cleansebot review

Cleansebot Review



Kills of Bacteria


Tiny Body and Stylish Design







  • Makes your Room Convenient and Germ-Free
  • Lightweight Device
  • Available in Different Colors
  • Convertible Device
  • Convenient to Use


  • There’s no Warranty
  • Lack of Reviews

You travel to have fun. You explore the world to witness picturesque and fascinating attractions. You visit a place to relax, socialize with peers, find new friends, understand other cultures, taste unique delicacies, or forget the past.

An unexpected event or circumstance might take place. Getting sick during an escapade is a classic example. There are many reasons why you might feel weak during a vacation. Perhaps, you’re exhausted from the long travel. Probably, you’re just tired after an adventurous mountain climbing. Or you’re exposed to allergens, bacteria, and other disease-causing germs.

Whatever the case may be, it’s advisable to follow some hygienic practices during your out-of-the-country escapade. It’s ideal for washing your hands before a meal. It’s perfect for taking a bath on a regular basis.

Everything You Need to Know About Cleansebot

What else? Make sure your hotel room is free from dirt particles and other allergens. Of course, the housekeeping team sanitizes the place according to the industry standards. They change the bedsheet, get rid of food crumbs from the grout, replace carpets, remove old curtains, wipe the countertops, and follow other cleaning checklists.

But it doesn’t suffice to remove harmful dirt particles, mold, and pungent smell. This is the perfect time for Cleansebot to come into the picture and rescue you. A more innovative and high-end tool, Cleansebot has been popular for providing quality and functional performance.

What is Cleansebot? How does this work? What are the features? Does it have working modes? What are the specifications? How much does it cost? What are the pros and cons? What are the common frequently asked questions about the product? What are the other advantages Cleansebot can offer? Good questions! This is the right place.

So, without further ado, let’s get started! Level up your travel with this buddy!

cleansebot review

What is Cleansebot?

Who would have thought that a new and innovative device like Cleansebot would be enjoyed by many travelers? Thanks to the curiosity of men and the continuous development of technology.

What is Cleansebot? Well, it is a device developed to protect travelers from hidden bacteria in the plane or hotel. Unlike other brands online, Cleansebot doesn’t fall off the bed because of its 18 high-end sensors. When it goes underneath the covers, its UV lights automatically turn on. Read Some more home appliances Like Best Mini Air Conditioners , Portable Air Conditioner , Airtic Air Ultra & Coolair

You can set it into a handheld mode to sanitize objects, including tv remotes, switch pillows, phone cases, chargers, books, and more.

cleansebot bed cleaning robot

How Does It Work?

Cleansebot can kill approximately 99.99 percent of germs, dust mites, and bacteria. Once set in the right mode, place the robot on the bed. Then, you can eat breakfast in the nearest restaurant, visit the mall to buy some groceries, or watch an exhibition in a theme park. After a few hours of escapade, your bed is free from dust and dirt. It is ready to use, leveling up comfort and convenience.

Cleansebot can clean your blankets, sheets, and beds within 60 minutes or less. It also sanitizes electronic devices, children’s toys, pet’s stuff, light switches, and hard surfaces.

As a patented product, Cleansebot is sold by authorized dealers around the globe. It consists of cutting-edge technology that keeps the tiny robot from falling off a bed, table, and chairs. It is also packed with proprietary wheel technology that allows the machine to go over any type of surface and material.

Aside from 18 quality sensors, Cleansebot contains 4 UV-C sanitizing lights. How does it work? It simply points in different directions. Packed with artificial intelligence, the technology guarantees stress-free and efficient cleaning. When adjusted in remote mode, it detects and maps a specific area.

When in handheld mode, sensors detect your hand. Then, it turns off the UV-C light right away. Other sensors can help change directions, detect obstacles, and climb over an array of materials.

How to Use Cleansebot?

Many travelers believe that the handheld robot is difficult to use. Good news! Cleansebot has been creating a buzz because it is easy and fun to utilize. To get started, follow the simple steps below:

Pull the top and bottom halves of the robot apart to reveal the wheels. Set the wheels down on a surface. Begin from a bed underneath the blankets. Then, press the power button to turn on the under blanket mode. For a 30-minute cleaning, tap the switch once.

To enjoy the handheld mode, put your hand under the strap. Hold the switch button for a couple of seconds. To turn on the UV-C lights, click the button again.

To try the Power Bank Mode, use the USB-C port. It will only take a minute to set up. For further details, please feel to visit the official website of the manufacturer. Or ask a friend for some concrete ideas.

cleansebot for bed

How Much Does Cleansebot for Bed Cost?

Cleansebot is the most sought-after travel buddy for people. With its advanced technology, Cleansebot won’t cause a fortune. In fact, it is available at a competitive rate.

Originally available at $259, the small robot only costs around $99, which can guarantee huge savings. You can clean your bed and other valuable possessions while saving some cash.

There are many cheap products to choose from. Cleansebot, however, stands out from the competition. Aside from the affordable cost, it does not compromise its quality features.

cleansebot review

What Makes it Different from Other Cleaning Robots in the Market?

Before, we needed to clean our bed for hours. Things have changed in this digital age. Thanks to the creation and development of Cleansebot.

But what makes it unique and special from the competition? Is it a worthwhile and lasting investment? Here are some of the advanced features of Cleansebot. Enjoy!


It Kills 99% of Bacteria

Germs, bacteria, and dust mites reside at almost every surface. They are hidden from the naked eye, and Cleansebot can come into play. Well-engineered, the device can combat dirt particles, mold, and germs. What makes Cleansebot special from others is that it disinfects surfaces within a minute or two. It can kill approximately 90% or 99% of harmful allergens. The cleaning effect also lasts for 8 hours.

The UV-C light plays a significant role in sterilizing or disinfecting different types of surfaces. It also removes the dirt from the air nearby.

There’s no supervision is needed in cleaning. You can explore the theme parks and other attractions while it performs its job. You can sit back and relax. When it comes to performance, it can compete with Roomba, gliding over and under the bedsheets in hotels with ease.

Since its launch, Cleansebot has been a go-to option for travelers when staying in hotels. Recent studies show that an average accommodation hotel has approximately 112.7 bacteria. This great number can pose a risk to your health. So, this tiny robot should be a part of your travel luggage. We advice you to read more about Handy Heater & Zen Heater


Tiny Body and Stylish Design

Who would have thought that a small device could elevate the indoor quality? It has been possible with Cleansebot. Its small size makes it light-weight and perfect for a long escapade.

Aside from a great portability, Cleansebot has a white-colored exterior and fashionable design that you can boast to friends. It features a minimalist body and style that can exceed your expectations and requirements.

Packed with an aesthetic white surface, Cleansebot is a simple and subtle investment you cannot afford to miss. Despite the growing number of options out there, you can spot its simplicity and curb value.

Cleansebot is developed with two narrow glass panels that level up its classiness and glamour. Years after, the manufacturer have added a grey stripe on the side. More than the contrast, the stripe holds the small robot, especially in handheld mode.

Weighing around 220g, Cleansebot is exceptionally portable. Whether you’re tired of heavy or bulky cleaning robots, this innovative device is an excellent alternative. You can bring it wherever you go, from the bus to the mall.


  • Equipped with Three Modes

Some cleaning devices come with two modes. Cleansebot, on the other hand, consists of three modes. These include the Auto Mode, Under Blanket Mode, and Power bank Mode

  • Auto Mode –Clean Your Valuable Possessions

As the name indicates, the Auto Mode allows you to clean everything. From pet stuff, switches, children’s toys, keys to cell phones, the possibilities are endless. It also works with varied textures and surfaces.

  • Under Blanket Mode – Maintain the Quality of Your Bed

Under Blanket Mode is ideal for cleaning and disinfecting the bed. Fora small space, the device can make it dust-free for only 30 minutes. A king-size bed, however, requires an hour of cleaning. So, you can enjoy the nearby resort, witness crystal-clear water, watch picturesque views, and indulge with the lush forest without hassles.

  • Power Bank Mode – Recharge your Phone

Commonly called as the power saving mode, power bank mode is reliable to recharge your phone. Cleansebot includes a mega 3700 mAh battery along with a USB-C port. It consists of a fast-charging system, making your device ready for taking pictures and videos.

Based on most Cleansebot reviews from verified clients and users, the device performs at its best in three modes. So, there’s no additional software required. It is suitable to people who are less tech-savvy. You just have to switch the mode of your option.


  • Battery – It Can Last for a Year or Two

You probably have naughty children. Perhaps, you have a bunch of cats and dogs at home. Now, cleaning the carpets and keeping the surfaces in perfect condition can be a nightmare. The germs and bacteria increase in great numbers. With the use of Cleansebot, you can reduce efforts, save some cash, and have the peace of mind.

But how long does the Cleansebot for bed can last? After a 3-hours of cleaning, it needs to be recharged. The device has a 3700-MAh built-in battery that can handle an extensive bed/carpet upkeep. Experts say that the device can last for a year or two. But it depends. Over time, the battery loses its functionality. Don’t worry! Replace it with a new and quality battery.

Pros and Cons

It’s probably your first time hearing Cleansebot for bed. The truth is that the small device has been around for years now. With the unreliable solutions online, it’s normal to feel hesitant whether the innovative robot is a perfect investment or not.

However, the knowledge about its pros and cons can give an idea of how the tiny device works.


  • Makes your Room Convenient and Germ-Free

After a stressful air-travel, you want to rest in a comfortable bed, and a dirty place can be a problem. Placing the Cleansebot on different surfaces can get rid of pet dander, mold, dust mites, and other dirt particles. In the meantime, rest on a comfy couch while the tiny robot gets the cleaning job done. Within a few minutes, it makes your room dust-free and convenient. You can sleep for 8 hours and be ready for your first adventure.

  • Lightweight Device

You probably think of vacuum cleaners to get rid of dust mites and dirt particles in your bed. But you can’t bring them because of their heavy and large in size. Don’t panic! Cleansebot for bed is portable. You can bring a small device wherever you go. It is easy to pack in your luggage. It is lightweight and recommended by experts.

  • Available in Different Colors

Cleansebot comes in two colors, white and black. When you prefer a simple and stylish option, the white version of Cleansebot is an excellent choice. Black Cleansebot is also a perfect investment. It looks fashionable and stunning with luxury and style. Whether you choose white or black Cleansebot, it best suits your fashion.

  • Convertible Device

Cleansebot for bed has an auto mode, under the blanket mode, and power bank mode. Set the machine to auto mode to clean different surfaces. To get rid of dirt particles underneath the bed, under blanket mode is ideal. To convert the device into a power bank, activate the third mode. When your cellphone drains, don’t worry. You can still document your travel. You can take pictures, listen to music, play an application, watch movies, browse the internet, and edit documents. Recharge your phone with this tiny device.

  • Convenient to Use

When purchasing a travel device for your cleaning needs, you look for the advanced features. But what will you do when the machine is hard to employ? Of course, it’s disappointing. It is also a waste of money. Cleansebot for bed is a different case as it is convenient to employ. For beginners, it’s normal to experience some trouble. It is good to know that the device comes with instructions. The manufacturer also provides excellent customer support to accommodate user’s concerns and other inquiries.

  • Modish and Stylish Design

Based on most Cleansebot reviews, customers really enjoy the product’s design. It has a minimalist body and style. It has two glass panels on the surface and a grey stripe attached on its side. Plus, it only weighs around 220g. It is a long-lasting and quality investment you can boast. You can recommend it to close friends, colleagues, and relatives.

  • Rechargeable – Charge the Battery for 4 Hours

The cleaning robot has a rechargeable battery that can last for 3 hours, depending on the task. After an intensive bed cleaning, don’t forget to recharge the battery. For a maximum of 4 hours, Cleansebot is ready for another task. Replace the battery when it doesn’t function according to your expectations.

  • It Won’t Fall Off or Get Stuck in the Bed

Tired of expensive cleaning device replacement? Or exhausted of repetitive and unnecessary repair? Cleansebot won’t give you the same experience. Developed with 18 smart AI sensors, the tiny robot won’t get stuck or fall off of a bed. It can get rid of dust mites in every corner of your bed without compromising its performance and functionality.

  • The First Robot that Focuses on Sensors

Looking for the first robot packed with AI and smart sensors? Cleansebot is definitely the one you’ve been waiting for. It works with flat and hardwood surfaces. It can also handle fabrics and other materials. It is a flexible brand with competitive rates.

  • Versatile, Tiny Machine

It’s hard to find a flexible cleaning device today. But it has never been simpler with the Cleansebot for bed. In fact, the team has tested it on over 40 different materials and fabrics. The company has also tried it on a variety of bed sizes and shapes. Whether you want to remove dirt from hardwood surfaces or soft blankets, Cleansebot is popular because of its flexibility.

  • Patented and Cutting-Edge Wheels

Cleansebot also has patented and innovative wheels. What makes them different is that they can run over any surface, and there’s no other technology that can compete with Cleansebot. Want to clean your smartphones, children’s toys, or bed? This small device is fun and hassle-free to utilize.

  • Featured in Different Channels Across the Globe

Cleansebot has been featured in top channels in different parts of the world. It’s no surprise as the technology is cutting-edge and innovative. Some of the popular channels include BBC news, Digital trends, business insider, cheddar, Yahoo, CN, MSN, Geektime, Daily Mail, Techwalla, Stuff Insider, Robotic Gizmos, Beautify, Cocatech, Sakidori, Toteraz, and more.

Portability? Stylish design? Less charging time? Long-lasting battery? Energy-efficient capabilities? Don’t look further than Cleansebot. It is comfortable and lightweight to carry and stylish. Its battery is safe and reliable. The total UV-C power is also up to par. The robot is indeed an incredible investment you shouldn’t miss.

  • Clean Children’s Toys

Children love to play, and their toys should be clean. If they put dirty stuff in their mouth, be alarmed. Exposure to dust mites can lead to diarrhea and asthma. To clean kid’s toys, scrub them with soap and water. But the method can be a headache, especially to parents who have a hectic schedule. Another excellent alternative is Cleansebot. As it glides over the toys, it can get rid of pet dander and mold.

  • Clean Laptops, PCs, and Keyboards

Appliances are exposed to grime, dust, and dirt. Laptops, keyboards, and PCs are no exception. Of course, you’ve been using these devices to prepare a report, watch movies, or stream to songs. Too much exposure to dirt can make you sick, and a regular upkeep with Cleansebot can reduce the risks.

Dust can clog up the vents and fans inside the laptop. Without maintenance, your device might overheat. The dirt might drain the battery. The performance could be slower than you’ve expected. The keys could also malfunction. So, maintain your gadgets with Cleansebot.

  • Competitive Pricing

Many travelers are afraid to purchase Cleansebot because of the cost. The good news is that the tiny device is competitively priced. More than the advanced features, it is a suitable option to those who are on a budget. Currently, the price is around $99. But it will cost $259 soon. So, hurry up and add the world’s first smart cleaning device to the cart.

  • Make your Travel A Better Experience 

Every traveler wants an exciting and memorable escapade. But a terrible incident or circumstance might happen. You might get sick during your vacation. Instead of enjoying majestic attractions, you might stay in bed for the entire week. Before the unexpected health problem arises, take advantage of Cleansebot. It protects you from fever, levels up your experience, and boosts your confidence.

  • Easy Storage – Pack in Your Luggage With Comfort

Cleansebot is portable. In fact, it weighs around 220 g. Aside from its portability, the world’s first smart cleaning device is easy to store. You can pack it in a small backpack or luggage. Make sure the device is properly supported to avoid scratches and other damages.

Some of the Cons

Cleansebot is a state-of-the-art cleaning technology. It has approximately 18 sensors and 4 UV-C sanitizing lights. Similar to average options, the small machine also has a few drawbacks. Here are some of them:

  • There’s no Warranty

Money-back guarantee? Refund or return policy? Cleansebot, however, doesn’t have a warranty. If it doesn’t exceed your requirements, you cannot request a refund. Before making a decision, it’s important to identify your needs first. Do you want an aesthetic style? Do you prefer a durable and flexible solution? Then, Cleansebot will be your best shot.

  • Lack of Reviews

It is necessary to look for reviews when buying a product. Unfortunately, the small device lacks Cleansebot reviews. Despite that, a number of customers are expressing their satisfaction and joy after using the product. It is comfortable to use, affordable, and state-of-the-art.

cleansebot bed cleaning robot

Cleansebot Specifications

cleansebot review

Final Verdict

We travel around the globe to enjoy and relax. But we cannot control the presence of pathogens that can make us sick and weak. But the long wait is finally over. With Cleansebot, you can stay healthy and energetic throughout your escapade. The tiny machine can get rid of bacteria in your room, boost comfort, and promote safety.

Cleansebot is a quality and affordable product. Although there are no enough Cleansebot reviews and a money-back guarantee, the small cleaning machine can reach your unique needs and requirements. Simple upkeep and careful usage should be considered to prolong its lifespan. Keep it away from splashes of water to protect it from potential damages.

Don’t wait any longer! Add Cleansebot to cart today to save some cash and enjoy innovative features. Contact the developer for further information.

Get rid of dust and other debris in your space. Happy Cleaning! Expect a FUN adventure!

cleansebot bed cleaning robot


What is UV Cleaning?

You’ve probably heard of UV cleaning. What does it mean? Or how does it work? Well, it is a process of removing viruses, fungi, and bacteria with the use of UV rays. It is a non-chemical technique of disinfecting fabrics, hardwood surfaces, and other materials. UV-CLEAN utilizes UV-C to kill bacteria, fungus, viruses, and other microorganisms. Plus, ultraviolet light specifically attacks the RNA/DNA of a cell, preventing its reproduction and spread.

Is a UV Sanitizer of the Highest Quality?

People are skeptical about the features of UV sanitizers. Recent studies show that the UV spectrum can eradicate the virus or bacteria population. It works by removing the capacity of germs to reproduce. It attacks the cells’ RNA and DNA. It is also effective in killing bacteria as well as other microorganisms.

Can UV Kill Harmful Microorganisms?

Did you know that UV light can kill viruses and bacteria? Yes, you heard it right. In fact, research proves the theory.

Can you Replace the Battery?

No, Cleansebot’s battery is not replaceable. It’s sad to know, but you cannot use the tiny machine for a long time. Fortunately, the company installed a battery that has a minimum cycle of 800. It can last for 13 months. But it depends. When you charge and use the device twice a day, its longevity will be longer than you’ve ever imagined. When the battery burns out or gives up, you can request a replacement from the company. For further details, please feel free to visit the official website of the manufacturer. The site also comes with a live chat or email support that can answer your concerns.

Can it Handle Heavy Blankets?

Based on tests conducted by the company and Cleansebot reviews, the small device has not yet shown hindrance or resistance against different fabrics and other materials. It really works well under a blanket of weights and fabrics. So, do you need to sanitize a kaross, heavy bedspread or quilt? Invest in a high-end and feature-packed Cleansebot.

Cleansebot is designed with patent-pending wheel technology. It enables the bot to glide around messy beds without falling off of a bed. Made with sensors, the cleaning equipment pulls back and turns around.

Are there Newer Versions?

Currently, there are no newer versions. The first model of the robot is yet to hit the market. Unlike the other popular devices, Cleansebot is not as readily accessible. At present, clients can only make some pre-orders.

Don’t worry! The developer has been finding ways to make the product more available. So, it’s hard to predict the next version of the world’s first AI robot is coming up soon.

Upon the insistent queries and requests from verified customers, the company has promised to release a more innovative and higher quality version. But there’s no specific time yet.

Possibly, Cleansebot may come with a better design, more enhanced sanitizing technology, longer working hours, replaceable battery, and other advanced features. Let’s expect that the upcoming model will also be available at a more economical rate.

What are the Battery Specifications?

Cleansebot is available with a pre-installed battery. So, customers should buy the battery separately. Now, what are the battery specifications? What type of battery does the device have? It’s Li-Lon. What’s the voltage? It is at 4.2 volts. What is the power consumption, charging time, or running time? The power consumption is around 0.005 watts. The charging time lasts for four hours, and the battery works for three hours, too. It is also equipped with a USB-C cable charger.

What is UVC Cleaning Technology?

With the development of new protection technologies, there are improved approaches to battle infectious pathogens. The UVC ray is one of the recent discoveries. The UVC exists in three wavelength categories, such as UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.

UV-C is capable of killing harmful microorganisms while the UV-A and UV-B provide their own advantages.

What is the Mechanism of UV-C?

It’s hard to detect UV-C rays with the naked eye. To recognize their presence, Cleansebot can help. As soon as the device sensors pathogens, it produces a blue light. Once turned on, the rays can affect the reproduction of the bacterial cell.

Are there Possible Risks?

UV-C rays do not cause health risks. But avoid prolonged exposure because the rays still emit electromagnetic radiation.

Still, Cleansebot is safe to use. Set it in handheld mode so that the machine emits rays downward.

cleansebot bed cleaning robot