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Ease of Use






Value for Money



  • Provides relief for five years
  • Easy to keep discreet
  • 100% organic
  • User-friendly
  • Treatment is non-invasive


  • It may be difficult to conceal in certain outfits.
  • It can be attracted to magnetic things

Bottom Line: The LadyCare magnet is a small yet fun device that will give you relief from the different signs of menopause. The said item can perfectly fit beneath your ordinary clothes and in front of your undies.

Pros: The LadyCare Plus is one of the magnetic devices out there that works as the best hormone replacement therapy alternative. Aside from that, it is also being used to treat different pains. The said device can also be used in treating the different signs and symptoms of menopause. These include gaining of weight and hot flashes.

Cons: One of the drawbacks that you might notice while using the LadyCare device is that it might result in your undies to fall down or droop. It is because the said device is naturally heavy. We also read some online LadyCare reviews. We found out that some of the customers stated that the device did not work as it is being advertised.

What is LadyCare?

When we say LadyCare, we are referring to the best homeopathic device. The said item is specifically constructed to be used by those women out there who are experiencing the signs and symptoms of menopause. The device is being used by those women who are experiencing the early and later stages of menopause. The official site of the LadyCare stated that there is more than 70 percent of women who stated that they feel dramatic relief from menopause.

Aside from that, the LadyCare compact-sized device is also constructed to be used as an alternative to the possible treatments that your personal doctor might give you as his recommendations. These recommendations include prescription medications, as well as the HRT or the Hormone Replacement Therapy.

On top of that, you are not also required to have a prescription in purchasing the LadyCare device. It is because of the fact that it can be purchased from reliable online stores, such as Amazon. Aside from Amazon, you can also buy the item from its official website. Both of the said sites can provide you with the reviews and testimonials from every woman who already used the product at their house.

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LadyCare Menopause Magnet Review – Is It the Best Natural Help to Relieve Menopause Symptoms?

In this LadyCare Menopause Magnet review, we will provide you with the necessary details about the product. You can ensure that upon reading this review, you will feel more confident and comfortable to use the said device. We are sure that you want to determine the steps of using it and how it works. Aside from that, you will also know the things included in its package and if it can treat the menopause symptoms you feel, as well as the store where you can purchase it.

In this review, we will tackle all those topics in each section that is included in this article. Upon reading this review, you will know the reasons why many women are purchasing the said device. With the use of the LadyCare device, you can ensure that you will feel relief from over 20 menopause signs and symptoms.

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When Does Menopause Start?

Even though lots of people think that the menopausal stage only affects the seniors, but the truth is that it can affect many women at different age range.

We all know that menopause is a common problem that can affect women whose ages are ranging from 41 years old and 59 years old. Aside from that, menopause also affects women those whose age is more than 60 years.


How Does the LadyCare Works?

Both the homeopathic and natural treatments for menopause are well-known among women whose ages are 41 years old and above. They prefer these treatments to avoid relying on complex medical treatments or ingesting too many chemicals. The LadyCare menopause device was first launched in the UK. The said device was popularized by many women before it lands to the US.

The said device comes up with two pieces that are facing each other. This is mainly because it comes up with numerous magnetic properties. The device relies to the concept that every woman in this world will undergo the menopausal stage. Most of the women out there experience an imbalance in their ANS or the Automatic Nervous System, thus resulting to stomach ache.

The said device is the one that regulates and controls the entire function of your body. These functions include the regulation of your bowel function, body temperature, as well as the heart rate. The manufacturer of this device stated that when the ANS is properly aligned, the signs and symptoms of menopause will be reduced dramatically.

The concepts of the science behind the construction of the LadyCare are considered to be solid. When your ANS has a problem, it might result in your body to react differently. It might result in you to feel hot. Since then, you might experience hot flashes. You might also feel as if you need to use the comfort room more frequently.

The said device can also be used in treating your PNS or the Parasympathetic Nervous System. The PNS is the system that gives you help to fall asleep easily, as well as to ingest food properly. If you are going to use the LadyCare device regularly, there is a higher possibility to relieve your menopause signs and symptoms. It can also help you to recover from the symptoms and menopause and stop using the other menopausal treatments.

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How to Use the LadyCare Menopause Device

If you are wondering about how the LadyCare menopause device is being used, well, this section is perfect for you. LadyCare can be used easily. It is because of the fact that it can be placed beneath your clothes when you woke up. Upon purchasing the device, you need to take it off and put the two edges of the device close to each other. After wearing it before your clothing, slowly place the bigger area of the device in your undies while holding it with your hand.

On the other hand, you can slowly place the smaller side of the device until it reaches the big one. Some women stated that the LadyCare device is pulling their clothing down. But others stated that they feel comfortable while wearing the device throughout the day.

LadyCare is recommended to be used by any woman while they are under the care of a doctor or undergoing an HRT. If you are planning to end the HRT process, you are required to wait for about 14 days before you start utilizing the said device. The device might take up a month or two before you feel relief from the signs and symptoms of menopause. Some of its users claim that the LadyCare device takes up a little longer before they reduce the menopause symptoms. But most of the customers are claiming that they experience drastic relief after using the said device every single day and for more than five hours. You may also like Upright Go & Mindinsole & about Nutrisystem Cost

What are the Signs and Symptoms of Menopause?

  • Memory loss
  • Have difficulty in sleeping
  • Inability to have a sex drive
  • You might experience sore breasts
  • Mood swings
  • Sore and tense muscles
  • Weight loss or even weight gain
  • Hot flashes

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Where Does LadyCare Menopause Device Use?

Many women out there are wondering about, “where can I use this device?” In spite of the things you love to work on, you can still perform it without experiencing any hassle while wearing the said device. Some women think that age is one of the hindrances for them to perform the activities they used to perform when they are young. But the truth is that you will be more active when you reach your senior age. It is because you will have enough time to sleep and perform your preferred activities. In addition to that, you will have a sufficient amount of energy and feel more active while doing your desired activities. This might include walking and performing different types of workouts and travel with your old and new friends.

One of the things that we love about the LadyCare menopause device is that it will not slow down your energy. It is because of the fact that it can still be worn while you are traveling or simply playing with your grandchildren in the yard. It is also ideal to use while shopping, having a lunch with your family members, or even taking care of your plants in the garden.

One of the situations that you should avoid wearing the LadyCare menopause device is while performing activities that involve water. This might include both boating and swimming. The aforementioned activities might trigger your device to tug down because water can make the item heavier.

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Who can Buy this LadyCare Menopause Device?

We all know that a menopausal stage is one of the common parts of every woman whose ages are ranging from 41 years old to 60 years old and above. The menopausal stage will also give you signals that you are mature enough. It only means that you don’t have the capabilities to produce children any longer. Aside from knowing that you can’t produce children any longer, the menopausal stage can also provide you with annoying signs and symptoms.

If you are currently experiencing as if you are tired, it can be worsened due to the menopause symptom, which is hot flashes. Hot flashes usually hit from 11 to 12 in the midnight. As a result, you will have a hard time to fall asleep. The said symptom can also cause your tension and stiffness to increase that you usually experience in both your joints and muscles.

The LadyCare menopause device cis specifically designed for every woman out there who is currently experiencing the signs and symptoms of the menopausal stage. The said device is perfect to use by those younger women who are experiencing perimenopause symptoms. On the other hand, it can also be used by older women who are experiencing the entire menopausal process.

As we mentioned a while ago, since the LadyCare menopause device can be worn and use easily and more conveniently, it is also ideal to be used by those women who have an active lifestyle. The said device will not require you to leave your hobbies and family members just to have an appointment with your doctor. Aside from that, the said device will not also require you to have a doctor’s prescription before using it. If you are one of those individuals who are currently experiencing the signs and symptoms of menopause and want to use an item that is easy to work at home, then the LadyCare menopause device is perfect for you.

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What are the Natural and Homeopathic Remedies for Menopause?

  • Vegetarian heavy diets
  • Vitamin D supplements
  • Daily exercises
  • Meditation
  • Yoga

Where can You Purchase the LadyCare Menopause Device?

One of the reliable online stores where you can purchase the LadyCare menopause device is Amazon. Aside from the said store, you can also get it from the official website of the LadyCare. If you prefer purchasing the device from its official site, you will be charged for about 79 US Dollars with the additional shipping fee. The official site of the said item occasionally offers the free shipping promo.  But, when we purchase our own LadyCare device, we were charged for only 64 US Dollars. You will get the devices in a compact-sized packaging box. The box will protect the device while it is being shipped. Aside from that, it will also secure that the LadyCare device is free from debris and dust. We recommend you to read more about saalt cup ,  Dodow

On the other hand, the Amazon online store will provide you with the same price rate. The manufacturer of the LadyCare device will send the item to the Amazon. The Amazon will then packed and shipped the device to the customers. But, when it comes to getting a refund, you might notice that LadyCare’s official site will provide you better refund compared with the Amazon.

On the other hand, if you have an account on Amazon Prime, you can get the item directly from the said site. This will enable you to get the item quicker and allow you to keep track of your ordered item.

How Should You Request a Refund on the LadyCare Device?

  • Gain some details about the item that you will purchase. This will include your order, as well as the process of how you will pay it.
  • Contact the LadyCare company on Amazon or its official website, along with the things that you need to know about their refund policy.
  • Bring the LadyCare item inside the original box, as well as the accessories you get after getting the package.
  • Ship the package to the exact company address.
  • Wait for some time until you get your package refund.

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Should You Buy the LadyCare Device?

Upon reading the aforementioned sections above, there is still a possibility that you are wondering if the LadyCare device worth the price. That is the main reason why we include this section in this article. This section will answer your question, “does the LadyCare menopause device worth buying?” So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading.


Advantages of Using the LadyCare Menopause Device

  • It can be used Easily

One of the advantages that we love about the LadyCare menopause device is that it can be used easily. You can wear it within 5 minutes or less. Even those women who are still working can use this item with ease and convenience. You can utilize the said item during comfortable situations, where all you need to do is to sit and read some books. The LadyCare item can also be used while traveling. As long as you are wearing underpants, the LadyCare device can be used conveniently and easily.

  • It Does not have Side Effects

If you are fond of reading reviews about the well-known treatments for menopause, you might notice that most of them offer side effects. For instance, the HRT can result in a woman to have mood swings until the treatment gets your hormones balanced. As a result, you might experience difficulties in sleeping and act as if you are not part of your circle of friends. You may also like Nutrisystem Reviews.

Aside from that, you might also notice that you are gaining some weight. It is because of the menopausal symptoms that can be worsened because of the remedies you are using. In spite of the things that you do to lose weight, you can still gain some during your menopausal stage. But when it comes to the LadyCare menopause device, you can ensure that it can work properly without giving you any side effects.

The Disadvantages

Before you made up your mind on purchasing the LadyCare menopause device, it would be a great idea for you to know the disadvantages of the said device. The only drawback that you might notice while using the LadyCare is that its magnets usually stick to the other things. You might notice that its magnets will stick on your stove or refrigerator. Aside from that, it can also stick to your car door.

There are some women out there who feel annoyed when the item’s magnets stick on the metal utensils they used when eating in a restaurant. But there are some women who claimed that they get their skin irritated after using the device. But take note that the disadvantages that you can get from the device will always vary upon person to person.

The Competition: Best Alternatives to LadyCare


 Estro-AidMost of the well-known alternatives to the said item that you can use are the home supplements that can be purchased through the internet. One of the alternatives is the Estro-Aid that is established by the Smoky Mountain Nutrition. The said alternative comes up with the supplement supply that can be used for two months. The supplement can be consumed one time per day.

With the use of this supplement, you can ensure that your menopause signs and symptoms will be reduced. One of the problems that you might notice while using the supplement is that you should always remember to take the supplement every single day. As a result, you need to set a timer or an alarm on your mobile phones. Aside from that, the taste of the pill is quite bad. If you are one of those women out there, you might notice a slight result right after taking it for a week or a month.

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Smarter Lifestyle Pure Copper Bracelet

Aside from the Estro-Aid, you can also use the Smarter Lifestyle Pure Copper Bracelet as an alternative to the LadyCare Menopause Device. The said alternative comes up with an elegant rose gold shade. Aside from that, it can also be used by most of the girls out there. With the said bracelet, you can ensure that you will feel instant relief from your period or even during the menopause symptoms.

Aside from the two aforementioned alternative products, you can also try the Menopause Relief Device. The said device is similar to the bracelet alternative, which will enable you to feel relief from the signs and symptoms of menopause. One of the disadvantages of using this device is that it might not properly fit on your undies. We didn’t find any other brands and models of menopause device rather than the LadyCare.

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Buying Guide for the Best Menopause Device

Since there are lots of brands and models of menopause devices and items available on the market, it is hard for you to know which one will fit your requirements and needs. The social media also triggers our choice of item. Our friends and family members might also give us recommendations about the best menopause device. There are also some menopause devices out there that work to a person that might not work for you.

If you are one of those individuals who have a hard time buying the best menopause device, then this section is perfect for you. If you want to get the best device to treat the signs and symptoms of menopause that you currently fee, then keep on reading this article.

The menopausal stage is common for all women in every corner of the world. This is also a stage that can trigger the emotional level of a person. There are lots of treatments that you can avail on the market. But most of them can treat the symptoms of menopause while giving you various side effects.

Price Rate

All of us want to ensure that the product we are purchasing worth our time and money. One of the important things that you should consider when buying a menopause device is its price. There are lots of items on the market that are expensive. But some of them don’t give you the work that you want. On the other hand, there is some device that can be purchased inexpensively. As a matter of fact, most of them work and satisfy your needs and requirements. It only means that not all inexpensive device will provide you with a low-quality work, and not all costly devices can satisfy your needs.


  • Effectivity

There are lots of devices on the market that are being used to treat the signs and symptoms of menopause. Some of them are effective, while some are not. When it comes to buying a product, make sure that it has been proven and tested by many. This can be done by reading customer reviews of your preferred product.

  • Weight

There is some device for treating menopause symptoms that are heavy, and some are light. If you are a type of person who wants to use an item conveniently, we recommend you to choose the lightweight device compared to the heavyweight one.

  • Size

If you opt for a menopause device that can be worn, make sure that it is small. It is because of the fact that you will wear it every single day. In connection to that, you need to ensure that it can be hidden under your clothing or garments.

Frequently Asked Questions about LadyCare Menopause Device

“How soon will I notice benefits from using LadyCare?”

It is crucial for you to know that the result of using the device will always depend upon person to person. Since all of us are unique, some of you might notice benefits after using the product for a short time while others need a longer period of use. In connection to this, your patience is important. Aside from that, you are also required to use the said device every single day within three months.

“Is it safe to use LadyCare if you have had or are undergoing treatment for breast cancer?”

As we mentioned a while ago, the LadyCare is a device that can be used to treat hot flushes. This is one of the side effects when the various estrogen-modifying drugs, such as Tamoxifen, are being recommended to treat breast cancer. The LadyCare menopause device is also recommended to use by those women who have estrogen-positive breast cancer. It is because the said device will help you to improve the level of your estrogen. There are lots of women in every corner of the world who have been using the LadyCare menopause device for a more extended period. In connection to that, there was no side effect on the uterine, cervical, or breast health of a woman.

“My periods have stopped. Is it normal to bleed after using LadyCare?”

Yes, it is possible. If you are experiencing the premenopausal signs and symptoms, then you should be prepared to prevent this kind of situation. For the first year of using the said device, you might notice some light sports.

“Can I use LadyCare with a defibrillator or pacemaker?”

Individuals who are using pacemakers are recommended to keep an eye on the things they are using. These might include security scanners, mobiles, and microwaves. It is because of the fact that it can transfer the pole field that will result in some problems to your pacemaker.

One of the most noticeable differences that the LadyCare had is that it can transfer a static negative pole field. As a result, it will not cause any side effects on your defibrillators or pacemakers.

“Do you wear LadyCare for life?”

It is a must for all the women out there to know that LadyCare must be worn throughout the peri-menopausal and menopausal stage. There are lots of individuals out there who claimed that they still wear the said device for a long time, even if their hot flushes have already treated. As we mentioned a while ago, the LadyCare will rebalance your ANS or the Autonomic Nervous System. Since then, the said device will provide its benefits continuously. This might include the reduction of water retention, bloating, and anxiety. As a result, it will help you to improve your libido, hair, skin, and sleep.

“Does a person’s weight and size affect the work of LadyCare?”

Definitely no. It is because of the fact that the LadyCare can treat your symptoms of menopause in spite of your size, shape, and weight.

Final Verdict

There are lots of women all over the world who have used the LadyCare device. Most of them have experienced positive effects from the said device. One of the things that you should keep in mind about the LadyCAre is that it does not have the assurance that it can stop your menopause symptoms. It only means that you need to ask your doctor before using the product. But, you can ensure that it will not give you any adverse effects.

Compared to the other alternatives we mentioned a while ago, the LadyCare menopause device will provide you the effectivity that you expect. If you are one of those individuals out there who don’t want to take supplements, medications, and other expensive treatments, then we recommend you to use the LadyCare menopause device. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase yours now!