Irulu BL20 Review

Irulu BL20 Review

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  • Superb image quality
  • Easy connectivity
  • High-quality movies
  • 5-axis image stabilization

You work hard daily, so you deserve to enjoy and relax with your loved ones. That way, you can release the stress and tension you feel. Well, among the best way to enjoy is to watch a movie with your family and friends. However, to experience a great level of fun and entertainment, you must have quality equipment that can make your movie viewing into the next level. You can do this by having a video projector that can give you the highest satisfaction for your entertainment needs.

Meanwhile, there are many video projectors available in the market. So, you must be careful enough to choose the best product that can meet your individual needs. Finding the best projector can be quite challenging. Fortunately, we will help you to have an idea for your video projector needs.

The Irulu BL20 is a video projector you can use for your home as well as outdoor entertainment needs. It is perfect to use in watching your favorite movies and videos with your family, special someone, and close friends. It is equipped with amazing features that make it worth purchasing for your movie night and other entertainment habits. Do you want to know whether this product is right for you? Read further. You may also like Sony HX80 Review.

With this Irulu projector BL20 review, you can decide if this product can meet your projector needs. You will learn what this product can give you.

This product can be purchased from $150 up to $200, which makes it an affordable but quality option. Opting for this projector can give satisfy your needs without breaking your budget.

Irulu BL20 Review

Who Would Buy Irulu BL20?

With the tough competition in the industry, you don’t know which video projector can be the best for your entertainment needs. Worry no more because the Irulu BL20 can be your efficient partner. It comes with amazing features that can give you excellent performance in just an affordable cost.

This product is ideal for those who want to enjoy a movie night with their family and friends. This was a good investment since it is built with great quality for optimum performance.  This affordable video projector can give you HD quality that can truly make you smile. It is also a flexible and durable video projector, so you can use it both for your indoor and outdoor entertainment needs.

With this Irulu BL20 video projector, you can have more fun, entertaining, and exciting moments with your special someone, friends, and family.

Key Features of Irulu BL20

Do you want to know the features of this video projector? With this Irulu BL20 LED portable video projector review, you will discover its features that can meet your standards and expectations for your video projector needs. This product can transform your entertainment habit into the next level.

With the benefits of the product, you can make sure that the time, budget, and effort you invest in it are all worth it. Let us now enumerate its exceptional features:

Reliable Projection Technology

The Irulu BL20 comes with reliable projection technology making it your perfect home entertainment system. The best about this product is that it is flexible and can be used for watching movies with your loved ones, playing games or watching a football game. It can offer you with a huge screen for a more comfortable and satisfying viewing experience. You might want to read more about the photo stick and photostick mobile

Clear Image

You can go no wrong with this Irulu BL20 1080p HD 3D projector. Thus, it will provide you with a clear image. It is powered by LED source technology for a clearer image without inflicting similar optical harm like laptops, TVs, and tablets. With this, you can enjoy TV, sports, and movies while protecting your eyes. Its LED lamp can last over 20000 hours.

Great compatibility

Another reason why you need to purchase the Irulu BL20 is that it comes with great compatibility. It has 2 HDMI ports and can be connected to different devices such as TV, laptops, computers and game players. You can also connect your computer with the use of VGA port. You can also connect the projector easily with the use of a USB flash drive, 2 USB ports, a keyboard, and a mouse. Additionally, it can also connect a surround speaker with RCA L/R jack port and HDMI for excellent sound quality.

Super decoder chip

Another unique feature of the Irulu BL20 video projector is that it has a super decoder chip. It comes with HD display and supports different types of video formats. It can also support English, Chinese, German as well as other 23 languages.

Other Features and Specifications of Irulu BL20:

  • The Irulu projector BL20 is an LED video projector that can give you a private home theater
  • It has a compact and portable design, so you can bring it anywhere for your outdoor adventure
  • It comes with an excellent projection distance of 1.2 to 6 meters
  • This projector can provide a higher resolution of 1080p projection screen
  • The video projector has a universal multi-interface for a flexible connectivity
  • Irulu BL20 comes with a perfect projection screen that can offer you with ultra-high-definition image quality
  • With this video projector, you can enjoy the 1080 p video for a clearer image
  • It has a large screen and eye protection for a more convenient viewing experience
  • The product is also equipped with dual HDMI connections, so you can connect it to different devices such as TV, laptop, computer, tablet, and smartphone
  • This comes with RCA L/R jack port for external surround system that can offer you with real home cinema theater
  • Irulu BL20 has exquisite workmanship, and it has 1147 g net volume
  • With its compact and 30-200-inch giant screen projection, you can have efficient and movie-like experience
  • The product comes with a built-in speaker, so you can enjoy better audio quality

Pros and Cons of Irulu BL20

Irulu BL20 Review

Now that you have learned about the specifications of Irulu BL20, let us proceed to its advantages and disadvantages. It is essential to help you decide whether it can match to your needs. It is natural that all products come with their specific drawbacks. Irulu video projector is not an exception. Just like other products, this video projector also has its advantages and disadvantages. You may also like Best Wifi Booster.

To help you find out whether this product is for you, let us continue reading more in this Irulu BL20 LED portable video projector.

Pros of Irulu BL20

It allows you to enjoy a private home cinema with your loved ones

With your busy schedule, you deserve to relax and enjoy with your family during your free time. Well, the Irulu BL20 video projector comes with 30-200 inches image size that can give you with movie-like experience. With this, you don’t need to go to the cinema just to enjoy your favorite movies with your family. You don’t have to go out and spend money to enjoy a quality and fun movie experience.

Transform your tablet or phone into a bigger screen

The best about this video projector is that it can transform the videos or movies in your phone or tablet into a bigger screen. With this, you can share beautiful movies or games on a wider screen. So, you can offer your family a high level of entertainment in a more comfortable manner. It has a big picture that can help you to view it in the best possible way. You can checkout Smove Mobile.

Ideal for movie night

The video projector is ideal for your movie night with your special someone or friends. If you want to spend quality time with your family, then the Irulu BL20 1080 p HD 3D projector can be your best equipment. With this product, you can have an entertaining movie experience with your loved ones.

Beautiful and elegant design

If you have high standards for your video projector needs, you can go now wrong with the Irulu video projector. It is available in a beautiful and elegant design with a black finish. It is specially designed for theater and home cinema. It is advisable to use in dark places for optimum performance. If you want a more entertaining movie experience on a bigger screen, opting for this product is the best solution.

Convenient viewing experience

With this video projector, you can have a more convenient viewing experience. Thus, it is made with great quality for its maximum performance. It features a built-in speaker for better audio quality. It is powered with a high lamp life for a clearer image. So, you can enjoy your movies, videos, or games without interruption. You also have peace of mind since it can protect your eyes from the optical harms of laptops, phones as well as other handheld devices. Also checkout Best GPS Tracker For Car.

Better connectivity

The Irulu BL20 can be a good investment for your entertainment needs. Thus, it has better connectivity, which makes it a versatile video projector for your needs. It has 2 HDMI inputs, analog RGB PC input, 2 USB ports, and MHL. It also has a remote control for ease of use.

It has an affordable price but quality performance  

If you are a budget-conscious customer who is also a concern about the quality of the product, choosing the Irulu BL20 LED portable video projector is a wise decision. Despite its affordable cost, you can still enjoy its perfect efficiency when it comes to watching movies, games and other entertainment.

It is built with good quality

You have peace of mind that purchasing the Irulu BL20 can give you a big return of your investment. Thus, it is manufactured with excellent quality for optimum use. It also comes with a 1-year warranty and excellent customer and technical support. It has a 5-inch LCD TFT LCD panel projection technology. It comes with a built-in speaker that can provide you with better audio quality. Another advantage of this video projector is that it has 3 types of projection methods, including ceiling, front, and rear. Also read about car diagnostic tool.

Cons of Irulu BL20

Noise due to fan

Apart from its benefits, the Irulu BL20 video projector also has its negative sides. One of its drawbacks is its loud noise because of the fan. It can be a bit noisy due to continuous use.

Maintenance expenses

To enjoy the best efficiency of the video projector, you must be responsible for its regular maintenance. You need a bulb replacement after a year or two when the bulbs have already burned out. The bad news is that the replacement bulbs are costly which are more than $500. You also need to cool the projector for its highest function. You must have a break after 3 to 4 hours of use to avoid the Irulu BL20 video projector from overheating. You may like about smart wallet.

Not ideal for presentation

Another disadvantage of the Irulu BL20 LED portable video projector is that it is not recommended to use in Excel, Word, PPT, or any type of presentation.

Customer Reviews about Irulu BL20

 “Such a fun new experience.” – Amber

In this review, Amber stated that the video projector offers them with high-level fun and entertainment. She also added that the performance of Irulu BL20 is beyond her expectations. It also comes with a built-in sound that works well if you are close to the projector. This customer also added that she doesn’t have to spend more of her money just to have a quality video projector they can use for their home and outdoor entertainment needs. She is not disappointed because the product offers them a great quality viewing experience.

Decent projector with a few flaws” – Jesse Liss

Jesse Liss stated in this review that the Irulu BL20 video projector is a decent projector, especially for its affordable price. However, he also added that the model has few flaws which keep him to love the product. It offers pretty image quality, but the problem is that it has a loud noise because of the fan. He also added that the projector has a terrible speaker, so he makes external speakers as an alternative. Meanwhile, he explained that if you use external speakers, you won’t be able to use the remote control to change its volume. You may like peeps glasses cleaner review.

“It’s great at first.” – Katherine H.

According to Katherine H., the Irulu BL20 is only great at first. It is also great for its pricing. Unfortunately, she stated that the quality of the video projector doesn’t last long. She explained that after 3 months of acquiring the device, she observed that the device has a dark cloud, which grew bigger over time.

“Spliced in a 100 Ohm resistor to reduce the exhaust fan speed and that easily cut the fan noise in half.” – replayreb

In this review, replayreb stated that the projector has been helpful to them when watching YouTube, Netflix, TV, and ESPN. However, the only drawback of this video projector is that it has a loud exhaust fan. With this, he spliced in a 100 Ohm resistor to minimize the exhaust fan speed, which cut the fan noise in half. According to him, he bought the product for the birthday of his son to use in his dorm room. He chooses Irulu because it only takes a small space compared to TV. Also checkout about vizr reviews.

“Great for the first few months!” – Andrea

In this review, Andrea stated that the Irulu BL20 only works in the first few months. It is only less than a year, and the projector is not useful anymore. It has a weak bulb and begins to get dark spots. It only works in the first 4 months.


The Irulu BL20 video projector can be your reliable partner for your home and outdoor entertainment needs. It is loaded with amazing features that can offer you a high level of satisfaction for your needs. If you have high standards to enjoy a great movie viewing experience, you can go no wrong with this product.

It has many benefits that can make it a good investment for your movie and game habits. It is an affordable video projector that can still provide you with superior projection performance. It is also easy to use since it has a remote control and a clear and huge screen that can transform your place into a cinema ambiance.

With this Irulu BL20 review, we hope that you already decide whether this product is the best one for your home entertainment needs. It has better value when it comes to its pricing and quality. You have the assurance that the money, time as well as the energy that you have invested with this video projector are all worth it. Do you think this video projector is the best for you? What are you waiting for? Get yours today!