ikeymonitor review

ikeymonitor reviews


$29.16 /m












  • Automatically takes hidden screenshots that are sent to your account for later viewing
  • Keylogger records every activity taken on the phone no matter which app is open
  • Stores passwords used on the device
  • Stealth mode allows you to put the app on your child's device without him knowing
  • Allows parents to block certain content and set limits on screen time


  • No remote control feature makes it impossible to control the phone from another location
  • Phone may need to be jailbroken for the app to be effective

Currently, spy applications have been emerging everywhere. New developments are always on the rise. People developing applications like there’s no tomorrow, hoping for the next big thing. But there’s one application that’s been making noise in the spy app world, a newcomer at the face of the game. But ever since its launch it’s been competing with the best of its era.

Let me introduce you to iKeyMonitor, and why it makes sense.

What is iKeyMonitor?

iKeyMonitor is an advanced integrated spy application. Whose purpose is primarily designed to help parents maximize their children’s online protection. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices. When installed it immediately transfers into stealth mode.

This means that the app cannot be detected or deleted by the owner of the cell phone. A very easy task that you can complete within minutes. Once it’s been installed on a target device, the app won’t require any additional customization. It simply stays online for as long as you need it to, and when you want you can remove it remotely. Read More about gps phone tracker device

Although the app is developed for mostly parents, However, it can be used by anyone who wants to spy on another person. For instance, entrepreneurs/employers can use this app on the official smartphones of the company, for maintaining high productivity and efficiency of their employees. Another common group of users are the married couples who believe that their spouse is unfaithful.

The app is proven and tested to fully maximize the prevention of severe issues and problems that might arise later. We can relate it to the famous medical term statement “Prevention is better than cure.” A brief history of ikeymonitor reviews iPhone. Did you know that iKeymonitor was originally developed to save the keystrokes of a targeted device? Every single time a user does something, it will be tracked in the memory of the phone and then transferred to the official server.

Giving you the total control over the content of the recipient. ikeymonitor login also allows you to track them from anywhere, anytime and anyplace. By registering, you will have access to your profile page which is basically the Control panel. We advice you to choose best iPhone tracking apps & Best Spy App For iPhone

From there on, you can keep track and witness all the messages, files, keystrokes, locations and so much more from your targeted device. To clarify terms, a targeted device is a smartphone on which the app will be in place for which you want to track.

For you to gather all the data. You just simply log in to the official page, then you will be taken to your own personal control panel. Besides the stated facts and features, you can also access the basic functions of the smartphone such as battery level, Wi-Fi and so much more. Always keep in mind to use your computer or your own smartphone to log in to the mentioned control panel where you catch up with all the data of the recipient. Most ikeymonitor review of the previous and current users suggests testified that the app was simple to use and intuitive although being packed with so many powerful features that will retain your attention. The iPhone spy software we reviewed allows you to get MOST of the information without even installing any software.  These spy apps require that you know the iCloud login credentials of the target device.  From there, it is free to remotely access all the backups, which are regularly stored by the phone. Go through this one afvlso Best Cell Phone Spy Software

I personally believe in that claim, I believe that there are no major issues when it comes to using the app.

How does iKeyMonitor work?

Some of the biggest questions on iKeymonitor is how the app works and how it is undetectable. Let’s dive deep into the framework of ikeymonitor android. The first thing you’ll notice in the design of the app itself. It’s created with a different tone than others, it’s simply made for one purpose. When you first install the app, it automatically transfers to the systems application. Meaning that there is no way for the recipient to track or even remove the app. Software such as antiviruses and malware apps will be unable to locate the iKeyMonitor app nor affect its functionality. Even different software combined, the same result is guaranteed. For you to use the application, you must install it on the targeted device.

You will also need to gain access to the device one time. During that process, you are required to jailbreak or root the smartphone. By using simple web tools, you can achieve this task in under 4 minutes. You may need another minute to install the app that we are referring to, and once ready you can start using it. Important, the app requires rooting and jailbreaking for you to start using it.

The good thing is many smartphones owned these days are already jailbroken or rooted anyways, so you only must install the app. If you don’t favour this kind of activity you can use the version for unrooted and jailbroken devices. The iKeymonitor spy app just stays in the background of the smartphone, won’t be detected when the user closes the apps, even using a specific app or etc. As a matter of fact, the user is unable to find the app even if he/she wants to. The app itself, on the other hand, just continues to operate behind the scenes.

This refers to the fact that the iKeymonitor still works even when there is an internet network connection. It also works on broadband even with slow internet speeds. During the process, the application just sets a high priority to the services that were linked to it and all others are just for secondary processes. One of the most important things to consider is the fact that the app will bind or connect to the operating system. Please read more about Best Spy App for Android

It is irrelevant that you are using the app on iOS or Android smartphone. In both cases, the app will bind to the OS and gain access to all the apps. For example, iKeymonitor can spy on phone calls, then recording them. Phone apps are nothing more than an application for the specific operating systems.

iKeymonitor will obtain access to the phone app and therefore be able to obtain the phone number, duration of a call and even to record the phone call. On your end, this simply means that the phone calls will be recorded, and you’ll automatically get notified on who and why someone is calling your child, spouse or employee. The app will stay active if it needs to. When you don’t want to use it anymore, simply remove it remotely and there won’t be any traces that a specific device has been connected to the download ikeymonitor apk. Review this one Best Phone Monitoring Apps & Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android Undetectable

It is so simple yet so advanced, that’s really developed well. For all of this, you need basic knowledge. The app doesn’t require you to manually hack a phone or to use additional tools. It requires a few minutes of your time and an internet connection.

Main Features

At this point you’ll most likely realize that the iKeymonitor application is an influential device.

  • GPS positioning

Here we have one standard component that is executed into all applications of this sort. GPS situating implies that the application will utilize the GPS module on a cell phone and identify the specific area at some random minute. You may need to know where your kid is at the present time or which places, he/she visited today. The component is of standard and most likely one of the primary reasons why ikeymonitor android full cracked is so mainstream today.

  • Keystroke screen

The first component of the application being referred to. The application itself will gauge and record all the keystrokes a client gives constantly. You get an information document with the watchwords, messages and everything else that was recorded.

  • Digital fence

An advanced fence is basically a framework which utilizes GPS. Essentially, you will set a fence or a zone in which your little monsters should remain. The most straightforward model is a zone around his school. On the off chance that or when a kid moves over the predefined region, you will be informed. The advanced fence can be set over any landscape and truly anyplace on the planet. You pick the size and limits.


  • Message checking

ikeymonitor cracked android is fit for following all messages that come or go from a focused standpoint on a gadget. This alludes to SMS messages, Viber, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and every other assistance. All potential messages will be accessible for you to peruse them in the control board. A pleasant expansion is the capacity of the application to screen the messages of Tinder and comparable applications. On the off chance that your kid or a spouse partner anticipates dating, you will be the first to know. Remember that if a client introduces another application for talking or trading messages the iKeymonitor will distinguish it and remember it for the control board.

  • Call observing

All the calls that are performed utilizing the focused-on gadget can be recorded. You will likewise be able to see the telephone numbers, names and profile photos of the clients who called or were called. It is an incredible feeling knowing who has been calling your love ones. Add that you ought to physically enact a call recording highlight.

  • Media records get to

All clients have endless photographs, recordings and different documents put away on their telephone. iKeymonitor permits you to gain admittance to those records. You can erase them on the off chance that you need, or you can duplicate them to a PC. The objective here is to forestall hazardous and rough media documents. Those documents are normally connected with hazardous conduct and potential dangers. By keeping your friends and family safe from those records, you guard them. The primary thought behind the component was to guarantee that a youngster doesn’t share or interface with precluded content.

  • Internet action observing

Indeed, you can screen web movement. This component is moderately new and truly attractive. It does correctly as you may accept. The application will identify web movement at some random minute and store URLs of the considerable number of sites visited. As a dad or a spouse, you can check the addresses and even square them if necessary. Much of the time, you will experience peculiar and risky URLs that need your consideration.

  • Screenshots

It is one of the primary highlights of the application and the one that made it so well-known even today. Fundamentally, the application itself will take screen captures at a time allotment or when you need it. The screen captures are then put away on the telephone and you can control them over the control board. There is no restriction on what number of screen captures you can catch. The best part is the reality you can take a screen capture even while a client is utilizing his telephone. This is a stealth highlight that has no follows, nor does it hinder a focused-on gadget.

  • Clipboard checking

All the information put away in the clipboard of the cell phone will be available to you. You can screen for duplicated substance and you can control it. The element being referred to is typically considered as an expansion to different highlights and it is famous among guardians. Regardless of whether the messages are erased you will be able to see the last replicated content. It will be a message, a site address or something comparative. On the off chance that it is a telephone number you can check it with the contacts from the focused-on gadget phonebook.

  • Installed applications

Presently you can check the introduced applications also. The element functions admirably with all telephones and can be considered as one of the primary focal points the application offers. All the applications that are introduced, evacuated or utilized will be shown here. The component permits you to see the dating applications, talking applications and comparable applications that may have a negative impact. By and by we can include that you can see the messages sent and got by those applications. The best model is a dating application like Badoo or Tinder. You can check for the movement your child had with the clients of the application.

  • App blocking

As should be obvious this extraordinary component is something other than significant. The primary bit of leeway is the reality you can hinder any application you don’t care for. On the off chance that you don’t care for a dating application or your kid has been utilizing Instagram for unapproved exercises, you can square access. The application will quit working promptly and regardless of whether the client reinstalls it, it will in any case remain unusable. The main route for that application to work is to unblock it or to supplant a cell phone. This element is accessible on Android and iOS renditions of iKeymonitor. We advice you to read more about best parental control apps

  • Screen time limiter

Farthest point the hour of screen use. You can set up whenever outline after which the screen will go dull. The client won’t have the option to utilize the telephone. In a perfect world, you would utilize this administration when a kid is at school or when he is going to some significant circumstance. The best part is the reality the proprietor of the telephone won’t realize what the primary driver of dull screen is. Both of you can even settle on an understanding or some likeness thereof to comprehend the primary issue.

iKeymonitor app

  • Calendar and notices observing

Here we have a straightforward component. Fundamentally, it permits you to keep your eyes on the reminders and schedule contributions of the focused-on gadget. Basically, the element is explicitly intended to check for the significant dates and updates that are put away by the proprietor and to affirm their movement. Likely the element is increasingly powerful for following your mate or representatives yet can be utilized for innumerable purposes.

  • Account cancellation

Presently you can erase a record remotely. The element is a blend of a few different highlights and it works in 99% cases. Utilizing it is amazingly straightforward and fulfilling. You will as of now have the passwords and the messages that are related with that telephone. You should simply erase the record remotely in practically no time and you are finished.

  • Email checking

The application is advantageous in one case more. As the proprietor of descargar ikeymonitor gratis, you can check, peruse and erase messages that are put away on the focused-on gadget. This is a straightforward errand that has endless advantages and can be the most significant element for the most noteworthy number of you. You can even download iKeymonitor for nothing (utilizing preliminary mode) and test this component.  It has many advantages compared to other spy apps &  Best Free Phone Tracker App

  • Multiple dialects

The application is accessible in all dialects you can consider. You can pick one you like and all the highlights and the whole control board will be interpreted right away. This is a required element for all clients who don’t comprehend the English language and who need an application on their local language. Remember that there are no issues paying little heed to which language do you pick, and you get similar highlights and a similar usefulness.

  • Contact data

The application permits you to check the contacts on the focused-on gadget remotely. You will get indistinguishable subtleties from on the off chance that you are utilizing the real cell phone. All things considered, you can see the contact’s name, telephone number, personal residence, photograph thus substantially more. It is one of the most widely recognized and the most mainstream highlights and it is explicitly intended to assist you with checking with whom a client of the focused-on gadget has been conversing with.

  • Microphone initiation

The component we have here is known as encompassing account. This means you will get the capacity to initiate the mic on the gadget and tune in to the discussions or environment. It is something beyond significant if you need to keep an eye on a colleague, to know where your kid is or what he is wanting to do. The administration is accessible on the two forms of the gadget for non-jailbroken and established gadgets. When the account is finished the application will download it and you will be able to tune in to the chronicle from your control board.

  • Logs

It is probably the least complex component the application has and the one that we particularly like. You have a long segment in the control board of the application. From that point you can check all the logs on the focused-on gadget. For instance, you will see the ongoing calls, messages and so on. FAQ

Is download ikeymonitor pro android or iOS genuine to use? Really, it is. As you should know now the application is made to empower the gatekeepers to guarantee their children and to hinder cyberbullying or online risks when in doubt. Incorporate the truth you will on a very basic level use the application on the mobile phone you guarantee (it is on your name) and you can see that there are no legitimate issues to worry over. The specific inverse thing we ought to incorporate here is that the application is legal to use in different states and countries. Guidelines apply to them two. When you are sure that the application is protected to utilize and there are no lawful issues, you can begin a free preliminary and in the long run buy a total variant. Practically 99% of clients who tried it have been utilizing it from that point forward. We strongly suggest you to choose FlexispyHighster mobileSpyzie & iKeymonitor spybubble


The following motivation behind why you can be certain that the application is legitimate to utilize is the reality it is totally stealth. This means there are no hints of it nor anything comparable that may uncover the nearness of the application. You can introduce it and use it constantly on the off chance that you like, and it won’t uncover its quality. At the point when no one realizes that the application is available, there is no motivation to stress over legitimateness. What’s more, you can likewise expel the application remotely and it will erase the hints of the whole code. As it were, there won’t be any follows that demonstrate the application was introduced and utilized on the focused-on gadget. On the off chance that you are concerned sooner or later, you can essentially erase it and you are finished. As indicated by client iKeymonitor surveys, this is one of the fundamental highlights and the principle preferences of the application. We recommend you to go with spyera, Thetruthspy & mobistealth

ikeymonitor login


ikeymonitor alternative has the feature that guides the user to view the sites visited on the target device, track and store all activities taking place on the device’s browser, including the browsing history. You can see a complete log of all bookmarked websites and get immediate alerts on specific and dangerous keywords/phrases and view content.


ikeymonitor mobile spy keylogger has been shown to have Errors in the localization, and it has quite the high price also Tech Support efficiency can be more improved as well.


Is your gadget compatible with the iKeymonitor? You’re required to have an Android or iOS cell phone. Basically, almost all gadgets are fit for running the application. It works with Android 4 or iOS 4 and more up to date forms of the working frameworks. At the point when you’re including the assets the application utilizes, it’ll run without a discussion on cell phones of more established ages, with a double center processor and 512MB of RAM that surely most modern phones can pass.

One significant activity that we should rehash is the jailbreaking or establishing the gadget choice. Even though this can be a compulsory for the essential form so with respect to the application to accomplish its organization. The benefit of the telephone and to get all the central matters and each one the data put away on its specific gadget. Both, jailbreaking and establishing an apparatus is straightforward these days and you must connect a cell phone with a PC and run a specific programming. The framework will do all the rest of. On the off chance that you download the second form which is expected for non-established or jailbroken gadgets you get most of the highlights, however, don’t escape or root a device. To outline, iKeymonitor are regularly introduced and utilized on all gadgets running the Android or iOS programming bundle. The form of the OS is superfluous. You may read more about Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

It is frequently introduced on more up to date and more established cell phones and along these lines similar highlights will be accessible. You’re additionally required to get 3 days free trial, so you’ll test the application and see with your own eyes. In case you’re fulfilled, you’ll pick one in all the accessible bundles and start utilizing the application for that period.  Check Out Our parental control apps guide.



iKeyMonitor Full

Monitor iPhone/iPad, Android

$29.16 /m

$59.99 /m

  • Addon features – Included
  • Support iOS (No-Jailbreak)
  • Keystrokes Logger
  • Capture Screenshots
  • SMS Messages
  • Touch action snapshots
  • Websites visited
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • WeChat
  • Skype
  • QQ
  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Tinder
  • Telegram
  • Odnoklassniki
  • KakaoTalk, Zalo
  • Hike, IMO, Viber, Line
  • Line, Kik, Hangouts
  • Call recording (Android)
  • Listen to surroundings
  • Block Apps/Games
  • Photos and Videos
  • Remotely Take Photos
  • Clipboard
  • Gmail
  • Logs to Email/FTP
  • Remote Configuration
  • Remotely view Logs online
  • Keystrokes in native language

What Customers Are Saying?

iKeymonitor vs mSpy

mSpy is a mobile phone monitoring app that helps you monitor your target’s phone calls, messages, location, social media activity, web browsing activity, and more. mSpy offers a discrete means of monitoring a mobile device. mSpy collects data and displays it in the Control Panel which is accessible on any browser. The mSpy app is compatible with most Android and iOS devices. mSpy has maintained a high standard of service since 2011 and is one of the most well-known monitoring software programs.

Target Phone Information

With the use of the dashboard on the mobile app, you’ll be able to see the information about the target device like mSpy software version.

ikeymonitor reviews has the feature that guides the user to view the sites visited on the target device, track and store all activities taking place on the device’s browser, including the browsing history. You can see a complete log of all bookmarked websites and get immediate alerts on specific and dangerous keywords/phrases and view content. mSpy can also filter what website does the owner of the phone can access and blocking inappropriate websites. We advice you to read more about Flexispy, Spyzie, Highster Mobile, Hoverwatch

This monitoring app is the best iPhone spy app that has both a non-jailbreak and jailbreak version, simple installation, intuitive control panel, and very competitive pricing. While the app’s features are more limited with the non-jailbreak version, the jailbreak version of the app has more advanced features, including monitoring GPS location, SMS text messages, and all the popular social chat apps.

If you are looking to get the advanced version of the software, the team at mSpy will help you jailbreak the target device and get the app properly installed and configured safe and stable. The Android phone version is available in root and non-root as well.  Advanced functionality is only available in the root version. You may also know that How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing

For Android devices mSpy can be used without rooting the phone unless you want the more advanced monitoring features.


When competing with iKeyMonitor, mSpy seems to be its most fierce competitor. Since mSpy has been a lot longer and what seemed to have the best experience out of the two. We definitely recommend that you try mSpy.

Our Favorite Spy App mSpy Offers:

  • Best Balance of Features
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Non-jailbreak & jailbreak versions



iKeyMonitor is a good spy app as you will see based on our lengthy review. But after we tested and reviewed multiple spy apps, we advise our readers to instead use the mSpy application for more advanced features, better prices and better customer support.

Using the mspy app also has better tech support both for iPhone and Android devices, for jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions offered.

Think about it.

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