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  • It can store up to 60,000 media files within 60 seconds.
  • Backup ALL Your Photos & Videos.
  • On-Going Backups.
  • Fast & Portable.
  • Massive Storage.


  • Doesn’t Come with Instructions.

The Photo Stick Reviews – Everything You Need To Know!

ThePhotoStick is definitely a convenient tool that anyone can use. As long as you have a USB port on your device, you can easily plug it right in and start backing up your important files. Do you like security, convenience, and affordability in one small gadget? Then ThePhotoStick is a perfect device for you! It frees up the required space in your cloud or computer storage. It is also able to back up photos, videos, and other media files, and it has never been so simple to do that before now. You don’t need to sort through all your files before you transfer them to another location. You see, the photo stick will do the work for you. It will Instantly back up ALL your photos and videos in one click, keeping your memories safe. You will no longer need to keep searching through files for photos and videos on your computer – the Photo Stick does it for you. PhotoStick is also 100% automatic and very easy to use – just plug it in and hit ‘GO’ and it will do the rest of the work on its own. It stores up to 60,000 photos and videos. Wouldn’t all the hours you spent organizing and sorting files have been more useful if you were able to use them on other things? You can prevent wasting long hours on file organization by using Photo Stick. What’s more, with a photo storage stick, you can prevent paying on your cloud storage every month. You only need to pay one time after you buy the item.

The Photo Stick customers reviews – See what Photo stick users are saying ….

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Photo Stick reviews

The Photostick reviews

The Photo Stick Customers Reviews

What Is The Photo Stick?

Traveling, birthday celebrations, wedding ceremonies, and other special events are incredibly fun, but there’s a way to take some of the hassles out of those events. Taking pictures with your DSLRs and smartphone makes the moment even more remarkable.

It is fulfilling to celebrate any occasion with your close friends, family, relatives, and colleagues, and your digital camera makes taking pictures so easy. But what if someone accidentally spills their drink on your gadget? Or, imagine a power surge were to occur, and then you can’t easily find the files, including the pictures and videos. That would be frustrating, right? Read more about

Someone who is tech-savvy might try to fix the problem. However, their proposed solution might not work at all. That can be a headache on your part, especially when a colleague asks about his wedding album. What are you going to do?

A backup is critical, but what if you don’t have one? This is where PhotoStick comes to your rescue. What is a Photo Stick? It is simply a product designed to back up files within a second or two. It looks like a flash drive, but it works in a different way. It uses cutting edge software to search through folders to find the images you lost after a power surge. That’s not all, though. It is developed to retrieve documents, videos and other important files. Unlike some of the other brands out there, it works automatically, making it easy to use for those with limited experience and knowledge.

For many years, data failure has been a problem that affects people of all ages. Although it sounds like a simple problem, it can nearly be impossible to recover files afterward. What if you make a living out of photography? What if you edit videos for an income? What if you write articles for websites as a hobby? Then, it can feel like a nightmare when you lose such important documents abruptly. But preserving them has never been easier thanks to ThePhotoStick.

Is this product of good quality? What makes the Photo Stick different from other brands in the market? Is it worth the investment? These are important questions, and you have come to the right place to get answers. In this Photo Stick review, you will learn everything about the product. Are you ready? Without further ado, let’s get started!

Photo Stick

How Does The Photo Stick Work?

Photo Stick is somewhat similar to an ordinary flash drive. Aside from the design, it has a USB that works on different ports on your computer, smartphone, and other gadgets. A common practice of some people who use it is to insert it into a port right away. That’s not something you want to do, though. Make sure the computer is running first. From there, plug the Photo Stick in the USB port. It takes a few seconds before a window pops up on the screen of your device. The window only has a single button. All you have to do is to click the “GO” Button and allow the tool to access your hard drive. From this point, it will automatically scan your computer and back up all the photos & videos stored on your computer on the Photo Stick. We advice you to read more about flash Drive for iphone

Does It Work Fast?

In most online Photo Stick reviews, users and various experts claim that this product provides a quick and reliable performance because it only takes a minute to operate. However, how long it takes depends on the number of files on your smartphone and other gadgets. While it finds lost files, it also searches for pictures, videos, music, and documents. Plus, it can create a backup of your files on another computer or smartphone.

Photo Stick

How Many Photos Can You Retrieve and Save With Thephotostick?

When looking for a hard drive, there are many factors to keep in mind. Considering the capacity of the device is a good start. A Photo Stick, on the other hand, has a huge capacity, but how much data it holds depends on the model you chose. Called the base model, Photo Stick 8 provides 8GB that can store approximately 3,500 photos. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough for people who love taking selfies constantly.

The 64 model is packed with a 64GB that can store more than 30,000 photos. ThePhotoStick 128 is the largest model available on Amazon right now. Aside from storage space for up to 60,000 photos, it provides 128GB of space for large files like videos.

The Photo Stick- LIVE Review of Computer Repair

Where Can You Employ It?

There’s a multitude of the best flash drives for photos to choose from. Some of the brands have a custom design, while others have an aesthetic appeal just like Photostick. Whether you work for a business or are still a college student, you will definitely find a use for a flash drive. Thankfully, using PhotoStick will be stress-free. Within a few seconds, you can plug it into your device. You might be wondering if is it compatible with a variety of operating systems. You’ll be pleased to know that the answer to that question is “yes”. Whatever type of computer you have at home, this device will work perfectly with it. It is ideal for use with Windows XP, Vista, Windows 8, and more. For those who use a Mac that runs on OS version, this device is also perfectly compatible.

Photo stick review

What Files Can the Photo Stick Find?

Have you ever uploaded photos to your computer from your smartphone and forgot to change the file name because someone interrupted you? You don’t have to worry about losing that file since computer systems assign a name to the images. However, locating the photo can be time-consuming. Most of Photo Stick reviews online emphasize how well the device works on pictures and other kinds of files. It works quickly to find photos on the drive and create a backup.

More than that, PhotoStick is compatible with standard JPEG, MOV, and MPEG4 files. It can even work with PNG photo files. This a multi-purpose tool that you cannot afford to miss since it can easily retrieve photo, document and video files of all kinds very easily and quickly.


Who Would Buy Photo Stick?


Many office workers, students, and other professionals won’t realize the importance of a backup until a hard drive failure happens. Do you really want to wait for that to happen? It’s imperative to back up your data as early as possible, and saving your files to a flash drive is a wise decision. You could also create a backup in the cloud as an excellent alternative, but don’t forget your username, password, and other important information that allows you to access the cloud files.

For those who forget to secure their files on another device, the Photostick can decrease the hassle. Leave it plugged into the right USB port, then set up reminders. Aside from scanning the files, it will start the process automatically.


How to Run ThePhotoStick?

Photo Stick is convenient to use. Open the cap of the USB stick, locate a free port on your device and insert the stick into it. Sometimes, it might not fit a single USB port. Just look for the right size. From there, the computer will recognize the drive and a window will pop up on the screen.

In case the window does not appear on the screen, open “My Computer”, look for the USB icon, and double click on it to force the software to run. What makes this brand special is that it comes with a comprehensive manual. Read the instructions to get any help you need.

the photo stick


Where To Buy Photostick ?

Many people ask where to buy photostick at the best prices? You can find everything online these days, from appliances to a Photo Stick. Aside from the official manufacturer, Amazon is the best place to get photo storage stick. Which seller is the better choice, though? When you make a purchase from the official shop, you can expect a lot of benefits. You can view available products, compare them easily and find special deals. Buying on Amazon, on the other hand, is also an excellent choice. You’ll enjoy huge savings, quick processing, and convenient delivery by shopping with this massive retailer.

PhotoStick – Get Yours Now

Why Should You Buy ThePhotoStick?

It’s a common practice for people to ask their family or close friends for advice when buying tech products. When your siblings or best friends have a background in technology, you trust their advice over that of a stranger. Even so, we have been reviewing PhotoStick and other tech brands for years and are a trusted and certified specialist site. Our team has thoroughly reviewed ThePhotoStick, and we have concluded that it is a superb buy that is very safe and that works fast. Now you know Where to buy photostick and why.

Does ThePhotoStick Need to Install Anything on Your Device?

No. it doesn’t need to install anything on your smartphone or computer. ThePhotoStick comes with all the necessary features and software built-in. Just plug it into a USB slot, then it’s ready to go. You won’t have to follow a complicated setup procedure. This product is designed to be convenient and is recommended for people who have little technical knowledge.

What is the Price of Photostick?

People are always looking for the cheapest version of whatever tech device they want and search where to buy photostick . They may not always realize that they could be wasting their money with a poor investment. It’s smart to spend a little more on a quality brand like Photo Stick. How much does it cost? It depends on your chosen provider. The product price at the official site is $34.99 for 8GB Storage. They offer a special 50% discount when you purchase two Photo Sticks.


What if You Have More Than One Device with a Growing Number of Videos, Photos and Other Files? 

Well, it’s not a problem, because you can use PhotoStick no matter what computer you have at home or in the office. As you back up memories from more than one device, it organizes the videos, photos, and documents for you. Typical thumb drives can’t effectively do that. Costly external hard drives are no exception either. You won’t find another storage device as useful as a USB Photo Stick, which makes it really simple to create a backup.

Does ThePhotoStick Work with iPhone? 

Of course, the photo storage stick is flexible and compatible with various devices. After making a purchase from the official website or Amazon, it’s essential to download the application. It’s free to do so, which means that there are no additional costs. From there, plug the gadget into your iPad, iPhone or Android. Although you may not use it for your phone at the moment, it might be a lifesaver in the future. To read and learn more about the Photostick mobile solution, visit our intensive photostick mobile review and buying guide.

Thephotostick reviews

Does ThePhotoStick Work on an iPad?

A Photo Stick works like a USB flash drive on a Macintosh Computer or Windows PC. While it has a USB 3.0 connector on one side, it features an IOS Lightning connector on the other. With that, you will be able to easily use it on an iPhone or iPad. Also, it allows you to transfer a photo from a computer to an iPad and vice-versa.

photo stick reviews

How to Run it on Your Windows operating computer?

It’s simple! Locate an open USB port and plug in the stick. Just wait for the computer to identify the new device under the File Explorer. After that, you will need to click on ThePhotoStick Windows.exe so that it can access your computer. Then, a window will pop up. From there, just click the GO button.

How to Use it on MAC?

Locate an open USB port, plug in the drive to the computer, double click on a Photo Stick shortcut on the desktop, and click Photo Stick Mac and the Go button. That’s it! When you have a hard time finding the device on your desktop, don’t forget to click Finder. Then, double click on PhotoStick. If something goes wrong, it’s best to contact the official manufacturer to deal with your inquiries and other concerns. The company has a professional team that is known for its great customer service.

photo stick review

What Are the Common Causes of a Hard Drive Failure?

Power surges and water damage are the primary reasons for a hard drive failure. Other factors can include excessive cold or heat, case damage, and fan failure. Before your device stops functioning, back up the files via ThePhotoStick. In order to avoid unexpected replacement costs, you should be using the device carefully and properly maintaining it.

What Are the Other Extensions Compatible with ThePhotoStick?

Aside from the MOV, JPG, PNG, and MPEG4, the photo storage stick is compatible with other extensions. These can include the following: GIF, TIFF, PCT, ICO, BMP, AVI, RAW, WMV, and MOV.

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The Photo Stick How it works, step by step tutorial

What Warranty is there with The Photo Stick?

The Photo Stick and Photostick Mobile are backed by 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, starting on the day of shipping. To be eligible for a refund, products must be returned within 30 days, must be in “new condition” and in original/unopened packaging or have a manufacturing defect. this rule is also valid for Photo Stick UK

How and where I can reach the photo stick support team?

The Support Team of Photo Stick can help you with any problems you may have. They are open Monday-Friday, 10AM-3AM the next day Eastern Time.

Simply go to their website and click the chat icon located at the bottom right of the page, when you scroll down. You can immediately have a chat with them and discuss your concern so they can resolve it for you. Here’s the link:
The support team also support clients of The photostick UK.

Buying Guide on ThePhotoStick

It can be tough to find a hard drive that backs up files within a few seconds, that searches for lost images, or that retrieves videos after a power surge or device failure. Well, the market has a growing number of solutions for everyone. All of those options can make it difficult to figure out which product is the best. Narrowing down your options can be a tedious and complex task. Of course, products that are aesthetically pleasing can be tempting. Are they of high-quality, though? Looks can certainly be deceiving.

There are also some options that are very simple but that function very well. So, which is better? The simpler, more functional product should be what you pick. However, before you buy, there are other factors to consider. Whether it’s your first or second time purchasing a hard drive, the buying guide below can help. Read on for more information.

  • Primary Use of the Hard Drive

How will you employ the hard drive? Are you going to give it to a friend as a birthday present? Perhaps, you will use it to securely back up important files. Probably, you will want to use it to retrieve photos, documents, and videos from your smartphone or camera. Or you may want a good storage device for your files. Whatever the case may be, it’s imperative to know how you will use the tool so that you can decide on the best brand that suits your unique needs and requirements.

  • Speed Performance

Everyone loves a hard drive that’s proven and tested, but it isn’t always easy to find something like that online. With the variety of brands in the market, it’s tough to decide. The secret here is to look for a solution that can perform a full scan for 60 seconds or run for a few minutes. Although restoring an important file and creating a solid backup can take hours with some devices, there are a number of products that get the process done within a short period of time. Whether you have a hectic schedule or have a pile of paperwork to deal with in the office, a fast tool is worth the investment.

  • Hardware Compatibility

What kind of digital camera, computer or smartphone are you working with? Hardware compatibility is something you should not overlook. While most hard drive options work across plenty of devices, it’s risky to buy a hard drive and not know for sure if it is compatible with your device. It’s smart to choose the one that is compatible to Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS X Version.

The Photo Stick Reviews

  • Storage Needs

In the past, it was daunting to burn CDs or purchase floppy disks to transfer or store files, but things have changed today. We can now fit any file into a small, technologically advanced drive, thanks to the way tech is moving forward.

There was a time when hard drives came with a limited variety of storage options, but not anymore. These days, we have 8GB, 64G, 128GB of storage and more. The 8GB can store up to 3,500 photos. The 64GB can hold around 30,000 images. The 128GB can hold approximately 60,000 photos, with an additional 128GB of storage. How much they will store depends on the size of your files. Although most models can store 3,500 pictures, they will hold fewer files if they are videos.

Large clips can take up more space. Storing a number of songs and other larger documents is going to eat through your storage space as well. It is also essential to consider the size of your PC’s hard drive.

  • Style and Design

Aside from the storage capacity, most brands come in various sizes and styles. Classic options are commonly short and have a sturdy cap. You can also find selections that have a touch of crystal, wood or other unique themes.

There are also memory devices shaped with a custom object. While it boosts the aesthetic appeal of your devices, experts recommend that you get storage devices with a simple design and effective performance. Their simplified style makes them convenient to use at home, office, school, the mall or anywhere.

  • Customization Options

Most products for retrieving lost information or creating a backup of important files are not personalized. When you intend to use it as a present for someone or a tool in the office, custom looks are a must. Depending on your selection, you can print or engrave a design on the device. For smaller devices, printing your logo can be a smart idea. For larger devices, full-color images are the best. However, there are some brands that do not require any customization as they come with a unique look already.

  • Other Quality Applications

Do you want your device to do anything other than just create a backup of important files? Hey, the photo stick in UK can do that! This innovative device has software that searches for lost images, videos, documents and other files. It isn’t necessary to install any other software, making this the ideal device for professionals and students who are not tech-savvy.

  • Customer Service

Almost as important as the quality features of a product is the kind of customer service you receive. Not only do you want to save as much money as possible, but you also want to get help and support quickly and without any hassle.

Amazon, the product’s official manufacturer, and other reputable e-commerce sites do all of that. Each has professional customer service agents that can accommodate your needs, queries and other concerns. In terms of shipping, the manufacturer and other top-notch providers will deliver it as soon as possible. They also will deliver the photo stick in UK within a few weeks.

  • Cost

When looking for the device that retrieves lost information on your computer, don’t consider the cheapest brands. While it can be less expensive upfront, that choice can lead to an unnecessary and expensive replacement. Investing in a quality brand is the best. Although it will be more expensive at first, it reduces your risk of having to purchase another solution. So, try to get products that are sold at a fair price.

  • Backed by a Warranty

Buying devices online can be tricky, because nobody wants to end up with a damaged or ineffective brand. So, make sure your choice comes with a convenient warranty to protect you from a poor investment.

The PhotoStick customers review

Get ThePhotoStick Now

Pros and Cons of ThePhotoStick

Whether you’re looking for a high-end device that creates a solid backup, retrieves lost information or stores a variety of files, a USB Photo Stick has it all. It is compatible with whatever computer operating system you use. It has an extensive and secure storage space. It is developed with visual appeal, and it is backed by a warranty. It also performs exceptionally well, from full scan to operation.

Other than that, Photostick has some other features you should know about. Just like other brands out there, it has some drawbacks that you should know about. So, to find more information about the product, read this photo storage stick review and enjoy it.

Pros of ThePhotoStick

Fun and Convenient To Access

Compared to a cloud backup, ThePhotoStick doesn’t need any additional software to ensure functional and effective performance. Considered as a “stick and go” tool, it only requires the user to plug it into a USB port of a computer, smartphone, tablet, and other gadgets. Designed with built-in software, it automatically searches for images, videos, songs, and documents you lost.

PhotoStick also allows you to be more productive. Rather than waiting for the computer to finish the data backup, you can plug it in your phone. From there, it will start the full scan and operate automatically. If you are tired of inefficient solutions, then Photo Stick will give you a different experience.

Quality and Powerful Memory in a Small Stick

Have you ever heard that ThePhotoStick can store up to 3,500, 30,000 or 60,000 photos and videos? Yes, that’s right. Despite the small size, it has a heavyweight storage capacity, making it perfect for students, professionals, and anyone else.

If you have the USB Photo Stick 8 and want to switch to a higher storage capacity, the 64GB model can match your requirements. Also, don’t feel afraid when you see the “Storage Full” warning. As a handy tool, this device can save any files and access them whenever you need.

Accepted Formats

Photo Stick has been carving out a substantial market foothold because it supports almost all types of image formats, such as JPEG, MOV, MPEG4 and PNG files. Although your videos and photos may have been from a decade ago, the device can search, save and preview them without any issues.

Have you considered the operating system of your gadget? Aside from Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Windows XP, it is compatible with iPhone, Android, and other phone models. So, why are you still using a product that has compatibility issues? Switch now to Photostick.

It Doesn’t Require an Internet Connection

Retrieving lost files, searching for documents and creating a photo backup doesn’t require an internet connection with PhotoStick. Just plug it into the right USB port and everything will be automatic. When the Window doesn’t pop up on the screen, go to the “My Computer.” You can also dial the company’s customer support line or access their chat feature on their website to get help without making a costly mistake.

No Monthly Subscription

Some similar devices might cause a dent in your savings account. After you stop paying the subscription, you might lose some of your memorable travel and family photos. Unreliable devices might not help delete duplicates, which in turn could pose a danger to your files. Photostick stands apart from the competition. Aside from fast and reliable performance, it does not have an expensive monthly subscription. As soon as you purchase the device, you can say goodbye to hidden and unexpected future costs.

Photo Stick Reviews

Protect you from a Hardware Failure

Every time your gallery is full of images, videos, and documents, a “Storage is full” warning pops up on the screen. It’s understandable we reach those limits sometimes since those files consist of essential events in your daily life. But transferring and saving the data to another storage tool can be a challenge. Fortunately, this is all a stress-free process with a Photo Stick. So, when a power surge occurs, you can protect yourself from a hardware failure. However, some people don’t bother to create a backup until they lose their documents, clips and images. Don’t wait for that to happen. Save your important files with ThePhotoStick today.

A Perfect Alternative to Cloud Storage

Do you have full storage space and is your cloud storage full too? When you get to that point, are you going to delete the photos from a special event? That would be so disappointing! Have you been looking for a device that has a large storage space and that is easy to use? Then, the long wait is over! PhotoStick has been developed to give everyone an easier way to store files.

It’s all right to take photos, record videos and save documents on a regular basis. Photostick comes in three different storage capacities: 8GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Even though your friend or sibling is fond of capturing any remarkable moments, a full storage warning won’t be a problem anymore.

Quick Operation and Hassle-Free Performance

Designed to find hidden files on your computer or laptop, ThePhotoStick is incredibly fast. As you plug it in and click “GO”, it will go scan the folders and delete duplicate files. That’s how easy it is to use! You can now share them with Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Or you can print the photos, put them in a frame, and display them in your room.

A Backup that Requires a Click of a Mouse

In establishing a data backup in cloud storage, it’s important to set up an account, think of a password, and even install the software. Most of The Photo Stick reviews online emphasize that the brand does not require a complicated procedure. Start from plugging the drive into the right port and click the button. While waiting for it to finish, you can do some other activity instead of hovering over the computer and having to constantly monitor or enter commands for the device to do its job. Although you’re not tech-savvy, it’s convenient to employ in the office or at home.

Automatic and High-Tech

Without this innovative photo backup, you’d sit in front of your gadgets for hours. That’s not all, though. You also have to manually select the files. From there, it’s important to create folders with the right name. It’s a hassle, isn’t it? Using Photo Stick doesn’t take an hour or more. While performing other tasks, you can leave your computer without paying it much attention, thanks to its built-in, high-end software

Optimal Security

Avoid the disappointment and pain of losing your precious files just because you forgot to have a backup. Keep it all protected from viruses or computer crashes by doing a quick and automatic backup with a USB Photo Stick.

Effective Productivity

The hours that you use for organizing files would have been better spent if you did something productive instead. Instead of sitting on the couch for hours to sort clips and images, save your time and energy with PhotoStick. Whether you have a pile of paperwork in the office or have chores to perform at home, the product is able to function on its own without you having to monitor it. Not only can it protect you from the discomfort of computer crashes, but it can also give you enough time for other important tasks.

Best Deals When you Purchase in Bulk

It’s true that PhotoStick is somewhat costly. Unlike the ordinary brands in the market, it might cost more than you would expect, but it’s worth the investment. With its impressive features, it proves its value. Despite the normally high price, there are opportunities to enjoy discounts and other deals. Whether you want one to use in the office, or to make a birthday gift to a friend, you should purchase in bulk to save money and have what you need on hand for all of your photos and videos. You never know when another one might come in handy. These are the kind of devices that just about everyone can use, and it can be helpful to have some extra on hand, plus you’ll save money on the overall cost if you buy a few upfronts rather than buying them separately over time.

Filters out Duplicates

Organizing files is difficult. It also requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. Deleting the duplicates and other unimportant documents are tougher. ThePhotoStick is designed to filter out the same images, videos, and other files, thanks to its innovative and efficient software. It’s designed to do this automatically for you, so you don’t have to go through the long process of getting rid of duplicates and looking for those files that are simply copies of one another. We probably all have some duplicated music or image files that we don’t need. That happens when you copy files from multiple sources or copy a file a few items from the same source and just forget about the first time we copied it onto the computer. So, instead of a bunch of copies of the same photos, this device will just leave you with one, saving you space. That means the device won’t fill up as fast and you will have more space for more files. It maximizes storage this way and saves you some time, offering some great value and working for your benefit.

It is Portable

Photostick Plus 1TB might be heavy, but for some people, the 8GB, 64GB, and 128GB are lightweight. You can bring them wherever you go- the office, the mall or to school. Put them in a durable pouch for extra protection. Keep them away from liquids and large items that could crush them. This small device could become lost easily, so be careful of that as well, but its small size makes it super convenient. It is far more portable than a hard drive or CD-ROMs. This device is made to be convenient for you, easy to carry around and a joy to use. Some people even stick them in their wallet or handbag, and you can store it just about anywhere. That’s how small, portable and convenient this device is.

Its Design looks Stunning and Costly

Devices that search and retrieve information on a computer are numerous. Some are functional and effective without an appealing design. Others lack quality features but have great style. Photo Stick, on the other hand, has all that. It does not only ensure a quick operation, but it also has great visual appeal. It works great and looks good doing it. You will feel like you are using something that is very expensive because of how sleek it is and how easy it is to use, but it’s been affordably priced to make it appealing to a large market. Other best flash drive for photos with similar functionality look cheap and don’t function as well, so you really feel like you are getting value for your money with this product.

No Passwords

Cloud storage requires you to set up an account and create a password. PhotoStick gets rid of such a complex procedure. From locating the USB port to plugging it onto the computer, it is a stress-free tool that improves your productivity and that offers stellar performance.

It does everything automatically, and there are no passwords to remember to log in or to access the files stored on the device. You might think that this would leave the device vulnerable to security issues, but it’s actually a very safe device that is easy to protect. Just store it securely somewhere and no one will bother your files or be able to access them. It cannot be remotely hacked or accessed, so someone has to have the physical device in their possession to be able to get to your files.

Computers are not very secure these days, with hackers being able to access many personal and work computers from a distance if they have the right tools. You can store important files on the Photostick to ensure that they are safe from hackers and prying eyes. Just keep that device in a secure place and you won’t have any troubles with people trying to steal your information or access your personal files without your permission. This is the kind of device that many businesses should consider using for its security and ease of use.

Without needing any passwords, you can get to your files and use them as needed. You don’t have to write down a password and risk exposing that password to someone else, creating a data breach. You also don’t have to try to remember what your password is to access your photos, videos, documents and other files that are stored securely on this flash drive device. You can simply plug it into your computer and have full access to everything stored there. That’s so convenient, and it eliminates the need for remembering a password or having to write a password down somewhere. Just keep PhotoStick in a secure place, and security issues will be a problem of the past.

Free Shipping in the USA

ThePhotoStick is feature-packed, from automatic operation to improved security. The shipping may be free for you if you live in the US. Most people in the continental United States do not pay any shipping, but those who live internationally or in Hawaii or Alaska may have to pay a nominal shipping charge. To learn more, don’t hesitate to browse the website and check the information provided there. You can also contact the manufacturer’s tech-savvy customer service when necessary and get help from them. Find out how much shipping will cost to where you live and if it might be free for you. The manufacturer also offers fast delivery  to the photo stick in UK

Protect Memories for a Lifetime

Gone are the days when we needed to print out pictures and arrange them in an album. These days, we can take a number of photos without the need to develop them all. Since computer crashes are common, you can protect good memories with a Photo Stick. Whether it’s the picture of a loved one or a late parent, the product can make it secure for decades.

Imagine being able to go back and look at photos you took 10 and 15 years ago, seeing them preserved in their pristine condition on your flash drive. Storing them in this way keeps them safe from power outages, water damage, electrical problems, and anything else that could happen to physical photos or to photos stored on your computer. The Photostick protects not just photos, but also music files, documents and other files that you store on your computer. You can keep presentations, slideshows, your novel in progress and anything else that is important to you stored on this small device without worrying that anything will happen to it. That has to provide you with some peace of mind.

Think of how heartbroken you would be if the memories of a dear family member are no longer accessible because they were lost or damaged. Not having access to those precious photographs can be devastating, especially if it is impossible to take photos of that person again due to a medical condition or their passing. Those are memories that would be lost forever, and to ensure that it doesn’t happen, you want to use a reliable photo storage method. You don’t have to worry that anything will happen to these important, precious files if they are stored on a quality photo flash drive.

It Saves Time and Reduces Effort

Have you ever experienced losing a business proposal in a snap that you worked on for months? Did you start from scratch? It can be a nightmare to lose important files, especially when the deadline is fast approaching. Photo Stick can protect you from such incidents. Not only can it cut down your workload, but it can also save you time in the long run.

It is a One-Time Investment

ThePhotoStick is a little pricey, but its performance and operation make the cost worth it. Also, it is a one-time investment. This means you can avoid other unexpected costs from the manufacturer, Amazon, and other reliable e-commerce websites. Just use it with extra care to prolong its lifespan.

The Photo Stick


Cons of ThePhotoStick

Although most users give PhotoStick a thumbs up, it did have some negative reviews as well. While it is the best brand in the market, it has drawbacks too, just like the other similar devices.

Unable to Organize Photos

Some customers say that the Photo Stick didn’t organize their files. Although it saved videos, images, and documents, it didn’t sort out the backups in the best way possible. Older pictures were mixed into recent images.

It Doesn’t Come with Instructions

Photo Stick does not have physical instructions. The good news is that the official website has all the necessary details for a stress-free experience. Just visit the page when you need some help. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Most customers didn’t encounter problems in plugging it into the USB port. The scan and backup only took a second or two. Unfortunately, some struggle in customizing the features. Before a user understands the settings, it might take some trial and error. But don’t worry, the company has a 100% response rate with its customer service. Whether you have a question to ask or something to verify, you can feel free to give them a call. They will respond to your concerns quickly.

No instructions are included in the product packaging because this product is so easy to use. It’s designed to be very simple and intuitive enough that even those who would not consider themselves to be tech-savvy can use it with ease. Most people are not going to have trouble using the device or getting it to work properly for them. If there are issues with functionality, then that usually occurs when someone buys a knockoff or very cheap version of the actual, high-quality product.

The Manufacturer Accepts Returns for Errors during the Use of ThePhotoStick

You won’t get a refund when you’re unsatisfied with how the product works. Before you make your purchasing decision, take the time to read our Photo Stick review to avoid having buyer’s remorse. The manufacturer is only taking returns on faulty devices. If you just don’t like how the device functions, but it still functions perfectly, then you are not getting a refund. Keep that in mind before you make your purchase to ensure that you don’t regret what you have paid for. This review can help you make the right decision and not feel like you wasted your money after your purchase. You should feel good about any purchase you make, so take the time to read photo stick reviews and find out what you are getting. That way, there will not be any surprises when your product arrives in the mail. You will get exactly what you expect- nothing more and nothing less.

It is a bit Expensive

Nowadays, customers look for something cheap. However, ThePhotoStick is costly. Despite the hefty price, the storage capacity, quick full scan, fast backup, and built-in software make it worth it. Adding affordable devices to your cart can be cost-effective. Unfortunately, their performance and functionality might change over time. With a USB Photo Stick, you can enjoy optimal security and incredible operation for years. Instead of investing in a cheap brand, it’s best to spend extra on a quality solution like PhotoStick. Photo stick in UK is considered as the most popular solution for backing up photos and videos.

A lot of people try to go with the cheaper competing products. These may seem like a good deal initially, but the customer soon comes to regret their purchase. They find that cheap competing products will stop functioning shortly after purchase or will not offer the same functionality as the name brand device. They may be disappointed in how their device works and in the kind of value it provides for them. It’s always better to pay a bit more and get something that will last than to get a low price on a product that will need to be replaced after a few uses.

It Freezes Sometimes

Users also complained about the times when a photo storage stick freezes. That’s why you want to be sure to purchase the original ThePhotoStick from the official manufacturer, from Amazon, or other reputable e-commerce sites that are of high quality. If you buy your device from a source that’s not very reputable and that doesn’t guarantee your money back, then you may end up with a cheap knockoff. What you get may look and feel like the authentic Photo Stick, but it won’t function like one.

Here are a few ways that you can tell if a company is not offering legitimate products or if they are trying to scam you:

  • They do not allow returns
  • They do not permit customer reviews
  • They only post positive customer reviews
  • They charge prices that are way lower than the average price
  • They do not offer a secure way to pay online (encrypted banking)
  • They do not guarantee the quality of the product you buy

A low-quality product can freeze up, lose your files, suffer from compatibility issues and stop working occasionally. Even though these knockoffs may be cheaper than the real deal, they are not worth your money since they are so inconsistent.

Photo Stick

Photo Stick Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Will the photo stick work with my iPhone?

The photo stick for mobile and the photostick for computers, tablets, iPad are two different products. Users cannot use the same photostick to back mobile files and Computer files, If you need to backup your computer, Laptop, Ipad files you should use the Regular PhotoStick, If you want backup you’re mobile photos you need to use the photostick mobile, for mobile devices, there are two types of photo sticks one for IOS for iPhone called Photostick mobile for iPhone users and second for Android devices called photostick mobile for Android users, make sure you get the right one for your needs. Just plug this memory stick into your iPad, iPhone or your Android device and start watching your photos transfer.

Can ThePhotoStick be sued for ongoing storage and backup?

You certainly can. A lot of people use PhotoStick to back up their files every week, and that allows them to keep their memories protected on a regular basis.

What’s the cost for the Photo stick?

You may not be able to put a value on your memories, but you can keep them forever. The Photostick makes it very simple to save your photos, and it’s very affordable as well. There is a definite value to feeling that your photos and videos are secure too.

You can protect the things that you care about with PhotoStick. The cost is $34.99, and it includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can choose from several different storage options to meet your needs. Photo Stick is available in 8GB, 64Gb, and 128GB. If you want your special memories kept safe, there isn’t any better way to do it.

Who will benefit from the Photo Stick?

You can use this device to find pictures and videos on your computer, so anyone who has those kinds of things stored on their device will want to use the PhotoStick. You can store them on this device and access them very easily, and it’s a great way to save some space. With the PhotoStick, you can free up room on your device and have all your files saved remotely and securely. This is why PhotoStick is for everyone.

When you look back at pictures of your family, you can feel like you are going back in time to those precious moments. You don’t have to spend hours tracking down those photos that can be hard to find. Just save them all in one click of a button using this device.

On which computers will the Photo Stick work?

Most computers are compatible with PhotoStick. It can be used on both Mac and Windows, and the compatibility of the PhotoStick device is what makes it so useful and versatile.

It works on all of the following computer systems:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Mac 0S X version 10.7
  • Newer Mac versions

How do I use it with more than one device that has lots of videos and photos?

That’s not a going to be a problem, as it can be used with more than one computer. You can back up your memories on PhotoStick from multiple devices and organize your photos by naming each computer. This helps you keep everything separated and filed properly.

You can’t do that with ordinary thumb drives or with an external hard drive.

There simply isn’t anything quite like PhotoStick. It can be used to store thousands of photos that are very precious to you.

Just what is Photo Stick?

This product also goes by the name ThePhotoStick 8. It was made to conveniently backup your files in just a few seconds. It is also called Photostick and Photo Stick, and it looks like a regular flash drive. It is also built with included software that finds lost images of royal that may be in various folders across your computer.

This USB stick is great for information storage, and Photo Stick 8GB  is good for finding PC and Mac photos and videos and storing them onto its internal memory. It protects them as well and is considered a very safe place to store information.

How does thephotostick function?

This groundbreaking USB device is fitted with software to empower to do everything that it needs to do. PhotoStick can automatically scan your computer for files and then organize them and back them up on its memory. Videos and photos from all over your computer will be stored on the same device, and it doesn’t matter where on the computer they were stored initially.

Will this photo stick work with iPads?

You can use this USB flash drive on your Macintosh computer or your Windows PC, and the USB 3.0 connector it comes with, as well as the IOS Lightening connector, allowing it to connect to most kinds of devices, including iPhones and iPads. You can transfer files from your PC to one of those devices or back the other way, if you like.

What would you have to pay for a photo stick?

You would typically pay $$34.99 plus shipping for PhotoStick, but it can come with a 50% discount. It has the kind of features that most people would want to use, and PhotoStick gives you a reliable way to have a hard copy of your files.

How many photos can I store on it?

You can store up to 30,000 photos on the 64 GB model. If you want to store even more, then you can use the Photo Stick 128, which has the most memory of any model.

How does photo backup work?

This innovative device lets you organize photos without having to do any work. You just plug in Photo Stick and enjoy the automatic functions that will scan your device and organize the files for you, storing every one of your precious photos safely.

Will a photo stick device work for phones?

You can use ThePhotoStick Mobile to store photos and videos, and it will plug into your phone directly. You do not have to plug the PhotoStick into your computer. Leave all of your photos on the USB stick or move them over to the PC or Mac, if you wish.

Can I use Photo Stick with Mac?

This device works very well with iPhone and Androids. At the same time, it will also work with a Mac or a Windows computer. It works like a photo stick and can be plugged into any of these devices. It will transfer all of your files and work well with any file type.

How long should I expect for shipping time outside of the US?

The orders are shipped very fast, but for those outside of the US, you should expect 7-12 business days. Where you live will determine how long it takes to get to you.

Can you tell me about the 30-day money-back guarantee?

Every product that falls under the Photostick banner comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This guarantee takes effect from the date it was first shipped. You have to return the item within 30 days for the guarantee to be valid for you. Only those items that are in original condition or have some sort of manufacturing defect will be considered valid for returns.

How long does it take to back up the files to the photostick?

This device works really fast. You just need to plug it into your computer and then open the backup that accompanied PhotoStick. From there, choose whether you want to transfer videos or images.

Will ThePhotoStick be compatible with my Mac?

Yes, it works for Macs too. It works on MacOS X version 10.7 and all later versions as well.

What kind of photo and file types can be saved on ThePhotoStick?

You can save JPEG, MPEG4 and Mov files on ThePhotoStick, and it will find all sorts of files for you. Photos of the kinds of file settings you can use on Photo Stick can be found in the images below.

How does ThePhotoStick start up?

For Windows startup, just plug it into your USB lost. Then use File Explorer and access the file by double-clicking on PhotoStick Windows.exe

For Mac startup, you can plug your device onto an unused USB slot and double click on the PhotoStick icon. If you don’t see an icon appear when you place The PhotoStick into the USB slot, then use the Finder and look for PhotoStick there. You can double click on that.

Will you need to install anything from ThePhotoStick to make it work for the computer?

Nothing needs to be installed by ThePhotoStick and placed onto your computer. You don’t have to have any apps or files saved on the computer to make it work for you either. Just plug it in the USB area and watch it start up on its own.

This device is said to store 30,000 photos in the 64GB version and 60,000 photos from the 128GB version, but what photo file size is used to determine those numbers?

To calculate how many photos the device will store, we use an average photo file size of 2MB. That’s about the size of an 8MP photos if it were in the JPEG format. There are larger files that you can store on PhotoStick, such as RAW files or .mov and .mp4 files, and if you are saving some of those, then your total number of stored files will vary from the estimates.


Competition: The Photostick Alternatives

The photo stick reviews


ThePhotoStick is the best device of its kind on the market since its launch. From functionality, portability, security, convenience to durability, it has the top features, making it the trusted solution for students, employees, freelancers, and other professionals around the globe. Thephotostick in UK is one of the most popular gadgets for backing up photos with the highest customer satisfaction rate.

When searching for alternatives, the products on Amazon come in a wide variety. There are brands that have unique styles, storage capacity, and other incredible features. Instead of browsing the net for other options, you can find out about the competition right here. In this Photostick review, we also include some of its competitors. Take a look at some of the competing devices:

Picture Keeper 4GB

Picture Keeper 4GB

Picture Keeper 4GBComputer crashes do not just pose a risk to your hardware. They also take irreplaceable memories you’ve been storing for years and discard them. Picture Keeper 4GB provides an easy and reliable solution to your unique backup needs or requirements. For some, backup is a complex task. Picture Keeper 4GB is a product you’ll want to consider. As soon as you plug the device into a USB port and click the right button, the computer backup works automatically while retrieving your family photos. There’s no need to install software or select folders. The product does all the work for you. It also remembers where your previous backup ended, so it downloads new photos and skips duplicate files. As a result, it maximizes your storage space.

Compared to cloud storage, Picture Keeper 4GB is a more useful tool. With or without a strong internet connection, you can get the most out of it. That’s not all! It doesn’t require monthly fees. Plus, you can use it with various computers.

What else does it do? Picture Keeper 4GB can hold approximately 2,000 photos. It works on both Mac and PC computers. However, it’s not compatible with the iPad and iPhone. It also doesn’t require an internet connection. The photos remain in a safe location. Picture Keeper 4GB does not have compatibility issues with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or newer computers.

There are some downsides to Picture Keeper 4GB. It is supposed to just take everything from your computer and store it on the device, but that doesn’t always happen. Some customers have reported issues with automatic photo transfers, and they have had only a few of their files transfer over, with the remaining needing to be transferred manually. This raises the question of why you would want to bother with this device in the first place if it sometimes doesn’t do anything more than a typical thumb drive or flash drive.

The Picture Keeper 4GB also take more steps to transfer and store files than it advertises. Some people have complained that it can be complicated and is not as user-friendly as the best photo stick. They are often left disappointed or overwhelmed with the product, not being able to use it without some help or a call to the customer service center for the product. In many instances, this product is simpler than using a standard flash drive, but not by much, so it’s not the most user-friendly option. That’s something that those who are not very tech-savvy will need to keep in mind as they are trying to make their choice of photostick. You can use PhotoStick in UK devices or those from other countries

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USB C Thumb Drive 128GB USB C Thumb Dirve128GB

Another competitor of the photo stick is the USB C Thumb Drive 128GB from Sunswan. Since its launch, it’s been very popular with consumers because of its fast performance. As soon as you plug it into the USB or lightning port, it works with unbelievable speed, thanks to its USB 3.0 port. The other port has 15MB/s writing speed and 25MB/s reading speed.

Whether a computer crash or water damage occurs, it saves your favorite music and movies, but it doesn’t support the transfer of iTunes Music or video files. Just like other trusted brands in the market, it does not require other applications. Just make sure the OTG function of your smartphone is properly turned on. How good is its storage capacity? Well, it can hold thousands of photos, clips, and other files. Whether you’re afraid of seeing the “full storage” warning or experiencing a power surge, it will give you peace of mind. It also ensures the convenient transfer of photos or videos from iPad, iPhone, Mac Android, and computers.

Some reviews noted that there are compatibility issues between this product and their computers. Most computers recognize the flash drive, but some don’t, which isn’t a problem that the best photo stick has. This product from Sunswan has a fairly good customer review rating, but it tends to be lower than the PhotoSticks’s. That’s due to inconsistent compatibility functions. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t, and that level of unreliability means that you may not want to risk buying the Sunswan product. You may just want to go with something that works better and has a proven track record for dependability.

Other users have mentioned this best flash drive for photos freezes up some times, starting and then stopping erratically. Others noted that their thumb drive would sometimes delete files. You would expect the files to be safely stored on the device, but when they plugged it into a computer to access the files, their files were gone. That can be incredibly frustrating and disconcerting.

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USB Flash Drive 128GB USB Flash Drive 128GB USB Stick

Another alternative is the USB Flash Drive 128GB from Xin Li Da. Are you tired of using a device that lacks strong storage capacity? Or are you worried about water damage, power surges, and other causes of a hard drive failure? The USB Flash Drive 128GB from Xin Li Da might be suitable for your needs. Whether you love taking photos, recording videos or writing novels, this product should not disappoint you. Its storage capacity makes it an excellent investment. It is compatible with IOS, Mac android, and other systems. It is a 3-in-1 OTG drive you can use for business or personal purposes. More than just a product with quality performance, its style and design are appealing. It comes in red, which can complement your gadgets and accessories at home. Designed to protect the user from any lost data, it can serve as a reliable backup. That’s not all, though! It’s convenient to use and doesn’t require other applications in order to work.

A lot of reviews for this product noted that the device was not compatible with their computer. They plugged it into the flash drive, but it wasn’t recognized by their computer. In other words, they could not get it to work for them, and they had to send it back. That’s money and time wasted, so the PhotoStick stands out as higher quality and more reliable product than this one. Some reviewers also commented that this product would download their photos, but when they tried to access them later, they could not. It didn’t do them any good to have their photos stored on the flash drive since those files were now inaccessible. Others reported that this is one from the best flash drive for photos and it worked fine, but there is definitely a spotty record for this product, which is why this review focuses on the Photo Stick.

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These competing products all fall short of ThePhotoStick. They aim to offer a similar service, but they can’t quite meet the high standards that their competition has set. They are either not very simple to use or work inconsistently. No one wants a product they pay good money for to be unreliable, but that’s exactly what you get with these competing products that we have covered here. They may work pretty well some of the time, but do you really want to pay the price that is being asked for them and then only get a product that works occasionally? Most people will feel like they are being taken advantage of and wasting their money. This review seeks to help you avoid that kind of problem and find a photo storage tool that you can be happy with and feel good about spending your money on.

While these competing products may offer some decent value or be helpful from time to time, they simply cannot measure up to the best photo stick. They fall short in some way or another, and it is in your best interest to buy the highest quality product to store your photos and other files on. After all, you want those files to still be there when you go to look or them in a few weeks or a few years. Most of the photo transfer and storage devices on the market cannot guarantee that.

Photo Stick

Photo Stick Reviews Conclusion  Thephotostick

We spent most of our time with The Photo Stick. We aim to offer you the best possible review of Photo Sticks products available on the market today. When doing this review, we didn’t simply consider our opinions, but we also took into account the reviews of other users who have used the tool.

You never know when you might experience the next hard drive failure. Your phone might suffer from memory failure at any time. That’s why you should get the Photo Stick. It’s a wonderful item for anyone who employs a phone device or a computer.

Do we think this tool is a great buy? In our humble opinion, it certainly is. We believe this gadget offers excellent value. It is ideal for so many individuals who are having a difficult time with some of the competing products. You will find a wide array of storage options out there for digital content. Nonetheless, we think that ThePhotostick beats most of them. This is a cool item and well worth your money. We think it’s a good buy for the majority of customers.

You have read our Photo Stick reviews and finally understood our thoughts about this product. Now, you can feel more at ease when you pick a storage device. The more aware you are and the more products you know, the more likely you are to pick the appropriate choice for you. We believe you’d be wise to consider the PhotoStick as your top choice.

We understand how stressful it is to retrieve all your photos and videos and make a backup of them before leaving. Nowadays, it’s complicated to take all of your files with you. It used to be simpler when you could just take your roll of film to the local store and get it developed.

A photostick offers a backup without the subscription solution that is extremely needed in this ever-changing digital world. Its functionality is awesome- it does everything for you! If you want to protect your precious memories and get over the frustration of device crashes, disorganized files, duplicate copies, cloud storage requirements, and low memory space, The photo storage stick is an ideal answer for you!

ThePhotoStick is the best photo stick on the market today. Designed to offer maximum safety and convenience, it is a multi-purpose tool you should have. From searching through folders, organizing files, retrieving lost data to establishing a secure backup, Photo stick is a long-lasting, functional, and effective product. Who says that creating a backup is hard? This product should be on the top of your list.

The various best flash drives for photos are available in different models, forms, and styles, which makes the selection time-consuming. With this photostick review, your choice will be simpler and hassle-free. We hope that you can make a perfect decision that will improve your productivity and data security. With the features list, pros and cons, frequently asked questions, and a comprehensive buying guide we have included, we believe that you can now purchase the one that meets your high expectations.

You must be aware that not all quality devices have a visually appealing design like ThePhotostick. Besides a quick full scan and convenient operation, its style will satisfy most people’s taste. While it can last for years, its design can really make the device something you won’t mind taking with you everywhere you go.

So, what are you waiting for? Please feel free to visit the official manufacturer to make your purchase. A hard drive failure might be a simple problem, except when good memories vanish in the blink of an eye. Protect your photos, documents, videos, and music with the Photo Stick. Although it is a little pricey, its features and benefits make the cost worth it.