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About Us

Here at HolgaDirect our aim is to provide informative advice and an online store for all things Holga related. Here at HolgaDirect we are as crazy about Holga’s and the world of Toy Cameras as you are and hence we decided to set up this website. Our aims are to provide a platform for information to the Holga community as well as hosting an online store for a wide range of affordable cameras and accessories.

In this modern age of digital photography we are very excited about the fact that there is still a loyal and seemingly growing following of the analogue cameras and style of yesteryear. But while we are excited about this we do also realize that it is not always easy to find the information you may need to get started and subsequently to continue to learn how to get the most out of this equipment.

Here at the HolgaDirect website we hope we can be an integral part of the community that has built up around Holga cameras by helping others to find the information they need, learn about the art and skill of this style of photography and share their work with the rest of the Holga community. We have many exciting plans for the future!

In addition to providing information we also host an online store where we are able to offer a wide range of Holga Cameras and Accessories. Being based in Hong Kong, the home of the Holga we will always try to ensure that we have access to the widest range of products as well as any new models introduced to the existing range. Another advantage of our location is that we hope to get these cameras into the hands of the consumer at the most competitive prices. A bonus about being based so close to the Holga factory means that unlike other online retailers we won’t have to wait months for the next shipment when we need to re-stock.

So what do we have lined up so far? Our main news and articles are at HolgaDirect. But if you are new to Holga’s or would just like to learn more you could start with one of the following articles:

The History of Holga

Model Feature Summary

And if you don’t yet own a Holga then you’re in just the right place. Have a browse around our Shop...

We also plan to host exclusive interviews with established and up-and-coming Photographers who are using Holga’s in their work. Please contact us if you are doing interesting things and would like to be featured.

Finally, just to say have fun with your Holga’s and please let us know if you have any feedback on anything you see featured here or have any suggestions for the future!

The HolgaDirect Team