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  • Keylogging feature
  • Offers money-back guarantee of 15 days
  • Record calls, surroundings
  • Totally undetectable
  • Features 14 Sophisticated Surveillance Attributes


  • Does not provide a free demo
  • Expensive
  • Some of the features require rooting and jailbreak

Monitoring someone’s daily activity on a computer and cell phone may seem pointless to those who don’t know the possible risks of living in a digital age. Social media is dangerous. Yes, you read it right – and there are actually a bunch of predators seeking to take advantage of those innocent children. Understanding the latent risks that are present in the world today gives you an appreciation to help keep your kids safe at all times.

Parents, being protective in nature, always have the tendency to worry and sometimes get scared about the safety of their children. They always want to know who their children are talking to, who their friends are and what they are up to. Just like parents, most of the business owners also need to monitor their employee’s daily computer and internet activities. With this, business owners can assure the productivity of his or her employees, knowing that they are being monitored.

Mobistealth Reviews

That is why it is very important to monitor a cell phone and computer of an employee or one’s children. Teenagers these days are fond of using cell phones and computers for so many reasons. While using these devices has its own advantages, it also makes children at risk to threats that most parents never had to worry about before. It is also important to know that there are predators waiting out there for your kids to make a mistake. As parents, trusting your kids and allowing them to be independent can boost their confidence. On the other hand, there are times they lack judgment in making the right decision. The best way to avoid and help your children is by installing a computer and cell phone monitoring software that is designed to prevent the risk of becoming a serious problem.

Cell phone and computer software like MobiStealth are designed to help you free from all your worries. In this comprehensive MobiStealth Review, we are going to discuss how this software performs against its competitors in terms of pricing, features and reliability.

Features of MobiStealth

MobiStealth is a computer and cell phone monitoring software designed to monitor your kid’s and employee’s both computer and cell phone activities. This platform collects information and directly sends them to the users’ MobiStealth account. MobiStealth is easy to download and stays unseen within your children’s device and assures that your kids cannot tinker with this amazing software.

The platform features provide everything parents need to know about their kids and keep track of their daily device activities 24/7. With the aid of this software, it is also possible to know the whereabouts of their kids, monitor chats, calls, text messages, email and among others. MobiStealth also supports almost all mobile phone platforms like the iOS, BlackBerry and Android Operating System, making it perfect for use by many parents.

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MobiStealth offers adequate cell phone and computer monitoring features in different packages: MobiStealth Basic, MobiStealth and MobiStealthLite. When compared to other spy software, this monitoring application also caters to standard features like tracking emails, the next text messages, phone call records, GPS locations, emails, etc. The monitoring app, as the name itself, suggests, uses Stealth technology, meaning the app runs in the background of the phone without being detected. This is very important especially if you want to monitor your target’s daily phone activities secretly. The Most amazing spy app Spyera

Take a look for more corroborated features of the MobiStealth monitoring software.

  • Tamper-proof

This monitoring software is a tamper-proof solution, which means parents can monitor their kid’s online activities secretly. The good thing is that MobiStealth cannot be detected as the application runs in the background. The tamper-proof feature is one of the most important things to consider when planning to purchase a spy app. And since the function of this app is discreet, this only means that there is no way to alter or tamper it. Rest assured that all the data has not modified by MobiStealth.

  • Surround Recording

With the aid of this app, you can command your target phone to activate the recording remotely. Plus, all the sounds around the phone are also monitored and then sent to you. Having this powerful feature allows you to listen to all the recordings in real-time. This is perfect especially if you want to know what they are talking about or who your target is to talk to.

  • Keylogger

This feature allows you to get hold of the detailed logs of all the key presses. So, whatever the user of the phone presses, or taps anything is sent across and recorded. With this, using this feature of the MobiStealth, you can also capture the user’s username as well as the password of all the accounts. Not only that, but you can also capture the credentials of social media accounts.

  • App List

Another significant feature of this app is the display of the apps. Using MobiStealth, you can easily find out all the installed apps on the target phone. This feature supports both iOS and Android versions, which means you can monitor your kids on both types of Operating systems.

  • No rooting solution

One of the most amazing features of the MobiStealth is that you don’t need to root your mobile device. Likewise, there is no need for you to jailbreak your iPhone device to use the MobiStealth monitoring app. However, if you wish to monitor all the instant messages of your target device, this is the time to jailbreak or root the device. If you don’t want to monitor the social app messages, there is no need to jailbreak or to root at all.

Aside from these features, MobiStealth also includes some of the basic features that are also present to other spy apps.

  • Call Monitoring

You will be able to monitor all the outgoing and incoming calls. Plus, the caller will be mapped and will be displayed on the contacts to let you know who is calling.

  • SMS Monitoring

With this feature, you can track all the received and sent messages on the target phone. This is applicable to both iOS and Android phones.

  • Location Tracking

Another amazing feature of this app is its ability to track the GPS location. Additionally, you can still see the location of your target even if the GPS is turned off.

  • Social Media Monitoring

If the device is rooted, you can monitor every message from the different social media accounts like Skype, Viber, Facebook messages, Snapchat, and WhatsApp.

The following are some of the advanced features of the MobiStealth app:

  • Keylogger
  • Surround Recording
  • Call Recording
  • Gmail Logging

MobiStealth Basic

Are you looking for an economical version of this software? MobiStealth Basic covers all the standard monitoring features such as –

  • Checking and monitoring all the call logs together with the date and time
  • Reading all the text messages whether unread/read or even those deleted ones
  • Flip saved images/pictures
  • Discover the GPS location with the help of the GPS location tracker

This package has the above basic features which majority of the people needed.

MobiStealth Lite

MobiStealth Lite has all the basic features along with the advanced aspects, which helps you to determine the surfing history of your target. Through coming across the web browser’s history of the device, all the internet activities can be revealed along with the phonebook contacts together with all the information like the emails, marked birth dates, messages, house address etc.

This version of the MobiStealth offers more features than the basic version. And it is applicable for parents who wish to have more advanced monitoring features. Aside from that, all your queries can be answered with its live chat support.

MobiStealth Pro

If you are looking for a more advanced package, MobiStealth Pro could be your perfect choice. This version of the MobiStealth accommodates all the functions of both the MobiStealth Basic and the Lite version. MobiStealth Pro has added aspects like the call recording, SIM change notification, IM chats tracker, and video recording features. The ability of the software to record the phone surroundings and the GPS availability are all sent to you on your online account.

So, these are the features incorporated into the three versions. Now, before deciding to buy any subscription, it is suggested to analyze your spy monitoring needs and afterward choose the best one for you and for your kids’ safety.

Parents who are looking for a spy on their kids when they are away or not around and reduce the incidents related to employee theft can gain advantages from monitoring software like the MobiStealth monitoring solution.

MobiStealth: The Pros and Cons

MobiStealth app gets more and more good reviews from satisfied clients. To help you decide if this software is worthy of your investment, have a quick look to its advantages and cons.


  • Keylogging feature
  • Offers money-back guarantee of 15 days
  • Record calls, surroundings
  • Totally undetectable
  • Remotely see movies, pictures, monitor messages, emails, etc.
  • Features 14 Sophisticated Surveillance Attributes
  • Compatible with the most brand of smartphones
  • 24/7 specialized assistance


  • Does not provide a free demo
  • Expensive
  • Some of the features require rooting and jailbreak

MobiStealth Compatibility

MobiStealth supports the entire platform like the iOS, Blackberry, and Android Operating System. Just like other spy software, MobiStealth is compatible to all of these OS, but this app also serves its Symbian OS customers or those who are using Nokia smartphones. Aside from that, the desktop version of this software is available for both Windows and MAC computer systems.

To this cell phone and computer monitoring system, it is recommended to check the operating system version of your targeted device as well as the spy software version. We have listed below all the supported versions.

  • Windows XP/7 for PC
  • iOS 8 for Apple
  • BlackBerry OS up to 7.1
  • Symbian OS for all Nokia devices
  • Android Operating System up to 5.0 version

MobiStealth monitoring app does not include a jailbreak solution, which means it does not need any physical access to your target device. Today, this app without jailbreak is available for all device platforms iOS 9 and above. However, to use this monitoring app, you need to know the password and the login of the target device you wish to monitor.

  • MobiStealth software for iPhone (Jailbreak)

You can spy on MMS, SMS, WhatsApp, photos, emails, videos, iMessages, GPS, browsing history, calls history, WhatsApp, installed apps.

  • MobiStealth software for iPhone (Non-Jailbreak)

Spying on contacts, call history, iMessage, MMS, SMS, LINE, Kik, Viber, WeChat, WhatsApp, and other installed apps.

  • MobiStealth Software for Mac

Spying on browsing history, keystroke, screenshots, Skype, Yahoo Messenger

mobistealth reviews

MobiStealth Pricing

The cost of the MobiStealth is formulated under each category, which means it depends upon your chosen platform. Below are the lists of prices from the minimum to maximum time validity for MobiStealth Basic, MobiStealth Lite and MobiStealth Pro Packages.

  • MobiStealth Monitoring Software for Android – starts from $19.999 up to $139.99
  • MobiStealth Monitoring Software for iPhone – ranges from $19.99 up to $119.99
  • MobiStealth Monitoring Software for BlackBerry – ranges from $19.99 up to $149.99
  • MobiStealth Monitoring Software for Computer – starts from $9.99 and goes up to $99.99
  • MobiStealth Monitoring Software for Symbian/Nokia – starts from $39.99 to $149.99
  • MobiStealth Software for Keystroke Logging – starts from $9.99 up to $99.99 for Windows and ranges from $39.99 up to $79.99 for Mac

The software packages with two weeks’ validity are perfect for beginners. These packages are also ideal for those who are anxious to have the monitoring software and at the same time really eager to check the competence and finally get started with it. Start monitoring your loved ones now and help them stay safe and protected.

mobiStealth review

Is this Spy Software worth Using?

MobiStealth is considered to be one of the most reliable, effective, and comprehensive monitoring software. This can be used for monitoring phone calls, photos, SMS messages, internet flittering and GPS location. MobiStealth, as mentioned earlier, was also designed for employers, business owners and of course, for parents who wish to protect their kids.

We all know that kids cannot control themselves, especially when it comes to screen time and they still need parental guidance. MobiStealth helps you filter out mobile phone applications you consider inappropriate to them. With the aid of the advanced monitoring features of this app, you can locate where your child is, what content he browses and with whom he always hangs out.

MobiStealth is not just a simple spy software, which mainly spies on cell phones only. This application is also known as a comprehensive computer and cell phone monitoring software. And since this software is compatible with Mac and Windows, any employer can install the product on the computer of their workers and be confident that workers inside the office are doing their job. MobiStealth software for employers offers features like Skype Chat, MSN Chat Log, Keystroke logging and Access to Web History. Aside from monitoring the computers, business owners can also control the mobile phones of their workers to avoid from any company information to leak.

mobistealth reviews

MobiStealth: How it Works and its Requirements

MobiStealth monitoring software was solely designed for employee monitoring and parental control. That is why this software can be effectively used by most parents whose purpose is to protect their children from internet predators and employers whose purpose is to protect their business from spreading confidential information. With the aid of the MobiStealth monitoring software, you can always keep track of your kids’ communication and daily internet activities.

If you own a business, this software could bring lots of fortune and money to you. When your employees know that they are being monitored, they will surely work productively. That is why it is suggested for every business owner to use this spy app. You will be able to improve your employees’ performance, earn more money, and reduce wasted resources.

mobistealth login

Using MobiStealth is as easy as 1, 2, and 3! It is very easy to use this software. Just follow these simple steps, and then you are good to go.

  1. Register to MobiStealth account online and then download the installation file application;
  2. Install the MobiStealth app on the target mobile phone or computer
  3. This app works without the help of anyone records all the data on your target cell phone or computer and then send it to your MobiStealth online account,
  4. With the use of your online account, you can view all the information from any device and anytime.

Once the MobiStealth is installed, it begins to work for its purpose – tracking everything without being detected with the target device. All the activities and software logs will be sent to your online account through an automated upload. You can log in to view all the recorded information, anytime and anywhere. Remember to have a good internet connection for easy evaluation of your target’s action and internet activities.

As mentioned above, the compatibility of this software depends on your device’s operating system. These are the operating system requirements.

  • Android Operating System 2.3 and above
  • All iOS versions for Non-Jailbreak
  • iOS 9.3.5 and earlier for Jailbreak
  • Mac Operating System X 10.6 and above
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista and 10

Before buying this monitoring software, make sure that your target device is compatible with the MobiStealth. As mentioned earlier, the software is compatible with all the devices running under Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. If you want to find out more about other compatible devices, a full list of all the supported devices can be seen on the MobiStealth website. Check it out and find out if your mobile phone is supported before deciding to buy this software.

Keep in mind that you need to have access to the target device and take note that you can’t install the app remotely. Furthermore, make sure that the mobile phone has an internet connection as it is required to activate and download the software. This monitoring app also uses the internet to send all the activity logs to your online account.

Also, avoid jailbreaking or rooting the device, because MobiStealth’s monitoring feature is only accessible on a rooted Android phone or a jailbroken iPhone. If you really need this feature, that’s the time for you to jailbreak or root the device.

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What Customers are saying about MobiStealth

MobiStealth aims to provide customer satisfaction to every client. This is why it is very important to regularly check the customers and ask them about the service and product performance. With this, MobiStealth can learn about the areas they need to improve and find more ways to enhance their customer service experience better. As a means of collecting responses, below are some of the real customer reviews written by real clients.

“I wanted to trace the exact location of my son because he always comes home late for the last few weeks. It was then my friend who suggested me to use the MobiStealth software. Primarily, I had some hesitations due to some negative comments on the internet about the quality of the service. However, their customer support assured me that those negative reviews are plainly posted by most of their competitors just to ruin and create a negative impression about them. So, what I did is I decided to give it a try. I am so glad about their quality of service and until now, I can easily track the location of my son. I would highly suggest MobiStealth help you guys trace the location of your kids. But, keep in mind that no monitoring software can be 10% effective due to the nature of the product.”   – Mark Smith

“MobiStealth has helped me a lot. I bought this app for my daughter to assure she is always safe and protected. I want her to reached school and then came back home safely without facing any trouble. Every time I encountered problems using this app, their customer support is always there to answer, and I was always satisfied with their answers. For those who wish to track their kids’ daily activities, MobiStealth is very useful.”    – Christine

Always remember that before buying a certain product, always consider the customer reviews. Customer reviews have the power to influence the decisions of every customer. It has the power to gain trust and encourage people to send feedback to the company. The above reviews are just some of the reviews given by satisfied MobiStealth customers.

MobiStealth vs. mSpy

Believe it or not, it is not required for every parent to always keep an eye on their kids in order to keep them away from any harm. Most of the governments and countries are taking all the necessary steps to impose laws against cyberbullying crimes. However, it is still the duty and responsibility of every parent to know their children’s daily activities without invading their time alone. Luckily, monitoring apps are here to the rescue. Today, we are going to show you the comparison of the two of the most popular monitoring apps today, the MobiStealth and mSpy. We advice you to choose Spy Apps for Android & Best Cell Phone Spy Software


  • Installation and Initialization

Without a doubt, both MobiStealth and mSpy both have the same initialization and installation process. Both these monitoring apps have internet portals where you can see all the activities performed on your target device. You can also control your target device from anywhere, enable or disable features, and change the configuration.

Mspy free trial

  • Compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, MobiStealth is compatible to almost all mobile operating systems which includes iOS, Android, BlackBerry, desktop PCs, laptops and Symbian for Nokia users. MobiStealth does not support non-jailbroken devices while mSpy is available for Android and iOS and supports both non-jailbroken and jailbroken devices. It is also available for laptops and desktop PCs running Mac and Windows OS.

  • Key Features

In terms of the key features, mSpy has a huge advantage against MobiStealth as it has amazing features of social media monitoring, including Viber, Snapchat, Facebook, and WhatsApp which are some of the most popular social media platforms for kids and teenagers. With all of these features, you can monitor your kids’ daily activities, conversations with friends and even strangers to avoid the possible risks of cyberbullying.

  • Other Features

mSpy and MobiStealth both allow users to the videos, photos, and all the files stored on your target device remotely. Though the MobiStealth monitoring app does not have as much feature as the mSpy, both of these apps allow users to detect the location of the target device and monitor network activities as well as all the events stored on your target device.


Remarkably both the MobiStealth and mSpy have so many packages and plans that make it easier for all users to choose the right one according to their needs. However, as mentioned earlier, mSpy features are way better than MobiStealth, which makes it a better choice for some people who wants to have advanced features at a very reasonable price. MobiStealth is available for $20 for Android per two weeks with its basic plan while mSpy offers $60 for 3 months with its basic plan.

If you want you to want to monitor your kids with the basic monitoring features, then MobiStealth is a better option for you. On the other hand, those who want all the available and possible features in monitoring services, then mSpy is a better catch. mSpy Monitoring App offers:

  • Best Balance of Features
  • Easy Installation
  • Excellent Customer Support
  • Non-jailbreak and jailbreak versions

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MobiStealth – Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the commonly asked questions by parents, business owners, and those who are interested and intrigued by this software.

Can I install the MobiStealth remotely?

If you are wondering if you can install the software remotely, well, the answer is no. This software is only available for employers and parents who wish to check on their employees and kids. MobiStealth is directly installed to your target phone. However, if you cannot directly get your hands to the target device, installing the monitoring app is impossible.

How can I remove MobiStealth from my Android device?

If your phone is Android version 4.0 and above, you only need to follow these simple steps:

  • Tap on the settings icon
  • Tap on Apps
  • Then tap on the Data Controller
  • Tap Uninstall to remove the MobiStealth app

If your phone has an Android version 4.0 below, follow the steps below:

  • Tap on the Settings icon
  • Look for the Location and Security and tap it
  • Tap on the Select device administrators
  • Then tap on the Device Admin
  • Tap on Deactivate
  • Then tap the OK button to confirm

Is there any software or application to run the monitoring software?

All you need to do is run the MobiStealth software on your web browser along with a stable internet access and the software installed on your target device.

Will I receive all the updates?

Yes. As long as your MobiStealth account is active, you will continue to receive all the updates without any charge.

Is the monitoring software installed on my phone or the SIM card?

Never mind your SIM cards. The monitoring software is installed on your mobile phone and not on your SIM card.


MobiStealth is an efficient spy app when compared to other spy software. It is an amazing application and a go-to-spy app by most parents and employers. This monitoring app, as mentioned above, is compatible with almost all service carriers like orange, AT&T, Three, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Vodafone and Virgin Mobile. You can also install this app on any of the following operating systems like iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian/Nokia or Android. Please read more about Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android Undetectable

All LG, Motorola, Samsung, and Sony devices are compatible with the MobiStealth monitoring application. If the target device is jailbroken, you must have an iOS 9.0.2 operating system in order to make the app working. MobiStealth is by far one of the most efficient of all the spy software we have tested. However, in terms of value, it is important to consider mSpy as your best option. Aside from its ability to keep track of more chat apps, they also offer superior support.

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