buy it?

There are many good reasons why you must consider buying WaterBoom 360 waterproof Bluetooth speaker such as:

First on the list is that it has amazing customer reviews. It receives lots of good feedbacks from previous users, and in fact, they called it one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers available today.

Second, you can bring this product anywhere you want, like near the swimming pool and bathroom, near muddy areas and during rainy days.

Aside from being waterproof, this portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker is also dustproof. If you notice some dirt in the speaker like sauce, hard to remove marks, etc., you can remove it by simply rinsing off with tap water. Water Boom speaker has a remarkable audio quality at all ranges, approximately an angle of 360 degrees. The music ort the sound can also be controlled straight from the speaker itself. You can play or pause or even skip the track using the speaker. The product proves its competence and effectively with a better performing battery life. The portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker can last for about 6 hours of playing. So, you will have more time to listen to your favorite music before the second charge.

You can recharge the battery using a micro USB cable through a micro USB port. This waterproof Bluetooth speaker can be paired in two gadgets simultaneously. It is compatible with Google Assistance and Siri with a wireless range of 100ft. It makes sure a reliable Bluetooth connectivity as well as well-matched with most of the iOS and Android devices. It doesn’t have a speakerphone and has a weak bass response. However, considering the state-of-the-art features, this speaker still holds a safe position in the market of waterproof Bluetooth speakers. We recommend to checkout about 15 Inch Subwoofer reviews.

Amazing Design

When you are in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, you have to pay attention to the design of the item. WaterBoom 360 speaker has an amazing design, that is one of the many reasons why it is popular in the market.

When you open the package, the very first thing you notice about WaterBoom 360 speaker is its amazing design. It has a circular form, and it’s coated in rubber, which makes it durable and prone to fall. It is quite big, and its grille is situated on the front. On top of the product, you will see a hook that can use to hang the speaker.

This Bluetooth waterproof speaker comes with an SD card slot and a USB port located on its side. The USB port enables you to recharge the battery for a few hours. The SD card slot, however, gives you a choice to insert an SD card and listen to your favorite sound.

In general, this Bluetooth speaker has a charming and pleasing to the eye design. You can find it in various colors, so you will surely find one that will fit your taste and needs. WaterBoom 360 is the best speaker to buy when you love listening to your favorite music anywhere you go. What is more, you can always depend on its durability and portability. Therefore transportation, as well as longevity, are not problems for this amazing waterproof Bluetooth speaker from WaterBoom.

On the other hand, the state of the art WaterBoom 360 speaker gives you more than just a remarkable design. This is integrated with advanced and amazing features that we believe you will find interesting. So, let us explore the remarkable features of this speaker.

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Features of WaterBoom 360 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

This WaterBoom 360 review will not be completed if we will not evaluate the integrated state of the art features of this product. These essential features are one of the many reasons why it is popular and the most sought-after portable Bluetooth speaker today. So, here they are!

Crisp and Clear Audio 

When buying a speaker, the very first thing we asked the salesman or sales representative is the quality of audio the speaker offers. You are lucky as WaterBoom 360 has a remarkable audio quality. It is an amazing speaker with a design that allows you to hear sounds from 360 degrees. So, what does it means? Regardless of where you put the speaker, rest easy that the music or sound you will is well distributed to all directions.


WaterBoom 360 stands out when it comes to durability and quality. However, another reason why this speaker sets apart from the rest is due to being waterproof. The fact that it is water-resistant, you can take it with you while taking a bath, swimming, or around water as a whole. The speaker will not fail to function even when you place it 1 meter underwater for half an hour.

Bluetooth Enabled 

When buying a speaker, another thing you want to know if it is Bluetooth enabled. You are lucky as this speaker is Bluetooth enabled. This is able to maintain a remarkable Bluetooth connection, even if you are 100 feet far. So, you can connect your smartphone, laptop, or any Bluetooth enabled devices to this Bluetooth speaker and listen to your favorite music, even if those gadgets aren’t waterproof.

Compatible with iOS and Android Devices 

When it comes to connectivity and devices, this Bluetooth speaker is compatible with just about every device which can connect via Bluetooth. This is because this state-of-the-art speaker has no issue connecting to devices with diverse operating systems. State of the art WaterBoom 360 functions with iOS, Android, Google Assistance, Siri, and many others. As a music lover, you need to know that having a flexible Bluetooth speaker is always practical.


This Bluetooth speaker provides you the choice to answer calls if it is connected to your mobile device. It comes equipped with a microphone that helps you to keep connected to your loved ones, co-workers, and others while you have excitement at the same time.

Amazing Battery 

Certainly, you want a speaker with long battery life, so you can listen to your music longer. It would be likely for a speaker to function if it is not powered in some way. In the case of 360 speakers from WaterBoom, this is powered by a li-ion battery. This is rechargeable and can last for six hours when fully charged. That thing about it is that you will 2.5 hours to fully charge the speaker. This is short compared to other expensive products available out there that take 3 to 4 hours to charge fully.

FM Radio 

Another remarkable feature of this outdoor waterproof Bluetooth speaker is its capability to play FM radio. So, you can tune-in to your favorite radio and listen to your favorite DJ and music wherever you are. This is a one-stop speaker that you must consider.

Looking at the features of this speaker, it is safe to say that WaterBoom 360 really stands out from the rest. It is a good investment and a good speaker that has lots of surprises. On the other hand, what really matters is how the product performs. Now that you are familiar with the features of this product, perhaps it is best to know how this product performs. Keep on reading to know if it performs well or not.


When it comes to performance, this Bluetooth speaker performs very well as it should be. The quality of sound is exceptional, and the durability is second to none. You will surely find this product a good investment.

This Bluetooth speaker generates a clear as well as stable audio output. In general, state of the art WaterBoom 360 does well, and it will not disappoint you when you are near the water. Words are not enough to show how reliable this product, so we encourage you to buy one and see for yourself the reliability and flexibility of this product.


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Buying Guide to the Best Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

If you want to make the best out of your money when buying a waterproof speaker, there are lots of factors that you need to consider. If this is your first time to purchase a Bluetooth speaker, you are lucky because we will be giving you some useful tips to find one that will meet your specific needs and of course, your budget. So, sit back, relax, and continue reading.

In today’s new technology, there is a simple way to enjoy the great and amazing sound from your tablet, laptop as well as a mobile phone. Wirelessly pair or connect it to Bluetooth speaker. It doesn’t matter if you are relaxing inside your room while traveling on vacation or bonding with friends and family, you will take pleasure in better audio from movies, games as well as music.

Portable Bluetooth speakers enable you to listen to your favorite music without headsets and allow your friends to listen with you as well. If you are searching for the best speaker that offers high-quality sound and a speaker that will last for many years, you need to keep these factors in mind. You might find helpful to read more about best photo stick.

Understand Your Purpose

The first factor that you must consider when buying for the best Bluetooth speaker is to decide on how and when you will use it. Some Bluetooth speakers available might be for use at home- while others might be for outdoor applications, like listening while having a barbeque party with friends, while drinking or swimming. Others can be used when traveling.

Prior to settling on the best Bluetooth speaker, it is essential to know what it is wanted for. The best speaker for home use may not be ideal for bringing during your travel. So, it is necessary to know your purpose.

Battery Life

When it comes to feature, you must not take for granted the capability of the battery to work longer. This is an essential factor that you should consider. Of course, you don’t want to recharge the battery often. This can ruin your fun and mood. The battery should last for many hours. A small speaker inclines to have a small battery that doesn’t last long. However, some of the more bigger speakers can last for up to 24 hours when fully charge. The average battery life is 4 to 10 hours. However, how long the battery lasts will depend on the volume of the speaker. The louder the speaker is, the more power your battery will consumer, so it will not last that long. On the other hand, when you are in the market for the best speaker, ensure the life of the batter meets your needs. It is highly advisable to choose a Bluetooth speaker that has a Li-ion battery.


Sound Quality

Of course, all of us are looking forward to speakers that produce a crisp and fantastic sound. Often speaker manufacturers give specs for total harmonic distortion, and lower than 1 percent is the best choice. The lower the harmonic distortion is, the better the sound will be.

Be aware that there are Bluetooth speakers available out there that will not provide a spec for this. The frequency response is also an essential thing to consider. There are brands of speakers that provide fantastic sound than others, and this is due to the better frequency response.  There is 100 Hz up to 20 kHz frequency. The 100 Hz is a low frequency, while 20 kHz is the top frequency. Due to the fact that some of us aren’t able to hear up to 20 kHz, especially as you get older, the high frequency isn’t quite as significant and vital. The low frequency shows the level of bass you may anticipate – the lower it goes, the better.

Design and Style bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speakers are available in various styles and designs. With so many choices of styles to choose, you will surely find one that meets your needs. There are rounds, triangle, square, and many others. Choose the one that you find interesting and meet your taste.


Bluetooth speakers are available in various sizes, as well. When you search online, you will find small conical or cylindrical types of speakers aimed for extremely portable operation. Small speakers are ideal if you are on the go person. You can easily pack or store it in your bag. There are also larger speakers available that are likely to offer better quality audio. In general, if the speaker has a bigger size, look forward to remarkable audio quality. What is more, with bigger speakers rest assured that they have powerful batteries that can last for many hours.

Audio power

Like any products available, not all Bluetooth speakers offered in the market have this parameter stated. It is specified, it is shown in watts. A speaker with 10 watts power is extremely loud. However, it will eat more power. So, don’t shock if one day you notice there is a considerable increase in your power bill.


Bluetooth speakers are extremely convenient; this is due to the fact that they are transportable. So, you can take it anywhere and put it almost everywhere. In fact, you can take it inside the bathroom without the worry of getting wet. For people who love to listen to music while taking a bath, it is very functional to have a speaker that has been made waterproof. Some speakers are submersible, however, while some are just water-resistant. A speaker that is water-resistant is especially practical when being utilized on the beach or at the poolside.

When you take pleasure in outdoor activities and sports, think of a speaker that is rugged as your lifestyle. A weather-resistant Bluetooth speaker not only stands up to snow and rain but often made to be a shock- as well as dust-resistant, as well. Therefore, they hold up to rough-and-tumble use as well as being able to sit in the sand at the beach.

When buying a speaker, you will see weatherproof rating numbers, such as IPX6 or IPX7. For more information about this rating number, you can search it online.

Bluetooth version best bluetooth speaker

There are specifications when it comes to the version of Bluetooth. The first type or version of Bluetooth is v.1, which became popular decades ago. At this point, it is possible to find a device that is v.1 enabled. The 2.1 version becomes popular. Some devices utilized current versions like the 4.0 and the 5. So, the question is, what version of Bluetooth you must consider when buying a speaker. We advise you to consider the 2.1 version that has EDR or Enhanced Data Rate profile. This improves the crispiness and quality of the sound as it provides a realistic representation of the audio. So, given that the speaker comes with Bluetooth 2.1 version will be fine. Bluetooth 5 version offers extra capabilities like data collection from fitness trackers. Therefore, unless your Bluetooth speaker is going to have all kinds of additional functions, it really does not matter, even if by no means a flaw. Also read about fixd.

Connect to Various Speakers 

There are speakers available today that have the capability to connect to another speaker. Once stereo audio is vital, then this is a remarkable feature that’s worth checking.

Hands-Free Calls 

There are also some Bluetooth speakers available that functions as a speakerphone. They are integrated with microphones, so you can keep on a hands-free conversation. If someone calls you on the paired mobile device, it instantly routes to the speaker that provides you the choice to accept the call or reject it and continue listening to your favorite music.

NFC Capable 

Connecting iPods, phones, and laptops to Bluetooth speakers are so easy. On the other hand, it is likely to utilize Near Field Communications, or NFC for short on an NFC enabled speakers to play music. Near Field Communication enables compatible devices to link to speakers through Bluetooth just by tapping the 2 together. But there is also a downside with NFC, like even if your iOS device is NFC enabled, it is utilized for Apple Pay, and as an outcome, NFC has just been dedicated for safety reasons. So, meaning this capability is just valuable with phones powered by Android.

Wired Inputs 

A lot of older devices don’t have a Bluetooth feature. You can use old wired audio wire or purchase a Bluetooth transmitter. Almost all speakers available today come with a 3.5mm jack input. Therefore, it is still likely to link wire-only gadgets through a suitable wire. It’s always advisable to check and assess the product instead of just assuming all speakers have jack input.

Summary of Buying Guide for the Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Here is the recap of the things you need to consider when buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Make sure to keep this information in mind to make the best out of your money. So, here they are!

  • It is highly recommended to search for a Bluetooth speaker that has an IP rating. Through this, you can really tell if it is waterproof or not.
  • Choose a rugged speaker as it is more durable and tougher. This gives you an assurance that it will last for many years of using.
  • Choose a speaker that is versatile and can be charged and powered by other sources like through USB or a car charger.
  • Don’t forget to check the range of frequency of the speaker you are planning to buy. It is highly advisable to buy a speaker with a frequency range of 100Hz and 20,00Hz.
  • Also, you have to check if the Bluetooth speaker you are planning to busy is compatible with the device you are planning to use it with.
  • Choose a Bluetooth speaker with a range of not less than 30ft, which also provides multi-unit pairing.

waterboom 360 speaker bluetooth


This section will help you get to know more about Bluetooth speakers. This will enhance your horizon regarding this matter. So, don’t forget to check this out.

Q: Is it easy to reset my waterproof speaker?

Yes. Resetting a Bluetooth speaker is easy as 1, 2, and 3. To remove paired gadgets from your speaker, all you have to do is to tap and hold the Bluetooth button and the power for a few seconds. This resets the unit to factory setting, and it will be in pairing mode once you switch.

Q: Can I use my Bluetooth even without a Wi-Fi connection?

The best thing about WaterBoom waterproof Bluetooth speakers is that you can use them ideally without being linked to Wi-Fi. As a matter of fact, they don’t require an internet connection to work adequately since Bluetooth is a type of wireless transmission.

Q: Why is my speaker not functioning correctly? Is there any wrong? portable bluetooth speakers

If your speaker is not working correctly, first, you need to ensure that the speaker isn’t set to mute mode, and the volume is high. Ensure the device is playing audio, and the volume is high, as well. Disable or switch off Bluetooth on the paired gadgets nearby and reconnect the device you want to connect. Turn off the speaker and back on.

Q: Why is my speaker not connecting to my device?

Check to ensure that the Bluetooth device is turn on and either 100 percent charged or connected to power. Ensure that the device is Bluetooth enabled and ready to pair. Get rid of any sources of interference. Switch off and back on once more.

Q: Is it possible to use two Bluetooth devices at once?

You can connect 2 Bluetooth audio devices at once using Android. For those with many Bluetooth devices, like android auto, smartwatch, yes, it is likely to connect to more devices.

Q: Does a Bluetooth speaker need WiFi?

You can go wireless via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speakers link into your home network. They typically operate on AC power. Therefore, they need an outlet. A Bluetooth speaker is directly connected with a device like a laptop or a phone.

Q: What is the essential factor to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth speaker?

The Bluetooth version as it determines the quality of the transmission of the sound and distance you are able to keep between the speaker and your phone. You must ideally search for Bluetooth version 4 because this adds support for a low energy profile for the life of the battery, and it is about 30 to 60 meters.

Q: How does a wireless Bluetooth speaker works?

A wireless speaker acquires sound wirelessly via Bluetooth. However, do they have cables. The active unit accommodates the wireless receiver, volume, and amplifier, as well as tone knobs. A lot of active speakers come with stereo jack as well as speaker terminals, which allows you to link directly to your TV or smart device with the use of a cable.

Q: How to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to my laptop or computer?

There are many ways to connect the Bluetooth speaker to your laptop using windows. First, switch on both Bluetooth speakers. Then pair both speakers with windows computer if applicable utilize the speaker manufacturer’s app to match the speakers. The next thing to do is to open the Windows audio settings, choose speakers, and tap Set Default button. Tap the Recording tab, Right-click Stereo Mix, and then tap Enable.

Q: How far can the WaterBoom Bluetooth speaker’s connection go?

The range of the connection of the WaterBoom 360 speaker is between thirty to sixty feet, provided the fact the transmitting audio sources aren’t moving around. There is no obstruction between the speaker and the source of the audio, and most importantly, it isn’t in a pocket, bag, or covered in any way. Also, the range might be affected by the chipset in the source of the audio.

The location or position of the actual placement of the speaker can also affect the frequency or signal. Like for instance, do you have it rained down in the grime a little bit? Is it lifted off the ground? The positioning of the device also affects the range of Bluetooth.

Once the Bluetooth connected gadget is brought out of range of the WaterBoom speaker, a tone will sound. By going back to the range, the device will instantly re-pair and keep on sending a sound signal or frequency.

Q: The audio is distorted. What’s happening, and can I fix it alone?

Just in case the sound from your Bluetooth speaker is distorted, try to lower the control of the volume of the sound source, like iPhone, iPod as well as any android devices. Once you keep on experiencing issues in the quality of sound after doing the steps mentioned, perhaps it is now time to call the customer hotline number for help. WaterBoom prioritizes their clients; that’s why they respond fast to the queries of their clients and make sure they are addressed and solved.

Q: Are WaterBoom 360 Bluetooth speakers waterproof?

A: The WaterBoom 360 speaker is IPX7 water-resistant. So, meaning they are waterproof and can resist splashing water from any angle. You can take outside during extreme cold, melting snow, heavy rain as well as allows it to sit in standing water.


There are lots of perks by using this waterproof speaker from WaterBoom. This is user-friendly and very attractive due to its amazing features. Some of the perks you can get are:

  • 360-degree sound effect
  • Waterproof so you can use it near pools, showers and during heavy rains
  • Dustproof
  • Advanced sound technology so you will experience advanced and crisp sound
  • Long battery life
  • Accept or reject phone calls while listening to your favorite music
  • Perfect Bluetooth connectivity
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Can connect up to two devices
  • The mobile range for playback is up to 100 feet
  • Charging time is only 2.8 hours


  • Able to connect only two devices
  • Some find it expensive


Aside from WaterBoom 360 speakers, there are also other brands of portable Bluetooth speakers available on the market today. Most of them integrated with state-of-the-art features. Here is a review of a number of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers available for you.

Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Anker Soundcore

Let’s start with Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. In spite of its small size, the Anker SoundCore 2 provides high-quality sound that is comparable to bigger and expensive speakers available. It is portable and lightweight, which makes it ideal for backpackers or those who love to travel.

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker comes with five buttons, including power, play, and pause, volume up and down, as well as Bluetooth pair; these are located on top of the enclosure control. At the right-hand end, the cup is a micro-USB port and a 3.5mm stereo output. However, it doesn’t hand full-sized USB port for charging other devices.

Customized dual drivers generate 12W of amazing stereo sound. To avoid distortion when in a high volume, this unit is integrated Digital Signal Processor feature and generates rich bass in low volumes. The mixture of patented spiral bass port and special BassUp technology takes the low end to a new depth while keeping incredible intensity and clarity. This speaker is IPX7 Waterproof, so it defends against mud, snow, rain, and many more. This can also last for twenty-four hours. This also allows you to pair SoundCore 2 speakers in a single device for twice the volume or bold stereo sound. You can listen to a 66-feet range with the newest Bluetooth 5 technology. The integrated microphone allows you to answer calls hands-free.

In general, state of the art Anker SoundCore 2 provides lots of essential features for a very reasonable price. It is water-resistant, has a great battery life as well as a rugged body.


  • Waterproof
  • Extremely affordable
  • 24-hour battery life


  • Anemic bass
  • Sound quality is average
  • Not loud enough when using outdoors.

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JBL Charge 3 JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker JBL Charge 3 JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Another popular option is the JBL Charge 3 JBLCHARGE3BLKAM Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is IPX7 waterproof, so you can submerge it totally in water. When it comes to design, it is similar to other speakers in the line-up. It is cylindrical as well as has exposed bass radiators on both ends that surely helps in pushing out some sound. With this device, you can wirelessly connect to up to three devices and alternately play powerful stereo sound. It is powered by a lithium battery that lasts for about 20 hours. However, it depends on the range of volume. You can take crystal calls from this speaker in just one touch of a button due to the echo and noise-canceling speakerphone. If build quality is exceptional, then you will get a remarkable connection. Without walls, you are able to get a powerful connection up to fifty to sixty feet.


  • Waterproof
  • Size to sound audio
  • Made by a renowned company
  • Durable and tough


  • Lack of mids
  • Expensive

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JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

If you are looking for the best portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker which offers powerful sound, look no further than JBL Flip 4. This is the next generation in the Flip  JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speakerseries. It is extremely portable as well as provides a surprisingly powerful stereo sound. State of the art Flip 4 from JBL has a 3000mAh rechargeable battery, which provides twelve hours of constant superior audio playtime. Sporting waterproof, tough, as well as durable fabric materials that are on hand in six diverse colors, this waterproof speaker is an all-purpose, all-weather buddy who takes the party anywhere. Also, it is also designed with a built-in echo and noise-canceling speakerphone for clear calls.  One amazing feature is the Connect + technology that allows you to connect wireless over 100 JBL connects+ enabled speakers in order to intensify your experience in listening your favorite music. In just one press of a button, you are able to set off as well as connect to Google Now or Siri from this speaker.


  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming
  • IPX7 Waterproof
  • JBL Connect+
  • 12 hours of playtime
  • Speakerphone
  • Lifestyle Material
  • JBL Bass Radiator
  • Voice Assistant Integration


  • Expensive

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OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) – Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Another remarkable option is the OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) – Bluetooth Portable Speaker. This made for greater clarity sound, clear highs as well as accurate midst. It comes OontZ Angle 3 (3rd Gen) - Bluetooth Portable Speakerwith improved bass output by the passive bass radiator, exceptional triangular design. The volume booster 10+W power pumps out more volume. It can also play music without distortion, even if you set high the volume. Due to its louder volume, the OontZ Angle 3 is an ideal speaker for all rooms and the best speakers to use outdoor. It has a remarkable 100-foot Bluetooth range. It is IPX5 water-resistant. Thus, it is a splashproof, great shower speaker, rainproof speaker, and it is able to resist gentle water spray as well as a splash. However, it can’t either be partially or fully submerged. You can enjoy 14 hours of listening to your favorite music. You can play your favorite song from morning until evening.  For hands-free calls, this speaker comes with microphone. It is super lightweight, only weighs 10oz, and measures 5 inches long and 2.8 inches high. It has a micro-USB cable and a carrying case.


  • Super quality audio
  • 100-foot range
  • Durable and tough
  • Waterproof


  • Can’t totally submerged

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Conclusion WaterBOOM 360

A Bluetooth waterproof speaker is indeed a very useful and amazing device that allows you to play and listen to your favorite music anywhere you want. There are lots of brands and models to choose from, but if you want to make the best out of your money, you need to consider the WaterBoom 360 speakers. State of the art WaterBoom 360 is considered one of the few best options in waterproof speakers that are able to give you remarkable listening experience. The control of music, accessing as well as rejecting the calls, is done straight from the speaker itself. It is tough and, most of all, very reasonable.

waterproof speaker