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  • Holga Ultimate Filter Kit
    Holga Ultimate Filter Kit

Holga Ultimate Filter Kit

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  • This great new Kit combines all those funky Holga color and special effect filters in one handy Kit! 17 separate Filters in total!

    First off we have the Soft Surround filters which are designed to enhance the Holga vignetting style. Great filters for Fine Art, Portrait or Documentary in a truly original style. The set includes a red, yellow, blue and neutral density filter with soft surround effect. Also included is the Split Image Filter set which split and repeat your image subject in a number of ways. The three lenses included in this set are a Four-Facet Lens with Center Focus, a Three-Facet Vertical Lens and a Three-Facet Pyramid Lens. These Prism-type filters were very popular in the late 1960s/early 1970s so these lenses are great for reproducing a similar look. On top of that, all the color filters have been thrown in as well. The Kit includes a Double Filter Holder so that you can use up to two filters at the same time. In addition included is the single color filter set (CFS-120/135) which contains four color filters (red, yellow, blue, and green). These filters can be used to enhance images to add further creativity to your Holga images. In addition they can also be used to adjust contrast variations in black and white photography. Also included is the double color filter set (DCFS-120/135) which offers even more creative choices with six different two color combination filters (Red / Yellow, Red / ND, Yellow / Blue, Yellow / ND, Blue / Red, Blue / ND).

    Note: Please make sure you select the correct option for this kit depending on whether you will be using the filters with a Holga film camera or a Holga Digital lens as this will indicate which versions of the filters we will send to you. We are unable to exchange filters if the incorrect choice is made on this screen so please ensure that you choose Film or Digital correctly.

    Note: Holga camera in images are for illustration only and not included in this set.
    • Filter Type: Plastic
    • Film Format: Compatibility: Holga Film Camera (120 and 35mm) AND Digital Holga
    • Holder Included: Holga Double Filter Holder DLFH-120
    • Filters Included:
      • Soft Surround Filter Set SSFS-HL or SSFS-120/135
        • Red Soft Surround Filter
        • Blue Soft Surround Filter
        • Yellow Soft Surround Filter
        • Neutral Density Soft Surround Filter
      • Split Image Set SILS-HL or SILS-120/135
        • Four-Facet Lens with Center Focus
        • Three-Facet Vertical Lens
        • Three-Facet Pyramid Lens
      • Color Filter Set (Red, Yellow, Blue and Green filters)
      • Double Color Filter Set (Red / Yellow, Red / ND, Yellow / Blue, Yellow / ND, Blue / Red, Blue / ND)

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