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  • Flexible content filtering
  • Instant alerts and notifications
  • Remote settings


  • Jailbreaking is required for iOS devices
  • The app is not hidden

There are a lot of people debating which app is better PhoneSheriff or mSpy App. Well, here’s a very comprehensive review for both apps so that you can have a better understanding of which one is the best to get for your needs. Check out the details that we have about each app and figure out which one will work for you and will give you better benefits.

PhoneSheriff and mSpy App Reviews

What is PhoneSheriff?

There’s a rave about the use of the PhoneSheriff app today globally. This is because of many reasons as well as the benefits that it can provide to the user. If you are a business owner, you would love this app when it comes to monitoring and constantly check what’s going on in your operation. This is really good and reliable so you can improve your business processes through this app. If you are a parent who wants to ensure the safety of your kids, this is also the app that you must have. This can allow you to ensure that you are on track with your kids and that you are updated as to what is happening to them. Whatever you do, whoever you are, it is a must that you look into this app today. There are a lot of PhoneSheriff reviews that you can check to have more idea about this wonderful app that many people are raving about.

PhoneSheriff is an app dedicated to mobile monitoring. This can be installed on your phone or tablet and you can immediately get instant tracking. This app is very easy to use and can be handled even by a not so techie guy. It can be used easily but it can guarantee advanced functionality. The online activity on the phone where it is installed will surely be monitored in real-time. Through the app, your online data can also be protected. The SMS and MMS that you have can be tracked by the app as well as the call history, cps location, photos, emails, browsing history, and many more. This is the app that’s perfect for ensuring that your data is safe in this advance and technologically developing world.

Can you imagine having PhoneSheriff in your kids’ or employees’ phones? Well, for sure, you can foresee the great tracking ability that you can have. You will be able to ensure that everything is doing perfectly fine all the time, and if there’s some issue, you are automatically informed so you can plan immediate solutions. PhoneSheriff is a revolutionary app that is made available to everyone today to make their life easier and safer. We advice you to read more about flexispy, thetruthspy, spyzie, Highster mobile

What are the Main Features of PhoneSheriff?

SMS and MMS Tracking

  • The SMS, as well as the MMS, both incoming and outgoing from the phone that is using PhoneSheriff, would have logs for your monitoring and convenient tracking. This is an easy way to stay ahead of everything to make sure that your business operation is in good standing or that your child is safe and sound with his or her activities online. The SMS and MMS tracking Done by PhoneSheriff is very reliable.

Internet Browsing History

  • There are a lot of reasons why you need to keep track of the browsing history of your employees and your children. This will allow you to stay updated on what is going on. The log will make you aware if there’s something shady going on so that you can control the issue immediately.

GPS Tracking in Real-Time

  • If you have employees on the go, or if your kid likes to hang out with their friends, you can be alerted or be informed as to where they are at a particular time. This is done by the app through its real-time tracking through GPS. This is a very good feature of the app that makes it really good for many people all around the world.

Call History Tracking

  • Aside from the message and MMS tracking, the app can also provide call history tracking. If you need specific information about the call logs of your employees, this is a really good app. The time and other important details of the call that they made will be made available to you by the app.

Apps Monitoring

  • PhoneSheriff is really good because it can also monitor other apps that are available on the phone where it is being used. The activities on the other apps on the phone can also be accessed and tracked. This is really good especially if you want to closely check your child’s activity on various apps and platforms.

Photo Logs Monitoring

  • Just like the calls, the photos in the phone where PhoneSheriff is installed can also be accessed, including the pertinent details to it like the location and time. You can have a better idea of what your child is doing or who are the people he is hanging out with through the photo monitoring logs.

Contacts Access

  • If you have this wonderful app in your employees’ or children’s phone, the contact there could be known to you in an instance. You can also get access to their contacts so you know who they are dealing with, and if needed, you can also get their contact information in an instance.

Phonesheriff Review

What are the Pros and Cons of PhoneSheriff?


The reliability of this app is really good, and it offers a lot of features that are very useful to have. If you utilized this for your business, the operation of the conduct of transactions would be greatly improved. You are always on top of it so your employees will have more awareness that they should really perform and do things according to your business standards.

Peace of mind with your child’s safety and security is another advantage that the app can give you. Considering all the features granted to you, you are a happy parent. All you need to do to check on your kids is to go to your phone and access the app and see what and how they are doing. Aside from that, the tracking is also in real-time so you can immediately and instantly know the situation or what they are up to. You can monitor your child better so you will be able to guide them and be a better parent. This is really a good app that parents can invest in if they really want to stay ahead with their child’s activities.


The compatibility of PhoneSheriff is a bit limited. It can only be used on Android IOS devices. This is one reason why some people cannot get the app and access the benefits that it offers. It can only work well if you have a phone or a table that have an Android IOS.

Check Out the Compatibility of PhoneSheriff to Your Gadgets

The compatibility of the PhoneSheriff app quite limited because it can only function and perform well in Android phones and tablets. Here’s the list of the Android IOS versions where it can be used. Please check the list below:

Since it can only work in Android phones, it is pretty obvious that iPads, iPhones, and Blackberry phones and cannot make use of the app. The app has been discontinued on these phone models. Take note of this if your employees or your kids don’t have an android phone. The app is limited to devices with Android IOS only.

The Price of the App

The App is available in 2 options. You can get it either by 6 months plan or a 1-year plan. The 6 months plan is only priced at $49.00, while the 1-year plan if only $89.00. You will get better value if you are going to subscribe to it for 1 year. You get more discounts through it although you need to pay a higher amount.

Customer feedbacks About PhoneSheriff

One customer of PhoneSheriff said that the app helped him a lot in his business. He was able to track his employees better resulting to better performance and results. He was able to ensure that the employees are on-site on the work hours that they are paid for.

Another customer, a parent, said that considering the app’s efficiency in tracking his child, he is more worry-less now. He doesn’t also need to ask his kids a lot of questions so they were able to improve their relationship. We have some Cell Phone Spy Software for you must try this!!

The use of PhoneSheriff is really good, especially today that there are a lot of things going on in our world. Checking your child will never be a problem anymore if you have this app. Also, who wouldn’t’ want to have a better business process. Every businessman or entrepreneur would surely love to be more profitable. Use the app now in your business and explore all the possible benefits that it can give you and your business.


Phonesheriff Review

What is the mSpy App?

Just like the PhoneSheriff, mSpy is also a tracking app or software that you can use on phones and gadgets for monitoring and tracking purposes. With the use of the app, you can manage all your activities through your phone easily and with total convenience. When the app is installed on the phone of your employee and your children, your access is automatic. You will not have a problem dealing with hard technical issues because mSpy is very easy and comfortable to use. It is designed to be very user-friendly so that anyone can use it conveniently without running into problems.

Mspy free trial

What are the Main Features of mSpy?

All the other features that PhoneSheriff have are also available and can be done by mSpy. The following are the main features that you can expect out of the app:

  • SMS and MMS Tracking
  • Internet Browsing History
  • GPS Tracking in Real-Time
  • Call History Tracking
  • Apps Monitoring
  • Photo Logs Monitoring
  • Contacts Access

The same efficiency that PhoneSheriff can give can also be done by mSpy. However, aside from that mSpy can also allow you to have better tracking through messaging apps like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, iMessage, Telegram, Skype, Hangouts, Line, Tinder, Viber, Kik, Instagram, and many more. This is totally a powerful tool that you can have on your phone.

What are the Pros and Cons of mSpy?


Considering all the information above, you can already prove all the advantages that mSpy can do for you. It already covers almost everything that you need to monitor and check from time to time. This is really a very good and reliable app that you must spend on. You will get the total value for this app and you will be able to use it regularly with accuracy and real-time performance.


There’s not much really disadvantage when it comes to the use of the product. A lot of people are happy with it.

mspy rating

phonesheriff review phonesheriff review

Check Out the Compatibility of mSpy to Your Gadgets

The good thing with mSpy is that it can be used both on Android IOS and Apple gadgets.

  • The mSpy with Jailbreak and mSpy with No Jailbreak

There’s the so-called mSpy with Jailbreak, and through this, you can access a lot of features. If you have an IOS 7 to 9.1, you can definitely take advantage of this. Also, with the mSpy without Jailbreak, all IOS versions can be used. This app really has better compatibility than any other tracking app out there.

  • The Price of the App

Just check out the site, register, and the price will be revealed to you. mSpy is reasonably priced for you to really enjoy it. The money that you will spend on this will really become a great investment. You can also try it now and experience its greatness.

  • Customer feedbacks About mSpy

Not just one of two customers have shared their opinion about mSpy. Most of them said that the app is very reliable, accurate, and dependable. The performance is top-notch and that they offer superb app performance. Another notable feedback about the app is from a parent of a young girl. She said that she is now very comfortable letting her child go with friends because she knows she is on top of everything. She can access her child’s location, who she is talking to, what they are doing and many more.

Other Edge of mSpy App That Any Other Competitor Apps

  • Best Balance of Features

Considering all the features, all areas of need are covered. The company makes sure that the best balance of features is granted to its customers so that they will fully enjoy the use of the app.

  • Easy Installation

Installing the app is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. There’s also a guide on how you can have on your phone or your child/employees’ phone in an instance. You will enjoy the ease of installation because it is totally made easy and user-friendly. You will not encounter any problem for sure.

  • Excellent Customer Support

When it comes to supporting, this company offers the best. The staff ate well trained and technically able to assist their customers in ensuring their full satisfaction. They care not just about making sales, but also about supporting their customers throughout so that they can maintain their business.

  • Non-Jailbreak and Jailbreak Versions

The Jailbreak and the non-jailbreak versions of this app are really good features that allow the app to expand its use and allow more features for their customers.



Checking out the PhoneSheriff Spy App Review and the one for mSpy, you would surely know which is the best one to get. mSpy definitely have a better edge when it comes to compatibility, as well as when it comes to product and after-sales support. You will never go wrong with mSpy because it will make sure that you get the value that you deserve once you put your investment on this app. We recommend you to choose Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android UndetectableBest Spy App For iPhone

In the advanced world today, it is a must that you get a tracking device like mSpy. It will make your life a lot easier because monitoring will just be at your fingertips. You will get access to a lot of things and you will stay up-to-date to all occurrences related to you. This app is a great invention that is now available to you. You can go to its site and read more about the good things that this app can do for you. Also, you can check out more reviews about it so that you will have a better feel of the app and its benefits. You will love this app so take advantage of it now and your life will be a lot better and more convenient.You may read more about Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

mSpy Child Phone Tracker Review