iPhone Tracking App

iPhone Tracking App














  • Remote installation available on iOS
  • Can read Whats chats
  • Keylogger available
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Supports popular social platforms monitoring


  • Some advanced features need root or jailbreak
  • Keylogger is not available on Basic version

Cell phone tracking, mobile tracking app, spying software, iPhone tracking app or popularly known as spy app is a kind of surveillance technology utilized to track and record all activity on a target’s device. The recorded information can be accessed via a web-based portal.

iPhone tracking app allows parents to track the activities of their kid’s devices, and employers might want to utilize the app to monitor the whereabouts of their workers while making use of the company-owners mobile phones.

What Is Precisely A iPhone tracking app and The Benefits It Offers?

iPhone tracking app is a software that, when set up on a mobile device (which is the target phone), will track most activities that happen on the phone. In case you have not looked at any of these issues before, for sure, you’ll be astounded just how far this tracking app can go. The best tracking app has become extremely sophisticated and is able to track and monitor most device use.

If you are new to mobile spy software, we highly recommend seeing some of our reviews below. These must assist you in getting a good understanding of how this software works and how beneficial it is as well. We advice you to know about Best Spy App For iPhone

How Can We Benefit from iPhone Tracking App?

iPhone is the world’s top-selling mobile device, and there are many packages available online that can be downloaded and installed right away onto an iPhone in just a matter of minutes. The distinct advantage to this is that parents can monitor the whole thing a child does on the phone with secrecy. This is a huge advantage for parents as teens, in particular, have a strong desire for privacy and no interference. The parent can either react to specific issues or routinely follow the actions of a child.We advice you to choose best iPhone tracking apps & gps phone tracker device

These spy apps are relatively purchased on a subscription basis. The users can choose to buy anything from monthly to a one-year subscription and take pleasure in the perks of instant program updates, live technical support as well as access to real-time mobile phone information from any web browser from all parts of the globe. Usually, the software is easy to set up to an iPhone and runs undetected in the background. These iPhone tracking apps are always silent, and no menus or icons showed or accessible on the device itself.

The quantity and level of information will vary from package to package. Still, most will take account of the capability to track text messages, call logs as well as contact information. The more comprehensive systems will be able to record GPS locations and even movie files and photos. Then the data can be seen in the site of the log anytime and anywhere you are. The logging site is safe, and the user has the safety of an exceptional password as well as a username. This means that in spite of where the user is in the world, the information isn’t under threat of being used by a third party.

Another perk of the iPhone tracking app is the capability for business owners/managers to track the phone use of their workers. A lot of businesses that provide an iPhone to its workers will have a device usage policy. Usually, this policy covers the viewing of pornographic material, online gambling, as well as sending inappropriate text messages or calls to work colleagues. The software can be pre-installed so that the worker never knows to be there. This is also a great way for employers to track and, at the same time, control phone related expenditure.

iphone tracking app

How iPhone Tracking Software Work?

Knowing how a spy app for iPhone work will assist you in understanding why specific requirements are vital for the app to function well.

This is the basic procedure:

  1. The iPhone tracking app is installed on the target mobile device (physical access is needed).
  2. All tracked activity is logged and then sent the app servers through a web connection.
  3. You need to log in to an online dashboard using your password to see the reports, once more with an online connection from any mobile phone regardless of the location. You can download the reports to your laptop or desktop in most cases.

Top Spy App for iPhone

Here are the top iPhone tracking apps that you must consider.


mSpyIf you are looking for a reliable spy app for Android, look no further than mSpy. It is considered one of the most sought after spy apps with millions of users all over the world. mSpy is a reliable iPhone tracking software that can be set up on your kid’s phone and enables you to track their activities on social media sites, phone calls, instant messages, location, and many others. After setting up, it runs in the background and totally hides itself. This is the best spy app for kinds that tracks phone activity and sends reports to mSpy account online, which can be accessed from your device.


By installing this app on the target iPhone, you are able to see precisely what your kids are doing and who they are talking on messaging app and on their device. You are also able to track the phone’s location.

mSpy is available in two versions: basic and premium, both support an array of mobile devices, which include iPad, iPhone, as well as Android devices.

  • GPS Tracking: This state of the art spy software not just records the phone location but also uploads it for you to know precisely where your kid has been all through the day. You can also see the location in real-time on a map.
  • View text Messages: You can see sent and received SMS even when they are deleted.
  • Social Media Tracking: This iPhone tracking app is able to monitor a kid’s activity on various social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, and many others.
  • Keylogger: It has the capability to record each keystroke done by the user. Once your kid makes use of an instant messaging which mSpy is not able to track, you can still see each keystroke typed.
  • Jailbreak Solution is not required: This spy software enables you to track your kid’s mobile device without jailbreaking it. This method works through pulling data from iCloud backups. You’ll need to know your kid’s Apple ID and password.
  • Invisible Mode: The best thing about this iPhone tracking app is that it is totally undetectable. So, meaning your kid will never know that he or she is under surveillance.
  • Parental Controls: mSpy can be utilized as a parental control app for a smartphone. It enables parents to block unsuitable websites and incoming calls. What is more, you are able to control the apps that can be installed and used on your kid’s phone.


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy set up on Android devices
  • Undetectable
  • Geo-fencing features
  • Activity Tracker to Monitor “Screen Time”
  • Track many users


  • Tech support is not efficient
  • Short of advanced features


The basic cost is $29.99 a month, while the premium cost is $69.99 a month or $199.99 a year.

iphone tracking apps



  • Target iPad or iPhone should be running iOS 6, to 8.4 and 9 to 9.1
  • The target device must be linked to the internet or mobile data
  • The target device should be jailbroken
  • Physical access is needed to set up this mobile tracking software.


  • Compatible with any iOS versions.
  • iCloud credentials like password and Apple ID is required
  • you have to switch off two-factor authentication for Apple ID.
  • Ensure the iCloud Backup is on
  • The device should be connected to a mobile data or Wi-Fi network



Works on various iPhone Devices

Our Rating 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


mSpy has the whole thing you want from a spy app. It provides a long list of state of the art features, which include the capability to monitor websites visited, calls made as well as received, messages sent as well as keystrokes typed and also blocked any website or app. It is integrated with an easy to use web-based control panel and superb client service. The app is user-friendly and works on all operating systems. The basic type has a price of USD29.99 a month or $99.99 a year.



FlexispyFlexiSpy is one of the top-tier spy tracking apps. This can be used both on iPhone and Android devices. iPhone has apparently exploded in fame in recent years, giving Android devices some well-needed competition. This app is continuously updated to meet the needs of every user.


  • Downloading this app onto the iPhone device will enable you to perform the following:
  • Monitor outgoing and incoming call happening on any iPhone device.
  • Listen to their phone surroundings as well as hear what is happening on behind closed doors.
  • Track text messages, MMS as well as emails
  • Track social network messenger apps like Twitter, Facebook chats, Skype chats, BBM and Viber chats, as well as iMessage chats.
  • Review multimedia files like video and pictures, and listen to audio files
  • Track web-browsing history as well as save browser bookmarks
  • Instantly find the phone through GPS technology as well as see the location history and the travel routes which the phone has taken.
  • Get alerts on specific changes made to the device
  • Capture passwords and usernames for Twitter, email, Facebook, Skype, and many others.


  • They offer a free demo account
  • Most superior features available
  • Good technical support (live chat, email and phone)
  • Handle many mobile phones at once with the use of individual dashboard
  • Download many phone calls
  • The installation process is easier and fast


  • It is more expensive compared to another spy tracking app available
  • It needs initial configuration
  • Some advanced features require root access


FlexiSpy is compatible with mobile phones only.  It is compatible with all versions up to 9.1.

iOS 9.2 – 13. x supports tethered mode only.


You need to pick between the Extreme and Premium packages so as to get a legitimate license to utilize this app. If you choose a 1-year premium package, you need to give our $149 per month, while a one-year Extreme plan costs $349 per month.


Flexispy Price


Jailbreaking is needed on iOS devices. This app can be utilized on various Android phones without rooting. However, rooting is needed if you want more features.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


If you are an employer or a parent with accountabilities for the way your mobile devices are being utilized, you’ll be keen to know that FlexiSpy for iPhone devices is now available. This iPhone tracking app will keep on working until the iPhone is run out of the battery of powered off. It is packed with essential features useful in tracking your kids or your employees.


This is considered reliable parental control software today. You will need to set it up on the target phone, and in just a few seconds, you’ll get the information related to that device such as location, SMS, call logs, messenger history, and many others. Premium account allows you to access the target device. However, jailbreaking is required to make the best out of its features. You’ll need to access the phone one-time-only- simply set up the software. Then all the information from the target device will be displayed in the control panel that you can see and view from your device anytime you want.


  • GPS Tracking: One of the most amazing features of this tracking app is GPS tracking. This allows you to see in real-time exactly where the target device is. Even better, this app also records the past locations.
  • Geofencing: This is a useful and exceptional feature of this iPhone tracking app. After making a geofence, you will get notifications each time the iPhone’s location is outside the coverage area. This is a remarkable feature that many parents will find useful and amazing. On the other hand, it is also great for employers ensuring their workers are doing the right thing.
  • Calls and Text Messages: This iPhone tracking app has the capability to collect the text message and calls of the target device. This is an amazing feature for users setting up the app. From the online dashboard, you are able to view the texts they have sent and received. In the same way, when looking at the call logs, you can see the contact number they have been calling as well as the duration of the call.Review this one Best Phone Monitoring Apps & Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android Undetectable
  • Keylogging: This is also a feature found in few iPhone tracking app. Not many apps provide this, and it is something that you can find in professional software. The superb phone number location as well as the Z shadow hack app.


  • Spyzie offers many benefits to the users that take account of the following:
  • The program provides almost all the features in an iPhone tracking app that are accessible to other renowned and expensive software.
  • It also provides a schedule restriction feature that allows users to restrict the use of the device.
  • Integrated with the App Activity graph, users can easily and instantly know which app tracked person is browsing or using more often.


  • Price is a little bit higher compared to other apps included in this list.
  • There is an issue in downloading call as well as ambient recordings
  • It does not upgrade GPS location


The Spyzie is compatible with iOS devices powered by IOS 8.0 or later. It provides a list of features after installing it on your iPhone device.


Spyzie is available in two subscription plans; the Premium Edition and the Ultimate Edition. When you chose the Ultimate Edition plans, the features are limited; therefore, the yearly permit will cost you USD89.88 per month. However, if you choose the Premium Edition plan, you will be entitled to the best and state of the art features. However, you need to pay more for the license. The price for Premium Edition is USD99.99.

Spyzie Pricing


The best thing about this iPhone tracking app is that you don’t need to jailbreak the device to utilize the Spyzie. The staff will install this app fast and easy.

Our Rating:4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Spyzie is indeed considered one of the best and most reliable iPhone tracking app today. And it deserved your full attention. We adore and praised its sophistication, attention to detail, as well as the general safety that is assured by the service provider. Customer service is also excellent. We highly recommend Spyzie to parents and business owners alike.

Highster mobile

best spy phone appThis is a state of the art iPhone tracking app made for those wanting to track iPhone device activity. This iPhone tracking software will record all activity as well as upload it to a dashboard online that you can access. You can see the recorded data on any computer or mobile device. The Highster mobile spy app is an inexpensive choice for spying or monitoring on iPhone devices.


One amazing feature offered is its capability to access deleted messages. You’ll not need to fret about the user getting messages, and then erasing them. This app is intended to record all messages sent and received, and even those who are erased and deleted.

This amazing tracking app can also retrieve messages which have been erased for days, weeks, months as well as years. That is something that can be extremely helpful when trying to piece together naughty behavior.

Other Essential Features

  • Live Control Panel: This allows you to see the screen of the mobile device being tracked, updated every ninety seconds.
  • App Blocking: You are able to block access to particular apps as well as websites.
  • Alerts: Be notified anytime the owner of the device travels outside a particular area you have allocated on the map through the control panel.
  • SMS Command: You are able to send a command from the live control panel to control the phone of your children, like a lock and unlock the phone, wipe phone data, and many others.


  • This iPhone tracking app offers many benefits, such as:
  • No rooting required.
  • Easy to set up and easy to use as well
  • The guide is clear and easy to comprehend
  • Pay a one-time fee
  • There is no monthly fee or other hidden or ongoing costs
  • Stealth cam enables you to take images as well as make videos without being detected
  • It allows you to track renowned social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others.
  • Integrated with a live control panel, which is a sophisticated feature and makes this iPhone tracking app stand out from the rest.


Despite the many benefits, it also comes with some drawbacks such as:

  • There is no free trial available, or demo versions is not also offered
  • There’s no live chat technical support (just email and phone).
  • There is a Live Demo or Free Trial for possible buyers.
  • Expensive compared to other spy apps available


This spy app for iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, and 11 and iPad. You won’t have issues when it comes to compatibility while using this iPhone tracking app. It doesn’t matter if your employee is utilizing an old Motorola device or a new iPhone; Highster Mobile can enable real-time tracking of data and many others.

Highster Mobile Reviews


This is not subscription spy software. You just pay a flat fee of $69.99 and get lifetime updates for free. Not many tracking apps out there that offer this kind of payment. That is the reason why Highster Mobile is regarded as the cheapest monitoring software available on the market today.


Non-jailbreak and jailbreak versions are available. Rooting is also needed. Physical access is needed to install this iPhone tracking app.

Our Rating:4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)


If you are searching for a reasonable solution for spying a kid or employee’s iPhone, then look no further than Highster Mobile. It is a very powerful app, which supplies you with essential information to make sure you are not engaged in wrongful activity. It is easy to install, and the navigation is so fast and stress-free as well. The online dashboard is made to assist you in finding the information you want fast. It is not just the state of the art features which make this iPhone tracking app outstanding software for the iPhone, and they also offer amazing customer service.

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Overall Rating

After reviewing these iPhone tracking apps, we found out that mSpy stands out from the rest. By installing this app on the target iPhone, you are able to see precisely what your kids are doing and who they are talking on messaging app and on their device. You are also able to track the phone’s location.  This is also available in two versions: basic and premium, both support an array of mobile devices, which include iPad, iPhone, as well as Android devices. mSpy is expensive, so if your money is limited, we highly recommend FlexiSpy, Spyzie, or the Highster Mobile. These are reasonable, but Highster Mobile is the cheapest as it is available with a one-time payment only. You may read more about Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

How to Choose the Best Tracking Apps for Cellphones

There are lots of spy apps for iPhone available in the market today. Due to the massive selections of spy apps, it is hard to find the best and most reliable one. Before you choose to look around for the iPhone tracking app, it is vital to know why you need one and when and how you will use it. You must be aware of what you want from the spy app. Your needs must serve as a guide on the kind of app that you will purchase. A lot of iPhone tracking apps available are almost the same, with similar features but only vary on prices or subscription fees. On the other hand, some exceptional features tell the product apart from the others. We recommend you to go with spyera, Thetruthspy & mobistealth


If you are in the market for a spy app for a mobile device, it is essential to ensure that the app is compatible with the OS (operating system) of the target device. Today, almost all spy app can just track Android and iPhone mobile devices.

First and foremost, you need to know what OS and version the mobile device is running. And then, visit the website of the service provider and click on Compatibility. Once the target phone is not on the list of supported mobile devices, this only means that the spy software will not work. You can call the technical support and ask if your mobile device is supported.  We advice you to read more about best parental control apps

Know the Features that will meet your Needs

If you have a plan of spying someone’s mobile device without him or her knowing, then an invisible mode is essential. If you want to spy on Viber, WhatsApp, or any messaging app, then ensure that it is an instant messenger tracking feature. Also, you need to ensure if a keylogger is available. This is a handy and exceptional feature that allows you to secretly capture each stroke made or entered into a mobile device.

Spy app software takes account of many essential features that can assist you in tracking on iOS as well as Android phones efficiently. Many elements need you to root or jailbreak the monitors’ device; however, there are lots of features that do not need rooting or jailbreaking. Keep on reading to know more about this matter:

Jailbreak: Apple company has barren or blocked spy software from the App Store. Therefore, if you wish to download an app on the target device powered by iOS, you will have to jailbreak it. It has many advantages compared to other spy apps &  Best Free Phone Tracker App

On the other hand, if you do not want to or are not able to jailbreak, you are able to utilize the no-jailbreak edition. Today, there are iPhone tracking apps available wherein there is no need for jailbreaking your iPhone. Thus, installing and spying on the target iOS device like iPad, iPod touch as well as iPhone more accessible.

Rooting: Usually, the spy app works with unrooted as well as rooted Android devices. On the other hand, some state of the art features, like instant messenger tracking and call interception, will not function when the mobile device isn’t rooted.

Important Reminder: Rooting your mobile device might void its warranty. Prior to rooting or jailbreaking a device, you need to ensure to make a back up of the phone with the use of Android Back-Up Service or iCloud or iTunes. We have some more guide for you like best gps phone tracker & Spy Apps For Android parental control apps

Registration and Price

To maximize the potential of a iPhone tracking app, you are required to register. Make sure to choose a service provider that makes the process of registration fast and easy. Also, it would help if you thought of searching for one, which will assure the privacy of the information. Pricing is also a vital factor to consider. A lot of iPhone tracking apps available out there will provide you a free trial period. This allows you to know the efficiency and reliability of the software and then after offer you a monthly or yearly payment. Just ensure that the price is worth the quality of the service that you are getting.

Is iPhone Tracking App Legal to Use? 

Yes. There is no wrong in installing the iPhone tracking app on a device owned by anybody else. This app is legal provided the fact that you set it up on a device you own yourself. When you utilize it to track the activity of your kids on his or her phone, then there is nothing wrong with it. You are just after his or her safety. On the other hand, once you set it up on a device you don’t own, then you might be defying or breaching federal or state laws and regulations.

The person should have legal access to a phone to set it up. Like for instance, if you are an employer tracking the activity of your worker, then the device must be owned by the company.

Pay Attention to Refund Policy 

Prior to subscribing, you need to ensure that the service provider provides a money-back warranty on their services. Not every spay app for kids out there works on every model of a mobile device. There are some reasons why this happened, which take account of hardware limitations, software concerns, as well as issues with compatibility. That is the reason why it is very vital to work with a reliable service provider, which provides a money-back warranty, so you are able to get a full refund once the software does not function as promised or does not work at all. Do your homework to make sure the service provider has a reputation and also has been in the business for many years.

Here Are the Things You Need to Know Before Buying

The spy software can’t be set up remotely: To download as well as set up the spy software on the tracked device, physical access is required. Beware of service providers that assure remote installations. Always remember that when something looks too good to be true, perhaps it is. You may also know that How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing

Internet Connection Needed: Fast internet connection is needed to download, install as well as set off the iPhone tracking app. What is more, the app requires a fast internet connection to upload captured data to the server. Once your phone loses connection to the internet, the app will store or save the date captured in the storage of your phone and upload them afterward when internet resumes.

mspy app

Pay Attention to Customer Service

Also, it would be best if you had a mobile tracking app with 24 hours and seven days a week customer support- so there is always someone available to give you support and assistance when needed. These spy apps for kids that offer 24/7 technical assistance via phone, email as well as live chat. There are also service providers wherein support or technicians are available by phone during working hours only or by email regardless of time. To make the best of your money, you need to keep away from service providers that do not offer customer service and don’t have contact information shown on their site.

One of the most excellent ways to determine if the iPhone tracking app is legit or not is if the site offers you with the information needed to make an educated choice and decision. Dependable and reliable service providers will explain to you how the app works, what are the features included, common queries, compatibility as well as any expenses which are related to the service. As a parent, you need to do a proper research to look for the best and most reliable service provider. We recommend you to go with spybubble,  spyeraThetruthspy & mobistealth


What is mSpy?

mSpy is the most advanced and trusted iPhone spy app that secretly records as well as uploads all information and location info on the device it is installed in and uploads to an online dashboard.

How does the iPhone tracking app work?

It is easy to use a iPhone tracking app. All you need to do is to install the app on the device you want to track and check the phone remotely from your phone or computer.

Is mSpy invisible?

Yes. This iPhone tracking app is totally undetectable and keeps hidden on the device in which it is installed. The app will not show in the apps installed on the device as well.

What phones are compatible with mSpy?

This amazing iPhone tracking app runs flawlessly on iPads and all iPhones and even Android tablets and devices as well. Please check the compatibility of this app to see the list of tablets and phones this app is compatible with. Read more about Phonespector

Is jailbreaking needed to install the app?

mSpy for iPhone comes in non-jailbreak and jailbreak iPhone. Non-jailbreak needs iCloud credentials. Keep in mind that mSpy is available in two different versions that have different features. You can call the service provider for more information about this feature.

Is physical required to access the device I want to track?

For no jailbreak iPhone, there is no need for physical access. Just Apple ID and password are needed to access the iCloud back up on the target phone. For Jailbreak iPhones, on the other hand, there is a need for physical access to the device you need to track one. After setting up the app on the device, you are able to view the information without the need for touching the target iPhone.

Can I use a iPhone Tracking App legally?

Yes. It is legal to use a spy app for iPhone to track your kids 18 years old and below and monitor the workers in their own devices or tablets.


There are lots of iPhone tracking apps available out there, but if you want the best and the most reliable one, you need to consider the mSpy. Make the best out of your money by installing this iPhone tracking app. It is equipped with state of the art features, and there is no need for jailbreaking your iPhone. Even if it is costly or expensive, you will get the best service spy software can give.