Dodow sleep reviews

Dodow Review

Dodow Review


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  • Simple to use
  • Oddly effective!
  • Stylish design
  • Runs on AAA batteries
  • Portable design


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  • Could be brighter

Dodow Sleep Aid Reviews

Dodow is a helpful sleep device that promises you a no-more-insomnia-and-hassle-free sleep. Also called a “light metronome,” this device uses soft blue light and rhythmic breathing to help you feel relaxed and, more importantly, to sleep better.

Two of the members of the team who created this product have insomnia. Everyone knows and understands the sleeping struggles every insomniac has to go through. Thanks to these creators, they have created a product not just for their team members but for all those people who have struggled to get a good night’s sleep. These people are looking for a simple and safe that doesn’t include medicine or drugs to take.

With this problem in mind, the team has expertly created this product. They also have partnered with a French lightning company named Unilux to finally complete the essential element of this device. To ensure their clients with the quality of this device, according to the creators, 80% of this sleep deice was manufactured in France. So, it isn’t just any kind of device that is mass-produced that has a sub-par quality.

Before you finally click that “purchase” button, we thought that you might want to delay your purchase plan and stick with this article. It would be great that you get to know first all the necessary details with this product before buying it. Like, knowing how will this sleep machine work and how will its light help you solve your sleep problems. Also, aside from it is made by and manufactured in France, perhaps, you may want to know if this product is also backed up by Science and other studies that will encourage faster quality sleep for everyone.

Through this review, we will provide you with all the answers to the questions that you are curious about and Dodow where to buy. We will give an overview of what the users say and its effectiveness as a product.

Dodow sleep reviews

Dodow reviews

How Does Dodow Work?

Before you purchase anything online, if it is a device, it is just customary that you know first how it works. Well, if you are buying the usual devices like smartphones, you probably know how it works, but you would still do further research about the other features or control options that it has. This goes the same if you will be purchasing the popular sleep device called Dodow.

Comparing to other devices, Dodow doesn’t take up too much space to set up nor too complicated to use. Once it is turned on, this round, compact sleep device will project a halo of blue light onto your ceiling. The light expands slowly at determined intervals, starting from a bigger point before it slowly contracts to a smaller point. The user will then synchronize his breathing in the rhythm of the light. How?

While watching how the dodow lull lamp light becomes bigger and then smaller, you should be focusing your breathing pattern on synchronizing with the light. As the light expands, breathe in slowly and exhale once it contracts to its smaller point. The idea behind the expansion and contraction of light is to project the natural rhythm in breathing, creating a relaxing yet hypnotic effect. The device’s hypnotic effect stimulates our body’s baroreflex. It is a physiological mechanism that restores the balance to our autonomic nervous system.

Dodow and the Science behind It

Before a certain product is made available on the market, numerous studies are done to ensure customer’s safety. Just like with Dodow, this device has gone through a series of research and tests to get the clinical evidence of its effectiveness. People can highly trust and expect the product’s promised effectiveness as it is backed by science.

The creators of this device have looked into existing scientific research about a yogic practice called Pranayama. This practice aims to slow down one’s respiratory rate by controlling the breath. Once it is done as a relaxation technique, it effectively replicates the brain activity that only occurs during a night of deep sleep.

There had been other studies that had conducted for this yogic practice. Studies have shown that the controlled, slower breathing technique had been one of the best tools to ease someone who is in a mental turmoil or is stressed out. Also, it helps people who tend to have difficulty in falling asleep. So, through this device, the user can achieve the relaxing effect need to get drowsy and instantly to fall asleep.

Dodow Reviews


How to Use Dodow

Before using this device, make sure to place it in a place near your bed like the countertop or a table. This device has a touch-sensitive surface, so all you have to do is to tap it once to be on an eight-minute session. You can tap it twice for a longer 20-minute session. Once the chosen sessions have ended, the device will automatically shut off.

This device is AAA battery-operated, and it doesn’t need any wires or cables to be attached for charging. So, even if you forgot to turn it off, it’s okay. It is because you have already fallen asleep. As it doesn’t need to be plugged in an outlet, this is a safe device to use, assuring you of a safe, relaxing, and worry-free sleeping.

This device is also small in size and lightweight, making the best travel companion during your vacation or business trips. Since you will be staying somewhere, like in a hotel room, you might not be able to sleep that instantly. But as you have this device, there is nothing to worry about.

Dodow Review

Dodow’s Product Features

Before we delve into the other device instructions with Dodow, let us first know more about its features. Well, if you want to maximize the usage of a certain product, it is just reasonable that you know what is inside.

You probably have heard of the products that may put your health and safety at risk. Well, there are millions of products out there that you can easily purchase and use. It is not to make anyone else overthink things or became paranoid over nothing, but ingesting dangerous chemicals or toxins is not a joke. While other products can right away give you a clear sign that you have been exposed to it, others would take years before you notice its effect. So, you really should think a hundred times and research finally hitting the “purchase” button.

If you are still about the possibility of ingesting harmful toxins with this product, we want to tell you just to stay calm and enjoy using this device. This is because unlike other products, Dodow is a physical device, so you are 100% safe from the dangers of digesting those harmful chemicals. Using this device, you also be learning a breathing technique that is based on yoga and meditation. This breathing technique has the same therapeutic effects that one can get from doing yoga and meditation classes.

Dodow Review

Another great feature of this product is that it helps to retrain the brain’s cognitive-behavioral. This improves your sleeping health permanently. With this great effect, we can expect a healthier and longer life. But, how is it even possible to convince one’s mind to think or focus on sleeping?

Well, this device is a light metronome that will help the mind focused on the light, diverting it from getting busier because of frustrating thoughts and others. With its blue light, it gives off this natural calming effect to the user, keeping you calm, quiet, and relaxed – in this state, who would resist the power of sleep? If you feel like it will bother your partner’s sleep, no worries. You can easily adjust the light intensity according to your ceiling’s height.

Also, with its auto shut off feature, there is no need for you to reach for this device if you already feel sleepy. It automatically turns off once the set session is done. No need to worry about wasting the batteries’ life, saving you from doing unnecessary movements to interrupt your sleep.

The Dodow Battery

From the earlier parts of this article, we have already stated about how the Dodow device will work – you need three pieces of powerful AAA batteries. This amazing device is powered by this type of batteries which means you would not be dealing with wires or connections near your bed. Everyone can understand the hassle and even the danger of leaving any type of device being plugged the entire night. Well, there may be exceptions to that, but it would still be safe to have and used the battery-operated device.

Did we mention that this device automatically turns-off by itself? Well, yes, we do have mentioned it from the previous paragraph. So, having a wireless device with those great features does not just make it an efficient product but rather an exceptional investment.

While many of us have loved the idea of bringing a wireless or cordless type of device, there are still some low points in it being a battery-powered device. Just like other gadgets that are powered on by batteries, sooner or later, the power will be consumed, evicting old batteries and sating hello to fresh ones. Well, even our T.V. remotes have to be changed batteries for it to work, or else you might not be able to switch into your favorite channel – Dodow needs to undergo that battery cycle. If you want to forget the stress from those sleepless nights, you should always have a backup battery just in case.

 But how would you know if it is time to change batteries?

The gradual dimming of its light gives everyone a hint for a new set of batteries. Well, of all the bulbs that we have today, such as LEDs, dims when half of its total battery power had been consumed.  But for those who find it hard to distinguish the dimming from its normal light, well, that’s a problem. If only the creators of Dodow have come up with a small light indicator on its side that will clearly advise us for new batteries, then everything will be all good.

Also, if in case the creator of this exceptional sleep device decides to create another version, we all do hope that it had totally improved the flaws found in the first version. So, people will know the difference and somehow pick a suitable version for their use.

Dodow Device Instructions

From the previous paragraphs, we have already mentioned some of the basic features of Dodow. Aside from having a touch-sensitive surface, projects blue light, and s battery operated, there are additional instructions that everyone should know with this small-sized white disc. It is powered by three pieces of AAA battery. You will need a coin or a flat screwdriver to open the back part to insert the batteries. So, the proper placement of batteries will automatically power on this device.

Once the batteries and the back cover were placed, you want to at least wait for two seconds before tapping the screen. There is a light indicator that will tell whether the batteries are still working or not. That is the first light indicator; the second light indicates the signal. When you see both of these indicator lights, you can now tap the screen to turn on and to set up the device for the preferred session.

If you encounter any issues while using the device, don’t worry, you can easily troubleshoot this issue. You can remove its batteries, wait for a couple of seconds before inserting the batteries again, and then try turning on the device. Also, this product comes with an instruction manual that you can easily consult to know how to use this device effectively.

Who Is This For?

Just like what it is stated in the product’s tag line, the dodow sleep device is created for those who have chronic insomnia – a disorder where getting into a goodnight’s sleep is always a battle. It is so hard not to have that quality sleep, especially for those who have regular jobs. Also, lack of sleep is never good for one’s health, work, and safety. Since you are sleep deprived, there is a bigger chance that you will commit a mistake in your work, like sending the wrong email to a client and other errors. Even the simplest tasks at home will never be that easy to accomplish since you are unfocused and restless. That is why to solve this sleep problem; some people choose to intake sleeping pills. Although it can do solve the problem, however, prolonged dependence on this medication also brings health risks.

Good thing that Dodow was created and became a great help to all those who can’t easily fall asleep because of insomnia or stress. That is what this product is created for, but would you believe that its manufacturer recommends its product to those who are under the spell of jet lag? Surprisingly, this device will help you sleep like you are in your regular schedule.  Even if you are on vacation or a business trip, you will have a goodnight’s sleep in your hotel room. Also, as it is a white disc-shaped device that is small, you can always bring it wherever you go.

Knowing the Dodow’s Price

Other than the benefits that it brings, people are more likely to purchase a product that is worth the price. Well, that is how smart buyers should be, and if there is any sleep device product available in the market today that is worthy of its price, Dodow is on the top of the list.

This sleeping device is at a current price at around $60 or a bit more because of the shipping cost. Well, the price varies, if you will be purchasing it from other marketplaces. But, if you will purchase it at trusted sites like Amazon, you will get it at the best price. You might even get it at a discounted price if in case you will be purchasing one or more devices.

Is it expensive? Well, it can be a bit expensive for some, but if it is a device that guarantees a goodnight’s sleep, it is worth it. If compared to sleeping pills that are way more expensive and riskier to your health, just think of this purchase as a great product for keeps.

Dodow reviews

Benefits of Using Dodow

We have been gone past what, the science behind it, how it works, and who is this device for. Now, we will be looking more on the beneficial side that anyone will get when they use this device. Here are the following benefits:

  • Yoga + meditation in one – do you enjoy participating in yoga classes? Well, using Dodow, you get to reap the benefits of doing yoga and meditation. How? The breathing techniques through the blue light got its inspiration from the practice of yoga.
  • Metronome-like effect of the blue light for better focus – metronome is like a tool that produces a steady pulse. For musicians, they use this type of tool to enable them to play rhythms accurately. In terms of our product, its steady pulse is reflected on the contracting blue light. The device’s light was found helpful for having our brains to focus on one thing which will calm down our racing train of thoughts. The blue light will allow the user to be calm and feel relaxed, focusing on the thing. And a favorable result? Better brain focus facilitates deep and uninterrupted sleep.
  • Better sleep schedule – since Dodow enables you to fall asleep effectively, it changes or solves the irregularity that you are having in your sleeping schedule. Good cognitive behaviors developed after retraining the brain with this device, hence, bringing positivity not just to one’s mood but also lifestyle.
  • Effectively puts you to a sound sleep – there are various reasons why people find it hard to fall asleep. It may be because of noise, stress, unwelcomed thoughts, or even pregnancy that keeps someone to be awake – all night for some. According to creators, on average, users will be falling asleep 2.5 times quicker compared to other sleep devices.

For those who feel the real struggle in falling asleep, there is already a device that is designed for your sleep needs.

Dodow sleep aid reviews

Should You Buy it?

With modern technology that we are in today never fails to amaze us with new inventions. We are already in the modern-day that you get to use devices created with smart technology. One of the best examples is our smartphone. However, sleep technology is still new to us. That is why it is given that some are still skeptical about purchasing sleep devices such as Dodow.

It is all right to have doubts on other devices but not Dodow. This device is backed up with research and clinical pieces of evidence that will prove its effectiveness. It is a small quiet device that doesn’t need to be plug-in as it is battery operated. Don’t worry that much, yet if you didn’t see any buttons for controls, with just a tap, you could already use this device.

Everyone can agree that it is because of the underlying technology that makes this device effective. Unless you find it hard for you to be focused and do the breathing technique for a given time like eight minutes – that would be hard. If you feel anxious because of failing to do so, you will not be able to sleep. That is how worse anxiety can affect you and yourself. So, if you know that you didn’t have the problem to follow the said breathing technique, then this device will be a great fit for you. you might want to read also more about photostick reviews and photostick mobile review.

The technique that you will be doing or learning with Dodow is that it slowly reduces your breathing. With this, it will be easy for you to follow along. Unlike other products, this small and lightweight device will never trouble you in terms of space. To use, you can just place it on your nightstand, acts like an alarm-clock-minus-the-alarm. It is a reminder about the breathing that you should do as the light expands, then returns to its original size, and then repeat.

The appropriate breathing rate is important as it slowly ease your mind from busy thoughts, keeping it focused on light expansion and breathing. This process will effectively bring your body into a deep state of relaxation. When people are already in that full state, the next time they knew, morning already greeted them. In summary, this device will help you achieve that less-stress and relaxing sleep – and that’s what matters most.

From the previous paragraphs, you can find the benefits of using it as well as the people who should be purchasing it, making it a good product worthy of your money. Aside from its benefits, this device lets you learn how you can effectively control your breathing – a necessary technique to shove away your sleeping problems. So, other than spending on devices that don’t have a fruitful result, why not switch to a better device such as Dodow?

Dodow Version 2.0

You probably have made up your mind in terms of purchasing this device. Well, we would not be bothering with whatever decision that you have made. But have you have decided that you wanted to purchase this type of device, well, you ought to know that there are two versions of Dodow available in the market today.

Will there be any difference in terms of the features and effectivity?

If you also have thought of the same question, no worries, you are also one of the many people who got confused when they have heard of another version. The confusion among people with this product version is understandable – there is nothing to worry about, especially for those who have already bought one. There is no difference in features and effectivity; both of them functions as what it was advertised.

The Dodow second version has quite a few changes when it comes to its built and nothing else. This minuscule change doesn’t affect the device’s operation. One of the notable changes with this Dodow version 2 is its battery lid. It is said to be a bit easier to open as well as when closing it. This had made this particular version to have a sturdier design, but you don’t need to go for an extra effort just for this. As long as this device has delivered the expected results as what it had promised, you get to have a great sleep – and that is the most important.

Sleep Problems – Knowing the Reasons behind the Struggles

Before we continue unveiling more of the great things about Dodow, let us learn first the reasons for having sleep problems. There are varying factors that cause this problem and the result? Our body’s natural cycle or biological clock that tells us the time to sleep and to wake is disrupted. Since the natural cycle is already exaggerated, the sleep problem can lead us to serious health risks.

Here are the following factors that cause our sleep problem:

  • Environmental issues (your partner or roommate snores loudly, the room is too bright, too noisy, extreme temperature, and others.)
  • Psychiatric disorders (hopefully, this is not the reason why you can’t sleep, but anxiety disorders and depression are clear signs this is what causes your sleep problem)
  • Medical issues (example of which is asthma. When you have asthma, the difficulty in breathing will keep you awake the whole night)
  • Physical disturbances (examples of which are fibromyalgia, headaches, pain caused by arthritis, and others)

Acute insomnia, on the other hand, is caused by the stresses that we experienced in our lives. It might because of moving on, loved one’s death, changing or losing a job, and others.

Dodow reviews


Other Reasons You Can’t Sleep

If your insomnia is the main reason why you can’t fall asleep for three nights per week and it is already a major sleep concern for the last three months, it isn’t just insomnia but a chronic one. Factors such as discomfort or pain at night, chronic stress, and depression are the ones causing you this long-term sleep disorder. You might want to seek first your doctor’s advice to solve your sleep problem.

Here are the other factors that are interfering your goodnight sleep:

  • Medications – some drugs will either cause you drowsiness or the opposite. Drugs such as the non-prescription cold medicine, medication prescribed for blood pressure, and antidepressants will interfere with your sleep time.
  • Genetics – researchers have found a link between narcolepsy and a person’s genetics. If a person is suffering from this neurological disorder, his genetics have something to do with it.
  • Aging – adults who are over 65 years of age experience some sleep problems. This explains why some grandparents tend to sleep a couple of hours and are awake already. It is still unclear whether this problem is a normal part of them being in this specific age, or it is because of the medication that they are taking.
  • Work on a night shift – sleep disorder is already common to those who are working at night. It is because even if they feel drowsy during the night, they can’t sleep. Working contrary to what the biological clock says is already a reason why these people find it hard to fall asleep.

If it is about aging, medications, or night shift work that causing sleep problems, well, you are still lucky to at least sleep for a couple of hours. However, if it is about your genetics, things might be hard. The research for the cure is ongoing – there’s still hope. So, if you are unsure of what is causing your sleepless nights, it is best to consult a doctor.

Insomnia and Its Symptoms

When you find it hard to fall and stay asleep, or you suddenly wake up early than usual and then find it hard to return to sleep, these are clear signs of insomnia. This is one of the common sleeping problems that anyone might be dealing with. This sleep disorder will let you feel tired as if you exerted all your energy levels when you were able to sleep. Also, it will not just affect your mood every day, but your work performance, health, and life.

Other than the ones stated above, how will you be able to know if you have insomnia or not? Well, sleep disorder’s symptoms may include the following:

  • Finds it hard to fall asleep
  • Continues to worry about falling asleep
  • Increased chances of committing errors or getting into an accident
  • Find it hard to pay attention, focus on tasks, or even in remembering details
  • Shows signs of irritability, anxiety or depression
  • Sleepiness or tiredness during daytime
  • Feel restless after getting sleep at night
  • Be awake early during the night than usual

Those are the top symptoms that will tell whether you are suffering from this sleep disorder. If you observe those symptoms in you, it would be better to consult your doctor.

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Leading Causes of Insomnia

From the past paragraphs, we have already mentioned about the short-term and long-term type of insomnia. Even if you have the short-term type, it isn’t something to feel confident about. Depression, anxiety, and stress are some of the emotional issues that are the leading cause of almost half of all the insomnia cases.

Getting stressed out or depressed is not easily developed; some factors trigger someone’s emotions. Things such as physical health, daytime habits, and sleep routine are the ones that may play a part in that emotional issue. It can get worse if you will continue ignoring it. When it is something that causes sleep problems, it is high time for you to be a detective on your own to identify those factors causing your sleep disorder. Once the root cause is identified, it will be easy to seek the proper treatment.

Let’s try to find the possible causes of your sleep disorder with the following questions:

  • How’s your sleeping environment? Is it noiseless and comfortable?
  • Do you have any health problem that is troubling you? Does it affect your sleep?
  • Are you taking medication?
  • Have you ever gone through an unlikely situation that bothers you?
  • Do you feel like you are emotionally low, hopeless, or depressed?
  • Are you feeling stressed out these past few days?

These should be the questions that you should be asking yourself. This will help you to assess if there are things that cause your sleep problems. If you feel like there is something not mentioned among those questions, it would be better to talk to someone about these things, or you can directly consult your doctor about it. Either of the two will surely help you to recover from this, soon.

Simple Ways to Fall Asleep, Effectively

Whatever reason you may have for not being able to fall asleep faster, it still goes down to the fact that you are deprived of quality sleep; thus, you are putting yourself at risk. Don’t let things come to worst by doing the natural ways to fall asleep faster.

Here are the following ways that you should do:

  • Drink some warm milk – take a sip of warm milk before going to bed. If you want, you might like drinking almond milk.
  • Lower your room’s temperature – sleep will never come to you if you feel warm and uncomfortable in your room. Better change the settings of your thermostat to cool temperature and grab your favorite blanket for that very comfortable sleep. The room temperature may vary in every individual, so better find what is the most comfortable for you. Taking a warm bath or shower before going to bed might also work wonder for you.
  • Adjust your sleeping position – while everyone has their preferred position, if you can’t sleep, you might want to do the side sleeping position. Well, this sleeping position is said to guarantee a high-quality sleep. But, if you still can’t sleep, you can try lying on your back and tap your Dodow to start your preferred relaxing session.
  • Disconnect to your gadgets and other electronic devices – you can never fall asleep faster if you have been using your devices before or already late at night. So, better refrain from using it before bedtime, turn off the TV or lights to ensure a quiet, free-of-distraction place to get a goodnight’s sleep.
  • No high-carb meal for dinner – researches have shown that high in carb foods affect the quality of sleep that you will have. Although it might get you to snooze off faster, it will not give you a restful sleep. If you want a deeper and relaxing sleep, high-fat meals will give it to you. If in case you really can’t avoid carbs, it is recommended to have it four hours before your bedtime. Otherwise, you know the result.
  • Meditation, yoga, and mindfulness help – everyone knows the difficulty of going to sleep when you are stressed. Practicing one or all of these tools – mindfulness, meditation, and yoga will help you achieve a calm mind and relaxed body.

Aside from the ones being mentioned above, you might also want to add breathing methods to help you achieve a relaxed mind and body essential for a goodnight’s sleep.

Falling to Sleep with White Noise

White noise is created from the combination of sounds coming from all of the various frequencies together. Just imagine the tones or sounds that are heard by humans, combine them and voila! You heard it right – it is called white noise. It might be a type of noise, but this is the one that you wouldn’t bother to listen to. It is a special type of noise that is used to cover the background sounds that you from waking up and falling asleep.

Here are the following types that are identified as white noise:

  • The noise that is generated electronically like from radio or TV “static” sound
  • Ambient soundscapes such as crowd noise, a crackling campfire, and aircraft interior
  • Noises produced by types of machinery like the ones coming from washing machine, air conditioning units, and others
  • Sound of nature like the coming from the jungle, the sea, and its waves, crickets, chirping, rain, and others

Some people would try playing these noises to divert their minds from thinking and to fall asleep. Aside from white, noise can also come in different colors such as pink, grey, violet, and others. Each of these colors represents its spectral destiny and other applications to physics, engineering, and acoustics.  Other than the other colors, it would be better to take your time listening to white noise and see for yourself if it will aid you in achieving quality sleep.

Tips for Getting Sleep on the Flight

Getting “jet-lagged” is a feeling that is no longer new to those who always travel. Also called desynchronosis or time zone change syndrome, if you got this feeling after you have reached your travel destination, well, it might prevent you from falling asleep. Since you might not be able to sleep once you reach your hotel room, how about just sleeping during the entire flight? At least, you have recharged yourself for the adventures that you will be doing in that destination.

How will you be achieving your sleep goals? Here are the following tips:

  • Find that perfect seat. Sometimes it is where you are sitting that will tell whether you can catch some winks or you need to bear with where you are situated. It is highly recommended to get a window seat so that you won’t be disturbed by anyone if in case they wanted to go to the comfort room.
  • Avoid taking several carry-ons. If you can slip it all inside a single bag, that will be is handy for you. So, you won’t get stressed if in case you will be carrying that for a few hours of flight. Don’t get stressed; just pack the essentials and sit comfortably on your seat.
  • Say no to caffeine. Skip a caffeinated drink or coffee itself, especially during daytime flight. Trust us; it will never be of good help to your healthy-sleeping-in-flight goals.
  • Make use of the blanket and pillows or bring your own. If you are looking forward to sleep during the flight, make sure to reach for it instantly, and if there is none, better ask the flight attendant for some assistant.
  • Use your headphones to soothing music. Rule out the distractions that you have in your mind to lead you in a peaceful sleep. There are noise-canceling headphones that are perfect for those who wanted to get away from in-flight distractions engine noise and others. Plug-in those headphones and relax to that soothing music.

There you have it – the great list to achieve your sleeping goals. Or, if you want, you can try dodow sleep device once you arrived at your room so that sleeping will be an issue.

Dodow sleep reviews

The Competition: Dodow vs. Alternative Gadgets

Almost all of the queries that you have in your mind right now can already be answered by just searching online. If it is about gadgets that will help you with your sleeping problems, well, the online world is filled with a wide array of products to choose from.

Before, some purchasers have bought any kind of bulb when they need one. And for some, you will hear them say that as long as it provides light to us, it is good. But just like us, no bulbs are alike – we need one for a specific purpose. Everyone is currently in the search for the best product for a sleep solution. Luckily, we have come across two of the most promising alternative devices, and we highly recommend these two if in case you are looking for alternatives (but we highly doubt it that you will be changing your mind).

Just like Dodow’s blue light, the Lighting Science Goodnight Sleep Bulb will also help you fall asleep faster. This LED sleep light promotes better melatonin production, promoting healthy circadian rhythm essential for quality sleeping. This LED bulb only uses 8.5 watts, great for longer periods of usage, and produces 600 lumens. This means that the brightness is just enough to give you that soothing glow, readying your mind and body to rest.

If our body clock says it is time to go to sleep, if your room is still bright or well-lighted, the spirit of sleep will never possess you. The amount of light has a great impact on suppressing or promoting melatonin production. Our eyes are sensitive to bright light, especially to blue light – and you might be thinking of Dodow right now. Well, it is blue light indeed, but its light is backed up by science; it is safe and will never suppress melatonin production in your body. No wonder there are hundreds of people who have tried and can testify the effectiveness of Dodow.

On the other hand, if you wanted something new aside from the LED bulb and night lights, you might want to give it a try with 2breathe Sleep Inducer. This includes an amazing set with a belt that you will be wearing and an app to download on your phone. Both of them will work together to help you focus on your breathing – an essential step to help you fall asleep, effectively.

While these are just some of the alternative gadgets, there are a lot of popular products that are solid competitors of Dodow. However, none of them have the qualities that will give amazing results like Dodow. This sleeping device will not just help your brain to focus on breathing, but it will also give the assurance of reaching that deep level of sleep.

dodow sleep aid

The Pros

  • Ease of use – this device comes with two modes, which you can tap into your preferred session. Tap once for an eight-minute session and twice for longer 20-minute sessions.
  • Smart design – this 6.4 ounces round white-disc device comes has a touch-sensitive surface that requires you to tap to start the mode or session. There is no need to worry about noise as this device doesn’t have one. It also comes with light indicators that will tell whether it is power on and when there is a signal. Make sure that it receives a signal to easily connect with its app if in case you wanted to change its brightness settings.
  • Good light for goodnight sleep – this device has a soft blue light that can be dimmable – it can be set according to your preferred brightness. It will never disturb your focus as you go sailing towards sleep.
  • Battery-operated – this device is functioning well with three pieces of AAA batteries. With this, there is nothing to worry about leaving it on as you have fallen asleep. Once the preferred session or mode is done, it automatically shuts off.
  • Sleep device for everyone – whatever age group you may be in if you wanted to solve your sleep problems or just wanted to have a goodnight’s sleep, this device is the best choice.
  • Safe and effective – there are no side effects reported, making it a no-medication-needed solution to sleep problems.

The Cons

Given the Dodow sleep reviews benefits as well as the pros, there is still some downside to this product. One of which is its price. Some people find this product as pricey compared to their solid competitors. Aside from its expensive side, it is said to be not as effective as sleeping pills or other sleep aids. Well, that is the safe side of this product – you will not be taking any medication when you buy it. It will not be useful to those who take medication to help them fall asleep since it is their medical condition that is keeping them awake.

Another disadvantage of this product is its projection angle and its brightness. You can’t adjust its projection angle, and although it has the “brightness” feature, it is on the lower side. You can no longer adjust it even through your app. Well, the practical reason for the brightness issue is that light can also be the cause of why someone can’t easily fall asleep. That is why the creators have set that brightness level that low that will not be annoying to some.

Buying Guide – Choosing the Best Device

Just like for a sleep device, these are the following factors that you should consider:

  • Price – aside from the quality, people go for cheaper products. Well, there is nothing wrong with purchasing products at the lowest price but not applicable to all types of products. Check its feature first and its pricing on a trusted site before you add it to your shopping cart.
  • Battery and product-life – you have worked hard to earn money; that is why it would be advisable if you can find the product that is truly valuable and is long-lasting. It would just be a waste of money if, after using it a few times, it will already get broken. Better check its battery life to know how many hours
  • Downloadable app – with the advent of smartphones and other devices, it is also worth looking for products that will promote comfort and ease of use. Check whether the device that you bought comes with a downloadable app, just like the dodow app, where you can easily access and set up through your smartphone.
  • Built and design – we are all about comfort the moment that we purchase a particular product. Go for products that are built with quality as well as ergonomically design that isn’t heavy or bulky to take much enough of your room’s space.

Before buying any device, it would be better to do further research to make sure it is worth your money.

Dodow reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Does dodow come with a money-back guarantee?

Yes, this product comes with a 100-day guarantee. If it doesn’t work, then without a doubt, you can send it right back.

Will I still be able to sleep with its blue light?

Yes, although blue light may keep someone awake, it is also found that this color gives a soothing and relaxing feel. The creators of the dodow sleep aid device had made sure that the light is dim enough not to cause any impact to distract your sleeping ability.

What if I didn’t fall asleep when the set session has ended?

Well, it would not happen as half of the Dodow users have reported falling asleep right at the end of the session. It would rarely happen if you will not fall asleep, but if not, to remain patient and think that you will be able to fall asleep.

Is it suitable for both the young and the elderly?

Yes, even if they have different breathing capacity compared to an average adult, children and elderly people can use Dodow. It is also said that it may take more than one session for either the age range before they can fall to sleep. The creator behind this great product pointed out that the blue light can help alleviate the fear of darkness among young children. So, it alleviates their fear at the same time it helps them to fall asleep quickly. However, it is not suitable for children’s six-year-old and younger.

What if it doesn’t turn on or function correctly?

Well, you can troubleshoot this problem by doing a simple reset with its batteries. All you have to do is simply remove these batteries and then re-insert, properly. Place the two batteries on both sides before putting the last one in the middle. Also, remember not to touch Dodow’s touchpad right at the same time. Wait for two seconds or until you have seen the second signal light before you turn it back on.

Will Dodow’s blue light disrupt another sleeper in a room?

No, the projected blue light will not disrupt them. Don’t worry too much as the blue light is just at its low level, meaning it is so low that it will not disrupt anyone – especially if your eyes are already closed.

Is there a recommended sleeping position if you use Dodow?

Yes, the creators behind this product highly recommend users to lie on their back when sleeping. Why? Well, if you are doing a different one, you would not see the blue light projected on the ceiling. Also, you will not be able to do the breathing technique required. If the session had finally ended, you could already switch to the position that you are comfortable with.

Will it be possible for Dodow to help me even if I worry or thinking too much?

Worrying can really keep someone wide awake as it is not just a simple psychological problem; it has a physiological impact on the body, too. And Dodow will help you by breathing and disrupting your mind from worrying. It will keep your attention focused on the breathing exercise, allowing you to set aside those worries, relaxing the mind and the body.

With someone snoring inside a room and or other background noise, will Dodow be able to help me sleep?

Yes, Dodow will definitely help you achieve that sleep. It is not the noise or the snoring that keeps you awake, but it is your reaction and attention to it. Once you have focused your attention on the light together with the breathing exercise, you are just a couple of minutes away from quality sleep.

Final Verdict – Is It Worth Buying For?

Through the years, everyone had witnessed the evolution among devices that promotes that better sleep solution. Though it may be a similar product having the same purpose, Dodow is a one-of-a-kind product. This is created by people who have also gone through the difficulty of falling asleep faster. They can understand how frustrating it can be for those who badly needed to catch some sleep but can’t – the struggle is real, indeed. With this product that you can just easily tap to start, you find yourself that perfect solution you have been waiting for.

However, even if dodow reviews give that great list of pros, this product still not free of cons. The brightness and the projection angle may not be changed, and others are not happy with this downside. But the brightness may have been made like that as it is supposed to promote sleep and not to be too bright to keep someone awake. It might be pricey to some, but since it is quality-made and does it job, you will never think of it as an expensive product. It is a worthwhile product.


Dodow sleep reviews