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  • Only 325Kr
  • Improves Vision at Night
  • Reduces Risk of Accidents
  • Fits Over Regular Glasses
  • Anti-Glare Protection


  • Yellow tint isn’t really stylish
  • Only English User Manual
  • Shipping takes 1-2 weeks

Driving at night is much more risky and unsafe than driving during the day. Just 10% of road miles are driven in the dark, yet 48% of road accidents happen at night. A lot of vision glasses are made to correct dark-induced myopia and decrease glare, and this will make nighttime driving safer. There are lots of glasses to choose from, and prices differ as well. Some have a high resistance to shattering, and some offer anti-reflective treatment. Now, carmakers install many diverse lights on their autos such as fog light, auxiliary, and headlights, which are becoming increasingly harder to see at night. A lot of people are considering auto glasses to assist overcome this issue. It is vital not to buy a pair of these glasses, which is only tinted with yellow. According to experts, even if these glasses can lessen glare, they can also lessen the night vision defeating the purpose of utilizing them.

ClearView Glasses: What It Is?

ClearView is a night vision glasses particularly made to boost visibility, most especially during harsh and stern weather conditions and during night driving. This type of glass can assist the driver see clearly and visibly and, at the same time, keep away from car mishaps. This is important for all drivers, regardless of experience. There’s nothing safer than avoiding every possible bad condition that can take place while driving. With this product, you are safe, alert, and can keep away from possible obstacles while on a highway, regardless of the condition of the weather.

ClearView is made to make your driving not just safe but also comfortable. It is user-friendly and very lightweight compared to other kinds of contact lenses and glasses available out there. The best thing about these glasses is that it is able to lessen glare, so meaning, you’ll not be troubled or stressed about the lights of other autos when driving at night. It is useful in serious weather conditions, most particularly when there’s poor visibility. All these made possible due to these polarized glasses.

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This is reliable driving aids that maximize the anti-glare technology to assist drivers in seeing clearly at night as well as in a foggy condition. The integrated photochromic lenses reduce glare as well as boost contrast that makes it easier to see during poor visibility. It can fit almost anyone and also goes with all forms of glasses, regardless of format and size.

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Who Can Benefit/Purchase ClearView Glasses?

Perhaps your job needs you to drive at night, or if you are a truck driver who often hauls shipment at night, maybe you are acquainted with the glare which comes from the headlights of the cars. If you are sensitive to bright light in a low light setting, the glare can be disorienting.

There are security problems involved with this glare when driving at night. If you’re driving in a low light single carriage highway without streetlights, the glare from approaching cars can blind you and lead to losing control of your driving. This accident can be avoided if you use Clearview glasses. These night vision glasses are armed with a tinted yellowish shade, which keeps your eyes safe and sound from too much light, which might blind you while you are driving at night.

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How Does these Glasses Work?

It may sound intricate, but ClearView works and straightforwardly. You can use this type of glasses like ordinary eyeglasses. You can wear this on top of your contact lenses or prescription glasses. The best thing about this type of glasses is that it comes with a lens that is covered with anti-blue ray layers that can block-out cruel and unkind blue light from car headlights. By getting rid of the blue light, the light from the approaching car looks sharper that in due course puts less strain and pressure on your eyes.

This can be worn on its worn or put over your contact lens or prescription glasses. It all depends on your requirements. The lens is covered with an anti-blue ray, which plays a vital role in sifting the harsh blue light.

What is more, the polarized lenses alter the way light is mirrored in the eyes. Thus, you will have a clear vision and get rid of unnecessary distractions as well as reflection from bright objects. This groundbreaking vision glasses also utilizes the technology from transition lenses. It instantly adapts. It depends on the conditions of light. It will not be too light or too dark, given that it will adjust the level of light; it depends on the situation of the surrounding.

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Features of ClearView Glasses

When you are in the market for night vision glasses or any type of products or accessories, the most vital thing you need to consider is the integrated features. ClearView glasses are integrated with remarkable features, which make it one of the best and most sought after driving glasses at this point. Here are the features of ClearView:

  • Can Be Used with All Forms of Glasses

Are you farsighted or nearsighted? Worry no more as these glasses are for everyone, regardless of the condition of your eyes. You can use the ClearView on top of any spectacle you are using at present. If you are one of the many drivers out there who are eyeglass wearer and hate to put it over the glasses, the best thing you can do us to put on your contact lenses each time you are wearing it.

  • Lightweight

Not like other types of driving glasses out there, ClearView is not heavy as well as bulky on your nose every time it is worn. It is available in a yellow hue that is stylish and can be used by female and male drivers. It comes with super-light lenses in spite of using diverse technologies to fight the glare from car headlights as well as dark surroundings.

clearview glass

  • Anti-Glare

These glasses have integrated with anti-glare technology, which blocks the harsh light produced by headlights of the oncoming car. This feature gets rid of the drive from squinting, every time approaching drivers disregard to turn down the headlights of their car.

  • Photochromic lenses

This lessens glare. Therefore, it is easier to see despite poor visibility. Also, it is polarized that alters the way light is reflected and gets rid of unwanted reflections on the eyes.

Pros and Cons

Like many other products available out there, ClearView also comes with advantages and disadvantage such as:


  • Use with All Types of Glasses

One vital feature of any form of glasses for driving is the level of comfort and shape. State of the art ClearView stands out when it comes to this factor. This can be used with ease with all forms of glasses, like contact lenses. They fit snugly and are suited for people who have an issue in their vision and want to use glasses every day. This is also suited for people who are experiencing eye issues like astigmatism and for people who wear contact lenses. ClearView is ideal for everyone regardless of the shape of the face and keeps fixed, the moment you put the frames behind your ears.

  • Extremely Lightweight

Aside from versatility and ideal for types of glasses, ClearView is also comfortable to use and extremely lightweight. As a matter of fact, in accordance to various reviews online provided by previous users, once worn, you hardly feel you’re wearing them. For me, it is an essential factor, provided the fact that it is vital to have some distractions when driving, most particularly during night time.

  • Anti-glare System

There is no doubt that night driving is stressful and tiring as well, most particularly if you do this daily. However, the most disturbing thing is the glare coming from incoming cars that can blind you and resulting to accidents. This instance is tiring for our eyes. So, this is a factor that you must think of when finding a glass. To keep you safe and sound from strong lights that come from oncoming cars, ClearView has integrated with an anti-glare system, which will make driving relaxing as well as smoother. Even if this doesn’t cancel the glare, as you still need to know if other autos are coming your way, it considerably reduces it, for you to see the road without hindrance and without being troubled by a strong glare.

  • Transition Lenses

Aside from being easy to use and very comfortable to wear, ClearView is also integrated with transition lenses. So meaning you can instantly adapt to the particular light conditions. What is more, they assist in reducing eye strain, eye damage as well as a possible heightened risk of cataracts afterward.

  • Polarisation

Other remarkable perks of these diving glasses are the polarized lenses that are very effective in reducing the glare as well as the same time boosting contrast. As a result, it is easier for you to see further during poor visibility. Like for instance, this is particularly valuable during serious weather conditions. When you wear this type of glasses, you are ensuring that your eyes will adapt in a few seconds to extreme darkness, rain as well as a thunderstorm. In this way, this type of driving glasses is not dark enough as they alter the level of light that is allowed depending on the surroundings or weather outside.

Other Perks of ClearView Glasses

  • It effectively hinders glare; it offers an instant reduction in light from approaching car, street light as well as those who leave their beams on.
  • See clearly in the dark- the yellow lens assists in boosting contrast at night. Wearing this glass allows you to see clearly in the pitch dark.
  • You will be safe, and there is no fear of driving at night
  • It helps a lot in keeping your eyes safe and sound from the glare
  • It has anti-reflective lenses on the outer and inner coating
  • Yellow filter and polarized lenses
  • This helps a lot in minimizing eye pressure and eye fatigue
  • The glasses measure 60 by 50 by 15 mm, which make it extremely lightweight
  • The frame is durable as well as heavy duty
  • Ideal for both men and women and have four exceptional styles of the frame which unique as well as modern
  • Very durable, provide night vision as well as the nose pad is easy to adjust according to your preference
  • It has two scratch guards coating on the outer as well as the inner lens.

How to Keep Night Driving Safe: Here are the Tips You Have to Follow

  • Wearing night driving glasses is one effective way of keeping yourself safe and sound while driving at night. On the other hand, aside from this, there are also some things to consider making your driving as safe as possible:
  • Ensure to clean your lenses, your headlights as well as the windshields of your car
  • Dim the dashboard lights
  • Make sure to check up the possible reasons for night vision issues
  • Don’t forget to wear anti-reflecting coating on contact lenses or prescription eyeglasses.


Despite the many perks this night driving glasses offer, it also comes with some drawback such as:

This type of glasses can look grimy because of the clearness of the polarized lenses. Even if the coating is not any dirtier than typical pair of sunglasses, they are more evident as there is not any glare to conceal the dirt, so you need to clean it more often.

There is no clear information about the manufacturer of this product, so some say it is a scam or fake. However, there is an official website that can tackle all your queries and order requests. Based on many reviews online, this product is safe and reliable despite the lack of information about the manufacturer.

  • Poor Customer Service

Some clients complain that the manufacturer doesn’t respond to the concerns of the clients. There is no way to discuss this matter, no contact number to ask for a refund, and no email address as well.

  • Expensive

Some users find this product to be costly compared to other types of glasses out there that can block glare from the car’s headlight. On the other hand, once you read this review, you will know why this product is expensive. It is armed with state of the art technology to effectively block the glare and fit snugly to your face regardless of shape and size.

These are just some of the pros and cons of this product. Make sure to consider this when buying driving glasses to make the best out of your decision.

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How to Take Good Care of your ClearView Glasses

There are considerations as well as warnings that you have to consider in order to prolong the lifespan of your Clearview and, at the same, keep it safe and sound for further use.

The coating which is used to the exterior of lenses tends to scratch, peel, or wear off in due course. That is the reason why it is a smart idea to store it in a clean box away from your kids.

Avoid cleaning the lenses dry. See to it to rinse the glasses prior to cleaning to keep away from grinding any destruction particles into the polarized lenses.

Make sure to clean the lenses with the use of a microfiber cloth. You must refrain from using a tie or a shirt as it can scratch or damaged the polarized lenses.

clearview glasses

What is more, to not cleaning the lenses in the right way, polarized lenses can be harmed by extreme temps like being near to fire or ice.

Make sure to keep your ClearView glasses in the provided protective case if you are done using it. Even if this product is waterproof, prolong exposure to water can cause damage to the lenses and also to the frame. When got wet, dry it immediately by using a clean cloth.

Even if the coating can last longer, you still have to buy this from a reliable website or store online that offers a warranty. The company provided a generous warranty on the lenses and the product in general.

ClearView Price

You can buy one product for its standard price. On the other hand, you will be entitled to a significant discount if you buy two or more units. The package comes with one product is your buy two. If you buy three pieces of ClearView, you will get two more for free.

For effective as well as useful glasses like this, the first impression many readers is that it is very costly. You are wrong! There are special deals and rewards available that you can use in order to save more when availing of this product. This allows you to get pairs for your husband, mom, and dad, and even your kids. Keep your loved ones safe when driving gives her or him a ClearView.

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How to Utilize ClearView Glasses

Clearview glasses can be worn like the typical eyeglasses. If you do not have to wear prescription glasses to drive, just put on this glass like a pair of polarized sunglasses. You can wear this on top of your contact lens as well.

Adjust the glasses, so it fits snugly on your face and nose, and see to it that it is not hindering your eyes. You have to ensure that your vision is clear.  Drive with improved visibility even during foggy conditions or heavy rainy days. Also, it blocks the glare from the car’s headlights, so there is no difficulty in navigating. To prolong its lifespan, don’t forget to clean the lenses regularly with a microfiber cloth to avoid smudging as well as a blurring of your vision. We suggest you to read more bout Peeps Glasses Cleaner

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Customer Review

This ClearView glasses review will not be completed if we did not show you some of the good reviews this product obtained from previous clients. Here are some of the positive reviews:

I hate night driving, especially during the winter season, wherein fog and snow are my worst enemies. However, during normal days, irritating drivers who do not want to switch off the glaring headlights of their cars, this really pisses me off. Therefore, after trying and using Clearview glasses, all these issues are gone. I can see clearly, even if the rain is heavy. This is a must-have accessory that every driver must consider. It made my daily driving easier and stress-free. For sure, you will also love this product if you give it a try from Alex of New York.

Alike the contemporary lemon yellow hue of these glasses as it suits today’s latest trend, and the best thing about it is that it can be worn on top of my contact lenses and goes along with my outfit as well. This glass does not look tacky and bulky. I am looking forward to that the maker of this product would make prescription lenses in the coming years. In general, I highly recommend this product to everyone to keep your driving safe and sound.

Buying Guide: Factors to Think of When Buying a Driving Glass

Do you have sensitive eyes? Well, night driving is indeed one of your most dreadful experiences. On the other hand, you can address this issue by purchasing polarized driving glasses. There are lots of polarized lenses to enhance your driving experience available on the market today, which makes it hard to buy the best one.  For first time buyers, there are things you have to consider when looking for one.

  • Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are one of the most vital features that you must take into account when you are in the market for driving glasses. A polarized lens reduces glare by simply enabling angled upright light to reach your eyes at the same time canceling out the direct as well as intense vertical light.

There are many kinds of night glasses to choose from. You can opt for driving glasses wherein the lenses are made with a naturally-occurring polarized component. A naturally polarized lens is considered the most dependable and reliable one due to the fact that it never lightens or become paler. However, it also comes with some flaws, such as they are likely to block out most LED and LCD lights. It could be hard to read the dash instrument panels once using this type of glasses.

Another type of driving glasses is the conventional one, which is covered with a polarized film intended to hinder glare from headlights. This is considered the cheapest type of glasses and, for this reason, most common glass on hand on the market. The disadvantage is that a polarized film becomes paler in due course from scratching, cleaning, or wiping as well as a general application.

The final and last type of glasses is where the lens is polarized internally. Because of the difficulties in this procedure, it required to be performed in specialized laboratories. Thus, this makes this glass dependable as well as resistant to vanishing and fading in due course. However, the downside of this type of driving glasses is that they are very expensive.

clearview auto glass

What Material is the Lens Made of?

There are many kinds of lenses utilized in driving glasses. These are the polycarbonate and Tivex glasses. Tivex lenses are seldom; on the other hand, give the best and most excellent night time driving experience. Aside from providing clear images, this type of lens is light, scratch-resistant, withstand impact compared to the polycarbonate type.

However, lenses that are made of polycarbonate are considered the most popular for their high level of toughness as well as affordability. A lot of polycarbonate lenses today are shattered proof- a valuable feature once you’re a clumsy person or if you have children in the car. This type of lens also beat lens made of plastic materials for their lightness. On the other hand, like lenses made of plastic, polycarbonate is known to reduce the optical superiority of pictures or images.

  • Lens Tint

Sunglasses can have an array of tint hues without affecting the usability. On the other hand, this isn’t the case with driving glasses use in nighttime driving. To become more reliable and effective, the tint must be one particular color, and which is yellow. Diverse colored lenses counter another way with light.

clearview glass

In the evening, lenses, which are yellow-tinted, lessen the glare of the car’s headlight by cutting down on blue and white lights while intensifying less glaring light, which comes from the car’s headlights. While a yellow lens is likely to distort hues in a low light setting, they boost the silhouette of objects on the highway. This enables you to see, leading to an improved driving experience during night time.

  • Fit and Size

You like to try a night glass on to know if it is the best and right fit. It is vital to look for glasses that offer just the appropriate amount of grip as well as comfort. Loosely fitting driving glasses may be relaxing and comfortable to wear for long periods; however, can fall easily or glide out of place with instant movements of the head. However, comfortably or tightly fit driving glasses are resistant to movement and keep in place as they must be. On the other hand, they are not comfortable when worn over prolonged periods and also can limit the flow of the blood.

clearview glasses

To Sum Up 

Ultimately, the vital reason to buy this kind of glasses is to see clearly when you’re cruising down the highway at night to avoid accidents. This guide helps you to become aware and know how to tells apart the best glasses from worst ones, and in due course choose the best one that meets your needs and of course your budget as well.

Different glasses for nighttime driving come equipped with diverse features. On the other hand, all the extra and additional features amount to less than nothing once the lenses have low or poor glare reduction. Well, based on my opinion, I highly recommend the Clearview as the best pick driving glasses due to its superb glare reduction features in a low light setting.

ClearView is a trendy polarized night time glasses particularly made to boost your visibility in driving down the road most especially during snow or harsh and stern weather conditions. This type of glass can assist the driver see clearly and visibly and, at the same time, keep away from car mishaps. This is important for all drivers, regardless of experience. There’s nothing safer than avoiding every possible bad condition that can take place while driving. With this product, you are safe, alert, and can keep away from possible obstacles while on a highway, regardless of the condition of the weather. You can order this product online or ensure that you are getting the original one; it is advisable to buy directly to the official website. You are also entitled to a massive discount if you buy more units. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe when driving at night, consider the ClearView glasses. Try this, and you will know the difference!

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FAQs: Night Driving Glasses

Read this Frequently Asked Questions about driving glasses to get a good insight and know if this is ideal for you or not.

Does night driving glass effective?

Yes. This type of glass is very effective and helps in boosting driving experience during night time, thus keeping your safe and away from a road accident. 

How does this product work? 

This type of glasses is integrated with a covered yellows color, which serves as a protection of your eyes from too much exposure to light, which might blind you while driving. This yellow covered color traps upright or direct light from going into your eyes and just enables vertical light to go into your eyes. 

Is it safe to use? Do night driving glasses have harmful effects? 

This is safe to use and doesn’t have harmful effects on your eyes and wellbeing as a whole. This type of glasses is able to lessen the glare, which comes from cars headlight as the oncoming auto approach you. Without this glass, the impact of vivid or bright light that hits your eyes may temporarily blind you, which leads to losing control over your auto, resulting in an accident. 

Is there any difference between night driving glasses and night vision glasses? 

No. Night driving and night vision driving glasses could not be more different. A night vision makes use of infrared tech to boost visibility in a low light setting while a night driving glass makes use of a polarized lens to do the same thing. The only difference is that the infrared tech maps an area with the use of a heating signal while polarized are made to hinder glaring light. 

The two kinds of glasses are intended to be used in a different way. Once you shine a light straight on night vision glasses, you may go blind because they are intended to absorb as much light as possible. This type of glass is ideal for military use, which makes it terrible to use when driving at night. 

Can you name some of the most reliable night driving glasses in the market today? 

As I mentioned above, there are many kinds of driving glasses to choose from, and each one has its features to lure clients and buyers. On the other hand, I am happy and confident to recommend ClearView, which is one of the preferred and most loved night driving glasses. This type of night driving glass is integrated with state of the art feature like polarized lenses to effectively block the glare from cars headlight in front of you. 

Do the type of polarized lenses matter? 

Of course, yes. There are many kinds of polarized lenses out there. The affordable, the most popular one and the conventional lens with glued on the piece of polarized film. Objects look distorted with this type of lens. 

Polarized lenses built in a factory, as well as naturally occurring lenses, are some other kinds of polarized lenses you can purchase on the market at this point. Some companies utilize these two kinds of lenses in the making of glasses for high-clarity levels, lightweight nature, durability as well as fade-resistant properties. 

Where can I buy this product? 

You can buy this product online, or if you want to avail a huge discount, you can go straight to the company’s official website. When you buy two, you can get one for free, and if you buy 3 units, you can get 2 more units for free. This is a good present for your friend’s incoming birthday. 

How to Clean ClearView?

This driving glass is easy to maintain. There is no need for a complex process. All you need is a clean cloth, make sure it is soft when cleaning these lenses. Rubbing the lenses using a rugged cloth can damage the coating. 

Who manufactures this product?

There is no information about the maker of this product, but we assure you that it is reliable and will last for many years of use. 

clearview auto glass