ecoheat reviews

Ecoheat Reviews

Ecoheat S













  • Oscillation feature
  • Cost-efficient
  • Energy-saving
  • Simple installation
  • Lowers airborne allergens


  • Slow shipping
  • Small size
  • Shows temperature in Celsius only

Are you one of those individuals who are getting exhausted with the winter months? The good news is that you don’t need to worry anymore because this EcoHeat got you covered. But what is EcoHeat first? Is it ideal for you? What are the benefits of using this device? Stop right there because all your questions will be answered in this review.

What is the EcoHeat S?

In case you didn’t know yet, the EcoHeat S is a cylinder-shaped heater that has an adjustable thermostat and oscillation, which could heat a space to a maximum of ninety-eight degrees.

The heater utilizes ceramic heating property as well as an internal fan to drive hot air out into the room in which it stands. If you visit the official website of the manufacturer, it can generate heat in as little as three seconds.

Heaters like this one could be a huge savior for homeowners and dwellers who desire to save on electricity bills throughout the winter seasons. This can achieve this by heating one room and not the entire house.

The best part about this product is that the heater is part of the product lineup of Hyperstech. They are a company selling different items. They are an online store selling quality items that can be shipped all around the globe. EcoHeat S was created by two German engineers to help solve the issue of high heating expenses and fight high cold weather conditions.

ecoheat reviews

In this review, we will evaluate how this heater works, how much its costs, and discuss whether or not the heater of this size could actually heat an average 100-square foot space. Not to mention that we will also compare it to other heaters we have reviewed.

What Can EcoHeat Provide You?

The Ecoheat S is a mini portable heating device, which could be placed anywhere you want, such as in a table or anywhere you like. This is an eco-friendly and advanced product that makes perfect for large and small spaces. It could be plugged into any area of your homes, such as your bedroom, living room, or even your home office, set to your preferred temperature.

This heater could begin generating heat in nearly an instant. The best thing about this product is that you can utilize it even during the hot summer months. That means it can be utilized as a fan. It’s a multipurpose device. Below are some of the things it can offer to you.


  • Power

You will surely feel satisfied every time you use this heater within your home. What’s better than knowing your friends are comfortable when they visited your home during the cold winter season?

  • Convenient & Portable

Not every portable heater is convenient to use. That’s because some are quite heavy and big, making it more difficult to move and relocate around your home. Not to mention that bigger heaters consume a lot of space too. The cool thing about the EcoHeat S is that it’s a compact and lightweight hearer. You could utilize the handle to move it around easily.

  • Multi-Purpose Heater

Did you know that the EcoHeat S features three working modes? You could pick the high heat mode (1200W) during the freezing weather to increase the temperature of your office or home in less time.

You can pick the low heat mode (600W) when the area is warm. The third mode is the fan mode. You can utilize it as an average table fan when the weather is humid and hit. Simply activate this mode, and you can surely enjoy a blast of fresh and cold air.

Another advantage you will receive is that you can change the temperature based on your preferences. At the same time, you have the power to handle your electricity consumption.

ecoheat reviews

  • Wide-Angle Heating

You are aware that room heaters that do not have an oscillating feature could be very uncomfortable on your part. That’s true, particularly if there’s more than one individual inside the room. It is not very efficient in this situation. Fortunately, the EcoHeat S could turn at a seventy-degree angle, making it an efficient room heater even though it is a bit smaller compared to the majority of compact room heaters.

  • User-Friendly Interface

Heaters do not come with a complex set of buttons or controls by default. Nevertheless, you will find some that are not very practical to utilize. However, in the case of EcoHeat S, you would be amazed by how basic it is created and how convenient it is. You will also notice a little LED display and several buttons on the top part of the heater. Take note that the LED screen will inform you of the temperature of the heater.


  • Sophisticated Design

The best part about this heater is that it has a stylish cylinder-like design. Not to mention that it is relatively small. It looks amazing, and it could blend easily into any space without changing its decoration. Read More About Zen Heater

Things You’ll Experience When You Don’t Use EcoHeat S Today

You will experience a few things if you do not start using EcoHeat S today. Some of these are as follows:

  • Infection

You will not have any desire to be hampered or your family having an awful condition.

  • Shuddering

You will fall weakened due to cold. No one likes that to happen to you and to your family.

  • Terrible Health Condition

Do you like to suffer from a runny nose, pneumonia, or cold? Make sure that you use EcoHeat S as soon as possible to avoid that from happening to you or to your family.

EcoHeat S Features

Thanks to its state-of-the-art built-in technology as well as innovative features, EcoHeat S offers a wide array of features.

  • Temperature

The highest temperature of EcoHeat S is ninety-eight degrees. The fan lowers it evenly throughout the entire room even though it is a high temperature. Furthermore, this small eating device is too comfortable to utilize in a room that is composed of more than one individual. The ceramic utilized in it is suitable for absorbing and releasing the heat.


  • Easy to use

Did you know that the EcoHeat S is a very practical and straightforward gadget to employ? In fact, it is not recommended to follow the manual from the manufacturer to operate this heater. You can easily run it without following its instructions by using only the five buttons at the upper portion of the device.

  • Diverse modes

Another thing that makes EcoHeat S outstanding is that it has numerous modes. In fact, this heating tool could warm the room by producing heat throughout the cold winter days. During the hot summer months, the device could generate normal air with its fan mode. Therefore, you can say that this device is both ideals for summer and winter seasons. Isn’t it amazing?

  • Oscillating function

The oscillating feature of the EcoHeat S enables it to move at a maximum angle of seventy degrees. It could warm a huge space uniformly, which a costly heater could achieve.

  • Can cover the area easily

EcoHeat S takes ten watts of electricity to warm at least ten square feet of space. That indicates that this gadget could heat up to sixty to 120 square feet of room with a minimal amount of electricity.

  • Energy saver

The EcoHeat S is an excellent gadget along with amazing power saving capability. This device will lower your electricity bill, meaning your bill won’t be too much like other heating devices even though you are using a heater.

  • Small size

The EcoHeat is 8.5 inches tall while it has a 5.5 inches width. With its size, you can be certain that it’s a small device. Isn’t it cool?

  • Portability

Another sought feature of the EcoHeat S is its portability. Given that it’s a small device, you can easily travel with it anywhere and anytime you desire. Not to mention that the EcoHeat S is very simple to use both at the office and home.

You can also bring this electric device while you are traveling from other places throughout the cold winter months. It will offer to provide you the convenience and comfort you needed with its super warm heat production.

  • Safety features

When using any electrical devices, particularly those that generate heat, you like to ensure it’s safe to use, right? It’s a good thing to know that EcoHeat is made from V-0 grade flame-resistant material and is ETL certified.

It also features an auto-off safety mode, meaning it’s protected against any overheating and overcurrent at the same time. EcoHeat also features a tip-over protection. You can rest easy that it heats your area as there are advanced safety measures at hand.

  • Quiet

The last thing you like when you’re trying to relax or work is a noisy heater running in the background. You should not have to pick between a warm room and quiet.

The good thing is that EcoHeat is famous for being 100% quiet than other available products today. This device won’t be intrusive because it is lower than 50db. This is an amazing item, and one of the top brands you could depend on time and again.

  • Adjustable thermostat

This portable heater offers two different buttons, enabling you to change the temperature and change your heating experience. Take note that the thermostat could be set to temperatures of at least ninety-eight degrees.

  • Simple to install

All you need to do to run this heater is plug it in, and you are good to go because it’s small and does not need to be mounted. Furthermore, it does not require any special installation procedure. You could check out their detailed user manual if you still have other concerns or watching the video, which can be found on their official website.

Other Technical Features of EcoHeat S

  • The heater produces 4092 BTU per hour
  • Rated frequency is 50Hz
  • Power usage is 1.2 kW per hour
  • Safety protection
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Auto oscillation
  • High heat is 1220 watt
  • Low heat is 600 watts
  • It could heat up a room at least 60 to 120 square feet

How Does EcoHeat S Work?

Bear in mind that the EcoHeat S portable mini heater can be utilized on a table or any other place. You could prefer to plug it in any room within your home. No matter if you are in your garage, office, or living room, this device would work as long as it’s a plug. The best part is that it’s much safer for use in the nursery of your baby.

The EcoHeat portable heater utilizes PTC ceramic heating elements that can offer you quick and efficient hot air when you need it the most. Take note that the ceramic heating element works by drinking in the cold air around the room, producing heat and warming up the air, freeing the hot air within the room. This process is referred to as the convection process, making it perfect for heating up big rooms. The cool part is that the process takes up only three seconds for you to feel. We advice you to read more about Handy Heater

ecoheat s

Apart from that, the EcoHeat portable heater use as less energy in comparison to other heaters available in the market. The system is currently USB-powered, and it saves you a huge amount of money on your electrical bills. The system is also eco-friendly, as suggested in its name.

The system is composed of three crucial components, including the control panel, the heater, and the pan. This is perfect for generating and absorbing heat like the ceramic heating the system utilizes. In case you didn’t know yet, ceramic heaters are extremely efficient, and it could heat up a room much faster. They could also cool it down faster once you turn off the heater. We advice you to read more about Cleansebot

The EcoHeat S is designed from V-o grade flame-resistant material to safeguard it from explosions or fire. Furthermore, it’s ETL-certified.

ecoheat s

How to Use Ecoheat S

After understanding the most crucial features and how this portable heater works, you must be able to know how to use it. This portable fat heater is easy and simple to use, as you might have noticed already. Simply connect it into an outlet in your room, and you are good to go. You simply turn it on, set the temperature where you like, and allow it to do its thing. As easy as it sounds.

Big thanks to this wonderful creation, you could get warm in just a mere seconds. For instance, you come back home and yo like to warm up your body easily. It needs only several seconds to establish a comfortable, warm space. Apart from that, you can bring the heater anywhere you go inside the room due to its portability.

It’s worth mentioning that the EcoHeat S is created to run at whisper-quiet levels. This is to guarantee you’re not being disturbed. That indicates it won’t bother you or anyone else in your family throughout the sleeping period.

Ultimately, it will sustain a constant temperature thanks to its thermostats. It will keep your room cozy and warm without the increasing power bill. Amazing, isn’t it? Not to mention that it can be utilized anywhere you desire, like your bedroom, kitchen, or garage. On top of that, you don’t need to think about incidents due to safety precautions. The heater systematically turns off in case of accidental knocking off and overheating. We have very strong review guide about Arctic Air Ultra & Best Portable Air Conditioner

Benefits of Using EcoHeat S

The EcoHeat S comes with a wide array of benefit that involves safety precautions because of auto-off capability. Not to mention that this is quick, efficient, and powerful for indoor personal heating purposes. The LCD show smart thermostat and ceramic plate’s technology lead in a two-second heating time. That guarantees that you keep your preferred room temperature at all times, allowing you to fit your heating preferences.

The small and portable design makes it simple to bring. You can set numerous power modes from low heat at 600 watts or high heat at 1200 watts, as it’s adjustable. Further, it does not generate any sound when it’s turned on.

ecoheat s reviews

Our EcoHeat S Review

ecoheatWe didn’t find any unique quality features for this portable heater, except that it was made in Hong Kong. Nevertheless, its functions, offering it a special selling point, speaks for themselves because of its fan and thermostat that’s is the same to those other fan heaters available in the market.

Apart from that, it’s made from top-notch materials, indicating better quality and the ceramic technology on which the EcoHeater S is designed. Did you know that no other electric heater could have had that same technology?

This small fan heater is an excellent accomplishment for those people who like to lessen their heating expenses because of its advanced attributes and features. It does something awesome for the environment, and it spread uniform heat everything without turning on heaters all over the place.

The small heater provides a new level of heating experience with all its awesome functions, big thanks to its superior quality materials.

Other users bring them a lightweight heater with them to work. The device provides a wonderful solution for not having to freeze, especially if it fails at home. Individuals who live frugally could not live out the minimalism, which is in vogue in their regular life, especially with small basic appliances and things that others think recommendable.



Below are some of the amazing advantages you will get when you start using Ecoheat S today:

  • Oscillation feature

The device puts a lot of weight, regardless of the small design of this portable heater. It can disperse a huge amount of air around the room evenly.

  • Cost-efficient

The EcoHeat system is somewhat affordable, especially for those people on a budget. Moreover, it does not require any maintenance or installation. That lowers the expenses massively.

  • Energy-saving

This is another awesome advantage of the EcoHeat system. It won’t result to high electricity bills and would still run very practically.

  • The fan

Another excellent advantage of this portable heater is the fact that it comes with an alternative of a cooling fan. That allows you to keep you cool throughout the summer months. That keeps your heater practical within the year, so you do not need to pack it up every time you are hot.

  • Ease of use

In case you didn’t know yet, the well-labeled buttons and the LCD display of the temperature makes it simple for the user to utilize the system very well. Apart from that, you can easily enjoy it according to your heating preferences.

  • Simple installation

The compact size of this portable heater doesn’t require any daunting installation procedure. It works efficiently after it has been plugged, so you don’t need to think about installing the system or paying for the installation. That lowers your expenses at the same time.

  • Lowers airborne allergens

You must be aware that this heating system would lower airborne allergens in light of the quality air, which the EcoHeat portable heater generates. The system doesn’t circulate dust around your home. Thus, this would lower any allergic reactions, and it will even keep you all from breathing in the dust. Sounds amazing, isn’t it?

  • Safe for use

The EcoHeat S system is 100% safe for use because of its safety features such as heat protection and tip-over protection. It avoids the likelihood of having a fire incident, and it safeguards your family from any harm.

You don’t need to worry about them causing an incident, especially if you have pets or kids inside your home. The reason behind this is that the system would turn off easily after it’s tipped over or when it’s overheating.

  • Personalized thermostat

Another thing that you will love about the EcoHeat S is that it offers personalized temperature for you and your entire family to enjoy. It presents an excellent temperature for your entire family, keeping you warm throughout the cold days and winter months.

  • Flexibility

You can use the EcoHeat S anywhere in your home or office because of its awesome design. In fact, you can easily place it on any table, which is near to a socket. It also does not consume a huge amount of space.


Like most things, you will also find negative things about the EcoHeat S. Some of them are  categorized below:

  • Slow shipping

One of the drawbacks of using EcoHeat S is that the company manufacturing the product has obtained a lot amount of complaints on slow shipping periods. You should still take into consideration this if you are planning to buy the system even though the complaints are not that many.

  • Small size

Even though we mentioned it as a benefit earlier, some people still find the small size of the size as a drawback. That’s true, even though it can warm up a small room easily. This is more suitable for single-use rather than for those big families. Further, anyone who has a big family in their home can’t enjoy the portable heater as it won’t produce sufficient heat for anyone.

  • Shows temperature in Celsius only

Do you utilize Fahrenheit to calculate temperature? Then you might have a difficult time adjusting when using this portable heating system. The reason behind this is that it only shows its temperature in Celsius. Anyone who is acquainted to Fahrenheit would need to understand the equivalent to Celsius.

ecoheat s reviews

Final Verdict

According to our own research, we believe that the EcoHeat S could be a wonderful alternative for you if you are searching for a small, portable heater to heat up your room. Indeed, EcoHeat S is of utmost importance to you. You will not find any reason to give it a second, though.

You must not stop shivering throughout the winter, thinking about your electricity bills. You will be grateful that you made the ideal option for getting one of these groundbreaking devices to heat up some parts of your house.

Do not allow the quality of your home to continue to suffer because your health is at great risk.

As mentioned earlier, this is the ideal answer to all your heating issues. Trust us on this, and you will surely never regret it. This mini heater is a perfect system for anyone seeking for a small heater or those who have a small family.

On top of that, the heater is safe for use, and it works efficiently. The system can be utilized throughout the year, either in the summer months or the winter season. It also enables you to personalize your overall heating experience, and it saves a huge amount of energy in the long run.

If you like something larger or you have a bigger family in your home, then this heater is not suitable for you. As an alternative, you could try something bigger, which could accommodate a big family. Furthermore, EcoHeat has fewer drawbacks and works fine.

For anyone who prefers an affordable way to warm up, a convenient and portable heating system to bring anywhere and a safe system, which would safeguard them from any incidents, the EcoHeat S is what you require!

We hope this EcoHeat S review was comprehensive enough to help you make a decision whether or not you like to invest in this portable heater. This product is a wonderful option for those individuals who like to keep cozy and warm during the chilly months but do not like their electricity bills to grow massively.

No matter if you are searching for a heater for your office, home, or simply like one to travel when you are going somewhere freezing, the EcoHeat S is a remarkable choice! At such a reasonable cost, this device is well worth your buck.

Aside from that, the EcoHeat S is a one-stop-solution to all your winter requirements. Each of the features provided by this portable heater is the one you would typically find in an expensive and high-end heater. That’s what makes this item a valuable investment and a versatile heater at the same time.

Have you enjoyed this review? Make sure you share this to some of your friends and family, too, so they are aware of how good the EcoHeat S!

ecoheat s reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any queries on how to use EcoHeat? Don’t worry because we’ve also prepared a list of frequently asked questions that you might be thinking right now.

  • How can you maintain the EcoHeat S?

The upkeep of your heater is not that complicated, particularly if you have something extremely convenient such as the EcoHeat system. Nevertheless, you will find some tips that will help you when you are utilizing your heater. Below are some tips you need to consider:

  • Clean the heater often and safeguard it from any dust. You could easily wipe it down with the help of a damp cloth, keeping it clean and away from any dust.
  • Read the guide properly before you use it
  • Do not use it inside your bathroom. If your heater is not waterproof, you should not utilize it in your bathroom. Take note that it could be damaged. Not to mention that water and electricity are not a good combination. Do not use it inside your bathroom for you to prevent any electric shock and further accidents.
  • Don’t use the electric heater when you are sleeping. Bear in mind that you can utilize the heater to warm up your entire room before you go to bed. Do not ever try to sleep while it is running. It would be better if you stay awake and monitor it.
  • Observe your pets and your kids when they are around your heater. Remember that the surface of your heater is hot, particularly if it has been running for a long period. Your pet and kids might be inclined to touch it. You must be near to your EcoHeat S for safety purposes.
  • Don’t use your heater as a dryer for your garments or table for papers. Doing this could be very risky if your portable heater is overheating. You could never be too cautious even though the eater safeguards over overheating. Also, make sure it’s placed on flat ground, so it does not fall on your floor from wherever you put the heater.
  • Stay away from your heater from anything that is extremely flammable. Make sure you keep it away from papers, clothes, curtains, couches, or any other stuff, which can catch fire easily. Make sure you keep it away from alcohol.


  • How easy is it to use the portable heater?

The best part about EcoHeat S is that you don’t need any special instructions to install this device. It offers a cable that should be connected with the socket. For a few seconds only, the radiator will heat up and can be utilized immediately for a warm interior. Moreover, the settings could be made on the device through the buttons and the display. That’s easy and straightforward.

  • Is it much safer compared to the majority of portable heaters?

Most individuals think about the safety of their portable heater. Any item using a naked heating or flame wire methods is sure to come with a danger of risk. You see, the EcoHeat S is much safer than most that are available in the market because of the ceramic heater is utilized.

Not to mention that it doesn’t consume oxygen. It is gentler on your health, making it a smart option, especially with homes with pets and kids are present.

  • What does the price of EcoHeat look like?

The less you need to pay depending on how many heaters you order straight from the manufacturer, as corresponding volume discounts are provided. For instance, you will receive a fifty percent discount once you order a single appliance. You will receive one appliance free if you order two appliances, and you’ll get two appliances free if you order three.

On top of that, you will be given a choice to click on whether you like a 3-year warranty for a small additional fee after you place an order. You could also pay for the device through MasterCard, Visa, or PayPal. You’ll also get a free delivery at the same time.

  • Who is the manufacturer of the EchoHeat?

As mentioned earlier, Hypersis Ltd. is the name of the manufacturer. They are headquartered in Hong Kong in the global arena. Peter Novik is the owner of the company.

  • Where can you purchase EcoHeat S?

This portable heater is only accessible from the official website of the manufacturer. It could only be bought from there. Nowhere else you can purchase the device. Nevertheless, that provides you the gain that you will receive exclusive deals there and could purchase it even a lot cheaper.

  • How can the portable heater benefit my family?

This EcoHeater S could benefit your family in different ways. For instance, you can easily switch on the EcoHeat S to your preferred temperature because it’s adjustable and user-friendly, especially when the room is cold.

  • What makes this device unique from other heaters available in the market?

Take note that the EcoHeat S is a groundbreaking product, which is different from others. You see, EcoHeat utilizes ceramic heaters that are pretty safe. It is energy-efficient, as it transforms all the energy it utilizes into heat. Therefore, it is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing it. You simply need to turn the heater on and then change oscillations and temperatures that allow you to enjoy its service.

  • What’s the shipping cost for overseas orders?

The company doesn’t charge a shipping fee for both international and domestic orders.

  • Does the company accept overseas orders?

Of course, the manufacturers are currently accepting local orders and international orders.

  • Are my transactions secure and safe on their website?

Of course. Take note that all the transactions you made on their official website are 100% secured and safe. That’s because the company is trusted by different antivirus firms such as Trusted, Norton, and McAfee Secure.

  • Will my portable heater heat immediately?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, the EcoHeat utilizes a ceramic heater that is 100% safe for you to utilize. Not to mention that it heats up the entire room in just a few seconds as quickly as you turned on the heater.

  • Who can benefit when using EcoHeat S?

After reading some of the information about this mini heater, you must have understood if this device will benefit you or not. If you have not, there is no need to worry. We have more things to say.

This portable heater is ideal for use by pretty much everybody. Mothers can utilize it to keep the temperature in their baby’s nursery. Hoteliers can purchase it in bulk for their hotel rooms and could save up by not spending on those centralized heating systems. Fathers could also utilize it to warm up their garages. On the other hand, spa owners can employ it to offer their clients with a comfortable setting. Not to mention that employees in offices can utilize it to keep their workspaces cozy.

As you can notice, anyone who likes to keep warm on a budget could take advantage of the EcoHeat S.

  • How much does EcoHeat S cost?

In case you didn’t know yet, the EcoHeat S has a retail price of 89 dollars. Take note that this price is inclusive of a fifty percent discount as well as free shipping. You could save even more when you purchase more than one heater. Several of the ongoing deals of the company are:

  • two heaters for 149 dollars
  • three heaters for 187 dollars
  • four heaters for 229 dollars
  • five heaters for 277 dollars

On top of that, you could place your orders straight on the website of the company or through Amazon. You will possibly get your order within five to seven working days. The EcoHeat S comes with a return policy too. That’s a good thing, especially if the product you get from the company is malfunctioning or damaged. The manufacturer also provides a three-year warranty to change or repair the components, which do not work properly.

ecoheat s reviews