Phonespector Reviews


$ 29.99












  • Remote installation available on iOS
  • Can read Whats chats
  • Keylogger available
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Supports popular social platforms monitoring


  • Some advanced features need root or jailbreak
  • Keylogger is not available on Basic version

Now that the world is getting more digital, your child can be exposed more on social media and use mobile phones more often. With this, there is a possibility that they can encounter toxic and inappropriate messages or websites upon using their phone. The use of social media can affect the confidence and behavior of your child. So, you must be responsible for it. To avoid possible problems, you must have a reliable spy app that will help you to monitor the activities of your child on their device. However, there are several spy apps competing in the market. Each of them comes with specific features, pricing, advantages and disadvantages. So, it is quite confusing for you which one is the right for you.

To help you have an easy search for your spying needs, we present to you one of the most popular spy apps today, the PhoneSpector. Do you want to find out, if this is the perfect spy app for you? Then, these PhoneSpector reviews will guide you.

What is PhoneSpector?    

PhoneSpector is considered as one of the most comprehensive spy and tracking software today. It is a cellphone monitoring app for iPhone and Android devices. This app gathers information remotely and automatically from any device and you can view it on your private and secure online PhoneSpector account. Through PhoneSpector login, you can view calls, texts, Facebook messages, GPS locations, videos, photos and more from your target device. The spy app can be useful for your parental control to ensure the safety and security of your child. With PhoneSpector, you can virtually access information from the device of your child or person that you’re spying. It is also beneficial to restore images or videos that are lost or accidentally deleted.

How PhoneSpector Works?

The PhoneSpector spy app comes with easy and fast installation. Choosing this spy app will not give you disappointments. It can give good value for your budget. You can access the information on the device of your child with the following steps.

  1. Text download link on the device that you want to spy on.
  2. The activated link will have automatic installation.
  3. You can log in to your online account from your tablet, mobile phone, laptop to view data of your target device anytime and anywhere.

After the installation, the software allows you to view images, contacts, calls, texts, videos and social media accounts. So, you can have better parental guidance for your child in terms of their phone usage. It works with different iPhone and Android devices, so you can monitor the device of your child anytime and anywhere.


Spying with PhoneSpector on iPhone

It has an easy and quick setup. You only need Apple ID and password of your child’s iPad or iPhone. You can follow these steps to spy on iPhone:

  • Enter the Apple ID and password of the device that you want to spy on.
  • Choose the ACCESS INFORMATION option in your account dashboard.
  • The data from the device iCloud account will download into your PhoneSpector online account where you can view it.

You don’t have to worry about the security features of the iPhone such as USB Restricted Mode and Face ID. Thus, PhoneSpector can enable you to access the iPhone remotely. In iPhone, the spy app allows you to monitor text messages, iMessages, keylogger, social media, GPS location, calls, browser history, WhatsApp and installed applications. We advice you to choose best iPhone tracking apps & Best Spy App For iPhone

Spying with PhoneSpector on Android

You can easily install the app to monitor an Android device. You can do this with these steps:

  • Choose the Over-the-air link for downloading the software on the phone of your child.
  • Use the license key they send you for activating the app.
  • Log in to your online account from your laptop, tablet or phone to access data anytime and anywhere.

The installation procedure can only take about 45 seconds. By entering your username and password emailed to you, you can access the data on your online account. In spying on Android, you can monitor SMS messages and text messages, keylogger, WhatsApp, calls, videos, images, GPS location, social media, calendar events, browser history, contacts, email and installed applications.


Main Features

The PhoneSpector is equipped with more advanced features that can offer you with a high level of satisfaction. Let us learn more about its features below.

  • Fast and Easy Installation

The team of PhoneSpector understands the needs of its customers. They make sure to provide fast and easy installation of the spy app to prevent disappointments for the users. After the installation, you have the assurance that it will not be detected on the target device.

  • Media Files Access

Another unique feature of this spy app is that it gives you access to different media files such as images, audio and videos. The good news is that you can still view even the deleted photos. With this, you can monitor the stored data or as a backup if the phone doesn’t have memory space. Since you can view the deleted images, you will know if your kid is sending inappropriate pictures that can cause possible danger for them. Review this one Best Phone Monitoring Apps & Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android Undetectable

  • Keylogger

Keylogger is among the latest updates of the PhoneSpector app. It can spy the keystroke activities on the device of your target person. In this case, you can get typed passwords, messages and more.

  • Social Media Monitoring

It cannot be denied that social media has a big role in the daily lifestyle of millions of people across the globe. Your kid can be one of the active users of social media. With that, you must check if they are using it in a positive way. You can determine if your child has been dealing with toxic social media platforms or not. This feature enables you to monitor their activities on Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter and other social media accounts. However, you can’t view the Viber messages in iPhones. You can see the incoming and outgoing messages on Facebook and other social media platforms. Learn More about SpyBubble & SpyHuman

  • Access to Contacts

With PhoneSpector, you can view the saved contacts on the device of your child. It is also helpful to restore contacts that are accidentally deleted or in case of a damaged phone. You can see the target device’s contact list, so you can identify to whom your child is communicating with.

phonespector review

  • GPS Tracking Technology

The GPS tracking technology enables you to track within 50 ft of the actual location of your target. You can receive updates every 10 minutes. With this feature, you can track the place of your child when you’re not with them. So, you don’t have to worry a lot when they’re away from you. It is also beneficial to track the phone whenever it was stolen.

  • Texts and iMessages Monitoring

The spy app comes with texts and iMessage monitoring features. Sending and receiving texts is among the main purpose of using mobile phones. If you want to detect the conversations of your child on his or her phone, this spy app is the perfect solution. It can help you to view even the deleted messages. Additionally, you can view sent and received messages and other related details. You can make sure that your children are talking to people that will not do harm to them.

  • Monitoring Call Logs

Your child has a young mind. With their innocence, some people can take advantage of them through calls. Don’t let people with ill will take advantage of your child’s lack of judgment. You must have a spy app like PhoneSpector which can monitor the incoming and outgoing calls in the device of your kids. Through the PhoneSpector dashboard, you can view the duration of the call, contact information and other details. So, you will know who is trying to call your child. In addition, you can also listen to call conversations. You may read more about Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

  • Ease of Use

The team of PhoneSpector knows that users always want to spy apps that are easy to use. With that, they ensure the spy app is very easy and fast to use for a hassle-free experience. It has a user-friendly dashboard, so you can enjoy stress-free parental control with the device of your child. It offers you easy and fast navigation. We advice you to read more about best parental control apps

  • Great Compatibility

The PhoneSpector is compatible with different Android and iPhone devices. It works well with Android devices such as LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola devices. It is also compatible with 3 to 9 Android systems. The app can be used with iPads and iPhones devices like iPhone 5 to 11 and iOS 7 to 13.

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  • Data Backup and Extraction Capability

The spy app is also considered as one of today’s top data backup and extraction software. It allows you to access, store and backup phone information.

  • Browser History Monitoring

Usually, children use their phones to browse different websites on the internet. The good thing is that this spy app comes with browser history monitoring.

  • Email Monitoring

Email is one of the most used forms of communication. The spy app allows you to read emails on the device of your kid even the deleted ones.

  • Calendar Access

You can view the control panel of the new and old events on the calendar of your target device.

  • Installed Applications Monitoring

With the spy software, you can view the installed application on the device that you’re spying on. It helps you to check on what type of apps your child is using.  

  • Free 24/7 Telephone Support

You can be satisfied with PhoneSpector free 24/7 telephone support. Their team understands the needs of their clients, so they work hard in offering their customer service.

Pros & Cons

It cannot be denied that all products come with their advantages and disadvantages. The PhoneSpector is not an exception. It also has its advantages and disadvantages to help you decide whether it works best or not for you.


  • The spy app has fast and easy installation, so you can have stress-free access on its services
  • It has social media monitoring, so you can view the messages on Facebook and other social media accounts of your child
  • It has Facebook monitoring where you can see the activities of your child on his or her Facebook account. You can view the shares, likes, comments, incoming and outgoing messages. With this, you can determine if they are using Facebook in a positive way.
  • Keylogger feature that captures type passwords, messages and more
  • Access on media files like image, audio and videos, so you can identify if they are sending or receiving inappropriate or toxic videos and images on their device
  • GPS tracking technology that allows you to track the exact location of your child. This feature will help you not to worry about your kids when you’re not with them
  • The app offers you access to contacts, so you will know the people they’re communicating with
  • Monitoring texts and iMessages. Messaging is essential in the daily communication of your child. If you want to know if there’s a suspicious person contacting your child, this feature can greatly help
  • Calls monitoring. With this spy software, you can view the incoming and outgoing calls on the phone of your child. So, you can discover if someone who have an ill plan is calling your child
  • No jailbreak version. Another amazing feature of the PhoneSpector is that you don’t need rooting or jailbreaking of the device to experience the features and capabilities of the app. It is also necessary to avoid the device warranty from being void
  • The spy app is very easy to use. You can get instant monitoring of your target device without the hassle
  • PhoneSpector comes with excellent compatibility, it is compatible with different iPhone and Android devices. It also works with iPads, so you can have easy access to the data of your target device
  • It helps to retrieve deleted or lost data. You can restore precious photos or videos saved on the device
  • The app is undetectable on the target device, so you can monitor the activities of your child in their phone without being noticed
  • Browser history monitoring to detect the visited sites on the phone of your child. It is a fact that online media is common in the daily lifestyle of the people today including your children. With this feature, you will know their visited websites. You can detect if they’re visiting toxic websites, so you can stop their potential harmful habit
  • It allows you to read emails even the deleted ones. Email is one of the most common communication forms used today. PhoneSpector enables you to monitor their email activities
  • Using the app will not reduce battery life, so you can monitor the device anytime and anywhere you are
  • It doesn’t display pop-up notifications, so your target will not detect that you’re monitoring them
  • It doesn’t display the app icon on the phone screen, so they will not know about your spying activity
  • You can access the device’s calendar events. You will know their past and latest plans. With that, you can check on them to ensure their safety with their schedules
  • User-friendly dashboard for a stress-free spying experience, it is easy to use, so you don’t have any problems on monitoring their phone activities
  • It comes with good and frees 24/7 customer support through email or phone. The team of PhoneSpector knows the exact needs of its customers. With that, they’re always ready to accommodate the concerns and needs of their customers by offering consistent customer support. They value your needs, so you can always depend on their 24/7 customer support
  • Monitoring of installed applications on the device. You can view the applications that are used by your children on their cellphone. So, you will know if they are using inappropriate apps that can be a bad influence on them
  • One-time payment. Unlike other spy app subscriptions, there’s no need for paying on a monthly basis. With this, you can save more for your spying activities. There are no hidden fees when you avail the spy app
  • It can be your perfect partner for backup, restoring and monitoring of stolen or lost data from iPads, iPhones as well as Android devices. You can retrieve important files on the device with this spy app


  • There’s need for an upgrade for dashboard
  • It doesn’t have call recording
  • The spy app doesn’t recover the Viber messages on iPhones
  • Another negative thing about this app is that it can slow down the device as it fetches data
  • It needs separate purchases to use on over one device


The PhoneSpector provides greater compatibility to meet the specific needs of the users. It works well with Android, iPhone and other operating systems.

  • Android

It works with different Android devices including Huawei, LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola. It is compatible with Android 3 to 9 operating systems.

  • iPads

The spy app is compatible with all iPads.

  • iPhone

You can use it with iPhone 5 to XR models and iOS 7 to 12 operating systems.

The spy app is designed with high compatibility with the latest devices in the market today.

  • Supported carriers

Phone carriers are also supported in different countries including AT & T, Sprint and Verizon.

Another benefit of PhoneSpector is that you can experience the features and advantages of the app without jailbreaking or rooting. It doesn’t have a jailbreak version, so you can prevent the warranty of the device from being void.

  • Price

If you are a budget-conscious, the PhoneSpector spy app can be a good choice for you. You don’t have to go for a monthly subscription. You can get a one-time fee subscription of about $69.99 when you use it on Android and iPhone. You can pay once compared to other spy app subscriptions in the market. More importantly, there are no hidden fees when you avail of the service of PhoneSpector.

  • Requirements

Using the PhoneSpector app is easy. You only need to log in on your account on your tablet, computer or phone. Then, you can install the app remotely on iPhone by entering the device’s Apple ID and password. On the other hand, you can download the app on Android by sending the download link on the target phone. You can enter the license key and start the installation. After the installation process, you can backup the data of your child’s device.

After the backup was finished, you can access the extracted data on your account. You can view the device’s call log, GPS location, internet history, images, videos, contacts, social media activity and more. This is essential if you want to monitor your child’s phone usage in the best possible way. Aside from spying capabilities, it is also useful to restore important data like photos and videos. It has many advantages compared to other spy appsBest Free Phone Tracker App

What Customers Are Saying ?

Some users of the PhoneSpector spy app are satisfied with the reliability and performance of the app when it comes to their device monitoring needs. It works well even wit upgraded iPhone and Android devices. The good news is that it comes with undetectable remote access, so your child or target person will not detect that you’re spying on them.

It also has a fast and easy installation process that takes only 45 seconds. It is a comprehensive spy app that also has great features. If you want an efficient spy app, the PhoneSpector will not fail you when it comes to your cellphone monitoring. It allowed you to access the sent and received messages even the deleted ones. You can monitor the call logs, GPS location and other social media accounts like WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

Customers are also happy in using this app because it is compatible with iPhone and Android devices. Additionally, there’s no requirement for rooting and jailbreaking to experience the features of the PhoneSpector. It is easy and fast to use, so you can have a hassle-free experience in using the spy app. Purchasing this app is a good investment to monitor the device of your kids.

There’s nothing to doubt in using the PhoneSpector because it will not drain the battery or pop up notifications on the device. The app icon will not be displayed on the phone screen and remain undetectable. It also has a useful call recording feature, so you can listen to the conversations on the phone of your child. With that, you will know whether there’s someone who is trying to call your kid with ill purpose. Some people can use your child’s innocence, fortunately the app will help you to prevent this potential problem. We strongly suggest you to choose Flexispy, Highster mobile, Spyzie & iKeymonitor

Aside from its simple use and installation, it is also available in a competitive and practical cost. It doesn’t have monthly fees and hidden fees for your peace of mind. You have nothing to fear because the information is private and safe. With the use of an efficient internet connection, you are free to access the features of PhoneSpector.

If you want a quality but affordable spy app for your parental control needs, choosing the PhoneSpector spy app is a good decision. Its user-friendliness, affordability, reliable performance and good customer support are the top reasons why the app is worth it for your time, effort and money.

Customers can make the PhoneSpector as their comprehensive spy app for detecting the activities of their child on their phone. However, there’s still a better option than PhoneSpector. We are talking about the mSpy app. If you want better investment, the mSpy app will never disappoint you. We recommend you to go with spyera, Thetruthspy & mobistealth

The Competition

There are also great alternatives to PhoneSpector. One of these is the mSpy app. The mSpy spy app is loaded with amazing features that can offer you high satisfaction for your parental control needs.

Why choose the mSpy app?

mSpy app can be your essential partner to monitor the phone of your child. It uses more advanced technology to meet the specific needs of the users. It comes with easy and fast installation and better customer support. The mSpy app offers:

Best Balance of Features

If you have great standards for your spy app, the mSpy is the best solution. It is equipped with lots of features such as:

  • Android tracking – it works well with Android devices. So, you can have unlimited monitoring on the phone usage of your children
  • iPhone tracking – you can access the activities of your kids on their iPhone devices with mSpy
  • SMS monitoring – messaging is essential in daily communication. Through the spy app, you can see the sent and received messages on the phone of your child
  • mSpy without jailbreak – this spy app enables you to enjoy its features without rooting or jailbreaking your device. With that, you can preserve the warranty of the device
  • WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, Tinder, Hangouts and Viber monitoring – it is helpful to monitor the activities on different chatting applications. As a parent, you can also determine whether these apps are a good or bad influence in the behavior of your child
  • Line and Skype tracking and call blocking – with these features, you can access the conversations on the phone of your child without being detected
  • GPS tracking technology – this feature can help you to stop worrying about your child when they’re not with you. You can also track their device if it’s stolen. With GPS tracking technology, you can make sure that your child is always in a good place
  • Parental control and mobile phone monitoring – the mSpy spy app is an excellent partner for mobile phone monitoring and parental control. So, you have the assurance that your child is using their phone in a good manner. You can ensure that they are safe in using their device

  • Easy Installation

The mSpy app is very easy and quick to install. You can have a hassle-free installation process and easy monitoring experience with the app.

  • Better Pricing

If you are conscious to budget and quality, the mSpy can be the best spy app for you. It is available at an affordable cost without sacrificing its quality. You can choose the package that suits your needs, standards and most of all to your budget. This spy app can be a good investment for your money and time. Please read more about Best Spy App for Android

  • Excellent Customer Support

The team of the mSpy app understands the needs of its customers. With that, they always provide consistent and excellent customer service. You can always ask help from their customer representative if ever you encounter some difficulties while using the app. They gain the support and trust of their customers, so they work hard to do the best service for them.

mspy rating

  • Non-jailbreak and Jailbreak Versions     

The mSpy app comes with non-jailbreak and jailbreak versions. Meanwhile, you must be careful of jailbreaking since it can void the warranty of your device. Jailbreaking can be required to access many features of the spy app.


The PhoneSpector is a good spy app but after we reviewed many spy apps, we suggest you try the mSpy app. It is available with better pricing, more advanced features and better customer support. It also comes with a better tech support booth for Android and iPhone devices. The mSpy also has jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions.

PhoneSpector is a comprehensive spy app with great features, but we consider mSpy as the best option when it comes to value. The mSpy spy app is a good investment when it comes to your monitoring needs.

As a parent, it is natural that you always prioritize the safety and security of your child. If you want to have peace of mind, it is time for you to get the best spy app like PhoneSpector and mSpy app. With that, you will know the suspicious behavior that can possibly put them in a dangerous situation.

We hope that in this PhoneSpector review, you already decided if the spy app is right or not for you. With that, you can have peace of mind when you’re not around your child. You can view their phone usage and identify if there’s something wrong with it. Parental control is a challenging task, so a spy app is a perfect solution to make the best of your device monitoring. What are you waiting for? Get your spy app today!