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  • Friendly Interface
  • Safe Web Browsing
  • Easy Data Management
  • Easy to Manage Junk Files
  • Easy to Scan and has Removable Drives


  • Easy to Scan and has Removable Drives
  • Weak bonus firewall
  • Weak bonus firewall

The best way to keep your computer safe and sound is to get the newest Antivirus on your device with the definition updates. At this point, there is a huge completion to push the security standers to a higher level. A lot of security giants have been working hard to come up with the innovative and latest to ensure their users get the best possible protection. Today we will review one of the best and most sought after Antivirus, McAfee.

McAfee Antivirus Overview

McAfee antivirus is renowned all over the world. It is essential to download and purchase antivirus tools, just files from companies and websites with 100 percent confidence. This is because computer viruses are spread in file downloads to inject malicious code on your site.

McAfee Antivirus is one of the leading players in online protection and time. This powerful Antivirus has a remarkable reputation for efficient security at all has developed a new set of tools for utmost protection and improved since the last release years. Even if it is not the highest level of antivirus program, it remains a decent virus scan every way.

The new interface is intended to show the user precisely the needed info as clearly as possible. It is bright and gay as the old interface, gray, black as well as beige. Still, it is an indicator of the green card taste; however, based on focus groups as well as interviews with users of McAfee have peace of mind for this indicator. The status indicator that is situated at the top offers fast access to information for updates, exploration, underwriting, and firewalls. The status panel also has co-sales statistics, which include the number of computers which are secured and protected by McAfee on the network and the number of viruses detected in the last analysis, with a link to a full safety report.

mcafee antivirus

McAfee is one of the most renowned antivirus suites which can be utilized on mobile devices and desktop as well. McAfee antivirus provides advanced safety options, and based on the independent tests, repels the vast majority of cyber threats. Let us dig deeper into our McAfee antivirus review to show why this product is being utilized by millions of clients from all parts of the globe.

Key Highlights

  • High quality real-time malware, spyware and virus scanning
  • Intuitive navigation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Superb customer support
  • Full protection against ransomware
  • Detects 99 percent of malicious files as well as URLs

McAfee Background

This Antivirus was developed in the year 1987. As the outcome of the collaboration with many well-established Information Technology companies, it began offering an efficient and reliable open-source program that leverages high-end technologies. From the year 2014 up to 2017, McAfee was supervised by Intel Corporation and changed the name to Intel Security. On the other hand, a number of its products still carry the name of McAfee.

mcafee antivirus free

McAfee is an expert in a digital security program for servers, PC as well as mobile devices. This Antivirus is praised and commended for flexibility and simplicity in navigation, and an antivirus solution isn’t an exception.

Why Consider McAfee Antivirus Over the Others?

There are many good reasons why you should opt to McAfee Antivirus. The free setup of this Antivirus offers you a lot of perks which make it a perfect choice for all users:

  • The first reason why you need to use McAfee is that you need not shell out any amount for downloading the Antivirus. The downloading process is user-friendly, with an individual needing the only register using an email address.
  • You will have the flexibility of changing to the latest version of McAfee with ease
  • The process of installing the Antivirus is very simple as well as user friendly. The installation process can be done in just some clicks.
  • The Antivirus offers complete protection to computer or mobile device from spyware, malware, viruses as well as other harmful things which can affect the reliability as well as the performance of your device.
  • This can be downloaded as well as set up on any form of system configuration. The McAfee antivirus free needs minimum system resources, thereby making it perfect for those using devices at home as well as for some small purposes.
  • This also offers free upgrades as well as fast access to newer features

Everyone can get access to trouble-free and safe internet and computer use with the assistance of the McAfee antivirus. The maker of this software puts in lots of effort constantly to give some of the most excellent features to the users via investing in technology. The McAfee antivirus free has been often reviewed for proper updates. For computer users, you will have seamless security as well as scanning for viruses with the latest version of McAfee Antivirus Plus without the need to spend any amount. The McAfee antivirus free is comparable to the paid Antivirus available on the market, which is available due to its high detection capabilities. Please Read more about ESET antivirus

mcafee antivirus plus

McAfee Antivirus is Best For

  • If you have a plan of protecting your file and business, whether small or big, the McAfee antivirus is indeed the best choice.
  • Due to the smart licensing policy of this program, you are free to protect as many computer devices as you want with one single that again is ideal if you are running a company.
  • McAfee provides a line-up of free tools that enable you to put into practice parental control as well as block the spam which keeps coming on to your email.


This MacAfee review will not be completed without assessing the features. McAfee is integrated with remarkable features that are one of the many reasons why it is considered one of the best antiviruses available today.

McAfee bundles many features into its product. Aside from classic protection features common in most antivirus products available, McAfee also incorporates a Silent Full-Screen feature that ends all the notifications of Antivirus from being shown, whereas full-screen applications are working. Therefore, it will not interfere with your work. It also equipped with a secure file shredder feature, which is very useful and lets you permanently as well as delete confidential files without leaving traces of them as well as getting rid of all recovery possibilities. Also, it is optimized for computers/laptops by including a battery saving mode, which will leave rigorous scans that need more power as well as resources for later, the moment your computer is plugged into a power source.

mcafee antivirus review

Ransomware Detection

Experts revealed that you would never have a full picture unless you run a ransomware simulator on your computer or laptop and see how Antivirus behaves. Ransomware is a small program or app which fill and swarm your computer and encrypts documents, images as well as mP3 files it can get to. McAfee is a reliable antivirus that can find this ransomware and then kill it.

Like for instance, during an assessment, high-end brands can detect it ahead of time. First, it counteracts the threat. Secondly, it cured the encrypted files. However, research shows that McAfee falls short in knowing the ransomware as a possible threat and allows it to encrypt a huge number of data or files.

Don’t allow this result to disappoint you. As stated, in a real world assessment, this Antivirus successfully detects as well as neutralizes a lot of threats based on behavior, and that is what matters in due course.

mcafee antivirus review

Phishing Protection

For spyware and malware to take files, get in full control of a computer remotely, or cause various kinds of harms, the coder is required to know the operating system and look for ways to fool it. a phishing coder has just one purpose, to make you enter your password and login into a replica of a well-secured website.

Through this way, they take the credentials and can access your credit cards as well as bank accounts instantly. The list of potentially risky websites is continuously updated. On the other hand, we decided to check if this Antivirus can recognize replicas, which were reported, however not analyzed. Read More about Bitdefender Antivirus

During a test, experts launched many phishing URLs in various browsers, and they were astounded and impressed by the outcomes. According to the data, 50 percent of the antivirus engines fall short at securing the computer. Kaspersky indeed stands out when it comes to protection. But, with the development of McAfee, Kaspersky has now contention. Like Kaspersky, McAfee also have 100 percent protection rate or score. What is more, it is also proved to be good and impressive when tried on Mac operating system.  The leading Antivirus just blocked 84% of the unsafe and risky URLs while the McAfee antivirus is able to block and managed to carry out flawless with 100 percent accuracy. Read More about Avira Antivirus

mcafee antivirus free

Malware Protection

State of the art McAfee works efficiently and effectively against phishing. It blocks the huge mainstream of suspicious sites during browsing. It also works well against rootkits, spyware as well as Trojans and effectively filters spam too. Sad to say, there is no chat or adware protection included.

According to the assessments and evaluations, McAfee is able to block approximately 85 percent of malicious links; some of them are obstructed by ceasing access to the URL. With regards to phishing, MacAfee internet security has to turn out to be better. On the other hand, one of the drawbacks of this antivirus software is that it does not inform the user about spyware; it obstructs- it silently quarantine without you being attentive to it.

mcafee antivirus plus

Scanning Options

Thorough and 24/7 scanning is the strong side of this Antivirus because it does well on all kinds of scans.

USB virus scan:

  • Schedules and real-time monitoring
  • Auto and manual virus scanning
  • Registry startup scan

What is more, this Antivirus comes with a firewall that keeps you safe and sound during browsing as well as scanning social media pages for possible threats.

User-friendly Antivirus

McAfee aside from easy to install and is easy to use as well. It is fast to download, but you have to make an account even when you utilize a free version. The McAfee total protection 2019 has clearly labeled tools and buttons, and the essential features are shown on the main interface. You don’t need to do much as the software will do the whole thing for you. This Antivirus will handle the:

  • Real-time scanning
  • Instant updates from the newest database
  • Instant allowing after the start of the computer or device
  • Security during browsing
  • Scheduling of thorough and detailed scans

If this is your first time using McAfee antivirus, there is a tour that explains how this software functions, as well as which way the tools and functions are used. It is set off if you open the app for the very first time. The only which has challenges and difficulties is the discovery of quarantined spyware or malware- this Antivirus does not inform the user regarding the blocked threats. The blocked spyware, malware as well as viruses can be found in the Setting section.

mcafee antivirus

User Interface

The main screen of the McAfee antivirus has five sections, such as:

Home Tab: It has a Home tab wherein you can see the dashboard, displaying some statistics concerning the protected apps, threats, and many others. You can also put in more devices to the license you bought.

PC Security: This tab holds the basic functions in scanning, which takes account of real-time scanning that checks files the moment you access them. Other features such as updating, cookie deletion, and firewalls can also be found in this section.

Performance Tab: This is an appealing way of isolating the speed-boosting features of McAfee. It might not have a direct effect on the protection of your computer. However, it boosts performance. This tab is easy to use, all you need to do is to install App Boost that boosts loading times as well as speed up apps which are already loaded.

In a similar tab, you will find Web Boost that can speed up the browser by obstructing auto-playing videos. You will have to download it individually from the suite. Read More About Norton Antivirus

My Privacy Tab: This Antivirus claims to be the best security solution for your computer and smartphone around. To give good reasons for this claim, it puts some seriously hard work into the protection of the file. The outcome can be viewed in the My Privacy tab. Here, you can handle your encrypt files, passwords, check the devices connected to your network, set parental controls, and many others.

My Info: My Info is the last tab. It expresses standard security info like product information, a log of doubtful activities on your computer, as well as assists and supports the information.

Download and Installation Process

It only takes a couple of minutes to install this Antivirus. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  • Click McAfee official website
  • Download setup file
  • Run the file to set up the antivirus suite
  • If needed, press the Improve Protection Function

Once the setup is completed, never forget to make a strong password to make sure solid security a

For the average user, you will find it easier to install this Antivirus- there is no setting specified during the process of installation, and the official website will recommend an appropriate antivirus version for your operating system.

  • McAfee User interface 

A moment ago, McAfee remade the interface of Antivirus for windows. It has a short menu which breaks down into five sections, such as Home, PC Security, Identity, Privacy as well as Account. On the left portion, there is a security indicator that displays the level of security as well as the list of secured and protected devices. In the past few months, this company renewed macOS version design, therefore two desktop versions. The mobile app also integrated with intuitive navigation: the entire basic features can be managed in just a few clicks.

mcafee antivirus

  • McAfee Performance

This Antivirus has a downside like it affects the performance of the computer as well as causes constant logging even if you work on the background. The effect is considerable during thorough scanning; for instance, each time you want to attach files to emails, navigate programs or software, there may be a considerable slowdown. Read more About Kaspersky Antivirus

It can work to the illogical; the cursor does not catch up, as well as the users click the wrong keys. This is a drawback for people who play or work. So, the scanning of this Antivirus must be done if you don’t have to utilize a computer or desktop.

McAfee Package Features

Like other types of Antivirus available out there, McAfee also offers various kinds of packages to choose from. Some of the packages they offer to take account of the following:

  • McAfee Antivirus: Basic features just available for Windows OS
  • McAfee Antivirus Plus:
  • This package provides safe browsing, cross-platform solution, as well as optimization tools for one computer are integrated.
  • McAfee Internet Security: This takes account of password Manager, and it is also integrated with a spam filter.
  • McAfee Total Protection: This McAfee package is integrated with encrypted storage as well as a computer boost tool that is more to the features mentioned above. With top tiers, five to ten licenses identity Safe Protection as well as advanced Parental Control systems are integrated too.
  • McAfee LiveSafe: Virtually the same as McAfee Total Protection; however, with the top tier, you will acquire an unlimited number of licenses, as well as identify safe protection is integrated into the plans. 
  • All McAfee packages of the program support:
  • Security of personal tools on Windows. Advanced packages which take account of Android, iOS as well as Mac devices.
  • Two-way firewallaims to keep your computer and file safe and sound from spyware, rootkits, as well as bots.

mcafee antivirus free

Protection Against Ransomware 

MacAfee File shredder to delete files from the device or computer permanently.

Gaming mode.

Apart from basic security options, this Antivirus also provides some extras such as:

  • Password Manager: This enables you to no fret about the secure storage of your password
  • Encrypted storage: Allows you to keep the file and data security thanks to the 1286-bit encryption;
  • Identity Theft Protection: This stands for credit monitoring as well as identity tracking with other valuable features such as Lost Wallet Support.
  • Safe Family: This is a new advanced system of parental control that enables you to track the digital activities of your kids, trace physical location block apps and specified websites, and many others.

McAfee Antivirus Supports well as Customer Service

Another amazing perk of this Antivirus that is worth mentioning is the 24 hours and 7 days of customer support. The customer staff helps at each level of product use. Also, you can find extensive knowledge based on the website, and a frequently asked question page as well as community forums. McAfee antivirus support service is available via phone, email as well as live chat- you can also pick any convenient way. This is a considerable perk; a lot of well-established agencies are far from the level of support.

mcafee antivirus

How to Buy McAfee Online?

You can buy McAfee antivirus from the official website or the authorized website. Each time you choose to get McAfee protection on your device, Google out some of the options available. There are lots of McAfee antivirus providers out there like the official website, CNET, and, and many others. Visit any site and search for the antivirus product. There will be lots of choices like McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Antivirus Plus, and many others.

You need to assess the features as well as the system requirements of the McAfee antivirus protection if you wish to and check the price and see if it fits your budget or not. When completed, click the Buy Now and fill in the needed details such as email address and the mode of payment too. Once the transaction has done, note down your order details if there is like the number of licenses as well as the product key. In another tab of the browser, open your email account and check of you have received a download link or not.

mcafee antivirus reviews

If there’s some in your inbox, click to open the mail and then click the download click. Take a printout of the manual as well as a set of guides as well to keep away making errors during the process of installation. When prompted, save the downloaded file to your laptop. After that, you need to navigate to the directory wherein the file is stored and open it. You’ll be welcomed by the setup wizard of the McAfee antivirus. Press the “Next Button” and follow the instructions on the screen. Fill in the needed info such as product key, email address and then click or press the finish tab.

When you are prompted, restart your device. Once your device has rebooted, you’ll find or see the icon of McAfee on your desktop. In case it is not visible on desktop, click the start menu and go to Windows Vista or 7 or all programs. You’ll find McAfee antivirus there and then right-click the program and make a shortcut icon on the desktop, and that’s it. Click the software, update it as well as launch a full scan when you want to scan your device for viruses and infections.

If you purchased over one user licenses for this Antivirus, set it up on another computer too. Follow the same instruction and complete the installation. If you encounter an issue that cannot fix or address, don’t hesitate to contact the online support or the technical support of the company to fix the problem.

Pros and Cons


  • Friendly Interface: State of the art McAfee has some new, improved features and has been popular for its strong, defending as well as protecting your computer. The central navigation provides the view of the available tools in one list. Even the essential tools like log files and the history of the Scan are accessible with ease with the assistance of this list. You can see the log for the last thirty days in the log files that would take account of the list of programs or viruses blocked in the past thirty days.
  • Safe Web Browsing: The latest features which are integrated include the safety index of the site, which assists in browsing safely as it warns you with the diverse color index that is safer to use. As a result, you tend to end up with a credible site.
  • Easy Data Management: We often think about what if somebody could recover the vital file from our device even if you delete it. This Antivirus has come up with the new tools in the Antivirus, which will assist in deleting the data from the computer permanently; as a result, no one can get back the files without delay.
  • Easy to Manage Junk Files: After prolonged use, the computer becomes slow due to the unused files, temp files as well as cookies. As a result, the new tool from this Antivirus assists you in cleaning the junk.
  • Easy to Scan and has Removable Drives: McAfee has new features that run a fast scan on your disk once it is connected to the comp for infection or malicious program, so your computer is safe and isn’t infected.

Other Benefits Offered

  • Other perks offered by McAfee antivirus takes account of the following:
  • High scores in a various test of malicious blocking of the URL address
  • Lots of bonus features offered
  • Superb customer support accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, phone and live chat
  • Ideal for tablets and smartphones
  • 99 percent of false positives- this doesn’t block safe files and programs
  • Better performance as well as proactive security in real-time
  • 2-way firewall blocks unnecessary traffic packets from going into your computer
  • 30-day money-back warranty
  • The improved interface is user-friendly
  • Free tech support is available via email, chat, forums, video tutorials and FAQs
  • Excellent in detecting malicious URLs


  • Long installation process: Installing McAfee is not as impressive as it takes a few hours
  • Virtually all the services offered can be disabled by spyware and malware
  • Weak bonus firewall
  • Low rates in detecting phishing
  • Needs virtually 80 percent of computer power and resource hungry
  • Doesn’t feature protection of vulnerable program, there are no USB or CD rescue files
  • Setting controls are allocated to diverse locations in the interface which make it hard to find specific controls
  • Capability to clean spyware from the computer which have been infected is average

McAfee Cost and Pricing

The pricing of McAfee usually depends on many tools or devices connected. McAfee total protection costs are:

  • 1 device is USD 34.99
  • 5 devices are for USD39.99
  • 10 devices are for USD44.99

Also, users can order a thirty-day free trial, ideal for Mac, tablets, PCs, tablets as well as smartphones and up to ten tools can be connected.

Also, there is a 100 percent money-back warranty in the event the software does not detect malware and viruses; naturally, a lot of extra terms apply; the service is accessible for users from some countries only.

mcafee antivirus free

  • Security and Reliability

In recent years, the scores of this Antivirus in various tests have been controversial- the program repels malware well while taking for granted new threats.

Researches and experts assess the superiority of the security in accordance to various criteria such as how it secures against malware, how remarkable the performance as well as how it interferes with usability. For every aspect, the software can earn 6 points as well as get the utmost 18 points.

The score of this Antivirus ranged from 14 to 17 during the previous years. So, this Antivirus is far from perfect; even if it prevents widespread attacks as well as obstructs well-known threats, this software fails to mitigate Trojan viruses for banking.

The good news is that the packages come with a firewall that hides ports and survives web attacks effectively. Rather than sending requests for connection, this firewall performs the control of the program on its own. It is effective except for the events when a targeted attack is made.

This Antivirus has gaming mode, which hangs up some of its functions while playing computer games. Therefore, you aren’t obstructed by pop up reminders. On the other hand, you should allow this feature since it does not start automatically.

Since the year 2017, McAfee has presented real protect function that can identify threats using analyzing suspicious objects. This begins registering the activity and needs cloud-based analysis- the outcomes can rank the data as malware.

  • Coupons and Discounts

Under the structure of the promo campaign of this Antivirus, you can get this top notch program with an appealing discount. The McAfee Total Protection ideal for one device bought with coupons, which only cost USD34.99, so you save almost 60% of its original price.

The most excellent deal is the McAfee total protection for ten devices with a price of USD44.99 that is USD75 lower than its original cost.

mcafee antivirus

Final Thoughts

Even if the McAfee antivirus is the not best and safest Antivirus available on the market at this point, users commend and praise it for simplicity of usage as well as superb security in specific cases. This is integrated with state of the art features that can’t be seen on other leading ant viruses out there. Some of the best features integrated take account of LiveSafe, firewall, as well as multi-factor authentication, which makes it stands out from the rest. McAfee antivirus is highly suggested for home, and business use as the number of devices connected is not limited.

The Winner

McAfee is indeed the best option because it provides more protection features and additional utilities than Norton. Lab tests show that both are superb when it comes to malware protection and the effect on computer performance. However, McAfee is cheaper than Norton and has lots of package offers.


This section is intended to help you get to know more about this Antivirus. If you have questions in mind not included in this section, don’t hesitate to call the customer hotline number:

Q: What is Antivirus Total Protection from McAfee?

McAfee antivirus keeps your computer and important files safe and sound from major cyber threats like spyware, viruses, malware, ransomware, unwanted programs, and many others. This program is configured with state of the art optimization tools, thus assisting your computer in carrying out smoothly. This device allows the security of your data in all kinds of devices it doesn’t matter if it is a tablet, Smartphone, Mac as well as personal computer.

McAfee antivirus for desktops also offers privacy security against digital identity thefts by securing sensitive files as well as deleting cookies. Many devices can be achieved with one subscription.

Q: How does McAfee perform as a TIN or Threat Intelligence Network?

McAfee antivirus has been in the business for three decades. It continuously collects data on fileless attacks, malware, viruses as well as possible threats from over 500 million endpoints from all parts of the globe.

Q: How does this Antivirus ensure endpoint security?

To provide a close-knit comprehending a posture and risk, it safeguards the whole digital terrain. The McAfee endpoint security software for Windows 10 as well as for Windows 7 keeps the system safe and sound from ransomware, zero-day, fight fileless, as well as nuisance attacks together with up to date unified management as well as augmented defense.

Q: How does McAfee Transforming Data Security Online? 

McAfee’s Antivirus online is changing data security fast. It’s implementing as well as improvising on values key pointers such as:

  • Cloud-based threat analysis provides security against viruses that takes account of ransomware and malware
  • The multi-factor password manager gets rid of the pressure and stress of utilizing passwords
  • It safeguards the firewall to obstruct hackers from going into the network
  • McAfee keeps important and sensitive files secure and private by keeping them with 128-bit encryption.

Q: Is McAfee Antivirus reasonable? 

McAfee antivirus provides diverse types of services based on the package you choose. The subscription might differ; it depends on the plans such as:

  • Individual: For the protection of your computer, you get a license at Rs. 1,299 a year.
  • Household: Makes sure antivirus security of many devices at your home
  • Multi-tool or devices: If you want to settle on for the antivirus protection of many devices, you can acquire this Antivirus for only 3,499 a year.

You can ask for a call back to acquire an ideal quote for this Antivirus. You can acquire diverse McAfee antivirus offers, too.

Q: What are the Benefits of this Product?

McAfee Antivirus makes use of diverse security analytics, cloud security, machine learning technologies as well as SIEM for detecting malicious acts and making a comprehensive protection network for the device. There is a web tool that helps in streaming online devoid of fear or threat of virus assimilation.

  • Performance Optimization: Reduce the use of bandwidth, keep the computer as good as new as well as block auto-play videos.
  • Safe Browsing Experience: Keep safe from malware and viruses attacks while visiting the internet.
  • Multi-device and Cross-Platform App: Handle and protect your devices in a simple web-page.
  • Lock Confidential Files: This Antivirus can keep personal files secure with the assistance of encryption as well as protection of the password.

Q: Is McAfee Antivirus compatible to all operating systems?

State of the art McAfee antivirus for PC and Mac both are accessible. Antivirus mobile is also on hand.

Q: What’s McAfee LiveSafe? 

This offers the same set of options as the McAfee Total Protection. The only disparity is the capability to secure an unlimited number of tools or devices. You can utilize this on any device which includes laptops, desktop computers, tablets as well as smartphones.

McAfee vs. Norton 

Two of the best option of Antivirus today is McAfee and Norton. Let us make a comparison to know which one is the best.

  • Features: McAfee stands out when it comes to features as it provides advanced protection features as well as utilities in its safety suites.
  • Anti-malware: Norton is better than McAfee when it comes to detecting as well as blocking malware.
  • Effect on the Speed of the Computer: Concerning performance, both performed well in recent tests.
  • Pricing: When it comes to pricing, McAfee provides a better subscription compared to Norton as of its cheap pricing structure.
  • Popularity: McAfee is more popular than Norton
  • Customer Ratings: Both enjoy superb and excellent ratings from users.