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  • It helps you save time
  • It helps you save money
  • It is safe to use
  • Suitable for any length of hair
  • It works well with kids


  • • It is not that very good to use when you want to have layered hair, well you will need to practice more how to do it.

The hair is one of the most precious for a woman. They give a lot of care, such as putting creams, shampoos, and others, only to make their hair beautiful. There are also plenty of women who go to the salon and seek an expert in making their hair more attractive, such as getting it curled, straight, and or as simple as getting a haircut regularly. However, according to the survey, out of 5 women who visited a salon, one of them is unsatisfied with their hair. What’s sadder about this is other women will try to cut their hair.

Other than not being satisfied, the cost of visiting a salon ranges from $80 up to $100 depending on what treatment or transaction you are inquiring. For some people that need to go to a salon after two to three months, the amount is a bit expensive for a simple trim. But this type of problem happens from the past. Because with regards to the technology we have today, and also with the presence of social media and other apps, everything is possible, not to mention the DIY’s or Do It Yourself that is becoming a trend nowadays.

CreaClip Review: Does It’s Really Work?

With DIY, you will only need a specific tool to help do it, such as trimming your hair. It is hard to hold your hair with your hand, while the other hand is holding the scissor. So, a CreaClip will be a great tool to help you maintain your grip. It is also a device that allows the user to prevent any accidents in cutting their hair. This is also perfect for those who want to save money in cutting down the salon cost and for some who want to learn how to cut hair entirely.

We do know that cutting your hair is not that easy. You need to hold your hair correctly, and the other free hand will hold the scissors to cut it. And you will only need to look in the mirror in reducing it. But with this CreaClip, you don’t need to hold the hair. Instead, you need to focus on cutting it because the CreaClip will do the proper alignment of the hair in whatever design or hairstyle you like it to be.

Well, maybe you are wondering how capable this device would be?  Does this can genuinely help you save money and have a salon-quality in using this? For additions facts about this device, feel free to read our review about this CreaClip device. We do also include some Pros & Cons, Buying Guide, FAQ section along to guide you more. So, we hope you will find the answer after reading our reviews. We recommend you to read more about saalt cupDodow

creaclip reviews

Getting to Know More About CreaClip

The CreaClip is a device that helps you and your family in cutting the hair. This device has two blades that can be used in different styles.  The CreaClip also serves as a professional cutting tool an ideal to use. Each blade of this CreaClip has a specific use like one blade is right to use in cutting the bangs, while the other blade is right to apply for creating ng a layer.

What’s great about this CreaClip is that it is a different tool that can be used in many different styles you want or what people refer to. And here are some of the techniques that this device can do.

  • Bangs

The CreaClip, specifically the small clip, is suitable in making or cutting your bangs. You will only need to clip it into your hair bangs and place it in the position that is your end style.

  • Layers

Layers can be possible with the use of this CreaClip. You will only need to use the large clip, which is suitable for holding the entire hair, or a large amount of hair.

  • Bob cut

A bob cut is also easy to do with the use of the CreaClip. This will help you hold the hair firm. It will not fall and ruin the proper alignment of the hair.

These three cuts can be done quickly with the support of this CreaClip device. As simple as clipping it to the hair, but with the proper steps which are easy to do also. By using the CreaClip, you will have more knowledge on how to cut your hair correctly. This device helps others to have a high-quality cut but also helps to learn through their video tutorials.


The CreaClip Features

Cutting your hair like a pro can be possible with the help of the CreaClip. This can also be a great tool to use every time you are going to cut the hair of the kid. Cuts like layers, trimming, or maintaining the same haircuts. Here are the other features why CreaClip is the best to use.

  • It is suitable for any types of hair

A long, short, thick, or thin hair, anything is ideal with the CreaClip. It can still do fantastic work in terms of cutting and giving a beautiful and perfect hairstyle. It has two types of blades available. It has a larger one that good for long hair and a smaller one, which is good for short hair and for trimming, such as for bangs.

  • It can save time

This CreaClip can help you save time in terms of going out of the house only to visit or find a salon that can help you in trimming the hair.

  • It can save money

This CreaClip can help you save money in terms of going out of the house only to visit or find a salon that you will need to spend money for the fair or gasoline and also for the service fee for the cutting.

  • There are plenty of video tutorials

Cutting your hair for the first will be a challenging and fulfilling task when you successfully do it. With the use of the CreaClip, it will be much more comfortable. Even though it’s your first time, you can still do it because there are video tutorials that you can watch. You can have handy tips and guides on how you will do or start cutting your hair with the help of the CreaClip. You may also like Upright Go & Mindinsole & about Nutrisystem Cost

  • You can have a perfect trim

The CreaClip is designed with smooth edges to guide you while cutting. So, you can easily cut, and there’s a low chance to have mistaken in reducing. A perfect trim can be achieved once you properly use the clip.

  • It is good to use for kids

The CreaClip is safe to use for kids. It is designed to stay in one place, even when the child moves a lot. It also aids in preventing haircut accidents.

Using the CreaClip

Having a CreaClip, and it is your first time to use it, well, it is pretty to use. With a simple step such as the following:

  • You need to clip the device into the hair. You may divide first the hair and make sure that the clip is properly attached to the hair.
  • Placed or assigned it in your desired length of the hair. Make sure that the place where you clip the device is the right length that you want to cut.
  • Cut the hair as you want. After properly clipping the device and if you think that it is the ideal length or style you want to cut. Then you may now start to cut the hair based on the style that you are up to.

Where can I purchase CreaClip?

To maintain and ensure the authenticity of this device, it is advisable that you must purchase it in its official manufacturer’s website. This is also to prevent their customers from getting scammed. Also, another advantage of buying it on their official website is that you can get a discount and warranty for the product.


Who created the CreaClip?

The person behind the CreaClip is the award-winning celebrity stylist Mai Lieu. She is also a best-selling author, 20 years of experience in terms of the salon industry, and an inspirational speaker. Lieu also won the first place seven times in the international hairdressing awards with a top training and global work experience.

Lieu made the CreaClip in the idea of her friends kept on coming back to her, complaining about how they fail in cutting their hair. Mai Lieu used to be a Vietnamese refugee and immigrant, she knew and understood that some people could not afford to visit a salon. Especially, to get a quality haircut like what service she has to her celebrity clients.

So, Mai Lieu made a way to help the average person to have a high-quality haircut as what they also deserve to have. And that’s when she created the CreaClip. Its first release sold for over 200,000.  After that, there have been many people who have purchased it and have a great impression or reviews on how it was advantageous.

What will I get when I purchase this CreaClip?

Here are the things that you can get when you get to purchase this CreaClip device.

  • A large clip that is designed for people who have long hairs, straight, or curls, and even for hair that are thick.
  • A small clip is suitable for people who have short hair, and for the other trimming styles for bangs. This is also good for boys in trimming their hairs.
  • You will have access to then CreaClip massive video library tutorial. A step to step instructions on how to do, use, and cut the hair. The tutorial videos are available in three different languages, from Japanese to Spanish, for non-English speakers. So, typically there’s no impossible if you want to cut your hair with their guides.
  • It has a rotating level, which ensures to have a well balanced and precise in every cut. As simple as clip, slide, and cut, you now have a new hairstyle. This is also a great feature of this CreaClip because you will not need to estimate if they cut it in the proper cut.
  • A secured lock that keeps the clip attached in the right placement is ideal to use for kids who very energetic and like to move around a lot. Also, to have the hair evenly section, the cutting process is designed to be easy and successful.
  • It has an expertly engineered smooth edge, which is used to create a clear guide to where to start or to cut. A guide that tells you up to what extent you will cut the hair.
  • It also has a flexible body that allows the user to adjust it for the texture and thickness of the hair. But if the air extremely thick, dividing it into sections is a good strategy to do so.

creaclip reviews

CreaClip Pros and Cons


  • It helps you save time. You will not need to go out and spend time for hours waiting for your turn in the salon.
  • It helps you save money. Say goodbye in spending gasoline and payment if fare. You will not also pay for the service because you are the one who will do it.
  • It is safe to use. Kids and adults can use it.
  • It is easy to use. You will only clip it to the hair into an exact horizontal so that you will cut it the right way.
  • Suitable for any length of hair. Long or short hairs are very well welcome since it was made for the sake of any length of hair and texture.
  • You can use it in any style. You can cut your hair into bob cut and so on depending on what you want.
  • It works well with kids. If the kid is naturally energetic and tends to move a lot, this clip is ideal because it can stay long in the hair. So, you can continue cutting the hair of the kids excellently even.


  • It is not that very good to use when you want to have layered hair, well you will need to practice more how to do it.

CreaClip Benefits In using it

Having and using CreaClip unlocked various advantages that it serves many good reasons why people love and into this device. To elaborate on those, here are the following reasons or benefits that you can get in using this CreaClip.

creaclip reviews

  • Cutting is precise

As you will notice in the CreaClip, there’s this rotating level, which is good to use in leveling the hair into the right length or alignment you want to. This is also ideal for those who are beginners in cutting their hair. This serves as their guide to which part they should start to cut, or they should only cut.

  • The hair is in even

If you will notice the CreaClip has a tooth like a comb, it is the one who evenly holds the hair. This way, you will have a proper alignment or length of the style of cut that you want.

  • Convenient to use

The CreaClip is convenient to use. You don’t have to go outside and make an appointment from a salon. With this device, you will be the one that will cut your hair in the style that you want. Which there are times that even though you have your hair cut from the salon, you are not that satisfied with it. You may also like Nutrisystem Reviews.

  • It can let you save money

The only amount that you will need to spend is the cost of buying the CreaClip, and then you can use it for many years. So, typically as how many times you need to spend money every year only to visit the salon. Now you may save it as whatever uses you need it because you will not need to go to a salon.

Buying Guide in Purchasing CreaClip

To give other things that you should know about buying this CreaClip, here are the buying guides that you should remember in purchasing this device.

For purchasing this CreaClip, it is best that’s you purchase it on the official website for the quality. We know that because of the greatness of this device, there will be more companies that will try to make another device like this. However, if you want to be secure and save money, always choose the original one and purchase it on its official website.

Also, make sure that the clip that you will purchase has a good quality and that can really help you cut the hairs even and properly. See to it also that this will surely fit in whatever, length, texture, and more for the hair and not waste your money. Buy only in their official manufacturing website for a secure transaction.

creaclip reviews

FAQ about CreaClip

Here are some of the common frequently asked questions by many users before and after they purchase this device.  So, feel free to read the questions and answers below also to give you more tips on how perfectly use this device.

What scissors should I use for this device?

A: Haircutting scissors are also good to use. And if you are not comfortable with hair cutting scissors, you can also use the air cutting trimmer. Well, whatever type of scissor it may be, make sure that it is safe to use and are good to use in cutting the hair.

Is there a money-back guarantee for this device?

A: yes, the CreaClip has a money-back guarantee for their customers that are not satisfied with this CreaClip. And this is only applicable for 30 days from the day of purchase. But these returning of the device and money back, are rare to happen with this CreaClip.

Where should I look for video tutorials?

A: If you purchase the CreaClip, you will receive a confirmation email and a direct link to their video library. And from their video library, you will be able to watch the different steps and instructions on how to use this CreaClip. So, the video is exclusively only for those who purchase this device.

Can this CreaClip help me save money?

A: Yes, CreaClip can help you save money in terms of instead of going to the salon and pay for the service, you will be the one who will cut your hair so you will not go to the salon. You will also save money from not spending it for the fair, gasoline, and for the salon payment. So, you can use it in some other essential expenses.

Can I use it for my kids?

A: Yes, you can and are typically ideal to use for kids because it is safe and has a firm grip that will not quickly fell when the kids keep on roaming around.

Can I use this CreaClip even when I have curly hair?

A: Yes, in CreaClip, long or short, straight or curly, it doesn’t matter because it is made expertly for any hair.

What is the best for the hair to cut with the use of the CreaClip, wet or dry?

A: well, any of the two will do. If you find it helpful for you cut your hair in wet or dry, it is okay. But Mostly of the CreaClip user find it easy to cut the hair with the use of the clip if it is dry.

How does CreaClip discover?

A: Mai Lieu made the CreaClip, this is to help the people who are in the middle class or so on that cannot afford to go to a high-quality salon. This is also to give them a tool to use to achieve a celebrity quality haircut.

Why should I purchase this CreaClip?

A:  If you want to save time money to go to the salon, then this suits you. If you do also want to learn to cut your hair, then this can also be your guide. Purchasing this device, you will have the ability to cut your hair and no need to spend money for a simple trim.

How can I use the rotation level of the CreaClip?

A: In using the CreaClip rotating level, you need to follow these simple steps such as:

– See to it that the level is aligned even horizontally straight in the body clip.

– Clip the CreaClip into the hair horizontally straight.

– wait for a little for the level to adjust its level on the right alignment.

– Once the bubbles in the level stop, tilt the clip slightly in a small slow move to let the bubble move in the middle of the scale. But if you want to move the bubble into left, you will only need to tilt it clockwise or the other way as you wish.

Is it essential that the level is in the middle when starting to cut?

A: No, but before you start cutting, make sure that it was at the right level so that you cut in the proper alignment also. But if you are already cutting, it is okay even when the bubble goes left or right. Make sure that you are in an 80% appropriate position. The result will still be successful.

Can I use the CreaClip in thick hair?

A: Yes, but if not all your hair fits in the large clip, you can divide your hair first before starting to cut it. For a long hair section, you must share it from the ear to ear horizontally. Then clip it away and repeat the process of cutting twice. But if it’s incredibly thick hair, you must divide it into three sections horizontally and then cut it.

Does this CreaClip have a guarantee?

A:  Yes, it comes with a money-back warranty of 30 days. It also has a guarantee for any defects.

Is there any maintenance for this CreaClip?

A: There is no necessary maintenance the CreaClipneeded. The other step that you should do is to maintain or wash it after use or brush it to remove possible dirt that might be stuck on it.  And dry it clean after.

What size are available with this CreaClip?

A: Well, the CreaClip comes in two sizes, the small and large. The small size is ideal for fingers or short hairs. While the larger ones are good for long hairs, with the use of these two sizes, you can create a beautiful hairstyle.

Can I use this CreaClip when getting my split ends?

A: Yes, you can get the cure for split ends is to trim them. The main reason why we got split ends is because of the extreme treatments and colorings into our hairs. By cutting the split ends, it will help the hair prevents it to split into two.

Where should I place or store this CreaClip device?

A: you can store it at a cool, dry place. If the bubbles in the level separate, you will only need to tap its edge and move it to merge the bubbles together likely.

Can I use it even if I don’t know about cutting hair?

A: Yes, the CreaClip will be your guide in cutting the hair. And if it’s your first time, the CreaClip company has a video tutorial for their use as a guide. The video tutorial is sent to give an idea of how to use the CreaClip and how to properly cut the hair. So, it is easier for you to cut your air even if it is your first time.

Is it free shipping?

A: Purchasing this device has many offers, but if you are living in the US, you will have a free delivery of this CreaClip. But not only that, wherever you are you can avail their buy one gets 50% discount more surprising deals. So, you must hurry now and purchase this CreaClip before the supply lasts.


Learning to cut your hair is effortless. Especially nowadays, thanks to social media, there are lots of tutorials on how to cut the hair on your own. There many tools available that can surely help you in this matter. Like this CreaClip, which holds the hair and guides to in cutting the hair straight and adequately.

You can cut the hairstyle you want, and you can also save money because of this. The hassle of going to the salon will be over now because you will be the one who will cut your hair and you can do it wherever you are or you want. Also, you can save the expense of paying for the salon service. Instead, you can use it in other essential spending.

As for me, I will be recommending this for all the girls or even the boys out there who want to learn how to cut hair and also, to save money. Because it is also a onetime payment that is not that too expensive to purchase, but it can last up to many years as long as you took care of it properly.

Another great about this device is that anyone can use it as it is safe and easy to use. Also, it automatically separates the hair into different sections, which leads to a fair or equal and excellent result. You can buy it to use for everyone, but if you want to have more discounts, you may want to buy more.

How about you, have you ever experienced cutting your hair? Or have you experienced being not satisfied with the cut of your hair after you go to a salon? You may regret the result and wished that if only you know, it will not be the result that you want. Maybe you better cut it on your own.

Well, if you want to, you can consider purchasing this CreaClip and do it yourself. Because for me, I do like to use it. So, hurry and buy now. But always remember to be careful with the scammers out there because it is online. Make sure that you buy this on their official website so that you can have a more discounts and a warranty.