Sony A7 vs. A6000

Sony A7 vs. A6000

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People of all ages love photography. Thus, this hobby can help you to enhance your photography skills while having a collection of your daily experiences. Through photography and videography, you can also share your ideas and experiences to your loved ones as well as to the world. Meanwhile, to make the best of your passion for photography, you must have the right and quality equipment. You need a superior camera that can serve as your perfect companion for your travel, indoor, and outdoor activities.

With lots of camera models in the market, it can be difficult for you to pick the best for your individual needs. Therefore, you must be careful before buying your new camera. Sony is among the most trusted brands of cameras in the market in today’s modern and digital generation. Furthermore, the Sony a7 and a6000 are among their most popular models. Well, do you want to know which one between these 2 cameras is right for you? Then, you come to the right place. With this Sony a7 vs a6000 detailed comparison, you’ll find out between the Sony a7 and Sony a7000 is best for your photography needs. We advice you to choose Lenses for Sony A7iii & Best Sony Camera for Vlogging

The Sony A7 was released on January 22, 2014, while Sony A6000 was announced on April 23, 2014, a few months after the latter product’s launch. They both have 24 MP CMOS Sensor, but A7’s is a full-frame sensor while a6000 is an APS-C. To better understand the similarities and differences of the cameras, let us now proceed to the head-to-head comparison of Sony a6000 vs a7.

Head-to-Head Comparison of Sony A7 vs. A6000

Sony A7 vs Sony A6000 Shared Features

With their specific features, specifications, and pricing, it is quite challenging for you to choose between the two quality cameras. Let’s begin the comparison of Sony a6000 vs Sony a7 by diving to their shared features. As what you can see from the table above, the two cameras both have 24 MP sensor. However, Sony a7 has full-frame CMOS sensor while a6000 has APS-C CMOS sensor. With their quality sensor, you can have better image quality for your photography needs.

Another common feature of the 2 cameras is their electronic viewfinder. So, you can have satisfaction when it comes to Sony a7 vs a6000 image quality. With this feature, you can have better control and frame for a smooth shooting experience. They come with 3” tilting LCD screen, which can offer you flexible shooting positions to capture your subject in the best possible way. They also have face detection focusing making them ideal for portrait photography. If you want to enjoy creative shooting, these Sony cameras have a time-lapse recording feature with the optional app. You may also like Nikon P900 vs P1000.

Both products also come with wireless connection for better connectivity. They have an external flash shoe which is useful for flash photography. They have RAW support for better image quality. They also feature AE Bracketing which is efficient for HDR and tough lighting situations. Both products also come with NFC connection for better wireless connectivity with compatible devices. They also come with smartphone remote control, so you can easily control your camera with the use of your smartphone. They also have Sony E Mount. The two cameras have an HDMI output, which allows you to review or monitor videos.

Another common feature of Sony a6000 and a7 is its On-sensor phase-detect. This feature can enhance the video AF and live view performance.

With the shared features of the Sony a6000 and Sony a7, you can make sure that the money you invest in these products will not be wasted. Thus, they are made with excellent quality to give you efficient photography performance. If you want to enjoy recording videos, these cameras also have the capacity to give you the highest satisfaction for your videography passion.

Sony A7 vs. A6000

Types of Photography that Both Sony A7 and A6000 Can Do

Before you buy any of the 2 Sony cameras, it is good to know if you will learn what the cameras can offer to you. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, it is natural that you always want a flexible camera that you can use for different types of photography. Fortunately, both Sony a7 and a6000 can offer you with great performance for your photography habit. The following is the list of photography that the Sony cameras are good for:

Daily Photography

It is natural that in today’s modern and digital generation, many individuals love to update their loved ones about their daily lifestyle. Well, are you one of these individuals? Then, you can enjoy your daily photography with the Sony a7 or Sony a6000. They are loaded with advanced features that allow you to produce creative, clean, and stunning daily images.

With their big 24 MP sensor, you can produce crisp, sharp, and beautiful images and HD videos for your daily photography. Their shooting performance can give you still and clear daily images and videos you can share to your loved ones and to the world through social media.

Sports Photography

Sports is a favorite entertainment of individuals of all ages. Watching sports helps to release stress and tension. So, if you love to capture the thrilling moments of your favorite sports and players, a quality camera like a6000 or a7 is a good investment. You can record live-action sports without skipping a beat. These camera models both have an electronic built-in viewfinder that allows you to capture the perfect frame of your subject. Don’t miss the thrilling moments of your favorite sports and players with these two Sony cameras. With their live view feature, you can capture your subject in an easy and creative way.

Street Photography

If you are more on street photography, these Sony cameras will not fail you. They both have a face detection focusing and tilting LCD screen for easy and flexible shooting positions. With that, you can capture stunning and clear street photos. They also come with a live-view feature that can enhance their performance in street photography. Do you wish to capture the beautiful presentation on the streets? Then, it is a good decision to use the Sony a6000 or Sony a7 to produce stunning and beautiful street images. You may also like Canon 80d vs. Nikon d7500.

Landscape Photography

With their high-resolution sensor of 24 MP, Sony a7 and a6000 can be great for your landscape photography. With this, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and capture beautiful landscape images. If you are on a travel, these cameras can be your perfect companion. If you love nature to relax and enjoy, the two Sony cameras can be your perfect companion to make a collection of beautiful pictures for your landscape photography. It is also perfect for wildlife photography.

Portrait Photography

Sony a7 and a6000 both have face detection focusing, which allows you to enjoy more of portrait photography. They can be your best equipment for weddings, family and other types of portraits. With these cameras, you can have a satisfying videography and photography experience.

Sony a6000 and a7 are good investments since they can have good performance in different types of photography. Both cameras will never fail you because they are built with the highest quality for more efficient shooting performance regardless of the type of photography.

Camera Body Comparison

The weight and size are important factors when buying your new camera. To help you decide, we will provide you the Sony a6000 vs Sony a7 body comparison. You can see the weight and dimensions of each camera below

Sony a6000 is smaller than the a7. It is also 27 mm shorter, 7 mm narrower, and 3 mm thinner than the Sony a7. If you want a lighter camera, you can prefer for the a6000 over a7. This can be an advantage especially if you are on your vacation or trip. Sony a6000 has a lightweight and compact design compared to A7, so it comes with more durability.

However, you must remember that the bodyweight of the camera is not the main basis when purchasing a new camera for your photography and videography needs. Both cameras have elegant designs that can match your standards. One difference between the two cameras is that the Sony a7 has a weather-sealed body while a6000 doesn’t have.

When it comes to the sensor, both models have 24 MP sensor. The a7 has a full-frame CMOS sensor while a6000 has an APS-C CMOS sensor. It is also important to consider the lenses that you are going to use in these camera bodies. You can prefer lightweight lenses for a more durable and smooth shooting experience. The cameras have a similar LCD screen diagonal size of 3”.

The Sony a7 has a bigger sensor area with a similar resolution, and it also comes with a bigger pixel area, which has enhanced light collecting ability in each aperture compare to the Sony a6000. Both cameras have elegant designs that can meet the standards and requirements of every photographer. However, the Sony a7 is only available in black color, while the a6000 is available in 3 different colors including white, silver, and black.

If you plan to buy your new camera, it is essential to consider its body features. With this, you can pick the right camera that can suit your style, standards, budget and most of all to your photography needs. With this body comparison of the two Sony cameras, we hope that you already choose the one that can offer you with the best performance for your shooting habit.

Why Consider the Sony A7 Over the Sony A6000?

Both Sony a7 and Sony a6000 have features that make them stand out over the other. To help you decide on choosing the best camera for you, let us proceed to the reasons why you need to consider the Sony a7 over the Sony a6000.

The Sony a7 has a higher LCD screen resolution of 1.230k dots than the a6000’s 922k dots. It also has a faster max mechanical shutter of 1/8000s than the 1/4000s of a6000. Sony a7 has a microphone port for better audio recording and a headphone port for more video control. These features are not found in Sony a6000.

The Sony a7 has more advantage in shooting at tough conditions because it comes with environmental sealing that the a6000 doesn’t have. If you love outdoor adventure, a7 can be your perfect travel companion. It comes with a higher viewfinder resolution of 2359 dot than a6000’s 1440k dot. It also has a bigger sensor pixel area of 35.65 mm2 than the 15.28 mm2 of a6000. The model has a higher color depth of 24.8 compared to 24.1 of a6000. Also checkout about best wifi booster.

Another advantage of Sony a7 vs a6000 is that it has a higher 14.2 dynamic range than the 13.1 dynamic range of a6000. It also has a better low light ISO performance of 2248 than 1347 of the Sony a6000 camera. Moreover, the Sony a7 also comes with a higher max flash sync of 1/250 seconds compare to the 1/160 seconds of the Sony a6000. This max flash sync can minimize the impact of ambient light in flash shots.

With these Sony A7 advantages, you can have the assurance that purchasing the model is worth it. It is loaded with awesome features that can provide you with excellent performance for taking beautiful and crisp pictures in your daily lifestyle. It can also give you better video recording performance that you can use for your vlogging habit.

Why Consider the Sony A6000 Over the Sony A7?

Now that you have learned about the advantages of the Sony a7 over the Sony A6000, it is time for you to learn the reasons why you need to prefer for Sony a6000 over the a7.

One advantage of Sony A6000 vs A7 is its built-in flash. This feature is useful in the low light shooting. This camera also has a greater number of focus points of 179 than the 117 of the a7. It has a faster continuous shooting of 11.0 fps than the 5.0 fps of a7. If you want to enjoy your photography, the Sony A6000 can be a good option. Thus, it has a longer battery life that allows you to take 360 shots, which is greater than the 340 shots of a7. It can help you to shoot more frames in just a single charge.

Another reason why you need to prefer for Sony a6000 than a7 is that it is 130 g lighter for more durability. It weighs 344 g compared to the 474 g of a7. This model also supports UHS memory cards for ultra-high writing and reading speeds. This feature is not present in the Sony a7. This product also has a better ISO boost than the a7 which has no ISO enhancement.

Sony a6000 also has less shutter lag of 0.15 seconds vs the 0.23 seconds shutter lag of a7. With this, you can focus on your subject and take a photo faster with a wide-angle. It also has a wider-angle kit lens of 28 mm than the 24 mm of Sony a7. With this, you can take more photos of a specific scene with the included lens. Aside from having a faster RAW shooting, the Sony a6000 has faster JPEG shooting of 11.1 fps vs the 5.0 fps of the Sony A7. Also checkout Canon 80d vs. 70d.

Another advantage of the Sony a6000 vs Sony a7 is that it comes in different colors such as white, silver, and black, while the a7 is only available in black.

With these Sony a6000 features, you can also ensure that the time, effort, and money you invest for this Sony camera are all worth it. This camera model can perform better both for picture taking and video shooting. With its design and advanced features, you can enjoy different types of photography including portrait, landscape, sports, street, and daily photography.

Shared Weaknesses

You must remember that all products come with their specific advantages and disadvantages. Well, the Sony A7 and Sony a6000 are no exception to that. In this section, you will know their common weaknesses.

Among the shared weaknesses of the two Sony cameras is that they both lack an image stabilization system. So, you need to use another accessory to improve the camera’s image stabilization. Lack of image stabilization system can reduce the camera shake even on slower shutter speeds. Unfortunately, these cameras lack these features. In addition, they also lack Bluetooth connectivity and built-in GPS that can geotag your photos.

Unfortunately, they also don’t have dual card slots for more storage. Both cameras don’t have slow-motion video feature, so you can’t shoot slow motion videos. They also lack a top deck display that allows you to check settings with a screen on the top of your camera.

Despite the few drawbacks of the Sony a6000 and Sony a7, they have many features and advantages that make them worth purchasing. The good thing is that you can have an alternative to fill in its disadvantages. For example, since both cameras lack an image stabilization system, you can use a tripod to improve the image stabilization of your camera.

All products have disadvantages, but the few drawbacks of the Sony a6000 and Sony a7 will not hinder to offer you with excellent shooting performance. With their common advantages and specific features, you can have the best camera that you can use anywhere you go. These two Sony camera models can help you enjoy your outdoor and travel adventure while collecting memorable moments through photography and video recording.

What the Reviewers Say

It is a fact that Sony is among the most reliable brands of the camera in the market today. Both Sony A7 and A6000 have proven ease of use, popularity, more innovative features as well as excellent image quality. The two Sony cameras are both ideals for amateur and professional photographers and videographers.

The Sony A7 is the ideal choice if you love to travel and outdoor adventure. It comes with a weathered sealed body that allows you to capture beautiful photos and record videos even in tough environments. It can be efficient equipment for your outdoor activities.

If you want to record quality content videos, you can prefer for Sony a7. Thus, it comes with a headphone port for more improved video control. Additionally, it also comes with a microphone port, which can offer you better audio quality. With that, you can record videos in the best possible manner. It has a faster max mechanical shutter of 1/8000s, so you can shoot your subject in the best angle without missing a beat. It has a higher dynamic range and better low light ISO performance.

On the other hand, the Sony A6000 can also be the best option if you want to shoot more frames in just a single charge. Thus, it has a longer battery life that enables you to take about 360 shots. You can use it for your wedding photography, sports photography, daily photography and other types of photography wherein you need to shoot photos and record videos without interruption.

Sony a6000 also has built-in flash which is efficient for flash photography. It comes with a higher number of focus points of 179 and has support for UHS memory cards for faster writing and reading speeds.

Both cameras have similar advantages and disadvantages. However, they also have features that make them stand out over the other. With this, you must choose between the two Sony cameras according to your individual needs. They both have an HDMI output, so you can review and monitor the video you record. If you are a vlogger or just love to record videos, the Sony a6000 and Sony a7 are both great options. You can also have shooting flexibility since their screen can be tilted. With their focus peaking, your camera can highlight what’s in focus. They also both feature an eye-level viewfinder that can help you to frame photos even when the sun is out.

The Sony a7 comes with a full-frame E mount makes it a compact and lightweight camera for amateur and experienced photographers and videographers. Meanwhile, if you are more conscious of the budget, the Sony a6000 is the best option. It is more affordable compared to the Sony a7. The good thing is that you can still get superior quality photography and videography performance with its affordable cost.

If you have higher standards for your camera needs, you will not regret purchasing any of the 2 Sony cameras. Thus, they are built with excellent quality and design for efficient and easy shooting performance. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or professional photographer, you need an excellent quality camera to make the best of your photography and videography needs. Luckily, both the Sony a6000 and Sony a7 are quality cameras that you can rely on for your passion for photography and video recording. Tou may want to read about The photo stick

The Verdict

In this Sony a7 vs a6000 comparisons, you have learned that the two cameras have the same advantages including wireless connection, external flash shoe, articulating screen, electronic viewfinder, face detection focus, RAW support, max resolution, time-lapse recording, NFC connection, AE bracketing as well as smartphone remote control.

You also discover their body including their weight, dimensions, and size. If you want a lighter camera, you can prefer the Sony a6000. Thus, it is more compact and lightweight, which you can bring anywhere you go. With this, you can have an easy and smooth shooting experience.

Both the Sony a6000 and a7 can provide you with better performance in different types of photography, including portrait, daily, street, sports, landscape and other types of photography. These 2 Sony cameras are both ideals for newbies as well as professional photographers and videographers. With their more innovative features and specifications, you can have the highest level of happiness and satisfaction when it comes to your specific camera requirements.

They also have a 1920 x 1080 video resolution which makes them perfect for recording videos in your daily lifestyle. They also come with 3” tilting screen which allows you to have more flexible shooting positions to capture the perfect angle of your subject.

The Sony a6000 and Sony a7 are cameras that come with excellent quality. They can both give you excellent movie mode, which is perfect for your vlogging or other video recording hobby. With their time-lapse recording, you can enjoy creative shooting. They both come with more advanced image processing that can offer you with beautiful, clean, clear and sharp photos. They have excellent sensors and processors that make images appear as realistic as possible. With that, you can have a beautiful collection of quality photos of your memorable moments. It can be your great partner to shoot the touching moments in the wedding of your loved ones or friends.

With their contrast detection and phase detection features, you can have a higher density range to shoot the subjects in the best possible way. The cameras also have an image processing system that can boost precision, AF speed as well as tracking performance.

Investing your time, money, and effort in any of the two cameras can offer you a big and satisfying return. They are manufactured by Sony which is among the most trusted camera brands all over the world. Although both products also have their drawbacks, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are not worth purchasing. Both Sony a6000 and a7 have their disadvantages, but they have more advantages, which can offer you the highest level of satisfaction for your photography and video recording needs.

To sum it up, buying any of the two Sony cameras is worth it. You must choose according to your needs, requirements, and expectations. Even more important, you must also choose the right camera that can suit to your hard-earned budget.

With all the details we provided in this Sony a6000 vs Sony a7 comparison, we hope that you already picked the best one for your passion for photography and videography. What are you waiting for? Choose the best camera for your photography today! By considering the ideas in this review, you can have your favorite one. Happy picture taking and video recording!

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