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Best Nighttime Driving and Night Vision Glasses of 2020 buying guide

The best driving glasses for your nighttime trips will enable those nervous drivers to reduce or get rid of their tension during their night trips. The capabilities of nighttime driving glasses will help you to decrease the brightness, as well as the glare of the approaching headlights of the other vehicles on the road. The capabilities of this kind of nighttime glasses must not be ignored. It is because it is an excellent item that will help those drivers who are driving a lot during nighttime, whether they are a professional driver or nervous ones.

Aside from that, you don’t have the capabilities to underestimate the possible effects of the bright lights of the other vehicles on the road to your eyes, as well as to your driving experience. We cannot deny the fact that every driver has the capability to decide whether to go or stop based on what they are viewing on the road. All of us, both the drivers and the passengers, are being temporarily blinded and affected by the lights of the other cars that are driving on the other sideways of the road and are approaching us.

It cannot also be denied that there are lots of brands and models of nighttime driving glasses that are now available on the market. On the other hand, since this is the situation on the market, it would be hard for you to pick the right pair of night vision glasses for driving that is perfect and suitable to your eyes. Fortunately, we have provided a thorough review of the best night driving glasses, which is AutoOcular glasses. Aside from that, in this night driving glasses reviews, we are also going to provide you with the other alternatives, in case you don’t prefer the first one. So, if you want to know more about it, just keep on reading and enjoy!

Can a Pair of Glasses Help You for Your Nighttime Driving?

anti glare night driving glasses

As mentioned, there are a numerous glasses that you can see on the market these days. These glasses will be a healing item for those people who usually drive their vehicles during nighttime. The best night vision glasses for driving are meant for those who prefer driving during nighttime to enjoy the beautiful lightings along the road. The yellow night driving glasses are equipped with AR or anti-reflective coating. That is the reason why AutoOcular glasses are considered to be one of the optimal eyeglasses on the market.

The AutiOcular glasses will help the nighttime drivers to let more lights in while reducing the glare they might possibly get from the approaching lights of vehicles or other light sources on the road. Since we are now living in a high-tech and modernized generation, there is no doubt that manufacturers created a pair of eyeglasses that is perfect for nighttime driving. That best anti-glare night driving glasses are equipped with numerous HD lenses that are perfectly constructed to enhance your vision in any lighting situation, such as driving at night.

On the other hand, there are some nighttime glasses that are designed for night driving feature UV or ultraviolet and polarized lenses that might cause damage when being utilized during nighttime. It is because these glasses have the capability to prevent enough light from coming in.

There are lots of things that you can do that will help you to improve your vision during the night, aside from wearing a pair of specialized glasses.

We cannot deny the fact that all of us are unique. Thus, we have different eye types. With the help of an eye care professional, you will know which of these specialized glasses on the market are suitable for your vision clarity that can also be used even during your night driving. Always Be clean you glasses  by using Peeps Glasses Cleaner

The Different Types of Glasses for Night Driving

Nyctalopia, which is also known to be a night blindness condition, which will give people, especially the drivers, a hard time to clearly view the things on the road during their nighttime trips. This eye condition does not mean that you are not capable anymore of seeing things during the night. It is just an eye condition wherein you might find it difficult to see clearly in a dimmer light condition.

This night blindness is usually considered to be a side effect or symptom of the other vision problems, including myopia, which is known as a nearsightedness vision condition. This information is extracted from AAO or the American Academy of Ophthalmology. A pair of prescription eyeglasses can help you to enhance your vision in a different lighting environment. As a result, these glasses might also improve your nighttime driving.

An eyeglass that features an anti-reflective AR or anti-glare coating has the capability to enable the light to get in while cutting the glare down. The two mentioned eyeglass coatings would help you to improve your vision for night driving, as well as to improve your entire night vision.

When we talk about the regular glasses, these can usually prevent for about 8% of the traffic lights on the road. The eyeglasses that come up with AR coating will enable most of the light to get in, which is for about 99.5%, which will give you a lot of advantages when used during dimmed or low-lit conditions. Aside from that, the night time driving glasses are also known for promoting sharper and clearer vision. On top of that, nighttime glasses for driving tend to be less visible when used and look lesser obstructive compared to the regular ones.

best night driving glasses

Eye Glasses for Night Driving

The latest and more advanced technologies are being used to improve the quality of a pair of eyeglasses every single day. These latest technologies cover the High-Definition eyeglass lenses that are specifically constructed to treat higher-order aberrations, as well as the different vision problems.

These eyeglasses will give you a helping hand to make your vision sharper and improved in various lighting situations. In addition to that, these are also being used to enhance your vision at night. It only means that it is recommended to use anti-glare night driving glasses for your night trips.

He High-Definition pair of eyeglasses are being used to decrease glare, sharpen your vision, and let enough amount of light to get in. The wavefront, as well as the free-form lenses, are some of the examples of high-definition glasses.

  • What are the Wavefront Lenses?

The wavefront lenses are the kind of lenses that were constructed with the use of different technologies that are being utilized while performing the procedure for LASIK surgeries or Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis. This kind of lens is constructed, which will suit the needs of every person. It is also known to be used in enhancing your vision in different situations.

  • What are the Free-Form Lenses?

The free-form lenses are the kind of lenses that were highly fabricated and customized with the use of computer-controlled tools. The said technology level would enable you to have a sharper vision and treat your vision problems that are quite impossible to be treated by a regular pair of eyeglasses. The eyeglasses that are constructed with free-form lenses are being used to enhance the visual level and clarity during night and day.

The glare-reducing lenses, as well as the high-definition ones, are more specialized and advanced. Aside from that, you can purchase these for quite a costly amount, but rest assured that it worth your money.

  • What are the Glasses that You Need to Avoid While Driving at Night?

There are lots of glasses that are available on the market, which were said to help you in enhancing your nighttime vision. Most of them are being bought by many without the proper prescription of a doctor. But, some people said that the polarized and ultraviolet lenses-made glasses tend to be harmful. It is because these lenses block enough amount of light to get in. But, there are some brands and models of eyeglasses that are constructed with polarized lenses, including the AutoOcular eyeglasses. This polarized night driving glasses is just one of the few eyeglasses that can help you enhance your night vision, which will give you a safer ride at night. You May Read More Aout

Tips to Have Sharper Vision During Night Driving without Night Driving Glasses

Are you one of those who are suffering from anxiousness because of the glare of the other vehicle’s headlights? Well, you are not the only one who is experiencing this kind of scenario. There are lots of people, particularly the night drivers, in every corner of the world who are stressed because of these light sources.

Since summer is near, we know that the sun usually set early and as a result, the day will become shorter. When there is reduce happened in sunlight, there is also a possibility that your driving experience will be more difficult, especially at night. This is most noticeable to those drivers whose ages are 50 years old and above.

If we are getting older, our vision turns to be worse. As a result, we usually experience a vision problem, specifically at night. It is because your eyes might take a longer time to adjust the vision clarity from dim light to bright light and vice versa.

The following are the common signs of difficulty that you might experience while driving at night;

  • You have a hard time to decide between the speed and distance
  • You have a hard time to view the different street signs
  • You need to drive slower than you used to before
  • You have a hard time to view the lane markings
  • You have vision issues when there is an approaching headlight of the other vehicles

The following are some of the tips and tricks that you can do to avoid these issues while driving at night if you don’t want to use a pair of night driving glasses. You May Read more about Clearview Glass

  • Decrease Your Speed

Even though this is not related to the level and clarity of your vision, for you to have a safer trip, it is essential for you to reduce your driving speed. But, there are some people who have difficulty in driving during nighttime who tend to decrease their driving speed while increasing the following distance after the vehicle in their front.

  • Do Not Look at the Approaching Headlights

When you are driving on the road, and there is an approaching vehicle with brighter headlights, it is recommended by many to not to look at it. It will be a great idea if you are going to keep your sight straight or at the right-lane marking.

According to Dr. Houston, “Staring at bright lights can temporarily affect your visibility at night.” In addition to that, as we get older, the difficulty in adjusting from dim lights to bright lights and vice versa is increasing.

  • Utilize the Night Setting on Your Rearview Mirror

Most of the cars out there come up with a rearview mirror that can be adjusted in reducing or increasing the glare and brightness of the approaching headlights of the other vehicles. There is a manual included, upon buying your car, on how to adjust the setting of your rearview mirrors.

  • Dim Your Dashboard

The instrument panel, as well as the dashboard of your vehicle, usually produces brighter lights. As a result, you might get distracted from driving. If you are one of those who are utilizing the GPS navigation, it is advised to switch into its night mode.

  • Clean Your Mirrors, as well as Your Windows

You might not notice that you have a dirty windshield during the daytime, but once you used your car during nighttime, your uncleaned windshield might cause glare.

According to Dr. Houston, an ophthalmologist in the Vision Rehabilitation Service stated that both the grime and dirt could be produced on your headlight itself. So, it is advised to check and clean them every other day to ensure that they are free from dirt. Also, it is important to upgrade your polish covers and bulb. You can do this with the help of the instruction included in your manual.

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AutoOcular – Best Night Driving and Vision Sunglasses

You might consider it odd when you hear the term “sunglasses” since you can wear it through day and night. There are various types of sunglasses that can be worn during nighttime and daytime. Since there are lots of night vision driving glasses that you can see on the market today, different brands and different models, it would be hard for you to choose the best one that will suit you better.

When it comes to the nighttime eyeglasses, there is nothing for you to worry about the intense brightness of sunlight that might damage the level of your vision clarity. It is because the light of the sun does not have enough capabilities to have a great impact to your vision due to the fact that it does not have the harmful UV rays radiation. On the other hand, a pair of eyeglasses that you will use for night driving must limit the light coming inside effectively. It is because the dark night tends to look brighter due to contrast.

In this review, we are going to give you the important details that you should know about AutoOcular glasses, as well as the best alternatives that you might consider buying

anti glare night driving glasses

AutoOcular Glasses for Nighttime Driving

AutoOcular is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality eye-protection items in the world. Before they construct the Autoocular glasses, their teams experience a hard time driving their vehicles at night. It is because of the bright headlights of the other vehicles that are approaching them on the road.

At this very moment, the AutoOcular have finally launched the super high-end item that is specifically constructed top decrease the eye strain, as well as the night driving glare. The eye strain is one of the common problems that many drivers encounter when they make a ride at night, especially if the weather condition is rainy or snowy.

Have you ever experience the feeling of having heavier eyelids when driving? We are sure that you do because most of the nighttime drivers are experiencing this kind of situation. The darkness of the night is considered to be a great factor contributing to road accidents. The road is also considered to be the most susceptible area where car accidents likely to happen. But, there is nothing for you to worry about your safety while driving at night when you have the AutoOcular glasses.

Autoocular glasses are considered to be one of the most innovative items that are resistant, lightweight, durable, and well-equipped with high-quality lenses. With the use of this high-end device, you can ensure that you will view improved colors with your enhance vision clarity, which is similar to your HD televisions. Aside from that, you can also purchase this Night driving glasses amazon at a very fair price amount. It will surely give your eyes enough protection that it deserves. Your entire eyes will be protected. Whether you are golfing, reading, or even driving, a pair of this versatile and flexible eyeglasses will enhance your entire experience.

This high-quality item has been constructed to secure your precious eyes from the damaging UV rays. Aside from that, it will also help you in blocking the light that might enter in the sides of your eyes. The AutoOcular glasses come up with high-tech and clearer lenses that will dramatically decrease the light glare. On top of that, it will also provide your eyes enough vision clarity while enhancing the colors you have never seen in your life.

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What are the Benefits of Using AutoOcular Glasses?

We know that one of the reasons why you are browsing different AutoOcular glasses reviews because you want to know the benefits that you can get from using it. So, in this section of our own AutoOcular Glasses review, we are going to provide you with the benefits that you might possibly get when you use the said high-end eyewear. So, if you want to know more about it, keep on reading and enjoy!

  • Lightweight

We all know that when we use lightweight products, it means that we are using it as if we are not totally utilizing it. It only means that AutoOcular glasses are one of the products that have a lightest weight that you can wear as if you are wearing nothing.  If we are going to relate it with the other products, lighter products tend to give you lesser fatigue feeling.

Aside from that, one of the most important factors that you should consider when you are planning to buy an item is its weight. If you want an item that can be carried wherever you go, then go for the lighter ones. But, if you can endure heavier weights, then go for the heavier ones. It is always up to you which weight of a product you prefer. But many people these days prefer to use lighter items.

One thing is for sure if you are going to use AutoOcular lightweight glasses, you can wear it all day long without experiencing the feeling of tiredness.

  • Resistant

The lens coatings of a pair of eyeglasses can improve the performance, the durability, as well as the appearance of the item. This is always true even if we are talking about eyeglasses suitable for nighttime or daytime use.

The AutoOcular glasses comes up with an AR coating, or also known as an anti-glare coating or anti-reflective coating. This kind of coating has a thinner layer that will get rid of the reflections from both the back and front surfaces of the lenses.

As a result, the said coating will make your eyeglass lenses invisible. It only means you can use it during the daytime while talking with other people. They will keep their focus on your eyes rather than their reflections to your glasses.

This coating also has the capability to get rid of the glare that is resulted from the light that usually reflects from your eyeglass lenses. When it removes the reflections, it will provide you with a clearer vision, which is perfect for your nighttime driving. Aside from that, with the use of this eyewear, you will also have a more comfortable vision while using a computer or simply reading.

The AutoOcular glasses come up with numerous resistance functions, including the scratch-resistant feature. These AutoOcular glasses come up with a scratch-resistant coating that is perfect for harder surfaces. It only means that you can ensure that your glasses will be protected from scratches, whether you drop it on the floor or clean it with a towel.

This feature will benefit almost all the drivers who are not very careful in wearing or even cleaning their eyeglasses.

Aside from that, the AutoOcular glasses comes up with an anti-fog coating. It only means that you can use it even you are driving in a warmer or colder weather condition. This feature will benefit those drivers who are living in areas with a colder climate. It cannot also be denied that areas with the colder season can have a great impact to the safety of the drivers. It is because the fogs can limit your vision clarity.

  • Fight Light Sensitivity

Some people are asking about the best and effective way that they can do to decrease their light sensitivity. Well, if you are one of them, the only answer to this problem is to wear AutoOcular glasses. When wearing a pair of AutoOcular glasses, you can ensure that it will filter the damaging wavelengths that are being produced by the different outdoor and indoor light sources.

The AutoOcular glasses are one of the most suitable glasses for those drivers who are experiencing light sensitivity. According to some reviews, we have browsed about AutoOcular glasses, and this eyewear comes up with the lenses that can prevent the harmful light that can trigger the driver’s light sensitivity. In addition to that, the said brand of eyewear is considered to be an accurate alternative that you can wear during indoor and outdoor activities. So, if you want to fight your light sensitivity, then the AutoOcular glasses are the best eyewear for you.

  • Enhanced Clarity

night driving glasses amazon

The AR coating or the anti-reflective coating has the capability to decrease eye strain while improving your vision dramatically. This will also make your eyewear to look more beautiful and attractive in the eyes of others.

Enhanced vision is one of the benefits that you can get when using the AutoOcular glasses because it comes up with AR coating that can remove the reflections of light coming from the back, as well as the front surface of your eyeglasses.

When there are no more reflections, the light will come in your lenses that will help you to enhance your visual acuity with lesser distractions. This is always true at night. When it comes to daytime use, you can ensure that it will give you a more lovely look because it is quite invisible, which will enable you to have an effective eye to eye contact with the other people.

The Anti-reflective coating is very advantageous when it is being utilized on the higher index lenses that tend to reflect a higher amount of light compared to the plastic-made lenses. Commonly, when the index of refraction is higher, the higher the amount of light will be reflected.

These days, the modernized AR coatings now have the capabilities to remove virtually the light reflection from the lenses of eyewear. It only means that these eyeglasses will enable the 99.5% of light to get in the lenses to come inside your eyes to give you clearer vision clarity.

With the elimination of reflections, the anti-reflective coatings will also give the lenses of your glasses a clearer and nearly invisible look, which will allow your peers to see your facial expressions, as well as your eyes more clearly. The AR eyewear tends to be more beautiful and attractive, which means you can use AutoOcular glasses in different lighting situations.

  • Promotes Safe Driving

If you are planning to be an expert driver, the first step that you should do is to ensure that you have a clearer vision. If you are wearing high-quality eyewear, such as the AutoOcular glasses, you can ensure that you have a safer driving experience. The AutoOcular glasses are specially constructed to give you a helping hand in seeing the things against you more clearly. Whether you are using this eyewear during rainy or snowy weather conditions or even in a dark situation, you can ensure that it can fight off the light glare, which will make your attention focused on your driving, and on the road.

  • Reduces Light Glare

We cannot deny the fact that the lights of the other street lamps and approaching vehicles can make you temporarily blind and distracted. The night driving glasses, such as the AutoOcular glasses will help you to decrease the light glares, which will enable you to have a clearer vision.

  • Get some Peace of Mind

When you are wearing eyeglasses for night driving, you can see a better and clearer view during your nighttime trip. The different eyewear, including the AutoOcular glasses, can make your driving experience less stressful. It is because it will make the different sources of lights lesser bright, which will provide you with a more focus on the road and a higher level of vision clarity on your steering wheel.

  • Reduce the Stress on your Eyes

If you are driving without wearing night driving glasses, it only means that you are putting more stress on your precious eyes. There are lots of drivers who usually lean or squint closer to their steering wheel to have a better and clearer vision clarity. Leaning or squinting nearer to your steering wheel might cause your eyes to be watery or even dry. The glasses for nighttime driving can give you a helping hand to avoid the eye strains by getting rid of some lights that can get inside.

  • Fight off fatigue and headache

We all know that our eyes are very sensitive. It is always true during storms, nighttime, and low-lit situations. When you are going to drive your vehicle during nighttime without wearing an eye protection item can cause you to have photophobia. This is an eye condition that is a tolerance or even a symptom to the light that usually leads to dizziness, vertigo, and even headaches. With the help of night driving glasses, it is one of the best ways that you can do to ensure that you will not have the said conditions.

Key Features of AutoOcular Glasses

  • High-Quality Lenses

One of the essential parts that an eyeglass had is its lenses. The lenses are the ones that can give your vision a higher level of clarity. The AutoOcular glasses come up with polarized lenses that will help you to decrease the glare from the harsh blue light, reflected surface, as well as with the headlights.

The AutoOcular glasses come up with polycarbonate lenses that are geared and impact-resistant, which means that it is suitable for those who are active physically.

  • Flexible Nose Pads

For every driver, and even those who are not, it is a must for them to purchase eyewear that comes up with flexible nose pads. Thankfully, the AutoOcular glasses come up with a pleasant, comfortable to wear, and soft nose pads, which is perfect to wear without worrying about the feeling of uncomfortableness.

  • Flexible Arms

The arms of an eyeglass must be flexible because these were being wrapped around your ears. It has the work to hold your eyewear at the place. Ensuring that the arms of your eyewear will comfortably fit on your ears will make sure that you will not adjust them constantly. Thankfully, the AutoOcular glasses come up with flexible arms, wherein you can adjust them at your preferred fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions about AutoOcular Glasses

“Do AutoOcular Glasses Work?”

Of course. The AutoOcular glasses can maximize your night driving experiences.

“Does the polarized lens type important?”

Yes. It is because an eyeglass that is made up of a polarized lens can help you to increase your vision clarity.

“How do AutoOcular Glassworks?”

The AutoOcular glasses come up with a yellow-colored tint that will give protection to your eyes from the high amount of light that might lead to temporary blindness during nighttime driving.

Pros and Cons of Using AutoOcular Glasses


  • Suitable for Nature adventurers, sports lovers, as well as for drivers. It is also suitable for those who have been going through a cataract surgery.
  • It is portable and can be stored easily in its protective carrying case. You can easily fold it and store it in your pocket or backpack.
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Nose pads are comfortable and soft to wear. Aside from that, these nose pads can be adjusted easily.
  • It comes up with real polarization that can block a hundred percent UV rays.
  • It has durable polarized lenses
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Elegant and trendy designs


  • Cannot be worn with other eyeglasses at the same time
  • It is not suitable to wear with those who have beak-shaped faces
  • It does not have a size selection

Best Alternatives to AutoOcular Glasses

Blupond Night Driving Glasses

night time driving glassesThe Blupond Night Driving Glasses will provide you with an anti-glare and High-Definition vision, which will enable you to use it during nighttime driving, as well as daytime use. Aside from that, it also features a yellow-colored tint that is specially designed to give you optimum visibility and a high level of vision clarity.

If you don’t prefer the AutoOcular glasses and still searching for a night driving glass that can give your eyes a proper protection from the harmful things on the road, such as the bright vehicle’s headlights, then this Blupond Night Driving glasses are perfect for you.


  • High-quality and durable glasses
  • Stylish and sleek design\
  • It will give you comfortableness while wearing
  • It comes up with the latest lenses type
  • Provide your eyes the full protection


  • You cannot wear it with other eyewear at the same time

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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SOXICK Night Driving Glasses

best anti glare night driving glassesThe SOXICK Night Driving Glasses is one of the polarized eye wear that will provide you with an ideal driving experience that can be used during nighttime or dark driving situation. This night driving glass is one of the latest models that you can purchase on the market. It is because it comes up with the sleek and new metal frame anti-reflective lenses.

We cannot deny the fact that driving at night might be quite dangerous. But, one of the ways that you can do to prevent car or road accidents is to wear a high-end night vision and night-time glasses. With the use of SOXICK Night Driving Glasses, you can ensure your safety while cruising across the road.


  • It can enhance your vision clarity during night driving
  • It can dramatically decrease the approaching streetlight and headlight glare
  • It can filter the UV rays for about 90 percent
  • You can adjust its tightness easily
  • It comes up with a frame that is made up of durable aluminum-magnesium
  • It comes up with a great high definition yellow-colored lens
  • It comes up with a durable metal frame


  • It is not suitable for those who have smaller or larger faces

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Clear Night Driving Glasses

night driving glasses reviewsSimilar to the SOXICK Night Driving Glasses, the Clear Night Driving Glasses is made up of a durable metal frame, as well as the sturdy TAC polarized lens. As a result, its lenses can perfectly fit your face in spite of the size of your face.


  • Offers enhanced vision during the nighttime ride
  • Provides comfortable and safe driving
  • Polarized lenses to maintain your eyes clear and safe
  • It comes up with TAC polarized lens
  • It comes up with a durable metal frame


  • It comes up with a single size

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Lumin Vector Night Driving Glasses

night vision glasses for drivingThe Lumin Vector Night Driving Glasses has the capabilities to enhance your safety while driving. Aside from that, it comes up with an excellent UVB and UVA protection. As a result, it will decrease your susceptibility to eye strain as you ride. In addition to that, it will also ensure your safety while you are on the road.


  • It is constructed from durable materials
  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • It will provide you with a high definition nighttime vision clarity
  • It will give you clearer vision while wearing on poor weather


  • Its frame is not adjustable

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

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Buying Guide for the Best Night Driving Glasses

If you are one of those individuals out there who have more sensitive eyes, then you might consider driving your vehicle as one of your dreadful experiences. On the other hand, this is not a problem anymore if you will wear a polarized night driving eyeglass. The following are some of the factors that you need to consider when buying the best nighttime driving glasses. So, if you have quite a difficult time in choosing the best night driving glasses, then keep on reading.

  • Size and Fit

It is pretty obvious that every one of us wants to wear eyewear that can fit and hold perfectly. It is essential for you to purchase a night driving eyeglass that can give you the proper amount of grip, as well as comfort. The eyeglasses that are loosely fitting might be considered by many as a comfortable eyewear that you can use for a longer period. However, it can easily slide out and fall out of place because of a more active movement.

On the other hand, an eyeglass that can snuggly and tightly fit your head can resist the sudden movements. As a result, the eyeglass can stay in the place. However, this kind of eyeglass might give you uncomfortableness when you use it for a longer time and might restrict the flow of your blood.

  • Lens Tint

The sunglasses that are being worn for daytime use can provide you with a wide variety of tint colors that will not affect their true purpose. On the other hand, this is different when it comes to night-time driving eyewear. In terms of night driving eyewear, it would be an effective eye protection item if it has a particular tint color, which is yellow. There are lots of colored lenses out there that differently respond to the light.

During the nighttime period, the yellow-colored tint lenses can dramatically decrease the light glare through cutting down the blue and white lights while giving your yellow or less glaring light that comes from the approaching vehicle’s headlights. The yellow-colored lenses might change the colors during the low-lit condition, but these lenses can help you to view more clearly the edges of the different objects on the road.  As a result, this will enable you to see clearly, which can lead to a much better night driving experience.

  • Lens Material

The lenses that are being used to produce night driving glasses are divided into two basic types. These types of lenses are polycarbonate and Tivex glasses. Eyewear that is constructed from Tivex lenses is not being used frequently. But, it will give you the best experience of night-time driving. On top of that, the Tivex lenses are impact-resistant, scratch-resistant, and lightweight when we compared it with the polycarbonate lenses.

On the other hand, the eyeglass that is made up of polycarbonate lenses is being used more frequently compared to the Tivex lenses since they feature a high level of durability and can be purchased by everyone. Most of the eyeglasses that are made up of polycarbonate lenses come up with shatter-proof features. This function is very helpful and beneficial for those individuals who are clumsy. If we are going to compare the polycarbonate lenses with the plastic ones, the first one is lighter. On the other hand, similar to the plastic-made lenses, the polycarbonate lenses are also known to have a low image’s optical quality.

  • Polarized Lenses

One of the most crucial features that you should consider when purchasing the best night driving glasses is the polarized lenses. It is because the polarized lenses can reduce the glare of lights through enabling the angled vertical light to get inside your eyes while preventing the entrance of direct or intense horizontal light.

The night driving glasses come up with three different types that you can choose from. The first type that you might consider buying is the lenses that are internally polarized. Since the process is very complex to incorporate, it must be performed in more specialized and high-end laboratories. As a result, this will make the eye protection item more reliable and can resist the possible fading as time passes by. The only disadvantage that you might notice with this night driving glass type is that it is costly.

The second-night driving glasses type that you might consider is the regular glasses. The regular eyewear can block the light glare with the use of the coated polarized film. The glasses that come up with polarized films are considered to be more inexpensive and are one of the most known glasses that are available on the market. The only drawback that you can see on this item is that its polarized film is fading as time passes by because of general use, wiping, and scratching.

The third and final night driving glass type is a lens that is constructed with the naturally-occurring polarized materials. These materials are considered to be the most reliable lens, together with the first eyeglass type, because it does not fade even with a more extended time. The only downside that you might notice with this item is that they are blocking the LED, as well as the LCD lights. As a result, you might have a hard time to view your instrument panels when you wear this kind of eyewear.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best night driving glasses, then we recommend you to purchase AutoOcular Glasses. Even though we have mentioned some alternatives to AutoOcular glasses, we can say that when it comes to the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of the eyeglass, AutoOcular stands out among the four mentioned alternatives. So, what are you waiting for? Purchase your own AutoOcular Glasses now!

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