Upright Go Review

Upright Go Review

Upright Go




Small and discreet


Muscle and back relief


Personalized training plan


Ease of Use



  • It is a small and discreet device.
  • Detects slouching easily and sends an alert signal for quick response.
  • Free custom work-out and daily challenges.
  • One charge will last you for a long time


  • The sticky pad doesn’t hold in place during physical exercise.

A Well-Detailed Upright Go Review

What is Upright Go

When we say Upright Go, it is a kind of a discreet and compact-sized device that will be attached to your upper back with the help of adhesives. The use of this device to correct your current posture by providing you with a slight vibration when you usually slouch. This is your daily reminder to stand upright. This small-sized device can connect with a mobile phone application. It will also provide you with real-time statistics and response as well as the work-out program that will help you to enhance your body and back posture.

We cannot deny the fact that we experience to be nagged by our mothers and keep on saying, “Hey, stand straight!” While this instruction we got from our parents is entirely warranted, it can’t be denied that it is quite difficult for us to keep a good body posture, most notably in these days where it is full of gadgets.

An office employee has an average working hours of 10 every single day that will sit over a table with a computer being manipulated. It would be much easier for a person to sit up with a high chair and a laptop monitor over his or her front. But, since almost all of us are working with the use of our tablets and laptops, we usually spend most of our time in manipulating it and taking for about a 15-minute workout is being forgotten. That is the reason why people who are working with their laptops are the one who does not maintain the proper posture of the body. You may also like Smove Mobile.

There are lots of methods that a person can use to maintain or bring back their good posture. Some of use prefer making a mental note and alter our entire bad habits as time passes by. For some people, they prefer using posture braces. Our muscles have their own memory, and sometimes, it is tight for some reason. If you have almost half of your entire life having a poor body posture, it cannot be denied that readjusting your sitting posture is quite a hard task.

On the other hand, posture braces boost its effectiveness and popularity. But in spite of these, a posture brace might also be uncomfortable to wear for some individuals. This kind of wearable will require you to sit up straight with some pressure and will restrict your movements. Preferring to use it for about 40 hours of your working week can bring a literal uncomfortableness to your neck.  We strongly recommend you to choose best Doc Socks

That is the time when Upright Go will come in. This product is one of the latest invented wearables for good body posture. It does not do its work similar to the posture braces we mentioned a while ago. This Upright Go will not restrict your movement, which is a good thing. But instead, it makes use of some electronic sensors that will provide you with reminders to sit up straight whenever your body tends to slouch. According to its manufacturer, the user of this device will notice a significant result right after 14 days of using it daily. When it comes to the theories, once your body was trained to sit up straight, the benefits that you can get from a good body posture can last forever. You may also like dodow reviews.

If you are planning to purchase this item, before clicking the purchase button, we think that you might consider delaying your purchase plan and read this article up to its end. It will be an advantage for you if you are going to know this product a little deeper before buying and sticking with it. Like, it knows how this small-sized device will help you to solve your poor body posture. Aside from that, since it is a device that makes use of an electronic sensor, you might want to know if this device was developed with the help of Science and other studies that will help everyone to bring back or maintain their good posture.if You have any Neck Hammock issues then click NECK Hammock Link. & Also if you have snore related then click for Best Anti Snoring Device

Upon reading this reliable and unbiased review article, we are going to give you information that will answer all the questions inside your mind. We are also going to provide you with an overview of what the users say about this product as well as its effectiveness. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Upright Go Review

The Importance of Having a Correct Posture

Before we dive into the major details about this product and on how this Upright Go device works, it is vital for you to learn some things about a good and poor posture and the things that you can do to correct it.

According to a study, more than 85 percent of the United States population are suffering from neck or back pain at least once in their entire life. For the past few years, this statistic has a vast increase, and at this time, there are two major causes. On the other hand, we are all aware of the importance of a good posture since we are kids. The Occupational Health and Safety regulations have provided attention in regard to the said problem. This will teach the individuals that this problem is more prevalent than before. But, the number one factor that is responsible for this disturbing health statistic has something to deal with our habits of working. When most of our time was spent sitting and slouching over our working place or our body is trying to adapt. This will result in a tight back, tight neck, and worse, a severe skeletal alignment issue.

So, in this case, what can we do to solve this issue? There are lots of quick-fix problems in regards to the neck and back pain. Simply apply some heat to the tight area and perform some stretching can temporarily treat the problem. But, it is only a small portion of its long-term recovery process. Hiring a chiropractor or physical therapist is a big help if you are suffering from a severe poor body posture, but it is only a single part of the entire recovering process.

Almost all of the physicians will agree when we say that the only thing that you can do to enhance your body posture is to create some changes in your way of sitting. The long time that you prefer to slouch, you are deciding to give your body the damages that you will regret someday. You might say that with the use of a posture brace, you can correct your poor body posture. But you are wrong, and as we mentioned a while ago, it will give your poor posture a temporary treatment harshly. It is because posture braces will not train your muscles to hold your neck and back up correctly. also, check out dodow reviews

That is the correct time when Upright Go will come into the issue. The most significant problem with sitting up in the right position is that it is usually forgotten. We cannot deny the fact that we get too attached to our desired TV shows or work. As a result, our shoulders will slump forward naturally. On the other hand, the Upright Go will not do anything to enhance your poor body posture directly, but it will always remind you to sit up straight whenever you forget to do so.

A research was conducted with the NerdTechy. They are the ideal respondents to this research and they say that they can’t wait to try this new type of technology. People in NerdTechy usually spend most o their hours sitting in front of a big computer LCD, and they don’t sit properly. They decided to try this Upright Go device in an old fashioned manner; they try it themselves to see if it helps to enhance their poor body posture. You may also like to read  Bondic Review and photo stick reviews or photostick mobile review.

First Look at Upright Go

The Upright Go device will be shipped in a stylish and simple package. After you open its packaging box, you will not notice anything packed with it. The only thing that you will see in the box is the device itself with its charger. It is lightweight and a small-sized device, which is constructed from a smooth silicone material. The users will be provided with a manual to use it in 2 various ways – through vibration and from the LED indicator attached on top of it. Whenever the Upright Go device notices that your posture is beginning to slump, it will make a subtle yet noticeable vibration, which will remind you to sit up properly.

Even though you can’t see it, you can still have its full control through its small control button. This can be used quite similar to Apple’s Magic House. You reduce the whole front part of the device. This is usually being used when you set a good body posture, and to switch the item on/off.

The Setup Procedure of Using Upright Go

For you to start using the Upright Go device, you will need to make use of an Android or iOS mobile phone. You will also download the free application of Upright Go, and enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone. The Upright Go device is being delivered partially charged, but if you have some more hours to charge it, you can do it using its charger included in the package for some time.

When you think that Upright Go is fully charged and you have already downloaded and installed the said application, you need to click the button for “setup” to connect a new Go. The application will show a screen that indicates it is looking for the Go, and then you will hold the button for about five seconds. After that, you will notice that there is an LED light that is blinking slowly. After about 20 to 30 seconds of waiting, your preferred mobile phone will say that it is paired successfully.

The second step that you will do is to attach the Upright Go device on your back. It makes use of a double-sided tape that will hold it against your back’s skin. It is required for the Upright Go be attached to your back’s skin since wearing a loose-fitting shirt means that the device can’t measure your body posture accurately. There is also a manual guide included in the package that will help you to know where the right place to attach the Upright Go device is. You should place the device below your third vertebrae on your spine, which is the roughly small part of your back body part.

When the Upright Go device was placed at the back, the only thing that you should do is to sit up properly and hit the button for two times. This is being done to the “upright posture” standard. Since the proper placement of the Upright Go device will always depend upon person to person, you are required to place the device on the same placement every time that you will use it. When the device is removed from your back, the old calibration is not valid any longer and can provide you with an inaccurate reading. Upon here, your posture will be tracked by the Upright Go device successfully.

The Key Features of Upright Go Device

Upon reading the setup procedure of the Upright Go device section of this post, the second thing that you should know is the device’s key features. Well, if you really want to use the device at its best, you need to know what is really inside of it. So, in this section, we are going to provide you with the things that you should know about the product as well as its key features.

You might already hear about this “Upright Go” device that can really help you to bring back or maintain a good body posture. There are numerous devices on the market that you can buy and use easily and quickly. But, some of these devices might bring you a feeling of discomfort when used for a longer period of time. Many people are asking about the benefits of a particular product. Little did they know that the benefits of a product come from the product’s key features. At this time, the Upright Go device has an upgraded version, which is called Upright Go 2. Even though it is much smaller compared to the Upright Go, both of them have the same key features that will surely help you when it comes to poor body posture. You can also checkout Mindinsole

The Upright Go device features a white and small plastic shell, wherein you can see a small button on it that serves as the on and off button. You can also see an LED that will inform you if it is charging or connected with an iOS or Android device. Aside from that, it comes up with a USB-port that will charge the item whenever needed.

It also comes up with an adhesive that is skin-friendly. Thus, you can ensure that it will not cause any skin irritation when used. When it comes to removing the adhesives, you can ensure that it will not give any discomfort feeling. Aside from that, every strip can be used for about ten times before it needs to be changed. There are numerous adhesives strips that are also packed inside the box, and you are allowed to buy some pieces from their company with a reliable fee.You may also like about nutrisystem cost review.

One of the great features that you will love about this product is that it is small and lightweight. It is obvious that this device is user-friendly. You will not feel any discomfort while using this device, and rather it will give you feeling as if there is nothing attached on your back.

It also has an on and off button that will help you to open and close the device. Even though this device does not have an auto shut feature, it can still be turned off very conveniently and easily.

upright go posture trainer

The Battery of Upright Go Device

One of the keys that you should retain in your mind while using the Upright Go device is to ensure that your device was charged the right way so that you can use it the way you want. The following are some of the crucial information that you should know about the battery of Upright Go. Keep on reading to know more!

  • For you to make the battery of Upright Go fully charged, you need to charge it with its included USB charger for about three hours.
  • The LED that you can see on the device will turn into solid green when the Upright Go’s battery is already charged.
  • The battery life o Upright Go will only last for about 12 hours, while Upright Go 2’s battery can be used for one day.

Recommendations when Charging your Upright Go’s Battery

  • Charge your device every single day as if you are charging your mobile phone.
  • Leave your device in a convenient and secure place to make sure that it is being charged properly.

When you charge your Upright Go’s battery every single day will enable you to make use of it whenever you want to. It is recommended to make use of it by your desk, simply walking or driving. This will ensure that your posture is being maintained at its best.

Upright Go Review

Who Should Buy Upright Go Device?

As we have stated to the item’s tag line, the Upright Go device is constructed for those who usually are working in an office that doesn’t have enough time to do some exercises or stretching. In addition, this device is meant for all who are experiencing poor body posture – whether young or old. We cannot deny the fact that poor body posture has lots of disadvantages. One is that it reduces your self-confidence. Since you have a poor body posture, there is a high chance that some people will talk behind your back and call you with names. Even though there are some posture braces that can be used, it can just treat your body posture in a short period of time (temporary treatment). Aside from that, posture braces will give you a feeling of discomfort once it is used. You may also like car diagnostic tool.

Unlike posture braces, Upright Go is a device that can be attached on your back easily with its skin-friendly adhesive strips. This product is constructed to treat poor body posture and at the same time, giving a comfortable feeling. But, would you believe me if I am going to say that this device is also designed for those who want to maintain their good body posture? This device is not only meant for those who want to bring back their good body posture, but also for those who want to maintain it.

Knowing the Upright Go’s Price

Aside from the benefits that a person can get from a product, he or she usually loves to buy a product that can be considered as a good investment. Well, smart buyers usually do that, and if there is the best posture treatment device that you can see on the market, Upright Go is always the number one on the list. Also checkout about smart wallet.

This Upright Go device has a current price of 80 US Dollars or more because of the additional shipping fee. The price of the product will always depend upon the marketplace. But, if you are going to buy this product at reliable online sites, such as Amazon, you can ensure that you will get it at its reasonable price rate. Having a discount is also possible if you prefer purchasing one or more items from them.

Is it that costly? Well, for some, it is quite expensive, but this device guarantees that it will bring back and maintain your good posture, then it is worth buying. If you are going to compare it with the posture braces out there that will make you feel uncomfortable, just think that this product is for keeps.

Benefits of Using Upright Go Device

We have already tackled what Upright Go device is, the importance of having a good posture, its key features, setup procedures, its battery, as well as who is his for. At this time, we are going to look for the benefits that you can get from using Upright Go. The following are some of its notable benefits. Read on to know more!

  • Look and Feel Better – an upright posture will make you feel and look slimmer and taller. Just think about it; slouching and slumping will let your tummy hang out, which will result in bigger appearance compared to what it really is. Sitting as well as standing with an upright and straight posture will prevent a bigger look of the stomach from happening. Instead, it will give you the look of some inches taller and more than 10 pounds reduced in weight. I think no one would refuse to have an immediate tummy tuck.
  • Bring Back Your Self-Confidence – the real-time feedback about your posture will train your body in adopting the straight body posture naturally. With having a good body awareness, you can now disregard the unwanted slouching and slumping habits. An upright and straight body posture will enhance the lower cortisol levels as well as testosterone production in both the brain and body. It only means that you have a confident feeling about any challenges in work or in life. Your good body posture is directly associated to your feeling of being confident.
  • Show Your Beauty and Enhance Your Life Opportunities – enhancing your body posture can also improve your life outcomes dramatically. We cannot deny the fact that people are being impressed when a person presents himself or herself as capable and upright. This manner of being upright can attract new relationships with other people, aside from your friends and family. A good habit of having proper body posture will help you to be noticed by everyone and make you look more enthusiastic and open. It only means that you are ready to face the opportunities and challenges that might happen in your life in the near future. It is not recommended for you just to sit and become workaholic; impress the people around you because you have the best look and hold of yourself.
  • Make Your Daily Routine more Calming by Tuning into Your Body – there are lots of studies that proved that holding your body has a strong impact on how you hold your mood. A stressed-out individual has a different body language compared to those who are at ease. Fortunately, you can alter your mood for the entire day just by sitting, standing, and walking with a straight body posture. Take a deep breath and be knowledgeable about your body will decrease the stress hormones produced in your brain. When others see you as a capable and more confident person, you can also see yourself in a way that is favorable to you. Maintaining an upright body posture will help you to unlock your potentials.
  • Be Productive in Lesser Time with Quality Outcomes – with the use of an Upright Go device that will help you to maintain and bring back your good body posture will also enable you to do better in the field of your life that you really love to do. An upright body posture will help you to have a deeper breath, increase the oxygen flow to your brain easily, and allow you to stay focused and sharp. The mental quality that you will have will turn you into a more effective person when it comes to task dealings. An upright or straight body posture will also help your lungs in taking lots of oxygen, which will give your body the things that it needs to feel great and relax naturally.
  • Relieve Pressure – standing or sitting in a slouched or slumped position for a longer period of time can give undue strains on your neck and back. This is more notable if you don’t exercise every single day. Together with muscle fatigue, slouching can also result to digestive problems, breathing limitations, as well as neck pain. Develop an awareness in regards to your body posture will avoid experiencing discomfort and pain.Check Out this Upright Go Review :

Other Benefits of Using Upright Go Device

  • Easy to attach as well as to detach
  • It will give you a comfortable feeling while using
  • Feel more confident while wearing it
  • Enhance your productivity
  • Looks good and feels good
  • Take off the stress carrying by your shoulders
  • Provides an active feeling
  • Eliminate of back and neck pain by enhancing your body posture

Should You Buy Upright Go Device?

We are living in a generation where modern technology never fails to make us feel amazed with their new inventions. We are in a technology-oriented era wherein we can get and utilize a device that is constructed with the use of technology. One of the most notable examples is the use of smartphones. On the other hand, devices for good posture are still new for most of us. That is why some of you might prefer purchasing posture devices, such as Upright Go.

Yes, you can feel doubts about other posture devices, but make sure that you will not doubt the capabilities of Upright Go. This is a posture device that is created with thorough research to ensure its effectiveness in having good body posture. This is a small-sized and lightweight device that requires to be charged before using. There is nothing for you to worry since its charging time is only three hours and will last for 12 hours.

Everyone will agree if I am going to say that this device is effective because it uses technology. If you usually slouch or slump during your working hours, it would be hard for you to maintain a good body posture. So, if you want to maintain or bring back the body posture that you had before, then using this Upright Go is perfect for you.

The technique that you will learn with the Upright Go device is that it will always remind you to sit or stand straight whenever your body starts to slouch or slump. Dissimilar to the other devices that you can see on the market, this device is lightweight and small. It only means that you will not have any problem when it comes to space. To use, you should place it at your back, and it will make a vibration to remind you of what you should do.

The proper body posture is important since it will give you lots of benefits – mentally, emotionally, and physically. This process will make your body into a more relaxing state. When people already brought back and maintained their body posture, the next thing that they knew is that they are more confident and capable. In general, this posture device will help you to have the body posture you are dreaming of – and that is what matters the most with Upright Go.

From the paragraphs above, you have learned the benefits of using the said device as well as the individuals who should buy it. This device also teaches you how to sit, stand, and walk-in an upright posture – which is an important method to maintain a good postured body. So, rather than choosing the products for posture treatment that will give you the feeling of discomfort, why not try this Upright Go?  if You have any Neck Hammock issues then click NECK Hammock Link. & Also if you have snore related then click for Best Anti Snoring Device

Pros and Cons of Upright Go

Effective Corrector and Trainer

Upright Go is a one-of-a-kind posture corrector and trainer that will give you a very comfortable feeling even when it is attached to your back. The work of this product is to remind you to sit straight or stand straight. It has a real-time mild and gentile vibration as your reminder. Within two weeks of regularly using this product, you will notice that there is a 99% improvement in your body posture. Just make sure that you will use it carefully and properly.

Accurate Insights and Statistics

The well-known Upright Go device, as we mentioned a while ago, is being attached to the back of the user for precise and exact feedback and measurement. Use this posture corrector device to monitor and track your slouched postures. You can also see your posture development if you want to.

Tracking Mode

The Upright Go posture corrector device can be switched to the mode where it will not vibrate and is being recommended if you usually finish your training session every single day. Through this, you will know your improvements and enhance your body posture as time passes by.

All Day Application

This device is designed to be used by anyone all day long. This posture corrector device works through assisting to the strength development of your core muscles. Aside from that, it also builds muscle memory, which is a vital factor in maintaining your good posture. You can also make use of the Tracking Mode feature to track your posture statistic without the feeling of being vibrated.

Better and Improved Posture

The Upright Go is one of the best posture corrector devices that you can purchase on the market that will help you to achieve and enhance body posture while enjoying its offered benefits. This posture device is being connected with an application that will enable you to track the development of your posture with its accurate statistics. It will also allow you to make your preferred training plan to reach your posture goals. You may Go with better back

Made by Medical Experts

One of the best things that you will surely love about this product is that it was produced by medical experts. This device was used in various medical and clinical studies with renowned institutions and organizations, such as Tel Aviv University, San Francisco State University, as well as Ohio State University. Way back in 2016, this Upright Go device was awarded for excellence in clinical entrepreneurship. This kind of award proves that this device is reliable and exceptional.

Personalized Programs

This Upright Go device is a great trainer that will train your body posture turn upright, with the proper posture and stance throughout the day. You can also connect this device to an application that will enable you to achieve your posture goals.

Direct Wear Posture Corrector

This is one of the best posture corrector devices that are designed to be placed on your back. It can detect if you droop or slough even at once. This device will provide you with instant feedback to remind you that you should maintain an upright posture.

Biofeedback Wearable Technology

What makes the Upright Go device differs from the entire posture corrector products is that it utilizes algorithmic model as well as sensor tech that will detect the body movement, postural nuances, and body position. As a result, it will produce a mild vibration every time you will slouch or droop.

Upright Go Review 1


Malfunctioning Adhesive Sticky Pads

There are some users who stated that the sticky adhesive pad included in the package does not hold the Upright Go device firmly whenever a person is performing a physical workout. On the other hand, it is recommended for you to make sure that your back is not too oily. You might consider restricting yourself from applying back lotions before you place this device.


Some users of this product also complained that it is more costly than the other posture correctors oout there. On the other hand, the manufacturer of this device will assure that it can be used for a longer period of time. Aside from that, it is very effective.

Don’t Have the Results

They also stated that the Upright Go posture corrector device does not give a significant result. This possible happened maybe because they didn’t use it in accordance with its instructions. Ensure that you will use this product for 3 weeks to one month. In contrast with that, 8/10 users have experienced a significant result while using this product within this time.

Tips for Good Posture

Do not be a Slouch

When you usually do slouches, it will give your spine additional stress. It will place a strain on your joints, muscles, and bones. If you want to have a good posture, make sure that you will not do slouches.

Straighten Up

Standing or sitting up straight is the best way that you can do to avoid experiencing posture issues. Aside from preventing posture issues, you will also look and feel better and slimmer. Just think that you are sitting against a wall for you to know your height. Make sure that even though you are walking, standing, or simply sitting, always remember to straighten up.

Do not Slump

Slouching might give you a comfortable feeling, yet when it comes to having a good body posture, this is a BIG NO.  instead, try this; place your back against the bag of your chair and relax. Make sure that you will have a lumbar cushion or a rolled-up towel behind your back to secure the natural curve of your spine. Aside from that, bend your knees and maintain their height. Put your feet on the floor, flatly.

Beware of “Text Neck”

Are you using your mobile phones every second? Make sure that you will still have the time to do some stretching.

Do not be a Low-Rider

Yes, it cannot be denied that it is comfortable and cool to at least recline during a long trip. But, take note that reclining is not good for your body posture. Rather, place your seat closer to your steering wheel. Make sure that your legs must not be locked. Slightly bend both of your knees. Your knees must be at lead a tad above or a hip level. Also, remember to place a rolled-up towel or pillow on your back for extra support.

Save Your Heels

Wearing high heels might be a great fashion, especially for those girls who love to party. But, wearing heels is not a requirement for you to have a good body posture. Both the stilettos and pumps will thrust your spine’s base forward, which will result in your back to arch. As a result, it will change your backbone lines and give your nerve pressure, which is the cause of back pain. Aside from that, the sky-high shoes will also put weight on your knees. Thus, it is recommended for you to use a chunky and lower heel as your daily footwear.

Sleep the Right Way

Sleeping time is not an exemption for you to slack. Do not choose a saggy and soft mattress. Consider choosing the firm and sturdy one to hold the natural spine of your spine. If you are a side sleeper, make sure that you will slightly bend your knees but not to the point that you can hug them. It is also recommended to put a pillow below your head so it will have the same level as your spine.

Exercise and Tone Your Abs

If there are too many weights that are placed on your tummy, it will give additional stress on your back. You will need to have a stronger muscle that will support your spine. It would be helpful if you have your own exercise plan that will maintain your spine and body in its normal shape.

Check for Problems

Some of you are knowledgeable if they, themselves, are slouch or not. But, if you are not sure about your posture, here is an easy way for you to determine. Stand against the wall and slowly place your head. Make a 6-inches movement from the wall. Make sure that your tush must touch the baseboard. Your neck and lower back must be two inches from it. If it is not, then it is time for you to see your doctor check out the ways on how to enhance your posture.

Buying Guide for Upright Go Posture Corrector Device

Posture devices, such as Upright Go, is being used for many reasons. They are being used as assistance for those who are experiencing deformities, such as bow-shaped legs, drooping shoulders, hunched backs, and more. There are lots of individuals who prefer using Upright Go to maintain their backs straight. There are also numerous professional fitness trainers who recommend the Upright Go device to their customers to see significant results.

Buying a posture corrector device like Upright Go is quite an overwhelming task. So, we have provided a buying guide section that will help you to know the things that you should look for whenever you are looking for the best Posture Corrector device.


Before you purchase a product that is quite expensive, make sure that you will check its materials used to ensure that it is durable and can be used for a long period of time.


It cannot be denied that posture corrector devices are being used by many people regularly; it is important to buy a product that is easy to use and maintain. Some posture devices are not waterproof, such as Upright Go. Thus, when it comes to cleaning the device, you should use a damp cloth and make sure that the water will not come inside its USB charging port.  Also read Best Wifi Booster.


One of the things that you should consider when buying a posture device is the materials used. It is vital to make sure if it is worth buying and can last for a long period of time.

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Upright Go Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Upright Go waterproof?

To be honest, the Upright Go posture device is not waterproof. But, it does have a sweat-resistant feature. When cleaning this posture device, the water must not come inside the USB charging port since it might damage the device. To clean the Upright Go device, you will need a damp cloth that was dipped inside soapy water.

How do Upright Go works?

Upright Go posture device is an item that will help you to correct your poor body posture. It is usually being attached to your upper back and will make a vibration every time you are slumping or slouching. It is a discreet, light, and small-sized device. It is also being connected with an Android or iOS phones that have the Upright Go’s application that will train your back for you to enhance your body posture.

How long does Upright Go take to charge?

For you to fully charge the battery of your Upright Go device, you should charge it within three hours. To know that it is already fully charged, an LED will look like a solid green color. When your device is fully charged, it usually lasts for about 8 to 12 hours.

How much does Upright Go cost?

You can purchase the Upright Go device on Amazon with a price range of 80 US Dollars.

Are posture correctors any good?

In general, posture correctors, most notably this Upright Go, will work when used properly. it is comfortable to wear and adjustable. It is also made up of high-quality materials. So you can ensure that it is working well – giving you an accurate real-time result.

How do you pair Upright Go?

To start pairing with the Upright Go, make sure that your device and Bluetooth is turned on. Ensure that location services, as well as the location permission, are also on. After that, open the application of Upright Go and pair it with Bluetooth of your Android or iOS mobile phones. When it is paired, your device will show a blinking light of green.

How to use Upright Go without the app?

Follow these steps;

  1. Turn on the Upright Go by clicking its power dial
  2. Attach it on your back and keep an upright posture
  3. Set your preferred posture by clicking the power dial two times. The device responds with two vibrations
  4. Your Upright Go will instantly start its training mode
  5. You are done!



Final Verdict – Is Upright Go a Good Investment?

A good body stance or posture is not only for aesthetic purposes. Your spine’s condition has something to do with your overall well-being and health. It is important to maintain proper posture. With the various devices that you can choose from on the market, there is no doubt that you will pick the one that is right for you. As time passes by, everyone is the witnesses of the various devices’ evolution, and Upright Go is not exempted. Even though this Upright Go posture corrector might have a similar purpose with the other brands of posture corrector, it cannot be denied that Upright G is a one-of-a-kind device. So, if you are looking for a posture corrector that will help you to achieve the body posture you are dreaming of, then go with Upright Go.

Make sure that you will not always depend upon your decision upon its price when purchasing the best one. The reliability and its key features are the first things that you should look for a useful posture corrector device, and we recommend you to choose the one-of-a-kind posture device, which is the Upright Go device. Live good, feel good, and look good with Upright Go posture device!


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