TV Buddy Reviews

TV Buddy Reviews

Tv Buddy Caster




Ease of Use




Value for Money





  • No lag, no delay
  • Fast & Easy Setup
  • Transmission in Full HD possible
  • Instant Wireless Streaming
  • Stream Netflix, HBO, or Any Movie or TV Show to Your Big Screen


  • Available Only Online
  • There is no need for you to think about its disadvantages since they are zero until now

Tv Buddy Antenna

TV Buddy Reviews

TV Buddy Caster Review

Most adults grew up watching their favorite shows on their television. Over the years, television got bigger but most of the shows the average person consumes are watched on their phone or tablet. That’s because buying a smart TV that can stream internet content is very expensive. Many times, people will opt for a big screen TV that doesn’t include smart features like streaming and internet capability just to save some money. Buying the big television already costs plenty, after all.

It can be frustrating having to watch your favorite shows on a small screen when we already own a big screen. There may be a way to turn that television of yours into the best way to watch everything you like. You can stream content directly from your device onto the television, and we are not talking about a low quality transfer that is missing some of the pixels and has poor resolution. We are talking about a smooth, seamless transfer that gives you the same experience and same level of quality you get on your phone or other smart device and placing that onto your television without losing anything in the process. That’s what the TV Buddy is supposed to do, according to the manufacturer’s claims.

There are so many benefits to having a device like this. You can save money compared to what you would pay for a cable service, and you’ll be able to get similar content, just at a much lower cost. You also get a picture-perfect transfer that offers great resolution for you. If this device works like it is advertised, then that makes for an incredible experience and allows you to watch everything you want on the best and biggest screen in the house. On top of that, you also get access to shows and other content that you didn’t have access to previously, in many cases. Your television viewing may have been extremely limited before, but it doesn’t have to be any longer.

This is not designed to be a service that you continue to pay for. The TV Buddy antenna gives you crystal clear reception for streaming content without an added monthly or annual fee. You pay one time and get everything you need to make this work for you continuously. That’s a huge savings over what you would pay for a monthly service that would accomplish pretty much the same thing or less than what TV Buddy offers.

TV Buddy Reviews – Every Thing You Need To Know

You can think of TV Buddy Caster as an extra piece of equipment for your phone or for your television. It helps you to watch programs on a large screen for greater convenience and comfort. You can relax better, and your eyes will benefit as well. What this product does is transfer the feed from your phone to a television.

It works like a television streaming device, offering an excellent HD picture for you.

Exclusive Feathers That Make TV Buddy Caster Worth Purchsing

  • It has no time delay or lagging.
  • It gives you instant streaming.
  • You get full HD and 1080 pixel support.
  • It is compatible with Wi-Fi.
  • It works with streaming services of all kinds (Hulu, Netflix, YouTube and more).
  • The HDMI connection makes it simple to use.

TV Buddy Caster Reviews

TV Buddy

What Is TV Buddy Caster?

The Buddy caster is another name for this device, and we want to explain to you with this review what it does specifically. To say something gives you access to television shows and movies is a pretty vague statement. You ought to know what kind of content will be available to you and how it is being sent to you. Is it illegal? Will it stop working at some point? To get the answers to these and other burning questions, we will tell you how this device is able to do what it does.

The TV Buddy caster attaches to your television and then connects via wi-fi to your smart device. That could be an Android phone, an iPhone or even a tablet. Your laptop can work as well. The device simply plugs in and works simply to stream content from the smart device to the television. There isn’t a hugely complicated or in-depth process that you have to go through to get this device to work for you. It is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind.

It doesn’t require a monthly subscription or additional add-ons or accessories to work for you. It uses the devices already in your house and comes with everything you need to make it function properly, continuously and legally. As long as you have a television with an HDMI port, a smart device (tablet, phone or laptop) and a valid internet connection, this device will work. It uses those three items to stream content from a recognized device to the television. The television itself does not need to be hooked up to the internet for the TV Buddy to work.

TV Buddy Review

The Benefits TV Buddy Offers

Now, we want to tell you about some of the benefits you get by choosing this antenna device over something else. There are advantages to using TVBuddy as opposed to being without a streaming television caster.

We mentioned briefly the kind of cost savings that you could enjoy with this device. It will save you money since there is no monthly fee, but the cost of the device is often much lower than that of other similar products. Right now, the TV Buddy retails for $49.95, which is half off the normal price of $99.95. That is a huge savings when compared to competing devices, and it can save you money when compared to a monthly satellite or cable service. Those can cost $50 or so a month, depending on which packages you get and which service you go with.

You also pay only once for this device. The TV Buddy doesn’t require additional parts or a paid service to keep it going. It comes with everything you need when you make that one-time purchase.

A lot of consumers are asking about the TV Buddy antenna and how it really benefits them if they already have an iPhone or a tablet or some other smart device. The advantage to using the TV Buddy, though, is that it will amplify and enlarge the image for you. This makes it so much easier to see, reducing eye strain and making it more enjoyable to watch your favorite shows and movies. You will be more immersed in the experience, notice more details and soak in more information from what you are watching. You can feel like you are right there rather than simply watching from a distance, thanks to the advantage of viewing your content on a larger screen.

TV Buddy is also a lot safer than something like a Google Chromecast, which stores and monitors your viewing habits. That can make some people uneasy, as they may not want any company knowing what they are watching or sending them ads. Your viewing information can be used to send you targeted ads that make some people feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to deal with anything like that with this device.

TVBuddy is also great at working well for everyone. Because it is so simple, it should not have many issues. It should not cause you much trouble when you try to get it up and running, and it should be very easy to set up. That is something that a lot of TV Buddy caster reviews will talk about- how the product is so simple that anyone can use it. You won’t need to call over your tech savvy pal to get this caster up and working. It should be as simple as plugging it in and connecting it to the internet and a smart device. When you compare it to other similar devices, the simplicity is a big plus.

TV BuddyTV Buddy Reviews

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using TVBuddy?

There are a lot of different antenna casters and similar products on the market these days and none of them are perfect, including the TV Buddy antenna. There are advantages and disadvantages to using this product, and we think it is only fair that we talk about the good with the bad.


  • Very easy to use
  • Works with most smart devices
  • Works with most modern televisions
  • Affordably priced
  • Well-reviewed
  • Small and portable
  • Supports a variety of streaming services
  • Processes very fast
  • Smooth, uninterrupted stream


  • Requires an HDMI port on the television

TV Buddy Review

What Do the Reviews Say?

You may also want to take into account the opinions of other reviewers. You can go searching for these yourself, or you can get a feel for how others have experienced this TV Buddy caster when they used it. Getting a few different perspectives allows you to make a more informed choice and to learn more about this product before you make your decision.

You may find some poor reviews out there from consumers if you do some looking. What you will find that most of them have to say in their negative reviews is that they received a poor imitation of the real product. They bought their device off of a third party website rather than from the authentic manufacturers. This can be dangerous to do, since the TV Buddy is so popular that there are bound to be some pale imitators. Consumers have to be careful that they are not scammed and try to only by from the real source.

The reviews from those who have received the authentic TV Buddy are overwhelmingly positive, though. People love how quickly it works and how responsive it is. They love how it connects to their internet fast and how well it streams a variety of services, Reviewers on Amazon state that the TV Buddy streamed various services very well for them and gave them no issues at all. Some of them talk about how easy it is to install, which is a big difference from much of the competition.

What do the professional reviews have to say about this device? They seem to be saying mostly positive things. The professional reviewers state that TVBuddy is a product that has nearly no disadvantages. It’s a marvel of streaming technology, they say, and the TV Buddy caster reviews are mostly glowing in their assessment of this product. We have read a number of them, and they all seem to have only good things to say about this device, with TV Buddy antenna reviews favorably comparing this device against its competition. While those competitors may have some advantages in certain areas overall, the TV Buddy reviews 2019 had to offer voted in favor of TV Buddy over Google Chromecast and other options.

It is important that you look at your other options and look at some other opinions before you decide on a TV caster. You want a streaming tool that works flawlessly and that will last you for a while, so you need to pay attention to what people are saying. We recommend that you read some TV Buddy caster reviews for yourself to get a good idea of what people think of it. Just bear in mind that some of those people are getting cheap imitations instead of the real deal, and you should take some of their reviews with a grain of salt, so to speak.


Does TV Buddy Really Work?

As the TV Buddy antenna reviews will tell you, this is a really well put together product. It can have its shortcomings every now and then and some minor technical hiccups, but those tend to be uncommon. The marvelous thing about the TV Buddy caster is that it isn’t very complicated. There isn’t a long setup process or a lot to this product, so there are very few ways that it can go wrong and malfunction.

If you have read some of the TV Buddy reviews 2019 was showcasing, you would see industry experts and consumers talk over and over again about how reliable this product is. It works like many other similar casters, taking the signal from your smart device, sending it along the internet connection, and casting it to the television in what is really a technologically astounding feat done in the simplest and most effective way possible.

Does TV Buddy really work? Of course it does, and it will give you smooth streaming from Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+ and other services that you use or are subscribed to. It sends them perfectly with a smooth signal and a clear, flawless resolution. It’s nothing like trying to use your smart device to cast to the television directly without the TV Buddy’s involvement. This is so much smoother, faster and effective, and you will be amazed at how well it works and how reliable it is all the time.

One fear that consumers have is that they wonder, “Is TV Buddy a scam?”. They are concerned that they will buy the product and they will either not get what they asked for or they will get a device that simply doesn’t work. When you search for this TV caster, you will see some search results indicating a TV Buddy scam. People are curious about a product like this that seems too good to be true and that isn’t from one of the major tech companies.

As long as you get your TVBuddy from the original manufacturer and their website, though, we don’t think you have anything to worry about. With positive word of mouth going around from the various TV Buddy reviews, the consensus on this product seems to be that it is a winner and it really does work.

TV Buddy Caster

TV Buddy vs Google Chromecast

We want to talk a little bit about how the TV Buddy compares to the Google Chromecast. These are two fierce competitors, and consumers may be wondering which is better. We’ll compare them here for you so that you can make a more informed decision.

Of course, you will want to read some TV Buddy reviews and find out what people think about using this product. That can inform your decision, but in-depth analysis like what we are offering here will be invaluable as well.

The Price

Google Chromecast is a big name brand, and it can get away with being expensive. The company can charge pretty much whatever it likes for its products and expect people to buy it because they are familiar with the Google name. TV Buddy then has an advantage there in pricing, as it can be cheaper and not be tied down by the high expectations of a major brand name. TV Buddy may be seen as the underdog in this competition because it is not as well known as the Google Chromecast product, but that means that it will often be much cheaper. Just look for sales when the TV Buddy is half price or when it is drastically discounted and you will see how much cheaper it is than the competition.

TV Buddy Reviews

The Performance

Reading TV Buddy antenna reviews, consumers can see that this product performs admirably even in poor internet conditions. Even when your internet is slow, TV Buddy still manages to function admirably. The same cannot be said for the Google Chromecast product. It needs a high speed internet connection and steady internet speeds in order to work well. Because it is trying to do so much at once, it can easily get lagged down by poor internet speeds, so the TV Buddy has that advantage over its competitor as well. If your internet isn’t exactly the best, it’s an obvious choice between these two competing products. TV Buddy wins out hands down.

Simplified Control and Setup

Google Chromecast is trying to be the end-all product for TV casting and streaming, and that means it can often be complicated and tough to set up. That’s not true of the simplified competitor TV Buddy, which is much easier to use. This streamlined product has a distinct, clear purpose, and it isn’t bogged down by the kind of aspirations that Google has for its own product. If you are not very tech savvy and you have trouble with computers, smartphones and other technical devices, then you definitely want to go with the TV Buddy. It will be easier to use, easier to set up and a lot less frustrating for everyday use. TV Buddy works on mirroring alone, while the competition tries to do a bunch of other things, but it doesn’t always do them very well. You don’t need other casting methods when mirroring works so well, especially how simply the TV Buddy manages to pull it off.

Phone Functionality

Neither one of these products comes with a remote. That means you need to rely on your smartphone to connect and control them. The Google Chromecast has some issues connecting to some phones. In many cases, you would simply be wasting your money trying to buy a Chromecast and connect it to your phone. TV Buddy is much more reliable. It connects to any smartphone with ease and is so simple to use. You’ll have fewer issues and experience a lot less frustration if you just stick with Buddy TV.

TV Buddy Caster

Exclusive Features That Make TV Buddy Caster Worth Purchasing

We have compared the TVBuddy to the major competitor, but what is it about this specific product that makes it stand out and different from much of what else is out there on the market? Why would you want to choose TV Buddy over a similar product? Here are some standout features we think that you should know about:

  • Easy Initial Setup- Compare TVBuddy to much of its competition and we think you will find that this device is so much easier to install and to get set up. That’s a huge feature for consumers who may not be very technical minded or who have trouble installing electronics. This is so easy to set up that anyone should be able to do it without much trouble.
  • It Works with Just About Any Smart Device- Some competing casters will have technical limitations to worry about that keep them from broadcasting streaming services from various devices, but the TVBuddy doesn’t seem to have those same limitations. It works with most Androids, iPhones, iPads and other similar devices, giving you multiple TV Buddy channels for you to use.
  • Seamless Streaming- TVBuddy casts the stream from your smart device to the television with almost no difference in quality. If there is a lower resolution happening on the screen, it would be so insignificant that the human eye cannot pick it up. You might think that you would see an interruption in signal from time to time or some stuttering or buffering, but that is not an issue since the TV Buddy caster is so adept at transferring the signal from the smart device to the television.
  • No Content Monitoring- Unlike some of the competition, TVBuddy does not monitor your viewing activity and relay it back to the manufacturer. None of what you watch is being tracked, giving you greater privacy and peace of mind.

TV Buddy

How TVBuddy Caster Is Going to Work for You

Some of the TV Buddy caster reviews can help you understand how this device operates and how well it might work for you. Different people will have different experiences with this product- not because it varies in quality but because some consumers have different needs or different technical ability. Even if you are not tech savvy in the least, though, this should work very well for you, operating flawlessly, having few to no issues and not requiring you to do very much.

The TV Buddy reviews will also give you an idea as to how much variety you will get from this device, since it gives you access to streaming capabilities that take advantage of your various movie and television subscriptions. You will be able to access a variety of TV Buddy channels and watch Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ shows and films right on your television rather than streaming them from a smaller device that can hurt your eyes or make you feel tired after even short viewing sessions.

We recommend reading some of the customer TV Buddy reviews to see what others have said so far about this product. If you want an idea of how well TV Buddy will work for you, then that is a great way to find out. The experience can change based on how strong your internet connection is as well. If you have a very weak internet signal, you may have some minor issues, but most people will not experience any difficulties with this product. It is designed to work on most kinds of internet connections, but the quality of your internet can have an effect on how well TVBuddy works for you.

tv buddy caster reviews

TVBuddy Caster Technical Features

Now, let’s look at some of the technical aspects of this device. You may not understand all of what we are going tell you here if you are not technically inclined, but those who care about the technical details will find some useful information here, and those are the people who this section is for.

The super-fast processing speed is one of the best technical features. Other devices offer similar streaming services but are not able to keep up with TV Buddy. The powerful HDMI output of this product means that it can be 50% faster than leading products on the market. That means a smoother and better transfer.

It uses H.265 decoding, which is a kind of video decoding that ensures great picture quality. This is known as a high-efficiency decoding standard and allows for fast video playback with few to no issues.

You can customize the viewing preferences to fit your streaming options and your desired performance or display. The options on offer allow you to change from cinema style to a presentation display and a conference display, giving you the best and most appropriate video display for whatever you are streaming or trying to do.

You can effortlessly switch between different modes, such as cross-system mirroring, AirMirror and more. This lets you watch YouTube, Netflix and various other streaming services whether they are service based or simply free services you can access without a subscription.

It uses high definition video for 1080p resolution. This means you can watch all your favorite programs in clear and detailed resolution, if those shows and films are compatible with that resolution. Most modern streaming services ensure that all of their content is available in 1080p for the best resolution that most TVs can pull off, but some services like YouTube may not have the high level of visual clarity for everything they offer. That’s okay too, as TVBuddy can work with that and stream those lower resolution videos as well, making them look every bit as good as if you were streaming them from your smartphone or tablet.

This TV caster works with most of the latest versions of various PC operating systems and smartphone OS’s. To be more specific, TVBuddy runs perfectly well with version 10 of the Mac OS and anything higher than that. It also works well with version 9.0 of any iOS device. Androids devices will be compatible with TVBuddy as long as you are using version 4.4 or higher. You may want to check and see what version you are working with, but with this wide range of compatibility with different versions, it is very likely that TV Buddy will work with whatever smart device you are using, be it an Android, iOS device or a Mac.

Let’s get really technical for a moment. We are going to tell you about the video, audio and photo formats that TV Buddy will work with. This can help you if you are not sure if your formats are supported, but even if you don’t fully understand the different between the various formats, just looking at the following list can help you see that this device works with a ton of different formats. That means it will be able to play and stream just about anything that you try to use it with. For photo formats, TV Buddy is compatible with BMP, PNG, JPEG, JPG and GIF. When it comes to video formats, you can use any file or stream that is in the MOV, VOB, AVI, FLV, MKV, TS or RM format. Finally, with audio formats, anything that is a WAV, MP3, WMA, APE, AAC, or OGG will be compatible.

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How to Use TV Buddy Caster

The great thing about the TV Buddy caster is that it is designed using plug-and play-technology. This simply means that you just need to plug it into the TV, connect it to the internet and stream from your portable device. It’s that simple, and the TV Buddy caster reviews have a lot of great things to say about the simplicity of this device. So, even though it comes with instructions, most people won’t actually need them. The setup process is going to be fairly self-explanatory for most people.

Now, you will need to connect the device to your portable phone, tablet or whatever else you are using to stream from. You have to have an original source for the video to stream from. We don’t want you to think that TV Buddy can stream anything on its own. While it works fine with Netflix, Hulu and so many other streaming services, it won’t produce those on its own, and that’s an important detail for you to realize. You have to be using some sort of source device, whether that is a phone, tablet, PC or laptop. Most people will be using a portable device of some kind to stream to the TV Buddy, but it doesn’t have to be portable. A desktop computer can work fine if that is what you have.

You also don’t have to connect the device to any ethernet cable. It works wirelessly, as the other TVBuddy reviews may tell you. The only thing the TV Buddy needs to physically connect to is the television through the HDMI port. There won’t be a bunch of wires sticking out every which way or cords for you to trip over. It is small and inconspicuous, and it will not be in your way at all.

TV Buddy How It Work


Who Is TV Buddy for?

This is a great product for people who want to stream content easily and without any hassle or interference. If you are tired of looking at your shows and videos on a small screen and want to see everything on the biggest screen in the house, then you should consider using TV Buddy. The TV Buddy caster reviews state that this is a product for everyone. Who doesn’t want greater convenience and a more immersive experience when it comes to viewing shows and movies and video clips?

This is also a product that is deal for anyone with vision problems. If you are wearing glasses to help with your vision, then watching shows on a larger screen as opposed to on a small handheld device will be better for your eyes. It allows you to focus on something father away for a change, giving your eyes a chance to relax. It also reduces eye strain, and for many people, that can mean that they will not have to change their eyeglass prescription as often. If you spend a lot of time in front of screens binge watching shows or viewing YouTube clips, then you can give your eyes a break and make them do less work by using the biggest screen you have. You will be able to sit back further from your screen, reducing eye strain and relaxing the eye muscles. This is great for long-term eye health.

TV Buddy

Reasons to Purchase TV Buddy Caster

We have covered so many benefits for you related to TV Buddy. We have told you a lot about it, but you may not be sure if it is right for you or if it is worth a purchase. Let’s talk about what makes it a good purchase or not to help you decide.

TV Buddy reviews state in very positive terms that this is a device that anyone can use. It is so easy to install and get working, and it is designed for use with most devices. That means that it should be great for just about anyone.

Many people will choose the TV Buddy because of its low price. Affordability is a good reason to choose your tech product, but only if it is of high quality. As the TV Buddy reviews show, this is a product that has been proven to be dependable and high quality, so if you get it for a lower price than the competition, why not go for it?

Another reason that people will want to choose TV Buddy is because of how convenient it is. It’s compact and will not get in the way or look out of place. You can unplug it and take it with you to a friend’s house because it is so small. It will fit into your pocket and be easy to carry around. It is also quick to set up, as we mentioned, so portability is definitely a standout feature and a good reason to choose this over something bulkier, heavier and more convoluted to operate.

TV Buddy is also able to give you a smooth experience. It doesn’t need to buffer or load, and it should not stutter or freeze up either. You can watch your favorite shows unhindered and enjoy any kind of video content without interruption or technical difficulties that you might get from other products.

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How Much Does TVBuddy Cost?

The TV Buddy cost is another aspect of this device that we really need to talk about. It doesn’t matter how good the product is if the price is outrageous. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with TV Buddy. It is priced at a very reasonable $49.95 right now, but that isn’t always true. The normal retail price is actually $99.95, which is still not a bad deal, but nowhere near as good as the current price. You only get a good rate on the authentic TV Buddy if you are buying from the original manufacturer. You may pay more if you buy from a third party, or you might get a product that isn’t really authentic. There is definitely a TV Buddy scam out there that can trick people who are not being careful about where they are buying this product from. If you buy a knockoff, you are getting scammed, so make sure to only buy from the original manufacturer of TV Buddy. Those wondering does TV Buddy really work have probably heard rumors of a scam. They may not realize that the only scam taking place is from knockoff versions of this product and not from the real deal.

It is worth noting that you can save some money by ordering multiple copies of this product. Your TV Buddy cost will go down considerably as you buy more than one at once. You can pay $112.39 for three of them, if you buy from the manufacturer. Normally, the TV Buddy price would be almost $300 for three. If you bought each one at the current sale price, you would pay close to $150, but the manufacturer rewards you for buying multiple TV Buddies. When you buy two or three instead of one, your TV Buddy price will go down considerably, as that is worth taking advantage of if you have multiple TVs in the house or you have some friends or family members you want to buy one for. These make great presents, after all.

tvbuddy caster review


So, should you buy this product? Is it worth your money or is TV Buddy a scam? You should know the answer by now, but let’s recap for you.

TV Buddy is being favorably reviewed all over the internet. Consumers and industry experts alike are saying good things about it in the TVBuddy reviews. It has a great reputation and has been shown to be reliable.

TV Buddy also makes it easy to watch what you want on your television. You are no longer restricted by the limited number of channels that you receive through your television. If you don’t have a smart TV, that’s no problem, as you simply need an HDMI input port. The TV Buddy works using that port, connecting to your internet service and then connecting to a device that can stream video. That could be an Android phone, iPhone, tablet, laptop of PC.

TV Buddy works with all kinds of streaming services. If you can stream it on your smart device, then you can stream it through TV Buddy.

This is also super easy to set up. Reading any TV Buddy reviews will tell you that. Most people who use this device are really amazed at how simple it is to use, with no lengthy installation process or complicated cables to work with. It’s simply plug and play for your convenience.

The price is a big plus as well. If you compare this to other options, you will see that TV Buddy is much cheaper than its competition, especially when you factor in all that it can do. It may be possible to find an antenna caster that is cheaper, but it won’t have near the capabilities that this product does. TV Buddy simply outshines the competition on a number of levels, which is why we heartily recommend it. Out of all the TV casters on the market, TV Buddy is by far the best for a number of reasons.

Our verdict is that if you need a device to stream content from your smaller electronics onto the TV that you give TV Buddy a chance. According to the TV Buddy reviews, it is reliable and great at giving you a perfect streaming experience with no hiccups, slowdown, poor resolution, or buffering. This product works as smoothly as if you were streaming only from your smart device.

If you are undecided about which device to try, then we suggest TV Buddy. We don’t think you will regret your decision.

TV Buddy

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that you may want to know the answers to.

How much does the TV Buddy cost?

You’ll pay $49.95 for the TV Buddy Caster product. This price pays for everything you need to set it up. There are no additional charges or fees, and there isn’t a subscription fee required either. You get everything included at one flat, affordable price. The TV Buddy price will vary sometimes, particularly if there is a sale. You can catch some really good sales if you buy around the holidays.

Is TV Buddy a legitimate product?

TV Buddy is completely legal and is not a scam at all. There are some knockoffs to this product that look similar and may even sell for a cheaper price, and consumers need to be aware of them and avoid them. If you buy the authentic TV Buddy, though, you will be getting a truly legitimate product that works and that gives you access to a lot of different content. Read some of the TV Buddy antenna reviews to get an idea as to how well people like this product and what they think of it.

Can TV Buddy be used with other streaming devices?

Yes, you can hook up more than one streaming device to your television. You may need to use multiple cables, but the TV Buddy does not interfere with other streaming devices, like tablets, smartphones, satellite dishes, video game consoles and more. You can use all of these to stream anything you want and not worry about the TV Buddy interfering with how the others work.

How new does my television need to be in order to use the TV Buddy antenna?

You may be worried that you need to upgrade your television and pay a lot of money to ensure that your TV Buddy will work on it, but that may not be the case. You can use any Smart TV or any television with an HDMI cable port to access TVBuddy perfectly well. For most people, it won’t be necessary to buy a new television, and they will be able to use their current one with this product.

Will I need a computer to access TV Buddy?

To use this product and to access all of the TV Buddy channels requires nothing more than a television with an HDMI port and the product kit itself. You can use your smartphone and internet provider to control the channels and to connect to your service provider, but other than that, nothing else is required. You do not need any PC or computer system to make this product work. It is designed to be used by practically anyone with whatever devices they have on hand. Most people will have to buy nothing in addition to their current television and smartphone.

Will an ethernet connection be required for streaming with Buddy TV?

No, you don’t need to have an ethernet connection, but you will need some kind of internet connection for this product to work. A direct ethernet connection may make the streaming faster and smoother for you, but it won’t be required for full functionality. You can read some TV Buddy reviews if you want to see how other people have experienced the TV Buddy and how well it worked for them with varying kinds of internet connections and internet setups.