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  • The Holga Detachable Filter slips on and off easily
    The Holga Detachable Filter slips on and off easily

Holga Clip Lens Set for Smart Phone CLS-SPH

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  • Looking for the Holga iPhone 4 Lens Filter and Case Kit?

    It's here!!! What do you get when you cross Hi-Tech with Lo-Fi? The Holga Lens Filter and Case for iPhone 5! This is the very latest update to our best selling Holga iPhone Filter and Case DLFT-IP5 which has been featured all over the biggest sites on the internet such as CNET, engadget, Wired, BoingBoing, Gizmodo and many more! (Click the 'Featured On' tab for quotes from these articles)

    Holga have now decided to cast a little of the photography magic on the iPhone world with this awesome special effect lens kit. Simple to install this kit slips onto an iPhone 5/5S just like a case. But a case with a difference! Once fitted you now have access to 9 different and crazy special effects and filters without any software or app installed. Cunningly designed like an old school telephone just dial in your preferred special effect and behold the Holga craziness that follows! This Holga Kit is available in a choice of Red, White, or Black. The full list of special effects/filters are listed on the Specs page. This detachable version now means you can attach the filter only when you need to use it with the handy magnet. This model also works great for the new iPhone 5S model.

    If you are interested in creating Holga like images on digital cameras too then please do also check out our Holga lenses for digital cameras HERE.
  • Special Effects/Filters
    • Dual Image Lens: Produces 2 identical images similar to a Holga 2 way split image filter
    • Triple Image Lens: Produces 3 identical images similar to a Holga 3 way split image filter
    • Quadruple Image Lens: Produces 4 identical images similar to a Holga 4 way split image filter
    • 60mm Macro Lens: For taking photos at approximately 60mm from the lens
    • Empty Hole: For taking images with no effect
    • Red Filter with Clear Heart Shape Centre: Reduces absorption of blue & green lights with clear heart shape centre to stand out
    • Red Filter: Reduces absorption of blue and green light
    • Green Filter: Enhances green colors
    • Yellow Filter with Clear Center: Clear circular spot in center to stand out with surroundings in pale yellow to mimic sunset
    • Blue Filter with Clear Center: Clear circular spot in center to stand out with surroundings in blue to mimic gentle moon atmosphere
    1. Will this work with my iPhone?
    2. These kits work for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5/5S. Be sure to choose the correct model in the options above.
    3. Can I still use the functions of my phone with the Holga Case on?
    4. Yep, all buttons can be accessed through the filter kits access holes. The Holga Case makes a nice case by itself for you iPhone.
    5. What other lenses are available for this Holga iPhone Case?
    6. There are some great new iPhone lenses now being released for these cases. Check out the Holga iPhone 3D Lens Kit
    7. Can I shoot video with this Kit?
    8. Of course! Now you can really get creative with these varied focal lengths.
    9. I have a question which is not answered here, how can I ask it?
    10. You can either send us an email to support @ OR if we are online you can even Chat to us! Just click the chat link at the bottom of the screen.

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