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Build and Design







  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Awesome display
  • Great exercise companion
  • Access your phone without touching it
  • Affordable and practical cost


  • It can only be purchased online
  • It looks like the Apple watch

Now that the world is getting more digital, several technologies continue to arise in the market. Among these innovative technologies include smartwatch. The smartwatch is used by people for their fitness and health goals. It can also help you to check messages and make calls. You can easily connect it on your phone for ease of use. There are various smartwatches you can purchase in the market. Each smartwatch comes with different pricing, features, advantages, and disadvantages. So, you may find it difficult to choose the right one for you.

xWatch Detailed Review

Do you plan to buy a smartwatch? Well, don’t worry because we will make your search easy. If you have high standards for your smartwatch needs, you can prefer for xWatch. It is among the top smartwatches today. Do you want to know if xWatch is for you? Then, this comprehensive review of xWatch is for you. After you have read this review, we hope that you have the best idea, whether it is the best smartwatch for you or not.

What is xWatch?

xWatch is a highly innovative smartwatch that is equipped with lots of amazing features. You can also make it your essential tool for your health and fitness goals. With that, you can monitor whether you’re in a good health condition or not. This smartwatch has many functions that can truly impress you. It is compatible with Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth. It is built with great quality, so the time, effort, and budget you invest to it are all worth it.

The xWatch smartwatch has many functions to satisfy your needs. It allows you to directly receive or answer calls. With this high-tech watch, you can store and listen to your favorite music. You can also take videos and images using xWatch. More importantly, it can also be beneficial to your health. Thus, it can regulate your blood pressure and check your fitness activities.

The xWatch has a camera function that comes with various camera settings and night mode. You can also use the device as your remote control for your Android phone camera to capture beautiful selfies. It has a built-in monitor that can check your blood pressure. With its built-in audio player, you can listen to your favorite music. It is also compatible with your Bluetooth earphones if you want to listen privately. Read more about Best military Tactical watch

xwatch review

Specifications of xWatch

To help you know more about the xWatch, the following are its specifications:

  • Product type – Smartwatch
  • Charging – USB charging
  • Bluetooth – 4.0 and 3.0 support Bluetooth calling
  • Color – Black, silver, black, red, gold and blue
  • Weight – 50 g
  • Platform – MTK2502
  • Strap – TPU
  • Screen Display – 240* 240, 1.54 HD IPS touchable screen
  • Battery – 380 mAh large capacity polymer, Standby time: 12 months
  • Casing – Alloy
  • Size – Diameter 44 mm 44*38*10.7 mm
  • Package – 1 x xWatch smartwatch and 1 x English Manual
  • Compatibility – Android and iOS devices
  • Alert Type – Ring
  • Health Tracker – Pedometer
  • Notification Type – Twitter, QQ, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, WhatsApp
  • Remote Control Function – Remote Camera
  • Messaging – Message Reminder
  • Other function – Stopwatch, Alarm
  • Groups of Alarm – 3
  • Operating Mode – Press Button

Functions of xWatch

  • Bluetooth camera – with the watch, you can take perfect selfies
  • Bluetooth music – if you love listening to music, the smartwatch can be your great partner
  • Bluetooth call – you can even answer calls even when you’re exercising. It can offer you with hands-free conversation for your convenience
  • Alarm – the product allows you to make an alarm
  • Phonebooks – you can also have access to your phonebooks
  • Call logs – if you’re busy working out, you can view the call logs on the smartwatch
  • Pedometer – it helps you to track your daily activities and analyze data
  • Notifications – you can stay updated on your notifications with the innovative smartwatch
  • Multiple languages – it is available in over 20 mobile phone languages, so you can choose the best one for better understanding and ease of use
  • Calculator -the watch also comes with a calculator function
  • Electrocardiogram readings – with its ECG technology, you can prevent heart attacks which are detrimental to your health
  • Stopwatch – it has a stopwatch function which you can use for your exercise habit
  • Sleep monitoring – it can monitor your sleeping habit, so you can improve it and enhance your energy levels
  • Information – the device offers you access to different information
  • Heart rate monitoring – it can monitor your heart rate, so you can stay updated about your heart health
  • Anti-lost – it has an anti-lost feature, so you can enjoy its perfect efficiency regularly
  • Sedentary reminder – having a sedentary lifestyle can be dangerous for your health, so its sedentary reminder will encourage you to keep moving and stay active
  • Calendar – it provides access to the calendar, so you can stay up to date
  • Blood pressure tracking – with its blood pressure tracking, you can improve the condition of your health
  • Calories monitoring – it can also monitor your calorie intake, so you can maintain healthy body weight
  • Weather display – you will know the current weather in your area with the smartwatch
  • Find your phone – you can find your phone with xWatch
  • Sports record – it can record sports and other activities
  • Step count – it can count the steps that you have walked
  • WhatsApp – the smartwatch can help you stay updated on your WhatsApp account
  • Facebook – you can stay updated in your Facebook account with the help of the device
  • Phone reminder – the watch can offer you information about your phone reminders. You can also make plans with this device


The xWatch smartwatch is compatible with iOS and Android devices. It supports Bluetooth 4.0 and 3.0, which is stable, fast and doesn’t consume much. The device can serve as a remote control to your mobile device to take selfies and play your favorite music. It is very easy to use, so you can have the best satisfaction that you deserve and need. Do you want a smartwatch that can be easily connected to your phone via Bluetooth? Then, this item is the best option for you! We also highly recommend you to check out this cool gadget review photo stick for storing photos.

xwatch review


The smartwatch is available at a competitive and wallet-friendly cost of $198. If you want an affordable but quality smartwatch, the xWatch will never fail you. With its amazing features, you can enjoy its functions in the best possible way. You can order the product on the official website of the manufacturer. So, you can get an original version of the device. The good thing about it is that you can also get great deals and discounts that can help you to save more. You can also get free shipping that can give you a high level of satisfaction with the brand’s customer service. You may read more about Breathe Green Charcoal Bags


Main Features

xWatch is loaded with more advanced features for your highest satisfaction. Let us learn more about its features below. In this xWatch review, we want you to get the best satisfaction for your smartwatch needs. So, in this section, we will discuss its features that can encourage you to choose the product.  check out our health watch review.

  • Pedometer

It features a pedometer to set limits to attain your health goals. You can also track your daily activities. If you want to keep a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight, this smartwatch is for you. It can be your essential cardio coach for your running, walking, and other exercise activities. With xWatch’s inbuilt pedometer, you can analyze your sedentary routine. We advice you to read more about Best Fitness Tracker

It comes with a step counter with AI features that can motivate you to keep moving. With that, you can stop your sedentary lifestyle and easily burn calories. You can count the steps you take in a day and the distance you walk. It allows you to monitor your physical condition and stay fit. It will help you to prevent the risks of a sedentary lifestyle.


  • Electrocardiogram Technology Monitor

The xWatch comes with a special built-in magnet. It has an ECG or electrocardiogram technology monitor that can sync on its app. You can check the diagrams live while you’re exercising. You can have insights with the diagrams and bring it to your doctor. You can have electrocardiogram readings in just seconds.

xwatch smartwatch

  • Health Monitoring

The xWatch offers health monitoring such as tracking your blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse rate. With this, you can prevent serious heart attacks. It can be your cardio meter to record the distance you walked. Your health is essential to enjoy the best things in life. So, you must make sure that you’re in good shape. The smartwatch can be your great health equipment to improve yourself.

xwatch review

  • Sleep Monitoring

Using the smartwatch, you can monitor your sleep at night. You can have important data that helps you to enhance the quality of your sleep. You can have a better sleeping routine and wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and energized. It will help you to increase your productivity the next day. Additionally, it can also improve your energy levels. A night of good night sleep is important to maintain your health. With that, you must be responsible for improving your sleeping patterns. The xWatch can greatly help you. we believe you will find vizr and dodow awesome as well, check it out!

xwatch review

  • Phone Access

It is a fact that your mobile phone is essential in your daily living. The smartwatch allows you to access your phone without touching it. You can view your call logs, notifications, messages, and answer an important call in just a click on the smartwatch button. You can also access phonebooks, calendars, and other information on your phone. You can also access reminders from WeChat, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, QQ, and Skype.  You can make direct calls with its built-in microphone and speaker. Read More about eWatch

xwatch review

  • Language

The xWatch is compatible with over 20 mobile phone languages. So, you can have a more customized and convenient experience using the smartwatch. It will help you to access information easily and quickly.

  • Buzz Sounds and Function Menu

It has 3 groups of sounds that you can select from. It also has a one-button menu for easy use. With that, you can have a stress-free use of the smartwatch.

xwatch review

  • Camera

It has a camera that works remotely within 10 m. It can serve as a remote control for your Android phone to capture perfect selfies. It cannot be denied that people love to take pictures of their daily experiences and share it to their friends and to the world through social media. Well, the smartwatch can be your great tool too to take selfies. Read more about Tact Watch

  • Bluetooth

The smartwatch has 4.0 and 3.0 Bluetooth that is stable, fast, and doesn’t consume a lot. You can have a Bluetooth call and Bluetooth camera. Even more important, you can also enjoy Bluetooth music anytime and anywhere you are. It is perfect for music lovers like you.

  • Long-lasting Battery

The xWatch has a long-lasting 380 mAh large capacity polymer battery that can last 3 to 5 days, which depends on its usage. It only takes 1 hour to charge the battery through USB cable. You don’t need to replace the battery for a year since it has a power-saving mode in standby time. With its long-lasting battery life, you can enjoy more of its function and continue your health and fitness routine.

xwatch review

  • Music

With xWatch, you can enjoy the music of your favorite artists. With Bluetooth music, you can have a nonstop music listening experience. It has a built-in audio player that can provide you with quality sound. It is also compatible with Bluetooth earphones if you want to enjoy more private listening. The smartwatch can be your perfect partner if you want to relax with your favorite music.

  • Information

The smartwatch can also give you access to information. You can track sports records, steps count, weather, moving distance, phone reminder, and more. It also has an alarm clock and calculator functions. It also has an anti-lost, calendar, and stopwatch feature.

  • HD Retina Touchable Display

The innovative smartwatch has an HD retina touchable display for a more comfortable user experience. With this, you don’t have to suffer from blurry icons. You can also have a fast and easy access to the information you need.

xwatch smartwatch

  • Creative Design

If you have high standards for your smartwatch needs, the xWatch will not fail you. It has an elegant design that can surely match your taste and personality. It has an aluminum case that comes with dual-sided hardened glass. You can also customize the faces of the watch to match your moods. It has a fashionable design, so you can be confident about wearing it on a regular basis.

Who Should Buy xWatch?

The xWatch smartwatch is made for those who want a comprehensive and useful smartwatch they can use regularly. It is perfect for casual and exercises use, so you can wear it anywhere you go. If you want a more affordable smartwatch that has superior quality, the product is the best choice for you.

If you have high standards for a smartwatch, xWatch can be a good option. It has cool features that can truly impress you. It comes with a sleek and elegant design making it a beautiful accessory you can use in your daily activities. The product is also good for those who are music lovers. With Bluetooth support, you can listen to the music of your favorite artists anytime and anywhere you are.


The smartwatch is also for those who are concerned about their health and fitness. So, if you want to improve your health, this item can be your essential tool. It features sleep monitoring to help you improve your sleeping patterns. With that, you can have better sleep, and you can feel refreshed and energized. You can be ready to face the challenges of the next day.

Even more important, it also comes with step counting, pulse rate, and heart rate counting, so you can avoid serious heart attacks. It also has blood pressure counting, so you can monitor your health and improve it. If you want to stay connected to your loved ones, this smartwatch will never fail you. Using this device, you can answer calls and view messages without having a physical contact with your phone. You can access call logs, reminders, and notifications on Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, and more. You can even record sports and videos with this device.

It features a sedentary reminder, so you can avoid the risks of a sedentary lifestyle. The product is helpful in enhancing your health and prevent diseases caused by an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle. With its creative and beautiful design, it is perfect for fashionable people too. Read More about best wirelesss Earphones

xwatch review

How the xWatch Works?

The xWatch is powered with a 380 mAh battery that can last from 3 to 5 days. It has impressive features that truly works for your smartwatch needs. With this smartwatch, you can check messages and answer and receive calls. Even more important, it can be an efficient health and fitness tool.

It can serve as your medical assistance. It has blood pressure tracking, which can help you to prevent sudden heart attacks. It can monitor your heart rate and pulse rate too. It comes with sleep monitoring that helps you to sleep better. You can enhance the quality of your sleep and feel energized the next morning. With that, you can also improve your productivity.

With the smartwatch’s sedentary reminder, you can get rid of the potential risks of a sedentary lifestyle. It is equipped with a smart sensor that can analyze the calories you consume and daily steps. Moreover, it can also encourage you to be a better version of yourself. It can notify you to stand up when you sit for too long.

The device helps you to stay in touch with your family, special someone and friends. You will not miss any message or phone call from them because you can directly answer them by clicking the button on the watch. If you love selfies, xWatch is the best smartwatch for you. You can use the device as a remote control on your phone camera to capture stunning selfies. We advice you to read more about Playbeatz Earbuds , 15 Inch Subwoofer

Pros & Cons

Just like other products, xWatch also comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Let us learn more about the product’s pros and cons. With this, you can make a wise decision if it is the best smartwatch for you or not.


  • Quality materials

The xWatch is designed with quality materials for its maximum efficiency. It has smooth curves and designs for a more luxurious and comfortable feel. Its front and back are cased with glass that has an elegant look and wipes easily.

  • Elegant design

The smartwatch has an elegant and creative design that can suit your standards. It has a strap that is made from silicone that can offer you a comfortable feel when worn. It has a beautiful and creative design, which makes it perfect for casual and exercise use. The product is available in silver, black, red, gold, and blue color. With this, you can choose your favorite color that matches your personality and taste. It is also great for people who are fashionable.

  • Long-lasting battery life

The best about this smartwatch is that it has a long-lasting battery life. It can last from 3 to 5 days based on your usage. With that, you can enjoy its efficiency for longer hours. In addition, it only has a 1-hour charging time through USB. It is powered by a reliable 380 mAh battery that is high for the standards of a smartwatch. It also has a 16 GB internal memory. Read more about Playbeatz Earbuds

  • Awesome display

The xWatch also comes with an awesome display for more convenient use. It has a top-quality HD retina display. You don’t have to suffer from the blurry display, just like in other cheap smartwatches.

  • Waterproof

This smartwatch is waterproof, so you can use it when you’re exercising even on tough weather conditions. It has a lightweight design with 50 g, so you can wear it comfortably in your different daily activities. It is also dustproof, so you can have easy maintenance of the smartwatch. If you are an adventurous and athletic person, the xWatch can be your perfect equipment.

  • Great exercise companion

Exercise is crucial for your health. If you look for a great exercise tool, xWatch can be a good choice. It is not just an ordinary watch because you can use it to monitor your fitness activities. It can track your heartbeat and allows you to listen to music while exercising. It can also help you to focus on your exercise habits and improve your health.

  • Access your phone without touching it

xWatch enables you to access your phone without touching the phone. You can answer calls with its built-in speaker. You can also speak to your calendar to set reminders and check messages. You can also set the alarm and track your call logs using the smartwatch. You can have easy navigation because of its 1.54 touchscreen display. With the device, you can stay in touch with your family, special someone or friends while doing your activities.

  • Easy to use

The product is easy to use because it can provide you with a clear display. Thanks to its 1.54 touchscreen. You can clearly view the messages, color, and other information on your watch. It is user-friendly, so you can experience its functions without hassle.

  • Affordable and practical cost

The smartwatch can be a good value for your money. It is available in a practical and affordable cost that can make you smile. Unlike other smartwatches in the market, the xWatch can provide you excellent performance and efficiency despite its low price. You don’t have to suffer additional financial burden when it comes to your smartwatch needs. Your budget is essential for your daily living, so you must choose a practical device that can help you improve your health. Luckily, the xWatch smartwatch is what you have been looking for. This flexible device can offer you lots of features that are beneficial for your life and convenience.

  • Built-in speaker and microphone

The xWatch also features a built-in speaker and microphone that allows you to make direct phone calls. It also enables you to listen to your favorite music anytime you want. You don’t have to worry because it can offer you a quality audio that you will surely enjoy. You can clearly understand what your loved one is saying. You can make calls even you are exercising.

  • Hands-free experience

If you’re exercising or doing something, it can be a hassle to reach your phone. Fortunately, the xWatch can offer you a hands-free experience. You can answer a call, view a message, and access the information on your phone without physical contact on it.

  • Built-in camera and video camera

With the smartwatch’s built-in camera and video camera, you can take pictures and record videos. The camera function of the device includes various camera settings, night mode as well as ability to use it as a remote control for your Android camera. It is a good choice for selfie lovers.

  • Durable smartwatch

The xWatch is built with long-lasting quality. It is lightweight and durable, so you can wear it anywhere you go. It can be a casual use or exercise use. The device is waterproof and dust resistant, so you can use it in your different daily activities. With its beautiful design, you can make it a perfect accessory to match your outfit.


  • It can only be purchased online

Unfortunately, you can only avail of the xWatch smartwatch online. You can buy it on the official website of the manufacturer. Meanwhile, it can also be a good thing for others because you can make sure that you can only buy the original version of the product. So, you will never experience fraud, scams, and other fake transactions.

  • It looks like the Apple watch

Some users also complain that it looks like the Apple Watch. People demand a more original design, so the brand can also stand out from the rest.

Now that you have learned about the pros and cons of xWatch, you can decide wisely if it is worth purchasing.

xwatch review

What Customers Are Saying

Some customers are satisfied with the functions and advanced features of the xWatch. It is a highly innovative smartwatch that you can depend on for your health and fitness targets. The xWatch has an impressive quality and performance that can help you to improve the condition of your health. With its sleep monitoring, you can enhance your sleeping patterns and improve your energy levels.

It can also serve as a lifesaver due to its blood pressure monitoring, heart rate, and pulse rate tracking. It aids you to prevent heart attacks that are detrimental to your health. It is also helpful for you to get rid of the possible risks of a sedentary lifestyle. If you are conscious to your health, the device is the perfect solution! It comes with health and fitness tracking that can make you updated about your health.

Customers are also impressed with its excellent quality despite its affordable and practical cost. So, if you are a budget-conscious individual, the smartwatch can be a perfect option for you. You don’t have to doubt in choosing the device because it can offer you with excellent features and functions that fit your needs and expectations.

It is also essential to stay connected with your loved ones. The xWatch allows you to have a hands-free conversation with your family and friends. You will never miss any call or message from them even you’re exercising. Thus, the smartwatch has a single button that gives you access to your phone’s reminders, calendar, and more. It also comes with a calculator, stopwatch, and alarm function.

With the smartwatch, you can be encouraged to practice a healthy and more active lifestyle. With that, you can improve your overall health and enjoy the best in your life. The xWatch smartwatch can be a perfect and valuable investment for your health and fitness needs.


Final Verdict

With lots of smartwatches, you can purchase in the market, you don’t know which one to buy for your needs. Well, with this xWatch review, we hope that you already have an idea if the xWatch is right or not for you. With the features, advantages, disadvantages, and other information about xWatch mentioned above, we expect that you already decide if the smartwatch works well or not for your needs.

To sum it up, the xWatch smartwatch is a comprehensive watch for your health and fitness needs. With its highly innovative features, the product can be a good investment for your time, effort, and money. You can use it as your essential tool to achieve your health and fitness targets. It helps you to track your blood pressure, heart rate, walking, jogging and running distance, sleep, pulse, and other daily activities. With that, you can improve your current health condition. The product is perfect for health-conscious individuals. It can be helpful for you to keep a healthy body weight and fit body.

xwatch review

xWatch can be your great exercise and music companion. It supports 4.0 and 3.0 Bluetooth that allows you to enjoy Bluetooth call, camera, and music. If you’re a music lover, then this watch is perfect for you. It also gives you access to information, reminder, and other important data on your phone. You can even make calls without touching your phone. So, you can stay in contact with your loved ones while you’re exercising.

The smartwatch has a lightweight and durable design making it perfect for casual, exercise, and daily use. It is also waterproof and dust resistant with IP67 or 5ATM. It has a long-lasting battery life, so you can enjoy its function for a longer time. It has a 1.54-inch touchable display that is easy to view. With its live ECG diagrams, xWatch can also be a lifesaver since it helps you to prevent heart attacks.

This smartwatch is worth it to buy because you can have the highest level of satisfaction because of its amazing and beneficial features. It is available only on the official site of the manufacturer, so you will not be a victim of fraud and scam. You can avoid counterfeits of the product.

Your health is crucial, so you need an essential partner for your fitness and health goals. The xWatch can be the best solution to improve your health and fitness. The device is functional for communication and to your exercise habits. Are you ready to level up your health and exercise routine? You work hard every day, but you must also be responsible for taking care of your health. What are you waiting for? Get your xWatch smartwatch today, and improve your overall health!

xwatch review

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to order the xWatch?

A: Purchasing the xWatch is easy. You can go to the official website of the brand and choose the “Buy Now” option. Next, you must fill up the shipping information, and their team will take care of the rest. Since you order on their official site, you have peace of mind that you can only receive the original version of the product.

Q: What is the price of xWatch?

The xWatch is available at a very wallet-friendly price of $198. So, if you’re conscious to quality and budget, purchasing the smartwatch is a good decision. You can receive quality performance without sacrificing a big amount of your money. With that, you can have the best level of satisfaction for your smartwatch needs.

Q: Is the xWatch worth buying?

A: Yes, the smartwatch is loaded with amazing features that can be beneficial for your health and fitness. It is worth buying because it helps you to improve your health.

Q: Who develops the xWatch?

A: The xWatch is developed by Hyperstech LLC. They have extensive experience in making quality gadget in just an affordable cost.

Q: What are the features of xWatch?

A: xWatch is equipped with amazing features that suit your needs and expectations. Some of its features include alerts, health monitoring, electrocardiogram readings, music listening, call notifications, sleep monitoring, and more.

Q: Is xWatch a reliable brand?

A: Yes, the xWatch is a reliable brand that you can trust for your smartwatch needs. It is manufactured with the best quality for a long-lasting efficiency. The money, time, and effort you invest in the product can bring you a satisfying and big return. The manufacturer of the product is Hyperstech LLC, which is a reputable and authorized online selling company.

Q: How to use xWatch?

A: xWatch is very easy to use. It is a functional and cool smartwatch that works with your iOS and Android phones. It works well with your device through Bluetooth. Meanwhile, if you don’t like to connect it to your phone, you can place the SIM inside the smartwatch.

Q: How xWatch can benefit your health?

A: xWatch is beneficial to your health because it can track your heartbeat, blood pressure, and pulse rate. With this, you can avoid sudden heart attacks. Additionally, it has sleep monitoring that helps you to improve your sleeping routine. It can help you to have a restful sleep that will energize your body and mind and get ready for the next day’s challenges.

Q: Does the xWatch comes with great quality and performance?

A: Yes. The xWatch is powered by a long-lasting battery, so you can expect a superior quality and performance for your fitness and health tracking needs. It is beneficial for your health and fitness targets.

Q: Is xWatch available in different colors?

Yes, the smartwatch comes in different colors, such as blue, gold, black, silver, and red. With that, you can choose your favorite color that suits your taste, personality, and standards. You can choose the design that you love the most for a more customized experience.

Q: Who is it for?

A: The xWatch smartwatch is perfect for fashionable people. It is also ideal for health-conscious individuals. If you want to maintain good health and keep a healthy body weight, the product is for you. It comes with fitness and health tracking that can help you to stay in shape. If you want an affordable but quality smartwatch, this product is for you. You will not regret purchasing the product because of its useful features that can help you improve your overall health.