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Neck Hammock Reviews

The Neck Hammock






Value for the Money




Ease of Use



  • Alleviate serious neck pain.
  • Takes only ten minutes to use.
  • Comfortable and Durable.
  • Fast Relief from Neck Spasms and Neck Pains.
  • The more you use it, the better you’ll feel


  • Some users felt uncomfortable when using the Neck Hammock.
  • Cannt be used If you are under 16.
  • Shouldn’t be utilized by people suffering from acute cervical injury.

The Neck Hammock Reviews

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a device that can help you relax and get rid of chronic neck pain, look no further than The Neck Hammock. It is easy to use and comes with accessories that allow you to use them in various kinds of positions and just need 15 minutes of your time.

Pros: You can alleviate serious neck pain with ease with the Neck Hammock that takes only ten minutes to use. It provides you the immovability and firmness that you want when you use it in a standing or lying position.

Cons: Some users felt uncomfortable when utilizing the Neck Hammock. They wanted that it provided more traction. Other users also wanted the maker of this product to include a guide or manual on how to utilize it.

Neck pain is considered one of the most common pains in our body. In most cases, it is hard work, which caused a neck ache. Spending more time on your laptop or reading documents can lead to serious neck pain. However, a lot of people acquire this issue because of other factors. Due to this annoying issue, we would like to present to you one of the best relief for neck pain: the Neck Gadget. We also recommend to read about best Doc Socks

You can leave behind all those remedies for neck pain that you have been using for many years. The Neck Hammock is a one stop solution for your neck issues. Neck pain is one of the most frequent health issues for people who haven’t yet heard about this best neck pain relief.

You will find different reasons why you might experience neck pain. That rough discomfort could be the outcome of work-related stress and poor posture. Some individuals are not lucky enough to experience congenital cases, causing their spine to malfunction. No matter the reason for all your suffering, Neck Hammock could help you. This back yet smart device could relieve your neck pain in just ten minutes per day! Read more about Best Posture Corrector Device

The best thing about this hammock is that it replicates the methods utilized by physical therapists. Not to mention that you could also bring it anywhere you want, hassle-free!

  • Sessions could last ten minutes, and it does not need any professional ad
  • Hangs from any door handle to offer a convenient support
  • Strong straps that can support improved blood flow, which helps your body fix itself

What is Neck Hammock


What is Neck Hammock?

A Neck Hammock is a modern and groundbreaking neck pain solution available. Do you always feel pain and soreness in your neck due to your physical activity or daily tasks? Rest easy that this Neck Hammock can help you address that issue.

This modern neck pain relief is a portable, straightforward, but effective solution for throbbing and annoying neck pain. You won’t need to visit the therapist or chiropractic to address your neck pain. This Neck Hammock will give you the best and most comfortable solution for serious neck fatigue and pain. When you utilize it, you will sense the pressure on your neck, slowly fading away, thus makes you relaxed and calm. Also read about dodow.

Research shows that 63 million people in the United States were suffering from chronic aches like neck pain, which eventually lead them to a therapist or chiropractor. This fact doesn’t tell us just how many people need a reliable product to cope with this issue.

That’s how innovation works. See being in a world at this point with all the smart inventions. You’ll immediately realize how much you rely on technology to expand and grow. Luckily Neck Hammock is here to help you cope with your neck issues once and for all.

This incredible device is very reliable and helpful for alleviating neck pain as it makes use of the powerful integration of gravity as well as resistance bands. By mixing those two factors, it makes a controlled stretch, which helps with better posture, increases blood circulation, and pinched nerves.

This product was made by Steve Suddell, who is a doctor by profession. He is also a professional physical therapist and at the same time, a sportsman. After experiencing a constant neck pain, he decided to create something sleek, which will help with his setback. Thanks to his invention, you can feel relief on neck pain too.

What is the Ideal Posture?

You might already understand that standing up straight is the proper posture. However, are you one of those people who consider a good posture? Here’s a quick test to know if you’re practicing the right posture.

Take your shoes off and stand with your rear against the wall to determine which posture you have. Open your chest and touch the wall with your shoulder blades with your heels at least fifteen inches apart while your butt is pushing against the wall. Take note that you MUST touch the wall.

Is your head in contact with the wall? Then everything is good. But if not, you might have a forward head position. This is very bad for your neck.

In case you didn’t know yet, a forward head is caused by long sessions of staring at a PC screen and continuous need to look at your smartphones. This kind of problem has become a severe one for your posture. You could help get rid of this issue by improving the muscles within your neck. Try to do exercise as much as possible for your neck muscle and upper neck. Nonetheless, bear in mind that training exercise is not enough, and it won’t assure you to resolve your neck pain.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Neck pain is the way of the body of informing you that something is wrong. This is like discomfort in any other portions of your body. Remember that neck pain could be present in any of the cervical vertebrae linking the base of your skull to the thoracic case. Other structures such as the lymph nodes, thyroid gland, blood vessels, and trachea are also discovered in the neck and could be a major source of pain.

Therefore, the most typical causes of temporary neck pain are the following:

  • Sleeping

A good night’s sleep could benefit your physical and mental health. However, it could be a pain in the neck if your sleep is wrong. Your muscles could begin to rebel when they become irritated about how you slept. That will make it difficult for you to turn your head from both sides.

  • Carrying a shoulder bag

That huge bag you bring to work – studded with lots of items – might be stylish. Nonetheless, it might be doing lots of stress on your shoulders. Your shoulder bag is pulling down on one side. You are utilizing the muscles in your necks and muscles to keep your shoulders and head upright. Continuously straining your muscles could result to pain.

  • Slumping over at work

People generally spend most of their time hunched rather than sitting upright. That puts more load on the muscles of your back and neck.

  • Playing with children

Do you have a kid? Then probabilities are you have been that generous to your neck and back. You might notice that kids like to jump off the ground into your arms when you lift them. You didn’t know that it’s the ideal setup for an injury.

  • Doing household chores

Do you like working overhead? Then you know that you’re leaning your head backward for a long period. Professionals at this thing work all day in particular positions. They have adjusted themselves to this.

How Can You Set up a Neck Hammock?

Do you have a neck hammock in your home? You can get rid of your neck pain and take advantage of various benefits. Take note that a neck hammock should hang two to four inches from the surface when it’s hanging. You will get a better stretch if it’s a bit higher from the ground. The majority of average adults like their hammock to hang at least three to four inches from the surface. It has an adjustable strap if you like to adjust the height to fit for you.

One of the best things you must do when you are utilizing a neck hammock is to listen to how your body truly feels. You might notice someday where you require some tension and in some days, no tension. You don’t require physical therapy sessions if you’re continuous in using the device. All you need to do is to follow the steps when setting up your neck hammock at home.

The first step is wrapping the device around your door handle. Then close your door. The neck hammock will be hanging on the other side of your door. The next step you must do is to keep your head in. Enjoy the rejuvenating moment. You could feel changes in your muscles, and the pain in your neck is slowly vanishing.

On the other hand, you can also utilize a rail pole with a step to set it up easily. You can do this if you do not like your neck hammock hanging in your door handle.

Who Can Buy and Benefit this Product?

The Neck Hammock is a kind of cervical traction equipment, which is appropriate for anyone coping with frequent or constant head and neck pain. Some reasons why you experience neck pain are:

  • You spend most of your time staring up or down to your laptop or smartphone.
  • You are experiencing a herniated disk somewhere in your neck or back
  • You experience from a compressed nerve
  • Wrong sleeping position
  • You have TMI or a similar dental issue

A lot of people at this point suffer serious neck pain due to strain muscle that takes place due to how they utilize their electronic gadgets. If you bend down frequently and bend your shoulders over to look at the screens, you will put more stress and pressure on your neck. Eventually, this can result in extreme pain, which can move in your shoulders and down your back. Even though you can shell out for a physical therapist or doctor appointment, also you can utilize the Neck Hammock. This handy and portable tool gives amazing respite at the end of the day.

Can It Be An Ideal In-Home Solution?

Indeed. You do not need to utilize medication or spend a huge amount of time with a physical therapist if you are suffering from neck pain. You could make that pain vanish from the comfort of your own home! The neck muscles stretch and relax through cervical traction. It boosts circulation and blood flow. Employing a neck hammock is efficient, and you simply need to use it for at least ten minutes!

Taking advantage of this device offers relief and saves you both time and money. Especially if you compare it to other cervical traction tools in the market. Most of these cervical traction treatments will oblige you to spend a substantial amount of money. You will discover that it’s the cheapest neck pain relief you could get if you compare it with the expenses of the therapy.

Another aim why this device is highly suggested is because it’s cheap and portable. You can bring it to any location you desire without any problems. Ultimately, a neck hammock works well to widen the intervertebral space to offer better circulation and blood flow. Having better blood flow indicates oxygen will reach the ligaments, nerves, muscles and tendons, resulting to lowered pain. Read more about
dodow reviews

Benefits of Neck Hammock

Below are some of the benefits of using this Neck Hammock today!

  1. Ten-Minute Relief

Did you know that you could do the exercise for at least ten minutes per day so you can achieve real relief? This works on bulging discs, pinched nerves, and different types of neck issues. Therefore, you must seek professional assistance first before you start this new exercise regimen.

Besides the pain relief, you will receive regular, the Neck Hammock is ideal for athletes. This is perfect for players who need to recover as soon as possible. Many professional fighters have also stated their amazing experience using this device. The Neck Hammock could be helpful for anyone who spends most of their time at their desk.

Moreover, this device is surely not a replacement for your regular physical therapy. Nonetheless, it looks somewhat convenient as a method of dealing with neck pain.

  1. Added Traction

Physical therapists will often utilize a method referred to as cervical traction. This is true, especially when a patient complains of suffering from neck pain. This method is composed of extending the neck of the patient to boost the flow of the blood to the area. The enhanced circulation enables the body to recover quickly from the injury.

You will find several products available on the market, letting you replicate this method at your own home. Most have strange systems, pulling your neck in an upward position. Meanwhile, Neck Hammock is extremely portable and easy to use.

You only need to connect the Neck Hammock to any strong door handle when your neck pain takes place again. It appears a bit dangerous because not every door is built to similar standards. Nonetheless, you could utilize the supplied strap on poles and railings as an alternative.

Place a floor mat on the floor and lie on it. Your head must be supported by the strap. The concept is to relax and let the Neck Hammock hold your neck in the proper position.

  • Relieve Pain

Three hours of bending over your computer screen could be all it takes to cause torture and pain. Theoretically, you must go straight to your physio when the pain happens again. However, you understand that life does not work like that anymore. You have lots of roles and plans that can’t be abandoned easily in favor of time on the treatment table.

But with the Neck Hammock, all of your agonies will have vanished. The Neck Hammock is surely a portable tool providing immediate neck relief.

All you need is a strong door handle and a floor to lie on. The strap performs the rest. It will hold your neck in a suitable position to support the healing of the muscles.

Features of Neck Hammock

The Neck Hammock has been intentionally created to soothe the muscles in your neck as well as the spinal cord, ease tension, and encourage healthy blood circulation.


  • Original straps that can be tied or attached to your doors, ceiling hooks, pole, as well as railing.
  • Sleep mask for utmost relaxation
  • Medical grade and long lasting adjustable straps

Features Explained:

  • Sleep Mask

A considerate addition makes your body feels more refreshed or rejuvenates while you’re resting your neck on this device. Put in the mask over your eyes and you’re lost from the rest of the world with complete relaxation.

  • Easy to Attach Straps

The included harness can be attached easily to ceilings, doors, and railings, which make it extremely flexible to use. Regardless of where you are, you can take it anywhere you go in your pouch and get yourself time each time you want to feel the benefit of it. The integrated looped strap end is easy to hook in, as well.

  • Tough Material

The Neck Hammock and the straps are made of tough, medically approved material, which makes this device strong as well as safe for many years of using. The neck traction sling is sewn smoothly with comfortable foam pads for better comfort.

Best Ways to Utilize the Neck Hammock

You need to be extra conscious of using this device. The recommended time is 10 to 15 minutes. It all depends on how serious the spasm or neck pain. You may be needed to use this product two to three times a day and spend close to fifteen minutes at every session.

The main objective of this device is to provide you instant relief from neck pain; diverse people respond to hinges differently. Once you feel it fine to stop the session, and then stop. Like for instance, some may undertake a session for fifteen minutes and starts to feel dizziness or having a headache. In case you fall into this category, then it is highly advisable not to spend up to fifteen minutes.

After utilizing the cervical traction device for many sessions, and you feel a considerable change, you need to stop using it. It is advisable to use it three to four times a week; however, as mentioned above, it depends on your condition.

How Does Neck Hammock’s Mechanical Traction Function?

Debora A. Bergfeld and Joel M Press explained that cervical traction is a technique of stretching as well as realigning the spine is often utilized in professional environments to give pain relief from injuries in the cervical spine. This is published in the Clinical Sports Medicine Medical Management and Rehabilitation textbook. This can be done in many ways, such as:

  • Improve head posture
  • Supporting as well as immobilizing the head
  • Lessening disc as well as nerve pressure
  • Improving nutrition to the cartilage
  • Elongating muscles to enhance blood flow as well as reduce spasm

In a professional environment, like a physical therapist’s clinic, this is often offered in bulky, expensive tools with a strap that rests under the neck and slowly pulls to provide traction. On the other hand, with state of the art Neck Hammock, you can experience the same relief without spending a lot.

Overall, the Neck Hammock works in three easy to follow steps such as:

  • Wrap the adjustable harness around the door, squeeze between a door hinge or fasten it on a door handle.
  • Clip the cord.
  • Put your head in the crania cradle and then feel the padded temple wrap around your head, and the support is given by the pad and then relax.
  • The device will boost intervertebral space that increases blood circulation and flow as well as gives more oxygen to your muscles, tendons, nerves as well as ligaments. Thus, your muscles open up, and your pain was eradicated for good.
  • Then, after using this device, you can store it easily in a spandex bag and put it in your handbag. Also, the best thing about this device is that it is washable

The neck hammock review

How to Maximize the Perks of Neck Hammock?

You must use this device at the time you feel pain. The longer that you wait to utilize it, the less reprieve you may get.

A lot of people get respite using this device in a laying position on the ground. You might find that the rigidity of the floor impacts the back though that is why it is highly recommended to use a floor mat. If you have a yoga mat at home, then use it as it will give some extra support and at the same time, lessen the jagged feeling of the ground.

Picking the right spot is vital. Before using this device, you should ensure that you pick the best spot. Though the maker of this product suggests using it at the door, not all doors are made the same. You may notice that your door and knob are weak and which the device actually harms the door. Once you have issues on using this product with your door, make use of the integrated accessories to attach it to a heavy piece of furnishing or another big object in your home.

Though you may feel enticed to make use of this product for over ten minutes, you must stick to the given time frame advised by the manufacturer. Once you spend a lot of time in traction, you can do several serious damages to your back, neck as well as the head.

you may find this best travel neck pillows guide helpful as well.

Pros of The Neck Hammock

This groundbreaking traction device provides a lot of amazing benefits that anyone must not ignore. The Neck Hammock is indeed the best choice for people experiencing from neck spasms, neck pains, muscle pain as well as other issues related to your neck.

One of the crucial perks of this traction device is that you can use it at home or the office. So, there is no need for private space before using this product. Some of the most notable perks of using The Neck Hammock are listed below:

  • Fast Relief from Neck Spasms and Neck Pains

Using the Neck Hammock provides you quick relief from spasms and neck pain. This product works like magic. In just a matter of 10 to 15 minutes of using this device, you will feel a considerable change in your neck portion; the sting or soreness you are experiencing the past will be gone. Its effectiveness isn’t determined by how severe or mild the pain is, and this device provides instant respite from both chronic as well as mild neck spasms and pain.

  • Traveling Bag is Included

Not like other types of remedy, you can easily transport the Neck Hammock, and it can be used almost anywhere. You can take it on your vacations, or even if at the workplace. Just make sure that you have something to hook it off.

  • Eye Mask is Included

If you would want to take a nap with this device, you can make use of the eye mask, which is included in the package. Slip it over your eyes to keep away from distraction and go to sleep while the device is working on your body.

  • Helps Other Pain

Aside from relieving neck pain, the Neck Hammock is also useful in relieving aches and pain in various parts of your body. If you are likely to experience painful tension headaches, then this device can help a lot. If you find yourself having muscle spasms, then try to use this neck hammock to know what it can do for you.

What is more, it can assist in reducing stress or pressure, enhance the quality of your sleep, and correct your posture as well. Using neck hammock can also help in the lining of your spine and help to enhance blood flow. It is also beneficial in curing nerve damage, which could be causing you to feel pressure as well as other irritating symptoms.

  • Comfortable and Durable

The Neck Hammock is not just durable but also convenient to use. You can safely recline in it without the fear of snapping or ripping off. The interior of the Neck Hammock is lined with a comfortable/soft cushion that will help to keep your neck and head securely. This cushioning serves as a pillow, so you can snooze away while you are resting in it.

  • Convenient and Portable

The Neck Hammock is a reliable pain relief device that you can utilize without any guides or lessons. All you need to do is to follow the direction. As a portable device, you can carry it anywhere you want to go. It is a perfect buddy when going out for a holiday.

  • Keeps your Refreshed and Relaxed

Another amazing benefit of the Neck Hammock is that it sets you free from stress, anxiety as well as frustration which accompany neck pain. Aside from relieving pain, it also leaves you relaxed and refreshed. It adds to your comfort pleasingly and satisfyingly.

Using this Device Doesn’t Distort Your Schedule or Plan

You can make use of this device whenever you’re ready. There’s no rigid schedule to follow when you’re using the Neck Hammock, so there is no need for you to worry. This will not affect your schedule. It doesn’t take so much time; all you need is just 15 minutes or less.

  • Use it Often

Some similar items can just be utilized every so often to avoid possible pain from taking place. On the other hand, with this device, you can lie down and relax in it as much as you like. There are no harmful effects, so you can use it as long as you want.

  • Easy to Maintain

The Neck Hammock is easy to maintain. You can hand-washed this device, and it will not shrink or mold once you clean it off. However, still, you need to read the guides on how to prolong the life of this product.


neck hammock instructions


Despite the many perks it offers, it also comes with a flaw. This shouldn’t be utilized by people suffering from acute cervical injury, spinal instability, neck tumors, and hypermobility. Folks who have osteomyelitis and rheumatoid arthritis are prohibited from using it. Those who are below sixteen years old must not use it as well. This is according to the maker of this device.

Even then, the maker of this device note that is intended to complement the perks of massage and physical therapy, but not to replace them. Because of this, it is always a smart idea to speak to your physician before picking any product to solve your neck pain issue.

Neck Hammock Review


The Neck Hammock: Buying Guide 

If you are experiencing from back or neck pain or get yourself trying to look for a natural way to ease headaches and other types of body pains, then Neck Hammock is worth trying for.

On the other hand, this product often needs the user to lie down on the floor and incline the head a little bit to work. In case this doesn’t sound good for you, it is ideal to look elsewhere for relief.

If you think this can assist you a lot in your current condition, then that is great. On the other hand, keep in mind that there are lots of factors that you have to consider before buying one. Here are the things you need to keep in mind.

The things you buy with your hard-earned money must be of high-quality. Understand the ins and outs of the product to use your payment in the right product and the right place. A neck hammock isn’t an exception from it. Below, we gathered some of the important factors you need to consider when buying a neck hammock.

How Durable It Is

It is essential to look at how tough the support is. The material or fabric, which is extremely soft or very light, can end up ripping easily or end up not being able to support the weight of your body/head once you lean on it. Therefore, to avoid wasting your money and to avoid hurting your head from accidentally falling due to low-quality materials, you need to check the durability of the product.

How Comfortable It Is

Comfort is very important concerning neck pain cure. You will need to lean back and rest your neck and head in the hammock, and a neck support, which isn’t relaxed to use will not get the job done well and could worsen the pain you are suffering. When you are in the market for neck support, ensure that it has padding around the interior. This gives you an assurance that you can comfortably rest in it.

How it Help Treating the Pain

A lot of products available today claim that they can assist with easing the intense pain. On the other hand, these claims aren’t true. You will want to be certain to check how the product will ease the pain you are suffering to make sure that it is not making false claims. Or else, the pain you are suffering at present will get worse.

Keep Away from Long Straps

Achieving the right traction is indeed the key to maximizing the benefit of the neck hammock. The longer harness makes it make it hard to obtain the preferred tension, so your neck rested appropriately. Hammocks that come with easy to adjust straps should be your main priority.

Carrying Bag/Pouch 

The Neck Hammock can be utilized with ease in your home as well as at your workplace. Each time you manage to free up a time, you can relax the muscles in your neck on the neck traction sling. As a result, it’s completely convenient when the neck hammock is integrated with a carrying pouch.

The Neck Hammock Special Offer


Q: What exactly a cervical traction is? 

A: Cervical traction is an extremely effective way of using a distraction pressure utilized to ease neck pain for people experiencing from arthritis, bulging and herniated discs, spasms as well as muscle strains.

Q: How much does a neck hammock cost?

The purchase cost for the neck hammock will vary on the quantity you are purchasing. The higher the amount, the more discounts you enjoy. Not to mention that you will receive more money to save.

Q: What does cervical traction works? 

A: Cervical traction tool functions by softly pulling the head away from your neck. By doing so:

  • Your muscle alongside the spinal cord starts to relax and slowly stretch alongside the ligaments in the region of the spine.
  • The intervertebral space of your spine gets bigger that brings a healthy flow of blood, circulation, as well as nutrition to the parts that were being compressed.
  • Improved circulation assists in oxygenating muscles, tendons, nerves as well as ligaments that result in reduced pain as well as improved mobility.
  • Released pinched nerves. Bulging and herniated discs reduce, and pressure is calmed.

neck hammock relieve chronic neck pain

 Q: What is a cervical traction machine, and what makes the neck hammock apart from it? 

In previous years, people could just get traction at the office or clinic of the physical therapist. However, these visits are time-consuming, inconvenient as well as very expensive.

At this point, there are lots of at-home cervical traction tools. On the other hand, some are very complicated, bulky, cumbersome, and costly, as well as potentially injurious.

What is required is a user-friendly, compact, effective, non-marring traction device that reduced discomfort and at the same time, avoids potentially damaging stresses while providing patient relaxation as well as pain relief.

The Neck Hammock was made far different from the cervical traction device. There are exceptional attributes of this device, which makes it apart from other types of cervical traction devices. What makes it apart is that you can utilize it right in the comfort of your home or office without any supervision.

Another vital feature of this device, which sets it apart from the rest is its style or exception design. It is made without complexity, which makes it easy to use by anyone wherever they are. Not like other devices available, which bulky and expensive, the Neck Hammock is relatively flexible as well as affordable. You can carry it around with ease, and it provides no discomfort.

Q: Is The Neck Hammock a good replacement for physical therapy?

A: Even though The Neck Hammock accomplishes a lot of the same perks of physical as well as massages therapy, it’s not intended to replace these modalities.

State of the art Neck Hammock is intended to be a flatter to these therapies that can be utilized each day to assist ease pain and at the same time, protect against injury in the future.

Q: Is Neck Hammock ideal for all?

A: Yes. The Neck Hammock is best for:

  • Students
  • Office workers
  • Athletes
  • Laborers
  • Drivers
  • Shift workers
  • Bodyworkers
  • Avoid using The Neck Hammock if you are suffering from:
  • Spinal Instability
  • Acute Cervical Injury
  • Neck Tumors
  • Spinal Hypermobility
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Under 16 years old
  • Osteomyelitis

It is advisable to visit your physical therapist or your doctor to know if cervical traction is perfect for you or not. This is essential to avoid possible harmful effects.

Q: What does neck traction aid with, and what are the signs that can be eased by using The Neck Hammock? 

A: Always keep in mind that The Neck Hammock is a non-surgical treatment alternative that utilizes cervical traction to give instant relief to neck pain, as well as faster recovery from neck injuries without needing surgery or medications.

  • Head, neck or shoulder pain
  • Poor posture
  • Tension headaches
  • Compressed, herniated as well as bulged discs
  • Muscle spasms and cervical neck
  • Pinched nerves
  • Mental and physical stress
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Reduced range of motion as well as neck mobility
  • Poor sleep because of anxiety as well as restless thinking before going to bed
  • Muscle tightness
  • And many other conditions

Neck Hammock

Q: The Neck Hammock works on various conditions, can I use it ceaselessly? 

A: The likeness that we want to use narrates to stretching. Once you have firm hamstrings and draw them out once, you’re going to get instant relief. On the other hand, if you do not keep on some kind of a maintenance stretching program, your hamstring will be tight once more. This product functions the same way in which it is remarkable maintenance equipment, which helps promote joint mobility and spinal hygiene. This is what makes it a very efficient long-term solution to neck pain as well as tension headaches. The duration and frequency of use really depend on the individual. As you become mobile, you’ll need to utilize it less and less.

Q: What are the components of Neck Hammock? 

A: Neck hammock is made of 80 percent polyester and 20 percent spandex. This is why it is very comfortable to use.

Q: How far must the top of your head be from the door or wall, which the Neck Hammock is connected to? 

A: There’s no precise number as the aim is to feel a relaxing, gradual stretch, and much of it relies on how it feels you. So, if possible, we suggest that the pad or base of the Neck Hammock is about two to four inches off the floor when amassed. On the other hand, as for the space between the door/wall and the hammock, it will also depend on which position you feel comfortable and relaxing for you.

If you are looking for a more forceful stretch, scoot away from the door or wall, Start more conventionally and see how your system reacts after one session.

Once the stretch is extreme or too much, it moves back towards the door or wall.

Our body is very clever; it knows what it wants and does not want. Once the stretch feels extremely strong, then perhaps it is. Adjust the pressure based on your requirements.

Q: Should I start off with fifteen minutes three times a day, or begin slowly like five minutes at a time? What is the best?

A: For the most part, it depends on the individual utilizing the device. We suggest starting at ten times in one instance and work your up. Once your neck is not in a good condition, it is advisable to utilize the Neck Hammock two to three times a day for up to fifteen minutes. Allow four hours interval in between sessions and a limit yourself to fifteen minutes for every session at a time. On the other hand, as your range increases and the discomfort or pain fall down, then you can reduce the rate and duration of the stretch. On the other hand, should the fifteen minutes duration provides you either a pain in your head or feeling of nausea or dizziness or backache, this is the time that you have to reduce the time and put the pad more towards the center of your neck.

We want to weigh this in against improving hamstring flexibility. Once you have tight hamstrings, then perhaps you’re going to stretch them two to three times per day for a couple of weeks to make out considerable physical change. Once you have relatively flexible hamstring, then perhaps you just have to stretch them three to four times a week.

The Neck Hammock Reviews


Q: Will I experience side effects using the Neck Hammock?

Side effects are typically less. However, according to a systematic review, some side effects are an injury to tissue, fainting, nausea, and headache. Healthline also mentions temporary pain in the treated region and muscle spasms.

Nonetheless, according to the official website of The Neck Hammock, the device must not be used by people with specific conditions. These conditions include osteomyelitis, rheumatoid arthritis, neck tumors, spinal instability, and acute cervical injury.

The website also notes that the device is intended to complement the advantages of massage and physical therapy. It’s not intended to replace them. Therefore, users are recommended to discuss it with their personal physician first before picking any product to deal with neck pain.


Q: Is it advisable the back pad within the Neck Hammock goes against the center of my neck or at the top to my neck supporting my skull?

A: Well, it all depends on your body because your neck will have the desired position. It is highly recommended to try both, putting pad at the rear of your base/head of your skull or at the center of your neck and do what you feel is the best and comfortable for you.

For instance, you text a lot or normally do things that keep your head in a descending position for long hours. Perhaps your neck have to reinstate its natural C-curve. Therefore, moving the pad to the center of the neck will help in bringing back that natural curve.

However, once you travel a lot, or have a desk work, or sit all through the day, perhaps you can gain from the Neck Hammock most by putting the pad at the bottom of your skull for comprehensive neck traction.

Neck hammock


When you or your loved ones experience neck or head pain, there are many solutions available at home before calling a doctor. A lot of people find relief by using a heating pad, which is available over the counter. Heating pads are considered effective and come with essential features like a timer that automatically shuts down before reaching the hottest temperature. This lessens the risk of burning your skin. Another option available is the ice pack. This provides instant relief as the cold freezes the sore muscle. You can also take over the counter treatments like ibuprofen. Sprays and topical creams work wonder as well. A spray and cream are a good option as you can apply it straight to the sore areas.

The Neck Hammock reviews will give you an insight into what are the best alternative products available. And we are talking about neck traction device. There is no need to worry if the ice melts on your neck or turning the device on and off. The Neck Hammock is user-friendly, and it will work along with the medications that you follow.

However, there are different inflatable traction devices available in the market too. Even though many of them do not work as the Neck Hammock. Inflatable products are simpler to damage too. One prick from a sharp object is enough to destroy the device.

Below are three of the most popular traction devices available online that offer amazing relief. You better check these out.

Cervical Neck Traction Device by EverRelief  Cervical Neck Traction Device

One popular device is the Cervical Neck Traction from EverRelief. If you have had issues with neck pains or cervical vertebrae, then this device is ideal for you. When you use it in the right way, the soreness and feeling of irritation around your neck will be reduced. What is more, this cervical traction device is made of high quality and safe materials that don’t aggravate your skin and does not cause allergies. The nylon harness is customized for your convenience, and your posture will get better with time.

A sedentary lifestyle could bring a huge amount of issues, and neck pain is one of them too. This device establishes optimal spine alignment along with adjustable length Velcro strap. This strap fits the majority of the neck sizes, relieving tension around the nerves. You could change the inflation according to your comfort while the device fits around your neck. You can bring this cervical neck traction device with you no matter where you are. Whether you travel around or in your home, you could experience the comforting relaxation from it.

This traction device supports your neck while elevating the jawbone. This is intended to help ease tension, spasms, and pain in your back and neck. The device fits comfortably up to a 17.5-inch neck size. No assembly needed. Step by step guides makes sure you are getting the most excellent use of this product. We know how vital it is to have a thorough guide, and the maker of this product wants you to be as comfortable as possible.

This device is small enough so you can take it anywhere. Regardless of where you are on stiff days, experience spinal traction in the office or right at the comfort of your home. It is lightweight, soft as well as small enough to fit in your purse, car, suitcase as well as a backpack. This device can be adjusted easily, so you can control the amount of air for a contented spinal stretch to relax your shoulders and neck.

This is thoroughly tested against the top traction device to make sure your comfort as well as satisfaction. This product is easy to use, just pump unit to fill it with air to stretch as well as relax the muscles in your neck, and improve blood circulation and supply. You manage to control the speed and the force on your shoulders as you work to enhance your posture and ease nerve tension. You can use this device two to three times per day for twenty to thirty minutes a session. This product is available for only $21.98. This is considered the cheapest among the products listed in this review.

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Neck Cervical Traction Device  Neck Cervical Traction Device

Another good alternative is the neck cervical traction device kit for spinal neck decompression from NEPPT. This over door cervical traction device can help you realign as well as stabilize your vertebrae. This easily and quickly ease spinal and neck pain due to stress and stiff muscles. This product fits less than two inches thick door. This product enables you to do physical therapy workouts with ease in places with a door like in the workplace, at home or traveling. This is not for the hollow core door. You can install and store this product with ease. This is easy to operate compared to a water bag. It comes with a guide on proper installation.

This device is simple to use and can be utilized together with any medications you might taking already.

This product comes with amazing features such as a rubber pad, which is easy to cover on the device and will not harm the door once in use. The gear design allows you to use the product without any help. All you have to do is to pull the string and begin the treatment, and a water bag is not required. It has a dynamometer, which measures the strength while you are using the product. It also integrated with a foldable metal triangle hook. It is easy to open and hang and made of metal, so you are assured this it is durable and sturdy. This product is available for only $34.88.

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POSTURE PUMP Neck Pain Relief  POSTURE PUMP Neck Pain Relief

Another popular alternative is the neck pain relief cervical disc hydrator from POSTURE PUMP.

Take note that a cervical posture pump is a type of spinal health care product. It is intended to realign the neck, lower tension on the muscle, and it can offer quick relief from neck pain. It helps decompress your cervical spine.

This device quietly decompresses, shape as well as hydrate the discs in your back and your neck as well. Once your back or neck loses their natural bend form, the soft discs, which are in between, your vertebrae, become compressed. Rich lubricating fluid is not able to go deeper and hydrate the discs. This leads to premature aging in the type of dry and stiff joints. This counteracts by the POSTURE PUMP by lifting, stretching, hydrating, decompressing as well as shaping back and neck into its critical natural curved form.

This indispensable tool can be utilized at home to neck pain. The POSTURE PUMP DISC HYDRATOR gives deep, corrective release from headaches, stiffness, as well as fatigue. You can use this for ten minutes a day to experience amazing results as well as boost flexibility as well as a variety of motion.

This can be utilized once or twice a day. This is handmade from tough, high-quality materials and is made to last. This is also made in the US with superb attention to small detail. It comes with a user-friendly hand pump, which allows you to manage the air pressure you are getting. Once the air cell is inflated for a long period, postural restoration takes place. This is available for $149.00, which is the most expensive on the list.

You aren’t supposed to feel any pain while utilizing this product. Nonetheless, it could be uncomfortable during the first times you employ it. You need to reposition yourself on the device until you feel comfortable again if you do feel pain.

Anytime you utilize a home traction device, you ought to follow instructions. You must be careful not to overstretch your neck. Furthermore, individuals with particular neck injuries must not utilize this device. Consulting with a doctor first is suggested.

The best thing about using this product is that it’s super lightweight and durable at the same time. It comes completely assembled, and you could pack it easily inside your suitcase. This allows you to bring it anywhere you want with ease.

The Cervical Posture Pump is a cheap yet efficient home therapy for neck pain. This is true considering the frequency of cervical pain in the modern world. This product massively reinforces the cervical curve. It takes the pressure off the discs, and get to the cause of the neck stiffness and pain quickly.

It’s very simple to use, and it could bring significant neck pain relief. However, users are advised to follow the instructions appropriately and to consult with their doctor before starting using it.

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Conclusion  neck hammock

As a whole, the Neck Hammock is reliable mechanical traction equipment that works efficiently for neck pain and other types of body pains. This device provides cervical traction, and it can be utilized easily in any place and wherever you are, like in the gym, at the office, or just relaxing at home. All you have to do is to tie or attach it to a pole, railing, or a door.

The Neck Hammock is a wonderful cervical traction support product. This is created to comfort occasional or chronic neck pain from different medical conditions or poor posture. It comes with different accessories, is extremely portable, and offers relief in a very limited amount of time. The price is reasonable, as well.

Using this device comes with amazing comfort. The Neck Hammock provides instant relief from neck pain, and after several sessions, you will notice considerable changes in your body and ease from pain. Ideally, a lot of people experience instant relief from pain after sessions.

Furthermore, using this device also helps in correcting your poor posture; it’s a great cure for bad postures. Tensions, shoulder pains, anxiety, and stress can also be addressed using this kind of therapy. Portability and affordability are some of the good points of the Neck Hammock. You acquire lots of perks without spending a lot. This mechanical traction device can also be used anywhere.

Overall, we would surely suggest the Neck Hammock to those individuals who are suffering from neck pain. It works for various medical conditions like slipped disks, tension headaches, and sciatica. It is an excellent product for those who wish to cure neck pain in their own homes. You can easily store it with its accessories anymore, big thanks to its included carrying bag.

Utilizing the mechanical traction device isn’t limited to a location too. It could be utilized anywhere. The Neck Hammock is an excellent option for a cervical traction device. Particularly, if you are seeking for a basic yet efficient tool to cure neck pain.

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