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How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing














  • Track Text Messages
  • Read Messaging Apps
  • Track GPS Location
  • Control Apps and Programs
  • View Multimedia Files


  • Does not support BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian phones.

How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

Questioning how to track a phone without them knowing? The present-day world is undoubtedly daunting, but fortunately, superior technology provides us exceptional means such as spy phone apps. They assure us that our spouse, kids, and other affectionate ones are protected. These mobile apps are easy-to-install and operate in a secret mode. Hence, your target won’t understand that you are following them, endeavoring to get into their Facebook profile, monitoring their actions and places, and collecting data about the toured sites. How to track a phone without them knowing? Read more to learn how to track a mobile location without them finding out. By the end, you will know how to track someone’s phone.

Why would you begin considering establishing a hidden mobile tracker to trace the position of someone else? Do you have a valid reason to invest in an iPhone locator? Are you trying to protect your relationship? Are you trying to keep a close watch on your young children or aging parents? Do you need to regulate your workers in the office settings and control their enterprises from a distance? No need to worry about these petty matters anymore. We have the best and most useful tips for you on how to track a phone without them knowing. With these, you can easily investigate anyone’s life that you want.

 How to track a phone without them finding out? 

Best Spy App For iPhone

The most reliable method to trace someone’s device without them understanding is to apply a hidden spy app. You will first have to ensure that it is indeed hidden and an app that they cannot remove without your knowledge. If you need to utilize this nature of software, it is effortless to connect, though you must have entrance to their equipment to download the application there. The best method to get past this problem is to hand them a device where you have already installed the tracker app. Once you have installed the application on their device, it will consistently send you all the information you need.

You will get direct access to all the data stored on the application’s online portal. Depending on the software you prefer, you can observe the phone’s position, social media reports, notes, text communications, chat apps, internet search history, and likewise. We suggest mSpy as the most superior and high-level hidden-phone spying app that helps you to know how to track a phone without them knowing.

mSpy – Best phone tracker app

mSpyThinking how to follow an iPhone without them knowing and gain an edge of more dominant points? Download mSpy, best phone tracker app without permission that operates on both the iOS and Android systems.

What are the features of this hidden mobile tracking app?

  •  When you install the mSpy app, you can get direct access to:
  • Trace the complete call log of any device and check all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Survey social media tasks and view every post done on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.
  • Block text messages and check photos and videos.
  • Inspect browsing records and recognize the websites that your child checks often. You can check the bookmarked websites as well.
  • Closely analyze global messaging applications such as Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram.

You can check the mSpy app, the best phone tracker app without permission, from anywhere you want, anytime you want, and via any device of your choice. Thus, there is an unrestricted possibility of phone spying.

Some of the best establishment services of the mSpy spy mobile app are:

 It is relatively effortless to install the cell phone operative software. Even an amateur can arrange it. There is nothing too scientific about mobile spy software or its characteristics, purposes, and practices. It is an app to track phone without them knowing.

  • The directions of control are very explicit, and the connection method is well-designed. User benefits and easy accessibility at every stage of the app design and production is prominent. Thus, you cannot get confused anywhere.
  • There is an unrestricted distance download service. However, please remember that this is available for iPhones alone. In case you are using an Android phone, or your target is an Android phone, then you need to have access to your target device. Thus, only the iPhone has a no-jailbreak remedy for you to spy. Ensure to have entrance to the target phone’s iCloud login credentials. Concerning the no-jailbreak resolution, you don’t have to download the application physically, either. You no longer have to question how to track someone’s phone.

The mSpy mobile spy app has a no-jailbreak solution for iPhones. However, it has often been debated that this feature gives you limited access. The best part of the mSpy app is that it is one of the few apps that allow you a no-jailbreak remedy. Thus, you can now sit back and relax while the app does the investigation. It can be very daunting to live in an environment where you feel that you are being cheated on or lied to. Thus, the app is perfect for restoring peace in your life. Moreover, this is not it. You can also use the keylogger feature. This helps you to get alerts and updates on your software when they use certain words on their device. You can now invest time in other chores and check the software when an update pops up.

Every mobile spy app allows you to track the location of your target device. However, this is where mSpy, the best phone tracker app without permission, once again proves why it is better than the rest. Instead of providing you old services, it aims to present you with something new. It allows you to not only trace the live location and the whereabouts of your target, but you can also restrict areas of entry. This means that when you mark an area as forbidden on the map, you get an instant update the moment your target enters that zone. In simple terms, this is referred to as geo-fencing. You can get a complete understanding and overview of every location that your target visits and how much time he spends at each venue. You can get a detailed report of the minute by minute location changes and advances. Now, you know how to track someone’s phone.


mSpy Reviews

As we have already stated earlier that mSpy is the best when it comes to how to track a phone without them knowing, it comes as no surprise that it has the best location pinning facilities in the industry. The fantastic support team is readily available whenever you want their help. You can contact them via email or also request for telephonic aid. You do not need to hesitate in asking them for any queries related to downloading the application, the final installation, or the remote rooting services. Since you are kept in focus at all times, your problems will be resolved as soon as possible. Having tried all their services, we were pleasantly taken aback by their swiftness in action.

If you have any problems with using the app, then you do not need to panic. The fastest way to resolve your doubts is by using their online instruction manual. You can download it very easily on the internet and save it on your device for instant support. It is a complete journal of everything related to the app and provides you innumerable ways of making the most of it. Since it teaches you every function, you can get complete access to your target phone. Thus, it is regarded as the best app to track phone without them knowing.

Hence, it will not be wrong to say that the mSpy phone tracking app is anything less than perfection in an app. It comes with all the features that you can wish for in a phone-tracking application. Since the pros outweigh the cons, there is no reason why we should delay any further in installing it and using it yourself. You no longer have to rely on any sub-standard mobile spying app when the best is available at your fingertips.

  • Can you track an iPhone with the phone number and without any tracking software?

Well, yes, it is possible to track an iPhone with their phone number without having to install any software. The simplest way is to contact the phone service operator and get permission. However, there is a catch. You can’t do this without them knowing that you are tracking them. You will need permission from the target that he or she is allowing you to track them. Then, you need to provide ample proof of relationship documentation to show that you are indeed related to the target. Only then you will get permission. However, this defeats the purpose of spying on your target’s device because they know that you are tracking them. Though it will give you details such as their call logs, messages, and location, your target can easily manipulate these. You can try and track someone by cell phone number without them knowing.

In such a situation, you need a good mobile spying application that will help you to know how to track a phone without them knowing. While we have discussed the details of the mSpy mobile spying app, there is still more for you to learn and discover. Read ahead to know about some other ways of tracking phones and some other apps that can help you in the process. With this complete pocket-size guide on how to track a phone without them knowing, there is nothing that can stop you from finding out the truth. If you are thinking of ways to track an iPhone or an Android phone system, then this is precisely where you need to be.

  • How to track someone’s iPhone? 

If you are looking for an excellent way to track any Apple device or thinking about how to track an iPhone for free, then I am sure that you must have thought about the Find my iPhone app. For the uninitiated, the Find my iPhone app is an application of your smartphone that is extremely helpful. It is truly a blessing when you have lost your iPhone, Airpods, or MacBook and need a way to find them. The application works on a very simple principle. When you log on to the app with your Apple ID credentials, you can get an estimate idea of your device’s location. Then, you can choose the alert option if you have misplaced it and want it to ring. As soon as it rings, you can follow the sound and get your device. Additionally, you can track a lot of your device’s activities via it.

Now, let’s discuss if you can use the Find my iPhone app to track an iPhone without letting your target know. First of all, you will have to get access to their Apple ID. This refers to their cloud credentials, and that can be extremely tricky. If you ask them too many questions, then there is a high possibility that you alert them, and they manipulate their actions on their device. If you manage to clear the first step without any hassles, then there is a possibility that they get an update that their phone is being tracked.

Please note that Apple has a family sharing option where all the members can easily create a platform to share the live location of their devices at any time. This is a trustworthy forum created by Apple that assures you that all your data will remain safe. One of the most common concerns that users face each day is that their device might leak information to a third party. Since our mobile phones have such vital data about us and our lives, it is not a risk that too many people wish to take. However, we have tried all the mobile spying apps listed in our article and promise that there is no scope of data leaks.

The best way to track an iPhone or Android phone is by using the applications that we have listed. They have innumerable features and benefits that you will not get anywhere. Since we have already given you a detailed review of the mSpy mobile tracking app, we have more interesting apps and ideas for you listed later in this article. Keep reading ahead to find out how to secretly track an iPhone.

  • Can I track an Android phone via Find My Device?

Android’s Find my Device is exactly like iPhone’s Find my iPhone. You can track your phone’s location at not only external locations but also internal buildings such as airports, stations, and other major places where there is a possibility of misplacing your device. The app has a feature to ring a sound o your device when you misplace it. You can simply follow the tone and get your device. The Find my Device app is a Google product that uses the Google maps facility. Thus, there is a complete guarantee of one hundred percent accurate location detection.

In case you can’t find your phone, there is a feature to lock your phone permanently. This implies that you can leave a custom message on your device, and then anyone who finds the phone can contact you on the custom message’s details. This message will be displayed right across the screen and no one will get access to your data on the phone. Android users across the globe are thrilled with this benefit because it gives them a complete guarantee of security. But, have you been thinking of a way to use this app to track someone’s phone without them knowing about it? Let’s consider if this is possible.

  • Wondering about how to track a cell phone location without them knowing? 

If you wish to track someone’s phone using the Find my Device app, then you must ensure that the device is registered on your Google account. This should be your personal account and you must register the device on it. Then, you can easily track the device on the option of ‘Google Find Device Platform.’ You have to use your Google account to log in and find any device that is registered with your email account. However, please note that it is easily done in case you are tracking a child’s phone. It is the best free phone tracker app without permission

Tracking an Android device using the Find my Device app can be difficult if you are tracking an adult’s phone. Since the aim is to track a phone without them knowing, it can be tricky if the adult gets a hint that they are being followed via their smartphone. Most of the time, people change their course of action if they are alerted that they are being spied on. You must be careful to install an app that can be used in the stealth mode and remains undetected by your target device.

  • Can I use Samsung’s Find My Mobile to track a phone without them knowing it?

Samsung’s Find My Mobile is similar to Android’s Find my Device and Apple’s Find my iPhone. But, the key difference lies in its application. This means that the Find my Mobile scheme is best suited for Samsung devices only. You can use it to track any Android device or Apple device on it. Since Samsung enjoys a massive base of happy users, we thought it would be great to tell you more about spying on a Samsung phone with the Find my Mobile app. Keep reading to understand more.

While the Find my Mobile application can help you to detect any missing Samsung phone, it can also be great if you wish to protect your data from a third person. It is not new to hear that someone forgot the password or PIN of their device and got locked out. But, this problem can easily be resolved with the Find my Mobile app. You can use it to generate a new password and PIN for your Samsung device. With an extremely simple and straightforward procedure to follow, all you need to do is head to the Find my Mobile application and use your Samsung login credentials to get access.

Now, let’s discuss what you can do if you want to track a Samsung phone using the Find my Mobile app without them knowing it. The simplest thing here is that you need their Samsung login credentials. You need to enter the details in the Find my Mobile app, and then you can easily follow the location path that they are following. However, getting the login credentials can be extremely difficult if someone does not wish to share it with you. Samsung has a strict policy of safety and security, so hacking into their account is very tough. We advice you to also read Spyzie review

Additionally, you may give your target a phone that you already know the password to. Then, you can use these login credentials whenever you want. But, the problem continues to persist that you will have to keep entering the email address and password each time you want to track the device. Your life is extremely busy to enter the password multiple times. What you need is a quicker solution to get instant updates of your target’s location, chats, and online activities. Well, don’t be disappointed if you thought that there is no way. You should use the best free phone tracker app without permission.

The most reliable way to track a phone without them knowing is by using hidden mobile spy apps. While we have already told you about the mSpy mobile app, there are two other apps that we wish to review and give you a detailed insight into. Though we will always say that mSpy is the best amongst the three, you can try the other two apps, too. Now, you know how to track an iPhone without them knowing.

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Top reasons why parents spy on their children’s phones.

Best Spy App For iPhone

There are innumerable reasons why parents spy on their children’s phones. While some may argue that it is ethically wrong, we have created the top five reasons why it is completely justified. With this, you do not need to feel guilty while  tracking your child’s activities. As parents, you must keep a watch out on what they are doing and what is happening in their lives. With the present day’s dependence on technology and misuse of the same, a lot is happening behind the scenes.

  • You can protect your child from cyberbullying. 

 Cyber-bullying refers to bullying that takes place over the internet. Children are one of the most popular targets of those seeking to bully the vulnerable ones online. Cyber-bullying can lead to severe trauma on the young mind of the child, and this can result in severe personality problems. When cyber-bullying starts taking a toll on your child, he may show signs and symptoms such as loss of appetite, low self-esteem, and suicidal tendencies in severe attempts. Cyber-bullying is a crime and must be reported as soon as possible. You can use any of the above-stated applications to track your child’s phone without them knowing and protect them against all such predators.

  • You can easily locate your child anytime you want. 

 You can easily locate your child anytime. It often happens that parents do not know where the child is, and this can be a menace for working parents who are away from home most of the day. It is a complete assurance that your child is away from your eyes but not out of sight. Since modern-day crime rates have drastically increased, your child’s safety is your priority. Giving a phone to your child is not sufficient as he may not be able to call you in case of an emergency. Wondering how to track phone location? You can easily track his live location, and the geofencing feature will give you an update in case he is in a ‘forbidden’ zone.

 You can prevent your child from substance abuse. 

 Your young child’s mind is very impressionable. Thus, as a parent, you must monitor the websites he visits, the articles he reads online, and the things he searches for the most. The young mind is very susceptible to fall for substance abuse. What initially starts as an experiment then results in addiction. In severe cases, children may lose their lives to substance abuse. Though it can be difficult for you to get any information directly from them, you can now spy on their phones with these apps. It will help you to understand their lifestyles better and keep track of what they are doing. You must use the best free phone tracker app without permission

  • You can stay away from online predators. 

 The online world is the easiest space for strangers to become your child’s “friend.” There have been millions of such cases where strangers contacted children over social networking apps to become their friends and then kidnapped them, forced them into substance abuse, or demanded extortion money. Though you can save your child later, it may have a traumatic effect on his mind and he may completely change. Thus, prevention is better than cure. With the help of these online spying apps, you can get instant access to your child’s IM chat applications and social networking sites such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. You may try and track someone by cell phone number without them knowing.

  • You can protect your child’s personal information. 

 It often happens that a child continues talking to someone that you know is harmful to your child. Even after repeated warnings, they refuse to listen to you. Additionally, this is the modern age of technology where children are hooked to social media platforms and keep posting details about their personal lives. This may cause severe damage to them in the long run. Thus, these mobile phone spy apps will give you direct access to everything on their phones, and you can see everything that they are doing. You can also block certain websites and pages that you do not consider suitable for your child. Thus, if you are wondering how to track an iPhone without them knowing, you now know the answer. You can easily download the best free phone tracker app without permission.

How to track someone’s phone without them knowing for free?

How to track someone? How to track someone’s location? Having doubts about how to secretly track a cell phone location for free? Well, if you have been caught between these questions, then this is exactly where you need to be. After trying and using more than twenty mobile spy apps, we have concluded that the three apps mentioned in this article are the best. While the first one is already mentioned above, that is, mSpy, the remaining two are discussed ahead.


 FlexiSpy- The ultimate spy app

flexispy If you are wondering at times, “how can I track a phone easily,” then FlexiSpy is a complete package for you because the app has every feature that you can ask for. To begin with, it allows you to get remote access to any device. Thus, you could be sitting at home while the target device could be 100 miles away from you. You will still get instant and direct access to everything on your target device. This means that you can check their call logs, every incoming and outgoing call, all the messages that have been sent and received on the phone, and much more. You can also monitor the social media activities that are done on the phone.

Since a lot of time is spent on social media apps across the world, you can get access to several chats on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Kik, Viber, Snapchat, Tinder, and much more. Additionally, you can check the target device’s notes, weekly planners, and calendar. So, you have a complete report of their upcoming events and daily plans. The pop-up birthdays can also tell you who they are in touch with.

With complete access to their photos and videos, you can see every clicked and saved video. Every saved media is saved in the camera roll, so you do not have to worry about missing out on anything. There is a live location tracking facility on FlexiSpy that gives you instant updates about the places that your target has visited and how much time was spent at each venue. If you think this is it, then continue reading more.

With FlexiSpy at your fingertips, you can not only check the call logs but also listen to calls that are taking place in real-time. Thus, if you think your partner is having an affair or your child is involved in substance abuse, then you can listen and record their conversations. This is nothing less than your pocket-size detective who gives you instant alerts.

You can check every site that the target is checking and get access to all the bookmarked websites in their browser history. If you are a parent checking your child’s phone and do not think that a specific site is suitable for him, then you can easily block the website address from the phone. Moreover, you can also record videos and take photos from the target device. Thus, you can instantly see where they are, who they are talking to, and what they are doing.

Just like mSpy, FlexiSpy also has a keylogger feature. Thus, you get alerts and updates for keystrokes on the keypad and keywords on the device.

best free phone tracker app without permission

how to track someone's phone

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Qustodio – Parental controls to keep your kids safe.

track someones phone“How do you track a phone? How to find someone’s location by cell phone number? How to get the best iPhone tracker free? How to use a phone tracker without them knowing?” If these are some of the questions that keep bothering you, then you are very lucky because you now have the answer to all your queries.

While mSpy and FlexiSpy are amongst the top phone tracker apps that help you to spy on your target’s phone without them knowing or getting the slightest hints, Qustodio is a spy app that is more suited for parental control. Thus, if you are a parent who is tired of the child being glued to the phone all day, then Qustodio is the best app for you. What often happens is that working parents are unable to keep a tab of their child’s activities. This leads the child to believe that he can do whatever he wants. Since the child is young, he is incapable of making correct decisions for himself. This is the point where parents need to interfere and look into the child’s phone. While most parents give a phone to their child for emergency reasons, children often misuse this privilege.

When you download the Qustodio app to keep control and close watch over your child’s phone, you can track his live location, see who is talking to, and get access to his chats. There is nothing that your children can hide from you because their device is completely in your control. You can monitor the contacts he has saved on his device, the photos and videos in the gallery, and every little note that he makes. You can also check the calendar updates and weekly planner to know more about his upcoming plans and tuitions. But is this enough? No! Thus, Qustodio has taken extra care to include every feature and facility, such as tracking browser history, keylogger, and more. The child may be inclined towards activities that are unethical or wrong. So, you have complete power to block any webpage from his phone or limit the time that he can spend on an application. Once this time limit is over, his phone will flash a message on the screen that he can no longer use the app for the day.

This is one of the best apps if your child is addicted to social media and spends most of his time online. With the facility to set a daily timer, the phone will practically lock him out of the app for the day. While most parents struggle to teach their children to go out and play games in real life, instead of staying glued to their phones, this app leaves them with no other option.

Please note that this app is not as secretive as the other two phone tracking apps mentioned in our detailed review of mobile tracking apps for free. When the time limit for an application is over or when there is no permission to enter a webpage, the screen shows the reason for blocking out the child. Thus, they eventually understand that you have control over their device. While some children may take this in their stride and understand your perspective, some children may rebel, and this may worsen the situation.


These are our top picks for the best mobile phone spying apps that you can download for very affordable rates and use anytime you want. These three mobile tracker apps have all the features and facilities you can ask for in a spying app. While mSpy offers you a no-jailbreak solution, it ranks number one on our preference list. It has one of the most supportive customer care teams, and you can get a full refund of your money if you are unhappy with the service of the app. Moreover, you can start with a free trial of the mSpy app for 7 days to get an idea of how it works. Please note that the trial pack of the app provides you very limited access, and you can use all the benefits only after you have made the full payment. The customized versions for your target iPhone and Android phone work wonders, and you can easily learn how to track a phone from their user-friendly guide.


We have tried all the phone spying apps mentioned above and then concluded that mSpy is the best. Next in line, we have FlexiSpy that has call-recording facilities, and lastly, Qustodio is for suited parental control only.