TV Buddy Reviews

TV Buddy Reviews

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Channel Availability


HD Quality




Easy Setup


easy handling via HDMI connection



  • No lag, no delay
  • Instant streaming
  • Full HD with 1080 pixels
  • Wi-Fi compatible
  • supports numerous streaming services like Netflix, YouTube or Hulu


  • There is no need for you to think about its disadvantages since they are zero until now

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Tv Buddy Antenna

TV Buddy Reviews

With the advancements of technologies these days, it cannot be denied that online streaming is continuously becoming popular. As a result, people usually cut out their cabled televisions and switch to smart TVs.

We cannot deny the fact that most of us are on a tight budget. It only means that only a few have enough money to purchase the newest models of smart TV. As a result, lots of people usually use their mobile phones if they think they should watch a newly released movie.

If you would like to watch your favorite television series and movies on a larger screen, then there is a solution for you. You don’t have to suffer through squeezing your shows and films onto a tablet or a smartphone. We have an option that should be a lot more comfortable for you.

You could opt for watching on your computer, as that tends to have a larger screen than a phone or tablet, but that often isn’t very comfortable. It’s always more comfortable using a couch for your television watching.

We want to tell you about a device that is very promising, and it has the ability to take the images and videos from your tablet or from your smartphone and move them to your television. This allows you to watch stuff in glorious HD and not squint to see the details.

tv buddy caster reviews

The Reliable and Thorough TVBuddy Reviews

In our TV Buddy Antenna reviews, we are going to provide you with the different and necessary information that will help you to decide whether to purchase it or not. When we say TV Buddy caster, we are referring to a TV streaming device that comes up with more advanced functions. This TV Buddy caster will enable you to stream your desired movies or vids on YouTube more conveniently and easily. Aside from that, it will also allow you to watch it on the wider screen of your television in the full High-Definition quality.

For instance, for the past few years, the providers of Google Chrome come up with numerous trackers that are being displayed as their advertisements. As a result, it gave you a feeling as if someone is monitoring your activities. But, with the use of the TVBuddy caster, you can now watch your favorite movies, clips, and vids to your TVs and stream it with Full High-Definition quality.

One of the advantages that you can get from using this TV Buddy caster is that it can load your preferred videos quickly and easily. Aside from that, you will not notice any flaws of faltering on the line. The TV Buddy antenna is one of the technically well-equipped and more inexpensive smart televisions that you can purchase on the market. This is also considered to be the best television caster at its lowest price range. It will help you to perform your viewing habits easily. On top of that, it can be incorporated to your regular basis without experiencing any hassle.

What to Know about TV Buddy Caster

You can think of TV Buddy Caster as an extra piece of equipment for your phone or for your television. It helps you to watch programs on a large screen for greater convenience and comfort. You can relax better, and your eyes will benefit as well. What this product does is transfer the feed from your phone to a television.

It works like a television streaming device, offering an excellent HD picture for you.

Here is what the manufacturer has to say about it:

  • It has no time delay or lagging
  • It gives you instant streaming
  • You get full HD and 1080 pixel support
  • It is compatible with Wi-Fi
  • It works with streaming services of all kinds (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and more)
  • The HDMI connection makes it simple to use

How Is This Product Going to Work for You?

A lot of people watch YouTube and Netflix on their phones or their tablets these days, but that doesn’t give them the full HD experience. You can get more out of your programs when you watch them on a television in full HD.

TV Buddy Caster is here for you, and it simply needs to be attached to your smart device, like your phone or your tablet. It will stream from that device to your TV effortlessly, without any complicated instructions or work from you.

tvbuddy reviews

The Tech Details

It offers multiple modes, like AirMirror, DLNA, Miracast and Airplay, as well as simple streaming of various online services. It offers Plug and Play support and works with your television’s HDMI port. It also offers HDMI output that is about 50% faster than similar options. Buddy TV is compatible with iOS 9.0 or newer, Android 4.4 and newer and MacOS 10 and newer. It can be used for conferences, home gaming, cinema use and presentations. You’ll want this for all your streaming needs and to help put videos on a larger screen. Anytime it would be convenient to display your video for a larger audience than just yourself, TV Buddy can help you out.

Here are some specifications that you should know about. It works with multiple audio, video and photo formats and it runs on a 2.4G frequency. TV Buddy Caster will support 1080P and H.265/HEVC decoder.

tv buddy

Using the TV Buddy Caster

This is not a complicated device. Buddy TV is made to be super simple and work with existing HDMI connections. It clamps into the rear of the television while connected to your device, and most TVs have multiple HDMI ports, so TVBuddy should not interfere with other cables and devices you have plugged in.

TV Buddy Antenna can be set up in just a few minutes, and after that, you won’t have to do any further installation. Once it is installed, casting your device signal to the television is as simple as selecting the video you want and pressing play. Then, you get full HD playback. We advice you to go Best Indoor HDTV Antenna

The Benefits You Should Know

If you read many TV Buddy Caster reviews, you will see a lot of benefits listed for this device. It offers a very simple connection process and will not interrupt your stream at all. It also gives you support for multiple services and provides better sound and picture on your screen that what you would get with a small device.

tvbuddy caster

What Do the Reviews Say?

We recommend that anyone wanting to buy a device like this read the reviews. The TV Buddy antenna reviews praise this device for what it offers and the manufacturers for making a practically error-free device. You get full HD broadcasting from all of your favorite streaming services. If you can access and play them on your phone or tablet, you can play them on your television as well. It works with most Android applications too.

You don’t have to worry about any TV Buddy scam, because the reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive. Reviews state that this works like magic and is far more reliable than other options they have tried. People love how convenient it is and how you don’t have to be tech savvy to understand the setup process and how to use it.

Who Is TV Buddy for?

After you have experienced the power of TV Buddy Caster, you will not want to go back to your old way of watching streaming content. You will be hooked on how simple and effective this product is. If you own a television and a tablet or smartphone but have trouble getting streaming services on your television, then this device is the way to go.

It is also good for students, people who give presentations at work, teachers, babysitters, daycare workers and anyone who has to provide entertainment for people.

Forget about buffering and loading times and expensive products when you use the TV Buddy antenna. This is so simple to understand and easy to use that you will absolutely love it. It’s also priced very affordably, so what are you waiting for? Start watching your favorite shows on the big screen with this handy device.

TV Buddy Caster

TV Buddy vs Google Chromecast

We want to talk a little bit about how the TV Buddy compares to the Google Chromecast. These are two fierce competitors, and consumers may be wondering which is better. We’ll compare them here for you so that you can make a more informed decision.

Of course, you will want to read some TV Buddy reviews and find out what people think about using this product. That can inform your decision, but in-depth analysis like what we are offering here will be invaluable as well.

The Price

Google Chromecast is a big name brand, and it can get away with being expensive. The company can charge pretty much whatever it likes for its products and expect people to buy it because they are familiar with the Google name. TV Buddy then has an advantage there in pricing, as it can be cheaper and not be tied down by the high expectations of a major brand name. TV Buddy may be seen as the underdog in this competition because it is not as well known as the Google Chromecast product, but that means that it will often be much cheaper. Just look for sales when the TV Buddy is half price or when it is drastically discounted and you will see how much cheaper it is than the competition.

The Performance

Reading TV Buddy antenna reviews, consumers can see that this product performs admirably even in poor internet conditions. Even when your internet is slow, TV Buddy still manages to function admirably. The same cannot be said for the Google Chromecast product. It needs a high speed internet connection and steady internet speeds in order to work well. Because it is trying to do so much at once, it can easily get lagged down by poor internet speeds, so the TV Buddy has that advantage over its competitor as well. If your internet isn’t exactly the best, it’s an obvious choice between these two competing products. TV Buddy wins out hands down.

Simplified Control and Setup

Google Chromecast is trying to be the end-all product for TV casting and streaming, and that means it can often be complicated and tough to set up. That’s not true of the simplified competitor TV Buddy, which is much easier to use. This streamlined product has a distinct, clear purpose, and it isn’t bogged down by the kind of aspirations that Google has for its own product. If you are not very tech savvy and you have trouble with computers, smartphones and other technical devices, then you definitely want to go with the TV Buddy. It will be easier to use, easier to set up and a lot less frustrating for everyday use. TV Buddy works on mirroring alone, while the competition tries to do a bunch of other things, but it doesn’t always do them very well. You don’t need other casting methods when mirroring works so well, especially how simply the TV Buddy manages to pull it off.

Phone Functionality

Neither one of these products comes with a remote. That means you need to rely on your smartphone to connect and control them. The Google Chromecast has some issues connecting to some phones. In many cases, you would simply be wasting your money trying to buy a Chromecast and connect it to your phone. TV Buddy is much more reliable. It connects to any smartphone with ease and is so simple to use. You’ll have fewer issues and experience a lot less frustration if you just stick with Buddy TV.

TV Buddy Caster Review

Reasons to Purchase TV Streaming Box (TVBuddy Caster)

Cable cutting is popular. This is being done with a good purpose. This is usually performed by many as preparation of switching to wireless, cable-less, and smart TV models.

TV streaming box comes up with different models and brands. As a result, you will have a hard time picking which one is the best. Aside from that, most of the smart televisions out there can be purchased at a high cost. But in this TV Buddy Caster review, we are going to give you the cheapest and well-equipped brand and model of smart television that you will surely love. We consider TV Buddy antenna as the best streaming TV that is available on the market. It is because it will help you in saving thousands of dollars while enjoying a high definition and excellent movie viewing.

In this section of our TV Buddy caster review, we are going to give you some reasons why buying a smart television, specifically TV Buddy, is a must-have. So, if you want to know more about it, keep on reading and enjoy!

  • Less Clutter

We know that most of you have been noticed the worthlessness of junkware that you can see on some of the smart televisions out there. You have seen lots of extra features and settings that you don’t have any idea on how to use it and how it works.

But, that is not the case when you use the TV Streaming Box of TVBuddy. It is because it will provide you with an easier and cleaner user experience that you will surely love.

  • Extend the Life of your Television

If you are using a smart television as a source of streaming, then you might experience financial issues. That is mainly because of the fact that lots of smart TV providers usually provide the latest streaming abilities and features to the former models of smart televisions.

If you are using a smart television for some years but do not perform recent updates, then there is a higher chance that it is not performing very well. As a result, you might plan to replace it with a new one. But, we all know that replacing a smart television can make a dent on your bank account. This is always true especially to those who are on a tight budget.

But, when it comes to the TV Buddy caster, you are not required to spend most of your investments just to purchase a new smart television. All you need to do is to use its TV Streaming Box. Rest assured that you can save lots of money using it for a longer period.

It comes up with Excellent Technology for Better Usage

tvbuddy caster review

Most of the television provides great in offering high-end pictures. Aside from that, they also use the recent advancements of technology. But, in terms of using smart televisions, they do not utilize technologies that are as good as the other.

Take the remote control as an example. Most of the smart televisions these days come up with an ordinary remote, which might give you a hard time navigating it. But, when it comes to the TV streaming box of TV Buddy, you can ensure that its remote is specifically constructed in providing you with an excellent experience.

With the use of the included remote control of TV Buddy, you will be presented with the buttons that can be clicked to show the well-known applications, such as Netflix and the Amazon Videos. In terms of the other television streaming boxes, some of them come up with an included headphone jack. It only means that you can listen to it without others being disturbed.

tvbuddy reviews

TV Buddy Caster will Provide you with Great Experience

If you are one of the owners of smart televisions, we knew that you have been experienced frustrations. The term “frustration” describes the waiting hours for your preferred app to load.

Varying upon the strength of your Wi-Fi connection, updating some of your installed applications might take some time. But, TVBuddy’s TV streaming box ensures that you will never experience this kind of problem. TV streaming boxes can receive automatic updates and can be done faster than you think. Most of its users say that they didn’t notice that app updates are happening.

tvbuddy reviews

Get the Things You are Dreaming Of

One of the most important reasons why you should consider buying the TV Streaming Box of TVBuddy is that it comes up with the extra content that you will surely love. Most of the manufacturers of televisions have a strong connection with the different content providers, such as Spotify and Amazon Video.

It only means that some of the contents offered by Samsung on smart televisions might not be provided by LG-modelled smart TV. We all know that a limited content of our smart televisions make us feel annoyed. That is the time when the TV streaming Box of TVBuddy will come in. the different streaming boxes don’t have any partnership. Aside from that, the contents are not blocked. So, if you are looking for the best TV streaming box, then you might consider buying TVBuddy.

In the TVBuddy reviews of ours, we know how boring it is watching the monotonous vids and movies flashed on the screen of your devices. Well, there is a study saying that if you are going to watch your preferred vids and desired movies on a wider screen, then your satisfaction will be met. But, if you are still looking for more and want to watch a high-quality movie and video, we recommend you to use the TVBuddy caster.

In our TV Buddy caster review, we will provide you with the necessary information about the TV Buddy caster. If you are going to compare it with the other tools that provide the same technicalities, it is stated that the TV Buddy caster will provide you with better viewing experiences. Aside from that, it also allows you to watch the movies you want without experiencing any technical problems. We advise you to read more about Superboost Wifi

We cannot deny the fact that lots of individuals nowadays usually rely on the High definition live streaming TV equipment and on the internet. They usually do this to watch videos and movies in their house, working place, or even traveling.

Let us dive into the important part of our TV Buddy caster review. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Tv Buddy Caster

What is TVBuddy Caster?

When we say “TVBuddy Caster,” we are referring to one of the tools of TV Buddy antenna that works as a user’s assistant in viewing their desired videos on YouTube. These videos can be seen not on the screen of your computer but on the widescreen of your television. If you are going to compare the TV Buddy caster with the other Google Chromecast, you might notice that the first one provides lots of advantages than the latter. It is because you will not experience lots of trackers and other advertisements if you use the TV Buddy caster.

Aside from that, you will have peace of mind. You will not think that Google is monitoring your phone activities and the videos you watched and will watch. All you need to have is your basic television and he TV Buddy caster. The TVBuddy caster is being connected to your television to ensure that you will view vids without any hassle. On top of that, you will not waste your time waiting for the videos to load. But rather, its loading and the connecting process can be done in a minute or two. After that, it is now ready to use and gives you the viewing satisfaction that you want. Another thing that you should have while using the TV Buddy caster is a stable internet connection.

Most of the individuals in every corner of the world tend to share the screen of their mobile phones to a wider TV screen. It can be done within a minute or two. That is how fast the TVBuddy works. If we are going to compare the TV Buddy antenna with the other streaming devices that you can see on the market, you might notice that streaming and casting can be done by the first device easily.

One of the problems that most individuals experience with the low-quality streaming devices is the time of setting up. Most of the other streaming devices will require you to download additional applications and use longer HDMI cord. You will not experience this problem when you use the TVBuddy caster.

tvbuddy reviews

What are TVBuddy’s Technical Features?

The TVBuddy is considered to be the best streaming TV that can be purchased at a very inexpensive price. In spite of its price rate, it will provide you with a wide range of product features that you will surely love. We make a list of the technical features of the TV Buddy that you will surely love. Check out our list below to know further;

  • HDMI output that comes up with a speed processing of 50 percent quicker compared to the other devices available out there.
  • It can be used on its different modes, such as YouTube or Netflix, DLNA, AirPlay, cross-system mirroring, AirMirror, and many others
  • It can be used conveniently and easily since it follows the plug and play theory
  • It works with 1080p. It only means that you can watch your favorite videos and movies on your TV screen in Full High-Definition quality
  • You might also notice that it works with H.265 decoding
  • It comes up with the capabilities to screen on conferences, presentations, and even Home cinema
  • It can work with Mac OS that runs a version of 10 and up, iOS devices that run a version of 9.0 and up, as well as with Android devices that run versions 4.4 and up.

tvbuddy reviews

What are the Key Specifications of The Best Streaming TV – TVBuddy?

The TVBuddy is one of the best streaming televisions that contain lots of specifications. Each of its specifications is being applauded by many. We cannot deny the fact that when we purchase a streaming TV caster, we first look for its key specifications. But if you are planning to purchase the TV caster of TVBuddy, rest assured that you will not regret even a thing.

The following are the quality specifications that TVBuddy can offer to you. Read on to know more about it.

Resolution – It can work effectively and efficiently with the H.265/HEVC decoder. Aside from that, it also supports Full High-Definition 1080p. It comes up with 2.4G as its maximum frequency.

Photo Formats – GIF, JPEG, JPG, PNG, as well as BMP

Video Formats – FLV, AVI, MKV, RM, TS, MOV, as well as VOB

Audio Formats – MP3, APE, AAC, OGG, WMA, as well as WAV

How to Use the TVBuddy?

As we mentioned a while ago, as well as with the other TV Buddy reviews, you can use the TVBuddy easily and set it up with ease and convenience. The only thing that you should do is to connect the device to the HDMI connection of your ordinary television. A single connector can make your viewing experience more satisfactorily. The second thing that you should do is to plug the USB cable. After that, restart your television for it to access the contents offered by the caster. We recommend you to review tvbuddy , playbeatz earbuds reviews & best tv streaming device

Most of the televisions out there provide you with different HDMI ports. The only tricky step that you will encounter here is the attaching of the device. But, it can be prevented if you are going to connect it with the right HDMI port. After that, pair it with the corresponding WLAN. The entire processing time can be done in just a minute. After setting it up, you can now enjoy watching your favorite movies on the widescreen of your television. Do not forget to pick the video or movie that you will watch.

The last step that you should do, there are lots of apps, and each of them has its designated button. You should press these buttons to load the app. Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching with the TV Buddy caster.

tvbuddy review

What are the Pros and Cons of Using TVBuddy?

In our TVBuddy caster review, aside from giving you the steps to set up the device, we will also provide you with the advantages and disadvantages that you can get from using the TVBuddy. Being aware of its pros and cons will help you to decide if the item is worth buying or not.

Before you hit the “Add to Cart” button, make sure that you know the benefits and drawbacks of TVBuddy. To help you know more about it, we prepared the pros and cons sections that will give you the things that you might love or dislike about the said product. So, scroll down to know more about it.

The first advantage that you can get from using a TV Buddy is that you can attach or connect it to your ordinary television easily. Aside from that, it comes up with a readable manual that will make its set up simpler.

Another advantage is that you will notice that its transmission process can be possibly done even in a full High-Definition resolution. On top of that, you will not experience any delayed loads while you connect or use the TV Buddy.

Lastly, one of the things that many users love about this product is that it comes up with a wide range of services. These services can be seen in those screening devices that are high-quality made. Thanks to its competitive pricing, which will enable those who are on a tight budget to have a satisfying viewing experience.

Until these days, many users did not state any disadvantages about the product. Most of them stated that buying the TVBuddy worthy your time and money. The advantages of the said product are very noticeable. While you are watching your favorite movie on your television screen with the help of TV Buddy, you can ensure the quality of the picture, as well as the sound, is much better compared to the other devices. You are not also required to be tech-savvy to utilize the device. You don’t have to worry about its possible disadvantages, because until now, many of its users are enjoying its work.

tvbuddy reviews

Why is TVBuddy a Must-Have Item?

Those individuals who are fond of watching different movies and videos on full High-Definition quality are recommended to utilize TVBuddy. With the use of TVBuddy, your viewing experiences will be improved dramatically. Aside from that, the TVBuddy can also be used on small screen devices, such as your mobile phones. It only means that you can still watch your favorite videos and movies while you are traveling or even lying on your couch or bed.

All you need to do is to connect the caster to your preferred device, and you can now start loading its content in accordance to your taste. The device will enable you to watch the full movies on High-Definition with accompanied sound quality. These situations and conditions are considered to be enough reasons behind the increasing demand and popularity of TV Buddy on the market.

tvbuddy caster

How Much Does TVBuddy Cost?

A single TVBuddy can be purchased for about 49.95 US Dollars. Aside from that, there is also an additional charge of 8 US Dollars for the shipping fee. Overall, 57.95 US Dollars is the whole amount that you will pay. It is quite low compared to the other streaming box that you can purchase on the market.

In spite of the cheapness of the device, it comes up with the high-quality functions that you will surely love. Aside from that, the price rate of the TV Buddy caster will always depend upon the offers and deals that are present to your area. If you are going to buy TVBuddy with a higher quantity, then there are more discounts that you can avail of. Read More About Muama Enence Translator Review

tvbuddy caster review

What are the Things You Need to Stream TV?

All the things these days are streaming. These include the Super Bowl, The Oscars, as well as your favorite television show. Aside from that, the latest movie, Star Wars, can also be streamed.

The number of persons who gave up on cable televisions is continuously increasing. According to a study, there are approximately 22.2 million individuals who have already given up on using traditional television services, such as cable TVs. Aside from that, the number of individuals who have subscribed to cable TVs have decreased dramatically.

There are lots of reasons why this case is happening. These reasons include convenience, as well as the price. The streaming TV is more inexpensive compared to traditional cable TVs. Aside from that, dissimilar with the cable televisions, the streaming TVs will also enable you to watch your subscriptions on your preferred device.

If you are currently reading this TVBuddy Review, there is a higher chance that you have experience using various streaming services, such as HBO Go, Netflix, YouTube, and many others. If you are planning to purchase the TV Buddy antenna, you might ask yourself about the things that you need to use the TVBuddy. So, if you want to know more about it, then keep on reading. Read More about skylink Antenna

A Streaming Device

The first thing or item that you should have if you want to stream on your TV is a streaming device. In this TVBuddy Review, we recommend you to consider purchasing the TV Buddy as your streaming device. If you already have your smart television, you can use the TV Buddy immediately. But, if you want to experience more, it would be a good idea if you purchase a streaming box.

Pick Your Preferred Video or Movie

We know that you tend to watch Hulu and Netflix. These two are considered to be one of the biggest online streaming services that tend to create their shows. But, since we are now living in a technology-oriented generation, you have been presented with lots of the main television channels, including Showtime and HBO. These services will provide you with a wide range of movies.

Live Television

If you keep on searching for some other things that look like your current cable package, you can perform it easily. Aside from that, you can still have it without spending too much. It is because TVBuddy can be purchased for as low as 60 US Dollars.


There are numerous of choosing and picking that you should do. If you are fond of watching live streams for a couple of months, then you know how exactly the TV Buddy works. We all know that streaming can provide you with more convenience. Aside from that, there is a higher chance of saving more money.


We all know that cable televisions are not on trend anymore. This is mainly because we live in a world where advancements of technologies are increasing. One of these technological advancements in the streaming televisions.

We cannot deny the fact that we are fond of watching stream videos and movies. But, you cannot enjoy watching your favorite movies or videos if you are watching it with poor resolution quality. If you are looking for the best streaming televisions, we recommend you to use the TV Buddy caster.

Most of its users didn’t experience any disadvantages of the product. It only means that the product provides only efficient functions. The TV Buddy will provide you with the channels that you need. If you are allowed to streaming in it, the product will also enable you to cast it.


Aside from that, you can also install it quickly. On top of that, it will provide you with high-quality experiences. Loading your preferred applications, you don’t need to wait any longer. It is because, with the use of a TV Buddy, the app will load easily and more conveniently.

If you are asking if the TVBuddy worthy your time and money, well, the only answer is yes. As we mentioned a while ago, most of the users of TVBuddy did not experience any hassle while using the device.

Since it is a TV Buddy caster, it can also be used in casting your television. In spite of the media applications that are installed on your mobile devices, you can sync all of them easily to be viewed on the widescreen of your TVs.

As we browse the other TV Buddy Caster review, we also find out that the TVBuddy device can perform different things. The following are the things that you will experience with the use of the caster.

  • It can be used in streaming songs from iPlayer Radio, TuneIn Radio, Tidal, SoundCloud, Google Music, Spotify, and many others.
  • Aside from that, it is also compatible with working with Twitch, DailyMotion, Sling TV, HBO Now/Go, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, Vevo, YouTube, and many others.
  • One of the things that we love about the said device is that it can provide you with the immediate streaming of your preferred vids or movies.

Most of you might consider buying a caster in sharing your vids and movies saved on your mobile devices with your friends. Aside from that, lots of individuals are also using the product in screencasting their favorite shows whenever and wherever they are.

One thing is for sure when you use the TV Buddy is that it works exactly on how it is being advertised. There are lots of reasons why TVBuddy worth your investment. It is because it can produce high-quality sound. Aside from that, it does not lag and provides you with high-quality resolution. It will also allow you to watch your preferred videos and movies with full High-Definition qualities.

tvbuddy reviews

There are a lot of questions about TV Buddy, and we want to answer some of the most common ones. Hopefully, this FAQ section will enable you to make a more confident decision and help you realize whether Buddy TV is for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the TV Buddy cost?

You’ll pay $49.95 for the TV Buddy Caster product. This price pays for everything you need to set it up. There are no additional charges or fees, and there isn’t a subscription fee required either. You get everything included at one flat, affordable price. The TV Buddy price will vary sometimes, particularly if there is a sale. You can catch some really good sales if you buy around the holidays.

Is TV Buddy a legitimate product?

TV Buddy is completely legal and is not a scam at all. There are some knockoffs to this product that look similar and may even sell for a cheaper price, and consumers need to be aware of them and avoid them. If you buy the authentic TV Buddy, though, you will be getting a truly legitimate product that works and that gives you access to a lot of different content. Read some of the TV Buddy antenna reviews to get an idea as to how well people like this product and what they think of it.

Can TV Buddy be used with other streaming devices?

Yes, you can hook up more than one streaming device to your television. You may need to use multiple cables, but the TV Buddy does not interfere with other streaming devices, like tablets, smartphones, satellite dishes, video game consoles and more. You can use all of these to stream anything you want and not worry about the TV Buddy interfering with how the others work.

How new does my television need to be in order to use the TV Buddy antenna?

You may be worried that you need to upgrade your television and pay a lot of money to ensure that your TV Buddy will work on it, but that may not be the case. You can use any Smart TV or any television with an HDMI cable port to access TVBuddy perfectly well. For most people, it won’t be necessary to buy a new television, and they will be able to use their current one with this product.

Will I need a computer to access TV Buddy?

To use this product and to access all of the TV Buddy channels requires nothing more than a television with an HDMI port and the product kit itself. You can use your smartphone and internet provider to control the channels and to connect to your service provider, but other than that, nothing else is required. You do not need any PC or computer system to make this product work. It is designed to be used by practically anyone with whatever devices they have on hand. Most people will have to buy nothing in addition to their current television and smartphone.

Will an ethernet connection be required for streaming with Buddy TV?

No, you don’t need to have an ethernet connection, but you will need some kind of internet connection for this product to work. A direct ethernet connection may make the streaming faster and smoother for you, but it won’t be required for full functionality. You can read some TV Buddy reviews if you want to see how other people have experienced the TV Buddy and how well it worked for them with varying kinds of internet connections and internet setups.

TV Buddy Caster Reviews