iMemories Reviews

iMemories Reviews

iMemories Reviews






Value for the Money







  • Free - Get a fixed price to convert all your memories before you buy!
  • View Memories On Any Device
  • FREE Enhancement -Their expert staff can restore your memories to look as good as new!
  • Safe Memories - They’ve digitized 15 million memories and never lost or damaged one!
  • All Originals Are Returned


  • advertising emails and spam sent to former customers
  • roduction that took up to a month or longer

Imemories  Reviews – Convert Your Memories!

When your cleaning at your storage room and you found some old pictures of you or one of your family members.  Memories came back once in a while when you discovered or remembered some of the details that happen on that specific day. Sometimes that memories are good and bad ones. But these memories are part of what you are and what you have become today.

Some may say that memories are only the past happenings of oneself. But even though that memory gives or serves as a sad or happy one, we still can’t help but reminisce. Especially our happy events that happen in old times. Some are the old pictures of our family members, events such as birthdays, weddings and so on. A memory that we only can recall once we remember it, saw the pictures, or so on.

However, the old photos that you have found are starting to fade. Well If you have old pictures or videos that you want to save, there are now many ways to restore it. From the early years when digital is still developing, cameras and videos are still in black and white color relatively first years of the 1930s up to 1960s. Since then, it evolves, and colors are added, like for as today pictures, movies, videos are now colorful as if you are in real one.

Despite the color, when we have old photos, videos, films, or so on. We want to keep it, or some are to restore it and prevent it from being destroyed and save as possible and early as we can. To preserve the memories that we had from the past. But how? How can we restore our old memories into a new and fresh one?

Well, re-storing is not only by cleaning it, removing the dust or anything but with the help of our new technology and people. Your old photos, videos can be transformed as if it is original by copying or duplicating it. And if you are looking for one that helps you with that, iMemories is your memories savior.

As you are here, I bet you are looking for someone that can help you restore your old photos or films. And a great thing because you came to the right place. We have added here all the information about iMemories, pros, and cons.  We also added some FAQ and the competition section that will enlighten you more about restoring your old memories, such as videos and photos. You may also like to read about the photo stick

iMemories Reviews

Understanding iMemories

Restoring or preserving old photos, videos, films, and so on, this is possible with iMemories company. If you have a cassette tape and you want to play it, but you don’t have a cassette player. Or if you have old films ad photos that you want to preserve. Well, you don’t need to go too far because iMemories can help you with it. They will only need to get or take your old films, photos, cassette tape and so on. They will preserve it by making some copies of it and return it to you with a new one’s together with the original text.

A DVD and Blu-Ray are available to them so you will choose between the two. So, it’s your choice which of the two types you want to save or preserve your old videos, photos, films, songs and more. You can also add additional requests, like adding some of your pictures on it with the availability of the internet and lots of companies that offer this type of service. The iMemories remains the most trusted one in terms of his kind of work.


  • The process is so accessible from sending your memories up to from the time that they already have done with restoring.
  • You can make a custom of your memories from DVD, Blu-Ray, and Thumb Drive, which you can easily share with your family relatives.


  • Some customers say that they receive spam mail after they used the service and or when they sign a request form.
  • Some also claim that they receive a video that has no content of what they sent.

Who will benefit?

The iMemories service is the right choice for someone that has lots of old videos or videos kept in their storage room, boxes, and so on. If your grandparents have many films and or love to document every celebration, gatherings of the family. Replaying these old shoots are very memorable and heartwarming. They remember the past days and that specific event when everyone was happy, young, and many older happy memories.

With our thorough reviews and with the reviews of the others that also received or availed the service of the iMemories company.  It remains that this company is the most trusted one rather than the other company that has the same service. The one that will benefit in the service that iMemories offers are:

  • For those who don’t want to lose their old films and photos
  • For everyone who wishes to preserve their old movies and pictures but does not know how to do it
  • For anyone that wants to have a documentation of their family history and so on.
  • A memorable gift for parents or grandparents as a throwback
  • For parents that want to have or preserve memories for their future generations

iMemories are here and are built for these concerns written above and will make their 100 percent capability in protecting the old memories of their client.



What should you send to iMemories?

If you want to use the service of the iMemories company, you can send anything to them that you want to add to your collection or restoration.  Many of the customers of iMemories send old documents and videotapes, which some are in the year 1980’s to 1990s. Any video format you have, may it be older than the 1980s, full size or mini tapes are acceptable at iMemories. They also accept videos that are kept or saved in standard reels. In which some movies are also used to be collected in the reels during the past years and was recently changed into digital format. Also read dronex pro review.

The iMemories also accept not only old videos but also photos. If you have old slides from your vacation or other gatherings and you don’t know where to save it or decide to print or not. The iMemorise can help you make a beautiful slide with old captured images and save it in a DVD, which all of it will be kept compact in the disk. Your memories, such as old photos that you can send to iMemories to be restored, are the following.

  • Films such as Kodachrome and others
  • Analog images
  • Partial or damaged photos and videos
  • Balck and white films
  • All tape types

How much should I pay?

Well, because you are going to use their service, they are also a paid service. The iMemories charge rate will depend on what transaction or what preservation you are inquiring too. If the one that you want to preserve is a videotape, the company will charge for each tape that you will send for about $19.99. The charging rate of iMemories is high than other competitors because hey only charges per tape but not by per length of it. You will have to pay the same price even if it is an additional or extended tape.

If you want to preserve a reel film, its rate is a bit higher than the videotapes. It is because of the conversion process that may take restoring a long time. The took more caution in restoring it to make sure that the reels will not be damage. For a tape that has 50 feet long, you will pay around $19.99 for it. This is to measure the length of the reel and to know the total cost that you should pay.

For the photos, they charge a rate of $0.79 per photo. It will be the same as the rate for every slide that you will send. They also offer some special during holidays in which the price can drop to about $12.99 for the videotapes and reels. And the photos rate may go down up too 50 cents each together with the slides.

What are the Sending Options?

Good thing if you decided to make your restoration of your videos and images in the iMemories company. Now the next step is to know how to send you films, photos, etc. to iMemories — the company as two sending options that you can query about. If you want an outmost safety, you can get the SafeShip Kit. In which the company will send everything that will make sure your tapes, photos, and so on in safe. The SafeShip Kit has a bubble cushion that wraps around the items, which is suitable for drops and shocks.  They also included a waterproof bag that will keep your valuables safe from water, rain, or snow.

The ShafeShip Kit also has a box that is excellent resistant and will protect your items safe when drops. But you need to pay for an extra charge for this. You will also have to pay for the shipping of it again. Nevertheless, if you want to save money, you can also pick the second option. It is in which you are the one who will provide the box to where you will put your items and send them to the company.

Whatever choice you will pick, you need to sign up first and create an account on the website and then select the option you want. You will also be guided about the succeeding process that you should do once you have login successfully to your account. The address to which you will send your items is also stated on it.


Services Available

Here are the different lists of services that iMemories cam offers to their clients.

  • Disc transfer

If you don’t want to remove or you want to restore your old movies, you can transfer it through the disc transfer option of the iMemories. They will help transfer memories to the disc, which you can play or watch in a DVD player. Moving has two storage options between the Blu-Ray and or DVD. Once the moving was done, the company will return your old memory items together with the new copy that they made. When availing this service, you will need to pay for the cost for the disc and the transfer of the files.

  • iMemories App

One of the basic and free services that iMemories company offers is the iMemories app. You can download this app through Amazon or even in other app stores, which is relatively free. It is suitable even on your phone to use. The first thing that once you successfully download it is, it will ask you permission to access your photos and videos on your phone. What the app can help you is that you can find specific files such as digital that save in your device and lets you save or transfer it in a new location. If you want to move your data such as photos videos in external data, using this iMemories app will help you do it.

  • Cloud storage

You can also save your old videos or photos through the iMemories cloud that acts as your backup storage on your computer. Sometimes when we accidentally broke our phone, it is hard to fix it. All the files that kept in there are hard to retrieve anymore. So, with the help of iMemories cloud once you have this app and you accidentally broke your gadget. No need to feel problematic with the other files because you can still retrieve it through this app.

  • Thumb Drive

The iMemories also offer thumb drive, especially if you are a person who uses a flash drive regularly. In which have this is a double purpose, you can save or preserve your old photos or videos online, or you can keep it in the thumb drive. It is also a significant advantage in which you can share it with others. It can be easily accessed, and you only need to plug it in on the computer to view it. This thumb drive costs for about $19.99 to let your memories be preserved or restore at an 8GB thumb drive.

How did the iMemories Process work?

Other than the pricing of the iMemories, you may also want to know the process of iMemories and how it works. Well, their operation will only need a few steps to do. The first is to determine which of your photos videos you want to preserve. Once you decide already, you can now create an account with the iMemories company website. Once you successfully log in, let the company knows what transaction you want to apply. If you already pick the purchase you wish to, and the company will let you know about its terms. If you agree with it, you will also need to choose if you will pay for the SafeShip Kit, which will be the one that will provide you the box and materials you need to make your memories safe while shipping. Or you can prepare on your own and send them your films and photos. Also, read photostick mobile review.

When your box arrives at the company, they will carefully digitize every item that you sent. Digitizing will help your photos to be enhanced more. The effect on it on the image makes it brighter and more visible. When the company is done with its process, you have the right to choose in, which means you will get in saving your images or videos.  You can download it through the computer, which is way more manageable if you are going to share it with your family relatives. Or you can let them save it through a DVD or Blu-Ray disc. You may also check other options that are listed in their listed options to you on their website.

Steps on downloading Videos in the iMemories

  • You to login first in the iMemories website
  • Once you are successfully log in, you can now click the photo, film, video that you want to download.
  • Find the download button then click it
  • Save your chosen item in the title that you like
  • Then you are done, you need to wait for a bit for it to successfully downloaded.
  • Once you have other things to download, you only need to follow these steps to do it.

Why Availing this Digitization service?

Well, if you have an old film, videos, and photos that were taken by your grandfather or parents. Keeping it is excellent, however, when it was long that it had been saved or place in the wrong area. It may lead to the item to be broken or damaged. And once you decide to watch it, you cannot do it anymore. That’s why iMemories is here to help you Digitize your memories. This service can help you preserve it until the time for your great-grandchildren. To give you more ideas, here are your benefits that can get when you avail of this service. Also checkout dodow sleep reviews.

  • It is easier to store
  • You don’t need any other special equipment to view your memories
  • You can also make another copy of it and easily share it with your relatives and friends.
  • The new format is way stronger in which it cannot be damaged easily.

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What are the possibilities that can damage my old files?

  • Direct exposure to sunlight may damage your videos
  • If the temperature is very high or low
  • The lint and dust
  • If there is a heavy object placed on the top of the film that may cause it to be broken or deformed.
  • If incorrect equipment, they use the in playing the film.

Why is iMemories the most trusted?

Because what we mail to them is part of life’s, our memories that are now can only see through that photo or video. The iMemories also took care of our valuables, so they have the Order tracking for the safety of your package. Whether you are the one that will send, or you use the shipping kits, both box has a label or tracking number that you can always check at their website. This is also to make sure that your package will be sent to the address of the company and are safe.

So, you can always track the whereabouts of your box. The iMemories has become the most trusted company by its customers. Not only of the service that they give but also in taking care of their memories. It has been proven the last year 2018 that iMemories do not have any problem of losing any single package of their customer. And every customer has been serving their right process or transaction they want.

Here’s Why Customers Love iMemories…

iMemories – Transfer VHS Tapes, Film and Photos to DVD & Digital!

imemories reviews

The iMemories Cloud

Access your memories at iMemories cloud in whatever device you are using. It can be on iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Laptop, PC, Mac, Android phone, and more. Your photos and videos can be accessible in whichever gadget as long as there is an iMemories cloud. It is another home of your memories, a secured place in which you can always go back and view all memories, even with or without the internet.

You have 99.999999999% assurance that your memories are safe at iMemories cloud. Because it is protected into malicious sites, hackers, and so on. While if you don’t store it in iMemories cloud, there are chances it may get lost or damaged once not being taking care of.  And if you have stored it in the app, surely even after ten years or more, your photos and videos are still alive and intact. Also check out about Smove Mobile.

Another good thing about iMemories cloud is that you can also download and share your photos. The iMemories cloud can be easily connected to other social media accounts so you can easily share your photos to your friends and relatives. Upload all you want because, in iMemories, it has unlimited storage for you. Another good news about it is, they do not charge extra amount once you uploaded more videos or photos. Which are unlikely to have in the other competitors.

Your videos and photos are securely saved and in full resolution, so any time you watch, it will still be as new as it is. Downloading iMemories cloud is free, but you will need to pay for the subscription amount flat rate, which is only $5.99 per month and $49.99 per year.

Tracking the order in iMemories App

To guarantee the safety of your memories, you can track your package through the iMemories App. You only need the shipping number of your package to follow it where it is in the moment. This tracking order service of the iMemories is essential, especially that what we send to them are our precious memories. And it is hard and cannot be replaced by anything. Another great with this is that you can track it from your house up to the iMemories company or up until they received it. Tracking is not only a one-way tracking, but it is also applicable in tracking your new restored package back to you.

What’s good with iMemories App?

Using the iMemories App has many uses that you will surely get an advantage in having it, such as:

  • Creating slideshows

The iMemories App can be used for photos and make a slideshow for it. Allowing you to create a beautiful slideshow, may it be your travel journey. It can also be the life journey of someone from his or her birth to the present.

  • Sharing contents

iMemories App can also be used in sharing your materials such as video and photos to your friends and love-ones. This app is convenient and is connected with other social media platforms so you can easily share your memories instantly. The iMemories App works on Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

  • Offline streaming

Another great thing about iMemories App is that even though you don’t have direct access to it on your phone. You can still open it on other devices such as a computer. You will only need to log in to your account to access the content and that specific device. You can also download the material in the app with this cloud storage feature of the iMemories App.  Once you download the content, you can view it even if your offline or if you don’t have an internet connection.


  • Cloud storage

This cloud storage is one of the significant advantages of the iMemories App because you can open the app in any device. This device can be a laptop, cellphone, PC, tablet ad, so on. As long as you know your login details from your email address to the password, you will surely access the app.

Key benefits in using iMemories App

The iMemories App lets you have an easy way to view and access your memories. They also make you have a high definition video, slideshows, and so on our phone. iMemories App offers an easy way to share your photos and videos instantly, even if you are using a mobile phone.  The mobile phone can also be used as a scanner if you want to add some images to your account. Also, it can be used in making short or lengthy videos. So, overall, the iMemories App is beneficial and efficient if you want to make an instant video and or slideshows even when you are using a mobile phone.

Another great thing about iMemories App is that you can upload your videos and photos online, which is called Web uploading. This will let you transfer your videos and images saved in your phone or camera into the web. This will also allow you clean or make another space for phone and camera for another memory that o will take in the future.

Restrictions in iMemories

Even though most of the videos from old tapes, disc films, broken or damaged, and images are accepted. There are still things that are restricted to the iMemories or which they will not take, especially in terms of the content of the one that you will send. And these are the following:

  • The iMemories do not allow videos or films that have a commercial footage.
  • The iMemories do not accept content that has a copyright issue unless otherwise, they have permission from the owner.
  • The iMemories does not accept any content that may violate the rules of the law.
  • The iMemories does not accept adult contents, malicious contents such as nudity or sex.
  • And also, the iMemories do not accept films or footage that may subject to engaging in a illegal activities such as drugs and others.

It is to prevent any harm and issues to the company and for the customer’s safety.

Web Uploading in iMemories

One good thing about having an account in iMemories cloud is that you have the opportunity to upload files on it. If you have photos and videos saved in your memory card, phone, and more, you can transfer through the app. You don’t have to worry about your files being erased on your phone, and it will also save you more phone storage.

The first thing that you need to do is to visit the iMemories website and log in to your account. If your images or videos are in the SD card, you need to have a card reader to use to be inserted in your computer to access the files. Your phone and or camera are also required to be connected to the computer as recommended by the website.

When your devices or the card are successfully connected to the computer, you then need to start the process. The next step is to select the Add Memories button in your account to upload your files on it. Then there will be another tab that will put up in your computer that will be where your files are placed. You will then be given a chance to select the photos or videos that you want to be transferred to the site.

Since then, you will need to wait until the file is successfully transferred that will depend on how large the transferred file is. And if you want to upload again, you can repeat the simple steps to do so.

The competition

With the fast advancement of technology today, everything that we only dreamed of in the early years is now possible. Such as touch screens gadgets, high-tech houses, and man more. Taking photos of ad videos are now very easy and free if you have the device. The digitization process has become one of the in-demand for people. Converting the photos and videos into a digital form. Changing our old films into another format is possible today. You can also make it your DIY or Do it Yourself process. This can be true with the use of software available online.

However, making it by yourself has a pros and cons. The great advantage of doing it by yourself is you are the one who will design and decide which of which you want to restore. But the disadvantage of this is that once you have wrongly done it, it might damage your videos or images. You will also need to pay for the software that you will use, which is expensive too.

If you don’t know the proper way on how to restore your old films and images, some companies offer this service to help people with this problem. However, they are way too expensive than the iMemories company. Also keep you guided why you trust your digitization at iMemories among other companies, here are its main competitors and their offers.

The first competitor of iMemories is the ScanCafe, in which they offer to track and to preserve your old photos and videos.  As their first launched, they already preserved digitally about 150 images up. From their names, they also scan and save the slides, videos, negatives, and photos. They also accept a wide-format range. One great about ScanCafe is their full and a la carte service packages, which you can choose which package you want. But the price of their service is higher than the iMemories offers.

The next competitor of iMemories is the YesVideo that one of the popular since 1999. This site had already helped more than eight million people for their photos and videos. One great about this company is that you need to sing up and pay the services for many options. You can pay it through different stores such as Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Target. They accept films, slides, videos, and photos, which you will send it via mail, or you can drop them in their local store.  Finishing the preservation may take three weeks to process and place online. You can also request to put it also on DVD. Even the YesVideo is accessible on the web; still, the iMemories have the best reviews from the people.

Another competitor of iMemories is the Legacybox, which they have the same process that they offer. They do also accept videotapes, photos, and audiotapes; however, they do not accept slides. The Legacybox requires customers to buy or order a box that will be the carrier of the memories for the mailing.  And also, if you want to download the content, you need to pay an additional fee. But in iMemories, it is optional if you wish to purchase a box for your memories, or you are the one who will provide. And also, downloading the content in iMemories is free, so you don’t need to pay for any extra fee.

So, overall, despite the great offers of the competitors, still the iMemories are the best for the people who already had availed their service.

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iMemories FAQ’s

What film format does iMemories Accept?

A: The iMemories accepts film formats from 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, and Black and White films.

Can I track my order in iMemories?

A: Yes, iMemories offers an online package tracking to let you monitor where your memories are. This is also to make their customers track their packages and to make sure that it is safe. You can copy your shipping number and track it online. This will let you see where the box is currently in.

Can I Download videos in the iMemories?

A: Yes, you can download videos in the iMemories. You only need to sign in your account.

Is there anything that does not allow or What content is not permitted at iMemories?

A: Yes, the iMemories do not allow adult content photos or videos. Also, any film that depicts people that are engaging in illegal activity. Also, a content that has a copyright issue, unless the sender has permission for the copyright from the owner. Another is a commercial footage like a television show. And last is the content that may violate any laws.

How can I use the iMemories App?

A: Using the iMemories is very easy. The first step that you must do is download the app to our phone or other gadgets. Create an account in the app with your email address. Once you are successfully log in, you can upload photos and files in the app or download content on it.

What if my video got broken or damaged?

A: you don’t have to worry if your video or file got broken because iMemories will still accept it. Also, please be guided that iMemories also make repairs of broken videos and others.

Where does iMemories locate in?

A: The iMemories company is located within Arizona, which is based at the Silicon Desert.

How long will the process take?

A: The amount of long-time does the process of your order will depend on what transaction you choose or what is your request. If you make an order for your photos to be preserved or restored, your photos can be seen in your account for about two weeks or less, depending on how many photos it is. But if you want your pictures to be saved in a disc, your order will be done that will take about three weeks. But if you choose the preview order, this will take a very long one. In which the company will need to upload or transfer the images on the web. And they will let you choose or pick the one that you want to be in the final product. The order will take two-three weeks to go online, and there will be an additional three weeks to get the disc ready and back to the owner. Mostly, the Blu-Ray takes longer than the DVD orders.

In terms of the preview order, you will be notified through your email account if you need to check your order in the iMemories account. You will only be given 30 days to decide which of the images you want to be included in the final digitization. And if you want it to save in a Blu-Ray disc, it will take a long time to be sent back to you. But if you are in a hurry, needed the photos to be digitized, you can use the app, and you will be the one who will scan the images on the web.

Why should I trust my memories to iMemories?

A: Well, if you do like to preserve your old photos, videos, and or you want to save it not to be rotten, then trust iMemories. It is indeed hard to trust anyone of your valuable. But iMemories are different; they do treat your memories as their own, which they took extra care for it. Which they do make sure that your things will arrive to their company safe and will return to you without any piece to be lost. And rather, you will have an additional of it, which is the newly preserved one of your memories.

How can I download files in the iMemories App?

A: It is pretty easy on how to download files in your iMemories account. You will only need to make some few clicks o successful get your desired files. To give you a guide, here are the steps that you must perform.

-The first step is to log in to the iMemories website to access the account.

-Once successfully log in, find the file you want to download

-Click the photo, video, and or the file

-Once successfully click, find the download button on the page then click it.

-make sure to save the video, file, or image in your desired name for easy location of it.

– Then hooray, you have successfully downloaded the file to your computer.

-If you want to download it again, you only need to repeat the process above.

What is the Order tracking of the iMemories?

A:  the order tracking of iMemories is a process that ensuring their clients that their files are safe. In which clients can track their packages online. You can trace it in the iMemories website through its tracking page. As you are the sender, you will need to insert or input the tracking number of your package. You can see the tracking number in the box of your package to be sent. So, make sure that you write down the number to easily locate it online.

Is it possible to view my photos and videos even if I am offline?

A: Yes, you can see your photos and videos, even if you are offline. It is because of the cloud storage feature of the iMemories.  Even if you don’t have an internet connection, you can access the iMemories app and get a chance to access or view your files.

Is iMemories App free?

A: Downloading iMemories app is free, but once you want to subscribe, there is a little amount to be paid. The cost will depend on the subscription you want to avail of.

Where does the process of the order take place?

A: because iMemories cares more about your memories. All the client’s file that wants to be preserved is being sent in the iMemories company at Scottsdale, Arizona. An area in which are way safer from any natural calamities such as floods, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, and others. Their facility is 25,000 sqm feet big. You can assure that your memories are kept in one place and are safe.

Is my iMemories cloud storage has limited storage?

A: No, in iMemories cloud, you have unlimited storage, unlike other sites. And it’s free, you will not be charged for any GB or capacity of your file you have.

Can I store more photos and videos in my iMemories account?

A: Yes, since it’s your account, you can feel free to upload more images, videos, and or files as many as you want. You can upload, download, and or view your images in the iMemories app.

What can I do in the iMemories cloud?

A: In iMemories cloud, you can use it for your family remembrances from images, videos, and more.  You can watch, upload, or download your memories on your computer. You can also use iMemories cloud as your storage of your files. Your memories are in a safe place, so you don’t need to worry about the potential of getting it lost. One great about the app is that you can also easily share your videos to your family and friends.

Can I create an album in my iMemories with a combination of photos and videos?

A: Yes, you can always make an album on your own in your account. As simple as select the index or studio view in the library tab. Next is to drag and drop photos or videos you created in the album. A little note to remember: You can view your created album in the theater view. Select the Custom Sort Order in the drop-down menu to finally locate and see your created album.

Is it possible to put a password for my shared files?

A: Yes, to make sure that your shared file will be only be seen by your receiver, you can put some password on it. This is a pretty cool and good idea to do to protect your memories.

I have a broken movie film and is it possible to be fixed?

A: Yes, even if your movie film is broken, never worry because iMemories can fix it. And the good news is iMemories doesn’t charge any extra amount for fixing it. You can be sure that your movie film will be fixed and retrieve without any single footage lost.

Do you accept rush service?

A: Yes, they do accept and accommodate a rush orders. You can contact or email them through their email account. However, fees may apply to this type of service.

What type of order is the best to choose? The Direct to DVD or to a preview online?

A: Well, either of the two-option types is best to have. But some customers choose to have the preview online. This is to give them a chance to edit or pic what they want to include and or customize it before they made it to the DVD. And if you don’t have something to edit or you want your memories to stay as it is, then you can choose the direct DVD option.

The best of iMemories

Since you are here now at the end of this article, I bet that you know already the different features of how great iMemories are and how it works. And now is the right time for you to decide if you need to use this app and their service.

An additional criterion of the iMemories which many customers about the company are that they are useful at handling any formats. In which if even if you have the oldest format such as 8mm and VHS, you can still re-watch it by letting the iMemories company restore it for you, especially that they have the equipment to use. I made it possible.

Many customers also like the commitment of the company in regards to the safety of the memories of their customers. In which they do value the importance of the items, and they give additional care and protection for their customer memories. This also lets you have a peace of mind in which you can track where and when is your package will arrive in the company and if they are safe.

An additional best about iMemories is their new option, which is the UPS store option that lets their customers give their content in the UPS store. In which you will need to fill up an order form and let the clerk handle your package content. This will also give you a secure and safe process, I which you will have 100percent sure that your package will arrive unharmed.

Other than the features of what the iMemories company can give.  Their customers also like the fast response of the company in terms of any concern they have. In which they typically answer you a day or less to give you a specific detail or intervention in the query that you are asking for. The company can also be contacted through phone or email.

Final Verdict

Preserving your old memories from your childhood, videos of the unforgettable events of your loved ones, and others are now effortless to do so. There are now many options on how you will do it. You can preserve it through your phone or on the computer, and even make a backup of it through a hard drive.  Keeping it on your own is okay, but sometimes, there are instances that the files got corrupted, and others are old enough that you cannot use unless you have the right equipment, such as the cassette tapes.

With the fast advancement of technology today, the more, the quicker that our old equipment is getting phase-out. And so, our old photos, films, memories, will only stay on its drive and in our hearts. But this problem happens way back when we are too much attached to the new gadget.

Good thing now there is a lot of company that offers restoration of our old memories — one of the best companies in iMemories. In which based on the reviews of their customers, they are the most reliable ones in terms of this service. The memories have many different types of formats in which old memories such as tapes, films, photos can likely be restored.

Overall, memories are the most trusted company by many customers, and they still want to make their transactions at the same company. This is because of their excellent service from the beginning and in every single detail about the memories their customers have. They also took care until the package or the preservation of the memories are done and receive by their client,

Because for the memories company, they nit treats it as a job, but instead, they want to help every family preserve their most unforgettable memories of their loved ones. Because we all know that memories are meant to be remembered, and it is hard for it to be wasted, especially if that memory is the only thing left to the living person.

So, if you want and if you have old films, photos, tapes, discs and many more. And you want to make digitization of it, and you may consider iMemories as your company partner for your memories. The price is low, so you don’t need to worry because it is not. And also, you can guarantee that they will take care of it as it was their own. Your memories are safe at memories. So, what are you waiting for? Digitize your old memories to iMemories now and share it with your family and friends instantly through their iMemories app. Also, with the reliable and many good reviews about iMemories, you will not hesitate to entrust your memories with them.

Don’t let your memories be rotten, damage, and broken in our storage room. Instead, make copies of it and enjoy reminiscing the memories once it was done digitizing as if it was a new one. But always remember the contents that you must not include and which iMemories will not accept to restore.

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