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Value for Money





  • Large Range of Issues
  • Cost Estimates
  • Quick Scan
  • Multiple Cars, One Account
  • Large Amount Of Issues Found


  • Not compatible with cars that were made before 1996
  • Works on any gas powered vehicle made after 1996
  • Works on any diesel vehicle made after 2008

A Well-Detailed Fixd Review

Bottom Line: There is no need to dream about having a talking car just to know whether it’s okay or not. It is because there is a smart diagnostic tool for your car called fixd. This simple tool will remind you when it is about time for car maintenance or if you have seen the check engine light is on. Things like those tend to be forgotten by car owners that result in poor car condition. But this will be prevented using a tool that will remind you of important things. Let the fixd sensor to bring it to you.

Pros: A simple car tool will turn your vehicle from an ordinary one to a smart vehicle.  Together with its app, check-up and car maintenance will never be forgotten. With its smart alert system, it lets you do the necessary things to avoid any car problems in the future. If it is a simple issue, the car owner will already be informed and troubleshoot, saving his time and money going to repair shops.

Cons: This tool only works for cars that had been manufactured after 1996. This means, if your car was created before 1996, this will not work or will not be a compatible tool for your car.

FIXD Parent Testimonial

Fixd Introduction

Every car owner knows the struggle when there is something wrong with their car. It is only reasonable that on times like these, we should be consulting the expert. There’s nothing wrong about it; however, consultation is one of those things that whether you like it or not, your car should undergo it, and you need to pay for it. Well, if you would not be having your car checked, you will be the one to reap the benefits.

If only there is a tool that will alert you when it is already time for maintenance and other concerns – well, there is. You can find one of these tools from the ever-expanding digital space. Among these smart products is this diagnostic sensor. Well, how many times have you forgotten about something so important? Everyone is sure to have into that tricky situation. Unless you have a sharp memory, then there is nothing to worry about forgetting something. For some of us who tend to be forgetful, we need something that will prevent us from doing it again.

For instance, you have scheduled checkups or maintenance for your car. But suddenly, this appointment had slipped off your mind. It is lucky for those people who instantly remember when they are already behind the wheel. However, the worst part here is when you only remember it when you are already having a stressful day with your car. But, worry no more, as there is a product that will solve your forgetful-car-check-up problem and that a smart car diagnostic tool.

Before you leap from your seats and click the “add to kart,” it would be best if we go into detail about one of the popular products under the same category. Will it effectively function just like what it was advertised? Will it help me avoid any missed car maintenance or issues before it leads to bigger car problems? And that is just a few of the questions that every buyer commonly asks themselves before buying anything online. We don’t know from other people’s perspectives, but for those who want to make sure that they are paying for the product that will give them a result, anyone will seek answers to those questions.

Well, if you are searching for answers, you have definitely come to the right place. We, too, have experienced and can relate to the struggles of missed car maintenance and the ending? Same as yours, we have also been very disappointed with ourselves for what had happened. But we have finally found the tool that will never let us forget when it concerns our car.

What is amazing about this product? It can help ad save us a trip going to repair shop. Whether it functions that way or just a bait for us car owners, we will know more about this product in the succeeding paragraphs.

Read What Real Fixd Customers have to say about Fixd after they bought it From Fixd Official Website or From Amazon:

Fixd Customer review

Fixd Reviews


Fixd Customers Reviews


Fixd Testimonial

How Does Fixd Work?

Fixd is a smart product that comes in a hardware-software combo with a sensor and its app as its main components. Through this product, it will send you alerts about your vehicle. This combo works hand in hand to help anyone who has been to a stressful situation just because they fail to have their cars checked or see small issues that have now led to a more serious car problem.

The product comes in a white small box-shaped hardware that acts as a sensor. For this to work, it should be plugged into the car’s OBD 2 port. From there via its Bluetooth feature, it will then send an error report to the user’s phone via its mobile application. This product will not just point or send the said error to your phone. Through its app, it will give you an evaluation of to what extent this existing issue can affect you if you do any countermeasures to fix it.

For those who have just heard of OBD 2 port for the first time, well, this important port can be found by the driver’s side and under the dashboard. Through this port, it allows this device to access all of the car’s data when it comes to having its car diagnostic test. On the other hand, the app is compatible with iOS as well as Android users. Once it had been downloaded and installed, make sure that the sensor had been properly plugged into the port to pair with your smartphone, easily. You can check out our car diagnostic tool guide as well.

In short, this device will notify of what the problem is and how serious it can be for your car as well as for you, the driver. The greatness of this app doesn’t just end there because you can also rely on it, especially the most important car maintenance. This app will help you schedule your next trip to the repair shop for your car’s scheduled maintenance service.

Since the device had already pointed out a particular car issue, the user is already guided on what particular part that needed to be replaced or get a spare part that may be needed in the future.

Fixd car diagnostic

Who Is this For?

Is it just us, or is it just that some car issues are really hard to decode? Well, if you have been on that difficult car-decoding-issue, you are not alone. Admit it or not, but some of us are not well-versed when it comes to getting any hint that something is wrong with that car. It is lucky for those who are knowledgeable about this thing and solved it. However, for those who don’t, well, you are not alone – there is a tool that will help us fix that problem.

If you have seen the engine light on your dashboard, what will you do? For some who think of their safety, well, they will ignore it as they aren’t familiar with it, or they just thought that ignoring it is the safest method. Well, if you have thought it will be safe, it is a big no. When your car sends you a signal like an engine light, it only means two things; either it is just a minor issue, or your engine is at a serious right now. This might serve as a warning to the car owner that there is an electrical problem happening inside, and it can worsen over time – and ignoring will never help.

This only proves how it is so hard not to be acquainted with all the things about your car when you are using it. If only the car will talk and tell you about how it feels inside, but since it can’t, you might need to find a tool that will help you, like the fixd car diagnostic device.

This car diagnostic tool will send a message via its app to notify you about any car issue. Besides, there is no need to have a heart-to-heart conversation in your car since it can’t talk back. You can check your smartphone for error updates and voila! Everything will be easy. If you have also been to the forgotten-scheduled-car-maintenance situation, then this product is for you. It will also help you remember that car maintenance schedule. How?

Through the fixd repair device and its app, you can set a reminder on your phone about the maintenance as well as changing its oil when needed. Well, depending on the model and make of your car, the average time of changing oil is when you have earned from 3,000 to 6,000 drive miles or even more.  If you got lost track of your driving miles or you forgot when the last time that you had changed oil, this product is for you. Instead of having your car repaired and pay for a high-cost repair, it would be better to solve any underlying issue and fix before it gets worst and affect or precious car.

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Should You Buy It?

The answer can be definitely a yes and or a no. Why? Let’s read further below.

Who says that your ordinary car will remain to be ordinary for the rest of its car years? Well, the highly popular Fixd, a car sensor device that promises to become the newest additional feature, making your car an extraordinary car. Any car can become an extraordinary vehicle like the smart cars you have been dreaming about.

This simple device is capable of identifying any issue concerning your car. It is like it can decode the meaning of the error code sent by your car to your smartphone via its fixd app download. The information evaluated will effectively guide you on what to do next. It can be whether it is a serious one that needs a repair or a minor issue that needs car maintenance. That is how this device gives that smart-car-technology appeal.

FIXD – Visit The Official Website

Do you know another reason that will make your car extraordinary? Well, it is the smart person who is driving and taking care of the car. Since you are a smart driver, you already know only the best tools that will make your car stand out from the rest. You might want to check out best gps tracker for cars and garage parking sensor options.

Before you finally click on the “add to cart” option, there are few other things that you should know about this product. Checking out the components and the other parts included in its package, its pros, as well as its cons, are important things you should consider before buying. Continue reading more of below to learn more about this product

Fixd review


  • High quality product made by experts – this product was designed and created by experienced USA-based engineers together with ASE-certified mechanics. So, you can expect that this product was made by experts whom you can trust with its quality as well as its functionality.
  • Efficient notification/alert system – once the sensor discovers the issue, it will now then send it to your account via its mobile app. From there, it will let you know how serious the car issue is about as well as the effects that you may get through if you ignore your car’s warning. The Fixd sensor knows how to detect car issues. It is because it can detect almost 6,800 car problems that may be the reason for the “check engine light” issue.
  • Scheduled maintenance will never be forgotten – another best feature to look forward to this device is in setting a reminder for your next vehicle maintenance. We can all admit and relate to those times that we tend to be forgetful regardless of our age. That is why thanks to this device, you can already get notified of the scheduled maintenance that is vital for the life of your car.
  • Decoding the complicated error codes – as we have mentioned earlier, some people fail at understanding the signs that the car is showing to them. Instead of just staring at the error codes, this product’s system enables you to decode and understand what the codes meant. Together with the app, it will give you the evaluation of the car’s status in a simple and understandable language. So, you understand what it is all about, and you can do the necessary, like going on a trip to a repair shop.
  • Cheaper diagnostic for your car – as this product has already informed you of the minor issue, this means that you would not be rushing to have an appointment by the repair shop. It is like it already had done professional diagnostics for your car. So, when your indicator light is going on for long, you can always trust this product.
  • Multiple connections are possible – with its Fixd car app, connecting to multiple cars is made possible. You can now have a smooth and efficient way of checking your car’s status by just having an account with this app. One account is already goo for multiple cars. As long as the app has been successfully paired with your car’s Fixd sensors, you can already expect a smoother operation. So, even if you several cars, you can still be able to monitor all of them, thanks to this app.
  • Safe, secured, and user-friendly – your vehicle data will be secured so, it is safe and secured. Since the hardware sensor of this product can be easily installed without requiring you of a skill or using any tools, it makes this a user-friendly product, indeed.
  • Functions with both old and new car models – the best feature that Fixd creators are proud of is with its device flexibility. Their products work well with newer or even the hybrid-type of cars as well as the older models as the gas-powered-type of cars manufactured from 1996. With its flexibility, whether your car’s new or older, you know that it will work perfectly fine with your car,
  • Software compatibility at its bestFixd app is compatible with both Android- and iOS-powered smartphones. And it is not just smartphones; you can also connect it with other devices such as your tablet or iPad. No matter which device you will be using, as long as you can download and install this app, you can continue checking on updates sent by your car.
  • Easy “alert light” option – another reason to love their app is you can easily clear off your alert light through your phone or another device where your sensor is wirelessly connected. Through its mobile app, you can easily clear out the “alert light” of your car. There is no need to take a great hassle to clear it off. Just one click on your device, and it is “light” solved!

FIXD – Mashup Testimonial

When Is the Best Time to Take Your Car to A Mechanic?

If you heard that your friend is taking his or her car to a mechanic, you probably have known the reason why. Normally, that is what most people have thought, and there is a high probability that the car was brought for a repair. Although this had been a wrong connotation, it would depend on the car owner. Depending on the age of the car, it might be the time to have the repair, or it may have been avoided if only the minor issue were known or not ignored.

Amidst the car problem, when is the best time that you should be bringing your car to a mechanic? Here are the best times to visit:

  • Bring it during the shop’s slowest times – why should you bring your car during this particular time? Well, since it is not the peak season, you can expect fewer cars were visiting the shop thus, having less competition to get the best service. You can expect that the mechanic’s full attention, as well as time, is focused on your car, rest assured that the quality of service is there and not rushed. The slowest time or non-peak season for the repair shop is during late January, tax season in April, and days after the holiday.


  • Before the end of the day or lunch –bring your car before lunch is different from brining it before the mechanic’s lunchbreak. If it is before lunch, you know that the mechanic can already have an inspection of your car and probably started it. But if you came and demanded several minutes before the lunch break, well, that will be rude, and you can expect that it would not be checked or repaired well. This goes the same with bringing your car right before the day ends. Better bring it a couple of hours before the business hours end to avoid getting into rush work. Rushing things like repair service will never give you a favorable result or worst; the mechanic might forget something with the repair. We can’t afford to risk our safety just because we wanted things done faster.


  • Bring your car during Tuesdays and Wednesdays – some days of the week are busier compared to others. Fridays and Saturdays are the busiest, so you may want to avoid bringing your car for repair and other services during these days. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the slowest during business days, but it is the perfect time for you and your car. Another reason for choosing these days is that if your need replacement parts, there are still more days to get the replacement if it is not available.

When it comes to bringing your car to a repair shop for maintenance or repair, it all comes to having the perfect timing to make sure everything will be alright. On times like these, you can already expect yourself to pay for the service charge. Well, that is how things went when you availed of a car diagnostic service. If you wanted to save some money amidst the repair, be sure that you notice the onset of any minor issue with your car. Be a smart car owner by purchasing a quality car sensor in the market today.

Fixd sensor reviews


  • Network connection problems – some users have complained about the occasional connection problems with the sensor. Aside from this, some users also complained about the errors that they are encounter whenever they are using the app.
  • Delayed response – the Fixd device responds to a particular car issue only when the car’s check-engine sensor has been activated.
  • Fails to diagnose other light indicators – the device can’t diagnose other types of light indicators such as airbag, transmission cooling, stability control, TPMS, or ABS. It can only diagnose when it is the check engine light indicator.
  • Car incompatibility – the product is not compatible with cars that were made before 1996. Another compatibility problem is that it doesn’t work with all-electric as well as diesel-powered cars. If you have a diesel-powered car and was created before 1996, you may want to think through a bit more before making a purchase.

Why Is the Check Engine Light On?

Is there any chance that you have your check engine light have turned on? Well, you probably have thought it was just a normal sign given in your car. However, when this orange colored engine-shaped icon had turned on, it isn’t normal. It is the way of your car telling you that there is something wrong under its hood. When you see the check engine light to be on, it would mean one of the following:

  • It is time to replace the thermostat.
  • You need to change or clean your car’s fuel injectors.
  • It needs its evaporative emission purge solenoid or its evaporative emissions purge control valve to be replaced.
  • You need to find a new mass airflow sensor for your car.
  • It is time to replace your car’s ignition coils, spark plugs, or both. You may also want to look into its spark plug wires, if it is already faulty, better change it.
  • Replace your MAF or the Mass Air Flow sensor.
  • Check your car for any loose gas cap. You can tighten it or replace that part if necessary.
  • You should replace your car’s EGR or Exhaust Gas Recirculation and clean all of its ports as well.
  • Replace your car’s catalytic converter with a newer OE catalytic converter.
  • It’s high time to change your car’s oxygen sensors or its fuel tank pressure sensor.
  • Its CKP or Crankshaft Position Sensor needs to be replaced.
  • Find a new intake manifold gasket and replace the old part.
  • Your car’s ECT or Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor is old – find a new one.
  • The Emission System Integrity Monitor or ESIM should be replaced.
  • Your car’s knock sensor calls for a replacement.
  • Your throttle body assembles calls for a replacement.
  • Change your CMP or Camshaft Position Sensor.

Better check for the above reasons above to fix the problem before it gets worst. Depending on which of the part needs to be replaced, you already need to ready your wallet as there are some replacement parts plus repair that can costs you more. So, when you see the check engine light, it is important to act immediately and solve it before it becomes a serious car problem.


What’s with the Fixd Package?

In every product sold in various marketplaces, a product’s packaging plays an important in increasing its sales. Well, some designers have creatively designed their product package to appeal to the consumer’s creative minds, thus, attracting them to make the purchase. However, it is also important that the product package is sturdy enough to protect what’s inside.  Thanks to the amazing packaging, customers like you were able to use the awesome Fixd device.

Similar to other Fixd reviews have revealed, the package includes the Fixd sensor and instructions about its car diagnostic app. In the small white box, the sensor is placed in a separate transparent plastic box similar to the ones where earphones are placed. To download and installed the app, you will need a strong internet connection to do so. Read through this three-fold paper instruction about how you will be able to pair the app and the device. You may find bondic review useful.

FIXD PumaHat Testimonial

The Competition: Alternative Products Other than Fixd

From the previous paragraphs above, we have provided you with lots of information about the product called Fixd. We have already learned what and how this product work. We have also gone past through its list of pros and cons. The only remaining thing that we should be looking forward to is about the final verdict for this product. But before that, let’s get to know more about other products that offer their own version. This proves that they, too, have what it takes to be the best car diagnostic scanner in town.



One of the popular smart tools for cars is the BlueDriver. The BlueDriver LSB2 Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool, or simply called BlueDriver will also help you get the confirmed and right fix. Similar to what Fixd device does, this product will help you read and understand the mystery behind the check engine light as well as other vehicle systems. But this product is proud to be the tool that will match with your car’s model, make, as well as trouble code.  Also, BlueDriver app works effectively with its sensor and is iOS and Android compatible.

Another feature that one should check out about this product is that it has its Enhanced Diagnostics. Well, it is up to the user to discover the greatness of this feature, but what we know will greatly help you to find, prevent, and fix the car issue before it gets worst.

Check Price On Amazon!

Bafx Products – Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 / OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner

Bafx Products - Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 / OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner

The BAFX Products – Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 / OBDII Diagnostic Car Scanner Reader Tool is also among the close competition with Fixd. Similar to both Fixd and BlueDriver, it includes an app compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It also needs an OBDII port to connect with your car as well as to get easily paired with your device. This product will also help you with you to monitor and analyze various vehicle sensors to better find the problem and fix it immediately. This is the perfect device for those who can be a DIY mechanic when the need arises.

The unique feature that it has is that you will notice the light indicator to be turned on when it is plugged into the port. This is because it indicates that this device is starting its scanning to your car system and once it finishes, you will be receiving the diagnosis report via your device. With its effectiveness, it is not surprising to know that this is among the popular products that are best sellers in Amazon. So if you want to know more about this product, you can have it on your own and try it to see if it is as effective or not like Fixd.


Check Price On Amazon!

These are just two of the hundreds of tools one can use to scan and diagnose their cars. Unlike these three products (including Fixd), there are car tools that come in a mobile-phone like a scanning device where it has a long cord which you should be plugging into the car ports to do the quick scan. Depending on the brand that you will be purchasing, you can access the error report via its small screen or a medium-sized colored screen plus an important number buttons for ease of operation.

Whichever device that you will be purchasing, just make sure that you get the one that will assist you with your car care practices.

The Car Diagnostic Scanner Tool Buying Guide

We have already given you two of the best alternative car scanner tool in town. But how did we arrive in that selection? Well, we are guided by a checklist of what a car owner should be looking into this particular product before buying. Everyone is sure to have their own set of standards whenever they make a purchase. But for those who are new with this type of product, no worries, we have prepared this buying guide just for you. Below are the things that you should consider before buying a car diagnostic scanner tool:

  • Connectivity – corded scanners may still work, but with today’s advanced technology, many people are choosing those Bluetooth scanners than the former. It is because, with the usage of Android phones, it would be more convenient to find a device where you can just easily receive notification or controls it via its app. Scanners with WiFi adapters work great for iOS devices. There are also some that you can connect on your laptop and other Windows devices.
  • Functionality – go for a tool that gives your car a boost. There is nothing wrong with purchasing a device that offers basic features. It might help your DIY-ing style and will help you save a few dollars. However, if you will go for the one that offers advanced features, you are sure to save more plus greater chances of fixing the car problem at hand.
  • Compatibility –choose a car scanner that matches your vehicle’s make and model. It doesn’t mean that it fits into your car’s OBDII port; it is already a match. Be sure to purchase the one that will be compatible with your car’s systems and will also support additional protocols.
  • App – since we are talking about compatibility, before you purchase a particular car scanner, see to it that it has its own app as well as it can support third-party apps. If it has its own app, you get to check the features may be useful for your car. When it comes to the third-party app support, this will help you decide whether you wanted to pay for the app for extra features or go with their basic features. Whichever it is, these will be both beneficial to you and your car.
  • Update – just like with other apps that you are using, go for a car scanner that supports regular updates. This will mean its effectiveness in troubleshooting the real problem. Choose the scanner that you can update easily, either it is connected to your computer, directly online, or both. Also, if you can find one, go for the product that can provide a lifetime support, making it a worthwhile investment for you.
  • Price – of course, it will still depend on the buyer. If he or she wants and is capable of paying the much expensive device, then there’s nothing wrong with it. But for those who value every dollar that they spent, one would already go for the product that is cheap or is within your budget. Why trouble to get the expensive one when the budget-friendly device has the same features? Choose the product wisely. Just a little reminder, the price of a particular product could add up especially if you needed to purchase app separately. If you don’t want to do that, choose the one that has a free app.
  • Warranty – to value the money that you have spent on a particular product, it is just reasonable to choose the one that has a warranty. So, if in case the scanner didn’t work, you can return it and have received back your money. If you can find a product that has extendable or has a 2-year warranty, this would even be better. You simply have made the right investment.

These are the top factors we present to you here in our buying guide. Aside from these, it will depend on the type, the model, make, and age of the vehicle that you own. If you have a newer car, go for a car scanner product that supports OBDII port. And for older cars, choose the scanners that are compatible with OBDI port.

Fixd app review


Frequently Asked Questions About Fixd

Does it come with a money-back guarantee? How about a warranty?

Yes, Fixd comes with a one-month money-back guarantee. It has a limited warranty of one year, and it will start right after the sale was made.

Does the Fixd sensor device need to be charged?

No, it is already charging itself since it is plugged into your car through the OBD port. The device consumes only low energy, so you don’t need to worry about your car’s battery getting drained.

Do you need to remove the Fixd from your car if you are not using it?

As it consumes only a little power, especially when it is disconnected from the app, just leave it there, as is. However, if you will not be using it for three or more weeks, it would be better to remove or disconnect it from your car.

Just A Few Of The Many Great Features Of FIXD

The Verdict

Products such as Fixd provide us the best solution when it comes to us being forgetful. As we have mentioned in the various paragraph, there are car owners who tend to forget their car’s scheduled maintenance. Some tend to ignore the first warning sign given by their car. For them, it is just the check engine light when, in fact, it is already a yelling that the car has a serious problem inside. With the list of possible reasons causing the check engine light to be turned on, it is difficult to tell which is which.

Good thing that a car diagnostic scanner tool like Fixd is created. With its sensor and app, knowing any car problem is made easy. It will also help schedule your next car maintenance as well as pinpoint the exact car problem, saving you some money from diagnostic tests done by mechanics.  When it comes to price, the Fixd price is reasonable compared to the others available in the market today.

However, this product may not work on hybrid as well as on other newer car models. Fixd device is created and is suitable for cars create in 1996 and the succeeding years. However, if you own a car before 1996, then there is a sad chance that this device will not function like what it was advertised. At times, there connectivity problems and error may happen while using this product. Some people complain that it can only read the check engine light-related problems.

Well, maybe if the car owner knows how to take care of his car, he or she would not be dependent on a tool to see if there are problems. So, it would be helpful to be knowledgeable about these various car problems. If a person knows how to drive a car, he should also know how to fix it. But for those who have successfully paired the Fixd device with their phone and their car, enjoy the benefits of using a smart tool. You have made a worthwhile decision and investment for your car.

In every product that you will be purchasing, it is always important to check what is in it that you are paying for. And for the product that guaranteed you of identifying issues while it is still a minor one is indeed a good buy. And in today’s time, smartphones have always been a part of our daily life. That is why having a device that can be connected to our phones is already of great convenience.

So, if this product’s features and purpose suits your car needs, then it will be a smart buy for you. For Fixd it will be best to go on the official website and purchase it at a great price, they have a promotion now where you can get up to 50% discount.