• Affordable and Practical Solution
  • Unlimited installation
  • Great compatibility
  • GPS technology
  • Secret monitoring device


  • It doesn’t block websites, phone numbers or apps on the monitored device
  • You can’t see the videos on the phone
  • Target user notification

Parents always worry about their child especially when they’re not with them. If you’re one of these worried parents, you need the best spying technology. There are some instances when people take advantage of the innocence of your child. Your child sometimes lacks judgment when making decisions, so some people with ill purposes can contact them for inappropriate things.

Furthermore, social media is already a big part of people’s daily lifestyle. Your kid is not an exception. They spend more time browsing the net and social media through their phone. It is a fact that using social media has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you must take responsibility to ensure that your child is using social media in a positive manner. With that, you will discover whether there are toxic and inappropriate websites that your child is visiting. Even more important, you can save them from the potential dangers of using social media.

Well, in today’s modern and digital generation, you can avail spy apps to monitor the cellphone of your children. With this, you can stop worrying about them when they’re away from you. However, there are many spy apps in the market that are toughly competing. Each spy app comes with specific features, pricing, advantages and disadvantages. With that, you might be confused about which one is right for you. Among the popular spy software today is the SpyBubble. Do you want to learn if this spy app will work for you? Then, consider the following SpyBubble reviews.

What is SpyBubble?

SpyBubble is a spy application that you can use to track your kids, employees or partner’s phone activities. It functions in a background mode and remains unnoticed by your target person. This is accessible for different devices including Symbian, iOS, Blackberry and Android devices.

How do SpyBubble works?

SpyBubble is perfect for parents who are overprotective to their kids. This is loaded with awesome features that can give you a high level of satisfaction for your spying needs. The spy software allows you to view messages in iMessage, BBM and WhatsApp. You can also view the text messages on the phone of your child. So, you will know what’s going on with your child and to whom she or he was communicating with.

With the spyware, you can also check the phonebook and contact list. You can view the call logs, so you can identify the call conversations. With that, you’ll know if there’s someone who’s threatening your kid. Once it was installed on the target device, you can be updated by the activities based on real-time. The SpyBubble is designed in stealth mode operation, so your kids can’t detect the app on their phone.

SpyBubble reviews

  • Using the SpyBubble

Using the SpyBubble is simple. It also has an easy installation. It works well with Android and iOS devices. You can purchase the app by visiting their website. Then, you can now download the app and follow the process of installation.

After the installation procedure, you can access the control panel and configure it. After the setup, everything will be automatic. Meanwhile, you must remember that Apple and Android come with different approaches.

  • Installation on Android

Android installation can last for 5 minutes. You can access the target device physically for the installation. There is a need for rooting to access more features.

  • Installation on iPhone

You will not install it on the target phone. You just need to collect iCloud credentials, feed them and then you can enjoy the benefits of SpyBubble. There’s no need for physical access on the target device for the installation procedure. However, there’s a need for jailbreaking if you want to experience more features of the spy app.

Main Features

SpyBubble is loaded with amazing features that can satisfy your cellphone monitoring needs. The subscription to the service of SpyBubble can offer you with amazing features that will help you monitor the phone activities of your child in the best possible way. Let us learn more about these features.

  • Calls Monitoring

SpyBubble has a feature that allows you to monitor the call history on the phone of your kids. Nowadays, individuals with ill purposes can take advantage of the young mind of your child. With that, you must be responsible enough to check whether they are calling people that can place them at risk. Fortunately, the spy app enables you to monitor calls including the time, caller’s details, date and duration of the call. What’s more, it also comes with a microphone feature that can capture the voices. If you want to listen to the call conversations, using the app will make it possible.

  • Text Messages Monitoring

You can view the message details on your dashboard. With this, you can view the original texts, the sender and related details from the messages such as timestamps.

  • Notes and Contacts

The SpyBubble app allows you to see the details of the calendar and saved notes from your child’s device.

spybubble review

  • GPS Tracking

With the GPS tracking feature, you can determine the present location of your target. It can still display even the GPS was turned off.

  • Restrictions Alerts

Using the control panel, you can customize the alerts. With that, you can monitor when your kid breaks the restrictions. You can also identify if there are inappropriate actions, changes in their contacts or crossing the restricted areas through GPS locators.

  • Social Media and Web Analysis

It is a fact that social media is widely used by people of all ages in today’s digital world. Your child is also among the active users of different social media platforms. Therefore, you must do something to know whether they use it for their own good or harm. Fortunately, the SpyBubble spy app can offer web and social media analysis. You can view the browsing history on your control panel. So, you will know what’s happening on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other chatting platforms on the phone of your kids.

  • Access to Pictures

The SpyBubble app can give you access to images taken by the device of your child. You can know if your child is sending inappropriate photos that can put them in danger.

  • IM Tacking

With the IM tracking feature, you can track information from services like FB messenger, iMessages in iPhones, BB as well as WhatsApp conversations.

  • YouTube and Emails analysis

Another unique feature of the SpyBubble spy app is that you can view the sent and received emails on the emails option. In addition, you can also view the visited YouTube links.

  • SMS Commands

With this feature, you can lock the unwanted activities remotely. Through SMS commands, you can delete phone details without touching the device.

  • Apps blocking

This feature allows you to block inbuilt and downloaded apps. If your kid is using unwanted software, you can detect and block it. With that, you can stop the possible habits of your child using inappropriate apps.

Pros & Cons 

Just like other products, the SpyBubble spy app comes with its advantages and disadvantages. To help you decide if SpyBubble is right for you, consider the following advantages and disadvantages.


  • Refund Policy

Unlike other spy apps that offer 30 days, the SpyBubble app is available with 60 days money-back guarantee. With that, you can try the features and capabilities of the app and decide whether it works well for your phone spying needs. You can learn if the spy app is a worthy investment for your money and time. Additionally, you can also determine if it is efficient for your child’s monitoring.

  • Affordable and Practical Solution

If you are a budget-conscious customer, the SpyBubble is the best solution. You can avail it in a wallet-friendly and practical cost. You can receive quality service without breaking your budget. It is more affordable than the monthly subscriptions offered by other spy applications. You can have unlimited installation to different devices, so you can save more while gaining more from this spy app.

  • Unlimited installation

The best about this spy app is that you can have unlimited installation. With just one license, you can enjoy SpyBubble free for one or more devices which is helpful to monitor the phone activities of your kids. It also helps you to save more while gaining more. It comes with easy installation on old or new devices. It is also updated on a regular basis. You may read more about Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

  • Great compatibility

This spy software comes with great compatibility. It works well with iOS, Symbian, Android, BlackBerry and Windows operating systems. You can access it with different devices for easy monitoring of your child’s phone usage.

  • GPS technology

This parental control app is powered by GPS technology, so you can always track the location of the monitored device. With this, you’ll not worry about your kids since you know the place where they’re supposed to be. More importantly, you can also check the location of your child’s phone whenever it was stolen. You can check if your child is in the right place.

  • Secret monitoring device

The spy app can’t be detected by your kids or by anyone who tries to get the device. You can detect the location of the phone, but they will not know that you know. With this, you can ensure that you can guide them even they don’t know that you have been monitoring them.

  • Call monitoring

With this spy software, you can view the call details on the device of your child. You can view the time of call, duration and the dialed and received calls. You can know if the caller is saved in the device’s address book. You can also listen to the calls and surrounding conversations. So, you will know who the people that have been calling your child on a regular basis are.

  • Monitor text messages

Sending and receiving messages is among the most common activities in using a cellphone. SpyBubble enables you to see the sent and receive text messages. It can also track even the deleted messages, so you will know whether there’s something alarming with the phone conversations of your child. As a parent, you can ensure that your child is in safe hands.

  • Access to images

You can see the images on the device of your child. So, you’ll see if there’s any inappropriate image that can put your child into risk. Some people with ill purposes can use the innocence of your child to do something bad. So, this feature can be helpful for you to ensure that they are free from any danger by having access to their pictures.

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  • Website monitoring

It is true that social media is already a big part of the daily lifestyle of millions of people in the world including your child. There are many toxic websites that are not good for your child. Luckily the SpyBubble can help you to monitor the websites that are visited by your kids through their cellphones. You can check if they are visiting an inappropriate or toxic website that’s not good for your child.

  • Task logs and appointments

It is natural that your kids can plan something. The task logs and appointments of your kids can be detected by the app from its account. So, you can view what’s the plans of your kids. You can guide them whether they plan quite alarming.

  • Efficient control

The best about SpyBubble is that you can have efficient control remotely. You can manage the app through remote commands. It also has jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. You must decide wisely in jailbreaking the device. With that, you also have an assurance that the warranty of your device will not be void.

spy apps

  • 2 versions

You can choose from the 2 versions of SpyBubble. The standard and second version.

Standard version – $49.95 per year – This package comes with URL reading, email, phonebook, SMS, GPS and images.

Second version – $84.90 per year – In this version, you can enjoy more features compared to the standard version. It provides listening to calls and surrounding conversations. You can use a credit card or PayPal for the payment process.

  • Easy access from any browser

You can have access from any browser making it easy for you to monitor the text messages, call logs, browsing history and other activities of your child’s phone.

  • 24/7 customer service

The best about the SpyBubble app is that they can offer you 24/7 customer support. So, you can always reach out to their team whenever you encounter some difficulties upon using the spy app. You can always ask help from their team anytime you need it.

  • Amazing features

The SpyBubble is equipped with awesome features that can bring you a high satisfaction level for your monitoring needs. It comes with call logs, SMS, WhatsApp, GPS and 25 more features.

  • You can get free help online upon the initial installation

As you purchase the service of SpyBubble app, you can receive free help online during the initial installation. So, you can get an immediate solution whenever you encounter difficulty from using the spy application.

  • Reliability

The SpyBubble comes with good reliability. It is easy and safe to use. After installation, it can operate discreetly, so your target device will not detect that you’re spying on them. You can now monitor the activities of your child on their phone. With the app, you can also check their situation. Thus, you will know from their conversations if they are feeling down or lonely. With that, you can help them to handle their problems.


  • Use of battery – make sure that the target device’s battery is not drain
  • It doesn’t block websites, phone numbers or apps on the monitored device
  • The spyware doesn’t provide much when it comes to content filtering
  • You can’t see the videos on the phone
  • Some users complain that some of its features don’t work. These include FB tracking.
  • It doesn’t come with a keylogger, so you can’t view important detail like passwords
  • Charged support – once you contact SpyBubble for help, they will ask for $10 which was called “Priority Support”
  • Target user notification – the newer version of SpyBubble can alert the target that you’re monitoring them
  • SpyBubble requires rooting or jailbreaking of the device to have access to its features
  • It doesn’t come with keyword alert function
  • It can’t store calendar details and videos, so you will not see if they are sending inappropriate images to other people.
  • Another negative thing about it is that it comes with SIM card change alert
  • Some customers complain about its not high level of customer support. Their poor customer support discourages the customers from using the spy app
  • The spy app is a little bit expensive for some customers
  • Customers complain about money refund issues

Best Spy apps For Android


SpyBubble comes with great compatibility. It can work with iOS and Android devices. However, you need to jailbreak or root the device.

iOS – It is compatible with 6 to 8.4 versions and 9 to 9.1 versions that need jailbreak. Jailbreaking is also required for other versions upon installation.

Android – The spy app also works with 4.x, 5.x, 6.x and 7.0 Android versions. It requires rooting before installation.

The SpyBubble can also work with Blackberry, Windows and Symbian.


If you plan to purchase the service of SpyBubble, you can be charged for a monthly subscription which can add up quickly. Using it for a month is not a bad deal. However, if you forget to cancel the app, it can cost you $300 a year. You can alert your phone for canceling subscriptions.

The SpyBubble has 2 versions:

  • Standard – $49.95 per year

This package comes with URL reading, email, phonebook, GPS, images and SMS.

  • Second version – $84.90 per year

This version comes with more features compared to the standard version. It can offer to listen to calls and surrounding conversations.

You can pay through credit card or PayPal. Make sure to choose the SpyBubble version that suits your needs and budget. With that, you will not regret it in the end upon availing the spy app.

SpyBubble Pricing


Before availing the SpyBubble, you must check if it is compatible with the versions needed by SpyBubble installation requirements. The spy app begins recording once it was installed on the device of your target person. It delivers “fished” data to the created online account after the registration and purchase process. It requires jailbreaking of your device to access many features of the app. You can install it on your Android and iOS devices. It is also compatible with Blackberry, Windows, and Symbian. We advice you to choose best iPhone tracking apps & Best Spy App For iPhone

What Customers Are Saying?

SpyBubble is a good spying partner, especially for parents. Most customers are satisfied because it helps them to have better parental control by monitoring their children’s mobile devices. It offers SMS and call tracking, so you can stay updated about the conversations on the phone with your children. This will help you to ensure whether they’re talking to someone you need to worry about. You can also access the phone book, so you will see the details of the caller. Review this one Best Phone Monitoring Apps & Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android Undetectable

With SpyBubble app, you can have URL and email tracking. So, you can detect the browsing history of your child’s phone. It allows you to know whether they’re accessing inappropriate websites. You can easily track incoming and outgoing emails of your target’s device. It has an image tracking feature that is helpful for you to access the photos that were uploaded and send on the webserver.

As a parent, you always want to keep your child safe and secure wherever they are. Well, the SpyBubble app can be a good solution. It provides GPS location tracking, so you can monitor the location of the device with the help of Google Maps. This will give peace of mind to parents who are always worried about their kids when they’re not with them.

On the other hand, the SpyBubble spy app also comes with drawbacks despite its advantages. Some customers complain about SpyBubble poor customer support and refund policy issues. In addition, the spy app also lacks some features including storing videos and calendar details. The spy application doesn’t come with SIM card change alert, keyword alert function and website, apps or phone numbers blocking feature. We advice you to read more about best parental control apps

However, the SpyBubble is a comprehensive spying application that can help parents to monitor the phone activities of their child. It has reliable performance and can be a good investment for your money. Although it lacks some features, it can provide you with efficient tracking that will offer you peace of mind about your child. The money, time and effort you invest for SpyBubble can offer you great satisfaction for your parental control needs. With this, you have the assurance that your kids are free from potential harm while using their device.

The Competition

SpyBubble is a nice spying app to monitor the activities of your child using their phone. It is also a practical solution to keep their safety and security against individuals with ill wills. Meanwhile, aside from SpyBubble, there are also alternative spy apps that you can choose to monitor your child. One of the best spy applications in the market today is the mSpy. It also comes with lots of features that can offer you with great satisfaction. It has many advantages compared to other spy appsBest Free Phone Tracker App

Compared to the SpyBubble, mSpy can be your good option when it comes to features. It is not spyware and legal to use. It also comes with a flexible payment system, so you can avail it in a hassle-free manner. We strongly suggest you to choose Flexispy, Highster mobile, Spyzie & iKeymonitor

SpyBubble vs. mSpy

Why choose the mSpy application?       

mSpy can be an efficient spying app that allows you to monitor your child’s phone activities. It is equipped with more innovative technology for your monitoring needs. The spy app offers:

Best Balance of Features

The mSpy spy app is loaded with lots of awesome features. It can offer you over 30 efficient monitoring features. These features are updated to meet the spying need of the users. Some of its features include the following:

  • Android tracking – it works well with Android devices, so you are free to check the activities of your target person
  • mSpy without jailbreak – it comes with a non-jailbreak version, so you can experience its features and benefits without jailbreaking. Moreover, you can also prevent the warranty of the device from being void
  • SMS monitoring – sending and receiving messages is one of the top uses of having a cellphone. The mSpy offers SMS monitoring that enables you to check the sent and received messages on the phone of your kid. With that, you can identify if there’s a toxic message that can affect your child
  • iPhone tracking – the mSpy spy app comes with an iPhone tracking feature. It is compatible with iPhone devices, so you can check the device of your kids anytime
  • Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Snapchat, Hangouts, Tinder and Viber tracking – the spy app can monitor today’s most popular chatting applications. So, you will know what they have been doing with these different social media accounts
  • Skype, Line tracking and call blocking – you can identify if there’s someone dangerous contacting your child
  • GPS tracker – with GPS tracking technology, you will know the location of your child anytime. You can reduce worrying about them whenever they are away from you
  • Parental control and mobile phone monitoring – if you have high standards for mobile phone monitoring and parental control, the mSpy app is the best option. It is loaded with lots of features that can help you monitor the phone of your kids in the best possible way.

Competitive pricing

The app comes with a flexible payment system for a hassle-free purchasing process. They offer 9 payment options and a free trial. With this, you can try its capabilities and decide whether it works well for you before spending your money. If you are conscious to budget and quality, the mSpy spy app is the best for you. It can offer a great value for your money. Go through this one afvlso Best Cell Phone Spy Software

Easy installation

The spy app comes with easy installation, so you can instantly monitor the device of your child.

Excellent Customer Support

The team of mSpy can offer you with excellent customer support. They always give a response to the needs of their customers. They value every customer by offering professional and reliable customer service. Additionally, they also comply with GDPR guidelines. So, personal data will be secured.

mspy rating

Non-jailbreak & jailbreak versions

The mSpy spy app has non-jailbreak and jailbreak versions. Meanwhile, jailbreaking can void the warranty of your device, so you must be careful in this case. Jailbreaking can allow you to access many features of the spy app. Please read more about Best Spy App for Android


The SpyBubble is a good spy app for monitoring the device of your child but after we have reviewed many spy apps, we suggest mSpy app. The mSpy can be the best spy app when it comes to more features. It also offers better pricing, customer support and tech support booth for Android and iPhone devices. It also has jailbreak and non-jailbreak versions. You can also experience high satisfaction when it comes to tracking different chat apps.

On the other hand, the SpyBubble is the most comprehensive of all the apps we tested, but in terms of the value we still consider mSpy the best option. The spy app can’t block offensive websites. It can’t also restrict messages and calls from various contacts. If you want to make the best of your monitoring, the mSpy app will never fail you. The money, effort and time you invest on it can offer you a big and satisfying return. More importantly, you can also ensure that your child is free from any individual who has the ill will. We recommend you to go with spyera, Thetruthspy & mobistealth , Phonespector

SpyBubble can be an efficient solution for the phone monitoring of your child. With the SpyBubble reviews mentioned above, we hope that you already make a wise decision whether the spy app is right or not for you. Do you want to monitor your child’s phone activities? Don’t wait out anymore! Get the best spy app now! You can choose between the SpyBubble or mSpy to track the phone usage of your child. It helps you to have peace of mind if your child is in a safe situation.