XPhone Reviews

XPhone Reviews














  • A reasonably priced smartphone that’s affordable to most people.
  • Its display looks amazing
  • Reliable camera
  • Battery life
  • Has a responsive fingerprint sensor.


  • The processor is somewhat slow.
  • It does not support Near-field communication (NFC) technology,

XPhone Review: How Come It’s So Cheap?

With the smartphone sector evolving each day, several products are regularly launched in the market. Rapid technology growth has allowed us to get instant access to a plethora of new mobile systems. While there are many features that users particularly look for, technology geeks are always on the hunt for something new. Innovation is the key to survival in the present day’s dynamic business domain.

With newer and better smartphones hitting the shelves, it can be quite confusing to pick one and use it for a long time. There are innumerable cheap and expensive options available in catalogs. Thus, you must know what is trending and what is the XPhone.

One such innovation to have taken the market by storm is the XPhone. Launched by a skilled European start-up, the XPhone is nothing less than a flagship smartphone that has been competing with top market dominators such as Nokia, Samsung, and Apple. Since it has compelled these leaders to run for their money, it is evident that thousands of buyers are convinced of its efficiency. You may also check out your best wireless Earphones here.

One of the biggest reasons why the XPhone has become a major hit amongst the masses is its cheap pricing. It must be the first phone of the decade that has all the features offered by these leading brands and is still almost three times less expensive than its competitors. To keep it short, you can easily understand that this is the perfect harmony between affordability, innovation, and high-speed efficiency.

To help you learn more about the XPhone and make an informed purchase, we have curated our insightful review on the services of XPhone. This detailed XPhone review will help you understand if the XPhone is good, why you should choose an XPhone over the iPhone X, and what is our final verdict on this new flagship smartphone.

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What is the XPhone?

 To begin with, the XPhone is a new flagship smartphone that is launched by a European start-up. Working on the Android system, the XPhone uses the latest technological features. Though it is sold from Europe, mainly France and Germany, the assembly of the products is done in Chinese factories. However, this does not mean that the XPhone is a copy of other phones. It is an entirely authentic and real phone made in Chinese factories, similar to global players such as Apple, Samsung, and Huawei. Several users of the XPhone have commented that it is one of the best purchases they could have ever made. This is a product with a different approach to communication and embodies many features.

The XPhone has managed to use high-quality spare parts in the phone, an optimized Android OS software, and a fantastic business model approach. Thus, there is no scope of any lag in the functions of the XPhone. The premium phones are easily available in Europe and can be shipped to any part of the world. It is a new product with a “smart” screen, and its premium flagship exteriors are bound to leave you stunned. The beautiful finish of each mobile is worth a mention right at the beginning. If you want one of the best phones of this year, the XPhone is undoubtedly designed for you.

In modern times, there have been several debates regarding the data security of mobile users. To bring a fresh take to this argument, XPhone assures you of one hundred percent data safety. This implies that every information stored on your phone can be accessed only by you. The security system is difficult to hack, and this is a major relief to private and business users. We have some good Suggestions for Best Free Phone Tracker App & Cell Phone Spy Software

What are the benefits of using XPhone?

  •      XPhone is very easy to use.

 Unlike other smartphones in the market, XPhone is very easy to use. You do not need to engage in any complicated instructions of features. With a grip facility to keep our phone safely in your hands, you can start using the XPhone with simple instructions. Within no time, you can learn everything that the phone has to offer.

  •     The XPhone gives you a complete guarantee of data safety. 

Coming to the top quality of the XPhone, our team gives full scores for data safety in this XPhone review. Almost all of you must be saving your bank details, essential files, and photos on your mobile phone. But, there is a constant fear of your data being leaked. This stands resolved with the XPhone that offers both fingerprint unlocking and face ID recognition. You can save 5 fingerprints on your phone at once, and the unlocking speed is 0.1 seconds. There is a Google Assistant button for enhanced user experience.

  •     The XPhone comes with a long battery life.

 Battery life is a major issue in most common smartphones. However, the XPhone battery life is highly impressive. It has a 3350mAh Li-Polymer battery that is presently the best in the market. The standby time is 290 hours, and the talk-time is approximately 9 hours. You can easily listen to 23 hours of music and watch around 7 hours of videos. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack, and you can use regular headphones.

  •     The XPhone camera allows you high-resolution pictures and videos. 

 The XPhone has a 16MP plus 5MP dual/rear camera. You can capture high-definition photographs and videos in several filters. Several modes, such as the beauty mode and glowing mode, ensure clarity and stunning selfies.

Xphone Reviews

  •     The XPhone memory is worth a mention. 

 Designed to store all your information and moments, the XPhone has a 16GB storage. Additionally, you can get an SD card that is up to 128GB if you want extra memory capacity. The 2GB RAM and Quad-core 1.3GHz processor allows you to make exceptional video calls and stream online endlessly. In short, if you want to match footsteps with the modern world, then this is the best smartphone for you. We advice you to read more about spyzie Reviews

  •     The XPhone is a dual-SIM phone. 

 The dual SIM dual standby capacity of the XPhone helps you to use two SIM cards simultaneously. This means that if you are someone who has to travel a lot, then you will no longer have to carry two phones. You can use the new country’s local SIM and your private SIM on the same phone. You can also separate your work-related phone calls and private calls now.

  •     The phone has an elegant finish. 

 The slick phone has a body that is 5.7 inches and offers 720p high-definition resolution. With a widescreen and Super AMOLED display, you can scroll through the vibrant colors and enhanced color reproduction system. Each pixel is activated faster, owing to the Super AMOLED display.

  •     Several media formats and touch focus.

 With a feature of touch focus on the camera, there are plenty of media formats that can be saved on the XPhone. The audio file formats are MP3, AAC, FLAC, AMR, and AWB. The videos are 3GP and MP4. Lastly, the photos and other images are PNG, BMP, JPEG, and GIF formats.

  •       XPhone has a dark mode. 

XPhone has a dark mode that is appreciated by everyone. It not only helps you to save battery but also allows you to reduce the brightness and change the background color when you are using the phone in a dark room. Thus, when you switch to the dark mode while using the phone, you can change the background color to black. This reduces the strain it puts on your eyes.

  •     The XPhone comes with all the necessary accessories in the box. 

 Another benefit of investing in the XPhone is that you do not need to buy mobile accessories separately. When you buy an XPhone, you get a phone charger, USB cable, a protective film for your phone, a multi-language manual to use the phone better, and a warranty card. Moreover, the box also has a power adapter fit for EU and lithium-ion batteries.

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Does the XPhone have any drawbacks?

 While so many pros of the XPhone have been listed, it is tough to think of a drawback. However, it is not flawless, and we managed to delve a little deeper to get you a con of the XPhone.

If you are using the phone’s international model, there is no US warranty. This means that the phone may not work with any of the CDMA carriers. Some top examples of CDMA carriers are Verizon, Boost, and Sprint. In case you have further queries on this, you can contact the customer care team of XPhones any time, and the friendly staff will be happy to help you. You can ask them any questions you want without hesitating. We have some Best phone monitoring apps for your iphone & Android Phone. Specially Best Spy Apps For iphone

How compatible is XPhone?

 Talking about the compatibility of the XPhone, there is no doubt that you can use this phone anywhere you want. There are several key features that you must know.

  •     The phone allows you to use 2G bands, 3G bands, and 4G bands. The phone supports the latest technological advances in the telecom sector.
  •       The Wi-Fi system of the phone works excellently, and you can instantly join networks. You can save Wi-Fi passwords on the phone so that public networks are merged automatically. In other cases, you can manually select any new network that you wish to join.
  •     The Bluetooth system of the phone is V4.2. You can easily connect your phone to other devices to share photos, videos, and music. The Bluetooth can also be connected to other systems such as wireless headphones and speakers.
  •     The slot for the USB cord can also be used if you wish to connect your phone to a laptop for data transfer.

What is the price of XPhone?

 Since the beginning of this article, I have been reiterating that the XPhone is very highly affordable. Thus, you must be curious by now that what is the price of this beautiful phone. Precisely, the XPhone is available for a very low price of just $199. Yes, you read that right! While the masses generally expect that such a flagship smartphone will be costly, the real price of the XPhone is just $199.

It can easily be concluded that the XPhone is almost five times cheaper than the iPhone and other Samsung products in the market. With nearly the same features to offer you, it would be a smart decision to pick the XPhone over others. But what makes these phones so affordable? In this detailed XPhone review, we have analyzed the business model implemented by the company.

The biggest reason why the XPhone is so affordable is that they do not spend on advertising. Relying heavily on the old and traditional methods of gaining fame, the company sells its devices and garners more customers purely based on positive reviews. This is another indication of their fine expertise in this field. You may also like Best Spy Phone Apps

What usually happens is that other market leaders such as Apple and Samsung spend around billions on their advertisement campaigns. That price gets added to their products that the consumer has to pay. In the case of the XPhone, there is no such added cost. This is what makes it the cheapest flagship smartphone in the market at present. Its global reach is another feather in its hat.

If you thought that this is it, then your mistaken. The company offers countless deals and discounted rates on the purchase of XPhones. Some of the packages that they offer are:

  •       If you buy 2 XPhones, then you get one free. And, the total price that you need to pay is $447.
  •       If you buy 3 XPhones, then you get two free. And, the total price that you need to pay is $640.
  •         If you buy 4 XPhones, then the total price comes to $547.

A comparative analysis:

 There are many other smartphones available in the market. Every company offers a host of services and facilities better than the other. This can be quite daunting for you if you do not know the exact features of the products. To clear your confusion and help you make an informed decision, we have assembled a comparative analysis in this XPhone review. We have compared the XPhone with three top market players, namely, Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. Right at the onset, we can assure you that XPhone is a clear winner in this comparison.

  • XPhone vs. iPhone XR.

 Apple is the world’s first trillion-dollar company. The moment it launches a new phone, laptop, or mobile accessories, national and international buyers flood the websites and nearby stores. It would not be difficult for you to guess that technology freaks are crazy about Apple’s services and products. With the iOS software, Apple has made innumerable additions to its collection.

One of the most bought iPhones ever is the iPhone XR. Moreover, it was recognized as the most sold product of the year 2019. Let’s see how the XPhone is better than iPhone XR.

  •     Display: While the XPhone has a 5.7inch display with a 720p high-definition resolution and Super AMOLED display, iPhone XR has a 5.10-inch display. However, that tends to become too inconvenient.
  •    Battery life: While the XPhone has a 3350mAh Li-Polymer battery capacity, iPhone XR has a 2942mAh battery capacity.
  •       Software version: While the XPhone uses Android 8.1, iPhone XR uses iOS 12.
  •      Processor: The XPhone has a Quad-core 1.3GHz processor and 2GB RAM. iPhone XR uses Apple A12 Bionic.
  •  Unlocking system: While the XPhone allows both fingerprint unlocking and face recognition unlocking, iPhone XR has only face recognition unlocking facilities.
  •    Camera quality: The XPhone has a 16MP plus 5MP dual/rear camera, dual flash, and beauty modes. On the other hand, iPhone XR has a low-resolution display in dark areas that diminish dark-mode picture qualities.
  • XPhone vs. Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt. 

 Samsung is another top name that comes to mind when we think of buying a new smartphone. Competing with Apple, netizens are always divided between the two companies. While one group supports the initial, the other believes that the latter is way superior. However, the third group of loyalists has now emerged that supports the XPhone.

While the benefits of buying an XPhone have already been explained above, we thought that it would be a great idea to delve deeper into the specifics of both the products. Read ahead to find out how XPhone is better than Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt.

Xphone reviews

  •       Display: While the XPhone has a 5.7inch display with a 720p high-definition resolution and Super AMOLED display, Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt has a 5.50-inch display.
  •        Battery life: While the XPhone has a 3350mAh Li-Polymer battery capacity, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt has a battery capacity of 3000mAh.
  •       Android version: While the XPhone uses Android 8.1, the Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt uses Android 7.0.
  •      Processor: The XPhone has a Quad-core 1.3GHz processor and 2GB RAM while the Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt has a 1.6GHz octa-core processor.
  •    Colors: You can buy the XPhone in colors of white while the latter is available in black and gold colors.
  •    Camera quality: The XPhone has a 16MP plus 5MP dual/rear camera, dual flash, and beauty modes, whereas the Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt has a 13MP plus 5MP dual/rear camera.
  • XPhone vs. Nokia 7020. 

 The last brand that we have chosen to compare our XPhone with is Nokia. There was a time when Nokia was the leader of the mobile-selling industry. However, it faded from the scenario due to a lack of innovation and dominance by other companies. Recently, it managed to make a massive comeback in the industry with its completely new range of smartphones.

Xphone reviews

Though these phones are not as expensive as Samsung’s Galaxy or Apple’s iPhone, they still call for some investment from the buyers. This is why you must understand what makes the XPhone better than Nokia 7020. With innovation, design, and affordability at your fingertips, we bet you will not think of any other company.

  •      Battery life: While the XPhone has a 3350mAh Li-Polymer battery capacity, the Nokia 7020 has a battery capacity of 860mAh.
  •        Operating system: While the XPhone uses Android 8.1, the Nokia 7020 uses Nokia OS.
  •      Memory: The XPhone has a 16GB storage. Additionally, you can get a 128GB memory space. It has a Quad-core 1.3GHz processor and 2GB RAM. On the other hand, the Nokia 7020 has an in-built memory of 45 MB and a memory slot expandable up to 16GB.
  •      Talk-time: While the XPhone talk-time is 9 hours, the Nokia 7020 has a talk-time of 276 minutes.
  •        Camera quality: The XPhone has a 16MP plus 5MP dual/rear camera. On the other hand, the Nokia 7020 has a camera resolution of 1600×1200 pixels.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  •       What is the price of XPhone?

 XPhone is one of the cheapest flagship smartphones ever. While most people assume that it will be an expensive phone because it has so many features, that is a complete misconception. The price of the XPhone is $199. It is almost five times cheaper than other big market names such as Apple and Samsung. With nearly the same features as these market dominators, XPhone comes as a blessing to those looking for affordable smartphones. The Android 8.1 software makes it the latest technology in the industry.

  •       Can I buy the XPhone outside Europe?

 Yes, you can buy the XPhone outside Europe. It is sold by a European start-up in France and Germany. You would be surprised to learn that thousands of international buyers have already started making the most of this affordable flagship smartphone. The company provides several offers and discounted deals to its buyers. Place an order on the website. and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

  •       What is XPhone?

 The XPhone is a flagship smartphone sold by a European start-up. Functioning entirely on the Android software, the XPhone has several features that make it the best smartphone of the year at a very affordable rate. Keeping in mind the stunning display, high-resolution camera quality, long battery life, and slick finish, there is nothing we cannot love about this phone. Moreover, it is almost five times cheaper than other big smartphone brands in the world. It is the perfect combination of elegance and innovation. You may also like about best gopro for kids.

  •       Is XPhone the same as iPhone X?

 No, XPhone is not the same as the iPhone X. The two mobiles in questions are from different parent companies and only sound similar to one another. While the XPhone is sold by a European start-up, iPhone X is owned by Apple. Apple is the world’s first trillion-dollar company. Both phones have similar features that are craved by technology enthusiasts across the globe. However, the biggest difference between the XPhone and the iPhone X is their prices. While the iPhone is prohibitively expensive, the XPhone is $199.

  •       Does the XPhone have good camera quality?

 Yes, the XPhone has impressive camera features and specifications that will leave you stunned. It has a 16MP plus 5MP dual/rear camera. There are a dual-flash feature and several in-built filters and modes for selfie lovers. You can store as many photographs and videos you want in high-definition quality. The total camera count is three, and there is nothing more that photography lovers could have demanded in a smartphone.

xphone reviews

  •       Which is the best offer on XPhones?

 The XPhone is available at an affordable rate of $199. Additionally, there are great deals to choose from. On the purchase of 2 XPhones, you get one free for a total price of $447. On the purchase of 3 XPhones, you get two free for a total price of $640. And you can buy 4 XPhones for $547.

  •       How is the XPhone display?

 The beautiful display of the XPhone is commendable. The 5.7 inches slick phone offers a 720p high-definition resolution. There is a dark mode on the phone that you can use to change the background color of the applications to black. This helps to reduce the strain it has on your eyes when you are using the phone in a low-light area.

  •       How much memory does the XPhone have?

 The XPhone has a 16GB storage. Additionally, you can get a 128GB for extra memory space on the XPhone. It has a Quad-core 1.3GHz processor and 2GB RAM. In a nutshell, you can easily save documents, photos, videos, and more on your phone.

  •       Is the XPhone battery life good?

 The XPhone has an excellent battery life. Specifically, it has a 3350mAh Li-Polymer battery. While the standby time is 290 hours, the talk-time is 9 hours. You can listen to music for 23 hours and watch videos worth 7 hours. There is a 3.5mm headphone jack that allows you to use any standard headphones.

Final Verdict on XPhone

 Our final verdict on XPhone, in this XPhone review, is that it is one of the best purchases of the decade. We have been using smartphones for years now and indeed haven’t come across something so beautiful. While other phones have always burned a hole in our pockets and half our salaries went into purchasing it, the XPhone is a fresh relief. It is available at $199 and gives us almost the same features (or even better) as any other smartphone in the market. You can finally buy a new phone instead of sticking to the old one that has cracked its screen several times. Also, check out about smove mobile review, read more about Playbeatz Earbuds

Being a sturdy, elegant, and well-finished phone, the XPhone has many lucrative features such as dual-camera, dual-SIM space, easy use, data safety, five fingerprint options, face recognition, dark mode, and more. The list goes on, and we cannot stop gushing about the XPhone. Our team of technology freaks is very particular about what we pick, and if we have chosen to give such good ratings to the XPhone, then it is worth a try. The Super AMOLED display, high-resolution, and availability of 3 cameras have ensured that you get everything you want in a phone.

Sold by a European start-up in France and Germany, they have ensured that the phone is shipped internationally too. It is very easy to use, and there is a complete guarantee of data safety. The unlocking feature is as fast as 0.1 seconds. Thus, when you use an XPhone, you get access to efficiency, high-speed work, and a slick screen. The 5.7 inches phone has been garnering followers and admirers from across the globe. Not to forget, it has a Quad-core 1.3GHz processor, 2GB RAM, 290 hours’ standby time, 9 hours’ talk-time, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

If you haven’t started using the XPhone already, then you must join the team now. It has proven its worth over top market competitors such as Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. To conclude, it is the present and the next big thing in the tech world. We give a thumbs up and a huge shout-out to the XPhone!

Our rating for XPhone:

 Finally, it is time to wrap up this detailed XPhone review. We have tried to cover everything that we could think of, right from the pros and cons of the XPhone to presenting a comparative analysis of the XPhone and Apple, Samsung, and Nokia. The features and mobile specifications have been listed time and again, so you do not miss out on any important information about the phone.

On a scale of 1 to 10, with one being the lowest and ten being the highest, we give a rating of 9.7 to the XPhone. Our team is not lenient when it comes to scoring these new technological products because we understand how important our reviews can be for you. Our reliable team has given this top score to the XPhone because it is the perfect product for every type of mobile phone users. It has several in-built applications, and ample memory gives you the scope to download more.

Xphone Reviews

We cannot think of a day without our smartphone because we need it to make important calls, send messages, contact via emails, and much more. We capture moments, create videos, play games in our leisure time, and maintain records on our phones. Moreover, it is the best instrument to stay connected with your peers.

According to statistical research, millennials are top buyers of smartphones, and they most certainly use it for social media. Our team can easily tell you that the XPhone captures excellent photos and videos for your social media posts, and the impeccable memory space allows you to save as much as you want.

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