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XY Find It




Ease of Use




Value for Money





  • Find your car, pets, keys, bike, and more.
  • No monthly subscriptions or hidden fees.
  • Phone Finder
  • Crowd GPS Network
  • 5-Year Battery Life


  • The beeping tone a bit loud.
  • Some Customers find it expensive.

XY Find It Review – Is it a good tracking device?

XY Find It is a very convenient tracking device. It helps users find missing and lost items faster. You could utilize it to find your pets, bags, and your most precious keys. The tracker also comes in different colors, and its battery lasts for several months.

You can now find almost anything you lost with XY Find It tracking device, which you can connect to an item and track it later. This system works great with keys, phones, wallets and anything else you need to carry.

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Is it overwhelming to misplace your stuff at a critical moment? Have you ever experienced eating in a canteen and unable to find your wallet? It’s disappointing, isnt it? Worry no more! XY finds it is the answer to your problem. Whether you’re paying the bill or going on a travel, the tracking device makes your life easier and more convenient.

Losing track of your valuables is frustrating. However, it could be stressful if you are currently in a rush. In the modern world’s fast-paced world, nobody has time to waste on seeking for misplaced items. Losing track of stuff has been a problem for some people. You may also know that How To Track A Phone Without Them Knowing

Before, you needed to exert effort to find the stuff you misplaced. But things have changed today. Locating your keys is now possible with the XY4+ in seconds. Despite the size, it is designed to track your items such as bikes, pets, and cars. Since its launch, it has also been considered a key finder for everyone.

XY Find It has been in the market for years now. But a lot of people are still unaware of whether or not the XY Find. It is a perfect investment. We couldn’t blame you as there’s a growing number of unreliable brands online. Aside from the positive XY Find It reviews from customers, you have come to the right place! In this article, you will know everything about the brand. Let’s get started!  Read more about Best Spy Phone App For Iphone And Android Undetectable

What is XY Find It?

A lot of customers are quite confused between an XY4+ and a GPS tracking device. While both locate stuff, they have some differences.

GPS tracking tools locate moving objects. XY Find It, on the other hand, is a unique and innovative device that tracks misplaced items via a Bluetooth.

Of all the choices in the market, XY Find It is considered the most powerful and effective kind of Bluetooth key finder. It has the longest range, sound alerts, and battery. From a million units sold, the number is still growing.

What makes the XY Find It ideal is its small size.  It is lightweight, and it won’t add extra pounds to a key ring. While the black version is classic, it comes in a total of eight colors that will suit your requirements.

It is also said that the battery is easy to replace, making it perfect to less tech-savvy customers out there. What else? The battery is long-lasting. After months of use, you can still enjoy a great functionality and maximum performance.

XY is one of the different modern tracker devices you could find on the market today. This groundbreaking product has taken advantage of technological innovations. The device performs a wonderful task of keeping taps and finding your stuff. Utilizing the Bluetooth connection means the device is small enough to fit inside the majority of items. It has very low energy consumptions and doesn’t have extra charges after you bought the item.

In fact, the product itself is designed from a resilient synthetic material in a hexagon shape. It measures at least four by four centimeters. It features a loophole at the top, allowing you to connect it to a keychain or keyring. What’s more, the size of the product works very well, along with purses, keys, and other similar items you need to keep track of.

The XY Finder is accessible in different colors. The majority of them are in bright colors. Therefore, the track is noticeable already inside a key bowl or purse. Do you want your tracker to be discrete and not catching eye attention so much? You can opt to the black color.

Xy find it Reviews


How Does It Work?

XY Find It is equipped with cutting-edge Bluetooth technology and innovative interface design to ensure a stronger signal, a wider range, and a less stressful tracking experience.

Each device from the company uses an efficient dialog Bluetooth chip that provides the most reliable tracking signal. There’s also a free application designed to pair the tracking tool to your iPhone and Android phones.

Whether you’re using an IOS or Android, it has a unique signature that is visible when you pair it to XY Find It. Just set up an account on the app. Then, remember all the important details to protect you from hassles.

That’s how the app and the tracking device recognize each other. Is it possible that an outsider tracks your item? Of course, not! Thanks to their unique signature.

But you can allow other app users to track your device with the Crowd GPS function. It sounds complicated, isn’t it? The good news is that the XY Find It makes the process more convenient.

xy find it reviews

Setting It Up

Setting up the tracker is composed of downloading their official app to your smartphone. You need to do this after you have connected it to the object you wish to track. You then connect the tracker to your phone with the help of a Bluetooth connection. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and is currently free in the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Open it and tap the + icon after you have installed the app and make your account. Next, click on Claim Your XY #. The pairing begins after you press the XY button. The button is the logo corner of the tracker. The product produces a beep, and pairing is in process.

You could name the tagged item after the process is done, and your tracker is linked to your phone. After that, you will find an image of the item in the app. The image will be practical when employing the community feature of the tracker. You may also like to read about spyzie reviews.


Locating your Stuff

Locating your items work in different ways. The show statutes concerning how near you are to the things you’re trying to find when you’re within Bluetooth range. It has various proximities such as VERY FAR, VERY NEAR, HERE, and others. Each one furthers away correspondingly from the item.

  • HERE status indicates you’re within a meter of the object. The difference between status changes is at least three meters.
  • OUT OF RANGE is showed when you’re outside of the connection range of Bluetooth. This feature has been enhanced massively in past models. Today, it highlights up to a range of 100 meters.

The object you are seeking might be covered by other stuff. Maybe it’s out of your eyesight, in which case the audio cue comes handy. You can trigger a sound alarm on your tracker with the app on your phone, as long as you’re n range of the Bluetooth connection. This will help you search the missing item by following the audio. The loudspeaker of the tracker was updated since earlier models. Today, it produces at least 112 decibels of sound. That must be loud enough for the majority of situations.

The app settings enable you to adjust the melody played by your tracker. This enables you to pick the one, which fits you best, allowing you to hear the simplest. Also checkout vizr review.

Take note that the feature of the sound alarm works the other way around, as well. For instance, you are seeking for your phone. You can utilize the tracker to initiate a sound alarm on your phone. The best thing about this is that you have the XY Finder handy.

Settings in the app allow you to boost the ringer volume of your phone. This is true, particularly helpful for such cases. The feature also works when your phone is in silent mode. The app runs in the background and doesn’t require to be opened to work. You never know when such occasions will take place. Therefore, you could find it with the tracker as long as your phone is turned on, and the Bluetooth connection is enabled.

Key Features of XY Find It

Last Known Location

In case you didn’t know yet, the Last Known Location is the feature utilized when the lost item is out of the range of your Bluetooth. The app monitors the tagged items when they are connected, and it records its locations. The app will show you the last tracked location of the tracker on an in-app map when you move out of Bluetooth range. This is achieved by utilizing the GPS system of your phone. You can utilize that data to determine if that’s the location of where you misplaced your belonging.

Keep Near function

It’s worth mentioning that this product also offers a feature that stops you from leaving your vital belongings accidentally. This function is referred to as the ‘Keep Near’ feature. This feature allows the app to be activated, showing a notification on your phone screen whenever you or the tracker moves out of the Bluetooth range. You could adjust the sensitivity in the settings of your app. This will vary on your requirements. With some fine-tuning, you must keep the tracker near always with the Keep Near feature.

Community Support

Registering the assistance of other users is potential with participating in the community. A view of the map inside the app highlights other devices within the area. You could utilize that to help other individuals search their stuff or ask their assistance in searching for your missing possessions. That’s where the attached item image comes very convenient. That allows you to share it along with other users that make the item simpler to determine.

Xy find it

Free App

The smartphone app is free, simple to use, and doesn’t give a massive battery drain for your phone. There will be no extra charges after you buy the item by using the Bluetooth connectivity. What’s more, the manufacturer provides a discount for packs of two or more trackers. XY Finder is the ideal item to solve your concern if you are one of those people who are continuously searching for your missing items.

What’s more, it does not give further charges or hidden fees with the device. The accompanying app is free too.

2 Year Protection

You will receive a 2-year warranty apart from the sixty days trial. That comes along with free replacements or repair if your device experiences a failure or fault.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The XY Find It can be paired easily with a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection.

Crowd GPS

Activate the Crowd GPS feature and receive millions of other users searching out for your device, helping you recover it faster.

Replace the Battery

You will find other devices that wear out, obliging you to purchase a replacement. The good thing about XY4+ is that it comes with a replaceable battery. Thus, you don’t need to purchase another device.

Lengthy Battery Life

You don’t need to worry about replacing the battery of your device. Because the XY Find It comes with five years battery.

A Comprehensive Range

When it comes to range, this product outweighs its closest contenders. It offers 1.5 times the range, which makes it a more practical and useful tool.

Loud Alarm

The XY4+ is four times louder if compared to its competitors. With 112 decibels, it allows you to hear the beeps from far away and locate stuff easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a key finder?

A key finder is a small electronic device that you utilize to find missing or misplaced items or key sets. This will massively lower the time it takes for you to find your keys or personal stuff.

Q: How do you connect the keys to the finder?

The normal case is that the key finder will have a small opening. This is circled-shape, and that’s what you utilize to connect the keys through the split ring of the chain. Specific key finders will be flat in their shape. Some have a more angular and curved shape. Your ultimate option will vary on the design of the keys too.

Q:How will the finder track your keys?

The majority of key finders today utilize your phone’s location service. It helps you track your keys, and the location services require GPS to run. The app then produces a Bluetooth signal between your phone and keys. It then utilizes the location service to offer you a map of the location.

Q: Can a key finder help locate a person?

A key finder employs a GPS. Then the answer would be yes. Make sure you check the privacy policy of the finder first before buying them. Ensure your information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. What if that’s the case? A password could deter folks from locating your location. You can also try to purchase radio signal key finders rather than opting to Bluetooth key finders.

Q: Is it Cost-effective? Or does it Cause a Dent in your Bank Account?

The benefits of XY Find It is endless. From incredible features to price, it’s no wonder why professionals love it.  Available at a competitive rate, you can enjoy every moment without worrying about losing your home or car key. Unlike the value of items you can put in danger, this cost-effective key finder is worth the effort.

That’s not all! XY Find It is a one-time investment. This means that you only need to pay once. From there, you can avoid expensive subscriptions and high monthly bills. Plus, its battery can give a boost to your savings.

Which is better between cheap tracking devices and tools that are available at a competitive rate? The latter should be on top of your list. Although it requires extra cash, it performs well. You may also like to read photo stick mobile reviews and photo stick for PC review.

XY Find It


Q: Why Does Everyone Love XY Find it?

Losing something worth keeping is painful. That’s why students, parents, and professionals make multiple purchases of this impressive key finder to protect their investment from start to finish.

Who wouldn’t love this superb tracking tool when it brings comfort to a different level? In fact, it can save you time and reduce effort. Instead of fumbling around for an important item, find it with this brand.

Q: How to Use the XY Find It?

It’s simple! All you have to do is to tag your belongings. To get started, attach the coin-sized tracking device to your key, car, wallet, and other stuff. After that, what’s next? Don’t forget to download the XY Find It application.

After that, your job does not stop there! It’s important to add the items for convenient, secure, and fast-tracking.

Every time you forget something you tag, just log in to the application. Then, determine its exact location with the peace of mind.

Q: What is the battery life of XY Find it?

XY Find It has been receiving a widespread popularity because of the battery’s longevity. It can last for 6 months. But it depends on the way you employ it. With proper care and attention, you can use it within a year or more.

Also, you should not ignore the quality of the battery. While it can be tempting to purchase the cheapest brands, be willing to spend a few bucks. Plus, look for a trusted and reliable manufacturer.

Q: What is the Range?

XY Find It has the longest range that’s around 150ft. But the number declines up to 100ft due to the wall construction and other similar obstructions.

The rate shows a significant drop-off when your office and home consists of a metal or concrete walls.

Xy find it

Q: What are its dimensions?

XY Find It comes in a small size. The length is approximately 40mm, while the width is around 3mm or 6mm. Who says that a tracking device should be large to perform at its best? The brand guarantees a reliable performance despite its short dimensions.

Q: Is it Water-Proof?

Yes. In fact, all beacons from XY Find It is water-resistant. So, they will be fine whatever your activities are. But it’s not advisable to submerge it in the water. Also, be cautious when using one to make it long-lasting.

Q: Who Is It For?

Have you ever lost your door keys? Have you staid outside your apartment for hours?  Whatever the case may be, it’s frustrating and tedious. With XY Find It, it can avoid that burden and give you a comfortable experience.

Aside from the price, your belongings have that sentimental value, and losing them can be painful. Don’t wait for that incident to happen. Using XY Find It can give them extra protection. Although it requires an additional cost, it allows you to find an important item within seconds.

Q: Where can you buy it?

You will find that the XY Find It is accessible for sale online on numerous sites. Some sites will direct you to a page using high-pressure sales tactics to make your purchase. Remember that such sites make you think that the deal will last for minutes. It motivates you to spend more cash than you must.

Therefore, you must avail of unscrupulous sellers and fake devices. Do you like to purchase a genuine XY4+? Then the only option you could have is to go directly to the source and order from its official website.

Such devices are top-notch. You can order today, so you prevent missing this groundbreaking gadget.

Q: Can I bring my XY Finder IT on airport security?

Considering those, it’s a basic Bluetooth device. Thus, you will not have any issues traveling with it.

Q: How long is the delivery of this item to buyers who are outside the United States?

Different sellers orders out fast. However, most of them cannot control the transit periods of the carrier. For those orders that are outside the United States, consumers are allowed to wait seven to twelve days for the order to come. Nonetheless, delivery periods will differ based on a specific country.

XY Find It

Q: Can you use XY Find It in other countries?

Of course. The XY4+ and XY Find It devices work all across the planet. You will surely find your misplaced or lost items in time with more than a million devices in the XY Find It Crowd GPS Network.

Q: Should you pay monthly fees or subscription charges?

XY Find It and XY4+ have no hidden charges or added fears compared to other GPS tracking devices. That will allow you to find your valuable items without any limits.

Q: Is it worth your money?

Visualize yourself losing track of your wallet, your vehicle keys, or house keys. Thousands of dollars could be lost. The good thing is that the XY Find It avoids all of that by keeping track of the stuff you require. It has countless features, powerful battery life, wider range, and better volume than its rival devices. It’s accessible at a low price as well. You can say it’s all worth the money, offering excellent value for your money!

Q: Can you track your stuff in real-time?

The XY Find It app is running and keeping track of your devices at all times. Therefore, the app will make regular checks even if you do not have the app and are not locating for your tracker. The Free GPS feature it offers allows you to get the assistance of more than a million of other app users to discover your tracker.

XY Find It – Bluetooth Item Tracking Device Review!!!

Buying Guide on the Best Tracking Device

For the past years, it was hard to locate your belongings, from the car, keys to wallets. But with technological advancement, everything is now possible.

With the introduction of smartphones into the market, Bluetooth tracking devices have also been making a name in the industry. From limited choices, there are many brands you can choose from.

The problem is how you can identify the best Bluetooth tracking tool. Don’t worry! There several factors that will assist you in making a good decision. Here are some of them:


There are various pointers to weigh in mind when buying a key finder. Considering the range of its signal is a perfect start. Most Bluetooth trackers’ transmission ranges at approximately 100 to 200 ft. The XY Find It can reach 100 or 150 ft. That’s a big help on your part. Of course, remember that various obstacles affect the signal. These can include concrete walls, trees, cars, and other objects.


A Bluetooth tracker has been developed to ring and flash in finding a lost item. You are using your IOS or Android prone to rick the tracking device attached to your car, bike, etc. That’s why your smartphone makes a sound. The louder it is, the better. Whether an item is buried under a pile of objects or you are in a noisy environment, you will be able to hear the sound with peace of mind.


A Bluetooth tracker works with a battery. Some come with a wireless and replaceable one, while others are non-replaceable. Which is better? Although wireless and battery-operated trackers are costly, they stand out from the competition. Despite that, people prefer brands with non-replaceable batteries to acquire bigger savings. But when it malfunctions, it is necessary to buy a replacement, which in turn can lead to unnecessary expenses.

Xy find it Review


Wireless trackers are not created equal. Some even have additional features. Whether you are in a dangerous situation or are unable to pick up your phone to call your family, there are tracking tools that can send an SOS alert to predefined users. That’s not all! Originally made for tracking, the device has evolved into a tool that serves as an alarm clock.

Of the several options in the market, a feature-packed and effective brand has got you covered. It’s imperative to check the features to see what suits your unique requirements.


How much are you willing to spend on a Bluetooth tracking tool? Remember that the prices vary from cheap to expensive. While it’s tempting to choose the cheapest brand, be willing to spend more. Quality options are not available at a low price. Superb tracking device comes with a fair or hefty rate. Despite that, the performance is exceptional.

Instead of focusing on the price itself, compare the pros and cons. then, visit the official websites of the manufacturer and other online retailers. From there, check the users’ feedback or reviews. The key here is to take your time. Don’t rush. That way, all your efforts will be worth it at the end of the day. Also checkout about smove mobile review.

Attachment Accessory

What’s the use of a tracking device if you cannot connect it to your desired tracking object? Do your budget offer accessories like a pouch, a case, vehicle-mounting brackets, cables, or cases? You will find waterproof magnetic cases, letting you attach a portable tracker under a car.

Smart Alerts

Indeed, the purpose of a GPS tracker is to locate an object or a person’s exact location. However, you will understand that knowing whether its limits have been crossed or not is vital. You must get yourself with a GPS device, which will issue immediate alerts when the device changes location, moves beyond location, or exits a safe zone.

Water Resistance

Water-resistant trackers can ensure occasional water splashes without ruining the internal chip or wiring. This type of feature is vital in picking a GPS tracker. That’s true, particularly if you’ll be employing it for boats, trucks, cars, drones, pets, or kids. GPS trackers utilized for outdoor uses should be durable to withstand for the price you paid.

Mobile App

Does the company you have bought a tracker from does not offer a standalone app? Then, you’re going to miss various useful features. You cannot check or make geofences, monitor other essentials like the battery life of view account. Bear in mind that notifications in or out could be showcased instantly on a smartphone when a tracking app is installed. Excellent trackers must enable a higher level of control over personalizing location reports.


Trackers like XY Find It could be moved in various locations. It’s compact enough to be carried practically anywhere, such as in your kid’s purse, pet’s collar, with you on a camp, or key sets or phones. The size of the tracker matter to other professionals too. This allows them to make their surveillance confidential and discreet.


Think about the activities you will be doing with it when you are picking a GPS tracker. Are you tracking an object or person? Will you utilize it for road navigation? Fishing? You start to determine features your tracker device must have to meet your requirements once you obtain specific with your answers.

Xy find it Reviews

Pros and Cons


  • Unlimited – Who says that XY Find It requires its customers to pay monthly fees? The truth is that it doesn’t oblige users to pay hidden charges and subscriptions. For those who want to save some cash and enjoy feature-packed tracking device, you have come to the right place!


  • Flexible and Useful – People thought XY Find It is only a tool for locating car keys. The good news is that you can use it to find your dog, phone, and other precious possessions in no time. While this reduces any hassles, it also saves your time in the long run.


  • Stress-free to Show or Hide – Due to its small size, you can hide XY Find It without a trouble. It is also easy to show. Aside from a great tracking device, it is a perfect accessory for your stuff. When searching for a portable option, don’t look further than the tracking unit today.


  • An Ideal Present for all Occasions – Will a friend, relative, sibling, or partner be celebrating his or her birthday? Or are there a corporate event and a special gathering? Then, make the occasion memorable with XY Find It! this useful and cute key finder is one of the best gifts for your closest friends and family today. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bulk to acquire bigger savings!


  • It is more effective than GPS – Probably, you’ve been using GPS tracker for months now. Did you know that there’s a more superior tool to use? Yes, you heard it right! The long search or wait is over. XY Find It is more paramount and cost-efficient.


GPS requires its clients to pay a monthly charge with extra costs in the future. XY Find It, on the other hand, is far different. Without bulky expenses, it offers other advantages you shouldn’t miss. The aesthetic style, functionality, and versatility are a few of the features to expect. Also checkout about best gopro for kids.


  • The Battery is replaceable – How long does the battery of XY Find It last? Well, you can use it for approximately 5 years. But a careful usage and maintenance can make a huge difference. Although it is resistant to some elements, be cautious when utilizing a piece.


Is it replaceable? Another thing that enthusiasts love about XY Finds It is its replaceable battery. That’s not all! You can choose a quality and affordable option on the market today. Just be sure to pick a brand from a trusted provider for your peace of mind.

XY Find It Review


  • Can Track Things in No Time – Losing keys before you go to the office is inconvenient. Your wallet and phone are no exception. Don’t worry, as XY Find. It has got you covered! It can track your valuable stuff within a second or two. Although it is hard to use for beginners in the first place, you will love the tracking tool after some time.


  • It is made from Sturdy and Lightweight Material – There’s a multitude of portable tracking devices. But not all brands are equipped with long-lasting and durable material. XY Find It, on the contrary, stands out from the competition. While users enjoy its portability, they also its sturdy and impact-resistant material.


Yes, any tracking tool is prone to damages. This is the reason why XY Find It has been developed and updated with the finest and the highest quality of components.


  • It is Weather and Water Resistant – The tracking unit is resistant to elements according to mot XY Find It reviews. But don’t soak it in a bucket of water to avoid expensive problems.


It is also good to note that the manufacturer has been updating its collection of products. So, let’s hope for the best.


  • It has a 300 Feet Range – Most tracking solutions cannot reach a range of 300 feet. XY Find It is an exception. In fact, it has an ideal range capacity at a competitive rate. When looking for a greater range, there are other excellent alternatives to weigh in mind.


  • It has a Loud Alarm – Clients of tracking devices report about poor audio in their existing units. Worry no more as XY Find It has a loud alarm, making it easy to hear. Whether you lose your car keys or phone is a public space, it’s less daunting to locate.


  • Free application – Tired of recurring monthly fees? Disappointed with unnecessary expenses? Whatever the case may be, XY Find It has been customized for you. Its app is free, and there are no subscription costs. The application is user-friendly, making it perfect to those who are less tech-savvy. You can also connect it to XY4 and other XY finders with ease.


  • It comes in an Array of Colors – Searching for a black, red, white, or brown key tracker? XY Find It is available in different colors. It has an aesthetic value and stylish feature. Just choose a bright option to make them noticeable in your purse or bag. For those who want to keep their gadgets discrete, a black version will be your best shot!

XY Find It Reviews

  • It is Energy Efficient – Let’s say you replace the battery of your existing key tracker. Not only is it stressful, but it also becomes expensive. XY Find It, however, guarantees a low energy consumption rate. Although the unit is in communication with your phone, it won’t drain the latter’s battery. For more information, please feel free to visit the website of the official manufacturer.


  • It Uses Bluetooth – Is it easy to pair with your smartphone? Is it convenient to sync the unit to your gadget? Good questions! XY Find It utilizes Bluetooth to ensure quick pairing and syncing.


  • It is Easy to Set-up and Use – XY Find It sounds complicated to employ. In reality, it is simple to set up and use. All you need to do is to attach the unit to your item, download the app to your smartphone, set up an account, enable the Bluetooth in your phone, open the account in the application, tap the + icon, pair the tracking tool to your phone, tap the “Claim your XY#,” and press the XY button. For more information, don’t hesitate to call the manufacturer. They have a diverse team that’s willing to accommodate everyone’s unique needs and requirements.


  • It is compatible with IOS and Android – XY Find It is perfect to IOS or Android users. For those who change their phones, download the application again and pair it to the tracking device. Ask help from a friend, family, or relative for your comfort.


  • The Loophole is easy to attach – Attaching a chain to a key finder’s loophole should not be difficult just like the XY Find It. Plus, it is stress-free to attach to an item you want to track in the future.

Other Features

  • It utilizes GPS that enables other apps to boost your phone’s signal
  • it notifies you of its last location
  • It is packed with a KeepNear feature, which notifies you when you walk away from an item
  • It has a reverse tracking advantage
  • Press the top of the tracker and call your phone
  • The unit is an ideal tool to track all your possessions. From keys, wallets, luggage, laptop, smartphone, purse to a handbag.
  • It is pet-friendly
  • It is eco-friendly as you don’t need to replace it every year
  • It comes with a compact size



XY Find It also has some drawbacks. The beeping tone, for example, is too loud. Just consider other alternatives when you prefer a unit with soft and quality audio. Although it is available at a competitive rate, customers find it costlier than other choices on the market.

Of course, you look for something cheap. But it won’t last for a lifetime. While XY Find It can cause a dent in your fortune, it is a cost-effective investment because of its incredible features. The KeepNear function might be triggering at all times. The secret here is to set which items you want to leave behind.

A huge complaint of some users is how well the tracked worked along with their pets. Some of them claimed that the tracker did not work when connected to the collar of their pet or that they told them that the tracker was out of range. Some explained that they had this problem when their part was simply thirty to fifty feet away.

What’s more, some users are not happy satisfied with the app that they required to utilize with the tracker either. They discovered that it caused their phone batteries to drain quicker than they typically could.

The Competition: XY Find It Alternatives

XY Find It is the most sought-after tracking tool these days. It has the optimal quality, functionality, ease of use, affordability, and more. As a consumer, it is imperative to consider other alternatives to have a worthwhile and lasting investment.

Here are the other excellent alternatives for XY Find It. Without further ado, let’s get started! Take a close look at the following!

Tile Sport

Tile Sport

Tile Sport is a perfect alternative to XY Find It. But what makes it an ideal solution for professionals, students, and other individuals? Aside from the curb appeal and style, Tile Sport has a 200 feet range. Although it’s not as excellent as XY key finder, the tracking device has a great range capacity.

Unlike the current tiles, Tile Sport is louder, which enables everyone to find an item within a second or two. This saves your time and reduces hassles.

Tile Sport is easy to set up and use. Just tap the button on the tracking unit. Although your phone is in silent mode, it will start to ring, which in turn helps you find an item fast. Tile Sport comes with an application that remembers when or where you left something. Thanks to its map, as well.

But wait, there’s more! Tile Sport prides itself on millions of users across the globe, and its community is continually thriving. Each member is willing to help. So, don’t hesitate to raise your problems and other concerns.

Tile Sport has also been gaining immense popularity because of its weather-resistance, great durability, and portability. Tile Sport boasts an IP68 rating. This product can endure submersion in 1.5 meters of water for at least thirty minutes. That’s a huge improvement from the other Tile Key Finders out there. The ranges increase at least two-hundred feet, and the alert volume is massively louder than past versions.

The Tile Pro features small trackers, which you can place on your app and items. It has feature causing the tracker to create noise when you are within four-hundred feet of the device. What’s more, the Tile Pro is reliant on Bluetooth. Nonetheless, it has poor battery life. It comes with two colors only.

Check Price on Amazon[/box]

Spytec STI 2019 Model GL300MA GPS Tracker


Another alternative is the GPS tracker from Spytec. Since its launch, it has been creating noise because of its real-time tracking and powerful visualization. Aside from XY Find It, this unit is a stealthy and straightforward way to track teens, pets, luggage, seniors, and other valuable items.

Its app is sleek, user-friendly, and easy to navigate. It’s accessible on your smartphone, computer, tablet, or other devices. This tracker is a small gray box that weighs more than two ounces. It is at least 2.5 inches tall, and it looks like a garage door opened. It is dependent on T-Mobile coverage. Thus, you will like to ensure you are going to utilize it in a location that is covered by T-Mobile.

The SpyTec GL-300 offers a zone feature like the majority of its competitors. This feature enables you to label geo-fences or regions, which will activate an alert when the tracker leaves or enters. You will find a speed limit feature, triggering an alert if the tacker goes more than a particular speed. That makes it a decent unit for locating the habits of young drivers.

Experts recommend the GPS tracker from Spytec because of its connectivity, durability, and versatility. It has a quality battery that can last for months or years, depending on your usage. Its design is compact and stylish, as well. The 4G LTE coverage is also reliable. The unit is also suitable for professionals and private investigators out there.

Spytec GPS Tracker has been known for its simplicity. Although you don’t have a prior background in using a key finder, the device from Spytec is a suitable and safe option to consider.

Spytec GPS Tracker is packed with precision insights, geo-fencing, custom alerts, and precision insights. Just customize the settings to receive timely updates, such as proximity notifications and alerts. Plus, it is easy to develop summary data reports.

Spytec is also available at a competitive rate. Furthermore, the manufacturer is reputed for 24/7 and responsive customer support. The GL-300 is a well-designed device, which you could utilize as a GPS tracker for children. Nonetheless, it could be quite costly to utilize. The powerful battery of the unit, as well as the frequent upgrade, makes it a wonderful option for monitoring a vehicle.

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Overall, XY Find It is the best solution you should add to the cart today. It is feature-packed, sturdy, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. It is also a perfect investment that can protect your valuables at all times.

This technology is an excellent leap forward for humankind. You can easily locate your devices by checking at its last known location. You can also utilize the Crowd GPS feature when all else fails. Overall, XY Find It provides a plethora of options for keeping track of your valuables.

XY4+ has many things to offer. Nonetheless, there is room for improvement in the long run. We are excited to see an updated model, which could be louder, precise, and compact. What’s more, the app could utilize some improvements too. All in all, it’s a wonderful device, providing excellent value lots of plus points.

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