Everyone wants a great career and an education that will help them to go far. However, many people have to give up on their career and educational goals year after year. Holga Direct knows how important a proper education is, and that is why we help to educate our readers on photography and camera products with our reviews and recommendations. You don’t have to pay too much for your equipment if you use the review resources we offer you here.

Scholarship for Holga Direct

Our Holga Direct Scholarship is a new promotion that we are very proud to announce. It is a $1,100 annual scholarship that is designed to help students achieve their educational and career dreams. This scholarship will be awarded to one student each year to help pay for educational expenses. We are looking to double the amount of the scholarship for next year.

How Much Is the Scholarship for?

This scholarship will provide a student with $1,100 to pay for education expenses. It is a tuition-only scholarship and is not renewable at all. It will be sent to the financial office.

Scholarship Eligibility

We are looking for a student who could really use the funds we are offering. Graduate and undergraduate students can apply, so long as they are enrolled full time at a graduate school or at an accredited college. Minimum GPA (Grade Point Average) to apply for a scholarship is 3.0

How You Can Apply

You can easily apply for the scholarship. It is designed to be simple to qualify for and apply for. Only a limited number of students will be able to apply, and only one student will be able to win.

Here is how you apply:

  1. Start by writing an essay of 500 words or more about “The Different Types of Light in Landscape Photography”. You can review one of the courses you have completed and use that to detail how it will help you improve your skill. The essay will need to be submitted by August 15, 2020.
  2. You will need to send your application to [email protected] and make sure it is in a Microsoft Word format. Use your academic (edu) email address only. If you submit the application in a PDF or Google Doc, it will not be accepted.
  3. The submission form should include the following information: your name, phone number, the name of your university and your email address.
  4. The essay should be written in your own words and should be of value to the reader.
  5. Any plagiarism will result in your submission begin immediately rejected.
  6. Only provide the information that has been detailed above.
  7. Your essay will be judged on its creativity, thoughtfulness and value.

What Is Our Process for Reviewing Applications?

Each submission is manually reviewed, and then the winner is contacted by December 15, 2020.

Who Are We?

People trust Holga Direct for its honest reviews on photography gear and cameras. Industry professionals have tried the camera equipment products for you so that you don’t have to buy blindly. They have done the hard work and reviewed these products so that you can make an informed buying decision. Tips and reviews are posted on our site regularly for you to take advantage of. Our site gives you a big picture look of what is available on the market and how it compares. You won’t find a resource of reviews for lenses and other camera equipment anywhere else on the internet.

Our site visitors always enjoy real value from the reviews, as we give our honest opinion and point out the pros and cons of each item. You can easily compare products by checking out our reviews and finding what our experts have to say about each product. The resources that we provide here help people to make smarter buying decisions and not to waste their money on a product that they would regret later on. You can now order a product online and not worry if it might be of decent quality and worth your money.

If you want camera gear that works with your equipment and that is made for your skill level, then you need to read expert reviews like what we have posted here on Holga Direct. You will find a vast resource with reviews for the products people are shopping for. We update our site regularly and post new reviews continuously to ensure that people get information about new products here first. Our experts have tried the products for themselves or sourced information from hands-on experiences that are published online. They do the hard work of getting that information and condensing it for you into easy-to-understand reviews that offer insightful information.

Anyone wanting to find out about the latest in camera technology should use our site for reviews, tips and other helpful information that encourages smarter buying decisions. Holga Direct is a trusted source of photography gear reviews in an age where trusted reviews are getting harder and harder to find.

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Our Privacy Policy

We make certain that no personal information for students is shared, and all personal information is kept for internal usage only. We do not provide any student details to third parties for any reason, but we do reserve the right to use the articles submitted to us in any way that we wish. If you submit an article to Holga Direct, you give us all rights to the content, including ownership of said content. This is true whether your submission is accepted as the winner or not. HolgaDirect.com reserves the right to use all work submitted to be published as it sees fit and where it is deemed appropriate.

Winners will be confirmed once they can provide proof of enrollment at an approved university, college or school. This includes a picture of current student ID, school transcripts, letter of proof, and a copy of the tuition bill. A secondary winner will be chosen if the initial winner cannot provide these proofs.