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Bitdefender Antivirus

If you are in the market for reliable antivirus software that will give you the utmost level of safety and protection, look no further than BitDefender Antivirus. This is the best choice due to its reliability and filed with amazing features. There are extremely few antivirus programs that will provide you the level of protection which this software package provides. With the greater part of people being connected to the internet, it is just a matter of time before getting your computer a virus, which can potentially cause you to lose vital files on your hard drive. By installing BitDefender Antivirus onto your laptop or computer, you are assured of the utmost protection while so surf online.

How Does BitDefender Perform

One of the best things about this software is that it is incredibly successful at protecting you from possible threats like spyware and viruses. The reason that this software is able to keep your files safe and sound from the threats is that it covers you from many angles, which other software doesn’t. BitDefender Antivirus will track your incoming emails as well as instant messages that will enable the software to catch any malicious software which might be trying to gain access to your laptop via back doors. If your computer is already outdated, you will want to pick this software as it doesn’t need very much of your computer. Other antivirus software will slow down your computer during a scan or update to the point it is not usable.

BitDefender Antivirus How it performs Against Common Threats  

This BitDefender Antivirus review will not be completed without reviewing how it performs against common threats. This BitDefender antivirus free is packed with essential features which make it one of the best and most sought after antivirus program today.

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Protection against all possible attacks, this is one the main precedence of all antivirus solutions out there. With BitDefender Antivirus, you get instant access to a long list of remarkable features, which takes account of the password manager, webcam protection, a VPN parental control, a firewall, and many others. The best thing above all is that it performs courteously in different third party assessments and laboratory tests.

At this point, you will not be secured and protected without highly developed anti-malware as well as anti-phishing modules. Safe and secure online banking, anti-tracking, as well as encrypted storage also pose a vital part in keeping scammers as well as cybercriminals away. Keep on reading to know how this software performs in combating common threats.

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  • Protects Against Malware

Being one of the best antiviruses, BitDefender Antivirus puts into practice a lot of advanced and groundbreaking anti-malware protection methods. For the most part, it comes equipped with a scanner that functions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and looks for various kinds of threats included in the database.

The heuristic monitor supports this conventional scanner. This module can detect behavioral signs as well as takes a different approach to the detection as well as the elimination of the virus.

Every time a new, potentially new malicious file is spotted, this software uploaded instantly to the company’s server. When an update is ready, it is sent to each user of BitDefender from all parts of the globe. More than 500m systems are working on this antivirus software. In case you don’t want the idea if a third party app is collecting files from your laptop or computer, you can switch it off anytime you want.

Everything holds true for virtually each of the product’s features. Simply click the Settings, pick a module or feature you do not want and switch it off. What is more, the users can turn to a Movie or Gamer mode that will get rid of any pop-ups as well as other breaks and pauses by the antivirus program.

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BitDefender Antivirus takes account of a rescue environment feature. It makes use of a hidden sector on the SSD or hard drive to launch a full scan of the system and combat malware while being undetected. The mainstream of antivirus solutions suggest downloading the module on a USB drive or compact disc, however with BitDefender, you can launch the complete scan from the dashboard.

Certainly, it must only be utilized once the program cannot get rid of the infection with offline and real-time modules.

  • Phishing Protection 

With regard to protection against phishing, BitDefender is amongst the best and stands out from the rest. With industry-leading results in 3rd party lab assessments and tests, you can rest easy that this antivirus will keep you safe and sound from malicious links, fake websites, and stealers of login password as well as other emerging threats. Based on many client reviews, this software is better than McAfee, ESET as well as Kaspersky when it comes to protection against phishing.

What is phishing anyway, and how it works? Phishing takes benefit of your negligence and tricks them into visiting false copies of legit sites. In most cases, the false sites have the wrong URL, but once more, a lot of users just don’t pay attention to that. Secondly, they enter their credentials like, for instance, in the malicious copy of PayPal, criminals get access to the bank accounts as well as steal sensitive data and even money.

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Now, these malicious sites are continually being blacklisted and blocked. On the other hand, hackers make new websites and keep on profiting on trusting users. A firm anti-phishing module shows phishing sites and warns users against clicking or browsing them. On the other hand, A lot of emerging phishing attacks are not integrated into the list. That is the reason why you want a leading and reliable antivirus to keep you safe and sound against new threats.

BitDefender Online Threat Protection depends not just on the blacklist database but also put into practice real-time analysis to determine zero-day attacks. In a test, OTP can detect 99 out of 100 fraudulent pages. BitFinder Free can just detect 91 threats because it makes use of diverse way of dealing with phishing.

  • Firewall Web Protection 

It is so hard to think of a contemporary and state of the art anti-malware software that doesn’t have a firewall. The one equipped with BitDefender is relatively the same in other renowned antivirus solutions out there. It works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in a totally automatic mode as well as blocks all incoming attacks if you are online. What is more, it decided which apps are safe as well as can be permitted to link online and which are not.

Network Threat Protection or NTP module is also an interesting factor. It works together with OTP; on the other hand, in a lot of ways, it acts as a groundbreaking firewall. It just has one task, and that is to look for vulnerabilities as well as safety holes in the Operating System and the different apps set up on the device of the users.

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Exploit protection is a good addition to this antivirus. While this state of the art antivirus software can block only 45 percent of the planted samples, some can detect up to 85 percent.

  • Spam Filter

This software effectively filters spam, keeping potentially malicious attachments, and email away from you.

It is now a new and advanced feature and just offers basic security. Still, during the assessment, performance and efficiency are impressive. The spam filter feature can block over 90 percent of the planted samples.

As for the proportion of false positives, it just flagged 1% off legit emails that are a dependable outcome. The best thing is that you do not need to do anything for the spam filter to function or work. It’s automatically enabled in this software and is active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can make whitelists and blacklists, mark particular kinds of email as well as modify and tweak the module according to your needs and liking. While that isn’t impressive when it comes to the set of features, as mentioned, the rate of detecting span is above average.

bitdefender antivirus free edition

  • BitDefender Webcam Protection as well as Microphone Filter

Hijacking is considered one of the biggest and common treats at this point. When you access the webcam using your tablet, phone, or notebook, scammers and criminals alike are watching you and spying on you without your knowledge. The webcam protection module of this software can determine which app on the operating system can have access to a webcam. You can decide to block specific programs, browsers as well as switch off the camera.

How does this software work in blocking possible threats? Each time an app that does not need permission to access the cam tries to do that, this software immediately informs you. It works the same way as Microphone Filter. However, it focuses on the mic instead of the webcam. Sad to say, the level of handling and control is lower; you just get alerts as well as are not able to set up rules. On the other hand, since a lot of rivals do not have filters of the microphone, this feature deserves commendation.

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  • Parental Control

The main objective of this parental control is to stop your kids from browsing explicit content online. This feature comes with a reasonable line-up of features for controlling as well as monitoring what your kid can see online. Limiting the use of the app is the most valuable feature. What is more, you can block sites by content, switch off diverse devices as well as set up daily limits of device use.

All this is completed with just a few clicks. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to activate and use the Parental Control of the BitDefender Antivirus. The mobile app for Android phones enables parents to track who the kids communicate with via SMS messages and calls as well. Blocking calls can be an option, too. The app leaves lots of desired though, sometimes, it does not work well and sets the wrong blocks as well as limitations. Read More About Norton Antivirus

Therefore, you need to be extra careful with the parental control of this antivirus program as, during the review, it blocks a test phone, and it’s hard to turn it back on. The higher tier, which is the premium integrates cyberbullying detection, address request, and many others. But, once more, it’s a flawed feature.

Parental Control

  • Password Manager

BitDefender Wallet is amazing when it comes to storing passwords, logins, credit card credentials, as well as sensitive data. What is more, it is also able to link and sync the passwords, which allows you to access your accounts via any device instantly.

In the past few years, there is not changed in the Wallet. It doesn’t work with a two-page login system and is not remarkable as other password manager tools available out there.

Being an entry-level software, BitDefender is indeed easy to use and very useful. And if you make a new account, the BitDefender Wallet password generator can instantly produce a strong fifteen character password that takes account of letters and numbers. Allowing special characters will make the password reliable. However, this antivirus is a lack of two-factor authentication, secure credential sharing, and automatic password updates.

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  • Bitdefender VPN

A VPN or also known as Virtual Private Network is a safe and secure service that you can link to and turn into a digital shadow. Once activated, a VPN prevents hackers, government agents, as well as ISP from tracking your online activity. While the VPN of this antivirus is not almost as impresses as another expensive antivirus out there, as a part of the suite, it is relatively decent.

Through VPN, you can watch your preferred and much-loved shows on diverse streaming platforms, unblock access to geo-restricted sites as well as download torrents. The highest BitDefender tier offers unlimited use of a VPN. The less costly tiers restrict traffic to 200MB data a day, which is good compared to its competitors.

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  • Anti-Tracking

Anti-tracker is a browser extension and is also available for Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Each time you browse a site that is filled with diverse trackers, anti-tracker will notify you regarding the tracker in the right corner of the screen. You will also see numbers of ad trackers.

This antivirus program is integrated with Do Not Track module that instantly blocks each tracker it identifies- that is what it does by default. However, you can alter the settings and prevent them from allowing specific ad categories. The anti-tracker feature is identical to browser extensions available but reliable and effective. Read More about Avira Antivirus

  • Safe Files: Ransomware Protection

Through encrypting important files on your laptop or PC, ransomware demands compensation for decryption. Or else, you file with be paralyzed and make it hard for you to access. BitDefender’s safe file ransomware protection blocks unauthorized alterations of apps, data, as well as folders in the most vulnerable places. Those take account of pictures, videos as well as documents. This feature also allows you to choose extra locations that should be secured and protected. Each time an unknown and potentially malicious program tries to modify a folder or file under this module’s protection, Safe Files will instantly notify you. Ransomware Remediation, on the other hand, is a new feature of BitDefender Antivirus that instantly makes backups of vital documents at the hint of a possible attack.

However, according to customer reviews, while the multi-layered method is relatively efficient, it is not as reliable as the Trend Micro.

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  • SafePay – Online Banking Protection

SafePay is an extremely secure desktop that instantly launches each time you connect to a bank. It works the same way as the Bank Mode and offers an extra layer of security and protection. Login, password as well as credit card robbery is a big threat today. That is the reason why you must always utilize safe environments such as SafePay each time you are logging into your accounts.

Certainly, it takes account of a safe browser. The operations run in it. The desktop does not have connections to the actual desktop, which gives brick strong security against keyloggers. What is more, SafePay has a virtual keyboard, which makes it virtually impossible for malware to interfere with online banking transactions. It is highly suggested to run the VPN each time you set off SafePay for improved protection.

SafePay – Online Banking Protection

  • Bitdefender Lab Tests

In case you are searching for firm and flawless protection against threats, you can consider the BitDefender. In the test conducted, this Anti-Virus successfully detected and got rid of 99.99 percent of the malicious samples, which is closer to Kaspersky that has 100 percent and is better than Norton, which has 99.6 percent.

Bitdefender Anti-Virus Products: Cost

Every user considers the cost first before making a purchase. The good news is that BitDefender is one of the cheapest antiviruses available. The price of this software is a little bit lower compared to rivaling products like Norton and McAfee.

It is highly recommended to check the costs by visiting the official website before making a purchase. This is because antivirus manufacturers continuously change their pricing policies. What is more, you be lucky and get a huge discount, such as a 50 percent off deal for your first year of subscription.

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Bitdefender Free Version

BitDefender antivirus free you can acquire core protection as opposed to automatic updates and malware. That makes it the modest free antivirus available on the market. On the other hand, BitDefender antivirus free is just available for Windows operating system. If you are using a Mac, you can only look forward to a virus scanner that scans hand-chosen folders and files and the whole operating system. The Android app is more advanced and, together with malware protection, also offers cloud scanning.

BitDefender provides free trials of each single paid package. Total Security, Internet Security, Antivirus Plus as well as Premium Security are available with a thirty days free trial. It is enough to give this product a try on your laptop and see if you want to upgrade it or not. In general, BitDefender Antivirus free is the best starting point before upgrading.. Please Read more about ESET antivirus

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Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020

The Antivirus Plus 2020 from BitDefender is the entry-level package. Here, you will get a limited list of vital features. However, it is only accessible for a device powered by Windows operating system the same as the free edition. On the other hand, it is cheap, as opposed to other renowned products.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus provides many perks such as:

  • Real-Time Protection: it prevents malware regardless of type from infecting your pc or laptop. The antivirus works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week provides decent security and protection against ransomware.
  • Safe Online Banking: A safe and secure environment avoids cybercriminals from acquiring your information without consent. It is all about banking info such as a login password to a bank account, which scammers steal and get access to sensitive data. Safe Online Banking works efficiently against keyloggers and enables safe and secure banking online.
  • Password Manager: A safe storage for login and passwords. Aside from linking as well as syncing all the credentials, it also assists in coming up with passwords that are hard to crack.
  • VPN: a limited VPN for hiding the online activity, with BitDefender Antivirus Plus, the use of VPN is restricted to 200MB a day. Yet, this is not adequate for watching shows on Netflix. On the other hand, for transactions online, the 200MB limit is enough. It is highly recommended to activate the VPN when making use of the public network because of the fact that it keeps Wi-Fi safe.

bitdefender antivirus free edition

Bitdefender Internet Security 2020

This is packed with essential features, and according to the research, it is one of the most sought after and most sought after packages of BitDefender Antivirus. This isn’t available on iOS, Mac as well as Android operating system. It only supports Microsoft Windows that puts BitDefender behind others. Read more About Kaspersky Antivirus

Some of the amazing features integrated take account of the following:

  • Parental Controls: As stated above, these tools are utilized to limit as well as control the content which is accessible on their laptops or computer devices. For keeping track of the activities online, restricting the use of the device as well as blocking specific sites and programs or apps, this feature is the best choice and highly useful.
  • Firewall: This amazing feature controls the apps or programs to get access to the network as well as looks for holes in the network or OS, which can be browbeaten and oppressed by the cybercriminals.
  • Microphone and Webcam Protection: Of course, no users want others to watch him or her in the webcam or to listen in on private conversations and discussions. That is the reason why this feature is essential.  It enables you to pick which programs or apps can access the webcam as well as the microphone and even totally switch off the device.
  • File Encryption: An additional layer of safety for the critical and essential folders and files.
  • File Shredder: Ideal for eliminating unnecessary files and folders for good.

bitdefender antivirus plus

Bitdefender Total Security 2020

The state of the art Total Security package can cover each device you have. Opposed to the Internet Security and Antivirus Plus, Total Security has one big benefits, it is totally compatible not just with Windows, but also iOS, Mac as well as Android. It also takes account of the features from the past packages as well as puts in extras.

This package allows users to get access to various kinds of modules, such as:

  • Behavioral Threat Detection: A real-time tracking of the active apps on the operating system. Whenever something suspicious and unusual starts to take place, Behavioral Threat Detection takes fast and immediate action.
  • Anti-Theft: This enables you to lock a stolen device remotely. Also, it assists in monitoring the device and locates it before the robbers or thieves manage to pinch anything essential.
  • Once Click Optimizer: This is a tune-up tool of the antivirus, and it enhances overall system performance and eliminates unnecessary junk.
  • Photon: An advance optimization tool that further improved and enhanced the performance as well as frees up random access numbers while boosting the power of the CPU or central processing unit.

bitdefender antivirus plus

Bitdefender Premium Security 2020

Premium Security is the most expensive package as it covers simultaneous connections as well as takes account of one feature available with the past packages. On the other hand, unless you have many devices and want each exceptional extra feature, this package may be a perfect choice. With Premium Security, you will get:

  • Priority Support

Each time you call customer service, you will be prioritized over the regular subscribers. User prioritization based on packages is not exclusive to BitDefender.

  • Unlimited VPN Usage

Premium Security does not have a daily limit on the use of VPN traffic. It means you can freely download many torrents as well as wish and stream movies as well as TV series as well on your preferred device.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

If you use Mac, then good news as the BitDefender provides three packages to select from as against four packaged with Windows. Antivirus for Mac, entry-level plan costs similar to BitDefender Antivirus Plus for Windows. It is just accessible for Mac operating system. With it, you will receive comprehensive security opposed to Mac unique malware, spyware as well as adware.

Add security for banking online, the security of backed up sensitive data as well as low system impact, you will receive a decent and superb product. Internet Security is unaccessible for Macs. For Premium Security and Total Security, while having the same price, they lack features like those on Windows.

BitDefender for Mac has many features, such as: 

  • Malware protection
  • Network security
  • Phishing protection

Safe Files – Bitdefender’s Ransomware Protection Module

Adblocking. This module also fights toolbars as well as hijackers; as a result, optimizing the performance of a browser

  • Traffic Light, Implements AI that scans all links before the user follows them
  • VPN
  • Parental controls
  • Anti-tracker
  • Time Machine Protection
  • Password manager
  • Advanced file encryption

BitDefender Internet Shield handles all the safety processes with no involvement of the users. Automatic detection, as well as the elimination of possible threats.

bitdefender antivirus plus

Autopilot is a clever security advisory, a module which consults users on safety measures, assisting them in keeping safe while browsing online.

As stated above, even when you choose the most state of the BitDefender package, Premium Security, you will not get as many features as with Windows. Additional features take account of photon, mic and webcam protection, social network protection, OneClick Optimizer, and many others. Read More about McAfee Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus for Business

This antivirus is accessible not just for home users but for companies or businesses too, both medium and small-sized businesses. This is called GravityZone and hosted by BitDefender and installed or set up locally. Regardless of the package you pick, multi-layered protection, machine learning as well as anti-ransomware will be included in the deal.

Anti-exploit modules, heuristics, device control features, as well as a powerful firewall, are some of the best and standout features. In general, you can choose from 6 plans available. This takes account of:

  • Business Security: Entry-level package ideal for a small business, which is searching for simple and cheap solutions to their business.
  • Advanced Business Security: If you own a medium-sized business, you must choose this feature over the typical package. It offers safety features, and in general, it is reliable.
  • Elite Security: If you are dealing with a threat and wish to secure your business, this approach might earn your trust.
  • Ultra Security: This comes with endpoint protection as well as the EDR platform intended for the state of the business. Like Elite, this aims at finding as well as getting rid of sophisticated threats.
  • Enterprise Security: Bigger companies must pick this one over the other packages available this is because it is flexible, and you can put in new features each time you want.
  • Cloud Security for MSPs: Remote defense of multiple devices from one single console –this is where MSP experts.
  • User-Friendly 

bitdefender antivirus

BitDefender offers fast scanning, user-friendly interface, as well as below average system effect. Each feature is within your reach and takes only a few clicks to set off and deactivate an option. There is a security with a white mark in the mid of the central dashboard of the BitDefender, meaning the system is safe and secure.

SafePay, VPN as well as fast scan are always on the screen or homepage. Other vital settings are situated on the left portion in Privacy, Protection as well as Utility. In the test, this antivirus slowed down the central processing unit by almost 15 percent that is good results compare to others with 18 percent. There s a drop in performance of 18 percent in a full scan, which is good.

Like for instance, another full scan has more than 50 percent negative effect on the central processing unit. McAfee’s Total Protection has a low overall system and slowed down performance by 10 percent. There is a quick scan of 2 to 3 minutes. Full scanning is impressive; first scanning takes fifteen to twenty minutes.

Bitdefender for Smartphone Protection both for iOS and Android 

If you own tablets or phones powered by the Android operating system, you will be astounded to know that this Antivirus Mobile Security for Android will just cost you $15 per year. It only runs on a device that is compatible with Android 4.1.

  • Remote Location: It is valuable in the event of stolen or lost gadgets. By locking it, you will keep sensitive data safe and sound on the operating system and prevent robbers and scammers from robbing your logins as well as passwords.
  • Secure VPN: It has the 200MB day limit, and it’s likely to upgrade to Premium VPN, which only costs you USD39.99 per year.
  • Account Privacy: Verify your email address for breaches and then sends alerts each time it detects suspicious activity.
  • Low Battery Impact: This optimizes the performance of the battery.
  • Web Protection
  • Autopilot
  • Web protection
  • Secure VPN
  • Full iPad support
  • Account breach check
  • This runs on iOS 11.2

bitdefender antivirus

BitDefender Customer Support 

In spite of the package you choose, BitDefender offers free access to customer support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Customer service is available via emails, phone calls, as well as online. They respond to emails in15 hours, which is impressive compared to other service providers.

In case you wish to reduce standby time to 1 to 2 hours, upgrade to Premium Security- which is the costlier package available.

There is a FAQ section on their website, a guide on installation, as well as product use and even forum. There are also how-to videos that provide clear instructions about the important functions as well as procedures in a friendly way. In general, customer support is second to none.

bitdefender antivirus

How to Get Started

Setting up BitDefender Antivirus free is easy and quick. There is no prompt or question, and after you submit your email address to make an account, the setup was done and ready to use.

The interface of this antivirus is simple and responsive. There is a system scan button that allows you to check your computer or laptop. There is also a box wherein you can drag and drop any folders or files for a fast safety scan. There is a button for setting with diverse protection-related tweaks as well as options.

An on-demand scan is not important, though, as this antivirus must pick up spyware the moment it arrived or goes into your computer. The BitDefender Antivirus free is user-friendly, and you can leave it to work in the background, watching over your computer as well as raising notifications when something wrong or dubious happens.

Pros and Cons

This antivirus, like other programs available out there, also comes with pros and cons. Let’s start with the pros:


  • Decent protection for malware and spyware
  • Below average system effect
  • Free trials are available on each package offered
  • Lots of extra features available
  • Provides a dependable VPN
  • User friendly and very simple
  • Keeps businesses and home users safe and sound


  • The entry-level package just protect windows operating system
  • Expensive compared to others
  • Not as impressive in 3rd part tests

Final Verdict

Everybody agrees that virus protection is vital. But, a lot of virus protection software is hard to use and set up, pop up annoying windows at the most convenient times and even lock up the system while trying to get something done. For an antivirus that is efficient, affordable, and user friendly, BitDefender antivirus 2019 is a perfect choice. It has been a dependable software for a lot of users. This is great for any user as it will protect you not only for viruses but also for malware, spyware as well as phishing scams without needing any work from you.

bitdefender antivirus


Q: When is the best time to use BitDefender VPN?

BitDefender VPN helps in keeping your information private every time you connect to wireless networks which are not secured in cafes, hotels as well as malls. In this way, unfortunate cases like theft of files and attempts to make the IP address your device accessible to scammers can be prevented.

Q: Is Bitdefender is an Antivirus?

Yes. Aside from it also helps you safe from malware and spyware.

Q: Does it affect the performance of my laptop?

Antivirus can slow down the performance of your computer.

Q: Does Bitdefender integrate with a firewall?

Antivirus plus doesn’t come with a firewall, even if it is effective in safeguarding your PC. This antivirus has other security programs that are integrated with a firewall. Also, you can utilize a free firewall option in keeping your PC safe and sound.

Q: Who can benefit from Bitdefender?

BitDefender is beneficial for home users and businesses as well. However, it is often utilized by businesses small or big.

Q: Does it sell my info?

This antivirus might gather your info in various ways; however, never sell your info.