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  • Undeniable Safety
  • HIP System
  • Incredible Help and Support


  • The first scan takes a long time

Computers have become such a valuable and indispensable part of our daily experiences that we can’t seem to live without them. From logging into your social media accounts to conducting your business transactions, computers make the task easier and possible. With this rapid pace of development, however, comes the ever-increasing threat which malicious software like viruses poses to unwary computer users. They have reached levels of complexity unheard of before, so much that harder works are spent to counter them. Luckily for us, there are software makers and companies who are always working on providing us antivirus programs of better superiority and service and have constantly ranked on top of the best and most reliable antivirus reviews.

ESET Antivirus: Effectively Keep Your Computer and File Sale

One of the most popular and reliable antivirus available is the ESET. It is a reliable antivirus product that can protect your computer from various kinds of threats, be it spyware, virus, malware etch. It provides you real-time protection as you browse the net and ensure that your computer runs at the utmost levels.  To help you understand more about this antivirus, we come up with a thorough ESET antivirus review wherein we tackle the features, pros, and cons, FAQs, and many others. So, keep on reading!

ESET Background

ESET antivirus was founded in Slovakia in the year 1987 and is now common and popular from all parts of the globe with new offices in the US, Germany, and other countries in Europe. They have antivirus for Macs, desktop, smartphones, laptops, and mobile devices running on Android.  At this point, ESET is a renowned brand matching the most expensive antivirus available. ESET knows how to appeal to users and have some remarkable deals for possible clients.

ESET is reliable, fast, and very efficient. The security protocols will ensure your computer is well secured. A 30-day trial is available to give this product a try just in case you are not sure if this antivirus will work for you or meet your specific needs.

Like other popular and most rated antivirus available on the market, ESET doesn’t put much strain on your computer device. Even if you are running an outdated or old computer, you will still not feel it working in the background; there is no strain on the central processing unit, no instant pop-ups.

Who Can Use or Benefit from this Product?

This fantastic antivirus from ESET is perfect for:

  • Regular users
  • Small business owners
  • Users searching for basic and cheap malware and virus protection
  • Personal computer devices that are run on Windows Operating System
  • Active internet users, because of email scanning and automatic social media scanning together with protection from malicious, fraudulent as well as phishing websites.
  • Games due to its gaming mode, notifications are minimized, and there are no interruptions from the system
  • People were searching for a cheap antivirus solution for many platforms.

eset antivirus

Key Features of ESET Antivirus

  • This is compatible with all versions of Windows operating systems like Vista up to Windows 10
  • An exclusive package for Linux, Mac, as well as Android, is on hand
  • High quality protection from viruses, malware, ransomware as well as spyware
  • Integrated with social media and email scanning feature
  • Automatic real-time scanning
  • Phishing protection
  • AMSI protection module for fast detection of unnecessary JS code
  • Medium system impact
  • Accessibility of premium packages for highly developed security and protection

This review will not be completed without providing a thorough assessment of ESET features.

eset online scanner

User Interface

This is where ESET stands out from the rest. The dashboard is very friendly, as well as smartly laid out. The whole thing is right in front of you. The main panel, including the colors and menus, the company used all work as one to make a calming and friendly user interface. You will just need at least ten minutes to get used to the menus and organize the antivirus to function best on your computer device.

Reliability of ESET

With regards to antivirus programs and software, the main and number one priority should be the reliability. The good news is that ESET antivirus obtained some remarkable results in various tests and examinations run by the respected and most recognized agencies in the world. AV-Tests revealed that this antivirus discovered 100 percent of widespread malware. As for zero-day attacks, the outcomes revealed a solid 98 percent result that is on par with the premiers of the industry.

Also, in the recent Self-Protection check, this antivirus obtained a 100 percent rate. AV-Comparatives check gives ESET a 98.5 percent rating. In the six months test, it revealed a security score of 99.1 percent. That is why ESET is considered an above-average antivirus available. In an anti-malware test conducted by experts, this antivirus ranked third next.

eset nod32


ESET Smart Security that combines the ESET Internet Security and features of antivirus ESET NOD 32 in one package offers clients with a complete selection of security features to make sure integrity as well as protection of the protected computer devices. Number remarkable features in which Smart Security Premium renowned are:

Superior Internet Security Tools

ESET Smart Security provides reliable and effective security tools online that takes account of the following:

  1. Phishing Protection:  This antivirus is very effective in monitoring as well as protecting against fraud and sham websites attempts to steal the identities and personal information of the user.
  2. Small Cloud-Powered Scanning: This feature checks and monitors system files against a whitelist that is powered and run by the ESET live grid file reputation database.

Independently Confirmed and Verified Antivirus Protection

This fantastic antivirus from ESET takes account of a number of antivirus securities which have been proven to be amongst the most efficient on the market today. During the test, ESET antivirus detection is 100 percent efficient against malware and 98.8 percent efficient against zero-day malware attack. According to experts, it is really essential to have efficient protection than zero-day attacks.

eset internet security

State of the Art Features

The besting thing about this antivirus is that it runs to the various OS like Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, as well as Vista and Microsoft Windows Home Server 2011. Even if this fantastic antivirus provides a number of solutions for Linux and Mac, this is just available for Windows users, therefore is you are utilizing other operating systems. Then this tool is not appropriate for you.

What is more, to impressive and remarkable virus detection capability as well as internet security features, state of the art ESET takes account of some other programs which are useful in keeping your computer working in good condition?

UEFI Scanner Sense Threats Prior to System Booting

If you always fiddle with your OS, most particularly, the BIOS firmware, which boosts immediately after starting the system-, will perhaps have come across the UEFI or also known as Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. It is the latest of the two types of firmware. Read more about McAfree Antivirus

Spyware and malware could ruin a system that has a low level to distort the UEFI code. The state of the art ESET antivirus provides one of the first scanners available on the market to address this issue. If your operating system is out of malicious code gives you peace of mind that your files are safe, and at the same time, it works fast and smoothly. We praise this antivirus for this new feature and for showing that their protection does not need to begin after the bootloader.

eset smart security

Granular Scanning Controls

If your computer is up and working, certainly, ESET Smart Security schedules, on-demand as well as real-time settings all start to happen to ensure that the whole thing is working securely and safely.

ESET scans over the network and virtual drives, local drives as well as detachable media. Therefore, the whole thing working on and attached to the computer is secured. What is more, data are scanned automatically on open, creation as well as execution. During the test, experts are contented and delighted to see that they are given a chance to change the default configurations. This makes it straightforward and easier to construct a number of extremely detailed scanning rules like automatically checking executables but immobilizing file open protection otherwise.

The best thing about this antivirus is its cleverness in how it makes use of its utmost level of providing safety and security. The choices available can be twisted that make your scanning run accurately and correctly that way you want it. Like for example, files that haven’t been altered ever since a scan run aren’t checked once more. By hindering the smart optimization option, it is likely to put out of action this feature as well as force the scan to work.

eset nod32 antivirus

Script-Based Threat Finding

One of the most influential components of the Windows device is Windows PowerShell. Luckily, ESET Smart Security takes account of a dominant threat-detection engine that keeps watchful to spot and discover script-based threats that might attack parts of your systems, which include browser scripts. ESET Antivirus has obviously gone to massive lengths to make sure any platforms are covered. In browser script detection, on the other hand, works whether it operates aboard Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge as well as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System or (HIPS)

One of the most interesting features integrated into this antivirus is the Host-Based Intrusion System or HIPS for short. This essential feature works by securing the computers of the users from the network layer and provides full protection against possible threats. This fantastic feature observes the nature of the operating system by means of tracking it for indications of suspicious and malicious activities.

This fantastic feature is indeed a powerful type of antivirus protection that is seen working on business-grade endpoints like workstations and servers. It thoroughly examines the condition of the operating system to ensure that critical system parts like, for instance, the file registry are not being interfered with and middle with by a rootkit, which has evaded previous forms of detection. This amazing feature is integrated with the best and most reliable self-defense system, intended to keep your system safe and sound from threat as well as malicious code that targets the software itself to get all types of system protection around. We suggest you to go with Bitdefender antivirus

eset security

Its inclusion borrows some serious weight to SSP feature offering. ESET gets lots of commendations and positive reviews for including this.

Scan During Idle State

It is hard to get around the fact that doing a full scan of files as well as directories is going to place a number of levels of overhead on the performance of the system.

Do you want to switch on idle status scanning? Then it is possible with this antivirus. This can be done from the advanced options menu of the antivirus configuration. Idle status scanning will instantly start a silent scan of the files as well as directories while the system is in inactive mode- which includes when the system is on screensaver mode, locked or if the account has logged off.

This is an amazing feature you will surely like about this antivirus. Users can enable this feature. Also, they can lock the system for a couple of minutes during the process of evaluation. It was fantastic to know that while you are out doing other things, the scanning engine had instantly started and scanned the directories for a possible threat.

eset smart security

Scan When Downloading

Checking data and files for spyware and viruses after the downloading process is complete. This makes about as much sense as setting up an alarm system after your home has already been raided by burglars. By the moment a corrupt software has been download, there is a good opportunity that it has begun wreaking havoc on your computer.

Luckily, people behind ESET made this realization, and this is another factor wherein this antivirus truly excels. ESET Smart Security instantly scans download for possible threats while there are still downloading. Once a threat or malware is detected, you can instantly inform, and the process of downloading is a pause. We started out this essential feature on our test piece of malware, and we are happy and contented to report which it works accurately as we expected it to.

Protection Against Phishing

When it comes to security online, this antivirus has an anti-phishing engine that instantly cut off as well as blocks web pages known to have disseminated material associated with phishing as well as social engineering attacks. You have the choice to go on to access the page, and you can report pages that are incorrectly blocked to boost the preciseness of the feature for others. What is more, we love how this antivirus phishing feature filter has a whitelist, so you are able to put in sites that have been blocked and bannered as phishing websites. Once this web access security is utilized along with the other features of this program that takes account of scheduled scanning, real-time protection as well as the capability to scan downloads in progress. It is so hard to determine how a nasty piece of code could work around the multiple layers of protection of the Smart Security Premium. We suggest you to use Kaspersky Antivirus

eset nod32

Gamer Mode

Online players or gamers want to ensure that malware, as well as viruses, do not compromise their most cherished computer. For online players who want to control Smart Security Premiums’ protective features, without being flooded by ads as well as notifications—or getting any at all— the company has made a “gamer mode.” This allows players to keep on playing without interruption. I loved how it is likely to organize the system to enter into the gaming mode every time a full-screen window is opened. So, meaning, those making use of their computers as multimedia centers or just watching a movie on them- can utilize this feature to do so with no destruction of pop-ups concerning scans as well as other equipped and outfitted details.

Email Filtering

Safety threats can come over any protocol and port. Therefore, any complete cybersecurity program needs to solve all possible contingencies. ESET smart security has an email filtering part that enables control email protocols such as HTTP, IMAP, MAPI, as well as POP3. The email filtering feature can also incorporate with Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Lime Main, and Windows Mail, and offered users with lots of power as to what actions they would want to organize for emails found to be very efficient. During the test, we abandoned computer email programs months ago, but a lot of corporate users are still needed to utilize them. Having tried the integration, you are assured of its capability to intercept and, at the same time, protect opposed to document attached amended, which proved to be more than just that.

eset internet security

Ransomware Shield

The ransomware protection offered by this antivirus is an essential feature. It’s a behavior based detection method that looks up for malicious patterns of apps as well as processes that attempt to modify or change your data and files. ESET ransomware shield distinguishes ransomware and data coder’s patterns as well as reacts right away. It clocks any more suspicious activities; it also stops them from harming and damaging your system.

This process constantly runs without no overwhelming the central processing unit or causing an interruption in daily operations. On the other hand, you’ll know that your file is secured 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You’ll be asked on further actions about the detected app, which was labeled as malicious or suspicious.


The antispam of this antivirus works ideally for the timely detection of ransomware, spyware as well as phishing sites which can seriously jeopardize the integrity of file and data. It uses diverse rules to notice and avoid malicious emails from getting into the mailbox. Antispam secures the email server from being hacked and also learns the outline of specific messages for the comprehensive exclusion of it in due course.

eset online scanner

You are assured that you will not be bothered by unwanted emails or good at concealing sites. The antispam capability of ESET takes a further step when taking security courses of action. This means your emails are filtered without needing you to wait to settle on whether you need to exclude the message or accept it. Without a doubt, ESERT takes the job of never sleeping guardian in your inbox.

This state of the art antivirus is made for business and home use backed up with 24 hours a day and 7 days a week technical support as well as fast and instant installation.


ESET antivirus is integrated with a firewall that works the same way as other antivirus firewalls, by being a doorkeeper between reliable and unreliable networks. This technology also filters suspicious incoming as well as outgoing traffic, being a protection for the system as well as a computer. It reduces the possibilities for unseen exfiltration of data by a suspicious insider. What is more, it also lessens the threat of computer devices to get infected.

This state of the art technology is ideal for business small or big which utilize networks with a lot of Internet-connected endpoints. A stable, well-functioning firewall makes a single point of entry, which allows us to notice as well as alleviate and take the edge of any threat.

So, you can be certain that with the integrated firewall features as well as VPN intrusion prevention and detection technologies, secure your file and keep out the likelihood of data breaches and the control of your data by outsiders.

eset smart security

User Friendly

The best thing about ESET antivirus is that it comes with a straightforward and visually pleasing interface. We love how the software quickly as well as easily mapped out all the connected drives, which make it simple for us to sort out scans of just specific components of our system like a USB stick, which we were temporarily working with. Threats that were detected were easily bannered with a red warning symbol as well as the action after the scan button permitted us to instantly settle on what we liked the system to carry out after it has completed polling the directories.

If you like to dive deep as well as twist the granular features which ESET integrates into the tool, there are many scopes to carry out. On the other hand, we believe that the team of the designer has done a nice job of separating between the set of basic features that a lot of users will like to access as well as those under the hood which are more appropriate for power users. Like for instance, if you liked to run an on-demand scan, you just need to click the button while the different advanced scan options were satisfactorily nested in the sub-menu on the right-hand portion of the page or screen.


While we have spent decades of reviewing and assessing all manner of antivirus, we inevitably run into brick and walls while making use of a new program. Therefore, how does this antivirus do with regard to controlling as well as handling customer interactions? Let us first discuss what it provides when it comes to resources.

There is a skill base that the company has interpreted into different languages, which takes account of some fewer common ones such as Slovenian and Portuguese.

It is not the complete documentation that we have seen. On the other hand, there is more than enough to guide users in addressing most problems they’re ever likely to come across. The skill base also leads perfectly into the email ticket as well as live chat functionalities. A sequence of flowchart buttons handles the common issues of clients, and if those are not enough to troubleshoot the issue, you are able to complete the ticket info and talk and discuss it with a real person.

eset nod32 antivirus

You can access live chat support from different URLs. This is a remarkable idea for us; this is because for a lot of users, which include the reviewer, it the chosen way of addressing problems. Support chat is offered through an app known as Bomhar and even integrates sleekly with the OS notifications engine.

There is also a telephone support center located in San Diego, California. If you settle on to get the support that way, it always great if companies go to the expense of making that a choice.


As it comes with a lot of essential features, SSP is costlier compared to ESET NOD 32 as well as ESET Internet Security. On the other hand, the difference is trivial, and we stick to our usual suggestion of not trying to cut down on vital protection for the operating system. 1 to 3 years are available. The cost depends on the number of devices you to protect.

eset security

When it comes to payment options, the company accepts major credit cards as well as PayPal, and ESET also offers a free thirty-day trial that you can download straight from the company’s website.

Pros and Cons

ESET, like other brands of antiviruses available, also comes with pros and cons. It seems that it has strong sides compared to weak ones, and which is the reason why it’s always included in the top 5 best antiviruses today. To give you clarity, let us take a look at the pros and cons of ESET.


  • ESET is made by a Slovakian company that spent many years of development to provide you the best antivirus. The new and state of the art ESET have lots of extra elements that adapt well in today’s time. ESET offers the utmost defense from any PC threats online. The software is most valuable for the new users of computers who encounter malware consistently. Virus protection aside, the product secures customers while they are online, by blocking phishing attacks as well as filtering email for possible threats. In case you are a newbie in the world of IT, check out these pros of ESET antivirus.


  • Undeniable Safety

The ESET antivirus protects clients from both known as well as obscure infections, adware, spyware, malware, and many other that is essential, as every day, there are more than 150,000 new threats online. The antispyware included in the frameworks secures your identity while browsing the web, and the hosted based intrusion prevention system impairs the mainstream of the unapproved changes to your programs and apps as well. This also deals with the assaults of the malware by blocking apps interfacing with unchecked as well as not safe URLs and showing pop-up windows to inform you of the action. What is more, this antivirus also integrated with Removable Media Control that protects you from the most dangerous sources of infections that many users are likely to forget about- USB drives.

  • HIP System

The integrated HIP feature of this antivirus is what makes ESET very popular. This fantastic antivirus filters your whole computer in under 30 minutes that is a well-below the current business standard of forty minutes. Always remember that ESET does not provide firewall insurance; on the other hand, it comes equipped with a Host Intrusion Prevention System which is there to end the intrusive attacks and breaches of the virus, just like a full-time firewall for the framework. The antivirus distinguishes the majority of the malware attacks through the certified CVE name. The system also recognizes more than 40 percent of these attacks that, although it does not approach the 100 percent recognition rate of Norton, is superior to a lot of antivirus on the market which have full-time firewall security.

  • Incredible Help and Support

Although the normal scanning functions, ESET has many tricks ready for you. If you start up ESET, you do not need further than the first page. Help and Support are easily accessible, all you need to do is to click it, and you are able to make use of the Specialized Cleaner feature. The main objective here is to eliminate mind blogging as well as diligent infections that attack the central system of the computer. Malware that affects booting the operating system can be scanned from an alternative operating system. SysRescue, on the other hand, is an amazing feature that gives you the option of downloading the ISO of this antivirus scanner or an app that can make a bootable CD that has a scanner.


  • The first scan takes a long time
  • ESET Nod 32 doesn’t have a firewall
  • Mixed results when tried and tested independently

ESET vs. Norton

As mentioned above, there are lots of antiviruses available on the market today; each one has its set of features. Two of the most popular products are ESET and Norton. This comparison will enlighten you more about each antivirus and the benefits they offer.

ESET Antivirus

  • Made of the best and well-known companies in the world with many awards.
  • Flexible option with regards to picking a packaged as well as number of mobile devices
  • Solid protection from spyware, phishing, ransomware as well as malware
  • Good value for your hard-earned money
  • 30 days of free trial available
  • User-friendly and very intuitive interface

eset online scanner


  • Consider one of the easy to use and intuitive options antivirus available on the market
  • Full-featured protection
  • Provides value for your hard-earned money
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Protection for various kinds of OS like iOS, Android, Mac as well as Windows devices
  • Doesn’t need more processing power to work in the background
  • Diverse Norton Security packages for you to select from

Final Verdict

In the end, you can easily notice that ESET antivirus is one of the securest, demanding as well as safety solutions available on the market today. It has a remarkable default mode ideal for a newbie, and what is more, it is integrated with many shortcuts buttons in order to make the process of securing your device easier and stress-free. It is also integrated with Laptop Power Mode that guarantees that your device will last for many hours of using with draining your battery like numerous other antiviruses available on the market today. ESET antivirus carries out very well in execution tests by many autonomous labs. It is considered the best, as well as the ultimate security solution available on the market at this point. ESET antivirus is integrated with remarkable and fantastic security features, which are far superior to the average functions of antivirus.

ESET Antivirus FAQ

Q: Is ESET a reliable and dependable antivirus for keeping my computer safe?

ESET is well known as well as an award-winning name on the world of antivirus. The team keeps on researching to improve the capability of the antivirus in helping your system safe from any type of threat. This fantastic antivirus keeps on learning and improving the features in order to become the best solution for any threats.

Q: Is ESET antivirus available for free?

This antivirus is not available for free. But, to help you determine if it is worth buying for, they offer 30 days trial. Until then, you can avail of the paid version. You can download ESET easily for your Linux, Mac, Android, Windows, iOS devices with free customer support. The best thing about it is that customer support is available in various languages. To maximize the full potential of this antivirus or want to get the state of the features offered, you are required to upgrade your subscription.

Q: Can I Use this antivirus without a threat?

ESET stands out when it comes to security against malware and spyware. This antivirus scored high in security as well as performance in various tests. ESET is safe and will harm your computer.

Q: How much is ESET?

Well, the best thing about this antivirus is that the price range has quite flexible for any classification of users who settle on to install as well as run ESET. It offers the most excellent solutions for business and home use, with a significant amount of diverse packaged for varying needs and purposes.

Q: Is it easy to cancel ESET?

Yes. Another remarkable thing about ESET is that you can disable this program or cancel the subscription when you think its use is over. There are no many years of commitments or contracts; you settle on when and how you want to quit and end using it. Also, you can appeal to a return policy that works for sixty days for the evaluation without spending a lot.

Q: Is ESET compatible to all OS?

State of the art ESET antivirus works on PC and Mac; both are accessible. It also works on Android, iOS, Linux, and many others.

Q: What is ESET Parental Control?

This is one of the essential features of this antivirus. For keeping our little ones safe and sound when browsing the net, this antivirus is integrated with parental control.

Well, you can try the free version, which is fantastic and impressive. If you want features such as Web Guard, Child Locator as well as full reports, you need to consider getting the premium package of ESET.

Q: What is ESET Smart Security Premium?

Well, this is considered the most state of the art package. In case you are using a Windows PC, a Mac system at your office as well as an Android device 24/7, then this is a perfect choice. Like SP, IS, with every single feature from the reasonable tier, also adds two more, which is a password manager and secure data.

Q: What is ESET Nod32 Antivirus?

This is considered the basic package of ESET antivirus. It is only ideal for devices that are powered by Windows. Even if it is cheap, you are assured of solid and remarkable protection. This package is equipped with amazing features such as

  • Exploit Blocker
  • Anti-Phishing
  • UEFI Scanner
  • License Manager
  • SSF or also known as Small System Footprint
  • Ransomware Shield