Sony HX80 Review

Sony HX80 Review

Sony HX80




Ease of Use


Build and Design







  • Downloadable camera apps
  • Customizable settings
  • Capture the moment with up to 10 fps
  • Lock-On AF that keeps your subject in focus

It cannot be denied that photography is among the favorite pastimes of people all over the world. It helps you to record fun, memorable and exciting moments of your daily experiences. Meanwhile, to enjoy the most of your photography habit, you must have a quality camera that you can use to produce still and stunning images. However, with lots of camera brands in the market, it can be hard for you to choose the best one for your needs. Worry no more because we will help you.

The Sony HX80 is among the top cameras you can avail in the market. It is a point and shoot camera that you can use both for your photography and videography needs. It comes with a rechargeable battery and infinity telephoto. It comes with awesome features that can meet your needs and standards for photography.

Are you still not sure if Sony HX80 is right for you? Don’t worry because this Sony HX80 review  will help you make a wise decision. In this guide, you will also learn about their advantages and disadvantages that will help you know if the product can meet your individual needs. With the use of this camera, you can enhance your skills and produce quality pictures and beautiful videos of your indoor and outdoor activities. With this, you can keep your loved ones updated with your daily lifestyle. Also, read Best obd2 Scanner.

The Sony HX80 can be purchased from $298.00 to $299.99. This camera is a good investment for your photography passion since it can offer a good value with its price. Furthermore, you can also enjoy your favorite hobby.

Who Would Buy Sony HX80?

There are some instances that you may find it hard to shoot in complicated environments. Therefore, you must have a durable and compact design camera that allows you to shoot still and beautiful pictures and record good quality videos during your travel and outdoor adventure.

This Sony DSC HX80 review is a guide for those who are still confused if the product can meet their standards and needs. If you love traveling, this product can be your perfect companion. With its awesome features, you can have hassle-free and satisfying shooting experience.

With this camera, you can expect to have excellent shooting reliability and performance. This 18-megapixel camera features a 30x optical zoom and 3-inch LCD. It comes with a memory card, battery, and a strap. It also has a beautiful, compact and elegant design that can meet the requirements of both amateur and professional photographers and videographers. This camera can be your efficient partner for different types of photography.

Sony HX80 Review

Key Features of Sony HX80

Do you want to discover the features of this Sony camera? Well, continue reading this Sony Cyber-Shot DSC- HX80 review. With its key features, you have the assurance that the money, time, and effort you invest for this product are all worth it. If you want to ensure whether it can meet your individual needs, consider its features below:

Compact and lightweight design

The size and weight of the camera is an essential factor when it comes to buying the new camera you can use for recording videos and capturing photos in your daily activities. With its compact design, you can produce incredible photos and videos. With its small and lightweight design, you can capture your subject at the best angle. It also has a pop-up electronic eye-level viewfinder for better framing.

The camera also comes with 180 degrees tilting screen for 18.2 MP selfies. It is powered with a low light Exmor R sensor that allows you to take stunning, still, and gorgeous photos. This Sony camera also features ZIESS lens that comes with 5-axis image stabilization. It comes with a black finish, which is truly pleasing to the eyes.

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Superb image quality

Another reason why you need to opt for a Sony HX80 camera is that it has a superb image quality of 18.2 MP. It is illuminated with Exmor R CMOS image sensor, which comes with BIONZ X image processor. This helps to bring out the resolving power of its ZEISS lens to deliver you with higher resolution. The camera also has a low light sensitivity that boosts the clarity of images. It also minimizes the grain for movies and still photography. So, if you want to have a collection of beautiful and sharp photos, you can choose this camera model.

Built-in retractable OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder

The Sony HX80 is equipped with a built-in retractable OLED Tru-Finder viewfinder. It comes with an estimated 63k dots resolution with high contrast and brightness. This feature enables you to view the scene in rich details. The electronic viewfinder of the camera will display the effects of camera settings, so you can check the results. You can also utilize aspherical lenses with the eyepiece optics to reduce the size and boost performance. The comfortable eye sensor can also switch the LCD and EVF screen automatically for smooth operation.

30x optical zoom ZEISS lens with 60x clear image digital zoom

With the use of its 30x optical zoom ZEISS lens, you can get a clean and close shot from a wide-angle to 30x optical zoom. It has 60x clear image digital zoom. The ZEISS T* coating is also essential for flare and ghosting reduction for more quality images. With the help of its 30x optical zoom, you can get closer to your subject.

The Sony HX80 has clear image zoom allows the efficient BIONZ X processor to compare the patterns in adjacent pixels. It also makes new pixels to blend with a selected pattern that produces high-quality and more realistic photos. Additionally, the clear image zoom also doubles the optical zoom for closer images.

Easy connectivity

The Sony DSC-HX80 has easy connectivity to your smartphones and other devices because of its NFC connection and Wi-Fi feature. You can now instantly share your photos with any compatible device like tablets, laptops, and phones. With this, you can frame the image on the LCD of your device and control the shutter of the camera. The good news is that you can also directly transfer the pictures to your mobile phone for fast uploading, editing, and sharing. It’s Near Field Communication is one-touch for ease of use. Also checkout vizr reviews.

High-quality movies

Aside from providing you with superior photography, the Sony HX80 can also your reliable partner when it comes to shooting movies. Thus, it can give you good quality HD movies in XAVS S format. The XAVC S can produce beautiful and stunning video recording with less compression noise even in complicated shooting positions. This product can also give you better audio quality that can satisfy your movie shooting needs.

5-axis image stabilization

Sony HX80 also comes with 5-axis image stabilization for blur reduction. If you desire to get sharp photos, this camera can be a good choice. The 5-axis image stabilization is useful for both video and stills. The 5-axis is combined with intelligent Active Mode for efficient blur reduction. It is also powered by Sony’s advanced frame-analysis technology that minimizes camera shake for a more convenient shooting experience. With that, you can move with the action and produce a clearer picture of moving subjects even when it is zoomed in.

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Other Features and Specifications of Sony HX80:

Sony HX80 Review


  • The Sony DSC-HX80 comes with NFC connection and built-in Wi-Fi, so you can easily share your photos to your loved ones or to the world through your social media
  • High resolution and superior low light sensitivity for great image quality for different types of photography
  • This model also has ZEISS T* coating which minimizes undesirable reflection including flare and ghosting on the surface of the lens
  • Sony HX80 features Linear PCM for audio compression to ensure quality audio for your video
  • It can also record in AVCHD, perfect for Blu-ray disc burning and HDTV
  • The product can offer you with MP4 HD video that is perfect for web
  • It has image stabilization system that can help you to shoot your subject in the best possible way
  • Perfect for selfies because of its multi-angle 3” Xtra Fine LCD display
  • With its 720 mm tele lens, you can shoot your subject in the best angle
  • The camera has face detection focusing for better framing and control that allows you to capture still photos and quality videos
  • This camera has a 24 mm good wide-angle camera
  • With its electronic built-in viewfinder, you can shoot your subject in the best possible way
  • It can connect to compatible devices through a USB 2.0 port and HDMI port
  • The wireless connectivity allows you to instantly transfer your images and videos to your smartphone and other devices and share them to your loved ones and social media
  • It comes with a max speed of 10.0 fps and a max shutter speed of 1/2000 seconds. It also features a contrast detection autofocusing system
  • It can record videos with high resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 60p, 60i and more
  • It is also available in a practical cost

Pros and Cons of Sony HX80

Now that you have learned the specifications and features of the Sony HX80 let us continue this Sony cyber shot hx80 review by diving into its advantages and disadvantages. Finding the advantages and disadvantages of the product will help you whether it is worth purchasing for your video recording and photography habit. You must keep in mind that all products come with their specific drawbacks, and the Sony HX80 is no exception. So, to determine whether this camera can help you with your photography, let us continue reading this review.

Pros of Sony HX80

It comes with selfie-ready multi-angle 3” Xtra Fine LCD display

Using its 3” Xtra Fine LCD display, you can make beautiful selfies. You can rotate it about 180 degrees. You can easily frame objects or selfies because of the eye-level viewfinder of the camera. By simply scrolling the preview life and menu, you can have an easy focusing operation. In return, you can capture beautiful and sharp photos and videos. You may also like Upright Go Review.

Downloadable camera apps4

The Sony HX80 is enhanced with PlayMemories Camera Apps 4 for more creative shooting. With this app, you can make artistic effects to retouch the photos to produce more professional results. After the retouch of photos, you can easily upload it to your social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. You can also enjoy additional apps such as smart remote control, time-lapse, as well as direct upload.

Customizable settings & memory recall mode, P/A/S/M modes

For more flexibility, you can use the Program Auto (P), Aperture Priority (A), Shutter Speed Priority (S) or Manual Exposure (M) mode of the camera for manual shooting. In addition, you can also use the MR (Memory Recall) mode for fast manual setting. It also has a control ring that can be set to different functions like step zooming and manual focusing. It helps for better control in shooting performance.

Capture the moment with up to 10 fps

You will not miss a moment with the camera’s up to 10 fps. Thus, you can shoot full 18.2-megapixel resolution pictures up to 10 frames per second using an ultra-fast shutter lag of about 0.008 sec.

Lock-On AF that keeps your subject in focus

It features Lock-On AF (Auto Focus), which allows you to keep your subject in focus even in motion. With that, you can shoot your subject at the best angle.

Elegant body design

The Sony HX80 has an elegant and sleek body design with 638k-dot OLED Tru-Finder electronic viewfinder. It has a huge right-hand grip for more support and comfort for longer and efficient shooting. With its built-in Wi-Fi and NFC feature, you can easily share your photos and videos to your tablet, smartphone, and other handheld devices.

Customizable function button

Another feature of the Sony Cyber-shot HX80 camera is that it comes with a customizable function button that can be set to adjust one of 12 camera settings, including picture effects, white balance, and more. It also has a digital level gauge that can make sure plumb verticals while shooting. Also checkout drone x pro review.

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery

You can enjoy your photography and videography habit with this Sony HX80 because it comes with an NP-BX1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can offer you about 390 shots per charge.

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Cons of Sony HX80

Sony HX80 Review

It doesn’t shoot 4k video

The Sony HX80 can offer you with quality video recording. However, it doesn’t shoot 4k video.

It doesn’t have a touchscreen

Another drawback of the Sony HX80 is that it doesn’t come with a touchscreen for easy navigation.

It doesn’t have RAW shooting support

This point and shoot camera don’t have RAW shooting support.

The Sony HX80 doesn’t have environmental sealings

If you love to shoot outdoors with the Sony HX80, you must be extra careful. Thus, it doesn’t feature an environmental sealing that allows you to shoot and record even on tough conditions and complicated shooting environments. Also checkout about car diagnostic tool.

Small 1 /2.3” (6.17 x 4.55 mm) sensor

One other drawback of this camera is that it has a small sensor of 1/ 2.3” (6.17 x 4.55 mm).

It is not equipped with manual focus mode

This Sony camera model is not equipped with a manual focus mode.

It doesn’t feature an external flash shoe

The other disadvantage of the Sony HX80 is that it doesn’t have an external flash show, which is useful for flash photography.

Customer Reviews about Sony HX80

“One of the best ½.3 sensor point & shoot!” – S.C. Dallas

In this review, S.C. Dallas stated that the Sony HX80 is among the best point & shoot cameras in the market in today’s modern generation. This customer said that the product is a gift for his niece. He recommends the HX80 for those who want extra zoom capabilities in just a small form. He also likes some of its features including the pop-up viewfinder, semi-tilted flash and quick menu that comes with customizable functions. He also appreciates the PASM modes available for video recording. He said that the 5-axis image stabilizer is efficient for shooting performance. Meanwhile, he also cites some cons of the product. He said that the Sony HX80 doesn’t come with a touchscreen for easy navigation. It also lacks 4k video and no manual zoom. Overall, he appreciates its great capability in shooting stunning and still photos and recording excellent quality videos. Also, checkout photostick reviews and photo stick mobile reviews

“Love this little camera-viewfinder is a MUST HAVE!” – E. Reilly

  1. Reilly mentioned in this review that the Sony DSC-HX80 is a small camera that has excellent shooting capability. According to this customer, the electronic viewfinder is effective for delivering quality photos. The customer also stated that it has a very good zoom. E. Reilly also recommended the Sony HX80 as a great pocket point and shoot camera.

“Step up your social media game.” – Jnuge

In this review, Jnuge stated that he has been using the Sony HX80 camera. He also has a list of shots, including selfies, grass sprouts, landscapes, other people, stuff in the daytime, food, stuff at night, and video of him making coffee. For this customer, the camera is flexible and reliable for different types of photography. It can also a good companion for recording videos. Jnuge also said that the camera has an efficient and easy performance for shooting pictures. The customer explained that the camera could capture 1080p and 60 frames per second in 3 formats. The first format is MP4, which is considered as the advisable format for YouTube. The stereo speakers are placed on the top of the camera. You can also read about Smove Mobile Review.

“I love the active viewfinder.” – hillcountry

In this review, hillcountry stated that he loves the active viewfinder of the Sony HX80. He said that he needs a small camera he can use on his trip abroad. He stated that the viewfinder is excellent in very bright sunlight. Hillcountry said that the camera had met his expectations.

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With this Sony DSC-HX80 review, you have learned the features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages of the camera. Well, this Sony camera is a quality point & shoot camera that can bring you excellent performance when it comes to photography and videography needs.

Purchasing the Sony HX80 is worth it because it is loaded with awesome features that can meet or even exceed your needs and expectations. You will not regret because the Sony HX80 camera can offer a big return on your investment.

If you love photography and videography, the Sony HX80 can be a compact, durable, and lightweight camera that you can rely on for your travel and outdoor adventure. It is also an affordable point and shoot camera that can deliver you with a satisfying performance for taking stunning and still photos. It also allows you to shoot videos to document your daily indoor and outdoor activities. Also check about smart wallet.

You don’t need to spend more of your money just to get a camera that you can use for your photography habit. You don’t have to worry since it comes with a 5-axis image stabilization system that can reduce flare, ghosting and camera shake. So, you can capture creative, beautiful and sharp images for your photography. The good thing is that it can be useful in different types of photography, such as food photography, travel photography, daily photography, wedding photography, street, and sports photography.

With this Sony cyber shot HX80 review, we hope that you already made a decision whether the Sony HX80 camera can match your needs. By considering all the details in this guide, you can now know if it is a reliable camera for recording videos and shooting beautiful and creative pictures. What are you waiting for? Get yours now and enjoy your picture taking and video recording habit!