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  • Remote installation available on iOS
  • Keylogger available
  • Can read Whats chats
  • Supports popular social platforms monitoring
  • Geofencing alerts


  • Keylogger is not available on Basic version
  • Some advanced features need root or jailbreak

A phone tracker or phone number tracker is now very popular all over the world. It is no doubt as it offers endless possibilities to professionals, parents, teens, and even kids. With the use of this phone tracker app, keeping your kids safe and sound once they browse the net is now easier and in just a matter of touch of a button. You can track or monitor their whereabouts with peace of mind.

The most reliable phone tracker app can boost your security once you browse the net. Now, social media sites can be accessed by anyone regardless of age and preference. Like for instance, teenagers are likely to get addicted to various social media apps like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. According to the research, teens spend 2 to 3 hours a day browsing such renowned social media sites.

What is more, the fame of online dating platforms has captured the interest of teenagers. Thus, their safety has been at risk. There is no need to worry, as cellphone GPS tracker can save you from this risk. As a reliable monitoring and tracking app, these tracker apps can assist you in monitoring the activities of your kids online that augment their safety and security.

Why Consider Installing Cell Phone Tracker?

If you already have installed a cell phone tracker or are planning to have it, there can be many reasons why you have to do this. Perhaps you are a protective parent, a government spy, a company owner who wants to monitor the activities if your employees. Regardless of the reason, you can surely find ways to know how to do it. There are many perks to get out of it.

cell phone tracker

Keep Monitor of your Loved Ones: This must not essentially be a trust issue, however more of a safety and security issue. If your kids have not arrived yet from school after having dismissed for hours or your partner has not called you from a mall for hours, the app will tell the exact location of your kids in a few seconds only. Keep in mind that not all kids are telling their parents all their activities in and out of school. Anxious parents should want to know. These kids could have issues with drugs, criminals, or bullies. The best phone tracker app without permission can assist you knows, and allow you to take corrective measures. It has many advantages compared to other spy apps &  Best Free Phone Tracker App

If you own or run a company with workers who work in places outside of the normal workplace, phone number tracker will instantly allow you to determine whether they are where they must be and doing what they must be doing, or they’re simply fooling around. With the best phone tracker app set up on their mobile devices, you can easily track them. Also, knowing that you can find their exact locations with ease will make them less likely to mess up around. This cellphone tracker app can save your considerable business amount of money and time as well. We may suggest you to go with IkeymonitorCovenant EyesSpyBubble & phonespector

If you’re one of a group of friends who like to keep tabs with others during a party or night out in the town, this cell phone tracking app makes a useful and handy tool. You can find the whereabouts of your friends by a simple touch of a button. This is great as well as a simple way of keeping acquaintances together, especially if you’re living today in a fast-paced world. GPS phone monitoring is a great technology that functions well. This is true if your job is related to sales. You just have to look at your phone and see if any clients happen to be in a neighboring building. A simple call will tell you if it’s likely to get together and have lunch or dinner. This can assist you in closing lots of deals, becoming productive as well as earn a lot of money.

Once you lose or misplace your mobile device, or it was stolen, you can trace its whereabouts, given that the battery stays charged. One amazing perk of this phone tracker is that you can know if your partner in life is loyal or not. If you have this feeling that he or she is cheating on your, this phone tracker app will confirm or deny your feelings. We advice you to read more about best parental control apps

Spy apps or phone tracker programs are utilized in tracking internet history. For previous years, the internet has been the greatest technological development in the world. It assists us in looking for information with ease and in just one touch of a button. It provides us the chance to watch movies, stream songs, and videos with ease. We advise you to check some of the best phone tracker apps available on the market today. You may also know that How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing


phone trackerIf you are looking for the best phone tracker, look no further than mSpy. It is worth the effort from support to reliability. What makes mSpy part from the rest is that it is intended towards tracking the mobile devices of your kids, workers, and even your behalf. On the other hand, prior to making a choice, it is vital to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, features as well as other vital information I mind.


  • Screenshots: The mSpy phone tracker is able to screenshots cellphones and computers and enables you to know the activity of your kids or workers in front of the computer. You are also able to know if he or she is hiding something.
  • Use and Installation: A lot of agencies only utilized licensed apps and banned the application of other software or programs. It leads to the necessity to control workers to avoid downloading as well as setting up other software. What is more, program downloads online for free is risky for the computer. mSpy GPS tracker generates info on all apps and also offers information on which apps and for how long has been utilized. This allows you to determine whether your teen is playing games or doing his or her homework.
  • Compatible with Various Operating Systems: One vital reason a lot of people download and use mSpy is that it works both on Android and iOS. Whether your teens use Samsung or iPhone, you can make use of this spy app. This can be utilized for phones, both jailbroken and non-jailbroken.
  • Handle Calls: When you run a business, then it is vital to set up a GPS tracking app like this in order to avoid misuse of corporate mobile devices. mSpy gets info on both outgoing and incoming calls.
  • Emails and Messages: With this app, worry no more about sensitive info can be delivered through email or SMS as you can monitor it. You can read emails as well as check attachments that you send. What is more, you are able to filter them by heading, content, address, and many others.
  • Keylogger: Keylogger allows you to reveal info about each keystroke keyed in by your kid or a worker. The history is stored even the user has attempted to erase it. This assures you that your child is safe and sound when making a friend over the net. If you are running a company, this feature will provide you an insight into whether your workers are working or just chatting online.


  • Cheap and very affordable and ideal for those with a limited budget
  • Leading spy app for Android and iOS devices today
  • Easy to set up especially if you are using devices powered by Android
  • It has activity tracker which tracks screen time
  • mSpy is undetectable like other phone trackers free available
  • Filled with geofencing features
  • It tracks many users with the best functionality


  • Not effective technology support
  • Some features can’t be found here


This phone tracker is compatible to all iPhone devices, which make the best spy app for iPhone. However, it is also compatible to 4+ Android versions. If your phone doesn’t fit the category, you can look for other options that can give you convenience.


Aside from the state of the art features, this phone tracker has been notorious due to its low price. mSpy offers various packages so you can choose from $29.99 a month, which their basic package, while the premium package will cost you $69.99 up to $199.99 a year. They also offer a family package which is available for $359.97 for every six months.  For 12 months of usage, the price is available at $479.97, which is expensive. However, it can track three phones simultaneously. Review this one Best Phone Monitoring Apps & Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android Undetectable

They also offer a trial version that lasts for seven days. This app is perfect for beginners and less tech-savvy people.

Mspy free trial


This phone tracker is available in two versions, jailbreak, and non-jailbreak. So, meaning restricted tracking capabilities. Worry no more, as the company will help by guiding you if you are willing to jailbreak a specific device or set up the app.

mSpy also comes with Android versions, which is the root and non-root. I highly recommend the root version if you are looking for a state of the art functionality.

Ratings:4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


mSpy is indeed the most excellent and reliable phone tracker for both Android and iPhone powered cell phones. It is compatible to all iPhone versions and to 4+ Android versions. The features are superb, and it is able to track contacts, text messages, call logs, as well as other instant messages. Also, it can locate the location of the user via GPS, which makes the best and leading GPS tracker free.



flexispyThis is a powerful phone tracker integrated with amazing features. FlexiSpy offers Call Interception feature that allows you secretly record as well as listen to phone calls. However, you are required to jailbreak or root the target device to set it up.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or rooted Android device, you are able to take the benefit of this app. If setup and configured, it operates in the background and records user activities, which include call history, call recordings and history, texts, GPS, photos, emails, instant messages, social media, and many others. All the info collected can be seen in an online-based portal or mobile app. We advice you to choose best iPhone tracking apps & Best Spy App For iPhone

This has been around for many years and keeps on helping parents and business owners alike. FlexiSpy is available in two versions, Extreme and Premium, the latter provides the whole thing you need from a phone tracker, and however, if you need groundbreaking features, you need to settle on Extreme version.

  • Line Call Intercept: This allows you to intercept a device call and listen to the conversation.
  • Record Surroundings: This remotely active the mic their device, and you are able to hear what is going on. Also, you can record the phone’s surroundings anytime.
  • Record Phone Calls: This feature allows you to remotely record phone calls your kids or workers make and receive on their device. Call recordings are delivered to a control panel in the form of mp3.
  • RemCam: This remotely set off the cam and takes a secret photo to see the surroundings.

Other Essential Features

  • Monitor web browsing history and even browser bookmarks.
  • You will be notified if some changes have been done on the tracked device
  • Instantly find the phone through GPS technology as well as see the location history and the travel routes which the phone has taken.
  • Capture passwords as well as usernames for various networking sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Skype, and many others and even email.


  • A powerful phone tracker ideal for everyone
  • Made to monitor diverse data on the target mobile device
  • Record suspicious phone calls
  • It is undetectable to the user, which make it a good investment for all
  • It has an ambient listening mode
  • Easy to navigate on Android and iOS
  • Apart from being the best Android app, it is also perfect for iPhone users
  • Has been in the industry for many years


  • When setting up on iPhone devices, it needs jailbreak. You can ask help from expert
  • It is expensive. However, it has commendable functionality
  • Some features aren’t wonderful and sound
  • The live interception, as well as remote camera access, sometimes is buggies


This phone tracker has been a renowned choice due to its functional compatibility. It is ideal for Android devices, which include 4.0.4 to 8.1. Also, it is perfect for iPhone all versions. When it comes to compatibility, FlexiSpy stands out from the rest.


This phone tracker is reasonable. They offer three versions, such as Lie, Premium, and Extreme. The latter needs you to pay $29.08 a month while the premium needs you to pay $12 a month, and the Lite will cost you $29.95 a month.

FlexiSpy offers a free trial version. However, some packages can last for a few months and even years. The trial version of FlexiSpy just lasts for twenty-four hours. However, some packages can last for a few months and even years. The trial version of FlexiSpy just lasts for twenty-four hours. You can utilize it to track emails, track internet history, manage SMS, enjoy geo-location features,  track online activities of the person, and crack passwords as well. We have an advice you to read more about Phone Tracker


Jailbreaking is vital for an array of iOS devices. FlexiSpy can also be utilized without rooting Android devices, and it has an ambient listening mode. This is made to monitor data on a particular device.

Rating:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


If you are at ease with tech or want to spend a lot, no matter what the case is, FlexiSpy is the best option. As a reliable phone tracking free app, FlexiSpy allows you to monitor the whole thing on a target mobile device. Choose the Extreme packaged for unmatched abilities.

State of the art FlexiSpy works an array of devices, from Android to iOS devices. If you use Nokia or Blackberry, FlexiSpy is a remarkable investment. Also, the team provides a reliable installation of the app.



best spy phone appToday, kids spend a lot of time browsing online. Aside from playing games online, they also watch videos on various video-sharing sites and stream to songs on Spotify. Over the years, the internet is a place for porn. Teens can access adult content, as there is no restriction. As a guardian, it is essential to monitor their digital activity, and Spyzie is a reliable phone tracker that you can take benefit.

The same as FlexiSpy and mSpy is a tracking app intended to track various activities online of your workers and kids. Since the introduction to this market, this phone tracker free has been becoming popular over the world. No wonder it is filled with features that are effective and reliable.


This phone tracker is armed with state of the art features such as:

  • Location Tracking: This phone tracking app can track the exact location of the device. Using GPS, it is now easier to find the precise whereabouts of your children. You can also real-time whereabouts and the movement. Also, you can tracker the target device through the application of the Wi-Fi location.
  • Geo-fencing feature: This amazing feature allows the user to make places of note on the map. This also keeps you notified or warned if your kid gets into the Geo-fences you have made. You can make geo-fences around the casino, hotel as well as dangerous areas for kids.
  • Track Text Messages and Calls: This phone tracker is integrated with these features that help in efficiently collecting calls and text messages of the target device. You can see the texts and call logs in an online dashboard.
  • Keylogging and Keyword Alert: This tracker is also integrated with a keylogger feature wherein you have the chance to see all keyboard presses on the target phone. What is more, keyword alert tracks words utilized on the device or mobile phone being tracked and alert you of dangerous and prohibited locations.
  • Track Email: Spyzie app allows you to track sent and received email messages. This is a remarkable way of checking out the sort of discussions your kids engage in and then keep them safe from those who would abuse as well as insult them.


  • Filled with efficient phone call tracking, you can identify the contact to be restricted or blocked
  • It has real-time chat app or text message tracking, and it also accesses various app Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, as well as social apps.
  • The location tracking is remarkable; users can monitor the location of a particular individual with utmost comfort.
  • It enables subscribers to access videos and photos of a particular device; you are assured that your kids will not get devastating content.
  • Offers SIM Card alert if the SIM card of the target phone is eliminated, the tracker can notice it.
  • Internet use tracking or blocking suspicious sites
  • It monitors the inputs done by users on the devices


  • It is likely to access group chat as well as the same forms
  • It takes time to reply so be patient when using the app


This phone tracker is tested for compatibility. It supports iOS and Android devices without issues and concerns. Intended for children, this phone tracker is ideal for tracking your kids and workers.


The best thing about this phone tracker is that you can choose from 3 versions for Android, which varies in price as well as functionality. These can take account of Basic, Pro as well as Ultimate packages.

For iOS devices, Spyzie provides the Ultimate and Pro versions the pricing plan is here:

  • Basic Plan: You will need to give out $29.99 for a one-month subscription. You need to give out $39.99 for three months subscription. If you need a long subscription-like one year, you have to consider $89.99.
  • Pro: When it comes to the Pro plan, you need to give out $39.99 for a one-month subscription. For three months subscription, you need to give out $59.99, and a one-year subscription will need you to give out $99.99.
  • Ultimate: One-month subscription will cost you $49.99 and for three months is $69.99, and for a 1-year subscription, you need to give out $119.99.


Some phone trackers out there needs rooting to activate the app, Spyzie is far different. You don’t need to be technology savvy to use this app as well. In tracking the activity of the person, you need to sign up, complete the process of installation, track the device, and that’s it.

Rating:4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


This is a remarkable phone tracker. This is particularly true if tracking devices. Both smartphones and tablets it doesn’t matter if it is iOS and Android are very compatible. Also, Spyzie offers an irrefutably wide-ranging amount of tracking capabilities. Now, it is easy to spy an individual’s phone calls and texts, thanks to this state of the art app blocking, with GPS tracking capabilities. Before making a choice, know your needs first.


Highster Mobile

best spy phone appTracking the activities of your kids online has been essential for past years. With phone tracker, parents can monitor their kids each time they browse the internet. Companies can also secure their data, avoid the leak of vital information as well as minimize the risk of losing their money in the long run.

The demand for phone tracker free affects the structure of its pricing. However, there are cheap brands available to everyone. Like for instance, the Highest Mobile that is renowned and popular due to its affordability as well as lasting abilities. The same as costly brands, this offers many essential features. Setting up is easy and fast and perfect for those who aren’t as technically savvy.



Regardless of the price, this amazing phone tracker is integrated with state of the art features that take account of the following:

  • Live Control Panel: This allows you to see the screen of the mobile device being tracked, updated every ninety seconds.
  • App Blocking: This feature allows you to block access to some apps and websites, including porn sites. So, you are assured that your little ones are only accessing the kids-friendly website.
  • SMS Command: The SMS command feature provides the user the capability to send a command from the live control panel to be in charge of their kid’s mobile device. They are also in charge of locking and unlocking the phone, deleting phone data information, and many others.
  • Alerts: You will be informed as well as notified anytime your kids take a trip outside a particular area restricted to the designated location in the app.


  • Cheapest phone tracker in the list
  • Good sets of amazing and state of the art features
  • It is compatible with Android and iOS devices and tablets as well
  • Made to track text as well as WhatsApp messages
  • No detectable and very effective and reliable
  • Permits you to see browsing history, instant messages, texts, and many others
  • Easy to purchase, safe and fast installation
  • It is easy to download the app
  • There is no need for jailbreaking and rooting the device
  • Upgrades are free
  • Packed with stealth cam that takes tracking to a higher level
  • Onetime payment


  • Not responsive customer support
  • Doesn’t equipped with groundbreaking spying features
  • Only ideal for people which basic tracking needs
  • No parental controls
  • Not compatible with all mobile devices
  • No discount available


This phone tracker functions on various Android OS like Nougat, Honeycomb, Marshmallow, Oreo, Lollipop, and supports iOS devices without the need for jailbreaking. So, it is a flexible option that you must consider today.


Compared to counterpart tracking apps, which offer monthly packages and even subscription fee, this phone tracker just cost you $69.99 and a onetime fee. It doesn’t matter if you are exhausted of monthly or yearly expenses, this tracker is the best and dependable solution. On the other hand, it does not have a state of the art spying features. So, you need to consider other trackers.


This phone tracker offers non-jailbreak and jailbreaks versions. To track social network devices like Instagram, Facebook, etc., jailbreaking or rooting can play a vital role. If you want to know more about it, you can call the customer hotline number, and they will explain this matter to you.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


Highster Mobile is indeed one of the best yet the most affordable tracker apps for the phone in today’s market. As a phone monitoring app, it is armed with some of the best features. Although its abilities aren’t as strong as the other expensive trackers on this list, i general, this app is a remarkable choice to those with a limited budget.

Compared to other phone trackers wherein you need to give a monthly and annual fee, Highster Mobile offers onetime payment only. For only $69.99, this app stays a powerful package to monitor your kids and your business as well.

The best thing about this is that customer support is active and always available. You can call the customer hotline number for your concerns and queries.

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parental control appLosing a mobile phone is really devastating. Even if it is easy to purchase a brand new one, it is so hard to figure out how to reinstate the contacts. However, with the help of a phone tracker free like Hoverwatch, everything is easier and stress-free.

Hoverwatch is a reliable phone tracking app we can’t afford to miss. It can assist in tracking where the lost phone in a few keys. This can also track a computer as well as record the online capability of a person. This can spy on your children no matter what they’re doing on their mobile devices.

  • Free Trial: This phone tracker free provides a 3- day free trial, thus you can give this a try and know if it is working or not.
  • Record Calls: This can record as well as a download phone call from tracked phone and listen to them any day and anytime you want.
  • Camera Tracker: With this phone tracker, you can take pictures of anyone attempting to unlock your device.
  • Capture Screenshots: You can remotely snap screenshots of the device of the user.


  • This amazing phone tracker offers camera tracking online once set up in your mobile device. It can take a shot of the one who is accessing your device.
  • This is integrated with the phone, internet history monitoring
  • It can record calls and messages sent and received
  • It is easy to track all sent or received SMS and MMS
  • It enabled subscribers to monitor the exact location of the device
  • Spy on various social media apps like Facebook images and WhatsApp
  • Monitor changes in SIM card
  • Stress-free to monitor messages, SMS in stealth mode and GPS calls
  • It’s likely to make screenshots in the target phone, comp as well as other devices
  • A free trial is available


  • This free phone tracker isn’t compatible with iOS devices
  • It’s complicated to record Skype conversation
  • Email or phone support isn’t available if there is an error, submit your requests


It is frustrating to know that this phone tracker isn’t compatible with iOS tablets and phones. However, it supports other devices. It is compatible with Mac, Android, as well as Windows PC OS.


This phone tracker is available in various packages to suit as well as exceed your needs. The personal package is available for $19.95 a month. When looking for the most excellent to track a single device, this kind of subscription is highly recommended.

Tracking one gadget isn’t as fulfilling as you think. To make the best of this phone tracker software, you have to give out $49.95 for three months and $99.95 for a one-year subscription. There is also a family package available that will cost you $39.95 a month. Not like other choices available, the subscription package enables you to track the activities of your kids online, and it can track the utmost of five devices.

The phone tracker provides a business package for startups as well as organizations. What makes it apart from the rest is that it can track about 25 mobile phones for only $149.95. Yes, it may cost you low. On the other hand, the service is very reliable and high quality as well.

This is also available in the free trial, and you can avail of the free trial by visiting the homepage of the app. Just click the free signup button and make an account. Enter your name and email address and make a password. When done, you’ll be prompted to a new page wherein you have to add a Windows, Mac, or Android to track. You have to read the instruction on how to set up the free trial successfully.


To utilize this phone tracker free,  you have to set it up on your mobile device and the target mobile device as well. Then, you have to make a free account and make sure to enter a working email address as well as a strong password. You have to agree to the conditions and add mobile phones that need to be tracked and monitored. Click the download button to install it. Then, you can start tracking. Never forget to save call records, location, text messages, as well as other vital information.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


State of the art Hoverwatch is only compatible with Windows PC, Android phones as well as Mac Operating Systems. If you use Android phones, you can take pleasure in invisible mode, front camera photo, as well as geo-fencing and even SIM replacement.

If you are using mobile devices powered by Windows, you will surely enjoy the stealth mode, webcam shots, keylogger as well as web logs. On the other hand, Mac features keylogger as well as invisible mode. It allows you to monitor chat messages as well as internet history.

Download Hoverwatch !!

Our Rating

In general, we found out that mSpy stands out from the rest. If you are looking for a reliable phone tracker that works both on Android and iPhone devices, look no further than mSpy. Aside from the state of the art features, subscription fees are low compared to others. This is where mSpy becomes very popular.

Phone Tracker App: Buying Guide

Features of a Reliable Phone Tracker

  • Remotely Install the Software

To download and install the phone tracker on the monitored device, you have to access it physically. Make sure to pay attention to the service providers out there that promise remote installations.

  • Internet Connection Required

A good working internet connection is required to download and set up the phone tracker free. Your phone tracker also needs an internet connection to upload capture information to the server. If your device loses connection to the internet, it will save or store the capture data in the phone storage and then upload them later one when internet returns.

  • Customer Service

The best tracking app available today should offer 24 hours and 7 days of customer service. This assures you that it is always available to provide you assistance as well as support during your needs. The best phone tracker offers technical assistance through phone, email, and even live chat.

Another way to know if the phone tracker app is legit, and it offers the best service if they provide the information required to make an informed decision. Dependable and reliable service providers will explain to you how the app works, common queries, what are the features included, compatibility as well as any fees which are related to the service they offer. As a parent or business owner, you have to do proper research to find and acquire the best phone tracker that will meet your needs and your budget as well.

Mspy free trial

  • Jailbreaking Your Device

Apple Company blocked spy software from the App Store. Therefore, you can download the app using an iOS powered target device to jailbreak it.

At the moment, you can find a phone tracker app in which there is no need for jailbreaking your iPhone. As a result, installing as well as spying on the target iOS device like iPad, iPod touch as well as iPhone is fast.

  • Rooting Your Device

The phone tracker works with both rooted as well as unrooted devices powered by Android. On the other hand, some state of the art features, which takes account of instant messenger tracking as well as call interception, will not function when the mobile device isn’t rooted.

Guide to Find the Best Phone Tracker

Now that you are aware of the vital features of a reliable phone tracker, there are some important things you need to know when buying a cell phone tracker. Some of these factors take account of the following:

  • Company’s Reputation

Every product has scam or fraud, including the industry of phone tracker. For you to have a long term investment, you need to check the dependability of the provider. With research, you are able to come across a company with an amazing reputation and keep in mind the needs of the user.

  • Fast Response

Apart from superior service, a reliable company is known for providing fast support or response. The best company response to the concerns and queries of clients quickly and fast. Also, the best service provider should have a team that can accommodate someone’s exceptional requirements as well as needs.

Mspy Customer Reviews

  • Responsive as well as Professional Site

A dependable phone tracker app has a professional as well as a customized site. Aside from appeal or looks, the platform enables the user to download an app with ease. Developed with a toolbox or forum, a site allows guests to keep in touch with the team,

Reliable software companies have a customized and professional website. Its platform permits users in easy downloading a program more than its appeal. Maybe you’ve tried an app before, what is your experience have you had a difficult time setting up an app? The aforementioned phone trackers will not provide you that experience.  From setting up to track, the phone track apps will surely put a smile on your face.



Are you tired of the free phone tracker software due to the restriction in the use of features? Or are you not pleased with the performance of your current phone tracking app? Then worry no more because mSpy is here to provide assistance.

Of all the phone trackers we reviewed, we found out that the mSpy stands out from the rest. It is packed with amazing features and works very well.  This amazing phone tracker is intended towards tracking the mobile devices of your kids, workers, and even your behalf. On the other hand, prior to making a choice, it is vital to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, features as well as other vital information I mind.mspy rating


Phone Tracker FAQ

Q: Does a phone tracker really work?

A phone tracker offers many perks like helps parents in monitoring the activities of their kids online. It also stops cyberbullying and keeps your teens safe and sound from porn websites as well as other content exclusively for adults. For business owners, this tool keeps the company’s information safe as well as avoids money loss. However, do all phone trackers function? Well, it depends, that is why you need to get the best one.

Q: What is the most reliable phone tracker?

mSpy is one of the best phone tracker available. Apart from the cheap subscription fee, it also provides remarkable features as well as fast customer support. You can also access the OS fast and stress-free.

Q: Can you monitor the exact whereabouts of the device?

Yes. There are phone trackers available that can track or pinpoint the exact whereabouts of the device in just one click of a button. You can try the HoverWatch, FlexiSpy, or the mSpy. With FlexiSpy and mSpy, you will need a global positioning system, and even information gathered is saved in the cPanel of your computer.

Q: How does phone tracker functions?

This works in a very simple manner. A phone tracker tracks kid’s activity online after setting it up. What is more, this allows you to find if the app is compatible with the mobile phone or not.

Q: How important Jailbreaking?

If you have a plan of spying someone’s mobile phone, then it is vital to jailbreak the iPhone in order to get enough credentials. iPhone jailbreaking also unlock state of the art features to track or monitor another.

Q: Does jailbreaking or rooting affect my phone’s performance?

No. This process is just intended to install or set up the app on the target device. It will not affect the performance of your device. On the other hand, battery consumption will increase due to the use of the said phone tracker.

Q: Is it easy to install a phone tracker on my Android phone?

Yes. Installing a phone tracker is easy as 1, 2, and 3. Just download the app and then set it up. However, there are service providers wherein they do the installation for you. After a few minutes, you can download the tool and then check emails, IM chats, text messages as well as call logs.