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Best Car Diagnostic Tool

If you own a car, then it is vital to know about the car diagnostic tool. You may be aware of the significance of using a car diagnostic scanner. This is certainly important for your car since it helps you in finding the issues your car is experiencing. The best point about this tool is that it easy to manage or operate.  Such types of devices can be utilized even by ordinary people. This is armed with state-of-the-art technology so you can get exact information on the wellbeing of your car. If you utilize such a tool, you need not call a mechanic to fix your vehicle. For using this device, you do not need to learn something special. This is the main reason why this tool is considered the most important part of the modern automobile industry.

Is a Car Diagnostic Tool Very Important?

The application of a car diagnostic tool is no longer a strange idea at this point. As car technology becomes more and more advanced, many tools are being made for car maintenance since most of their parts are semi-automatic and automatic in operation. Being a combination of electrical as well as mechanical components, a vehicle can break down at any time without giving any prior notice. In such unavoidable cases, setup diagnostic devices would assist you to know the actual issue, though you may not be able to repair it if it is incredibly technical.

Car diagnostic tools come packed with lots of exclusive features as well as functionalities. They are accessible in different prices- from the most expensive ones down to the cheapest models. Some instruments, low in cost configured with simple technology and able to detect minor issues in your car. On the other hand, expensive or more complicated systems enabled devices to assist you in looking for hard issues in your vehicle. Frequently, it is seen that basic or cheap tools are small in size, while expensive tools usually are more significant. The reason behind this is that affordable models detect minor faults in your car while state of the art tools can detect complex and big defects in your vehicle. Also read vizr reviews.

If you’re going to purchase such car tools, then you have to choose a state-of-the-art instrument. It means that you should pick devices that are integrated with the newest technologies. This will surely assist you in getting needed and wanted results. A state-of-the-art device can inform you on diverse needed mechanism like transmission control, fuel management, conditioning control, service light system as well as airbag control. It is often viewed that most people keep away from such tools saying that they will never need such instruments.

On the other hand, it is not always the case. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you should use such highly developed tools in your car to put off unwanted problems so that you can take pleasure in good riding. A car diagnostic tool can detect a small problem even before it may turn into big ones. Therefore, such auto instruments assist you in saving lots of money and time.

These state-of-the-art car tools assist you in detecting an issue in your auto. Once you come to know the issue, causing your car non-working, you can just put right that specific issue. Such tools come equipped with easy to use interfaces that assist car owners or individuals in operating them with no trouble and efficiently. On the other hand, they are extremely valuable, but the only disadvantage with such devices is that the superior version is extremely heavy in size. Furthermore, some of them are intended using an extremely complicated user interface. As a result, car owners find them hard to use or manage. We suggest you to check out more about vizr and best gps tracker for cars

How Does Car Diagnostic Scanner Help?

In general, if there is any barely discernible fault in your car, the device will give a signal via beeps or a display on its LCD screen. So, it can be deduced that having a car diagnostic tool would not just save you from possible mishaps. It would also assist you to save a considerable amount of money in respect of repairs. Like for instance, when the brake system has developed a specific fault, and car diagnostic tool raises the alarm to which effect, you can change it or make necessary adjustments.

So, with a functional car diagnostic scanner in your vehicle, you would save money and time. Sometimes, the fault developed in a car may be minimal, and if you do not have the device, you will result in spending money at a mechanic workshop. Nonetheless, prior to performing any repairs by yourself, you should know the peculiarities of your car as it may react in such a way that it may not be capable of decoding correctly. Or else, you would cause more harm to your vehicle.

Best car diagnostic tool

How Does Car Diagnostic Tool Function?

In general, a car diagnostic tool can connect to the computer in your car to detect all systems. With an efficient scan tool, you’ll have access to Checking I/M Readiness that includes emissions, and Reading and Erasing Engine Codes.

Also, you will have access to state-of-the-art features like key coding, online programming, as well as other valuable functions with a highly developed car scan tool. We recommend doing research on what is ideal for you and your car, or you can check out review sites and see the comparison chart to get the best one.

Keep in mind that each car scan device available is exceptional. On the other hand, the thing which stays consistent is the capability to help the user to notice the diagnostic trouble codes stored in the cars OBD or On-Board Diagnostic system.  These codes, also known as DTCs or Diagnostic Trouble Codes, make out the area that has an issue and present an inside look at where the issue might be occurring.

Best Car Diagnostic Tools Available on the Market 

Today there are lots of companies that offer car diagnostic tools. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. But you need to be extra careful when buying the best one. One of the leading producers of car diagnostic tool is FIXD. They have been in the business for many years, and this assures you of the high-quality products. Let us review the Fixd car diagnostic tool to know if this is ideal for you or not. You will probably find helpful to read our guide for the best obd2 scanner

What is Fixd Car Diagnostic Tool?

Fixd is a combination of software and hardware car monitoring system that is manufactured by FIXD Automotive, a reliable company based in Atlanta, Georgia, established in 2014. The Fixd package consists of an app and a sensor. The sensor requires plugging into the OBD port of your vehicle from where it transmits issues from the diagnostic port to the mobile app. The information is transferred through Bluetooth and will take account of the assessment of the condition of the existing problem. This device will also notify you about what may occur if you keep on driving without addressing the issue. In short, it will notify you of what is wrong with your vehicle and how serious it is. The app allows for scheduling maintenance service and helps you look for the parts that you’ll need to fix the car.

The Fixd app works with iOS and Android, and all you have to do when you connect the device is to download and install the app then pair it with the diagnostic tool. Check out our full fixd reviews guide.

FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool – Get Yours Now!

How Does FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool Works?

Fixd car diagnostic scanner is composed of two parts: The Android app and the iOS and the sensor itself. This device measures two by 1.65 by .78; the Fixd car diagnostic scanner plugs into the car’s OBD-II port that is available on cars powered by gas. According to the company, this device also works with trucks powered by gas and with a gross vehicle weight of fewer than 14,500 pounds. On the other hand, it doesn’t work with cars powered by diesel and powered by electric.

The sensor has a compact and small design that allows it to be hidden and almost invisible while it stays connected at all times. There, it will collect data associated with any check engine light and transmit it via Bluetooth to your mobile device, where the sensor will convert the information into:

  • How serious the issues are?
  • The outcomes of using the car without addressing the issues
  • A two to three sentence definition of how that issue affects the condition of your car in general.

What is more, the algorithm of Fixd will determine the mileage and warn you if you are approaching vital maintenance intervals, give factory recommended maintenance schedule for specific year, model, make as well as the engine.

You can set up sensors in many cars to remotely track the status and health of other members of the family, and get mobile notifications if a new issue is detected. The information gathered is secured in the company’s leading safety protocol.

However, always remember that this device is at present limited to check engine light. According to the company, they are still working on expanding the capabilities of this device to include a lot of service reminders like TPMS, ABS, and many others. You may find our guide for the best garage parking sensor helpful.

Car diagnostic scanner

FIXD Essential Features and Design

The sensor only weighs 0.96 pounds, and it is designed to securely and easily connect to the OBD port of your car. This is where the sensor gains access to the self-diagnostic computerized system of your vehicle. You can leave the sensor connected into the OBD port without the need of recharging or taking it out.

The mobile app of Fixd is easy to use as well as communes with the sensor through Bluetooth. It functions through connecting to the servers of the device via cellular or Wi-Fi to recover the diagnostic information required deciphering the error code. It will save the data of your as well as a result of the scan on the server.

The mobile app comes with a big “Tap to Scan” key in the center. This can be utilized to do a quick scan of the status of your car. Below is the Logbook button, Wear Items as well as Timeline. Once you press the “Tap to Scan” key, the device will start scanning the car to determine some issues. In case no problems are found, a green icon will come up. If there are slight or minor issues detected, a yellow icon will come up, and if the problems are serious or complicated, a red icon will show.

To more about the problems detected, you can click the details button, and there you will see the diagnostics together with the possible results if the issues aren’t addressed immediately. Also, you can open the other dash light screen to know the one that stands for what. Sad to say, Fixd does not provide actual scanning for these other parts.

The Timeline display will give you clever reminders concerning the air filter replacement, oil changes, lubrication, tire rotation, changes in transmission fluids, steering linkage inspections, as well as other ongoing maintenance services that your vehicle needs to undergo routinely.

FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool – Get Yours Now!

Fixd Review


The Wear Items feature will let you enter information about your battery wipers, tires including if they need replacement, and the voltage of the battery as well as the amount of tread and many others. The mobile app provides voltage testing, as well. The mobile app will utilize the inputted details to inform you when it is time to replace any of the parts.

The purchase button allows you to search in a list of components or parts that is compatible with your car and to order and buy them online. The Logbook features stores information of previous scans done and all the codes that have been cleared.

You can access the menu by clicking the 3-bar button located on the upper part of the screen. This allows you to edit account details, buy parts, add sensors, and look for nearby repair shops as well as see recalls of your vehicle.

By clicking the car logo or icon situated on the upper part, you can access the active sensors and the cars that you have paired with your account. Also, this mobile app comes with a Freeze Frame feature that will take as well as keep a snapshot of your car once the error code is kept.

The Live Data option feature shows you multiple PIDs as a gauge, chart as well as graph. Also, it can display zero to sixty mode, trip as well as fighter jet modes. This live data makes use of a huge number of information sources, which include fuel pressure, Range Per Minutes, mass airflow, and many others.

What Issues Fixd Car Diagnostic Tools Can Recognize

According to FIXD, this car diagnostic tool is able to identify thousands of engine issues and other issues that can lead to the death of the check engine indicator light. Obviously, this tool will list all the possible issues but will give you vital details like, for instance, the engine oil temp running high or breakdown of the O2 sensor. So, you’ll be notified when your auto has a serious problem that needs immediate or delayed professional care by a professional mechanic.

Also, you can utilize the app for scanning the check engine light, just in case, the issue becomes insignificant. Also, you are able to clear other dashboard lights through this app too. This mobile app will notify you of your car’s milestone and if you need periodic maintenance.

What Makes Fixd Apart from another Car Diagnosing Tool?

As you see, FIXD is not just the only monitoring device for cars available on the market today. As a matter of fact, there are lots of similar products being offered. What makes this device apart from the rest is that it is readily available for purchase at all leading retailers nationwide. So, meaning you can buy this product anywhere, you are not like other products wherein you can only buy them on the company’s website.

What is more, this tool is regarded as one of the most complete, user-friendly as well as valuable products in this field. One remarkable benefits of this car diagnosing tool is that it is able to break down the issues into simple terms that are easily understandable even by those who aren’t tech-savvy. Fixd will inform you of how serious or stern the problems are and also the results if you keep on driving with this problem, so you know when to bring your car to the mechanics.

Also, it has a valuable timeline maintenance notification service that is extremely valuable for drivers who regularly forget to do periodic maintenance like filter change, oil change, tire rotation, and many others.

FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool – Get Yours Now!

car diagnostic tool

How Much is Fixd?

Fixd car diagnostics scanner is available for only $60. On the other hand, you can save a considerable amount if you choose the double pack, which is only available for $100. This deal is best for those who own two or more cars.

Pros and Cons

There are lots of car diagnostic apps available today. However, the sleek and compact design of the state of the art Fixd car diagnostic toolsets apart from the rest. But, like other products, it also comes with pros and cons.


  • Simple technology
  • Handsfree
  • Video tutorials
  • Continuous support
  • Save money and time
  • Multiple vehicle assistance


  • The app lacks buttons

FIXD -Visit Official Website


This section will help you get to know more about this car diagnosing tool. All the questions that linger in mind about Fixd can be answered by this FAQ section.

  1. Is Fixd works with all types of cars?

This car diagnostic tool just works with cars powered by gas and built after 1996. This also works with trucks powered by gas, which was bought in the United States, as well as a GVWR of below 14,500 pounds. Fixd doesn’t work with cars powered by diesel and electricity.

  1. Where to find OBD II Port?

A lot of cars have an OBD port located below the dashboard on the driver side, above the pedals.

  1. Can I leave this device in my vehicle incessantly?

Yes. You can leave the device connected to the OBD all the time. This tool utilizes little power when not transmitting information to the mobile app. In case you have a plan of leaving the car sitting for a couple of weeks, then this is the time to remove the device.

  1. Can this tool be linked to a mobile device?

This tool sync information wirelessly as well as automatically to your mobile device via Bluetooth once your car.

  1. Do I need to be close to my car to utilize the tool? 

Provided that the fact that there’s someone with the auto running the app, you are able to see details and status of that vehicle in the Multi-Vehicle Control feature.

  1. Will the sensor hinder with other devices in my vehicle? 

No. Your phone will let you pair as well as communicate with many Bluetooth receivers at one time.

  1. Is FIXD compatible with Windows Phones?

At present, there is no plan for phones powered by Windows.

  1. Does FIXD require charging?

No. This device makes use of car energy to keep working. It just consumes a small amount of power, so don’t worry about draining the battery.

  1. Will it work with foreign vehicles? 

Prior to buying Fixd, you must remember that it just functions on local or domestic vehicles like Chevrolet and Ford. If you are using a foreign auto, it might not provide you information that you require.FIXD is just ideal for use on vehicles in North America.

  1. Is the money-back warranty available? 

Yes. It comes with a one-month Money Back Guarantee.

  1.  Is There A Warranty?

The device comes with a one-year warranty

FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool – Get Yours Now!

What is Smartcar Diagnostic Tool

Another popular car diagnostic tool is Smartcar. If you own a car and want to keep away from expensive, unnecessary repairs each time you visit an auto mechanics, you have to consider getting the best car diagnostic tool. This is always available and ready to save your day.

What is a SmartCar Diagnostic Tool?  Watch this video on how to use SmartCar

Basically, a SmartCar diagnostic tool is a small and extremely portable device that can be connected to the OBD port of your vehicle. It is linked to your smartphone so you can acquire useful as well as real-time updates of the status and conditions of your car.

This car diagnostic scanner also enables you to determine and find out any form of break down, which takes play in the engine of your car. By simply inspecting the app for notifications and alerts, knowing the parts to repair is now easier. What is more, these amazing capabilities make SmartCar a must-have tool for every car owner. It is especially beneficial due to the existence of many car repair scammers.

For car fanatics, this valuable device can be amazingly beneficial and cool the same way to car owners who aren’t that savvy in terms of car issues and repairs. The fact that it is easy to use, users will certainly be satisfied to use this superb car diagnostic tool. What is more, it is also advantageous to mechanic shops.

Through the help of this device, mechanics are able to accurately and properly identify the issue of the car.

Car Diagnostic Tool

What to expect from SmartCar?

  • Diagnose car issues in real-time
  • Assist in fixing simple car issues with the use of the mobile device
  • Lessens the risk of car breakdown and accidents
  • Keeps you safe from any form of car repair scam
  • Help you save effort, time as well as money
  • It is compatible with all types of car produced in 1996
  • Available in AppleStore and Google Playstore

All cars produced after the year of 1996 use OBD II, so meaning SmartCar diagnostic scanner is the best-standardized system to make the process simpler for them in a better way. What is more, it is extremely vital to get the best scanner specifically made for a ca’s model, year as well as make. So, it is ideal for car owners to get this remarkable SmartCar to take pleasure in the best benefits of a vehicle diagnostic tool.

car diagnostic

SmartCar -Visit Official Website

How SmartCar Diagnostic Scanner Functions?

With the application of SmartCar, car owners can now easily see the condition of their cars. This remarkable tool is able to collect essential details about their car. It will present all the details in a precise and critical report through a mobile app.

The best thing about this device is that it can determine even small issues and errors on a well-functioning car without even a sign that it’s already bound for ruin or damage. Luckily, now, everyone can be receptive using this scanner. The mobile device can be used with your android or iOS devices. This means this tool is readily accessible to every car owner, aside from the fact that using it is so easy.

With this device, you can get notification about the mileage for the scheduled maintenance. What is more, you can also monitor the history of car problems and issues. This feature is valuable if you’re facing a new issue that might hard to determine with no background of issues.

Car diagnostic test

SmartCar Diagnostic Tool Key Features

Taking a peek on the condition of your car is hard and complicated without using a car diagnostic tool. With SmartCar, you are able to know the whole thing is happening in your vehicle for its gather a bulk of information regarding your car, which makes it able to give you with a precise info that helps a lot in addressing the issues right away prior to becoming worse.

Here are the vital features of the SmartCar car diagnostic scanner:

Monitor Engine Light: You can make use of SmartCar to know the condition of your engine light. It can help in detecting other mistakes in your car, so you know what to address and fix. This makes the repair process fast and easier for mechanics.

  • Maintenance Tracking: Another remarkable feature of this car diagnostic tool is its capability to see the suggested maintenance schedule. This helps in keeping you up to date on service appointments.
  • Mileage Alerts and Notifications: This car diagnostic tool enables you to get notification about the mileage for the scheduled maintenance.
  • Real-Time Diagnostic Updates: With this tool, you are able to know the problems or issues of your car due to the consistent updates of the app. You can get real-time updates of your vehicle directly to your phone.
  • Car Problems Log: Also, it is vital for each car owner to have the capability to trace back the whole thing which occurred to their vehicle. Because of this, Hyperstech made this tool to assist each car owner in checking the background of car issues and problems with the use of a car log.
  • Fuel Consumption: This remarkable car diagnostic tool is able to offer valuable fuel consumption reports. With this, you are aware if your vehicle is no longer cost-efficient.

How to Make Use of Your SmartCar Diagnostic Tool 

Now that you are already familiar with the features of this car diagnostic, too, let us now proceed to how this tool functions.

  • Connect the device to the OBD port located under the dashboard or steering wheel
  • Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth, and this is vital to get a comprehensive diagnosis of your car conditions.
  • Utilize the device to get updated of your car status in real-time
  • You will get car updates on a regular basis to determine the condition of your car. It does matter if you need to change the oil, scheduled maintenance, as well as other problems. This way, you will know the status of your car as well as the steps on how to fix it.

Benefits of SmartCar Car Diagnostic Tool 

There are many good reasons for every car owner to love this device. First, it is integrated with state-of-the-art features, which prove it stands as a vital device for everyone. Car repair today is very expensive, and this costly repair can be avoided when you consider using this device.

This tool can quickly and easily analyze the condition of your car by connecting it to your mobile device using a mobile app. This app functions in iOS and Android devices so you can take benefit from it. What is more, this remarkable scanner can also assist you to save effort, money as well as time. You can just leave it connected to your car all through the day and daily so you can keep track and check the condition of your car in real-time. Because it is very flexible, you are able to use for all makes and models of car produced after the year 1996, SmartCar is indeed a remarkable and truly remarkable tool.

Right after setting up this scanner on your vehicle, you are not set to fix the whole thing you come across, which include minor problems and errors that can be fixed without the help of a mechanic. It is quite frustrating that you did not get the opportunity to know about SmartCar right from the very beginning? Purchase this device now to transform your smartphone into a professional car specialist.

car diagnostic app

Other Benefits

Not like other car diagnostics available out there that offer limited features, SmartCar provides a whole lot more. Not just can it repair the issue of your vehicle, but it also minimizes the risk and danger of car breakdown and accidents. Also, this means you can keep away from an extensive array of issues that can occur and which earned lots of nods of approval.

This tool allows you to know any malfunction in the engine of your car right on your smartphone. With this, it lessens the need to visit the auto mechanics as this can accurately diagnose the car inside and outside.

Here are some pros of using this car diagnostic tool: 

  • Incredible safety 24 hours a day and seven days a week
  • Risk Avoidance
  • Avoid you from paying the needless cost
  • Ideal for non-car repair savvy as well as for all car fanatics
  • Provides access to valuable information
  • Allows you to know the condition of your auto

SmartCar car diagnostic scanner is the simplest but the most excellent solution to keep away from expensive car repairs, which in fact, you can fix on your own. With this amazing tool, you’ll be daily to travel and face car issues you may come across while traveling.

Make a comfortable and continuous journey and ensure that you know what is happening with your auto. Through this way, you can assure that you and your loved ones are safe and sound during your travel.

Smart car

FAQ car diagnostic scanner

This section will help you get to know more about this car diagnostic tool:

  1. Why Purchase SmartCar?

It is vital for each car owner to know and check on their vehicle’s condition. Not just it can assist in keeping you and your passengers safe and sound, but also to make sure that your car is not bound to destruction. This car diagnostic tool allows you to save time and money. Get rid of often car repairs and make use of your car in a powerful and better way.

  1. Is Smartcar Diagnostic Tool Available with a discount?

Yes. The maker of this tool offers a remarkable discount. Hyperstech provides a 50 percent discount for order done in 72 hours. If you have queries about this revolutionary and amazing product., the company has its friendly and dedicated support team to answer all your queries and help you get the best out of it. You can visit the official website to know the current deals. You can also check the packages offer, as this will save you a lot.

  1. How to own a SmartCar?

Here is a thorough guide on how to acquire this diagnostic tool. Buy the device straight from the manufacturer’s website. Next, download the app and link it to your device. Connect the adapter to the OBD 2 and begin receiving real-time updates on the condition of your car.

  1. Is car diagnostic testing takes time?

A car diagnostic test is indeed a simple and easy test that involves fastening your car’s computer to a machine that scans it for error codes. It is fast and can be done in a few minutes.

  1. What is the outcome of an engine diagnostic test?

Auto diagnostic help you pinpoint issues to make the repairs accurate and fast. This test can show any issues or problems in your car that can be associated with your car’s system, which takes account of the oil tank, transmission as well as exhaust.

  1. How will I know if a diagnostic test is required?

Once the check engine light is on, this is a sign that there is something happening in your car, and thus, the diagnostic test is highly recommended. On the other hand, if you feel or hear that something off with your auto while you are using it, then it can be a sign that a test is needed.

  1. Do I need to conduct a diagnostic on a regular basis?

Even if many people wait until the light is one, or if something wrong is happening with the car, it is better to avoid this from happening than expensive repair. Taking your car in for diagnostic check annually will assist you in uncovering minor issues which can be fixed easily by yourself without the help of mechanics.

SmartCar Car Diagnostic Tool – Get Yours Now!


A car diagnostic tool is indeed a very important device for car owners and mechanics alike. It helps in diagnosing the issue or problems of your car. In this way, you can easily fix the problem and avoid the expensive repair in the future. There are lots of car diagnostic scanners available, but when it comes to accuracy and reliability, opt to FIXD car diagnostic tool. It is arm with amazing features not available on other scanners. If you want a portable and easy to use car diagnostic tool, consider the SmartCar scanner. As the name suggests, it is one of the smartest scanners available on the market, aside from having a low price.

FIXD Car Diagnostic Tool – Get Yours Now!

SmartCar Car Diagnostic Tool – Get Yours Now!