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  • No virus will ever get through Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Probably the least “hungry” product in terms of using your device’s resources
  • A 30-day trial is included
  • The totally free Kaspersky TDSSKILLER will scan your computer for rootkits and bootkits and remove them
  • It is very easy to switch from the basic plan to the more advanced tiers


  • The entry-level package comes with a very limited set of features
  • For some users, the ultimate plan might seem expensive (but it’s actually not)
  • Unfortunately, the basic package is only available on Windows systems. To get Kaspersky for Mac and the mobile platforms, you’ll have to switch to the top tiers

Are you one of those people who are seeking for the best antivirus software available on the market today? Do you like the maximum protection with fewer computer resources used? Fret not because you are in the right place!

In this post, we are going to review the Kaspersky Antivirus software. With a long history backing it up, this antivirus software is possibly a true iconic anti-malware software on the planet. The company was launched in 1997 by an ex-Russian military software engineer, Eugene Kaspersky.

With a massive list of threats patched and explored, the name of this software is now connected with the most powerful and strong protection. Did you know that the Kaspersky Lab is involved in the creation of numerous cybersecurity products and applications? The company is considered one of the largest protection software creators on the planet, from interest security to password management and antivirus software.

Kaspersky Antivirus is the flagship product, a powerful and robust protection software that can provide the best protection over malware and have a small impact on the speed of the computer.

What is Kaspersky Antivirus?

Kaspersky Antivirus, also referred to as KAV, was released in 1997, way back in the early times of computer viruses. Even if that’s the case, Kaspersky Antivirus stays relevant in modern time’s thanks to its advanced anti-malware engine as well as robust Windows 10 performance.

Before we dive into this review, it’s worth mentioning that the products of the company aren’t certified and approved for use by the government employees in the United States. The reason behind this is that some reports are circulating regarding the improper collaboration between Russian government securitykaspersky free antivirus agencies and Kaspersky itself. Nevertheless, the company denies all of these but has since transported its data storage to neutral locations such as Switzerland.

With viruses and malware, you do not like to leave anything to chance. You should be ready and have some great protection on your device. That could suggest a strong scanning software and a powerful malware defense, all packed in one product. The good news is that what’s the Kaspersky Antivirus is striving.

Have you already read any Kaspersky Antivirus review? Then you might be already aware that Total Security is by far the most sought-after home product of the company. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive in and determine what Kaspersky Antivirus has to provide!

Who is Kaspersky Antivirus Suitable For?

Kaspersky Antivirus is perfect for individuals who are:

  • supporters of fast, simple-to-use and well-deemed antiviruses
  • users seeing for basic protection and who want to go for the higher tiers
  • people using personal computers
  • individual users


Kaspersky Antivirus offers you more than standard antivirus and anti-malware protection. In case you didn’t know yet, it has built-in as well as firewall functions for locating online threats. You receive protection from personal data leaks, identity theft, and malware.

The Kaspersky Antivirus is feature-rich antivirus software in the market. The base does not come with anything outside of protection. You will find enough additions to warrant an upgrade to a higher package while it will surely save you some money.

We can say that Internet Security is the perfect tier out of the lineup. The UI’s homepage offers quick links to Safe Money, privacy settings, and parental control.


Further, you also receive cool perks such as Safe Money. It’s a feature protecting your financial transactions from common threats like keyloggers, or the Man-in-The-Middle attacks. It’s a secure browser, which is pretty much the same to SafePay from Bitdefender. Kaspersky will prompt you to opt to the Safe Money browser every time you open a payment portal to finish your payment. You could also add URLs into the app itself, which will switch over automatically to the browser.

Total and Internet Security comes along with an exclusive version of a VPN. You will receive a 200MB of data every day with the option to upgrade to an unlimited plan. Nevertheless, this is not recommended. The reason behind this is that Hotspot Shield powers the VPN from the software. Read More about Bitdefender Antivirus

You will also notice a few privacy features too. Did you know that the software blocks online trackers and webcam access to keep you unidentified? The interface displays the number of ad agencies, web analytics, and so much more, which have been blocked. Both features are non-compulsory.

It’s worth mentioning that it has a Safe Kids feature too, protecting your kids as well as their devices. That is in addition to the basic Parental Control of the software.

Below are more features you need to be aware of:

  • VPN

Secure Connection is a VPN service protecting your privacy free of charge, as long as you remain below the 200mb limit every day. For an extra 4.99 dollars per month, you receive unlimited data allowance and a set of regions to pick your virtual location. Overall, it is a cool feature to have along with your virus protection solution.

You will also get a virtual keyboard. You simply log in to your account without needing to utilize your standard keyboard. Hence, it lowers the likelihood of being keylogged.

  • Payments Protection

In today’s modern world, having the best virus protection is not enough. A lot of payment scams are lurking everywhere, and thus, users should have the solution. Fortunately, the Safe Money feature of Kaspersky allows you to list every website you utilize for financial transactions, not to mention that the service will guarantee it is the legal site you are utilizing and not a fake one. Cool, isn’t it?

You are prompt to open all sites with a powerful, built-in Protected Browser. It shows a legal website in green. A red frame will appear if the website is shady. That makes it much simpler to locate malicious sites, helping every antivirus product from the company to be unique among its opponents.

my kaspersky

  • Password Manager

One of the excellent things about this software is that it comes with amazing goodies such as Kaspersky Secure Connection and Password Manager. In case you didn’t know yet, Password Manager is what the name it implies. It enables you to stores your bank card details, passwords, and all other confidential information, so you don’t have to.

That’s a good add-on to the entire package and is convenient, especially if you’re toggling between different accounts, trying to recall the right password.

kaspersky free antivirus

  • Data Protection

Recovering and protecting data is just as crucial as having the highest and best virus protection in the world. The people from Kaspersky Lab are very much aware of this. Did you know that Total Security comes along with a data encryption function, allowing you to encrypts the files and folders you want? We advice you to read more about McAfee Antivirus

On top of that, you will find the File Shredder. It’s a well-designed and neat tool that removes your files permanently.

kaspersky internet security

  • Parental Control

Parental Control is one of the amazing features of Kaspersky Antivirus. The reason behind this is that it allows you to set all types of alarms and features for you to monitor and locate the activity of your kid online. It is composed of gaming restrictions, unsafe consent restrictions, and safe search, among others. You can also pick periods every time your kid can utilize the PC or access the internet.

kaspersky free antivirus

  • Privacy Protection

The scanning skills of the antivirus software has a basic, yet practical privacy protection filter. It prevents and stops access to your web camera so you can rest assured you are not being spied on. Further, the Private Browsing feature stops anonymous and fraudulent websites from gathering data and information about you.

kaspersky anti virus

Other Specifications You Need to Know

Below are some of the features included in Kaspersky Antivirus 2020:

  • Vulnerability scan
  • On-screen keyboard
  • Exclusions and threats
  • Safe Money
  • Secured connections
  • Advanced updating preferences
  • Quarantine and reports area
  • Self-defense module

The self-defense section has been launched to avoid any software modification attempts. You can ensure the cybercriminals cannot change the major core of Kaspersky Antivirus by keeping the module active.

The interval in the middle of updates could be adjusted depending on your likings. It’s suggested to ensure the antivirus is updated frequently. Doing this will avoid any infection with a new malware that isn’t present in the database as the updates are made very rarely.

The quarantine and reporting area is a place helpful, especially if you like to check if KAV has blocked any suspicious items. You could change the monitored interval to locate the activity where the antivirus decided to hinder it. That’s also practical every time a pop up showing a prompt message shows before reading.


The on-screen keyboard is an added tool offered by KAV. It offers support from any keyloggers. Such tools utilized by cybercriminals and hackers are utilized to steal data. The typing is recorded when somebody is typing on an infected machine. You will guarantee the keyloggers become inefficient by utilizing the on-screen keyboard. Take note that it’s only an added layer of security offered by KAV. A reboot was needed before activating this feature.

Benefits of Using Kaspersky Antivirus

  • Complete protection. It safeguards your online transactions and information from getting leaked, thus avoid its misuse.
  • Absolute eradication of threats. The antivirus removes the traces of unwanted files on your internet.
  • User-friendly interface. You can personalize the settings of the software.
  • Parental control. It allows you to block the websites and URLs you don’t like your kids to get access to.
  • Innovative protection. It guarantees your personal data is safe from getting leaked.
  • Continuous entertainment. It enables you to play games, watch videos, and do other stuff during the scanning procedure without interruption.
  • High-speed scanning. It guarantees no single virus gets access to the device you are using. It blocks email links or harmful threats from entering your device.
  • Security of files. Saves vital data and files from getting infected with the virus.


You now have a basic understanding of what Kaspersky Antivirus is. In this section, you’ll be able to take a good look at the packages available for you. It’s good to know that this antivirus is truly versatile and flexible. That indicates you will be able to look for a plan, which works for you best. Apart from that, you will see three different packages to choose on top of their free basic antivirus. Please Read more about ESET antivirus

  • Kaspersky AntiVirus

This is widely referred to as the entry-level offer by the antivirus company, and it’s considered the most cost-efficient tier. The protection for three devices will cost the user 29.99 dollars per year. Further, five devices are available for a price of 31.99 dollars per year. Nevertheless, this package is only accessible for computers that run on the Windows Operating System. Read More about Avira Antivirus

It works with computers that run on Windows. You get access to many useful features with this package:

  • Industry-leading performance with less system effect
  • Protection from viruses, ransomware, and other malware

kaspersky anti virus

  • Kaspersky Internet Security

Take note that Internet Security is the most sought-after package for those international users, according to the representatives of the company. The package is accessible not just on Windows OS but also on mobile devices and Mac Operating System. An annual plan for three to five devices is available for 39.99 dollars and 35.99 dollars, respectively.

You will also receive the following together with all the features from the past two packages:

  • Safe money (more security throughout online transactions)
  • Privacy Protection


  • Kaspersky Total Securitykaspersky free antivirus

This one is the costliest package that is synonymous to reliable, feature-packed, and secure. It’s accessible for every major platform such as Android, iOS, and PC. You can select between five devices package for 49.99 dollars and ten devices coverage for only 59.99 dollars.

It offers the best protection for you and your entire family. Some of the features it boasts are:

  • File Protection (added security for most vital data)
  • Secure Password Manager
  • Security for Kids (parental control)

Bear in mind that the prices mentioned above are only the introductory costs. That indicates the antivirus will cost you every time you renew the subscription. You could pay for two or three years upfront if you like to save up, allowing you to utilize the new customers’ pricing.

The best part here is that every Kaspersky package comes with a free trial. It enables you to know and experience what its worth with your eyes and see it on your device before buying it. Such trials last for thirty days that is considered more than enough.

Kaspersky Antivirus Review

For beginners, the real-time protection is excellent. It continuously scans the system for anything, which might cause a problem. In this section, we will review deeper what the antivirus software can provide.

  • Performance

The capability to offer stable protection while taking as few system resources as possible has been a crucial feature of this antivirus software. If you will compare it to another antivirus available in the market, the app slows down the performance only by eight to twelve percent, offering it an industry-leading result.

Further, the industry average is approximately thirty percent. In case you didn’t know yet, Bitdefender is the only product in the market that can compare with this one.

Kaspersky needs less than 1 gigabyte of hard drive space to run when running the background and safeguarding your devices. However, the requirements for RAM are less than 512mb. That is amazing already.

This antivirus presents two core processes. If you are still in doubt, you can check that on the Task Manager. Using this product means you will not feel any extreme decline in performance. Not to mention that you can continue using your mobile device or computer while it is running.

kaspersky free antivirus

  • Ease of Use

The antivirus software is famous as one of the most user-friendly anti-malware solutions available on the market today. You already knew that it had been around for nearly three decades, as mentioned earlier. In fact, the company have been mastering the original formula throughout those years. Moreover, it does not take a professional or an expert to get used to the options and menus, although they might appear quite intimidating on first use.

One of the most critical menus you should keep in mind is the main screen. The updates, settings as well as the scans are all accessible in front of you. You can easily locate the license status on the bottom right side. Are you an advanced user? Don’t worry because the software offers a plethora of fine-tuning for you that is accessible in the Settings menu.

  • User Interface

The Antivirus dashboard looks very professional and friendly at the same time. It has a decent and just right combination of colors that is enough for the user’s eye. Every menu is self-explanatory too. The antivirus software offers a lot of room for customization.

Do you notice a green tick in the center of the screen? Then that indicates your device is protected, and it has no existing problems. The screen will change to red every time a new threat is dedicated to your device. Read More About Norton Antivirus

You will see four buttons in the lower half of the screen. These buttons can be utilized to update the software, scan your device, launch the on-screen keyboard, and check the latest reports. Using the update section is pretty straightforward, as well. Simply confirm your request, and the platform will do the rest on your behalf.


It is worth mentioning that the reports are simple to navigate through. On the other hand, the on-screen keyboard is an excellent solution to safeguard your login information and passwords. Running the software means no hacker will be able to take your credentials or get access to your bank account details.

  • Download & Installation

Did you know the process of installation is quite average on the app? In fact, it will only take your system at least twenty minutes or more to install it on your PC. Throughout the process, the software will check the dice for incompatible software. Kaspersky will prompt when there is another antivirus installed already on your device. It is recommended to remove the antivirus software initially installed on the device because Kaspersky is more likely to present compatibility problems.

Kaspersky Lab will request you to connect to the network before the installation process is one. Your device will patch you in if you respond with YES. After that, it will automatically be delivered to KSN for more advanced analysis every time the software locates malware or any doubtful programs on your system.

kaspersky free

  • Scanning Options

When we talk about scanning, the Scan panel offers you access to numerous scan types. The list is composed of a full scan that helps you check your external drives as well as a modifiable scan. Of course, it enables you to choose folders and files, which must be tested by the software. You will also find a quick scan option.

The only negative thing we can say about this antivirus software is that it takes as much as three clicks for you to get to the most basic scan. If you compare it to other antivirus platforms out there, you can do that in one click. But there’s no need to be sad. The newest Kaspersky 2020 packages are much faster! You will be surprised by how fast they run every scan. In turn, the scheduler enables you to set the specific time a scan must be launched and allow the platform to handle the rest.

The tool would still be an excellent idea to run any scans while you are away, although it does not put so much pressure on performance. Pay attention to the Vulnerability Scan as well! This mode enables you to locate any “holes” within your operating system and does its best to resolve them.

kaspersky internet security

The scan finds everything from Windows setting, out of date critical programs, and missing patches, which puts the system in great danger. For instance, it is much simpler for the antivirus for specific types of viruses to infiltrate your operating system when the removable drive autorun is turned on. The antivirus will certainly help you resolve that within just ten minutes.

  • Malware Protection

The malware protection process is very easy. We were able to open a folder, which has several malware samples, and we try running the software. The antivirus software was fast enough to get rid of the threats before we even got to them.

Kaspersky was able to block the access to half of the websites during our URL blocking test. It eradicated forty percent of the threats during the downloading process.

Kaspersky Lab

  • Security and Dependability

You cannot deny that the Kaspersky is one of the most robust, secure, and dependable offers you will find today. The protection it provides is excellent irrespective of the packages you pick.

Did you know that the antivirus was able to gain perfect scores in each test performed by four independent firms? One thing you need to keep in mind is that the Free Version is loaded with a similar engine, although the costlier options come with lots of features and provide a much better solution for online privacy. That indicates such test results are exact for every Kaspersky products.

For example, AV-Test rate antiviruses base on different tests: false alarms, malware protection, and system impact. The solution gained a perfect score. AV-Comparatives perform the same tests. It gained a flawless rating in four of the most critical trials.

On the other hand, SE Labs performed a different method. They mimic real-world cases to make the tests as near to the actual experience of the user as much as possible. They choose shady websites and hit the antiviruses with a similar form of attack repeatedly. AAA is the highest, while C is the lowest rating. Guess what, Kaspersky gained an AAA certification.

kaspersky download

MRG Effitas conducted the most rigorous test of all. For instance, the banking Trojans trial is very difficult to pass. Nevertheless. Kaspersky was able to deal with that. To sum up, this software obtained a perfect score in each test. That’s quite amazing.

  • System Impact

Is it your first time to install Kaspersky? Then it’s suggested you conduct a full system scan for any virus and malware. A complete scan of under thirteen million files took at least twenty-one hours on a Windows 10 64-bit Pro test machine together with an 8GB ram and 2.7GHz processors.

Throughout the scan, we didn’t notice any performance degradation. We’re able to utilize the system for other stuff. Nevertheless, we’re able to calculate it with an Excel benchmark even though we did not see the effect on the system. It proved that the task completion period increase by eighteen percent throughout the scan.

kaspersky internet security

  • Customer Services and Support

You will find loads of practical information on their official website. You will find lots of helpful knowledge bases, video guides, and active forums too. Are you searching for direct customer support? You can easily get it from the user’s page. Make a ticket and wait for one of their customer rep to come through with a reply.

Pros & Cons

After understanding what KAV has to provide, let’s dig deeper and determine its pros and cons. indeed, the list of pros and cons is much bigger, and with this tool, rest assured you will receive the best value for your money. Nevertheless, as with most things, you will find various downsides too. Therefore, you must know all of them, so you’re able to make the perfect decision.


  • The Windows 10 client deserves the greatest praise. The rest of the apps are also amazing
  • The personalization choices will satisfy the fans of tweaking or customizing
  • The higher plans provide a massive list of great features
  • The free Kaspersky TDSSKILLER will scan your PC for bootkits and rootkits and delete them
  • It’s simple to change from the basic plan to those more state of the art tiers
  • A thirty-day trial is added
  • Possibly the least “hungry” product when it comes to using the resources of your device


  • It might be the perfect option for you if you are anxious that the Russian government is spying on its users through this anti-malware though there aren’t any official proof
  • The basic package is only accessible on computers running on Windows. If you want to get the antivirus for your mobile and Mac platforms, you need to opt to the top tiers
  • For several others, the ultimate plan might appear a bit costly for them
  • The entry level-package comes along with a limited set of benefits and features

Final Verdict

Kaspersky has a long tradition of powerful and antivirus, which is feature-rich and simple to utilize. The current lineup of the security software is no different, adding more features such as password manager while keeping a transparent commitment to desktop security.

The shortcomings of Kaspersky are more concerning than others, although nothing is all good. Privacy issues still require solutions. As we keep telling in this review, this software is a top antivirus solution, and it getting better as the year passes by. With the newest edition that’s now available in the market, you will have an excellent product, which excels at being simple to use, dependable and affordable. Not to mention that it has less effect on system performance. It comes with some of the top-notch antivirus algorithms and protocols on the market.

Each of the four products, from the free edition and ending with total security charm to numerous clients. However, they have one thing in common: excellent performance. It is antivirus software, which will make each money you paid for it an investment with different plans to select from and top-notch customer support.


Do you have any queries about using the antivirus? Worry no more because we have listed some of the frequently asked questions connected to using it.

How do I pick the perfect Kaspersky product for me?

You will find a form available on the vendor page. The page have answered a few questions, of which you’ll receive the ideal solution for you in just thirty seconds.

How can I disable advertising messages?

The process is very simple. Go to Settings > Additional > Notifications. You can uncheck these boxes:

  • Receive information messages and ads from Kaspersky Lab
  • Show information about special offers
  • Get special offers for social network users
  • Get informational messages and ads after the current license expires


How can I activate my account when the verification link has expired?

To do this, just log in to My Kaspersky system and click on Send a link again.

What should I do when “you exceeded the maximum number of activations” message shows?

Log into your My Kaspersky portal and call the support team having narrated the issue and activation code.

What can the Safe Kids feature offer?

Take note that Kaspersky Safe Kids tracks the safety of your kids. You decide what is safe for your kids, the sites they could visit, how far they could go from home, the number of hours they could consume using a smartphone or PC, and the applications to utilize. It also helps you track SMS and calls, social pages networks, and so much more. You see, the application ensures your kids will follow the rules, which you set under the control of Mac OS, Windows, Android, and iOS.

How can I find the Kaspersky logs location?

You could save the logs anywhere you like. To do this, you need to visit the toolbar and choose the reports tab. Choose the kind of report, it’s period, and others and an export button will appear, letting you export the logs to the quantified place in the form of a text document.

How can I get rid of the antivirus?

The good thing here is that deleting the applications from Kaspersky Lab is not different from removing a typical app. All you need to do is to go to Uninstall or change a program. Locate the application you like to uninstall and click Uninstall.

How can I stop the antivirus from running on startup?

To do this, go to settings and click the General tab. Disable the autorun by on the correct field.

How can I turn off or turn on the real-time protection of Kaspersky?

Go to settings and open the Protection tab. You can enable and disable all kinds of protection you require.

How can I extend my Kaspersky license?

Open your product and hit the update button. Make sure you follow every instruction provided.

How often should I run my antivirus?

Take note that the antivirus must be running at all times in the background mode to safeguard your system.

How can I utilize the password manager?

You can sync data between all your cloud databases and devices using Kaspersky Password Manager. You can utilize the same MY Kaspersky account to synchronize when installing Kaspersky Password Manager (Windows, iOS, Android, Mac). The data is kept in an encrypted password database. Further, access to the database is feasible when you are aware of the master password.

How can I take advantage of Kaspersky Password Manager?

You can burn the photo to a DVD or CD drive and USB media. You can boot from this media and choose the language and boot type Rescue Disk. You can visit the Kaspersky official website in the support sector.

How can I utilize the Secure or VPN connection of Kaspersky?

To do this, simply right-click the notification section of the Windows taskbar. There you will notice if the Secure Connection is running or not in the background mode. Hit on that icon to open it and slide the toggle switch to open it. That will leave the location for automatic selection except if you have the motive to alter it. Now you can freely enjoy surfing along with an activated VPN.

How can I use Sandbox?

Did you know that Sandbox could be handled using the web interface? Just enter the IP address of the Sandbox server in a browser on any PC on which access to the Sandbox server is enabled. A window for inputting the credentials of the administrator of Sandbox will activate. Simply enter the password and username of the Sandbox administrator, which you specified when setting up the software.

How can I block the site with the software? How can I enable the site?

You need to utilize Parental Control to block the sites you want.

Can I transfer my Kaspersky license from the computer to another computer?

You can uninstall the product on your old device. Simply install it again on your device or the device of your choice. You can stipulate the subscription activation code in the activation window.

How can I exclude a folder in the software?

Excluding a folder in Kaspersky is very simple. Go to Settings > Additional > Threads and Exclusions > Manager Exclusions. You can click the Add icon and choose entire folders or objects with all their content, which you wish to ignore. You can also pick the protective components you like to exclude for these objects and folders.

What is the Security Cloud of Kaspersky?

Kaspersky Security Cloud is a security service going beyond the standard protection against computer threats and viruses. The app offers customized suggestions as well as adaptive protection situations designed around you and your entire family.

Does Kaspersky have controversy?

Unfortunately, the story of this antivirus platform has caution and somewhat a serious one. You might not be aware of it, but a well-founded claim supported by cyber-security officials that this sought-after antivirus has been and still one of the tools of Russian intelligence to spy on its users.

Apart from that, the US government banned Kaspersky throughout the nation on the grounds of national security in 2017. Indeed, we can’t deny or confirm this because we have not been long-time users and only utilized it for review and tests as one of the most sought-after antivirus tools.

In the hunt of particulars on this subject, we have noticed reports regarding parental control, virtual keyboard, VPN, and JSN feature.